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Issue 2 December 2009

      Friends of Baird – Steve Suttor
      Our fundraising efforts this year           “I had further surgery in 1991        give back to the medical profession,
      reconnected us to a former Sydney         at Strathfield Hospital where they      especially in the heart-lung field.
      Cardiothoracic Surgeons patient           inserted a tube into my left lung and   To me, if it wasn’t for their skill and
      - Steve Suttor. Steve is a keen sup-      a yellow liquid went into my lung       technology, I wouldn’t be here.
      porter of The Baird Institute, and he     cavity. This was supposed to make          “The Baird Institute is the only
      offered to share his story with us.       the lung stick to the side, therefore   organisation that does specific research
         “My illness, a spontaneous pneumo-     preventing it from collapsing. So       into cardiothoracic surgical techniques.
      thorax, occurred when I was 15. The       my lungs are permanently stuck          This research will result in better treat-
      operation - a pleurodesis - causes the    together at the top on both sides.      ment, better procedures and overall a
      membranes around the lung to stick          “Basically I almost died twice. I     better recovery for all the people who
      together and prevents the build-up of     owe my life to the doctors and nurs-    face these diseases every day. For me,
      fluid in the space between the mem-       es who worked to save my life. I am     the choice to support such an organisa-
      branes. The operation was conducted       forever in their debt for still being   tion and to help them fundraise for
      20 years ago at St George Hospital.       alive - so I want to do something to    their research work is obvious.”

      From the Chairman’s Desk
      2009 has been an extremely busy           more about                              New Chair of
      year for The Baird Institute.             Jamie’s story in
        We have maintained our focus on         this edition.                           Cardiothoracic
      mesothelioma and heart failure and           Despite
      with support from two of our major        the economic                            Surgery
      research partners, Medtronic and          challenges
      St Jude we are able to offer two new      of 2009 we                              Congratulations go to The Baird
      scholarships commencing in 2010.          have been                               Institute’s Chairman, Professor Paul
        Our Medtronic Scholarship will          fortunate to                            Bannon, who earlier this year was
      focus on clinical or laboratory based     have a number                           appointed Professor and Chair of
      research into the mechanisms and          of corporate                            Cardiothoracic Surgery, Surgery,
      management of heart failure. While        supporters                              Central Clinical School at Sydney
      our St Jude Scholarship will continue     coming to our fundraising               University. Paul holds the first
      the work we have been doing for the       assistance. Our very sincere thanks     Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery at
      last 2 years on the development of        go to each of these organisations for   Sydney University.
      novel bio-compatible bypass conduits      their generosity and support.
      and their surgical application.              I would also like to take this
      Dr Michael Byrom who is the current       opportunity to welcome all our
      St Jude Scholarship holder is profiled    new Partners in Research. Future
      in this edition of Heart to Heart.        Focus, our regular donor program,
        At The Baird Institute we are           has seen a number of our donors
      fortunate to have many dedicated          deciding to donate each month and
      and caring people willing to              become a Partner in Research. Our
      support our work and we are very          sincere thanks to you all for your
      appreciative of all their efforts.        regular support.
        I would particularly like to               The work of The Baird Institute
      thank Steve, Michele and Jamie            is only possible due to you – our            Paul Bannon and Lucy Bannon
      Dallimore for all their hard work         donors - I would like to thank
      organising the very successful night      each and every one of you for your
      Blues for Baird in Nowra and              continuing support.                      Inside this issue:
      Mrs Pat Johnson for her year-long            Season’s Greetings                    Research Update                2
      fundraising in Mudgee culminating         and best wishes                          How your Support Helps -
      in the Mudgee Ball.                       for 2010.                                Jamie’s Story                  2
        Jamie Dallimore was born with
      a heart condition known as aortic                                                  Meet our Scholarship Holders -
      stenosis. Earlier this year I conducted                                            Michael Byrom & Tristan Yan 3
      open heart surgery replacing his faulty                                            Thanks to Our Supporters       3
      heart valve with a mechanical one.        Professor Paul Bannon                    News Update                    4
      The surgery was a success and Jamie       PhD MBBS FRACS                           Our Team - Jean Haavasalu      4
      has recovered perfectly. You can read     Chairman
Heart and Lung Research Update -
Meet our extraordinary Clinical Trials Coordinators!
Catherine Powell and Lisa                 including data entry, follow up with
Turner both have a background             patients and liaison with sponsors.
of Cardiothoracic Intensive Care            Currently, Lisa and Catherin are
Nursing and have worked at                managing four clinical trials:
Strathfield Private Hospital and          •	 Warfarin	SMART	Study
RPAH over the last 12 years.                 - a Self Management of
   The Cardiothoracic Clinical Trials        Anticoagulation Research Study
Coordinator role was established in          in collaboration with ROCHE
2003 when Catherine was employed             Diagnostics
with the commencement of the              •	 ATACAS	-	(Aspirin	and	
Warfarin SMART Study and the                 Tranexamic Acid for                        Catherine Powell and Lisa Turner
updating of the Patient Warfarin             Coronary Artery Surgery)
Education Clinic. In 2004 Lisa joined        - an International multicenter          Australasian Society for Cardiac
Catherine and the role has grown into        randomised trial looking at the         and Thoracic Surgeons). This
the comprehensive role it is today.          use of Aspirin and Tranexamic           database assists the continuing
   Clinical Trials Coordination is           acid in coronary artery bypass          monitoring of patient outcomes in
an important role and forms an               graft (CABG) surgery                    our area of speciality.
integral part of our research work.       •	 NOVEL - this is a Temporary               The Heart Failure Surgery Data-
Clinical Trials are research programs        IVC Filter and the First-in-            base collects information that may
conducted with patients to evaluate          Man trial in collaboration with         improve the treatment for patients
a new medical treatment, drug, or            the RPAH Vascular Surgery               who have had surgery for heart failure.
device. The purpose of clinical trials       Department and NOVATE                     Finally, Lisa and Catherine also
is to find new and improved methods       •	 CORONARY - Comparing the                manage the Warfarin	Education	
of treating different diseases and           outcome of On Pump and Off              Clinic. All RPAH patients who
special conditions.                          Pump Coronary Artery Bypass             require warfarin have access to the
   Clinical Trials Management                Surgery                                 Education Clinic. This is a one
involves a number of activities includ-   In addition to the clinical trials         on one education session covering
ing: ethics applications and reports;     coordination Lisa and Catherine            all aspects of safe anticoagulation
engagement and recruitment of con-        manage two large databases. The            management. The majority of
senting patients; coordination of trail   RPAH Cardiothoracic Surgery                these patients are referred by the
randomisation; trial administration       database provides reports to the           Cardiothoracic Department.

