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of the Republic of Karelia

State emblem of the Republic                         Flag of the Republic of Karelia
of Karelia

Исторические даты                                        Historic dates
8 июня 1920 года                                         June 8, 1920
Образование Карельской Трудовой Коммуны                  Establishment of the Karelian Labor
25 июля 1923 года                                        Commune
Образование Карельской АССР                              July 25, 1923
31 марта 1940 года                                       Establishment of the Karelian ASSR
Преобразование Карельской АССР                           March 31, 1940
в Карело-Финскую ССР                                     Transformation of the Karelian ASSR
16 июля 1956 года                                        into the Karelian-Finnish SSR
Преобразование Карело-Финской ССР                        July 16, 1956
в Карельскую АССР                                        Transformation of the
11 ноября 1991 года                                      Karelian-Finnish SSR into Karelian ASSR
Карельская АССР переименована                            November 11, 1991
в Республику Карелия                                     The Karelian ASSR was renamed as
                                                         the Republic of Karelia

The Republic of Karelia is situated in the North-West of Russia and forms part of the North-West
Federal District of the Russian Federation.
The area of Karelia is 180,5 thousand km2 (1,06% of the territory of RF). The distance from North to
South is 660 km. From East to West on the latitude of the city of Kem the distance is 424 km. In the
West Karelia borders on Finland, in the South – on the Leningrad and Vologda regions, in the North
– on the Murmansk region and in the East on the Archangelsk region. In the North-East the Republic
is washed by the White Sea. The western border of Karelia coincides with the state border of Russia
and Finland and is 798 km long.

According to the Territorial Department of the Federal Service of State Statistics the population of
the Republic of Karelia accounts to 687,5 thousand people as for the 1st of January 2009. 37% of
the population live in the capital of Karelia – the city of Petrozavodsk. The density of the Republic’s
population is about 4 people per 1sq.km.

The biggest part of the territory of Karelia is a hilly plain with manifested traces of glacier activity.
The wavy stone cover of the surface still keeps the traces of ancient mountains. Karelia is often
called “the land of solid rock, lakes and forests”, emphasizing the main elements of the landscape,
original combinations created by intricate contours of numerous lakes and the dividing interfluvial
stone ridges covered by the green taiga.

The Republic of Karelia enjoys favorable economic and geographical location (close to central
industrially developed regions of Russia and Western Europe with availability of a well-developed
water transport system), as well as significant reserves of natural resources.

The place of Karelia in the economic complex of Russia is determined, first of all, by the sectors
using local natural resources (timber, wood processing, pulp and paper, ferrous metallurgy,
construction materials), as well as sectors using imported raw materials – machine-building and non-
ferrous industry.

10% of iron ore mined in Russia, 23% - of paper produced in Russia, 9% - of pulp, 7,3% -
merchantable wood, 4,0% - sawn timber, about 60% - of paper sacks are made in the Republic.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Karelia “On Urban and Rural Settlements in the
Republic of Karelia”, on the territory of the Republic of Karelia there are 127 municipal formations,
including 87 rural and 24 urban settlements (two of them have the status of urban counties – the
cities of Petrozavodsk and Kostomuksha); there is one municipal district – Proinezhsky; 15
municipal formations have the status of municipal districts.

The principal subjects of local self-government are districts, urban counties and municipal
formations of urban and rural settlements.
The structure of local self-government bodies comprises a Representative Body of the municipal
formation, Head of the Municipal Formation, Local Administration (executive-administrative body)
and the Controlling Agency of a Municipal Formation.
The highest power belongs to the representative body – the Council.

                            Administrative and territorial structure

The Republic of Karelia consists of the following administrative and territorial formations –
districts: Belomorsky, Kalevalsky, Kemsky, Kondopozhsky, Lahdenpohsky, Loukhsky,
Medvezhegorsky, Muezersky, Olonetsky, Pitkyarantsky, Prionezhsky, Pryazhinsky, Pudozhsky,
Segezhsky, Sortavalsky, Suoyarvsky; cities: Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha.


4408 cultural heritage objects (monuments of history and culture) including: 1632 –Federal
significance, 1131 – of Regional significance, 1645 – revealed objects);
43 historical and cultural complexes; 161 historical settlements; 18 historical and cultural territories;
The Republican Center for National Cultures; 3 ethnocultural centers preserving and developing
original national cultures of Karelian-Liviks, Northern Karelians, Syamozero Karelians;
18 museums including: 4 republican museums (namely, The Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic
of Karelia, Karelian Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy and its 2 branches), 12 municipal
museums, 1 museum under the authority of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (the State History,
Architecture and Ethnography Museum-reserve “Kizhi”) and the “Valaam Research Church,
Archeology and Nature Museum-Reserve;
4 theaters (The National Theater of the Republic of Karelia, Musical Theater of the Republic of
Karelia, State Youth Theater “Artistic Workshop”, Puppet Theater of the Republic of Karelia), 2
concert organizations (Karelian State Philharmonic Society, National Song and Dance Ensemble
“Kantele”), organ music hall in the Arts Palace of JSC “Kondopoga”, 3 exhibition halls;
249 libraries including: 3 – republican libraries (National Library of the Republic of Karelia,
Children and Youth Library of the Republic of Karelia, Karelian Republican Library for the Blind),
246 – municipal libraries;
227 municipal culture and leisure centers (Houses of Culture, village clubs);
38 institutions of extra-curriculum education of children (Children’s Music Schools, Painting
Schools, Art Schools);
2 secondary specialized educational institutions (Karelian Schools of Culture, Petrozavodsk Music
College named after K.E. Rautio)
1 institution of higher education – Petrozavodsk State Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov
2 republican archives (The National Archive of the Republic of Karelia, Karelian State Archive of
Contemporary History)
Vodlozersky National Park, National Park “Paanayarvi”.


Higher professional education

3 institutions – Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy, Petrozavodsk
State Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov; also 30 branches of Universities of Moscow and St.
Petersburg: over 80 specialties.

Secondary and primary professional education

19 institutions and branches of secondary professional education: over 70 specialties.

16 institutions of primary professional education: over 60 professions;

255 comprehensive secondary schools (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums).

                                MINERAL RESOURCE BASE
    The mineral resource base of the Republic includes over 400 prospected deposits of 27 kinds of
solid minerals with registered reserves, 379 peat deposits; 13 deposits of underground drinking
water, 3 deposits of mineral water and others. From the above mentioned kinds of minerals those
under development are iron ores (Kostomuksha deposit), arkose and quarts (Hetolambina deposit),
shungite (Zazhoginskoye deposit), pertugical raw materials (Havchozerskoye deposit), there is an
extraction of the medicinal mud and mineral water (Gabozero and Martial Waters deposits),
underground water deposits are exploited and mineral water (Gabozero and Martial Waters
deposits), underground water deposits are operated.

    Perspective and prepared for domestic use and export are stone construction materials. Among
the top priority survey and development objects is a whole number of deposits with high outcrop of
highly decorative large block stone.

                                     LABOR POTENTIAL
   Population – 687,5 thousand people (according to the Territorial Department of the Federal
Service of State Statistics of the Republic of Karelia).

                           Average annual constant population
                       (in the beginning of the year; thousand people)

                       167,8                    165,1                    163,5
       300             525,4                    525,6                    525,0

                     2007                     2008                    2009

                               Urban population          Rural population

    The economically active population on January 1, 2009 – 383 684 thousand people (over 50% of
the total population of the region). Population in the active working age is about 445,8 thousand
people (65% of the Republic’s population).

                               MARKET INFRASTRUCTURE
    On January 1, 2009 180 crediting organizations, including 1 independent bank with 2 branches,
20 branches from banks of other regions, 4 representative offices and 153 internal structural
departments of crediting organizations and branches were operating on the territory of Karelia.
    The number of banks’ offices in the districts of the Republic is about 99.
    As a whole, the resource base of the banking sector increased by more than 30% during the year
2008 and accounted to 37,5 billion rubles (43,4% or 16,3 billion rubles were raised from the
resources of individuals). 106,7 thousand clients possessed bank loans in the year 2008.

    Within the bounds of the realization of the Strategy of banking services development in the
Republic of Karelia crediting organizations are holding work on giving traditional and new bank
products and services in the sphere of payment for their clients. The development of distant service
is actively being promoted, including services in the Internet.

   The scale and nature of structural changes in the banking sector demonstrate attractiveness of the
republican bank services for banks of other regions, which allows to forecast further development of
competitiveness and a consequent increase of quality and accessibility of bank services.

                               GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCT (billion rubles)
 120                                                                                                     118,5          1,4
                  GRP, billion rubles.
                  Rate of growth (in compatible prices) in 2002, %


                                                   71,5                                1,290

   60                                                                                                                   1,2




    0                                                                                                                   1,0
             2003                2004             2005               2006              2007          estimate 2008

                           STRUCTURE OF GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCT:

                          The structure of GRP according to the types of economic activity in 2007
                                                  (in % to the sum total)

                            Health and social
                            services, 5,1            Other public, social          Agriculture, hunting and
                                                         and private                    forestry, 5,5
                                                        services, 1,4
                              4,0                                                     Fishery , fish-breeding,
  Public government,
    obligatory social                                                                                Mining operations,
      welfare, 8,7                                                                                         12,3
Real estate operations,
 lease and provision
    of services, 6,5                                                                               Manufacturing

              Transport and
             communications                                            Building,                        Production and
                  15,6                                                   4,4                      distribution of energy, gas
                                Hotels and          Wholesale and retail                                  and water,
                                restaurants,           trade, 14,3                                            3,7

                             TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE
     The Republic has a dense transport network, main motorways, water routes and railways run on
its territory, connecting the Republic with Central and Eastern Russia.
     The length of the roads of the Republic is 13022 km, including the common roads – 7822 km,
department roads – 5200 km. The length of the federal highway “Kola” is 1064 km. The length of
the railways of the Republic is 2226 km, and interior navigable water ways - 3744 km. The airport
“Petrozavodsk” has the international status, its activities are carried out on the airfield of joint
deployment with permission to serve airplanes of classes 1-4.

