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Independent Training News (ITN)
       Ian McFall, Head of Asbestos Policy at the national UK trade union law rm Thompsons
Solicitors, tells IATP how mesothelioma “ambulance chasers” may be preying on vulnerable people.
If you Google the asbestos related cancer ‘mesothelioma’, you get a bewil-       victims of asbestos to pursue compensation against negligent
dering array of organisations o ering support, news of “breakthrough”            employers.
treatments and advice on claiming compensation.
                                                                                 Trade unions have been in the forefront of groundbreaking asbestos
The websites and advertisements refer to services provided by experts. But       compensation cases ever since, in particular ghting for the continued
what is not always obvious is that many of these organisations are lawyers,      right of su erers to claim compensation against a powerful insurance
fronts for lawyers or middlemen selling claims to lawyers, of whom the vast      industry intent on avoiding its liabilities.
majority have had little or no interest in mesothelioma su ers until very
recently.                                                                        A number of not-for-pro t asbestos victim support groups have also
                                                                                 emerged which provide independent advice on a range of issues
Website images of friendly, fresh faced advisers with reassuring smiles along
                                                                                 including welfare bene ts. The reputable established groups in England
with super cial information about mesothelioma diagnosis, treatment and
compensation is the norm. And there is the ubiquitous free phone helpline
                                                                                 are members of a national Forum. Similar groups have existed for
and online application form.                                                     decades in Clydeside and Clydebank in Scotland.

In reality it is all about farming claims.                                       For families seeking advice about compensation for mesothelioma there
                                                                                 is just one brief opportunity to get it right. Claims farming websites,
Mesothelioma claims farming services are now also being promoted on              co-called asbestos compensation help lines, social network groups and
social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are hundreds of         blogs are not a reliable source of support.
these organisations on Facebook, some of them encouraging people to
“share your story”.                                                              Trade unions and reputable asbestos victim support groups are among
                                                                                 the few well established and respected organisations in the UK that can
Sadly, by posting their stories – often brief but tragic accounts of how a       be trusted to make reliable recommendations about who the handful of
spouse has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma - vulnerable people are         experienced, dedicated, specialist mesothelioma law rms really are.
being lured into revealing personal details about themselves and their loved
ones to organisations that are interested not in giving support but in making    Editorial contributed By Mr. Ian McFall.
a pro t out of their su ering.
                                                                                 Thompsons Solicitors: St Nicholas Building: St Nicholas Street:
How, in this blizzard of information, can a family devastated by the impact of
                                                                                 Newcastle upon Tyne: NE1 1TH: T: 0191 2690488
mesothelioma and looking for advice and support from the medical and             E:
legal profession know where to turn and who to trust?

Mesothelioma su erers and family members supporting a loved one
enduring the e ects of this painful and degrading fatal disease respond with
dignity and determination. They deserve to be treated with genuine respect
and are entitled to a service of the highest professional standard.

First, don’t be drawn in by the allure of a no win no fee service and 100%       HSE: Mesothelioma - The human face of an asbestos epidemic
compensation. Look for a basis on which to judge whether the service being
promised is backed by an established track record of expertise and delivery.
                                                                                 HSE The Hidden Killer Campaign:
Look for specialisation in representing mesothelioma patients. Look for a
history of working with organisations like the trade unions that have always
supported people injured or made ill by their work.

Trade unions have been representing members a ected by asbestos related
disease longer than any other type of organisation. It was the trade unions,
working with Thompsons, who, in 1972, fought and won the rst ever
successful asbestos compensation claim in the UK. This landmark ruling
established liability for asbestos related disease and paved the way for
victims of asbestos to pursue compensation against negligent employers.

