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                       WEST DIVISION HIGH SCHOOL
                         ALUMNI ORGANIZATION

2012 West Division High School All-Class Alumni Reunion

Milwaukee, WI
Date: March 2, 2012

Contact: Roscoe Riggins, Dir. Of Publicity
phone: 414-552-3000

The West Division High School All-Class Reunion Committee will celebrate its 1st All-Class reunion the
weekend of July 20-22, 2012. Please help us find more of our classmates by sharing the information
about the reunion. Details of event can be found on the West Division Website: under the 2012 Reunion Link.

Enjoy the weekend visiting with your old classmates from years ago. Catch up on what they have been
doing, their careers, what they do for fun, their travels, their kids and grand kids. Enjoy a specially
planned weekend with socializing, a picnic and dancing to 70s and 80s Old Skool music. It will be a
weekend to enjoy and remember the good old days and renew some old friendships.

The reunion will be held Friday, July 20-22, 2012
 Friday, 7/20 “All-White” Meet & Greet
 Saturday, 7/21 “Reunite & Reminisce” School Tour (per school’s approval)
 Saturday, 7/21 “Alumni Cook-Out”
 Saturday, 7/21 “Red & White Old Skool Night”
 Sunday, 7/22 “Breakfast/Farewells”

For more information on the reunion email: or contact:
Roscoe Riggins, Dir. of Publicity,   414-552-3000, or email.

Thanks again!
West Division High School Reunion Committee

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