    The most important projects of the development of transit transport corridors and border
checkpoints on the Russian-Finnish state border are:
    - The North-Western transport corridor of development “Finnish border – the Urals”, which is a
part of the transcontinental transport corridor “Transsib”, running from Russian and Finnish ports of
the Baltic sea to the port of Nakhodka. Highway “Onego” is an integral part of the transport corridor
and also the component of construction of the international automobile checkpoint “Syuvyaoro -
Parikkala” and reconstruction of the railway checkpoint “Vyartsilya”.
    - The Northern (Archangelsk) Transport Corridor connects the ports of the Gulf of Bothnia with
Archangelsk and goes into the “Belcomur” road (Archangelsk-Syktyvkar-Perm). It is submitted with
developed railway cargo project “Barents-link” from the Norwegian port of Narvik through Sweden
and Finland to Zauralie. There is a need to reconstruct the railway border checkpoint “Lyuttya”, to
make a full-scale operation of the constructed link Ledmozero-Kochkoma, expansion of the existing
automotive checkpoint “Lyuttya”.


   Communications is a dynamically developing economic sector in the Republic of Karelia. The
communications operators, working on the territory of the Republic, accomplish the following tasks:
   - development of infrastructure of the Karelian communication networks in the interests of
creating common information and telecommunication area in Russia;
   - highest possible satisfaction of people’s, enterprises’ and authorities’ needs in up-to-date
communication service;

    Along with the traditional kinds of communication service corporate clients have opportunities
to use new services which are becoming the main stream of communications. The preference is
given to the projects dealing with building of a broadband access, up-to-date backbone networks,
service call-centers. At the same time, all projects are implemented on the basis of a high-tech
technology - networks of the next generation, which allow to introduce almost unlimited number of
services, including multimedia and the process of broadcasting of the television signal in the batch

                                   INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX
        Competitive products:
Paper-producing equipment, chemical and petrochemical equipment, emulsion explosives, dry cargo
ships, paper, paper sacks, cardboard, pulp, sawn timber, chipboards, plywood.

Water resources
Internal surface waters of Karelia belong to the basins of two seas: the White Sea and the Baltic Sea.
Principal elements of the hydrographical network of the Republic are lakes, rivers, water reservoirs
and bogs. There are over 61 thousand lakes in Karelia, including lakes Ladoga and Onego – the
largest in Europe, about 27 thousand rivers and 29 water reservoirs.
                                        Forest resources

                                            Nearly half of the Republic’s territory is occupied by
                                            forests, more than 50% of which are pine species, one
                                            third – spruce, one tenth – deciduous trees. Total root
                                            stock of forests is 933 million cubic meters including
                                            coniferous – 819 mln.m3 and deciduous – 114 mln.m3.
                                            The reserves of mature and overripe forests amount to
                                            415,3 mln.m3, including coniferous – 363 mln.m3

                                   Forest industry complex
The economy of the Republic is traditionally oriented at using of forest resources. The share of
marketable goods of the forest industry complex (FIC) in total volume of republican production is
about 40%, over a half of all industrially employed work in the forest industry complex. Products of
FIC of the Republic occupy a significant place on the Russian market. The share of Karelia takes up
24% of all-Russian paper production, 35% – of newsprint, 6% – of merchantable wood, 4% – sawn
timber, 3% – chipboards, 59% – paper sacks.
The forest industry complex of Karelia is represented by:
– 30 large logging companies;
        – 10 specialized saw-mills;
        – 3 pulp and paper mills (JSC “Kondopoga”, JSC “Segezhsky PPM”, JSC “PM

                              AGROINDUSTRIAL COMPLEX
There are more than 1000 companies, farms and agricultural consumer cooperatives (including 322
economic subjects of fish industry).
Dairy farming, plant cultivation, fishing and fish breeding are well-developed.
The processing and food industry forms the basis for the food security of the region.

                          EXTERNAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES
                          AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

Border and customs infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Karelia

A well-developed border and customs infrastructure is an important factor of successful
implementation of external economic activities and international cooperation. The length of the
Karelian part of the Russian-Finnish border is 798,3 km (over 60% of its total length). Karelian
customs office of the North-Western Customs Authority which unites pre-existing Petrozavodsk,
Kostomyksha and Sortavala Customs and also 16 Customs posts (including 5 posts immediately at
the check points) is situated on the territory of the Republic of Karelia. At the Karelian border there
are 3 international automotive check points, 2 railway check points. The international air check point
“Petrozavodsk” operates on the territory of Karelia. Cargo traffic on the Karelian border area
depends on the external economic conditions. In the record year 2006 it accounted to 7,99 mln. tons,
in 2008 decreased to 5,25 mln. tons. The number of passengers became stable at the level of 1,4-1,5
mln. people. Export is the dominant part of the turnover of goods.

International cooperation

The Republic of Karelia, “Euroregio 2003” carries out a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation
with the different regions of foreign countries – provinces of Oulu (Finland) and Eastern Finland,
Vasterbotten (Sweden), Troms (Norway), prefecture Ilya (Greece) and the State of Vermont (USA).
Joint activity with the regional unions Kainuu, Northern Karelia and Northern Osterbotnia (Finland)
is carried out within the framework of “Euroregion” established in 2000 (member of European
Border Region Association).

Since 1993 Karelia is a part of the Regional Barents Euro-Arctic Council, and in 2005-2007 chaired
the Barents Regional Council. The Republic of Karelia takes part in the Russian-Finnish border
cooperation including the work of the Karelian-Finnish intergovernmental working group. Besides
the mentioned spheres, non-commercial EU projects TACIS (at present – regional EU program
“Neighborhood – Euroregion Karelia”), Swedish Agency for International Development, Nordic
Council of Ministers and other programs are implemented on the territory of the Republic of
Karelia. Annually about 100 projects with the total volume of external financing of 5-7 mln. Euros
are implemented. Among the main areas of cooperation are: environment, agriculture, power
industry, transport, tourism, social security, education, culture, sister-city relations, etc.

Such large projects have been implemented as water treatment facilities in Sortavala and
Landenpohjya, water pump stations in Telman and Helulya villages, development of the national
park infrastructure, international check point “Suoperya”, Electronic Karelia and health care reform

Successful development of international cooperation, important in itself, improves conditions for
external activities and investment attraction. Nowadays, implementation of the large-scale project
“Complex reconstruction of the water and sewerage collecting treatment plant of Petrozavodsk” has
begun. This project includes loan and grant co-financing from NEFKO, that accounts to 18 mln.
In the capital city of Karelia – Petrozavodsk – there is a Branch Office of the General Consulate of
Finland in St.Petersburg, Nordic Council of Ministers Information Center, Swedish-Karelian
Information Business Center.
External trade partners are represented by companies from more than 90 countries of the world. The
external trade turnover in 2008 was 1951,5 mln. USD: export – 1483,8 mln. USD; import – 467,7
mln. USD.
International investment projects are being implemented in: forest industry, mining industry and
machine building.

                          IN THE REPUBLIC OF KARELIA
“Sweedwood International” (structural subdivision of IKEA) (Sweden)
Construction of a wood processing factory with a capacity of 320 thousand m3 of pine saw timber
and production of glued panels – 42,2 thousand m3 per year.

“Stora Enso” (Finland)
Expansion of the saw-mill in Implahti, installation of a sorting line, a bark-burning boiler, drying
chambers and construction of a plant producing fuel-granules.

“CDL” (France), “Revlan” (Czech Republic)

Construction of a factory producing mineral shale and gabbro-diabase compounds for roofing

Investment Fund “Varyag Resources AB” (Sweden)
The enterprise “Belomorsk pit” in partnership with the Investment Fund implements a common
investment project dealing with mining of construction stone for the macadam production in the 3
fields of Belomorsk region (“Ramrytchei”, “Kopakovskoye”, “Western-Sosnovetskoye”).

                           ATTRACTION OF INVESTMENT:

Forest industry complex; mining industry complex; construction complex, agriculture complex,
tourism and food industry.

                                ON INVESTMENT

There is a legislative basis for investment activities in the Republic of Karelia . There is a Law of the
Republic of Karelia “On State Support of Investment in the Republic of Karelia”, according to
which the following measures of the state support for companies implementing investment projects
were developed:
          Tax Exemption to investors in accordance with the tax law of the Russian Federation and
           the Republic of Karelia on the regional taxes and also on the federal taxes in the part
           entered in the budget of Karelia
          Accordance of the state insurance arrangement on investment project on a competitive
           basis at the expense of the Karelian budget, mentioned in the asset 8-1 of the law
           currently in force.
          Placement of the Karelian budget monetary funds on a competitive basis for financing of
           investment projects on the basis of legislation
          Accordance of the Karelian budget subsidies on a competitive basis for the partial refund
           of interest payment on credit, received for financing of investment projects on the basis
           of the Karelian budget law for the appropriate fiscal year

          Information and organization support for investors, which involves rendering of
           assistance in the organization of the investment activity infrastructure by the republican
           executive power branch in the Republic of Karelia in accordance with the legislation of
           the Russian Federation and the Republic of Karelia.

The amount of the given tax remissions is regulated by the law of the Republic of Karelia “On the
tax and dues on the territory of the Republic of Karelia”. The following subsidies are provided for
the investment enterprises:
      The reduced tax rate amounted to 13,5 % for the pay-off period of investments (which is not
       exceeding the settlement pay-off period, foreseen by the investment project, but no more
       than 5 years) is established for the profit tax of organizations, which is included in the budget
       of the Republic of Karelia
      The immunity from the assessed taxation (for the property produced or purchased for the
       realization of investment project) is established for organizations for the pay-off period of
       investments (which is not exceeding the settlement pay-off period, foreseen by the
       investment project, but no more than 5 years)

Several acts of law were adopted:
      Governmental regulation of the Republic of Karelia dated from the 23th of January 2004
       №117-П “On the order of making investment exemption agreement within the bounds of the
       most favored investment treatment”
      Governmental regulation of the Republic of Karelia dated from the 6th of April 2009 №70-П
       “On the confirmation of the order of holding investment competitive selection for the right to
       get state guarantees of the Republic of Karelia”
      Governmental regulation of the Republic of Karelia dated from the 29th of February 2008
       №42-П “On the agreement of the list of documents presented by principal in order to get
       state guarantees of the Republic of Karelia”
      Governmental regulation of the Republic of Karelia dated from the 16th of December 2005
       №143-П “On the branch target program of the state support of the small-sized business in
       the Republic of Karelia for the period of 2006-2008”
      The decree of the government of Karelia dated from the 4th of September 2007 №320 “On
       the confirmation of the Core spheres of the investment politics of the Karelian government
       for the period of 2007-2010”
      The following orders of the Ministry of Economic development of the Republic of Karelia:

    “On the confirmation of the clause on the evaluation of the organizations’ investment
       projects effectiveness, claming to get the republican budgetary funds for the financing of the
       investment projects”;
    “On the confirmation of the order of the determination and monitoring of the virtual and
       settling pay-off periods of investments and profit from the realization of the investment
    “On the confirmation of the order of the determination and monitoring of the pay-back
       period of the investment project and profit from its realization”;
    “On the confirmation of the standard form of the investment agreement on tax exemption
       within the bounds of the most favored investment treatment”.