How your Support Helps – Jamie’s Story
Jamie Dallimore was first diagnosed       full confidence in Paul as a surgeon. If   his two older
with aortic stenosis as a young child.    Jamie had to be operated on, we were       brothers, Tim
The family GP, Dr Andrew Bonney,          happy to have this guy do it.              and Jono, are
first picked up Jamie’s heart murmur         “We now see the results of the          all keen musi-
when he was one about one year            surgery and how well Jamie has             cians. They
old. As a result, he has been seeing      recovered and we know that it has          came up with
a cardiologist all his life to monitor    a lot to do with the skill of the          the idea of
the progress of his heart condition.      surgeon and his team and the care          pooling their
   Just before Christmas last year        Jamie received while he was in             talents and
Jamie was told he had between one         hospital. We will be forever grateful      joining with
and five years to live unless he had      to Paul and his team and the staff         other musi-
surgery for this heart condition.         at Strathfield Private Hospital for        cian friends to      Jamie Dallimore
   “I got a big pit in my stomach when    looking after Jamie so well.”              put on a blues
I heard what the doctor said. I had no       “We feel overwhelming gratitude         concert to raise money for The Baird
symptoms, only shortness of breath,       because they have given our son a          Institute. This was a tremendously
so you wouldn’t know,” said Jamie.        second chance at life,” Michele added.     successful event raising nearly
   “Going to see Paul Bannon for             The surgery was a tremendous            $7000!
the first time was a fairly daunting      success and Jamie is now getting             Jamie is on a bit of a high at the
experience. We knew we were               on with his life. He has just been         moment. He turned nineteen
there to discuss the process of the       accepted to study Nursing at the           in October and was heard to say
operation, so he gave us the full         University of Tasmania at their            “I am so happy I made it to 19!”.
impact of what surgery would              Darlinghurst Campus and he will be         He has now passed the six month
involve and made it all so real,” said    attached to St Vincent’s and Mater         anniversary date of his operation - a
Michele Dallimore, Jamie’s Mum.           Hospitals. Jamie now feels he can          very big milestone.
   “Before that, we were able to keep     start his life afresh.                       Our best wishes go to Jamie,
it at arms length, so to speak. It was       That gratitude prompted the Dal-        and our most sincere thanks to
very confronting and emotional for all    limores to want to give something          the Dallimore Family for all their
of us. BUT we all walked away having      back. Jamie, Steve, Jamie’s Dad and        support and generosity.

