Abuse Post-test by 9N9T3x


									                                                   Meditech PCS
                                             DOCUMENT EDITING

Instructions: Enter your name and employee number in the spaces provided.
Scroll down to the questions. Click the answer box with the mouse, enter the number
of your answer and press enter. Scroll down to the next question. Follow directions
at the end of the test.
Do not change your answers.            Doing so, will lock up the test. If you would like
to change an answer, you must exit the program without saving your answers. You
must then reopen the program and complete the answer sheet.

Enter your full name:

Enter your I.D. number:

Which column on your intervention worklist allows you to edit and undo
documentation by clicking in it?                < Enter answer number.
1. Next Scheduled
2. Status
3. History
4. Frequency

Which button will you use if you accidentally document on the wrong patient or
for the wrong time and you want to erase the episode of documentation?                      < Enter answer number.
1. Document
2. Return
3. Undo
4. Associated Data

Once you have edited/undone documentation, you cannot save from the edit
screen. Which button will get you back to your intervention worklist where you
can save your changes?                            < Enter answer number.
1. Document
2. Return
3. Undo
4. Associated Data

A line of purple text will appear on your intervention worklist once you have edited something
under the name of the Intervention, reminding you to ________.                < Enter answer number.
1. File
2. Make more changes
3. Check your documentation
4. Edit the status of the intervention

Once you have clicked in the History column, you will be on the edit screen. How
do you open a previous episode of documentation to make changes?                        < Enter answer number.
1. Click on Return
2. Click on Undo
3. Click on Outcomes
4. Double click on the appropriate row of documentation

True or False – You should only make changes to or edit your own
documentation, not anyone else’s.               < Enter answer number.
1. True
2. False

You collected a set of vital signs on a patient at 0800. How long do we have
before we must back-time our documentation?                    < Enter answer number
1. 2 hours
2. 30 minutes
3. 4 hours
4. 1 hour

How can you retrospectively document an intervention you did in the past?               < Enter answer number.
1. Click on the Document button
2. Use the Document Spreadsheet
3. Click on the Document Stamp at the top of the page
4. All of these methods are correct and will open a date/time window where
   we can change the date or time of our documentation

How many days do you have to edit your documentation?                          < Enter answer number.
1. Two weeks
2. 24 hours
3. 5 days
4. One month

True or False – After you make changes to your documentation, only the changed
information will appear in the EMR/Open Chart (not the incorrect documentation

from before).         < Enter answer number.
1. True
2. False

You have finished the post-test and you   did not pass, Click on the File
Menu, Exit the program and try again after reviewing
the self learning packet.

                               DO NOT SAVE CHANGES
                               WHEN YOU EXIT!!!

                  Certificate of Completion

                    Document Editing
                Computer PCS Tutorial Four


                      1   0    0     0           0         0           0
         0            0   0    0                     did not pass, Click on the after reviewing
                                                             the and try again File
                                         Menu, Exit the program self learning packet.
Failed       Failed

< Enter answer number.

nswer number.

 < Enter answer number.

 < Enter answer number.

nswer number.

arning packet.


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