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HP China Limited BoothNo Beijing Address Bei by jolinmilioncherie


									HP China Limited               Booth No.: C99
  Beijing Address: Beijing 112 JianGuo Road ChaoYang District, HP Building Beijing 100022

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Tel: +86 10 6564 3888

Fax: +86 10 6564 3999


Guangzhou Address: Guangzhou 233 Tian He Road North, 67F CITIC Plaza Guangzhou 510613


Tel: +86 20 8669 3888

Fax: +86 20 8669 5862


Brand: HP

HP China Limited, founded in 1985, was the first high-tech Sino-America joint-venture in China.
With its head office in Beijing, HP China is staffed with over 3,000 employees and has established
9 regional headquarters, 37 technical service centers and 200-plus gold-medal service nodes, HP
Commerce Colleges, HP IT Management Colleges and HP Software Colleges in China. HP is a
global technical solution provider oriented individual users, small-, medium- and large-sized
enterprises and research institutions. HP products cover the domains such as IT infrastructure,
global service, commercial and home computers, printing and imaging. The turnover of HP
reached US$97.1 billion within the four fiscal quarters by April 30, 2007. For more information,
please refer to

SOUTH CHINA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD                             Booth No.: C98

Address: 6th floor, Haoyu Building, Tiyu Road, downtown, Wancheng District, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-22322788

Fax: 0769-22505286


South China Information S&T Limited was founded in 1997 and is a high-tech S&T enterprise
engaged in the sales of IT products (server, UNIX server, storage server, desktop computer, laptop
computer, and printer), system integration, software development, network engineering, and
computer service.
The main products include Lenovo computers and IBM high-end server. With their supports, this
company has obtained the qualification of the fixed purchase and service provider of computers
used in Dongguan governmental institutions. It is also the exclusive purchase and service provider
of Lenovo desktop and laptop computers, IBM products and EPSON products used in Dongguan
governmental institutions.
The company has always adhered to the independent innovation and continuously increases the
S&T investment. Through 10 years development, it has become the key project of the municipal
government and educational departments and owned clear advantages in products and
technologies. In additional to its good performance, the company has been honored the title of
Guangdong Non-governmental S&T Enterprise, passed ISO 9001 quality certification and
obtained the national system integration qualification at Level 3. The company has many project
managers and talents. Many technicians has passed the engineer certifications organized by IBM,
Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco and the secrecy of the important information and documents of the
clients are safeguarded reliably.
The company has insisted on the service philosophy of "Customer's Interest at First Place" and
made its every effort to provide the customer with its best products and services. Now, the
company will further improve and expand its information sector in compliance with the planned
strategic target and gradually make its approach to a global well-known large-scale IT enterprise.

Dongguan Jinming Electronics Co., Ltd.                Booth No.: C03

Address: Riverside Road Section, Ailing Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-85656666-3599

Fax: 0769-85600143



Main products: mobile phone

Brand: Gionee

Jinming Electronics (Dongguan) Limited is located at Dalingshan Town in Dongguan with
RMB100 million yuan investment, over 35,000m2 building area and more than 2,000 employees.
Now the company is equipped with 16 automatic Gionee mobile phone production lines and each
line is provided with 10 Agilent 8960 terminal testing devices and 17 computers. The investment
of equipment in each line reaches RMB10 million yuan and the capacity of Gionee mobile phone
is 500,000 sets per month.
To control the product quality, Jinming Electronics has made strict quality control system and
performed continuous improvement on quality control system and process through PDCA method
to carry out the qualitative, normative and programmable management. As for specific execution,
the company has prepared the quality requirements on every process based on the quality manual
and strictly follows these documents. Besides the requirements in the documents, Jinming
Electronics makes a severer control in the production. The qualitative management is carried out
for each production and process procedure to avoid any defective phones from delivery and
protect the consumer's interest at the maximum degree.

Dongguan Orient Technology Co.,Ltd.        Booth No.: C04

Address: Hetian New Village, Houjie Town, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-85583500-224

Fax: 0769-85813500



Main products: computer case, power supply


Description :Dongguan Orient Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established in year 1993, with 13 years
good reputation, orient grow up from on small factory to famous case manufacturer with 1200
skill workers. In China, we have our own brand “ Orient Castle” and it cover 60 different main
cities, we also make OEM for AIGO which No.1 DIY brand in China, for overseas market , our
sales net covers 38 countries and different zone. we have R&D sources from Korea, sole agency
from Korea, Turkey, Thailand,Iran, Germany… export output is around 60% share per month. If
you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Liteon Technology Corp./Dongguan G-pro Computer Co., LTD                Booth No.: C05

Address: 1st Row Yin Shan Rd, YinHwu Industrial Area, QingXi Town, Dongguan City,

GuangDong, China

Tel: 13071392763
Fax: 0769-87318155


Website: www.

Main products: Mini PC, All in one Computer

The parent company of Guangbao Group- Guangbao Technology is a quoted electronic company
in Taiwan. The company has devoted to photoelectric accessory and module for more than thirty
years. Also the company has developed computer & digital home, consumer electronic products,
communication products, the key accessory & module and the subsystem, etc. The company has
set foot in the 4C field of vehicle-used electronic and has .held the balance of power in the market;
in the addition, Guangbao company has the exellent research and design ability. The company can
provides the customs the choice to purchase goods enough in one time through the all sides
products services. Now Guangbao company has become the first choice of the international big
plant -ODM/OEM cooperative supplier.

GOLDENFIELD                   Booth No.: C06

Address: Tingshan Rd, Tingshan Village, Houjie Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-85810968 85820968

Fax: 0769-85587456



Dongguan Jinhetian Industry Co., Ltd. built in 1993, is an integrative special manufacturer for the
research, production, distribution and service of computer accessory equipments, whose main
productions include computer’s machine case, switch and power supply, multimedia active sound
box, keyboard, mouse, CCD camera and eye microphone and so on.
Our company has built 36 service centers in some large-middle cities all over the country, and has
possessed more than 200 speciality shops and image shops. Jinhetian Productions have entered
more than 40 countries and districts such as Korea, India, Taiwan, Russia, Arabia, Germany,
America, and Australia and so on.
There are many “Guangdong Famous Trademark” and “Guangdong Trademark Production”
possessed by our company; and our company is also “Dongguan 50 Largest Civil Enterprises”,
“Guangdong Civil Technology Enterprise”, “Guangdong New-and High-tech Enterprise” and
“Guangdong Faith Demonstration Enterprise”. It built a “Technology Research and Development
Center of Dongguan Jinhetian Computer Accessory Equipment Engineering”, and moreover took
charge of establishing the Guangdong local standard for computer’s machine box. In recent years,
Jinhetian declares more than 30 national patents every year.
Our company has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Authentication and moreover led
into ERP system. It always takes “Five-for” as company’s business tenet, which are “Create value
for cooperation friendship, create fortune for shareholder, create benefit for society, create
platform for employee and create leisure for family”.

Ya Hsin Industrial Co., Ltd.            Booth No.: C07

Address: 266-286, No.3 Xinhu Road, NeiHu District, Taipei

Tel: +886-2-2162-1212

Fax: +886-2-2162-6001



YHi was established in 1972 .With the experience in vertical business integration, thanks to our
Founder, Mr. Johnson Huang, and every devout employee, We have established a renowned
reputation and have become a public traded company in Taiwan for a number of years. Our
company currently has five major business divisions, namely the Rigid Printed Circuit Board
Division (RPCBD), the Flex Printed Circuit Board Division (FPCBD), the Integrated Solution
Division (ISD), the Power Supply Division (PSD), and the Display Device Division (DDD).
Our employees are the invaluable assets of the company. They have devoted themselves to make
YHi a unique, competitive, and spirited company. Currently, we are one of the leaders in CEM in
country-region Taiwan. We provide R&D professional services in OEM/ODM. In addition, we
are specialized in assisting our partners to develop a profitable business models to compete in the
most dynamic, demanding, and competitive market.
As we entered the new millennium, We have been extending our business model, advancing our
technology, increasing the efficiency of our productivity, and improving the customer satisfaction
to meet the stringent requirements from our clients, and the everlasting challenges from our
competitors. YHi is in a relentless pursuit to be a leader in the industry. With proper planning
and affirmative execution we are striving to become one of the leaders in the electronic
manufacturing service in the near future.
Innovation, Flexibility, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction:Innovation, Flexibility, Efficiency,
and Customer Satisfaction are the mottoes of YHi. We never content to only keep up with or meet
the current industry standards. We constantly analyze the market development and research the
new technologies in order to adapt to the future market trends. We are committed to offer the best
service in quality to our customers and partners in various business models.
We value our customers and will provide the best solution to your business. Our mission
statement is “ Building relationships with quality services; doing business with mutual growth.”

Dongguan hua-bao electronlcs fty                       Booth No.: C13
Address: Xintang Management Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-85915620

Fax: 0769-85915623



Mainsuper is a specialized maker of quality high-frequency transmission connectors which are
made of environment-friend materials. The brand is the honorary symbol of MS limited. MS is a
specialized maker with 20-year reputation in high-order connector field. In addition to its
abundant development and production experience and long-term customers, it is equipped with
environment-friend material management laboratory, reliability laboratory and high-frequency
electric transmission testing technology and equipment. The company and its operational and
management system have passed ISO 9001 and Green Partner (SONY) certification for many
years. Its plants in China are certified as the Cd/Pb free plant. However, MS still makes
continuous improvement to pass QC-080000 environment system certification and approaches to
the establishment of TS16949, 6 Sigma and ISO 14000 management and operation systems to
produce products with higher quality and make more profits for our customers.

Tyco Electronics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.               Booth No.: C12

Address: Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Tel: 0769-85815041

Fax: 0769-85835862



Main products: computer cables, communication electronic cables, medical cables, industrial

equipment cables, value-added service products, cable production

With a 60-year history of leadership, Tyco Electronics is a US$12.8 billion global provider of
engineered electronic components for thousands of consumer and industrial products; network
solutions and systems for telecommunications and energy markets; and wireless systems for
critical communications, radar and defense applications. They design, manufacture and market
products for customers in industries ranging from automotive, appliance, aerospace and defense to
telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics. In 2007, Tyco Electronics became an
independent, publicly traded company whose common stock is listed on the New York Stock
Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “TEL.”
Tyco Electronics manufacture approximately 500,000 precision-engineered products – all backed
by nearly 100,000 committed professionals with a singular commitment to bringing a performance

advantage to every technology, product and service we provide.

Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd.                Booth No.: C11

Address: 7F, Datong Rd 1st Section No.276, Xizhi, Taipei County 221

Tel: 886-2-2647-1896 (12 Lines)

Fax: 886-2-2648-7388



Main products: Connectors, Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency, Optical Fiber, Automotive


Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd. began operation in 1990 with the goal of providing innovative
solution for Connectors, Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency, Optical Fiber, Automotive Electronic.
The Company operates form its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, with sales offices throughout the
world and manufacturing facilities in Dong Guan and Kun Shan, China. Wieson achieves the
impressive sales owing to its efforts on keeping pace with the growth of the electronics industry in
the past decade by growing its product line to a wide selection of connectors and cable assemblies.
So far, Wieson has been offering more than 300 kinds of products and creating 50 new products on
a yearly average.

Armitage Technologies(Shenzhen)Ltd.                         Booth No.: C15

Address: 15# 409-415 Business Establishment Park for Students Aboard, Songshanhu, Dongguan,


Tel: 0769-22898158         22894789

Fax: 0769-22898156



The company lies on the pioneering park of student abroad, in the high-tech industry park of
songshan lake of dongguan. it is a high-tech environmental protection company. it is engaged in
the matching application, research and development of microbial technology, highpower
flocculating reagent ss and sewerage treatment facilities, etc.
Microbial application technology, including microorganism breeding and cultivation in scale, the
application of microorganism in the drinking water source protection, sewage treatment, studge
treatment, garbage treatment, cultivation, zymolysis and pharmacy, etc. it has simple and
convenient construction, short cycle, quick results , low treatment cost and no second pollution.
Highpower flocculating reagent ss application technology includes R&D and production of

medicine, water purification and sewage treatment. with efficient neutral inorganic flocculants,

this technology can adsorb the substance in water(including pollutant)in high speed.

DONGGUAN INOAC METAL & ELASTOMER CO., LTD                                  Booth No.: C22

Address: Jingshang Village, Qisha Industrial Zone, Shatian Town, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-88863344

Fax: 0769-88866544



Main products: Printer

Dongguan Inoac Metal & Elastomer Co., Ltd. is one of 56 enterprise members of INOAC group
all over the world; from its establishment in 1995, it always supplies international level axis,
Elastomer, sponge and rubber productions.
The concept of enterprise is: “foster pretty developing character and form beautiful green forest
conservation environment”. Grown up from a little rubber plant, INOAC went through 70 years’
exercise, slowly absorbed “technology, development and action” nutrient contents and “trust and
credit” water contents, and then spread through all over the world and became a seat of flourishing
forest. It has created rich and colorful productions and service and made abundant contribution for
society development. Taking human being as elements, we will continue to elaborately foster each
tache of the projects, productions and service created in our company, and moreover to make
future forest protect our earth and environment more. This is our company’s tenet.
According to customer’s demand, we will pursue new production and new system.
The target of us is to become the leader inside of OA machines companies in world range. The 21st
century, as the supplier of industrial rubber productions, it needs to try to develop this industry.

KYOCERA Mita Office Equipment (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.                         Booth No.: C21B

Tel: 86-769-86112525
Fax: 86-769-86112527


Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Shenzhen) Ltd.               Booth No.: C21A

Tel: (0755) 8284 3108

Fax: (0755) 8826 3186


Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Shenzhen) Ltd., established in July 2005. Being the direct
subsidiary of Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd., we are dedicated to offer cutting-edge
and reliable digital color solutions, digital document system, knowledge management solutions
and network device management utility to cater for diverse corporate and organization needs.
Maintaining the connection between the Hong Kong and China, it enhances the one-stop service
in business solutions and digital printing among Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Shenzhen) Ltd. is not only engaged in printers and
black-and-white multi-functional products (MFPs), we also invest in color multi-functional
products (MFPs), digital printing production systems etc. to meet different customer needs. We
provide original and all-round after-sale services, 5-year warranty, and professional maintenance
and technical support to customers. All spare parts and consumables are originated from Konica
Minolta. On the other hand, our technical specialists are delighted to provide supports with their
professional experiences, skills and knowledge to ensure the product is running optimally. We
dedicate our vision of customer-orientation and continue to improve, monitor and review our
products and services to ensure customer satisfaction, at the same time, create an ideal business

YI KAIS INERNATIONAL., LTD                  Booth No.: C20A

Address: Tangjiaoxia Pit, Chasha Town Management Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-86868081

Fax: 0769-86408909



Main products: LED

Founded in 1999, YI KAIS is a large foreign capital enterprise, devoted to the R&D, production
and marketing of optoelectronic, plastic, metallic and PCB products, and now has already
integrated technology, industry and trade into the group. Under the leadership of board chairman,
YI KAIS is committed to the tenet of “Bring value for customer, Create chance for staff and
Benefit the society”, and always keeps to the business principle of “Engage talented staff and
Deliver top goods”, Entering the 21st century, YI KAIS has been on the way to diversify its
products and expand the group. In the past three years, YI KAIS has built, invested and controlled
stakes in several companies and factories. With its center in the Zhujiang Delta, YI KAIS has
become a 111large group integrating R&D, Production and Marketing into business. Its branches
and associate companies include: HK YI KAIS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD, YI KAIS
KWUN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD etc. Besides, YI KAIS has also joined hands with the
SHINKO and Taiwan ULTRA and other optoelectronics companies to achieve sustained
“In pursuit of customer’s needs” , as a rapidly growing force in the LED industry, YI KAIS has
been working on the optoelectronic semiconductors, and constantly introduces new products to
satisfy the markets( from chip , lamp to high power and LED application product). At YI KAIS,
quality is the focus of attention, in order to achieve high quality, integrating sphere and other
advanced testing machines have been put to use! From the preparation of raw materials to the
delivery of goods, every process is strictly monitored by QC! “Never let faulty ones go into next
stop”, “Do it to the best”. YI KAIS will always live up to the strategies of “make the best product,
offer the best service and create the best brand” to meet customer’s needs and the market demand.

Han's Laser Technology Co. Ltd.              Booth No.: C185

Address: 8th Floor,Guanghui Plaza,Dongcheng Avenue,Dongguang,PRC

Tel: 0769-22635991

Fax: 0769-22652106



Main products: laser machining solutions

Brand: Han's Laser

Established in 1996 , Han's Laser Technology Co. Ltd., has become the world's well known
manufacturer of laser machining solutions for a wide range of industries, including electronics,
communication, machinery, metals, package, leather, light industry, jewelry, glass, integrated
circuit, cutting and welding, crafts, plastic models, medical, stage lighting, etc..
We provide innovative and versatile laser engraving machines, laser marking and cutting systems
and laser welding equipment, etc.. With more than 60 offices nationwide and our expanding
overseas network, we provide you with quality machines, high performance, unparalleled support,
and applications expertise.
We have a 107,600 square foot custom built, company-owned location with state-of-the-art R&D
and engineering departments, production, administration, sales, customer support and training
Han's laser technology Co. Ltd. has a staff of over 1300, of whom there are 6 academic experts,
over 60 engineers with Master Degree, and 90% of the engineers holding Bachelor Degree in the
Research & Development Department.
Holding two USA Patents with independent copyright, 39 National Invention Patents, 15 Software
Copyrights and being one of the fewer companies that obtain Ultraviolet laser patents, we are fully
committed to further enhancing our technological leadership in laser industry.
With customer-oriented marketing focus and over 60 sales and service branch offices at home and
abroad, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, India, Malaysia and
USA, we provide active after-sale services within the shortest response time. Furthermore, we
send our machines to more than 20 countries.
Our philosophy is "Where there is Han's laser products, there is Han's laser service".

EXPRESS ELECTRONICS LIMITED                       Booth No.: C20B
Address: Hengjiang Industrial Zone,Chashan Town,Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-81833000

Fax: 0769-86643574



Main products: PCB

1992 Establishment of Chashan Town ,Dongguan City Factory of Express Electronics Limited
2002, Establishment of Suzhou Changshu Company of Express Electronics Limited
Express Electronics Limited, gathers science and technology and dense intellectuals for integral
whole .As a large P.C.B provider, the company concentrates on offering best products and services
for other science and technology enterprises, and thus win the confirmation and trust of many
global famous clients.
More than ten years of continuous development makes every leap of Express Electronics
Limited energetic .Perseveringly pursuing high-quality products and customers services, wins the
public praise ,which is Express’s proud ,and build up the status of “P.C.B, finding Express”.
Dongguan Kunying Computer Goods Co., Ltd                    Booth No.: C23

Address: Baoandun Industrial District, Houjie Town, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-85825810


Main products: Mouse, Keyboard and trumpet etc

Founded in February, 1995, Dongguan Kunying Computer goods Co., Ltd is the single-venture
enterprise under Taiwan Genius Enterprise Group. The company occupied an overall area of
45400m2, and over 4500 employees enrolled in the company. Our annual sales volume is over 1
billion New Taiwan dollar and the monthly sales volume over 4.5 million New Taiwan dollar. We
mainly produce network multimedia products such as Mouse, Keyboard, PC Camera, Mobile
Phone Camera, X-box and ADSL etc, among which the sales volume of Mouse series ranked No.
2 in the world. We have become the leader of this field with our own brand of Mouse marketing
throughout the world.
From 1995 to 1996, we have passed the strict ISO 9001 Quality Authentication System and in
2001 we passed the TL9000 and ISO 14001 Environmental System Authentication.
The Excellent quality and enthusiastic service have won our Company the OEM for worldwide
well-known enterprise such as MICROSOFT, SIMENS, DELL, HP, PHILIPS, SONY and

The 5th Electronics Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry           Booth No.: C24
Tel: 020-87236986

Fax: 020-87237185



CHINA CEPREI LABORATORY(i.e. The 5th Electronics Institute of the Ministry of Information
Industry).the first authoritative and only organization for reliability research,was founded in
1955.With over thirty items of intemational authorization.the testing certificates or accreditation
reports offered by CHINA CEPREI LABORATORY are accepted in more than forty countries and
regions including Europe,America and japan.
Reliability Research and Analysis Center(RAC),the technical core department of China CEPREI
Lab,is a national key lab managed in conformity with ISO17025 and approved by CNAS.
Is the advanced Lab,having great capbilities on electronic manufacture and environmental China.
Technical Service Scope
Reliability Engineering of Electronic Product
Failure Analysis(FA)
Destructive Physical Analysis(DPA)
Microelectronic Technology
Electronic Manufacture Technical Service
Hazardous Substance Testing
Environmental Inspection
Consultation of Clean Production/Environmental Friendly Enterprise

BKLCD.Co.,Ltd                 Booth No.: C186

Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute (GDEII)                 Booth No.: C122

Address: Fertility Base 10th building, the business district of the Dongguan Song Shan Lake

Science and Technology Industrial Park, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: +86-769-22891168/22891198

Fax: +86-769–22892662



Founded in 2005, Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute (GDEII) is a provincial public
technology center for electronic information industry. As a new mode of institute and
government’s combination, it is supported by the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese
Academy of Sciences, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, and the
Government of Dongguan Municipality, for further Independent Innovation and the attempt at
new R&D mode.
Referencing to current national mode, GDEII is a Non Profit Organization which aims to make
use of the technology and talent of CAS to serve and guide the development of the electronics
industry in the Pearl River Delta, and finally upgrades regional industry structure.
The principle of GDEII is Openness, Integration, and Innovation. So it adopts an open-up strategy
for development, offering free access to all enterprises, organizations and individuals, collecting
advanced technology and resource, and changing to productivity after Integration Innovation.

