School Wide Ramadan Plan by xgreen


									Ramadan Plan for 2004
Friday October 14, 2004 – Friday November 12, 2004 is the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan. Muslim students fast from sunrise to sunset for 30 days. Students can eat before sunrise. Some students may become cranky. I have been in communication with the Middle East liaison at Warren High Schools to ascertain accommodations they make for their students during Ramadan. Here are some accommodations we are going utilize for the next 30 days to help our student during this time. Classroom Things you may witness     Interventions  Increase restlessness Poor attention and concentration Lethargic and subdued affect Increase absences

Lunch 11:25-11:50

Given that students are fasting, Ms. Swank has agreed for me to use her room during lunch for Muslim students to use in lieu of being in the cafeteria. Females will eat if they are on their menstrual cycle.  3rd Hour   Students can come to the social worker’s office during 3rd hour if they need quite time to work

Time out  Students can come to the social worker’s office for a time out by request or if a teacher feels that they need one


Student meeting  Social worker met with Muslim students on 10/14/04 to inform them of accommodations during Ramadan

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