The Franklin

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					The Franklin
 Raegan and Janine

       The Canterbury Tales
       by Geoffrey Chaucer
       Pg. 114 lines 341-370
    Physical Characteristics         Inferences

“White as a daisy             He is an older

petal was his                  man since his
beard” (l.342)                 beard is so white
  “A dagger and a             He  wears a belt
little purse of silk/          with a small
Hung at his girdle”            dagger and little
(l.367-368)                    silk bag attached
    Words, Actions, and Experiences          Inferences

“As noted by St. Julian was           Very hospitable man
for bounty/ He made his               because he allowed
household free to all the             people to visit and eat
country” (l.350-351)                  in his home
“He often had been
                                      He is a county
Member for the Shire” (l.366)
                                      representative in
 “His bread, his ale were            Parliament
finest of the fine/ And no
one had a better stock of             He spends his money
wine” (l.351-352)                     on fine things
       Personality Traits            Inferences

 “He lived for pleasure     He sought out
and had always done/        pleasure as his most
For he was Epicurus’ very   important goal in life
son” (l.345-346)            similar to the Greek
                            philosopher Epicurus.
 “A sanguine man, high
colored and benign”         Hewas kind, cheerful
(l.366)                     and generous
“He  was a model           Other members of his
among landed gentry”        societal class look up
(l.370”)                    to him
        The Franklin
Virtue Rating :

Why :
Even though he is kind and generous
   to his the people of his town, he
           seeks pleasure first.

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