Development of small- and medium-sized business
Under contemporary crisis conditions not only economic but also social stability in the Republic
depends on the level of development of the small- and medium-sized business.
According to the data of the Territorial Department of the Federal Service of Statistics of the
Republic of Karelia for the 1st of January 2009 the number of medium-sized enterprises was about
54 with the number of employees – 6,1 thousand people.
On the 1st of January 2009 16003 individual entrepreneurs were registered.
The number of small-sized enterprises was about 673 with the number of payroll employees
(without dual jobholders) – 22,6 thousand people. According to the preliminary estimate the number
of small-sized enterprises amounted to 4 thousand during the year 2008.
During the year 2008 the capital turnover of the Karelian small-sized enterprises amounted to 29,2
billion rubbles, which exceeds the same index in the year 2007 by 5,1 billion rubbles (21%).
The most attractive spheres for the entrepreneurs are still not production fields (especially trade and
According to the statistical observation, the share of the turnover of trade organizations in the year
2007 was about 63% from the turnover of all small-sized enterprises and in the year 2008 – 64%.
The share of turnover of industrial organization in the year 2008 increased by 0,2% in comparison to
the year 2007 and amounted to 7,5% from the whole turnover of small-sized enterprises. The share
of turnover of the construction organizations in the year 2008 reached 7,8% (in the year 2007- 7%).
The majority of workplaces (according to the statistic data of the year 2008) is created in the
wholesale and retail sale, the human services, then in the industrial and construction spheres.
The results of the small-sized business activity in the Republic of Karelia in the year 2008 can be
assessed as positive. It can be stated that the growth tendencies of this sector have been registered
during the recent years.

The National Rate Agency “Expert RA” published the results of the thirteenth regions’ rate on the
15th of December 2008.

Several rates were awarded to Karelia:

                         The investment rate of the Republic of Karelia
                   -                                                    3B2

                         Slight potential – moderate risk

 The results of the relative solvency research of the subjects of the Russian Federation carried by the
 Rate Agency AK&M (criteria of the financial condition and of the level of economic development
 of the region are based on the data from the monthly reports on the budget execution of the subjects
 of the Russian Federation and the data of the Russian Statistics Agency on the 1st of January 2009).

 The integrated level of the relative solvency of the Republic of Karelia

position in          The           relative
                                                   The relative level                               position in the
the research level       of    solvency                                      The integrated level
                                              of solvency based on                                  research on its
on           its based        on       the                              of the relative solvency
                                              the economic index                                    results
results year financial index
                                                                                                    year 2007
       54            46,24                         32,68                     40,14                        59

 On the 7th of October 2008 the International Rate Agency “Fitch Ratings” changed the forecast on
 the long-term rates of the Republic of Karelia according to the international and national scale from
 “Stable” to “Positive”. The republican long-term and short-term rates according to the international
 scale were confirmed on the levels “BB-” (BB minus) and “B”. The long-term rate according to the
 national scale was confirmed on the level “A+(rus)”.

        Tourism is recognized as one of the priority spheres for the regional development in the
 Concept of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia till 2012.
        Preconditions for a dynamic development of tourism in Karelia are determined by its rich
 tourism and recreation potential and unique resources, The Republic of Karelia has the longest
 among the Russian Federation subjects border with the European Union (over 700 km). There are
 more than 4 thousand unique historical, cultural and nature monuments officially registered in the
        the world-famous museum “Kizhi”
        the Valaam Archipelago
        Petroglyphs – rock carvings made by ancient people more than 5 thousand years ago
        Kivach – the second largest lowland waterfall.

 In Karelia there are historic Karelian, Vepsian, Pomor villages with traditional wooden architecture.
 Karelia is called “the lungs of Europe”. Its territory is covered by vast areas of virgin forests
 untouched by economic activities of people. There are about 200 particularly preserved territories,
 among which are: national parks “Panajarvi”, “Vodlozrsky”, “Kalevalskyj”; nature reserves
 “Kivach”, “Kostomykshskyj” and others. There are 60 thousand lakes and more than 27 thousand
 rivers in Karelia, including Europe’s largest Ladoga and Onego lakes. In the clear waters of Karelia
 there are numerous fish species including salmon.

The Republic of Karelia offers excellent opportunities for different kinds of tourism: learning and
discovery, nature, environment, sports, water, rural. In the rating of Russian tourists preferences
Karelia has the 1st place among the admires of active kinds of sports and the 3rd place among the
admires of winter sports.
Numerous tourist and hotel complexes of Karelia offer a wide spectrum of tourist services including
exotic and extreme ones capable to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Famous karelian tourist agencies have a high image at the Russian and the international markets of
tourist services. In the Unified Federal Registry of tourist agencies there are 70 karelian, more than
130 places of accommodation are open for the visitors of the Republic of Karelia.

Among the most famous tourist organizations of Karelia there are the following:
   LLC “Tourist company «Lykomorje»”, CJSC “Intourist-Petrozavodsk”, LLC “Tour holding
     “Karelia””, LLC “Conference-bureau”, LLC “Tourist bureau “Korela””, LLC “Around.ru”,
     LLC “Lena”, LLC “Tourist”, LLC “Petrozavodsk bureaua of travel and excursion”, LLC
     “Tourist agency “Kizhanka””, LLC “Kolmas Plus”, LLC “Panorama”, LLC “Stella”, LLC
     “Vika”, LLC “Meridian”, LLC “Aviaretro-tour”, LLC “Onego Tour”, LLC “Temmaks”, NP
     “Panajarvi”, LLC “Matka-Kos”, LLC “Dryshba”, LLC “Prichal”, LLC “Nordic Travel”,
     LLC “Velt - Karelian travel”, LLC “Belomorye”, LLC “Karelika”, LLC “”Yjut-Service”,
     LLC “Polarnyj krug”.

Comfortable accommodation and high level of tourist service are offered by:
   Hotels “Karelia”, “Prionegskyj”, “Severnaya”, “Nevskaya”, “Maski”, “Metro”, “Fregat”,
      “Na Onego”, health centres “Beliye klychi” (Petrozavodsk).
   Hotels “Brandvahta” and “Belomorje” (Belomorsk)
   Hotels “Sampo” and “Velt”, cottage complex “Velt-Maailma” (Kalevala)
   Tourcomplex “Prichal” and “Kyzova” (Kem)
   Sanatoriums “Martial Waters”, “Dvorci”, “Kivach”, tourist complex “Derevnja
      Alexandrovka” (Kondopoga district)
   Hotels “Fregat” and “Podkova” (Kostomyksha)
   Hotels “Karlen”, “Zelenaya”, “Annika”, “Chaika”, “Majak”, “Vozrogdenie”, “Alho”, guest
      house “Ysadba” (Lahdenpohjya district)
   Recreation departments “Cipringa”, “Laidosalmi”, hotel “SOLO”, hotel complex “Y
      Ivanicha”, visit-centre NP “Panayarvi”, diving-centres “Polarnyj krug” and “Nereis” (Loyhi
   Country club “Makaya Medvegka” (Medegegorsk district)
   Hotels “Olonia” and “Stivi”, tourist centre “Obzhanskyj bereg” (Olonec district)
   Hotel “Pitkjaranta” (Pitkjaranta)
   Hotels “Kalevala” and “Verhovje”, recreation centres “Edem”, “Uya” and “Serebro Onegi”,
      thematic park and zoological complex “Karelia” (Prionegsky district)
   Recreation centre “Urozero”, tourist centres “Alekka” and “Onego” (Prjazha district)
   Motel “Yjut”, tourist centre “Novguda” (Pudogh district)
   Hotels “Vig”, “Severjanka”, “Rosto”,”Topaz”, “Metso” (Segegha district)
   Tourist complex “Dacha Vintera” and “Gardarika”, hunt farming “”Chernie kamni”, hotel
      and restaurant complex “Piipunpiha”, hotels “Kaunis”, “Volna”, “Ladoga”, “Sortavala”,
      “Hely”, “Seyrahuone”, “Sofia”, a forest hotel “Janisjarvi” (Sortavala district)
   Hotel “Karelia”, tourist complex “Tolvoyarvi” (Syojarvi district)
   Hotel “Lesnaya” (Myezerskyj village)

Nowadays the volume of tourism, excursion and hotel services, provided on the territory of Karelia
is growing.
In the recent years there has been a growing interest of large Russian and foreign investors in
building tourist infrastructure objects in the Republic of Karelia.

Practically in every district of Karelia hotels and tourist complexes are actively being built. In 2008
such objects as “Park-hotel “Sjamozero””, the second line of tourist center “Alekka” (Prjazha),
tourist centre “13 kordon” (Pitkjaranta municipal region) were placed in operation. The diving
centre “Polarnyj krug” is being expanded. The reconstruction of the hotel “Pijpun Piha” (near which
there are berths for the future voyages to the Valaam Island) was finished (Sortavala municipal
district).Large works on the arrangement of “Marble pit “Ruskeala” are completed. The
reconstruction of the spa-hotel “Karelia” and the hotel “Severnaya” (Petrozavodsk) are continuing.
Besides the traditional organizational and methodical support of investment projects in the sphere of
tourism, the Karelian Government uses the mechanism of partial financing of the interest rate on the
bank credits. During the years 2008-2009 this type of the state support was given to the following
     The enlargement of tourist complex “Alekka” (Prjazha municipal district, LLC “Conference-
     The purchase of the real estate for the development of tourist services (Loukhi municipal
         district, ZAO “Polarnyj kryg”)
     The thorough repair of the hotel “Sampo” (Kalevela municipal district, individual
         entrepreneur Timonen).