2                                                                                                  Heart to heart
Meet our Scholarship Holders
Tristan Yan
Tristan has been appointed a Car-         Washington DC, where he completed            perform a de-
diothoracic Surgical Training Post        his Surgical Oncology Research Fel-          tailed analysis
at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospi-         lowship in Peritoneal Mesothelioma.          of clinico-
tal	(RPAH)	for	2009	and	2010.	At	           In 2007 he returned to Sydney              pathologic and
the same time he will be involved         and graduated with a Doctor                  treatment-
in the research of malignant pleu-        of Philosophy in Surgery at the              related data
ral	mesothelioma	(MPM)	for	The	           University of New South Wales.               in a cohort of
Baird Institute, under the guid-          Tristan has made a major contribution        540 patients
ance of Professors Paul Bannon            to the literature in the field of Surgical   with MPM to
and Brian McCaughan. Tristan              Oncology. At the end of 2007, he was         determine the
is the inaugural Slater & Gordon          ranked 1st for Cardiothoracic Surgical       safety and effi-       Tristan Yan
Research Scholarship recipient.           Training and 2nd for General Surgical        cacy of surgery,
   Tristan was born in Beijing and        Training among all applicants in             adjuvant chemotherapy and radio-
came to Australia when he was 17.         Australia and New Zealand.                   therapy. Second, he will work closely
He graduated from the University            Tristan is indebted to his surgical        with senior colleagues to establish
of New South Wales, with Bachelor         mentors. He appreciates Professor            a tissue bank and identify potential
of Science (Medicine), Bachelor of        David Morris who taught him how              biomarkers in order to stratify and
Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in       to care for patients and introduced          individualize treatment therapies for
2004. As soon as he completed his         him into the fascinating world of            mesothelioma patients.
Internship Training at the St George      academic surgery, which is the link             This is only Tristan’s fourth year
Hospital in 2005, he went on to           between medical science and the              out of medical school and indeed
work with a prominent surgeon, Dr         patient’s bedside.                           it has been a fast track for him, but
Paul H. Sugarbaker, for one year at         Tristan’s research for The Baird           he understands that this is just the
the Washington Cancer Institute in        Institute is two fold. First, he will        beginning.

Michael Byrom
Michael Byrom is our inaugural St            niques in basic science developed
Jude Research Scholarship holder,            in the laboratory to design mate-
due to complete his work with us in          rials that can then be taken from
December	2009.	The aim of his work           ‘bench to bedside’ and applied to
is to develop a novel vascular bypass        clinical problems in patients
conduit using synthetic human elastin.    •	 Exposure	to	the	way	the	surgeons	
   Michael came from New Zealand,            in the Sydney Cardiothoracic Sur-
half-way through his 6 year training         geons group incorporate research
in cardiothoracic surgery. He moved          in their clinical practice to develop
to Sydney with his pregnant wife in          a career in academic surgery.                  Michael Byrom and his family
January 2007 to undertake a PhD at          “Overall the experience has been
the University of Sydney.                 extremely positive and rewarding.            through Prof Paul Bannon at The
   His research is a collaboration        Despite the challenges of moving to          Baird Institute has provided me with
between many fields including             a new country we settled in quickly          a wealth of opportunities to pursue
cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology,       and have thoroughly enjoyed the              my interest in surgical research and
biochemistry, and physics, with the       warm (sometimes hot!) climate and            to develop the skills and experience
aim of developing new conduits for        the friendliness of people we have met       needed to continue this interest as a
use in vascular bypass surgery.           along the way. The structure provided        career in academic surgery.”
   The key challenges in his work
involved developing methods to study
and use elastin, an important protein      Fundraising Activities - Thank You!
in the body which has only recently
become available for research use.         Our sincere thanks go
   The benefits and opportunities          to all our supporters
from undertaking the research are          •	 Merrill	Lynch
numerous including:                        •	 Medtronic
•	 The	opportunity	to	explore	an	          •	 Slater	&	Gordon
    exciting area of active research in    •	 Mrs	Pat	Johnson
    vascular surgery - the development     •	 Boston	Scientific
    of improved vascular conduits - in     •	 The	Ingham	Family
    order to address a huge unmet          •	 The	Biaggio	Signorelli	Foundation
    need for patients who require          •	 Baxter	BioSurgery
    surgery to bypass occluded vessels     •	 The	Dallimore	Family
•	 Experience	in	applying	tech-