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                                  Independent              Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                  Asbestos                    Independent Asbestos Training Providers
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 Independent Training News (ITN)
IATP Member: JB Asbestos Management Limited Community Interest.. Raising Asbestos Awareness and
                  Contributing to Society and Requesting IATP Members Support:
As Managing Director of JB Asbestos Management Ltd a Cheshire based
company providing asbestos training on a national scale and as a person
who has been exposed to asbestos whilst serving in Royal Navy engine and
boiler rooms back in the 70’s; I, as do many people exposed to asbestos,
don’t know what the future may bring.
 As most people realise once exposed to asbestos, you can’t do anything
about what has already happened and worrying about it doesn’t achieve
anything. What I try to emphasis during training sessions is that you have to
concentrate on the future, to not become complacent with asbestos and to
try to prevent any further exposure. Be concerned about preventing any
further exposure because it is achievable.
Also with working within the industry you realise what an important job
charities do for asbestos victims and their families. The risk from asbestos
exposure is a lottery that unfortunately you might one day win; but it gives
some comfort to know that there are people out there who will try to give
help and support to the unlucky ones in their hour of need.
So when we had our annual fancy dress party recently my partner Bernie              Canadian Prime Minister rejects a ban on the
and I chose to raise money for the Cheshire Asbestos Victim Support Group
(CAVSG) based in Runcorn. On meeting with them we were saddened to be                           export of Asbestos
informed that due to cut backs their core funding from Halton Borough             Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rejected a ban on export-
Council had been cut and now even more than before, such donations were           ing Canadian asbestos to countries where its use is still legal. Asbestos
needed for them to continue to do the great job that they do.
                                                                                  including construction, shipbuilding and munitions manufacturing.
with Bernie McGhee of NatWest after being presented with a cheque for
                                                                                  Asbestos has been banned from use in most developed nations for
£535 raised during the party and by a NatWest donation under their
community cash back scheme.                                                       causing such fatal illnesses as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma
The charities out there are worried what their futures may bring also. So as a    a rare cancer of the protective lining of the lungs, heart, chest and
member of IATP I would call on other members to remember their local              abdomen. Yet, developing countries still use the hazardous material
charities and as a group we could organise fund raising events in these           liberally.
                                                                                  Harper claims that he rejected the ban because of the impact on
                                                                                  Canadian industry, but he has maintained his position on not allowing
T: 01606 841805                                                                   asbestos be used again in construction of homes and schools in Canada.
                                                                                  The stance is seen as hypocritical by many- exporting materials that
                                                                                  cause asbestos cancer and severe respiratory diseases, but that are
                                                                                  illegal in Canada.
                                                                                  Harper claims that asbestos is allowed internationally under safe and
                                                                                  controlled use. However, no nation in the European Union would
                                                                                  purchase Canadian asbestos, as its use has long been banned, and many
                                                                                  health experts say there is no safe use for the substance. Harper goes
                                                                                  on to say that banning asbestos export will cause the Canadian asbestos
                                                                                  industry to be discriminated in a market where sale of asbestos is
                                                                                  The Prime Minister’s pro-asbestos stance is ironic when one takes into
                                                                                  account that one of his cabinet ministers, Chuck Strahl, did not seek
                                                                                  re-election because he was recently diagnosed with malignant meso-
                                                                                  thelioma or lung cancer, which is believed to have been caused by
                                                                                  asbestos exposure during his youth.
                                                                                  Editorial by Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Centre 09/05/2011

