Social Work Referral Procedure

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					Social Work Referral Procedures
A student is typically referred to the school social worker by the staff or the Child Study Team. The referral may be initiated due to circumstances that are academically, socially, emotionally and/or behaviorally oriented. The social worker typically makes contact with the referral source. Then problem solving or an assessment is conducted. This may involve direct or indirect contact with the student, other staff members, parent, or community agencies.

Referral Procedure
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Staff completes a Social Worker Referral Form (pink sheet) Staff places completed form in social worker’s mailbox Social worker intervenes within 24 hours of referral Social Worker completes follow up section on Social Worker Referral Form and places it in referring staff’s mailbox

Meeting with staff making referral
Social worker may request a meeting with the staff who made the referral where a detailed discussion will take place regarding the background, present circumstances, classroom modifications attempted, and identified needs of the student.

Referral Meeting
Social worker will determine intervention that is most suitable. This may include a meeting with the student, principal, parent or convening a Child Study Team (CST) meeting.