Another crucial step of the state support of the off-budget investment will be the use of the resources
from the Guarantee fund of the Republic of Karelia, which was established in April 2009.
The major activity in the sphere of the state support of the Karelian tourism infrastructure
development was the elaboration of the General plan of the placement of tourism objects and
tourism infrastructure in Karelia. Maps, schemes of the perspective development (with the existing
and planned tourism and infrastructure objects) explanatory notes, economic grounds and the
estimation of the needs in investments are worked out for each of the 12 selected areas of tourism
and recreation. The detailed planning drafts were elaborated for the 7 areas.
As a result of the coordinated work of the tourist organizations, hotels, state government institutions
and local government the Republic of Karelia has fundamentally moved forward in solving of the
core problems of the work on forming of the Karelian tourism cluster, the preparation of the
investment grounds for building objects of tourism infrastructure. The Ministry of Economic
Development of the Republic of Karelia and the Ministry of Construction coordinated the list of
tourist infrastructure objects, proposed to be included into the scheme of the territorial planning of
the Republic of Karelia in the course of the planned work on correcting the scheme.
As the objects of the regional importance the following objects of the tourist infrastructure are
     Downhill skiing recreation balneology resort “Spasskaya guba” (Kondopoga municipal
     Tourism and downhill skiing complex “Gora Pyainur” (Loykhi municipal district)
     Tourism and sport complex “Kurgan” (Petrozavodsk)
     Entry zone of the first Russian resort “Martsialniye vodi” (Kondopoga municipal district)
     The republican centre of boating and sailing sport (Petrozavodsk)
Activities on building engineering and transport infrastructure are included in the Scheme of
territorial planning (as objects of municipal level):
              Tourist complexes in Zaonezhe: Velikaya Guba, Ust-Yandoma, Kondoberegnaya,
                  Tipinici (Medvegegorsk municipal district)
              Tourist complexes on the Karponssary, Pellotsaary and Riekkalansaary Islands
                  (Sortavala municipal district)
The selection of these objects is based on the results of the project development which are included
in the General Scheme of tourist objects and infrastructure placement in the Republic of Karelia.
Using of the recommended (during the elaboration of territorial planning) materials of the General
scheme, Administrations of the Municipal Districts of the Republic of Karelia stirred up the work on
parceling out for tourist objects construction. All in all, 88 objects of tourism infrastructure (as for

the 1st of March 2009) were placed in operation in the year 2008 or planned to be completed and
started in the year 2009 in the Republic of Karelia.
The results of the General Scheme development are also in great demand on the federal level. On the
grounds of the presented (by the Karelian Government) documents with the justification of the
competitive advantages of the Republic, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian
Federation within the bounds of the revision of the project “Concept of the long-term social and
economic development of the Russian Federation until 2020” determined the Republic of Karelia as
the leading tourism development territory.
The republican target programs of tourist development are the major structural link in the developed
by the Government of the Republic of Karelia and consistently realized (from the year 1998)
complex system of the government regulation and the government support of this field.
On the basis of the Concept of the social and economic development of the Republic of Karelia until
2020 the aims and activities on the development of the tourism in the Republic and the resort and
organizational provision of their realization are elaborated.
The republican target programs on tourism development in their turn are the base for the
development of short-term and long-term programs of tourism development in the municipal
districts. They also regulate the order of interaction of the Ministry of Economic Development of the
Republic of Karelia (the major executor of the republican programs on the tourism development),
other Ministries and Departments, administration of the cities and districts of the republic with a
number of interdepartmental, public and scientific organizations, subjects of economical activity
which are involved in the process of organization and regulation of tourism activity of the territory
of Karelia.
The crucial goal of using program and target method in the government regulation of the tourist
market is the creation of conditions for forming of the up-to-date high-efficient and competitive
tourism complex, that provides wide opportunities for satisfying the needs of the population of
Karelia, Russian and foreign citizens in various tourist services. The major program activities
     Giving state support in the sphere of informational and advertising promotion of Karelian
         tourism and hotel organizations proposals’ on the Russian and international markets of
         tourism services
     Scientific, legal and personnel guaranties in order to develop the sphere of tourism
     Introduction of innovative technologies in the process of monitoring and realization of tourist
     Attraction of investments for tourism infrastructure and adjacent spheres development.
The consistent realization in the years 2000-2010 of the 3 republican target programs of tourist
development allows to solve successfully the main task in this sphere – to provide for the
development of tourism more rapidly that the development of other spheres, to increase the
contribution of tourism into the social and economic development of the Republic, including the
increase of number of working places, the amount of taxes yield in the republican budget, afflux of
foreign currency, the preservation and rational use of cultural and natural heritage of Karelia.
Great attention is paid to information service of Karelian visitors. Information tourist centers of the
Republic of Karelia offer high-quality services on informational support and consultation of tourists.
A great amount of information about the republic, tourist resources and the regional products,
accommodation, tourist agency, routes, tourist and attendant services is concentrated on the tourist
Internet portal of Karelia www.ticrk.ru.

      Investment proposal

      Output of products
      Mining complex
1.    Mining of deposit of iron-titanium-vanadium ores in Pudozh and the deposit of
 chromic ore in Aganozero.
2.    The development of “Korpangovskoe” deposit of iron ore by JSC “Karelskyj
3.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in the region of railway
 station Harly in Pitkjaranta district by LLC «Balstone»
4.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in Belomorsk district
 (Belomorsk pit)
5.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in Syojarvi district
 (Granite Domdorstroi)
6.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in Kondopoga district
7.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in Kondopoga district
 (Onego extractive company)
8.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in Kondopoga district
9.    The production of macadam on the deposits of natural stone in Segezha district
      Timber industry
10.   «Polar Bear» - the development of pulp and paper production by closed joint-stock
 company “Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill”
11.   The building of a plant, producing furniture by LLC “Swedwood Karelia”
12.   The reconstruction of pulp and paper production JSC “Kondopoga”
13.   The reconstruction of plywood production LLC “Lahdenpohja plywood company
14.   The organization of production of particle board from cuttings (OSB)
15.   Expansion of lamination workshop JSC “Karelia Wood chipboard”
      Production of construction materials
16.   Organization of insulation veneers production on the basis of bazalt
      Investment proposal

      The agro-industrial complex
17.   The building of poultry complex (LLC “Agrodom “Severnij”)
18.   The building of a plant dealing with production of topping, stuff, high-quality jam
 (using wild forest berries, garden berries and fruits), Petrozavodsk
19.   The building of a fish-farm in the Republic of Karelia, LLC “Ladoghskaya trout”
20.   The acquisition of a pelagic trawl for the production of surimy
21.   Dairy-commodity farm for 800 heads of cattle with a milking parlor in Ripushkalica
 village (Olonec district)
22.   The building of cow-sheds for 1200 heads of cattle with a milk room in Shuya
 village (Prioneghskij district)
23.   The building of a pig farm for 12 thousand heads of cattle in Berezovka village
 (Kondopoga village)
24.   The building of a cow-shed (for 400 heads of cattle) with a milk room and calf-shed
 in Mijnala village (Pitkyaranta district)
25.   The building of a farm for 400 heads of cattle with a milking parlor and with a
 pigsty for 5 thousand heads of cattle in Vidlica village (Olonec district)
26.   The reconstruction of a milking complex Municipal Unitary Enterprise (Sortavala
 district) tribal sovkhoz in the name of Dzybenko
27.   The building of a cow-shed for 600 head of cattle with a milk room and a calf-shed
 in Yanis village (Pitkyaranta village)
28.   The building of a caw-shed for 400 heads of cattle with a milk room and a calf-shed
 in Yanis Village (Pitkyaranta district)
29.   The building of 2 cow-sheds for 800 heads of cattle with a milk room in Pindushi
 village (Medveghegorsk district)
30.   The building of a meat-packing factory in Olonec
31.   The building of a cow-shed for 400 heads of cattle with a milk room and calf-shed in
 Novaya Vilga village (Prionegskij district)
32.   The building of 2 cow-sheds for 800 heads of cattle with a milk room in Vedlozero
 village (Pryazha district)
33.   The building of a cow-shed for 400 heads of cattle with a milk room and the
 reconstruction of a station of milk processing in Pryazha village
34.   The building of 2 cow-sheds for 800 heads of cattle with a milk room in Helulya

       Investment proposal

 village (Sortavala district)
35.    The building of 2 cow-sheds for 800 heads of cattle with a milk room in Tolvuya
 village (Medvegegorsk district)
36.    The building of a milk-commodity farm for 800 heads with a milk room in Tuksa
 village (Olonec district)
37.    The building of 2 cow-sheds for 800 heads of cattle with a milk room in Essoila
 village (Pryazha district)
       Tourism, sport
38.    The building of the hotel complex “Chernye kamni”
39.    Alpine skiing recreation balneology resort “Spasskaya guba”
40.    Tourism and alpine skiing complex “Gora Pjainyr”
41.    The building of the Ice Palace in Petrozavodsk
42.    The reconstruction of the republican tourism and sport complex “Kurgan”
       Health service
43.    The building of the psycho-neurological boarding school with 300 places
44.    The reconstruction and the re-equipment of the republican oncologic health centre
 with 200 places
45.    The building of the republican perinatal centre with 200 places
46.    The building of the high-technology medical centre in Petrozavodsk
47.    The preservation of the Kizhi ensemble and the development of the infrastructure of
 the Kizhi state open-air museum of history architecture and ethnography
48.    The reconstruction of the Karelian state museum of local lore, history and economy
49.     The reconstruction of the National library of the Republic of Karelia
50.    The reconstruction of the building for the united depositary of the republican
51.    The reconstruction of the building of “Professional lyceum №17” in order to place
 there the Cadet boarding school
52.    The reconstruction of the kindergarten into the school with 198 places in Pitkyaranta