Walsin Technology Corporation                Booth No.: C163

Address: Xiangshan Industrial Park, Xiniu Slope, Dalang Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-83115168

Fax: 0769-83115188
Email: florapiao@dg.


Main products: Chip Resistors and Arrays

Walsin Technology Corporation (WTC), a leading manufacturer with dynamic growth and
worldwide presence, specializes in the production of passive components. The company’s
product lineup includes multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs), chip resistors and arrays,
LTCC high frequency components (including antennas and filters), multi-layer common mode
filters, EMI, ESD filters, varistors, power choke, and diode.
R&D headquartered in Kaohsiung, WTC has five other R&D centers located in northern Taiwan,
China and Japan. The company committed heavily into R&D and each year spending in R&D
accounts for approximately 3% of its sales revenue since 2001. With a staffing strength of 250
dedicated professionals in R&D, Walsin received more than 161 patents in materials, process,
applications, and RF devices since 2001. To maintain its leadership in technology and fulfill
customers’ demands, Walsin Technology invested in a new state of the art facility for High CV,
Specialty components & miniaturized 0201 production facility in Kaohsiung. This facility is a
clear commitment from the company to be a world-class player in passive component.
The company has six major production centers in China manufacturing high quality products for
customers all over the world. Walsin Technology is now one of the top 3 manufacturers of
MLCC in the world.

Lin shiung Technology Co., Ltd               Booth No.: C100

Address: 2nd Hetian Industrial District, Houjie Town, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-85582480
Fax: 0769-85582644


Main products: Computer peripheral products and series of illumination appliances.

Lin shiung Technology Co., Ltd (Lin X in short) founded in Taipei, Taiwan sine 1987. LinX has
gradually expanded from a moderate operation to a considerably large business with over 4,000
employees spreading over Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Over the years, LinX has
developed an unparallel reputation in the cable industry for its wide range of products available in
competitive prices, whilst giving emphasis to quality and service simultaneously.
To show the company and its dedication to continuous quality improvement:
In 1996, ISO9002 certificate was acquired;
In 2001, ISO9001 certificate was acquired;
In 2002, Sony Green Partner certificate was acquired;
In 2003, ISO14001 certificate was acquired;
In addition, we have safety approvals for our products namely:
IEEE-1394 certificate;
RoHS standard
Over the past several years, LinX has aggressively expanded its research and development (R&D)
efforts to keep up with the rapid mounting needs of technology for the ever changing dynamic
global and local market. Furthermore, we also have exceptional sales and support teams located in
both Mainland and Taiwan.
Last, our customers are to be found all over the world. We want you to be our next most important
customers as we are committed to continuous improvement, looking forward to be new

Armitage Technologies(Shenzhen)Ltd.                  Booth No.: F18

Address: Guomao Building 16F, Renmin Rd South No.3002, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-82210512

Fax: 0755-82212985



Brand: AIMS

Armitage Technologies (Shenzhen) founded in 1972, is the strongest software public company
in HongKong, which supplies integrative IT project resolution schemes for both China-HK
governments departments and industrial and commercial institutes.
Wanxun Computer Software (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of sole investment set in
Shenzhen by Wanda Information Co., Ltd. It devotes its mind to develop consumption-type
electronic and electrical appliance industry as well as supplying one-station-type management
system implement scheme for customers.

Megawin Bestow Group—Hundred Coding Co.,Ltd.                   Booth No.: C189

Address: 5F, Lingshan Rd No.958, Pudong New Disctrict, Shanghai

Tel: 021-51343788
Fax: 021-51343737



Main products: the code machine

A possesses 10-year advanced technique good reputation with vibrant science and technology type
company, owning an own development and making a team. The company is in Peking, Shanghai,
Guangzhou, Taipei, the kunshan etc. the are all our own company, the kunshan is the factory.
Past 10 years in, member's company of the relation business enterprise goes together with in the
packing, food, cosmetics, medicine, electric wire electric cable, rubber, plastics, steel, vapor etc. is
with the electronics component profession, especially applied develop aspect to have good good
reputation in the system.
Wheat space machine equipments limited company in Shanghai concentrates on a development
and produces a manufacturing to spray products, such as the code machine, he electricity ion
surface processing equipments(CORONA),kit application system, RFID and the new solar energy
application...etc. continuously.
Thank you to pay attention to the wheat space relation business enterprise, if your demand
marking, or have a special product to make use of in the special kind situation, please contact the
wheat space relation member's company, we will spare no effort is you with all strength row

Shanghai Leadjet Inkjet Printer Technique Co.,Ltd                             Booth No.: C90
Address: Room 1702 Pufa Plaza,No.1715 North Zhangshan Road,Shanghai,China

Tel: 021-51083111

Fax: 021-51012011



Main products: Printer

Leadjet Inkjet Printer Technology Co., Ltd is the main force for the Leadjet brand, and it control
the entire stock, located in Shanghai---the largest economy center in China. It is one of the most
excellent printing equipment manufacturers. It was founded in 1997, and has since expanded
rapidly. Now it established offices in many provinces: Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Jiangxi,
Sichuan, Hebei, Yunnan, Anhui, Beijing, Zhejiang, Henan, Hunan, Chongqing, Shandong,
Guangxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Shanxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang.
DAYA BAY GOLDEN JADE ELECTRONICS CO.LTD                               Booth No.: A07

Address: Zhangpu Villiage Committee Office, Dayawan West District Office, Huiyang,


Tel: 0752-5200434 5200308

Fax: 0752-5200776



Main products:

Brand: GJ

Golden Jade, we established in 1976 and specialize in manufacturing Electronic Components –
Capacitors. Our products include Chip Capacitors, ect…They are suitde to stereo/TV sets,
computer displays, switching mode power supplies, electronic ballasts, ect…We devote to
desingning new products to meet different kinds of customers ripuirements. To better serve our
customers, we build up our self-owned fctory in Guangdong, China in 1988, Our goal is to
provide the highest puality products & valueadded services to our customers in order to achieve
“Total Customer Satisfaction” For attaining this, we equip with up-to-date facilities, carry out
quality control from raw materials to final products and full product testing before our capacitors
come to customers.

SOUNDWELL ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS(GUANG DONG)CO.,LTD                                Booth No.: C38

Address: Fengqing Rd No.39, Fenghuanggang Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-86856888

Fax: 0769-87930222



Soundwell Electronic(ShenZhen) Factory HONGKONG Head office Soundwell Electronic
Components Co.,Ltd established in 1991.
As the first manufacturer in potentiometers industry certified by ISO9000 in 1996.
Developed and pushing MRP II management in 1998.
Certified by England BSI ISO9001-2000, built the research and develop team in 2001.
Enforced the RoHS standard in purchasing,producing and selling in 2002.
Moving to Soundwell Industrial Park and upgraded ERP management system in 2003.
Winning the ISO14000 certificate in December 2004.
Honoured with SQCI certificate from SAMSUNG and become eco-partner of SAMSUNG IN
Introduced TS16949 system in September 2006,and passed the spot auditing by the third
party<BSI>on Aug.20-21.
We have many special technologists and experienced managers,and bridle-wised staffs.We
specializing in designing,manufacturing and selling potentiometers,encoders and switches.
Our customers distributed worldwide,our product are confirmed and used by
YOU and so on.
Soundwell supplying stable and high-quality products and very good after-service, winning the
trust of all the customers.

ZwCAD Software Co., Ltd              Booth No.: C192

Address: Tianhe Rd North No.886, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Tel: 020-38269780

Fax: 020-38288676



Main products: Software

Brand: ZwCAD

With over 15 years experience in CAD development, sales and support, ZwCAD Software Co.,
Ltd. is a world leading CAD software provider and has over 15 software patents. Now we are
focused on offering a highly reliable DWG-based CAD solution - ZwCAD, at an affordable price
and deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and productivity.

E-STONE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD                Booth No.: C162

Tel: (086)020-34554806

Fax: (086)020-34555998



Main products: Software

Guangzhou Yiyong Sofeware (Mainland) / Yidong Shuwei Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
(, founded in 1997, has developed to become a strong experienced
team in software development, hardware planning and installation and system assembly. In order
to seek high-quality software quality and perfect customer satisfaction degree, from 2002, it
successively introduced into SDLC system, CMMI concept and ASP.NET modularization
software development technology from China Mainland to strengthen the manageability and
usability for software development. Besides, relying on QC spirit of PDCA, it makes debugging
and auditing between different software.
Main service regions include:
     Assist other software companies or information centers to make software external
      substituting task
     Shoe industry ERP resolution scheme
     Precise emission of electronic industry, ERP resolution scheme of precision mould
     Human resources and one-card resolution scheme

GUANGZHOU         ZHENYU TEST EQUIPMENT CO.LTD                                Booth No.: C83

Address: C5 Xianghe Rd No.29, Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-84790383

Fax: 020-84791223

Main products: TEST EQUIPMENT

GUANGZHOU ZHENYU TEST EQUIPMENT CO.LTD is a professional production, the
development of various environmental test equipment and non-standard design automation and
control the production of high-tech enterprises.
Main products: high and low temperature chamber, high and low temperature hot and humid
chamber, alternating high and low temperature hot and humid chamber, salt spray corrosion
chamber, high temperature chamber, liquid bath of cold boxes and constant temperature and
humidity chamber, heat aging chamber, mold chamber, ozone aging chamber, vibration
Temperature and Humidity of Comprehensive Test, xenon lamp resistant to climate chamber, sand
and dust Box, box-drenched chamber, water dripping from the test device into the alternating high
and low temperature of the test room, put away leveraged devices, UV light resistant to climate
chamber, high temperature thermostat chamber, vibration test stand, vertical high-temperature
thermostat Test , drop test bed, vacuum oven
The principal businesses high and low temperature chamber, high and low temperature hot and
humid chamber, alternating high and low temperature hot and humid chamber, salt spray corrosion
chamber, high temperature chamber, liquid bath of cold boxes and constant temperature and
humidity chamber, heat aging Test
Procurement of Products: Instruments, evaporators, compressors
Enterprises nature: production, sales