 PO BOX 870, CREECH ST MICHAEL, TAUNTON, SOMERSET, TA1 9GX.                                                                     U        S
 E: E: W: 0800 211 8498
                                       Independent                 Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                       Asbestos                       Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                       Training                                           ITN Issue 12
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  Independent Training News (ITN)
Announcing the Asbestos Safety Health & Environment eLearning
                   Association (ASHEeLA).
The HSE recently announced their acceptance of eLearning as a form of delivery for         can be established and high quality products and services can be continually
mandatory asbestos awareness training. This is a signi cant milestone not only in the      developed, improved, monitored, audited and supported.
development of eLearning in the asbestos industry but also the wider health and
safety training markets.                                                                   The founding aims and objectives of ASHEeLA are:
                                                                                            •   To develop and improve standards of content and delivery of eLearning and
The many bene ts of eLearning (sometimes referred to as computer-based training or         computer based training within the asbestos, safety, health and environmental
CBT) have been well documented previously here and other media. It has taken a lot         markets.
of hard work and e ort to get to this point and stakeholders have learned to               •    To provide a quality assurance and auditing system for eLearning and computer
appreciate the role of eLearning in asbestos training, most signi cantly the HSE, who      based training providers and courses.
themselves have started to use eLearning tools in the delivery of safety messages and      •    To provide an accreditation service for eLearning & CBT providers.
learning in recent years.                                                                  •    To provide a forum and resources for developers, providers and users of
                                                                                           eLearning and CBT to encourage and enable promotion of best practice and
The basis of this new con dence in eLearning is the development high quality, legally      technology.
compliant and well constructed courses delivered on a robust eLearning management
system o ering security, traceability and auditing, which altogether o er a high           ASHEeLA provides accreditation for eLearning courses and delivery systems that
quality positive learning experience for the user. It provides access to information,      satisfy the needs of stakeholders, clients and providers including auditing for content,
instruction and training any time, anywhere and very economically. One of the fastest      quality, security and educational value. It also provides a forum for providers and
growing users groups is that of individual trades-people such as electricians, plumbers    interested parties.
and carpenters etc. who often nd it di cult to access face-to-face training due to the
lack of “open” asbestos awareness courses but nd themselves restricted from many           Initial members include NATAS (asbestos, safety, environmental), HSS (safety, asbestos)
work sites due, rightly, to strict control by main contractors and clients.                and AUK (legionella, asbestos, health). Other providers, organisations, trade associa-
                                                                                           tions and educational bodies who are involved or have an interest in eLearning are
eLearning is well established in many industry sectors but is relatively new to the        expressing interest or are in the process of joining or partnering. Signi cantly, HSE
safety training industry in the UK with a limited number of training providers o ering     recently recognised ASHEeLA by listing it on the HSE asbestos training pages.
varying levels and standards of product and service. eLearning is somewhat
misunderstood by the uninitiated and there are many myths and misconceptions               Max Lopacki, Chairman of ASHEeLA comments, “eLearning has come of age. If the
particularly in the asbestos training sector. Some fear eLearning like it is some sort     youngest of school children are comfortable with being taught with these fantastic
  end that is going to devour traditional face to face training without any considera-     tools, it is a foregone conclusion that it will become part of everyday life in our
tion for the student who will be faced with the prospect of sitting in front of a PC       industry. What is crucial is that appropriate standards and quality controls are
screen in some George Orwell contrived utopia while the non-believing training             established to ensure that training is of suitable quality and compliant with the
providers are wiped from existence. Far from it; eLearning is a fantastic tool that        relevant regulations, guidance and best industry practice. We also need to educate
should be embraced for all the bene ts it o ers.                                           training providers that eLearning is not merely copying a PowerPoint onto a CD and
                                                                                           selling it on eBay for pound. This is where ASHEeLA will play its part”
20 years or so ago the rst websites emerged into the business world and people
asked “why do you need one of them?”, nowadays businesses, even individual                 For further information visit
asbestos trainers, are nobody unless they have a good quality and informative              Editorial contributed by Mr. Max Lopacki
website, o ering positive experiences for site visitors. Who uses Yellow Pages these
days? The same will happen with eLearning and not in 20 years time but in 1, 2 or 3
years. The pace of development is phenomenal and, as they say; “you cannot stop
progress”, not even in the asbestos training market.

Given the new immergence of eLearning in the asbestos, safety health and environ-
mental training industries; the wide and varied quality; misconceptions, even
prejudices, one training provider, NATAS, who has been at the forefront of develop-
ment of eLearning in the asbestos industry and spent several years trying to “push
water uphill” realised that there was no points of reference or assistance around apart
from a few likeminded individuals, supporters and “accepters”.

Recognising the needs, concerns and the lack of recognised standards or a dedicated
forum of the various parties not only within the asbestos industry but in the safety,
health and environmental sectors, NATAS and several other training providers across
these sectors decided to form a new not-for-pro t organisation to promote best
practice for eLearning within the our respective markets. The organisation is called the
Asbestos, Safety, Health and Environmental eLearning Association (ASHEeLA).
Through this organisation NATAS has e ectively o ered up it’s own eLearning
experience and LMS speci cations as the benchmark for eLearning so that standards

                                                                                                                                              IND U
 E: E: W: 0800 211 8498
                                   Independent             Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                   Asbestos                   Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                   Training                                  ITN Issue 12
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 Independent Training News (ITN)
                      Action Mesothelioma Day Joanne Carlin, DAST
Action Mesothelioma Day was designated by the British Lung Foundation as a day of action in 2006.
Since then Asbestos Support Groups around the country, as part of the Asbestos Support Groups
Forum, have ensured that they commemorate the day, and the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team
(DAST) will be doing so again this year.

