The Geographic Perspective by yurtgc548


									The Geographic Perspective

   A smarter way to see the world
           Spatial Perspective
► Connections
► Complexity
► Diversity
► Change   across space (vs change over time)
        “The Why of Where”
► Why   and how do things come together in
  certain places to produce particular
► Why are some things found in certain places
  but not in others?
► To what extent do things in one place
  influence those in other places?
  These and MANY other important questions
  equals GEOGRAPHY
 Renewed interest in Geography
► Geography  Education National
  Implementation Project (GENIP) early ’80s
► National Geographic Society: “Maps, the
  Landscape, and Fundamental Themes of
  Geography” = “5 Themes” of Geography

 These organizations led the push to revive
 this very important study… one of the oldest
           The 5 Themes:
               1. Location
   The actual position of a place or thing, or
point in a given space.
  -Absolute Location: an exact point as
defined by a system of coordinates
  -Relative Location: the position of a point
as it relates to another point.
 2: Human-Environment Interaction

► How do different culture groups understand,
 use, and transform their environments?
 And how does environment influence
 human activity?
                  3: Region
     The defining of features concentrated in
  particular areas to aid human understanding
  of spatial distribution of things like political,
  economic, and social activity.
► Formal, Functional, Perceptual/Vernacular
► Hierarchy
Formal Region
Functional Region
Perceptual/Vernacular Region
                 4: Place
► Have distinguishing human and physical
► Each have a special character and meaning.
► Spaces with no human awareness or
  understanding are just that; spaces… they
  have no “place”.
              5: Movement
          to the mobility of people, goods,
► Referring
 and ideas across the surface of the planet.

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