Photonics Laser Ltd.                Booth No.: C30

Address: Wing A No.409, Overseas Decoration Building, Zhenhua Rd No.122

Tel: 0755-83363838

Fax: 0755-83321234


Photonics Laser Limited introduced a full spectrum of advanced laser technologies from Europe
and USA: Core module in optical fiber laser device. Made the independent innovation on the
imported technology and develop new generation of industrial laser products: Serial optical fiber
laser processing system (precise labeling, precise cutting, precise welding, precise drilling, precise
resistance-adjustment, super-hard material deep carving and on-line laser high speed flying
printing system).
The serial optical fiber laser processing systems developed by our company played extremely
roles in fields such as micro electronics, automobile, communication equipment, medical
equipment, measurement devices, hardware and precise metal processing of clock, watch and
spectacle and widely employed to replace the out-of-date traditional processing methods, e.g. in
screen printing, acid corrosion, labeling and mould punching. The advanced laser processing
system can quickly improve the quality and production efficiency, cut down the energy
consumption and minimize the environmental pollution. The on-line laser high speed flying
printing system is mainly used to replace the traditional ink printing machine. It can on-line print
the permanent production date, validation, batch number or special marks (figures, texts, codes)
on the products in fields like foods, health products, alcoholic liquor, beverage, cigarettes,
medicines and personal cosmetics. It can minimize the pollution due to no ink consumption and
avoid the counterfeit products and cross products.
Photonics S&T limited has set up manufacturing and research bases in Shenzhen and Shanghai
and marketing branches in South China, East China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Germany and

China Zhenhua (Group) Xinyun electronic component limited Company                 Booth No.: C135

Tel: 0755-83218204 83284598

Fax: 0755-83234977



Main products: various tantalum and aluminum capacitor

The company is located in the new and high technology development zone – Zhenhua Technology
Park, which is in Guizhou, Guiyang a beautiful summer city. The factory was founded in 1966,
and since then, it has always been engaged in developing and producing various tantalum and
aluminum capacitor. Today, China Zhenhua (Group) Xinyun electronic component limited
Company has already become one of the professional corporations which can produce most
comprehensive tantalum capacitor. The company now has six kinds of capacitors: the entire sealed
solid tantalum capacitor, the liquid tantalum capacitor, the chip tantalum capacitor, the
compression moulding solid tantalum capacitor with down-lead, the resin solid tantalum capacitor,
and the aluminum capacitor. All of them belong to 10,000 specifications. The products are
extensively applied in instrument appearance, communication equipments and each kind of
consumption electronics of the sophisticated technique realm of the national defenses, such as
aviation, aerospace, electronics and satellite communication...etc. and the public realm. The
company owns perfect quality control system; the civil product protects a system attestation
through national ISO9002 qualities in 1993, passing ISO9001: 2000 quality control systems and
the GJB9001 quality control system of the soldier As-2001s work attestations in 2003. Besides,
the company has been listed as one of the China electronic component profession 100 strong
enterprises for 18 years and its economic and technical norms was situated as top among the same
profession industry in China.

TOHNICHI ASIA LTD.                Booth No.: C142

Address: Yindu Building Rm 1601, Shennan Rd East, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-25468631

Fax: 0755-25594317




HongKong Tohnichi Asia Ltd was founded in 1999, and from then the company always applies
itself to the research, development and application of automatic identification technology in bar
code technology region, and has powerful technology basic and abundant specialty experience in
the application of bar code. Our company is the general agency authorized in HongKong and
China Mainland by Japan TOHKEN Group.
Our Productions:
▲ Japan TOHKEN Productions: Industrial data acquisition equipment (suitable to flow line
production), bar code data acquisition resolution scheme, two-dimension bar code scanner, bar
code printer, one-dimension bar code scanning equipment and wireless bar code scanning
equipment (suitable to warehouse management) and so on.
▲ Many trademarks printers such as Japan SATO bar code printer, Toshiba TBLP-4000 printer,
Japan TEC bar code printer and America Zebra bar code printer and so on, which are suitable to be
used for commerce and industry, and can supply optimal printing resolution schemes for you.
▲ Bar code printing materials
Heat transfer printing chromatape: we can supply some high-technology productions with the
characters of high-definition print, fireresistant and antifriction for customers. Besides, it can be
ordered according to customer’s demand. (They can be used to print common label, PET, PVC,
nacre film and relay drop)

Dongguan Sangong Laser Application Tech Co., Ltd.                 Booth No.: C89/91

Address: Chiling New Village, Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: (86)769-85906500

Fax: (86)769-85758590

Main products: Labeler series

Dongguan Sangong Laser Application Tech Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise specializing
in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of complete manufacturing set of gas, solid
and laser. We have more than 20 main varieties such as CO2 Labeler series, YAG Labeler series,
CO2 cutting/carving series and YAG -series etc, some of which have found their markets far in
Canada, America, Japan, Korea and some other countries.
We have also made several perfect laser application proposals for many corporations home and
One highly qualified technician group specializing in the integration of researching, developing
and manufacturing optical, mechanical, electrical and software issues is playing a good role in our
company. We introduced internationally advanced laser technologies from countries like America,
Italy, Germany etc and set up long term's cooperation relationship with American SYNRAD,
CAMBRIDGE such internationally celebrated companies. We are dedicated to expand new
application field and push the application and development of new technologies related to this
Located in Dongguan, the well-known international manufacturing city which is at the center of
the Zhujiang Triangle, our company is enjoying the advantages of superior environment of
information, technology and communication. In the company spirit of " Unitedness, cooperation,
strict factualism and continuous innovation", based on business concept of " Human-oriented
science and technology" and quality policy of " Customer first", we are endeavoring to provide
customers with first-ranked laser equipment of high price-
performance ratio.
Address: Ciling New Village, Houjie Town of Dongguan City. (Right side of Fuying Hotel at
Ciling filight of Guantai Big Road)
Plant: Dabei Hamlet, Daojiao Town of Dongguan City
DongGuan City Tech Plastic Hardware CO.,LTD              Booth No.: C36

Tel: 0769-87308085

Fax: 0769-87303913



Dongxing Aluminium Group              Booth No.: C143

Address: Second Industrial Zone, Wujiachong, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-88884336

Fax: 0769-88884436

Email: dongxing@


Dongguan Dongxing Aluminum Group Co.,Ltd. It locates in electronics and computer
manufacturing center—Zhongtang town Dongguan city, Guangdong province with the area of
59800 square meters. There are five manufacturing rooms: Melting-Casting factory, Mould factory,
Die-Casting factory ,Extrusion factory, Metal hardware factory and Anodizing factory. All our
facilities are totally imported from Germany and Taiwan. She is the only factory in Dongguan
which has the governmental authortised certification for national industrial manufacturing. The
yield for construction and industrial profiles have reached to be over 46000 tons per year. Our
markets mainly covers America, Japan, EC, Middle East, and so on .We are holding the concept
of’qualities and credit to be the very first’,and welcome new and old customers of the world to
join us for common development and look forward to cooperating with you for a rapid business
expansion and brilliant future.

HOKING OptoElectronic Technilogy Co.,Ltd.                Booth No.: E55/56

Address: Rm 603, Wing A, First International Bai'an Center, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-22365491-803

Fax: 0769-22365490

Email: ;

Main products: Led

HOKING OptoElectronic Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise, having the strong capital
and technology, professional for designing, manufacturing, marketing and service for the LED,
display screen and lighting.
The enterprise uses the advanced technology and management, produces the various LEDs,
designs and manufactures many kinds of LED display screen, LED lighting. The products are
suitable for different gymnasiums, airports, wharives, stations, commercial system, exhibition
centers, advertisement and so on.Some production have pass the CE,UL,ROHS certification.
Within 10000 m2 garden style factories,we have special for static-free and dust-free workshop,
special module aging testing workshop, special monitor aging testing workshop. And we have had
a group of professional, stable, pragmatic, innovative and high-quality research and development
team. The main technical staff and managers,
have had years of LED industry and electronic products in the field of work experience, formed a
chain from LED accessories production to manufacturing and developing LED final production.
The company is powerful, professional, reliable quality, good service. We provide the customer
the great product.

DongGuian ZK                  Booth No.: C35

Infinia Electronics Co., Ltd. DG             Booth No.: C139

Address: Bldg 2, Chenwu Industrial District, Houjei, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China


Tel: 86-769-85961711

Fax: 86-769-85961799


Infinia Electronics Co., Ltd. DG specializes in design and manufacture of consumer electronics
product, at present, the company is mainly focused on chargers and Bluetooth related products.
Infinia was established in Taiwan in 1997, and relocated to Houjei, Dongguan in China in 2003.

Through the years, Infinia has developed a strong reputation with their customers for super design
and product quality. Infinia’s current customers include first tier retailers, international Mobile
Phone and Bluetooth Headset Companies in the US and Europe.
The company is ISO9001:2000 certified, and Infinia has developed in-house a comprehensive
electronic data collection system to enable consistent monitoring and improvement of production
quality and efficiency.

If you have any requirements in either our existing products or our design and production services,
please send you inquiries to we will endeavor our best to provide our
superior products and services to you.

