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									                                     37th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT CASA
                                       INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

July 2, 2008                                                              Standard VII – B5d

1. What attracted you to the CASA Program?

2. Have you had any involvement in the child welfare program?

3. Tell me about your family life as you were growing up.

4. How were you parented?

5. What are your “parenting experiences” – your own children and others?

6. What experiences have you had with individuals of different cultures? (race, religion,
   socioeconomic, etc.)

7. Tell me about any personal issues that might reflect on your dealing with children and their

8. What do you feel would be most difficult for you to deal with in child abuse/neglect cases?

9. What should be done regarding child abuse/neglect? What factors contribute to child

10. What is your perspective on changes in people – do you believe that people can change,

11. How do you see your role in dealing with parents of the children we serve?

12. How do you feel about returning children to “formerly abusive” parents?

13. How do you handle conflict?

14. Describe your mother and father and family of origin.

15. How were you disciplined as a child?

Approved by 37th Judicial Circuit Advisory Board on July 17, 2008                           10292
16. What were your parents’ expectations of you as a child?

17. Do you think your basic needs were met?

18. How did your parents express love towards each other?

19. How did you spend your time as a child?

20. What values are important to your family? What is your most important value?

21. If you could label your level of self-esteem from 1-10, with ten the highest, what score
    would you give yourself and why?

22. Describe yourself……what do you think about the person you described?

23. Describe stressful situation for you. What do you do with stress?

24. In what kinds of situations do you get angry? How do you express your anger?

25. What problems with employment have you encountered?

26. How many jobs have you had in the past five years?
27. Were you ever fired from a job? If yes, why?

Approved by 37th Judicial Circuit Advisory Board on July 17, 2008                              10292
28. How many times have you moved in the last five years?

29. With what type of supervision do you work best?

30. What are your strongest qualities/assets?

31. On what areas do you need to work?

32. Were you physically or sexually abused/neglected or touched in a manner which made you
    uncomfortable as a child? Are you aware of similar incidents of others in your family?

33. Have you ever had any interaction with a child protection agency or department?

34. Have you ever been involved in a custody dispute? If yes, explain in detail.

35. Have you ever been convicted of any major traffic violations such as DWI’s?

36. Have you ever had an addiction to drugs or alcohol?

37. Do you have any problems or concerns that may be raised by reference checks with the
    child abuse registry or criminal background check?

38. What seems most intimidating to you about being a CASA volunteer?

39. Have you ever had any experience with domestic violence situations?

40. Have you ever been the victim of violent crime? Another type of crime?

41. Briefly describe your closest friend.

42. How would your friend describe you?

43. What activities would you enjoy doing with a child?

44. You are leaving the grocery store and come across a small child left in a parked car, what
    would you do in this situation?

45. Describe your childhood friendships.

Approved by 37th Judicial Circuit Advisory Board on July 17, 2008                           10292
46. If you had a whole Saturday to yourself what would you do?

47. What do you define as pornography? Have you been exposed to pornographic materials?

48. What is the toughest decision you have ever made?

49. What would you do if your recommendation on a case were different than the social service
    workers, lawyers, etc? Explain.

50. How do you react if a friend suggests that you change plans you have already made?

51. What would you do if a parent tells you to mind your own business?

52. What if they ask you what you would do if you were in their shoes?

53. How would you feel about working with homosexual parents?

54. What would you do if a child would ask you to help her get an abortion?

55. Is there any area we have not talked about that you would want to discuss?

    By signing below, I assure that everything on this form and my application is true.

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Approved by 37th Judicial Circuit Advisory Board on July 17, 2008                         10292
Approved by 37th Judicial Circuit Advisory Board on July 17, 2008   10292

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