      Investment proposal

53.   The building of the school with the boarding school in the Myezerskii district
54.   The organization of the school nourishment
55.   The preparation and retraining of competitive labors for high-technological
 economic productions in the Republic of Karelia
56.   The building of infant schools
57.   The building of republican complex “Boarding school for children with a
 complicated structure of health breaches”
58.   The innovated educational program of the state educational institution of secondary
 professional education of the Republic of Karelia “Severnii college”
59.   The building of the highway Kochkoma-Tiksha-Ledmozero-Kostomuksha- the state
 border, 254km-44km
60.   The building of the highway Kochkoma-Tiksha-Ledmozero-Kostomuksha-the state
 border 44km-64km
61.   The building of the highway Velikaya Guba-Oyatevshina
62.   The building of the highway Ihala-Raivio-the state border, 12km-15km
63.   The building of the highway Olonec-Sortavala, 37km-44km
64.   The building of the highway Olonec-Sortavala, 98km-118km
65.   The building of the highway Kem-Lonka through Kalevala, 95km-101km
66.   The building of the highway Loukhi-Suoperya, 160km-165km
67.   The building of the highway Olonec-Sortavala, 47km-62km
68.   The building of the highway Olonec-Sortavala, 96km-98km
69.   The building of the highway the drive to the Muezerskii village, 0km-20km
70.   The reconstruction of the road network the Valaam Island
71.   The building of a new trade port in Belomorsk
      Power industry
72.   The building of the high-tension line-330 kilowatt “Onda-Petrozavodsk”
73.   The building of the high-tension line-330 kilowatt “Loukhi”-Putkinskaya
 hydroelectric power station-Ondskaya hydroelectric power station
74.   The building of a new high-tension line-35 kilowatt from          Portable station-78
 “Velikaya Guba” to traction substation -10 kilowatt “Zharnikovo”

      Investment proposal

75.   The reconstruction of the Petrozavodsk heating and power plant with additional
 electric and heat powers
76.   The reconstruction, modernization and putting into practice of hydro-generation
 objects on the territory of Karelian Republic (the common power – 100 megawatt)
77.   The reconstruction of portable station 220 kilowatt № 19 “Medvezhegorsk”
78.   The reconstruction of the portable substation 220 kilowatt № 97 “Sortavalskaya”
79.   The reconstruction of the transformer portable substation – 220 kilowatt № 2
80.   Power supply of the Valaam Island
      Natural gas industry
81.   The construction of Shtokman gas condensate deposit in the North-Western district
 – The Republic of Karelia
      Communal infrastructure
82.   The construction of the communal infrastructure of land for building of a residential
 area “Drevlyanka – P”
83.   The complex reconstruction of water and sewerage treatment plants in Petrozavodsk
      Boundary infrastructure
84.   The reconstruction of the international railway admission point “Vyartsilya”
85.   The reconstruction of the international railway admission point “Luttya”
86.   The reconstruction of the boarder railway station Vyartsilya
87.   The reconstruction of the boarder railway station Kiviyarvi
88.   The building of the international automobile admission point “Suvyaoro”
89.   The partial reconstruction of the international automobile admission point Vyartsilya

                                              The List
                       of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Karelia
Forest industry enterprises
      1. ООО “Areal”
186870, Suoyarvi, Pobedy Str., 15 tel. (81457) 5-13-98, fax (81457) 5-18-36 (timber harvesting,
lumber and furniture production).
     2. ОАО “Volomsky LPH “LesKarel”
186950, Muezersky district, Peninga, Lenin Str., 27 tel./fax (81455) 2-63-87 (timber harvesting,
lumber production).
     3. ZAO “Zapkarelles”
186870, Suoyarvi, Gagarin Str., 28 tel. (81457) 5-13-51 fax (81457) 5-12-65 (timber harvesting,
lumber production, furniture panels).
      4. ОАО LHC “Karellesprom”
185670, Petrozavodsk, Andropov Str., 2/24, tel. (8142) 76-80-40, fax (8142) 76-80-50 (timber
harvesting, marketing of harvesting and sawing products).
      5. ООО “Karelfinles”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Str., 9, office 20 tel. (8142) 79-61-46, fax (8142) 79-61-46 (timber

      6. ОАО “Kondopozhskoye LPH”
186200, Kondopoga, M. Gorky Str., 13, tel.(81451) 4-16-07, fax .(81451) 4-15-83 (timber
      7. ООО “Vuokati Karelia”
186550, Belomorsky district, Letnerechensky, Zavodskaya Str., 6, tel.
 (81437) 3-81-23, fax (81437) 3-84-32 (timber harvesting).
     8. ООО “Kostomukshksy lespromkhoz” (Kostomukshsky LPH)
186930, Kostomuksha, Stroitelei Str. ,7а tel./fax (81459) 93-248 (timber harvesting).
        9. ОАО ”Ladvinsky LPH”
185519, Prionezhsky district, Ladva-Vetka, Lesnaya Str., 1,
tel./fax (8142) 53-77-22 (timber harvesting).
     10. ОАО Ladenso”
186810, Pitkyaranta, Gorky Str., 15 tel./fax (81433) 3-14-60, (timber harvesting).
      11. ОАО “Lahdenpohsky LPH”
186730, Lahdenpohja, Severnaya Str., 3-а, tel.(81450) 2-01-00, fax (81450) 2-02-00 (timber
        12. ОАО “Ledmozerskye FHE”
186970, Muezersky district, Ledmozero, 50 years VLKSM Str., 3.
 tel. (81455) 2- 83- 61, fax (81455) 2-83-93 (timber harvesting).
        13. ОАО “Lendersky LPH»
186985, Muezersky district, Lendery, Pervomaiskaya Str., 17
 tel. (81455) 2-95-34, fax (81455) 2-95-87 (timber harvesting).

      14. ООО «Medvezhegorsky LPH»
186352, Medvezhegorsk, Zavodskaya Str., 3 tel. (81434) 2-10-91, fax (8-81434) 2-32-41 (timber
harvesting, lumber production).
      15. ОАО «Muezersky LPH»
186352, Muezersky, Sovetskaya Str., 24 tel./fax (81455) 2-11-15 (timber harvesting, lumber
     16. ZAO “Nord Inter House”
186730, Lahdenpohja, Sanatornaya Str., 4 tel. (81430) 2-21-23, fax 2-26-33 (timber harvesting,
lumber production).
        17. ООО “Promles”
185505, Prionezhsky district, Shuiskaya Station, Kondopozhskoye Shosse, 8
tel. (8142) 78-92-01, fax 78-91-02 (timber harvesting, lumber production).
      18. ОАО “Wood Processing Factory”
185650, Petrozavodsk, Zaitsev Str., 64-а tel. (8142) 74-38-70, fax (8142) 74-09-70 (timber
harvesting, lumber production).
        19. ОАО “Porosozero”
186920, Suoyarvsky district, Porosozero, Tsentralnaya Str., 58.
tel., (81457) 2-45-70, 2-44-61 (timber harvesting, lumber production).
        20. ОАО “Pyaozersky LPH”
186667, Louhsky district, Pyaozersky, Mira Str., 10-а
tel. (81439) 3-82-86, fax (81439) 5-16-10 (timber harvesting, lumber production).
      21. ООО “Swedwood Karelia”
186980, Kostomuksha, Lenin Str., 17-а tel. (81459) 9-74-00, fax (81459) 9-74-33 (timber
harvesting, lumber production).
     22. ООО “Leseko Nord”
186120, Pryazha, Beregovaya Str., 15 tel./fax (81456) 3-16-66 (timber harvesting).
      23. ОАО “Segezhsky PPM”
186420, Segezha, Zavodskaya Str., 1, tel. (81431) 4-33-11, fax (81431) 4-26-33, (timber
harvesting, lumber production, sack paper production, paper sacks, craft liner).
        24. ZAO “Shuyales”
186130, Pryazhinsky district, Chalna, Pervomaiskaya Str., 11а
tel./fax (81456) 45-368 (timber harvesting).
        25. ООО “Yushkozerskoye LPH”
186900, Kalevalsky district, Borovoi, Zheleznodorozhnaya Str., 17
tel. (81454) 5-62-92, fax (81454) 5-62-41 (timber harvesting).

      26. ОАО «Kondopoga»
185220, Kondopoga, Promyshlennaya Str., 2 tel. (81451) 4-18-06, fax (81451) 4-35-86 (newsprint
and cardboard production).
      27. ОАО “Pulp Mill "Pitkyaranta"”
186810, Pitkyaranta, Nurmisaari Str., tel. (81433) 3-50-57, fax (81433) 3-34-52 (marketable pulp

     28. ООО “Kemsky LDZ”
186601, Kemsky district, Rabocheostrovsky, Komsomolskaya Str. 1,
tel. (81458) 56-233, fax (81458) 56-151 (lumber production).
        29. ОАО “Ilyinsky Lesozavod”
186004, Olonetsky district, Ilyinsky, Zavodskaya Str., 16,
tel. (81436) 2-36-99, fax (81436) 2-16-00 (lumber production).
        30. ОАО “Karelia DSP”
186323, Medvezhegorsky district, Pindushi, Kanifolnaya Str.,
tel. (81434) 5-02-02, fax (81434) 5-02-58 (chipboard production).
        31. ООО “Setles”
186801, Pitkyarantsky district , Impilahti, Sortavalskoye Shosse, 70,
tel./fax (81433) 2-62-41 (lumber production).
      32. ООО “Kondopozhsky LEZ”
186110, Kondopoga, Medvezhegorskоye Shosse, 16, tel. (81451) 4-33-13, fax 4-36-11 (lumber
      33. ООО LFK “Bumeks”
186730, Lahdenpohja, Zavodskaya Str., 24. tel. (81450) 2-21-09, fax (81450) 2-24-24 (plywood
     34. ОАО “LDK Segezhsky”
186420, Segezha, Kirov Str., 1-а, tel./fax (81431) 4-65-33 (lumber production)