The day ensures that victims who have died of Mesothelioma are not forgotten, nor is the fact that,
through no fault of their own, by merely going to work to support their families, they have died.
It brings families together to remember loved ones and to join with others to ease their burden of

The Mesothelioma Framework aimed to help organise services for Mesothelioma patients and
to improve the quality of care. DAST, in conjunction with Asbestos Support West Midlands,
recently organised a conference to review the Mesothelioma Framework and to assess how
the support over the last 5 years has progressed. A report from the conference is currently pending.

It is also an opportunity for campaigners to make their voices heard, to call for Action. Over the years we have had a number of themes including, raising
awareness about the dangers of exposure to asbestos, calling for a research centre, ensuring uniformity of treatment for victims of asbestos related diseases.

Over the past 5 years, the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team, has released black balloons to remember victims of Mesothelioma, organised a theatre

families have sponsored the balloons, messages and memories. All money raised from Action Mesothelioma Day is donated to victim/family-led research
groups which ensures that every penny raised is spent on research. Last year we also gave money to Mesothelioma UK, which is a National Helpline for
patients of Mesothelioma.

mesothelioma, has always organised an event in Leicester.
The day is only successful because of the bravery of families, victims and carers who relay their personal stories in the media and at public meetings and

This year Action Mesothelioma Day will take place on Friday 1st July 2011. Along with other groups, DAST will be calling for the Government to reinstate the
successful Health and Safety Executive (HSE) ‘Hidden Killer’ campaign, which has presently been stopped as part of the Government cuts and to reinstate the
35% cut in funding to the HSE.

It is important that everyone supports Action Mesothelioma Day by attending the various events organised by support groups around the country. This is

Please contact DAST on 01246 380415 or visit the website

TUC Asbestos still the biggest Killer - Workers Memorial Day 2011

Do you have a Duty to Manage? HSE has a step by step Guide

HSE Workers Memorial Day 28/04/2011 (snowdrop visual attached)