Dongguan JinLianAn Science & technology co.,Ltd                    Booth No.: C137B

Address: Qinglong Town 3F, Dongcheng Rd Center, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: (86)-769-23139888

Fax: (86)-769-23139899



Main products: integrated communications business services and telecommunication value-added

business applications and development

To meet these demands of global customers, Gold union provides the high-quality, reliable and
efficient communication services as other parts of the world as the same level of the majority of
multinational enterprises in Dongguan and small and medium enterprises and individual users.
Gold union is committed to the international development of integrated communications business
services and telecommunication value-added business applications and development, bring
forward a Multi Region Network's business model firstly。 The main management services
including internet access, leased lines business, IDC data center, electric value-added services of
NGN。 Relying on a strong platform advantages of the resources ,gold union provide more
comprehensive network of regional integration in the telecommunications business solutions.
Gold union provides international communications link integration services in China, North
America, Europe and other Asian countries.
International bandwidth capacity has been continually expanding, with the Chinese mainland fiber
network, Gold Union links the main-local network and export access of
telecommunications,China Telecom, China Net Com, China Mobile, China Unicom. Gold Union
provides the solution of the efficiency, safety, reliability, development of the economy and a range
of communications access, circuit rental, call center, NGN and information services for
Gold Union promotes the development of the international communication of value-added
services and meets the requirements of global development for multinational corporations and
small and medium enterprises with the world's first-class standards, high quality, reliable, efficient
communication services in close co-operation with Hutchison Global Communications, TaiWan
chuanghwa Telecom, Telekom Malaysia, and other international telecom operators.
Chengxin Office Equipments.Co.,Ltd              Booth No.: C32
Address: Dongguan City Houjie Town Kangle Nanlu (Beside Bank of China)

Tel: 0769-85291688

Fax: 0769-85221328



Main products: Office Equipment

Brand: TOSHIBA、Panasonic

As an enterprise growing up in early 1990s, the Dongguan City Honest Office Supplies Service
Department is an office business machine company integrating office equipment, project
equipment, computer peripheral equipment and sales and maintenance, in addition, we also
provide hi-tech intelligent management system for users such as designing and installing network,
centralized extension telephone system, burglarproof and monitoring, public broadcasting and
attendance-checking monitor etc. We have established a specialized and high-level after-sale team
characterized by “Precision, Devotion, Exploration and Progressing”, dedicating ourselves into
providing various high-quality and efficient business office and operation management system for
After establishment in 1994 in Humen Town, the Honest Office Supplies Company then set up the
headquarter in central area of Houjie Town, in 1991, the company set up Chang’an branch and the
“Dongguan City Honest Office Supplies Co., Ltd” in Dongguan City, providing strong motive
power for the company by taking advantage of the Dongguan District. After 12 years’
development, the company has successfully obtained the titles such as “Authorized General
Business Agent of Toshiba Digital Compound Machine in Dongguan District”, “Specially engaged
dealer for Konica Minolta Copier” and “Specially engaged dealer for Panasonic
Telecommunications and Office System in Dongguan District”.
For years, the Company caters to the customers' demand and takes into consideration the
customers’ interests and benefits all along under the principle of “taking honesty as the
fundamental factor and dealing with business via honesty”. The company has set up a favorable
professional image in the filed of office equipment and the service has covered every town and
district of Dongguan City.
The service conception of chain business of the company is to satisfy the actual demand of the
varieties of customers and provide excellent commodities and superior service for customers with
the stable quality, favorable price and leading technology.

PanChang Enterprise Co.Ltd             Booth No.: C180

Address: Zengbu Luwu Industrial Zone, Chashan Town, Donguan City, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86-769-86408709

Fax: +86-769-86408708


Website: Http://

Main products: removable HDD box, external HDD box

Panchang Electronic Factory is a large and medium enterprise which specializes in developing and
manufacturing information-transfer equipments of computer accessories. We provide integrated
services ranging from mould design, mass production to follow service, our business concept is;
quality first, serving our customers with heart and soul. Now, PanChang is just on her sound way
to be perfect.
We mainly produce HDD External Enclosure, Mobile Rack, USB hub and Card Reader. Owning
the advanced modern assembly line and strict quality system, PanChang is shaped as a high
quality company. All the raw materials for our products are high grade and made precisely and
excellently. Up to now, we have put forward tens of high quality items to domestic and foreign
market which enjoy a continuous growing market in 50 countries and win popularity and trust
among customers for its high quality and competitive price. Moreover, our exquisite design sets
them up as the NO. 1 in this filed.
Besides, our independent R&D department not only continuously develops and innovates much
higher grade products on basis of present quality of our products to cater for customers’ requests,
but also goes on carrying out the development of the USB, 1394, SATA serial transfer equipment
deeply. So, we are sure to produce better quality products to serve customers. If any items are of
your interest, please feel free to contact us, your information will be highly appreciated.

Kengfeng hardware sales office , changping, dongguan                             Booth No.: C87

Address: Yuanshanbei District, Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-83393619

Fax: 0769-83981386


Taiwan Qilisu Co., Ltd. had been established in July,1983, 20 years’ technical accumulation and
the experience inheritance, the most advanced technical research and development manufacture
specialized electrically operated bottle opener, accomplishes the brand -- KILEWS, becomes the
most famous electrically operated bottle opener to make the first big plant in the world, its product
prestige as well as the quality guarantee passes "ISO9001:2000" authentication, and many
authentications such as "CCC, ITS, CE, CU, CUL". This establishes the highest quality foundation
and creates faith and the support from the domestic and foreign customers today.
We took charge of an appointing to Taiwan Qilisu industry limited liability Company in the
Dongguan establishment subsidiary company in 1996, registered Dongguan changping changli
hardware Qilisu distribution and service center of South China (Kengfeng hardware business
office) to undertake the distribution and service of Qilisu electrically operated bottle opener in
South China area.
When enlarging China market, Qilisu Power Tool Shanghai limited company was built in
November, 2000. Because of the distribution and service network, there are more than 10000
manufacturers to use Qilisu trademark productions at present. Especially, with the quality first, the
service supreme and agelong business concept, KILEWS brand can completely satisfy customer’s
omnidirectional satisfaction demands.

Dong Guan Qinde Metal Podvcts Co., Ltd.                      Booth No.: C94

Address: Huanshi Rd North No.5, Tangxia Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-87724469

Fax: 0769-87724479



1.Headquarters in Taiwan
Uin De has long been adhering to its original belief in satisfying its customers with consistent
superior quality since it was founded, A broad range of precision hardware pressed parts & fittings
has won good reputation of the company and a slogan widely prevailing among customers;
"Cherry Chief is our most reliable friend and helper!"
2.Dong Guan Qinde Metal Podvcts Co., Ltd. (Mainland China)
Uin De was established to meet the continuously expanding business scope and the increasing
number of customers. Based on a strategy of quality that "Quality is lifeblood of an enterprise and
customers are strict inspectors of quality". Qin De is aiming to rank itself among leading world
manufacturers and first-rate suppliers of a wide range of precision hardware pressed parts &
fittings and precision continuous type dies. The Company specially proved that its endeavors were
never in vain when it was granted a certificate of ISO-9002 in July 1997. stable and continuous,
maintain the argumentation of competency. And it was granted a certificate of ISO-9001 in July
3.Qin De Office in Hong Kong:
It is foreseeable that Qin De Office in Hong Kong will play a critical role in expanding the sales
network of Qin De products towards every part of the world, and leading the Company to the
international economic system. Furthermore, through the Office' special functions in purchasing
raw materials and parts, collecting & spreading trade information, Qin De will expand its business
service scope.
DongGuan JinLianAn Science & Technology Co.,LTD                Booth No.: F03

Address: Pulong Industrial Zone, Puxinhu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Tel: 0769-87819555

Fax: 0769-87813682



Main products: socket series

XinLong Electronics established in 1983. Now it has three branches ,respectively in
HongKong ,Dongguan and Shenzhen.Our company owns strong technology, advanced
testing equipments and perfect quality guarantee system.
This company has been engaged in switch and socket for many years, mainly developing and
making PJ-2.5, PJ-3.5 socket series, DC power Jack series, AC power socket series, PJ- 6.35 Jack
series,Connectors ,etc.We supply 600 kinds of products to customers at ISO9001 standard and
ISO14001 standard to our customerts.These products are widely used in the family electrical
appliance ,such as computer, music center ,phone mobile , instruments
We observe the tenet of “survive by quality, and develop by technology& science”, insisting the
management principle of “promote management by development, and earn benefit from
management”, sincerely following the management guideline of “people as foundation, consumer
as utmost, and service with efficiency ”, endeavoring to achieve the strategic goal of
“specialization of management, appropriate scale of operation, internationalization of market”
We sincerely expect to cooperate with domestic and overseas business guests for common

Yuantai Electronics Co. Ltd           Booth No.: E33

Address: 5F, Building No.1, West 1st Street, Longnan Rd SW, Shijie Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-22030155

Fax: 0769-22030255



Main products: adaptor, open-frame power supplier

Yuantai Electronics Co. Ltd, which located in the Shijie Town, Dongguan City,
Specialized in research,manufature and sale of switching power supply.
Our main products include adaptor, open-frame power supplier. We have most of
Our products obtained UL, PSE, GS, CE, CB, CCC, SAA, C-tick, safety approvals.
The products are ideal for used in the field of 3C Industry( Communication,Computer,
Consumer),such as Digital camera,Portable DVD,LCD,monitor, LCD TV, Mobile phone,
Notebook, PDA, POS, Scanner, Printer, etc.The company has gained ISO9000 quanlity system
certificate. From the very beginning, we regard High reliability, prompt delivery,competitive price
as our first objective.we take the Quanlity and Image as the life of our enterprise.
Meanwhile,we possess strong R&D center,can meet customer’s ODM requirement in
short lead-time.all of our producs are green-mode designed,can meet CEC IV Compliance.We
started ROHS manufacturing process form Jan,2006.The company has the capacity of 500K sets
of switching power supplies per month.

Dongguan NanCheng Hong Li Ji Dian She Bei Zhi Zao Chang Booth No.: C190

Address: Sanyuanli Golden bridge industrial district in South city Technical industry garden in

Dongguan city, Guangdong Province.

Tel: 0769-22404048 22409735

Fax: 0769-22401897



Dongguan Delin Electromechanical device company Ltd ( the original Hongli factory ) is
belonged to Jichuan International( Hong Kong)company Ltd which was established in 1995 and
its factories have been set up in Dongguan City , Guangdong Province in the area of Pearl River
Delta and in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province in the area of the Yangzi River Delta respectively.
Our enterprise has the following business: research and development, design and produce all kinds
of PCB equipment manufacturing, the treatment equipment of surface painting, electronic/
apparatus assembly line, and industrial environmental air-condition, etc.
For the factory management, the enterprise adopt the international advanced administrative
concepts-such as 5S and ISO, etc-to make the administration to be more scientific and normative.
We are so honorable to get your habitual patronage and supports for so many years. Our company
has innovated, developed and perfected our own technical strength and processing equipment
constantly to accumulate rich equipment design and manufacturing experiments and to set up a
good reputation.
Welcome your consultation and patronage with our enthusiasm!
Business scope: produce & sale: all kinds of PCB productive equipment, surface painting
treatment equipment, the standard & nonstandard equipment of electronic/apparatus assembly
DONGGUAN KINGBAR BARCODE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.                                Booth No.: C88

Address: Dianzicheng G038, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Tel: 0769-85130990 85130991 85130992 85119551

Fax: 0769- 85119551



Main products: Printer

company that integrates system integration, software and hardware distribution service, and
material production.

The company currently is:
Dongguan general agent of Shangdong New Beiyang Barcode Printer
Dongguan kernel agent of ZMSOFT POS Software
Dongguan-area trusted partner of Japanese Ricoh Ribbon and Sony Ribbon

The company has one printing subsidiary company of independent corporate identity, which is
Provides one-stop service for wide clients sincerely, and welcome brother companies to act as an
agent of our productions.