                       Mining and metallurgical industry enterprises
    1. ООО “Voskhod”
186150, Pudozh, Pionerskaya Str., 73 tel. (81452) 5-23-75 (block stone mining).
    2. ООО “Granitnaya Gora”
186810, Pitkyaranta, Pushkin Str., 2-а     tel. (81433) 3-37-75, fax (81433)3-37-76     (macadam
     3. ZAO “Drugaya Reka”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Str., 4, office 2 tel.     (8142) 57-20-48, 57-34-18 (block stone
     4. ZAO “Inter-kamen’”
185035, Petrozavodsk, Kirov Str., 5-315 tel. (8142) 78-02-80 (block stone mining, stone
    5. ZAO “Kamkar”
186622, Kemsky district, Krivoy Porog, Industrialnaya Str., 2/7. tel. (495) 316-87-15 (block stone
       6. ООО Kara-Tau”
186116, Prionezhsky district, Rybreka, Lisitsynoi Str., 37
tel. (8142) 53-95-99, 53-96-27 (block stone mining, stone processing).
     7. ООО NPK “Karbon-Shungite”
 185031, Petrozavodsk, Murmanskaya Str., 22,        p.o.b.-75 tel. (8142) 74-17-90    (mining and
processing (crushing and refining of shungite).
       8. ZAO “Karelid”
185013, Petrozavodsk, Klubnaya Str., 2, tel. (8142) 56-96-03 (block stone mining, stone
      9. ООО “Karelkamen’”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Pravdy Str., 28а tel. (8142) 57-00-04 (macadam production).
     10. ZAO “Quarry Golodai Gora”
185034, Petrozavodsk, Southern industrial Zone, tel. (8142) 52-61-97 (macadam production).
     11. ZAO “Quarry Bolshoi Massiv”
186150, Pudozh, Novosteklyannoye, tel. 89214524510 (macadam production).
      12. ООО “Karelprirodresurs”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Varlamova Str., 72 tel. (8142) 76-73-50, fax (8142) 76-67-25 (macadam
     13. ООО “Sychevsky Industrial Technological Factory”
186790, Sortavala, p.o.b. 127 tel. (81430) 3-14-96, fax (81430) 3-14-97 (macadam production).
      14. GUP RK “Karelian Geological Expedition”
185003, Petrozavodsk, Alexander Nevsky Prospect, 65, tel. (8142) 57-63-27 (geological
       15. ОАО “Karelsky Okatysh”
186930, Kostomuksha, Zvezdnaya Str., 53, tel. (81459) 3-58-15, 3-55-15 (iron ore mining,
enrichment, iron pellet production).
     16. ZAO GPK “Karmin”
186670, Louhsky district, Chupa, Pionerskaya Str., 74-2, tel. (81439) 4-14-91, 4-14-93 (block stone
     17. FGUP “Quarry Ranta-Maki” under Spetsstroi of the Republic of Karelia
186770, Sortavala, Kaalamo, tel. (81430) 3-62-37, fax (81430) 3-62-49 (macadam production).
     18. ОАО Quarry Administration “Mosavtodor”
186810, Pitkyaranta, p.o.b.-37 tel. (81433) 3-24-72, 3-32-01 (macadam production).
     19. ZAO “Kashina Gora”
186166, Pudozhsky district, Kashino tel. (814252) 2-35-47 (block stone mining).
     20. ОАО “Quartzit”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Str., 4, office2 tel. (8142) 57-20-48, 57-34-18 (block stone mining).
     21. ООО “Kondopozhsky Shungite Factory”
186200, Kondopoga, Medvezhegorskоye Shosse, tel. (81451)                 4-30-07; 4-22-91; 4-23-32
(macadam production).
     22. Medvezhegorsky Macadam Plant under the Directorate of Railway Repairs
“Put’rem” – branch of ORW ОАО “RRW”
186350, Medvezhegorsk, Severnaya Str., 44 tel. (81434) 2-20-40, fax (81434) 2-10-77 (macadam
     23. ZAO “MKK-Ladoga”
186810, Pitkyaranta, Lenin Str., 191 tel. (81433) 3-33-78, fax 3-33-07 (block stone mining).
     24. ОАО “Pitkyaranta Quarry Administration”
186810, Pitkyaranta, Lenin Str., 192 tel. (81433) 3-33-07, 3-38-42 (macadam production).

     25. ОАО “Porfirit”
186210, Kondopoga, Berezovka. tel. (81451) 3-75-65, 3-75-84 (macadam production).

     26. ООО “Prionezhsky Gabbro-Diabase”
186810, Petrozavodsk, Zavodskaya Str., 2а tel. (8142) 57-08-20; 57-42-32 (macadam production).
     27. ОАО “Ruskealsky Marble”
186759, Sortavala, Ruskeala, Zavodskaya Str., 3 tel. (81430) 2-30-86 (decorative marble gravel and
marble aggregate production).
     28. ОАО “Sortavalsky Crushing and Sorting Plant”
186790, Sortavala, p.o.b. 127, tel. (81430) 3-14-96, fax (81430) 3-14-97 (macadam production).
      29. ZAO “Cherny Kamen’”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Kooperativnaya Str., 8. tel. (8142)73-13-77 (block stone mining, stone
     30. ZAO “Quarry Shokshinsky Quartzit”
185512, Prionezhsky district, Kvartzitny tel. (8142) 53-85-18, 5-85-32 (macadam production).
     31. ООО “Chupinskoye Mining Enterprise”
186670, Louhsky district, Chupa, Pionerskaya Str., 42. tel. (81439) 4-14-65, 4-14-63 (mining and
processing of feldspar).
     32. ООО “Lobskoye-5”
185031, Petrozavodsk, Leningradskaya Str., 6-б. tel. (8142) 78-46-23 (macadam production).
        33. ООО “Medved-Kamen’”
186350, Medvezhegorsk, Severnaya Str., 44. tel. (81434) 2-35-81 (mining of shungite-containing
      34. ООО “Promstroimontazh-komplect”
186710, Lahdenpohsky district, Alho Station, tel. (495) 705-92-79 (macadam production).
      35. ООО “Karelinvest”
185035, Petrozavodsk, Gorky Str., 8-2. tel. (812) 327-69-68, fax 327-79-72 (macadam production).
       36. ООО “Karelian Granite”
186200, Kondopoga, Petrozavodsk Shosse, 3. tel. (81451) 4-16-32, 4-12-01, 4-11-48 stone
      37. branch of ОАО “NAZ - SUAL”
186430, Segezhsky district, Nadvoitsy, Zavodskaya Str., 1. tel. (81431) 6-23-00,              e-mail:
naz@karelia.ru, www.rusal.ru (primary aluminum production).
      38. ZAO “Vyartsilsky Hardware Plant”
186757, Sortavala, Vyartsilya, Zavodskaya Str., . tel. (81430) 3-21-54, e-mail: metiz@onego.ru,
www.mechel.ru (hardware production)

     39. Foundry of ZAO “Petrozavodskmash”
185031, Petrozavodsk, Zaitsev Str., 65, tel. (8142) 71-69-86, (production of steel, foundry goods)

                                  Machine building enterprises

     1. ZAO “Petrozavodskmash”
185031, Petrozavodsk, Zaitsev Str., 65. tel. (8142) 71-69-20, fax (8142) 70-30-42, e-mail:
info@pbm.onego.ru, www.pbm.onego.ru (paper-making equipment production, equipment for
chemical and petrochemical industry, building metal constructions, high-strength iron castings).

     2. OOO “Onezhsky Tractor Plant”
185017 Petrozavodsk, Tiden psg., 2. tel. (8142)52-50-10, e-mail: kolesnikov@otz.karelia.ru,
www.otz.ru (production of tractors for forest industry and non-forest complex enterprises).

Chemical industry enterprises
      1. ZAO “Sibirit-3”
186930, Kostomuksha, Zvezdnaya Str., 29. tel. (81459) 7-77-62, 3-40-69,
fax (81459) 7-77-62, e-mail: sibirit@onego.ru (emulsion explosives production).
     2. ОАО “Segezhsky Pulp and Paper Mill”
186420, Segezha, Zavodskaya Str., 1. tel. (81431) 4-33-11,                 fax    (81431)   4-26-63,
e-mail: office@scbk.ru, www.scbk.ru (wood chemical production).

            Enterprise producing electrical equipment for motor vehicles’ engines
     1. ООО «АЕК»
186930, Kostomuksha, Gornyakov Shosse, 34. tel. (81459) 42-354, fax (81459) 42-354,
e-mail: Ljudmila.Bonet@pkcgroup.com (assembly of truck wire harnesses).
Ship building enterprises
      1. ООО “Onezhsky Shipbuilding Factory”
185005, Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Str., 25. tel. (8142) 71-74-01, fax (8142) 71-12-55,               e-
mail: osbp@bop.onego.ru, www.osby.ru (building and repairs of dry cargo ships).
      2. ОАО “Shipbuilding Factory Avangard”
185640, Petrozavodsk, Onezhskaya Flotilla Str., 1. tel. (8142) 57-10-99,
fax (8142) 57-10-99, e-mail: avangard@karelia.ru, avangard.karelia.ru (building and repairs of
military and civil ships).

                                       Printing enterprises
     1. GUP of the Republic of Karelia “Republican Badge of Honor Printing House of P.F.
185005, Petrozavodsk, Pravdy Str., 4. tel. (8142) 56-11-16, fax (8142) 56-11-21,
e-mail: mail@tia.onego.ru (production of newspapers, books, magazines, paper products).