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                                    Independent              Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                    Asbestos                    Independent Asbestos Training Providers
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  Independent Training News (ITN)
              IATP & OCN Credit4Learning : Together we raise the bar
These days, people want more value for money, at the same time they                  the course a currency that the learner can use for their own personal
demand the highest quality too. How can training providers assure their             development. Finally we moderate our members. When a training provider
clients that they are providing a quality service without having to incur huge      registers a group of learners we will send one of our moderators to visit the
extra costs? It can be a real challenge, in a competitive market place when         training provider and review the Assessment materials; ensuring that this
price is so often king. But it is also really important to balance price against    matches what was agreed when the course was approved for accreditation.
quality, especially in a health and safety environment where the needs of the       Therefore, the training provider, the client and the learner all gain from the
learners and clients have to be paramount. That is where OCN                        quality assurance provided by the accreditation process.
Credit4Learning can support training providers, not only in obtaining a
competitive advantage, but also in delivering high quality training that            You’re in Control:
bene ts their clients, learners and reputation.                                     The important thing to remember about all this process is that it is your
This is one of the reasons we at OCN Credit4Learning are excited to be              course that has been accredited, not ours. Therefore the course that you the
working in partnership with IATP. IATP is working hard to raise the bar in the      training provider has developed is being recognised, and rather then having
Asbestos training eld, and we fully support the hard work that is going on          to adopt external learning methods and materials, your unique training
in delivering important and high quality training with this hazardous               package is being recognised and supported by an Accreditation body.
substance. By working in partnership with IATP and accrediting a number of
their courses, we can provide the quality assurance that customers are              Supporting IATP’s Quality:
demanding.                                                                          It is a privilege to be working with IATP to help pioneer and develop the
                                                                                    quality of training in this sector. IATP as a Trade Association is a unique
Recognition for Quality Training:                                                   partner to work with; therefore, we have developed a specialist model to
                                                                                    support the members of IATP in delivering high quality accredited courses at
Accreditation is all about quality assurance and providing extra recognition        a price that their clients can a ord. As mentioned above, the courses will
for the learner’s skills, and the training providers’ service. OCN                  remain unique to the training provider, they will remain specialist and
Credit4Learning has a long history of providing bespoke accreditation and           bespoke, but the clients who buy into IATP training accredited through OCN
support for numerous organisations up and down the country. Working                 Credit4Learning will receive that extra level of quality assurance that comes
with a range of organizations from University’s to Prisons, from Charities and      from accreditation.
NHS Trusts to Independent Training Providers we have built our reputation
on developing a cost e ective, e cient and user friendly accreditation              IATP launch OCN Credit4Learning Asbestos Awareness Syllabus May 2011 for
service, and hence assuring your learners and clients of the quality of the         IATP Members Type b(2) non-licensed Type c(3) licensed will follow shortly.
training they are receiving.
This is one of the main reasons we are working with IATP, we recognise the          If you’re interested in further information, please contact us, you can
e orts that they have made to raise standards, and give their clients and           either call myself on: David Holmes 07748 901302, and email:
learners more. IATP have recently accredited a number of courses through  
us, this means that IATP members who opt to deliver OCN Credit4Learning
accredited courses have an extra opportunity that they can o er their
clients. Their course, their style of delivery remains the same, they can still
tailor it to their particular clients needs, however, it will now be indepen-
dently veri ed by OCN Credit4Learning, which in turn provides the client
with the quality assurance, and con dence that a third party is objectively
checking and supporting the standards of the training provided.

How it works:
OCN Credit4Learning is a membership organisation, and membership is a
privilege that we will only give to organisations that are progressive minded,
and have quality assurance procedures, appeals procedures and equal
opportunities procedures. Furthermore, we will work closely with training
providers to recognize the courses they have developed to map them to
academic levels, and accredit the course at the agreed level. Once a course
has been accredited, we will also attach learning credits which are nationally
recognised in Further Education as underpinning knowledge, this helps give

 PO BOX 870, CREECH ST MICHAEL, TAUNTON, SOMERSET, TA1 9GX.                                                                         U         S
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                           I.A.T.P Members
This month`s featured Training Provider                                        Environmental Essentials Limited

          This months Featured Training Provider Environmental Essentials Limited
Environmental Essentials are a leading UKAS Accredited organisation providing Asbestos Management services:
•    Management and Refurbishment / Demolition Surveys (Formally known as Type 1, 2 & 3 Asbestos Surveys) Bulk Fibre Identification
•    Air Monitoring, Fibre Counting & 4 Stage Clearance & Site Re-occupation
•    Training – IATP and UKATA registered (Asbestos Awareness, Duty to Manage and non Licensed Works Training)
•    Project Management of planned and responsive work streams
•    Compliance Audits and Asbestos Management Plan Design
•    Electronic Asbestos Database / Registers & Data Management

Over the past 6 years Environmental Essentials Ltd has built its reputation based on professionalism in the way that it delivers practical solutions focused on
client’s requirements. The foundations have been laid through continued improvement and the consistent and committed support and development of
our highly quali ed sta . As a result the organisation is actively involved with a broad spectrum of industry sectors including Councils, Housing Associations
and NHS Trusts.
We maintain membership to: ATAC, Construction Line and continue to boast top ratings in RICE (Category A Standard) and AIMS (Satisfactory Standard). We
are a UKAS accredited Testing Laboratory and Type C Inspection Body, covering: the surveying of buildings and the sampling and analysis of both bres in
air and bulk materials, all for the identi cation of Asbestos content.
Within our purpose built facility we have; an 3 established Laboratories that provides professional consultancy and quality testing activities, a fully air
conditioned training room, CAD, report and Information Technology departments. Our vision is to
supply our clients with an end to end service including innovative ways to collect store and disseminate the data we have captured.
For further details about Environmental Essentials, please contact a member of the team on 0845 4569953 or email

