Permission Slip Social Skills Group by xgreen

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									From: R. McDonald, Social Worker Re: Life Skills Group Your son/daughter has been selected to participate in a life skills group at ABC. The group will meet on Wednesdays either 6 or 7 hour until the first week in June. I feel this is an excellent opportunity for he/she to learn learn skills such as conflict resolution, money management, relationship do and don’ts, anger management. This is just a few of the topics we will cover. The group will be gender inclusive. (Girls only or boys only). I will be the group facilitator and at times we have guest speaker from the community. Please complete the permission slip and return it to me ASAP. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (212) 782-4422

________________________________ Student’s name ___ Has permission to participate in the “Life Skills Group” ___ I do not want my child to participate in the “Life Skills Group”

___________________________________ Parent/Guardian (signature)

______________ Date

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