Issue 2 December 2009                                                                                                      3
Board Members                        The Board
                                     During 2009 the Board welcomed two new members:
•	 Professor Paul G. Bannon          •	 Ms	Joanne	Wade, Asbestos Practice Group, Practice Group Leader,
   PhD MBBS FRACS                       Slater & Gordon and
                                     •	 Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Director, The Centre for Clinical
•	 Professor Clifford F. Hughes         Governance Research in Health, Faculty of Medicine at UNSW.
   AO MBBS FRACS FACC FACS           2009 has also seen the retirement from the Board of Mr Warren Ryan,
   FCSANZ                            Ms Odette Gourley and Mr Neill Whiston. We thank Warren, Odette and
                                     Neill most sincerely for their contribution to TBI over the last few years.
•	 Dr Matthew S. Bayfield MBBS       Warren held the position of Executive Director for some time and we thank
   FRACS                             him for all that he has done in support of our work. We look forward to
                                     Warren, Odette and Neill staying on as friends of TBI!
•	 Mr Leslie A. Shepherd FCIS
   GAICD FCPA                        Meet Jean Haavasalu, Administration Manager
•	 Dr	Michael	K.	Wilson MBBS         Jean joined The Baird Institute in May 2008 as part-time
   FRACS                             bookkeeper. She now works very closely with Michelle
                                     managing all the financial accounts preparation and all
•	 Michelle Sloane BA MA MBA         the documentation associated with fundraising!
   CMAHRI MAPsS                        “I have had a long career in accounting, with two
                                     diversions into nursing, thwarted by shift work.
•	 Joanne	Wade BEc LLB               When I left my previous full time position as the
                                     Central Accountant for a large private company in
•	 Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite     the southern highlands in 2005, I thought, what a
   BA MIR MBA PhD FAIM               good opportunity to retire! But one evening, I was
   FCHSE                             idly searching the field of available jobs on the internet and wow, there was a
                                     lovely sounding part-time job, flexible hours, for a “Part time bookkeeper” at
                                     Newtown where I have accommodation.
                                       “It was a lovely surprise to find that The Baird Institute involved heart
                                     and lung surgeons. My mother had had a long association with RPAH and
                                     heart surgery since the 1950s, when she was taken to RPAH thinking she
                                     was dying, with our local country doctor saying it was “ just nerves”. Mr
                                     Nicks was the wonderful surgeon then, and over the years she had a number
                                     of heart operations, all under Mr Nicks except for the last one, by a surgeon
                                     whose name I did not remember. Mum passed away at 76 years of age in 1992,
                                     having decided “no more operations”.
    Donate online at                   “After settling in at the Institute, I asked if any old records were kept of patients          from years back. Eleanor Harvey, the SCTS Practice Manager, looked it up and
     Donations of $2 or more         yes, Mum was actually in their database and her last operation was under Prof.
       are tax deductible.           Baird himself! And here I was all these years later, at The Baird Institute.”

                                     Become a Partner in Research
                                     and join Future Focus today!
                                     A regular tax deductible gift of $15 or more per month entitles you to become
                                     a Partner in Research. Your regular gift every month will ensure that we
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