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					      Psalm 23
The Gentle Shepherd
 Humboldt Church of Christ
     Summer Series
      July 27, 2011
          Introductory Thoughts
Psalm 23 has been called the Psalm of
Six short verses – 127 words
 110 are one syllable
 Personal pronouns – Me, My and I – 17x
 Begins and ends with the Lord

In the passage David uses the imagery
  of God as a shepherd and a gracious
  host, reflecting on the many benefits
  the Lord had given him
          Introductory Thoughts
The famous actor and the retired
Reality television has swept the
 Fear Factor – To win the prize, one had
    to overcome some fearful things

God gives good news and it’s not how
 to save 15% on your car insurance,
 it’s His assurance to help us
 overcome our greatest fears
How the Shepherd Encourages His Sheep

           By His Relationship
            Verse 1 indicates a close personal
            The good shepherd – John 10:1-15

           By His Responsibility
            His Provisions – Matthew 6:25-33
            His Paths – Psalm 37:23
            His Presence – Hebrews 13:5
            His Protection – Colossians 3:3
               1 Peter 5:8
How the Shepherd Encourages His Sheep

           By His Restoration
            Green Pastures and still waters
            Matthew 11:28-30
            Psalm 103:3-4
How the Shepherd Entertains His Sheep

           Through His Arrangements
            Has the ability to turn a bad situation into
              a positive
            Romans 8:28 – 2 Corinthians 4:17
            James 1:2-3

           Through His Anointing
            John 3:16
            Romans 5:8
How the Shepherd Entertains His Sheep

           Through His Abundance
            John 10:10
            Ephesians 1:3
            Philippians 4:19
            Ephesians 3:20
How the Shepherd Excites His Sheep

           Provides His Grace
             2 Corinthians 9:10-15
             Psalm 37:23
             Job 23:10

           Promises His Glory
             Life Eternal
             John 10:28-29
             John 14:1-2
             Revelation 21:4
             Revelation 22:2-4
           Concluding Thoughts
A Japanese writer has penned the 23rd
 Psalm in a modern way
God is like the Energizer Bunny
God’s leadership is not burdensome,
 rather it is a blessing
The end result is:
 Nourishment – Restoration - Guidance –

Do you know the Shepherd tonight?

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