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• What is a 203[k] loan?
• How can a 203[k] loan be used?
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Paul Luykx
• Advantages of 203[k] loans
• The process

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A 203[k] is FHA’s Rehabilitation
Mortgage loan.

With this loan, a borrower can
purchase or refinance a home and
include additional money for repairs
or renovations.
What can a buyer or seller do
with a 203[k] loan?
 • Purchase or refinance a property

 • “Update” a property

 • Fix a required repair

 • Make optional improvements, like a room
   addition or landscaping
Example of Repairs:

• Replace Roof         • Energy Efficient
• Room Addition
• Add a Garage         • Paint Interior or Exterior

• New Carpet           • Landscaping
• Upgrade to Central   • Handicap Accessibility
• Repair Termite or    • Remodel Kitchen/Bath
  Moisture Damage
Types of Properties

• Single Family

• 2-4 units

• Mixed use (Commercial and residential
  in one building)

• Perfect solution to Handyman Specials,
  or foreclosure properties

• Close before repairs begin – sellers love this

• Only one closing, with money disburse on
  a draw basis after closing
More Advantages:

• Loan amount can go as high as 110% of the
  “after-improved value”

• Up to six months to complete renovations

• Buyer can include optional renovations

• Can finance up to six months of payments
What is a Streamline 203[k]?

• The Streamline K program is for limited repairs
  requiring relatively little expertise to manage.

• There is no consultant managing the project.
  Instead, this program is designed for a
  “streamlined” project where the home can be
  occupied immediately after closing, and the
  contractor will receive a single payment at
Advantages of the Streamline 203[k]

• Quicker and easier to obtain than a full 203[k]

• Repairs may cost up to $35,000

• Requires less documentation than a full 203[k]

• Faster closing!
Acceptable repairs for the Streamline
203[k] include:
• Repair/replacement of roof, gutters and downspouts
• Repair/replacement/upgrade of existing HVAC systems
• Repair/replacement/upgrade of plumbing and electrical systems
• Repair/replacement of existing floors
• Minor remodeling, such as in the kitchen, which does not involve
  structural repairs
• Exterior and interior painting
• Repair/replacement/upgrade of appliances (some limitations apply)
• Improvements for accessibility for persons with disabilities
The Process
Example of Loan Amount
Purchase Price               $200,000

Total Rehabilitation Cost:   $ 20,000

Total Acquisition Cost:      $220,000

Maximum FHA Loan Amount:     $212,300

Down payment:                $   7,700
• Dedicated 203(k) sales and processing

• Expert personal consultation and support

• Smooth process and closing
Thank you for your time today.

                         Paul Luykx

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