                            Current Members - listed alphabetically
                               1st Fire Coral Ltd                                                               Asbestos Training Solutions
                               T: 01179 140498                                                                  T: 07527 202 502
                               E: admin@                                                          E:
                               W: www.                                                            asbestostrainingsolutions@googlemail.comm
                              80Twenty Projects Limited                                                         Assure Training
                              T: 0800 043 8020                                                                  T: 07709 496903
                              E:                                                   E:
                              W:                                                         W:

                              aaa training company limited                                                       Award Health and Safety Limited
                              T: 01787 313137                                                                    T: 0845 2573158
                              E:                                                        E:
                              W:                                                            W:

                              AASH Training Limited                                                              Bainbridge Asbestos Services
                              T: 0141 771 0402                                                                   T: 01604 588547
                              E:                                                      E:
                              W:                                                       W:

                               ABP Associates Limited                                                            BRE Group
                               T: 02380 866888                                                                   T: 01923 664829
                               E:                                                                E:
                               W:                                                                 W:

                               ALS Global Ltd                                                                    Britannia Safety & Training
                               T: 08003 101 014                                                                  T: 01953 606 100
                               E:                                                            E:
                               W:                                                                                W:

                              Amity Insulation Services Limited                                                  Chorus Group Limited
                              T: 01865 733733                                                                    T: 020 8275 0000
                              E:                                                           E:
                              W:                                                            W:
                              ARL Training Service Limited                                                       cnm training solutions limited
                              T: 01233 660066                                                                    T: 01325 401876
                              E:                                                      E:
                              W:                                                              W:

                              ASBESTOS COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES                                            CWE Training Limited
                              T: 0800 5677958                                                                    T: 0845 8387107
                              E: geo                                                                 E:
                              W:                                                                  W:
      DMW Environmental Safety Limited                   Luton Borough Council (LBC)
      T: 01902 791565                                    T: 01582 547069
      E:                            E:
      W:                             W:

      Environmental Essentials                           Pattinson Scienti c Services Limited
      T: 0845 4569953                                    T: 0191 2261300
      E:            E: enquires@pattinsonscienti
      W:               W:

      Euro Environmental Ltd                             P Brothers Limited
      T: 08707 019 170                                   T: 01604 637 288
      E:                  E:
      Enviro Training Limited                            Pelham Safety Services Ltd (logo
      T: 07875 302480                                    attached)
      E:                T: 01474 537 496
      FJN Environmental Consultants                      Theseus Safety Training Limited

FJN   T: 01773 875770
                                                         Tel: 01782 770999

      Global Environmental Consultancy                   Three Spires Safety Limited
      Limited                                            T: 02476 712244
      T: 01268 753680                                    E:
      E:                             W:

      G & L Consultancy Limitd                           Tony Crowe Health & Safety Consultancy Ltd
      T: 01823 443898                                    T: 01522 804 747
      E:                         E:
      W:                                  W:

      GMPSSC                                             SAFE Training (logo attached)
      T:                                                 T: 0845 519 5250
      E:                              E:
      W:                                                 W:

      IASS Independent Asbestos Survey Services          Safety Management Services (IoM) Ltd
      T: 07778 505496                                    Tel: 01624 825481
      E:                      E:

      Howard Hughes Solutions Limited                    UK Asbestos Specialists Limited
      T: 0845 8647322                                    T: 0800 6122035
      E:                            E:
      W:                                W:

      JB Asbestos Management Limited                     XL Hazmat Ltd
      T: 01606 841805                                    T: 07516 984305.
      E: je                              E:
      W:                     W:

      K S Safety Limited
      T: 01501 749 500
      MacBrac Business Safety (logo attached)
      T: 01952 446 494
      T: 08707 511880

      Natas eLearning Ltd
      T: 0870 751 1888

      One Stop Asbestos Consultants & Services Limited
      T: 0845 833 8156
                                     Independent                Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                     Asbestos                      Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                     Training                                       ITN Issue 12
                                                                               is sponsored by
                                     Providers                         Environmental Essentials Limited

Independent Training News (ITN)
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