Yu Cheng Tech. Corp.              Booth No.: C181



Tel: 0769-87920568

Fax: 0769-87923097


Main products: MP3、MP4

Dun Cheng Tech. Corp. / Yu Cheng Tech. Corp. is a professional computer peripherals supplier in
Asia, which is established in1984, our head office is in Taiwan and the factory is in China.
Start with computer signal cables manufacturing and over several years of research .Dun Cheng
has successfully designed and developed a wide variety of products to meet our customers’ need,
such as HDMI/DVI, USB/IEEE1394, SAS/SATA, LAN Cat5e patch, USB cable series, and
adaptors, connectors, SCSI accessories etc.
With more than 20 years experience of specializing in computer peripherals industry, meanwhile
keep the highest level of our quality control for our customers, Dun Cheng has gradually become a
leading company in this field in Taiwan.
With the most efficient organzisation , accurate equipments and advanced process technology
including injection molding machines, function testers, automatic solder pots and ultrasonic
cleaners etc.,
Dun Cheng is CE, ISO9001, UL certificated . We strongly believe that we have the potential
ability to provide the best service for you

Vega technologies industrial CO                  Booth No.: C161
Address: Qiufulu industrial Zone Dalang Town, Dongguan City, guangdong, China

Tel: 86-769-83186840-43,86261631

Fax: 86-769-83311502

Vega group was organized by five branch factories,Existing a thousand of employees, a total area
of 28000 square meters. professionally manufacturing computer peripherals wire products. The
company have passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. And achieved
UL, CSA, ETL, USB-IF certification of products, all products comply with European
environmental standards and ROHS Sony-SS00259 environmental requirements. Equipped with a
full set of standards Detection equipments.
Our Group own a highly trained employees,excellent project development team and high-quality
management team. Uphold the “customers first. Service first " policy. And in accordance with the
needs of customers custom-built.
Vega group provide first-class quality?reasonable price? accurate delivery date making the
products well-sold around the world and as a qualified supplier of Many well-known companies.
It is a qualified factory which meet current substituting management system!
Welcome your visit and grant instruction!.And I believe that with our joint efforts,we can
explorate the poromising future !
Dong Guan Failong DongBong Electronic Co.,LTD                         Booth No.: C123
Address: 3rd Industrial Park, Jinqian Ridge, Jiti Mountain, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-83363539

Fax: 0769-83361405



Youlian Electron Group, one of the key projects developed by the country in the Tenth Five-Year
Plan as the hi-tech enterprises at provincial level, specializes in manufacture and distribution of
the new electronic components (frequency selection and control components).
 Our company boasts of the most advanced wire saw and full automatic X-ray test BLANK
production equipment and SMD.DIP automation production line at the world level, and more than
190 imported high-grade precision and sophisticated equipment and instruments of various kinds;
at present, the annual output of BLANK reaches 2 hundred million, SMD 150 million and DIP
100 million, which account for more than 20% of the domestic production, and all our products
are exported to countries and regions such as Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, etc.
With the R&D personnel and equipment, our company, working together with overseas experts
and company, imports, digests and absorbs advanced technology continuously, and successfully
completes the volume production technology for many kinds of high-precision and small quartz
crystal resonators and oscillators.
Youlian Electron Group has been enhancing the quality management and implementing scientific
and precise production control flow, therefore, the rate and SPC control of products have reached
the standards of advanced companies; it has passed the authentication of ISO9001, ISO14001,
QC080000 and SGS and introduction of the TS16949 quality control mode marks that Youlian
Electron Group has reached the international standards in quality management.

Beijing EVI Scientific and Technological Limited Corporation               Booth No.: C187

Address: Liaoxia Management Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-82273351

Fax: 0769-82273350



Beijing EVI Scientific and Technological Limited Corporation
Along with the economic globalization and the arrival of the wave of information technology,
enterprises’ management environment has changed rapidly as well. Those enterprises which are
the earliest to put the high technology into practice have achieved much benefit and have had the
operating management ability increased with a breakthrough. Nowadays, more and more
enterprises have actively squeezed to the fashion to make great use of the high technology. Among
so many high technology systems, human resource management system, due to the import of
much IT technology, can make the management of human resources reduce the cost, increase the
efficiency and improve employers’ self service model by taking the information-oriented measures
such as centralized information database, automatically processing information and employers’
Since 1998, EVI has begun to research and develop the human resource E-oriented management.
Till now, it has undergone eight years, and with the development of academy and industry, it
constantly brings forth new ideas and makes deep research with the aim to implement the
management ideology of Specialized in Profession, Priority for Clients, First –rank in Quality and
Service as the Foundation and to provide domestic enterprises and government departments with
human resources training and development service and consultancy service.
By the all-round EVI ‘s human resources management system, it is expected to meet the demands
of domestic enterprises making the human resources E-oriented, and elevate the management level
of enterprises’ human resources and on these bases, refurbish previously out-dated human
resources management process and ideas and help enterprises realized the optimum allocation of
personnel and enterprises, and stimulate employers to work confidently, make full use of and
furthermore tap the potential of personnel and consequently, make enterprises exploit their key
competitive advantage in the intense market competition and win at last.
In the Respects of EPR Researching:
EVI-Long Companion for Your Enterprise’s Grow-up
EVI was founded in July, 1993. The original meaning of INTRON refers to the most important
element of DNA in humans’ gene. So INTRON here represents the key vigor of EVI in that our
company sets up the key values of viewing humans including employers, customers, supplying
businessmen and investors as the most valuable property. EVI integrates software technology to
provide more rapid and more convenient methods for the inheritance of humans’ knowledge and
experience and bring the successful experience model to more demanders and more importantly,
put forward the single integrated solving program.
Gone through ten-year sound management and operation, EVI has provided thousands of
companies with enterprises’ management information software system. With the joining of
outstanding personnel from different working areas in different periods, we have a perfect team,
which will be definitely your best companion for your company’s grow-up.

Golden Bridge Cable Co., Ltd.               Booth No.: C84
Address: Dangxiao Rd No.14, Shantou, Guangdong

Tel: 86-7548667226 8663075 8663085           8679978

Fax: 0754-8666435


Golden Bridge Cable Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of CATV coaxial cable, RF communication
cable, Security and alarm cable, Data Cable and Fluoropolymer Insulated Wire & Cable. Our
production lines and testing devices are all been brought from Germany and America. The
company has received ISO9001:2000 certificate as a recognition of quality assurance of its
products and service. We not only have a broad market in the broadcast network all over China,
but also have customers in many countries and regions like: North America, Central America,
Latin America, Britain, Italy, Swiss, Norway, Spain, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The company
will stick to its principle: provide the best cable that can meet the highest standard in the world to
our customer。

Yong Chuang hardware manufactory                   Booth No.: A06

Address: YanBu Hengjiang industry area,Nanhai,Foshan city,Guangdong province,China

Tel: +86-757-85786536,85755333, 13621440789

Fax: +86-757-85790666



Foshan YongChuang hardware Factory is a professional factory, established in 1996. The location
in Hengjiang industry district, Yanbu town, Nanhai area, Foshan city. Our factory occupies more
than 5,000 square meters. The traffic and the business surrounding are very convenient. Our
factory is specialized in machining the surface of aluminium metal. We possess the most excellent
technique in the world and our products are in most reasonable price. Our factory has established
good partnership with numerous famous factories at home and abroad such as Taiwan, Korea and
With our continuous efforts and development for ten years, we have already accumulated the
world's advanced technics and rich practical experience. We are well experienced in producing the
color up aluminium panel of the microphone audio, output machine, the crust of flat television,
MP3, PAD and the crust of mobile phone (include the multicolour technics), veins-draw, Sand
Blasting, words-electroetching, Sand-grinding, silk-screen and etc. which is of high quality and in
reasonable price.
All factories and companies from all over the world are much welcome to place an order and
discuss with us. You are sincerely please come to start our good cooperation and create our future
LINE TECH INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD                     Booth No.: C179
Address: Beimen Village, Qiaoli District, Changping Town, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-83337402

Fax: 0769-83390167



The company was founded in No. 13, Lane 202 of Gongyuan Road, Xinzhuang City, Taipei,
Taiwan in 1987.
General Manager: Mr. Wang Jialong, who built the plant in Changping Town, Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province in 1991, and then moved it to Beimen Village, Qiaoli District, Changping
Town, Dongguan City in July, 2001. The area of plant is 20000m2; and the workshop area is
14000 m2; the number of employee is 500 and the investment amount is 3,000,000 dollars.

Maolinelectoronksshenzhenco.,ltd            Booth No.: C194

Address: No.76 of Rentian Road, Rentian Industrial Zone, Fuyong Town, Bao’an District,

Shenzhen, Guangdong

Tel: 0755-29502068

Fax: 0755-29502437




Qiaofei Industry Co., Ltd. built in 1978, is a single-investor enterprise sponsored singly by its
board chairman Mr.Chen Jianlin. It specially produces CONNECTOR used in IDC
SOCKET,SCSI.ULTRA ATA66,CARDEDGE computers, and moreover has passed UL safety rule
Besides, Mainland Maolin Electronic Co., Ltd. founded in 1995 is mainly to manufacture
connector and process and assemble wire material. Relying on cooperative group spirit like ant,
and based on inner non-obstacle communication channel and respecting attitude with taking
human being as elements, our company has built research and development technical specialty and
business and management ability.
At present, the workshop area of company has reached 3000 m2, the capital amount has reached
HK$800.000, and the total employee number has reached about 300, including about 60 indirect
Under more innovation and reform by all staff, we will research and manufacture more diversified
and more perfect productions to satisfy each kind of demand for customers.

DIGIBOY technology CO. Limited               Booth No.: E32

Address: 4/F YouJi Industry Park, BanXueGuang Road, BanTian, Shenzhen, China

Tel: 0755-83685229/83048268
Fax: 0755-82813223


Main products: computer accessories and digital products


DIGIBOY technology CO. Limited is a high-value company that undertakes the research &
development, producing & marketing, as well as the application and innovation of computer
accessories and digital products. Our DIGIBOY products include mainboard /VGA card/ Mobile
HDD-Box/ Webcam/ Mouse/ Keyboard/ Speaker/ USB-Disk/ Mp3/ Mp4/headphone.
DIGIBOY is a quality & client oriented enterprise. The best return to DIGIBOY clients is good
quality. Honest ● Qualified ● professional are DIGIBOY nature.
We are a company looking for long-term business relationship and we are proud to say that
relationship is the keystone for our business. We believe in close contact with our distributors to
develop markets together. When needed we also support marketing activities and strategies from
DIGIBOY headquarter ,We realize that our distributors are our key to the market and we treat
them as an integrated part of our company. We provide our reseller / dealer with top quality
products and outstanding services such as:
      Exclusive Discounts
      Dedicated Account Representatives
      Same Day Shipping〔in China〕
      Priority Tech-Support
      Direct Warranty Service〔in China〕
      Drop Shipment 〔in China〕
Thank you for interest in DIGIBOY products.