                                   Light industry enterprises

      1. ООО “Vega-Plus”
186750, Sortavala, Fabrichnaya Str., 16. tel.(81430) 42-647, fax (81430) 42-380,                  e-
mail: vegaplus@onego.ru (production of working clothes, newborn clothes, white goods).
       2. ZAO “Lahti”
186801, Pitkyarantsky district , Impilahti, Sortavalskoye Shosse, 48
tel. (81433) 26-266, fax (81433) 26-242 (production of working clothes).
     3. ОАО “Shoe Factory Rantempo”
185014, Petrozavodsk, Heikkonen Str., 41. tel. (8142) 75-07-84, fax (8142) 75-07-84 (leather shoes

               Agroindustrial complex enterprise of the Republic of Karelia

№        Organization                     Address                        Types of Activity

                             Food and processing enterprises

1. FGUP “Rosspirtprom” 185640 Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Production
    1                                                                  of                    vodka,
   “Petrozavodsk         Str.,55,                      liqueurs, wines
   distillery Petrovsky” phone 73-29-91, fax 73-23-30,
2. ОАО “Petrozavodsk 185005 Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Bread,
    2                                                         baking                         goods,
   Bread Factory”    Str.,37,                      confectionery
                     phone 73-22-00, fax 73-22-00,
3. ОАО “Petrozavodsk
    3                      185013 Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky       Bread, baking goods,
   Bread Factory Sampo”    Prospect,76,                           confectionery, mayonnaise
                           phone 56-97-22, tel./fax 56-97-32,
4. ОАО “Karelian Meat
    4                      185001 Petrozavodsk, Zavodskaya        Meat products (sausages,
   Factory”                Str.,10,                               delicatessen), semi-products,
                           phone 74-93-51, fax 74-79-36,          poultry
5. ОАО “Petrozavodsk       185033 Petrozavodsk, Antonov           Dairy products, animal
   Milk Factory Slavmo”
   5                       Str.,1,                                butter, mineral water,
                           tel./fax 57-43-21, slavmo@onego.ru     lemonades, fruit drinks, jams
                                                                  (cranberry, cowberry)
6. ZAO “Kholod
    6                      185035 Petrozavodsk, Kirov Str.,35,    Ice cream
   Slavmo”                 tel./fax (8-814) 70-33-40,
7. ООО “Aalto
    7                      Lahdenpohja, Sovetskaya St.,69,        Vodka and liquors
   Distillery”             tel.(81450) 22-611 aalto@onego.ru,
8. MUP “Sortavalsky
    8                      186750, Sortavala, Myakovsky Str.      Bread, baking goods,
   Bread Factory”          З, tel. 4-23-74, 4-22-34, 4-23-74, fax confectionery
                           4-28-80, hlebokombinat@onego.ru;
9. ОАО «Olonetsky
    9                      186000 Republic of Karelia,            Bread, baking goods,
   Bread Factory»          Olonets, Lenin Str.-39, tel. (8-       confectionery
                           81436) 2-12-01, tel./fax 2-17-03, e-
                           mail: olonetshled@onego.ru
10. ZAO                    186350 Medvezhegorsk,                Milk, meat, dairy products,
    “Medvezhegorsky        Lesnaya Str., 3а, (8-81434) 2-14-45, meat semi-products
    Milk Factory”          2-23-50.        Fax         2-14-45,
11. ОАО
     1        “Suoyarvsky 186870 Suoyarvi, Tikilainen Str.,1, Bread,       baking            goods,
    Bread Factory”        tel. (8-81436)- 5-18-09, 5-19-70, fax confectionery
                          2-18-09, hlebozavod@onego.ru
№         Organization                     Address                         Types of Activity

12. ОАО       “Pudozhsky 186150, Pudozh, Pionerskaya Str., Bread,     baking                   goods,
    Bread Factory”       76 Tel. (8-81452)-5-14-50         confectionery
13. ОАО “Pitkyarantsky 186810, Pitkyaranta, Rudakov Str.,5          Bread,     baking          goods,
    Bread Factory”     Tel. (8-814-33)-3-23-64                      confectionery
14. ОАО “Kondopozhsky 186200, Kondopoga, Petrozavodsk Bread,     baking                        goods,
    Bread Factory”    Shosse,5                        confectionery
                      tel. (8-8-1451)-4-40-61
                      kxt@ onego.ru
15. ОАО      “Belomorsky 186503, Belomorsk, Port-Shosse,1           Bread,     baking     goods,
    Bread Factory”       Tel. (8-814-37)-5-14-53                    confectionery, macaroni
16. ОАО “Kemsky Bread 186610, Kem, Energetikov Str.,27              Bread,     baking          goods,
    Factory”          Tel. (8-81458)-2-21-71                        confectionery
17. ОАО “Kondopozhsky 186220, Kondopoga, Petrozavodsk Flour and mixed fodder
    Baking    Product Shosse, 1-А, tel.: (8-81451)-5-25-
    Factory”          34,
18. ООО “Trading House 185013,
     1                                    Petrozavodsk, Vegetable                   oil,        grain
    Yarmarka”          Pryazhinkoye Shosse, 2-km, tel. packaging
19. ООО       “Pudozhsky 186150, Pudozh, Polevoi Per., 15           Meat products (sausages and
    Meat Factory 1”      Tel. (8-81452)- 5-19-31,5-31-66            delicatessen)
20. ОАО                      186352, г. Medvezhegorsk,              Bread,     baking          goods,
    “Medvezhegorsky          Onezhskaya str.,2                      confectionery
    Bread Factory”           tel. (8-81434)2-29-95
      ZAO “Lahdenpohsky 186730, Lahdenpohja, Gagarin Bread,         baking                     goods,
      Bread Factory»”   Str.,4                           confectionery
                        Tel. (8-81450)- 2 25-07, 2-23-87

                                   Agricultural enterprises
22. GUP RK “Sovkhoz 186314 Medvezhegorsky district,                 Production and marketing of
    “Tolvuisky”             Tolvuya,                                milk,    beef    and  pork,
                            tel.(81434)3-33-67,         3-33-45,    potatoes, vegetables.
23. ОАО           “Pedigree 186004, Olonetsky district, Ilyinsky,   Production and marketing of
    Enterprise Ilyinskoye” Moshkin Str., 3а tel. (81436) 2-35-      milk,     beef   and    pork,
                            68, 2-36-88                             potatoes,         vegetables,
                            ilinskoe@onego.ru                       development of pedigree
                                                                    cattle breeding.
24. ОАО        “Pedigree 186020, Olonetsky district, Megrega        Production and marketing of
    Sovkhoz Megrega”     tel. (81436) 2-15-77, 2-67-80              milk,     beef   and    pork,
                                                                    potatoes,         vegetables,
                                                                    development of pedigree
                                                                    cattle breeding.
№        Organization                    Address                       Types of Activity

25. ООО “Agrarian Firm 186020, Olonetsky district, Tuksa,       Production and marketing of
    Tuksa”             Novaya Str., 1                           milk,    beef    and     pork,
                       tel. (81436) 2-65-33                     potatoes, vegetables.
26. GUP RK “Sovkhoz 186003,          Olonetsky     district,    production, processing and
    Agrarny”           Rypushaklitsy,                           marketing of agricultural
                       tel.        (81436)        2-14-88,      products          (vegetables,
                       olonetsagro@onego.ru                     potatoes, milk, meat).
27. GUSP RK “Agrarian 186007, Olonetsky district, Vidlitsa,     mink farming, production
    Firm Vidlitsa”     Sosnovaya Str., tel. (81436) 2-72-       and marketing of milk,
                       32,2-17-44                               potatoes, beef and pork.
28. ООО “Anton”            186811,    Pitkyarantsky   district, agricultural products (milk,
                           Miinala, Naberezhnaya Str., 8 tel. potatoes).
                           (81433) 2-53-31
29. ZAO “Yanishpole”       186206, Kondopozhsky district, Production and marketing of
                           Yanishpole tel.(81451) 3-95-02, milk, beef and pork, potatoes
                           zaobuh@onego.ru                 and berries.
30. ОАО “Agrokomplex 186104, Prionezhsky district, Shuya, Production and marketing of
    V.M. Zaitseva”   Sovkhoznaya Str., 1а tel. (8142)788- milk, beef.
                     531, zaizeva@onega.ru
31. ZAO “Essoila”          186137, Pryazhinsky       district, Production and marketing of
                           Essoila, Sovkhoznaya Str., 2 tel. milk, beef, potatoes.
                           (81456) 3-35-37, 3-35-40
32. GP RK “Plemsovkhoz                                        pedigree      cattle-breeding,
    Vedlozersky”       186143, Pryazhinsky           district production and marketing of
                       Vedlozero                              milk, beef, potatoes.
                       tel. (81456) 3-45-33, 3-45-66
33. ZAO “Pryazhinskoye”    186120, Pryazhinsky       district, production, processing and
                           Pryazha, Sovkhoznaya Str.,33 tel. marketing of milk, beef,
                           (81456)     3-12-72,    3-16-04, mink farming.
34. ООО “Agrokos”          186931, Kostomuksha,       Kalevala production and processing of
                           Str.,4а                             milk, beef, cattle fodder
                           tel. (81459) 2-28-87,      5-14-48,
35. ОАО “Pedigree Farm 186750, Sortavala, Khelyula              pedigree      cattle-breeding,
    Sortavalsky”       tel. (81430) 4-27-57                     production and marketing of
                                                                milk,     beef,       potatoes,
                                                                vegetables, cattle fodder.
36. MUP “Plemsovkhoz 186757,      Sortavala,       Karelskaya production, processing and
    Dzubenko”        Str.,41                                  marketing of milk, beef,
                     tel. (81430) 4-27-88                     pork,     production   and
                                                              marketing of potatoes and
37. ОАО                    186790, Sortavala, Priozernaya Str., production and marketing of
    “Priladozhskoye”       5                                    eggs
                           (81430)4-31-52, 4-22-73

№        Organization                    Address                         Types of Activity

38. ОАО “Korm”             185012, Petrozavodsk, Ptitsefabrika poultry production
                           Str. korm@onego.ru
39. ООО “Vilgovskoye”      186107, Prionezhsky district, Vilga   production and marketing of
40. ООО “Rodina”           186422, Segezha, Spiridonov Str.,23   production and marketing of
                                                                 potatoes, berries, milk, beef
                                                                 and pork

                                 Fishing and fish breeding

41. Fishing       kolkhoz 186580, Republic of Karelia,           ocean and coastal fishing,
    “Belomor”             Belomorsky district, Nyukhcha, tel.    seaweed      collection,    fish
                          (814 37) 3 31 91, fax (237) 3 31 92,   processing on board, frozen fish
                          belomor@onego.ru                       production, dry seaweed (fucus,
42. ООО “Ryboprodukty”    185000, Republic of Karelia,           production of salted, spicy,
                          Petrozavodsk, Kalinin Str., 75, tel.   hot and cold-smoked, dried
                          (814 2) 57 74 27, fax (814 2) 57 74    fish    herring    preserves,
                          30, 57 74 31, muldt@onego.ru,          ground fish products
43. NNO "Union of Fish 185002,       Republic of Karelia,        ocean and coastal fishing, fish
    Merchants of Karelia" Petrozavodsk, Vatutin Str., 30, tel.   breeding (trout), fish processing
                          (814 2) 77 18 95, fax (814 2) 72 59    on board and land, frozen, cold
                          55, rybak@sampo.ru                     fish production, fish culinary

                                          THE LIST
           of higher educational professional institutions of the Republic of Karelia

1. State educational institution of higher professional education Petrozavodsk State University
(Kostomuksha branch). Address: 185910, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Lenin Pr., 33, tel. (8
8142) 78-15-40, 71-10-30.