Focus Technology Co., Ltd.              Booth No.: C74/76/C78

Address: 13F, Unicom Mansion, No.32, Zhongyang Rd., Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-25-83213191

Fax: +86-25-83213395



Description: is developed & operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. Focus Technology is
a pioneer and leader in the field of electronic business in China. Founded in 1996, with the
mission of enabling clients to drive cost down and increase sales and profits with effective
web-based solutions, Focus Technology has helped many Chinese small-and-medium-sized
enterprises compete in international trade, advance into new markets and meet the needs of their
clients. With the continuous growth of China export trade & internet users, Focus Technology
decides to launch an online trade platform, organizes
and provides the most complete, accurate and valid information of China products & China
suppliers. Nowadays, has already become a leading B2B portal especially in
assisting global buyers and Chinese manufacturers to make contact and conduct international

EQUITY BOYOE LED                 Booth No.: C177

Address: Daning Dabandi, Humen Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-85551699

Fax: 0769-86553262



Longtech Electronic. has been in operation about seventeen years. During which our name is
known OEMs and importers in many countries .We offer broad ranges of standard products
backed by a complete and responsible service organization. Custom ranges product inquires are
welcome and are supported and served by an expert design and manufacturing team.
In Mar.1991,MEC head office established her China plant, named ”Longtech Electronics Factory”
its major products :Key-board cable、Note-book power supply cord、  Computer cable Add’y、  Wire
harness with 1,000 employees, Existing production capacity 2000k pcs per month and passed ISO
9001:2000 certification in APRIL.2001.High-quality,High-reliability,strong support and
competitive price, make LONGTECH your first choice!

HANWEI ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD                       Booth No.: C188
Address: Chuangye Rd East No.8, Shuanglinpian Area, Lian'gang Industrial Zone, Zhuhai

Tel: +86 756 7252222

Fax: +86 756 7252828



Main products: mouse and keyboard

Brand: 3UTECH

Established in 1994, zhuhai Hanwei Electronic Co., Ltd mainly manufacture computer accessories,
which are focusing on the research and development of intelligent products. In February 2003, we
have passed a series of inspections and obtained the certification on ISO9001; 2000 quality system.
The company’s products own the FCC and CE approvals. Now we have moved our own new
factory, which covers 20,000 square meters. There are 500 staff members in the factory including
50 technical personnel, comprising assembly workshop, precision molding factory, precision
coating and injection factory. Through 10 years development, 3UWEI and Yanzhongwang, as our
own brand has win great reputation from home and abroad. So far the company has released over
a hundred optical mouse and keyboard designs. According to the Western customers’ requirements,
we will make our products to pass RoHs certification. At present, it has annual capacity of
5000,000 units. 70% of annual sales are from export products and OEM orders. 30% of annual
sales are from our own brand.

SHEN ZHEN DUTY MACHINERY BCELECIRONCO.,LTD                      Booth No.: C191

Address: East Side Building A, Second Police Area, Heshan Industrial Zone, Longhua Town,

Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-28110472

Fax: 0755-28110467



“DUTY” Established in February 18,2003,the“DUTY”company is presently located at Longhua
town ,Baoan district, Shezheng city ,where Shiguan road, Longguan road and Bulong road
cross ,with convenient transportation, covering an area of 2200 ㎡ and a reserved area of 2000
㎡.Since its establishment, the company has been persisting in the principle of High Quality, High
Standard and Low Cost ,developing unceasingly its own management,optimizing each working
procedure in the production process ,striving for precision in products and efficiency in
professionalism. After several years of development , “DUTY” has been able to that we will create
prosperity through the joint efforts of our staff!
Management Philosophy: Produce high precision and low cost products, never use hazardous
chemical substances, satisfy the demand of global customerr.
Service Objective: Provide the customer with 100% qualified products; Customer’s demand is our
top concern.

ShenZhen ZhongHeYi Commercial Goods Limited Company

Address: Room 2807, International Scientific Building, Rd. Shennan, Futian District, ShenZhen,


Tel: 0755-83760733 83760054

Fax: 0755-83760822

Main products: label printer, label scanner and related consumer goods

ShenZhen ZhongHeYi Commercial Goods Limited Company is one of the pioneers in barcode
and auto-ID industry in China. ZhongHeYi’s own corporate office and production facility is based
in ShenZhen, and it has 6 sales offices in different cities in Pearl River Delta. ZhongHeYi offers
barcode printers, label scanners, magnetic card and magnetic card readers etc in different brands
and professionally produces all kinds of labels, tags and carbon ribbons. ZhongHeYi also works as
several master agents for world famous companies such as Intermec, Argox, and Postek etc. With
more than 10 years’ experience in barcode and auto-ID industry, we always provide the highest
quality product that meets your requirements.

SHENZHEN MEGARICH ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD                           Booth No.: C121

Address: Rm 610-612, Building No.102, Jindi Industrial Zone, Fuqiang Rd, Futian District,


Tel: 0755-83490627

Fax: 0755-83844703



Main products: bar code printer, scaner

SHENZHEN MEGARICH ELECRONICS CO.,LTD is a professional provider for barcode
management system overall settlement project.
With branches and offices in Shenzhen , Shanghai , ZhongShan , DongGuan and Hongkong , and
customers spread all over China, including the Top 500 global companies, such as EMERSON、
Is the core cooperator and the authorized service provider for USA INTERMEC、DATAMAX、
ZEBRA bar code printer, CODESOFT barcode print software,Japanese TOHKEN scaner and
RICOH ribbon.
Has the own label printing plants in Chang an and Hou jie of Dongguan.
Has rich experiences in building wireless net bar code management system, is the provider for the
internal one-up RFID system integration
Successully implemented the “iterative barcode preventing system” which has self-owned
intellectual property rights and “barcode on line inspection system” in many vendors of DELL.

SHENZHEN LIGHTSTAR LASER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.                                   Booth No.: C26

Address: Dongguan : Yihe Commercial Center 602-603, Jiekou Village, Chang'an Town,

Dongguan, Guangdong

Shenzhen : No.3and No.1 Building, No.8 Linyuan East Rd., Shangmeilin, Futian District,

Shenzhen City,


Tel: 0769-85493326

Fax: 0769-85493376


Website: Http://

Main products: laser marker, welder, fly laser marker, cutter and driller etc

Brand: Lightstar

“Lightstar” had been established by the elite Technocrats in China with the advanced technical
know how from Germany and by the application of domestic military technology. At present, we
have 400 employees, more than 30 branches at home, 6 sales agents overseas.
Concerning technique support, we collaborate with few companies in USA, England, Italy and
other well known research institutes. Our products scope is Laser marker, laser welder, laser
cutter/engraver, fly laser marker, laser driller and so on.
“Lightstar” is well known for its on time delivery and supply management. The service back up is
excellent and can be matched with the best in the industry.
The series of laser equipment mainly used for electronic components, plastic buttons, mobile
phones, metal hardware, tools, glasses, clocks, watches, building materials, PVC pipes etc.
Welcome for your any inquiry or fax, please feel free to contact us!

Shenzhen xianghongcheng , Electronics Co.,Ltd                    Booth No.: C184

Address: 2/F,C Building,Zhuangbian Village, Baoan 78rd Distyic, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-27935605

Fax: 0755-27935609



Main products: Mouse

Shenzhen xianghongcheng , Electronics Co.,Ltd, founded in 2002, is a high-tech enterprise
specially developing and producing wireless mouse. After many years’ effort and development,
our company has possessed special production equipments for wireless mouse and skilled
employee. The monthly output of wireless mouse has reached about 50000.
Company persists in the tenet of “to seek life by quality and to seek development by credit
standing”. Based itself upon Shenzhen and scanning widely to global, with excelsior scientific
attitude, our company continuously probes into innovation and seeks for much higher level.
Our company is happy to receive social essence, possessing high-class team in the research and
development of wireless mouse; be brave in exploiting and innovating. And with excellent quality,
substantial price and optimal after-service, the productions in our company won good graces from
customers. Welcome to negotiate affairs with us by telegram or by letter.

Shenzhen Aohua Laser technology Co., LTD               Booth No.: C183

Address: Longjing Industrial park, Yangmei, Bantian Longgang district Shenzhen, Guangdong,


Tel: +86 -755-88869818 84505047

Fax: +86 -755-84505046 88869818



Main products:       AHL-YAG-50W/90W                AHL-C02-10W/30/50W/100W          AHL-DP50

AHL-W200/W400            AHL-W75/90

Shenzhen Aohua Laser technology Co., LTD reorganized from Beijing OPTICS optical-electric
technology research center. The founders of Aohua are learning pioneer of national laser science
and technique and senior laser specialists. The company is composed by marking center, technics
center, produce match center, project center and Aohua laser academe. Strong R&D team and
more than twenty years experience of oversea technique communicate and accumulate, cooperate
tightly with the famous laser fittings supplier from Germany and America, follow international
advanced technique closely, our products' function is much better than competitive counterparts.

SHENZHEN SIMPLE ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd                       Booth No.: C137A

Address: Building A7, Fuguang Wangheng Industrial Zone, Xili Town, Nanshan District,


Tel: 0755-86144846

Fax: 0755-86144796



SHENZHEN SIMPLE ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd was established in 1996, is a leading
manufacturer on professional designing and producing household wares, gift and promotion items,
our main products include scale, USB Product, LED reading light, massager, minitelephone, radio,
calendar and novelty products, etc. And we have our own registered brand name “ SIMPLE”

Shenzhen Jingjia Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.           Booth No.: C79

Address: 3rd Row No.8, Xinqiao Xingfa Industrial Zone, Shajing Town, Bao'an District,

Shenzhen, Guangdong

Tel: 0752-3066988

Fax: 0752-3066977



Main products: Key board

Found in 2001, Shenzhen Jingjia Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. specialize in research,
development, design, production and sale of computer keyboard, mouse. Barely six years in the
computer industry, our factory has made a rapid development and now we have our own R&D
organization structure, mold department, plastic injection department and final assembly. We have
done regular business with these country and region like France, Germany, Japan, Korea,
HongKong, Taiwan and so on. Jingjia has become a rising star among domestic computer
hardware manufacturers.
Jingjia employs professional R&D and sales teams with abundant experience which adopt the best
design and production technique according to the requirement of business partners and provide
customers with a variety of solutions related to computer.
Jingjia is blending the humanistic concept of “Materializing new life with technology” into
product designs with the view of supplying each customer with quality product, continuously
improving customer service network and providing high quality after-service.