2. State educational institution of higher professional education Karelian State Pedagogical
Academy. Address: 185680, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Pushkinskaya Str., 17, tel. (8 8142)
78-30-29, 78-31-53, 78-23-33.

3. State educational institution of higher professional education Petrozavodsk State Conservatory of
A.K. Glazunov. Address: 185031, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Leningradskaya Str., 16, tel.
(8 8142) 70-60-06.

4. State educational institution of higher professional education Karelian branch of the North-West
Academy of Public Administration in Petrozavodsk. Address: 185002, Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, Chapaev Str., 6а, tel. (8 8142) 72-20-32.

5. State educational institution of higher professional education Petrozavodsk Branch of St.
Petersburg State University of Water Communications.

Address:185003, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Kalinin Str., 35, tel.(8 8142)79-61-33, 56-01-

6. State educational institution of higher professional education Karelian Institute of Tourism –
Branch of the Russian International Tourism Academy. Address: 185005, Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, Gyulling Emb., 15а, tel. (8 8142) 57-19-20.

7. North-Western State Technical University Extension (Petrozavodsk Branch). Address:      185035,
Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Lenin Pr., 1, tel. (8 8142) 76-60-46.

8. Non-commercial Educational Institution Modern Academy of Humanities (Moscow).
Petrozavodsk branch. Address: 185001, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Murmanskaya Str., 28,
tel. (8 8142) 74-79-18.

9. State educational institution of higher professional education Petrozavodsk Branch of St.
Petersburg State University of Communications. Address: 185007, Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, Michurinskaya Str., 5. tel. (8 8142) 78-41-96

10. Petrozavodsk Branch of Non-Commercial Educational Organization of Higher Professional
Education “International Slavic Institute”. Address: 185026, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk,
Baltiyskaya Str., 41,                  tel. (8 8142) 51-71-28.

11. Branch of non-commercial educational institution “ A.S. Griboedov Institute of International
Right and Economy” in Petrozavodsk.       Address: 185001, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk,
Pervomaisky Pr., 1А, tel. (8 8142) 78-02-55.

The list of large building enterprises situated on the territory of the Republic of Karelia

    1. ZAO “Karelstroimechanizatsiya”
    185035, Petrozavodsk, F. Engels Str., 25
    tel. (8142) 77-29-28, fax: (8142) 76-86-71.
    2. ZAO “KPD”
    185005, Petrozavodsk, Varlamov Str., 21
    tel. (8142) 57-47-91, fax: (8142) 57-29-70.
    3. ОАО “Building Company “VEK”
    185001, Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky Pr., 43
    tel. (8142) 71-46-06, fax: (8142) 70-23-03, Е-mail: vek@onego.ru
    4. ZAO “Building Enterprise №1”
    185001, Petrozavodsk, Murmanskaya Str., 26-а
    tel. (8142) 74-37-09, fax: (8142) 74-49-95, Е-mail: sp1@onego.ru
    5. ZAO “Petrozavodskstroi”
    185035, Petrozavodsk, Kirov Str., 5
    tel. (8142) 76-57-53, fax: (8142) 78-42-35, Е-mail: p stroi@onego.ru
    6. ZAO “PMK-115”
    185031, Petrozavodsk, Zavodskaya Str., 29
    tel. (8142) 74-66-80, fax: (8142) 74-39-98, Е-mail: PMK115@onego.ru
    7. ZAO “Stal’konstruktsiya”
    185014, Petrozavodsk, Syktyvkarskaya Str., 6/35
    tel. (8142) 72-26-70, fax: (8142) 72-22-08
    8. ZAO “SANA”
    185035, Petrozavodsk, Kuibyshev Str., 10
    tel. (8142) 78-36-40, fax: (8142) 76-99-98
    9. ООО “SU-2”
    185005, Petrozavodsk, Pravdy Str., 29
    tel. (8142) 57-27-19, fax: (8142) 57-29-91
    10. ООО “Inzhtechstroi”
    185001, Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky Pr., 54
    tel. (8142) 74-20-73, fax: (8142) 74-20-73, Е-mail: ingtehstroi@karelia.ru
    11. ОАО “Karelstroi”
    185035, Petrozavodsk, Engels Str., 4
    tel. (8142) 78-38-29, fax: (8142) 76-80-62, Е-mail: karelstroy@karelia.ru
    12. ZAO “PMK-117”
    186790, Sortavala, 40 years VLKSM Str., 19
    tel. (81430) 4-28-64, fax: (81430) 4-26-68
    13. ZAO “Kondopozhstroi”
    186220, Kondopoga, Sovetov Str., 6
    tel. (81451) 4-33-28, fax: (81451) 4-11-01, Е-mail: kordstroy@onego.ru

    14. ООО “Inkod”

     186930, Kostomuksha, Fireman Semenov Str., 12
     tel. (81459) 4-24-04, fax: (81459) 4-02-59, Е-mail: inkod@onego.ru

The list of large road construction enterprises situated on the territory of the Republic of

     1. GUP RK “Most”
     185001 Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky Pr., 78
     tel. (8142) 56-78-10, fax (8142) 74-19-07, Е-mail: bridge_rk@karelia.ru
     2. GUP RK “Petrozavodsk DRSU”
     185001, Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky Pr., 78-а
     tel./fax (8142) 56-99-90, Е-mail: catok@sampo.ru
     3. GUP RK “Olonetsavtodor”
     186000 Olonets, Shkolnaya Str., д.30
     tel. (814-36)2-19-42, fax (814-36)2-19-93, Е-mail: olonetsavtodor@onego.ru
     4. GUP RK “Kolskoye DRSU”
     186351, Medvezhegorsk, Dorozhnikov P., 1
     tel./fax (814-34) 2-12-63, Е-mail: kolskoe_drsu@onego.ru
     5. GUP RK “Sortavalskoye DRSU”
     186792, Sortavala, Dorozhnaya Str., 13
     tel./fax (814-30) 4-09-93, Е-mail: dorognik@onego.ru
     6. GUP RK “Kostomukshskoye DRSU”
     186930, Kostomuksha, Sovetskaya Str., 16
     tel./fax (814-59) 4-18-01, Е-mail: kosdor@onego.ru
     7. GUP RK “Kondopozhskoye DRSU”
     186220, Kondopoga, Sovetov Str., 138
     tel./fax (814-51) 4-28-34, Е-mail: konddrsu@onego.ru
     8. GUP RK “Karelmoststroi”
     185001, Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky Pr., 78
     tel./fax (8142) 74-83-18, Е-mail: karelmost@karelia.ru
     9. ООО “PSK Stroitel”
     185506, Prionezhsky district, Novaya Vilga
     tel. (8142) 78-70-19, fax (8142) 78-70-18, Е-mail: psk.stroitel@onego.ru
     10. Branch of ОАО “Mostostroi №6” Mosootryad №117
     185035, Petrozavodsk, Gogol Str., 41
     tel./fax (8142) 76-71-74, Е-mail: moct117@onego.ru

The list of large building material enterprises situated on the territory of the Republic of

     1. ОАО «Kondopoga»
     186220, Kondopoga, Promyshlennaya Str., 2

tel. (81451) 3-75-96, fax: (81451) 4-35-86
(production of building bricks)
2. ООО “Konpopozhsky Shungite Plant”
186220, Kondopoga, Medvezhegorskoye Shosse, 5
tel. (81451) 4-30-07, fax: (81451) 4-23-30, Е-mail: shungit@onego.ru
(production of non-metallic building materials)
3. Medvezhegorsk Macadam Plant
186350, Medvezhegorsk, Severnaya Str., 44
tel. (81434) 2-20-40
(production of non-metallic building materials including macadam)
4. ОАО “Pitkyaranta Quarry Administration”
186810, Pitkyaranta, Lenin Str., 191
tel. (81433) 3-38-86, fax: (81433) 3-33-07
(production of non-metallic building materials including macadam)
5. ООО “Prionezhsky quarry”
185525, Prionezhsky district, Derevyanka, Poselkovaya Str.
tel. (8142) 53-62-47
(production of non-metallic building materials including macadam)
6. ООО “Pudozhсsky Quarry”
185034, Petrozavodsk, Southern Industrial Zone
tel. (8142) 53-93-53
(production of non-metallic building materials including macadam)
7. ООО “LObskoye-5”
186352, Medvezhegorsk, Kirov Str.,7
tel. (8142) 51-94-57, fax: (8142) 78-46-23, E-mail: lobskoe@scheben.ru
(production of non-metallic building materials including macadam)
8. ООО Plant of modern building technology “Vek-steklov”
185001, Petrozavodsk, Pervomaisky Pr., 43
tel. (8142) 70-23-02
(production of metal plastic windows)
9. ООО “Karelia DSP”
186323, Medvezhegorsky district, Pindushi
tel. (81434) 5-02-01
(production of chipboards)
10. ООО “Kostomuksha Building Company”
186930, Kostomuksha, Sovetskaya Str., 16-а
tel. (81459) 3-27-37, fax: (81459) 4-05-95, Web: http://www.kck-karelia.ru
(production of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts)
11. ООО “PSO – KSK”
185034, Petrozavodsk, Southern Industrial Zone
tel. (8142) 52-42-95, fax: (8142) 52-66-89, E-mail: ksk-ptz@onego.ru
(production of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts)
12. ООО “Technotek Company”
        185005, Petrozavodsk, Rigachin Str., 66-а
        tel. (8142) 73-40-68
        (production of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts)

Detailed information about the Republic of Karelia, the structure of executive power bodies,
republican legislation as well as the complete list of republican enterprises and investment proposals
can be obtained from the official server of government power bodies of the Republic of Karelia

Issues of coordination of international connections, external economic and regional cooperation and
exhibition/fair activities rest with the Administration of external economic, interregional and
international connections of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia.

phones: +7 (8142) 792303, 792329, 792328

fax: +7 (8142) 781039
E-mail: economy@karelia.ru


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