SHENZHEN THEORY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.                             Booth No.: C125
Address: 2F, Building No.1, Pingshan Non-governmental Enterprise S&T Park, Xili Town,

Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-26997700

Fax: 0755-26997711



Main products: ICcard

Shenzhen Theory Technology CO.,LTD is a Hi-Tech company specialize in smartcard,including
manufacture and sale of pvc card,magnetic stripe card,IC card and related services.
We has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2000,and management
mode of company has carried into execution in terms of ISO standard strictly. Also we have obtain
the authorization letter from the company of DATACARD ,HITI,DIS and SONY.
Excellent Quality and Customer-Oriented Service made us premier and different from other
manufacturers. And with the management philosophy of “Pursuing Perfection”.
Since its being established,Shenzhen Theory Technology CO.,LTD has provided thousands of
businesses and industries such as finance, traffic ,postal service, telecommunication ,education ,
public security , commerce , government utility and large-scale enterprise ,etc..
We expect to make progress and develop with our customers!

Shenzhen V-Shield Electronic Technology CO., LTD                Booth No.: C182

Address: 6F, 5th Building, HuaFeng Science & Technology Park, High-Tech Development Diltict,

FuYong Town, Baoan Shenzhen

Tel: (0755)33930866 33930868
Fax: (0755)33930867

Main products: EMI shielding products

V-shield is a specialized manufacturer of the EMI shielding products. The main products including:
conductive foam, conductive flame retardant foam, conductive fabric, conductive non-woven,
conductive fabric tape, acrylic acetate tape, copper/aluminum foil tape, conductive mesh, I/O
gasket, etc. Among them in key supplies of the products, our company researches , develops
and produces the conductive fabric , conductive non-woven substrate, conductive foam,
copolyamide hotmelt adhesives. The products are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as
data-communications, electrical appliances, IT, medical equipment, military project and more.
Our company has already passed ISO9000 and ISO14000 authentication of SGS company at
present.The product’s fire retardant has reached UL94—VO.

SHENZHEN BLUECABLEY ELECTRONIC FACTORY                              Booth No.: C229


Tel: 0086-755-28165350/28013623

Fax: 0086-755-28165187


Website: Http://

Main products: Mouse, USB

SHENZHEN BLUECABLEY ELECTRONIC FACTORY is an midsized enterprise integrated in
research & development, manufacturing and marketing which is originally established in 2003. It
is a specialist manufacturer of cellular phone accessories, including plug-in DC chargers, travel
chargers, cellular earphones, USB data cable, DC/AC inverter and different series of retractable
cables etc.
SHENZHEN BLUECABLEY is currently bolding to have over 100 qualified staff besides 3
specialized R&D engineers, 5 senior administrators, 10 quality-control members and 3 excellent
marketing trailblazers. Our mission is focusing on quality and led by the market to satisfy our
customers with the idea of constant innovation, sincere service and super quality. It properly
embodies that both the enterprise and staff are seeking for mutual improvement upon concrete
SHENZHEN BLUECABLEY is from the very beginning operated by submitting ISO9001
(International Organization for Standardization) and basing on 5S Aggrandizement Management
System against which assures an reliable product quality and an excellent team of high efficiency.
Its advanced testing equipment and efficient processing management will definitely provide you a
competitive price and satisfactory service.
Four-year experience has endued SHENZHEN BLUECALBEY with corresponding competitive
engineering and exploitation capability. Products has won over wide credit and appreciation from
our worldwide customers which is still appearing highly developing potential and competitive
power in the fellow market. Its mature specialty technology and stable products performance build
up a good reputation reaching out to a long list of areas such as Europe, America, Mid-east,
Southeast Asia and so forth.
We sincerely wish a hand-in-hand and win-and-win cooperation with all the customers around the
world as well as a warm negotiation with both the existing and fresh client!

Defu S&T Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.                  Booth No.: C135

Address: The 5th floor Ronghe building Jihua RD Bantian village Buji town Longgang area

Shenzhen China

Tel: 0755- 84192616/84192550

Fax: 0755- 84192557



We are the lead manufacturer of pc camera in china. we can supply very competitive price with
excellent quality.
Our main products including: cartoon webcam, ip camera and some traditional webcam. We are
the gold supplier at Our products have got SGS authentication, FCC and CE
certificate, we have our own patent of our products. And have been selled to US, Australia,
Canada, Iran, Holand and England, we have agents in every province all over china. We are
seeking agent in each continent and every contry. You can linked to our website to have a look of
our products and our company. We provide good quality products and can guarantee them in good
repair for three years.
Welcome to OEM and ODM with us. I am looking forward to cooperate with you.


    Booth No.: C193

Address: Huancheng East Road, Tong’an District, Xiamen, China

Tel: 0592--7131866、7138189

Fax: 0592--7035020


Main products: Audio/Video Interconnect cable, Adaptor and Plug, Category 5 Cable, Coaxial

Cable, Computer Cable

Xiamen Yinhua Machinery Factory, located in Xiamen SEZ, is a state-owned large-scale
enterprise and one of the top 500 China Mechanical enterprise. We possess advanced machining
equipment and absolute technical strength, fixed assets totaled 150 million, more than 1000
employees, among them are more than 200 highly-educated specialized technicians. We are the
largest specialized manufacturer in Chinese mainland engaged in electronic equipment for wiring
harness processing. We are the first enterprise that fulfils the standard of ISO9000:2000 which was
certified by the CQC in the trade, have accumulated professional manufacturing experience for
more than 18 years. We first combined the advanced technology from Japan, Europe, America and
Taiwan District, cooperated with J.A.M. Co. of Japan to establish the manufacturing base of
J.A.M.’s product series in China.
The main products are as follows: Fully automatic terminal crimping machine, Digital wire cutting
and stripping machine, high-speed terminal crimping machine, applicators, and peripherals for
wiring harness processing. We have exported our products to Japan, America, Europe and
South-Eastern Asian nations & regions. About 30% of the domestic enterprises producing
wire/cable and connectors are using our products.
We have won over the customers’ deep confidence by the continually innovative high-quality
products, first-class after-service and competitive price. Your negotiation, visit and enquiry are
warmly welcome!

WIFI-Link™ Technologies Inc                  Booth No.: C25

Address: Building H No.118, Changpu Building Material Market, Tangxia Town, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-82062260-8002
Fax: 0769-82062280


Main products: Wireless Antennas、Wireless USB Adapter、Wlan Accessories

Brand: WIFI-Link

WIFI-Link™ Technologies Inc is a professional manufacturer and retailer of outdoor wireless
antennas and accessories.We sell more than 100,000 antennas each year.Due to the high demand
of wireless products and costly retail price in the market, we decided to market our own
manufactured products to public, such as companies who design wireless networking for
customers or end users who love to set up their wireless networking at home or office.We are not
only offering competitive prices, but also high quality products because we have full range of
testing equipments.Each of our antennas must pass HP Aglient test before shipment and we can
also provide the testing report to customers upon request.

ELECTRONICSCHINA (HUIZHOU)CO.LTD.                            Booth No.: C140

Address: Room 1701,17/F,Block A, jiahe-Huaqiang Building, Shennan Middle Road, Shenzhen,


Tel: 86-755-83796633

Fax: 86-755-83796611

Main products: Chip Inductors

ELECTRONICS CHINA(HUIZHOU)CO.,LTD [formerly Mika Electronics] was established in
1988 and represents a Sino-Foreign joint venture with the ECC Group-the major shareholder. The
Company specializes in the manufacture of hi-tech passive components [Chip Inductors,
Potentiometers & Rotary Encoders]with major equipment imported from German, U.S.A,
Slovenia and Taiwan. Today the factory encompasses an area of 12,000 square meters employing
500 fully-trained staff. Instrumental in the success of the Company has been the very strong
emphasis put on good management and of the expansion of our production capacity.[For further
details please see the Company Profile].
We also offer as a managing principle Quality, Service, Price & Value-or what we term QSPV-and
invite you if you were considering of outsourcing, or wanting to do low-cost development in
China that we forge a partnership and build a strong relationship within the industry.

DICGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.                    Booth No.: C178

Address: Shiwan Town, Boluo, Huizhou

Tel: 0752-6911102 13927390679

Fax: 0752-6911105 6911188



Main products: switch

Brand: DICGU

DICGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a professional electronic switch manufacture and selling
company.Our factory has passt ISO9001:2000 & ISO14001:2004 inspected. HEAD
OFFICE.-DICGU ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Has set up filiales inTaoyuan,Taiwan and Kunshan
city of Jiangsu Province and Boluo of Guangdong Province.We also have a branch office in
HONG KONG to selling.
We have our own R&D department with stamping of metal and state-of-art electronic plastic
injection department.Total number of employee is more than 1000 people and total number of
plastic injection machine is over 50 sets.
We have successful experiences in design、  toolings and manufacture. our strict and comprehensive
QC process guarantees the most reliable products with the ideal of low cost and high quality.
More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing electronic switch have gave us an edge in
competitive market. We have invested heavely in R&D using high technology and new facilities to
innovate new products. Our quality is reliable,our price is reasonable,and our customer
satisfactory servece is guaranteed.

Shenzhen Xin auspicious advertising planning Limited        Booth No.: C43

Address: Futian District in Shenzhen City, China Meilin Meihua Road Home Pitt Park three 8A

Tel: 0755-83107692/83610200

Fax: 0755-83103902



"China Electronics something" is the Chinese press reported the earliest history of professional
e-Business Weekly. its large amount of information collected and distributed faster, better
advertising effect, as designed characterized. Nine years, this positive and practical in all the
country's electronic market, professional exhibitions, the industry widely, in place of issuance,
Radiation has the whole of Asia and Europe and the United States and other electronic developed
industrial countries, the scale and impact shook the industry, but also the majority of the clients,
Readers well, trust and support. In 2001, the State Ministry of frequent "outstanding Series
Award"; Guangdong in 2002 by the Office of Science and Technology as a "province of electronic
technology core journals." In 2003, the major professional journals re-match "Differences of the
Year" and "Special Contribution Award." In the electronics industry increasingly competitive
today, this "something electronic network," free of long-term customers for the majority of online
global media and expand its effects, and launched our regular customers make the concessions, it
has cost savings to customers, the integration of resources, Sales Management perfect play
'success' role. Looking to the future, "China Electronics something" to become more customer
readers to solve difficult problems bring more benefits to the faithful partners.

INSTRUMENT & METER NEWS                      Booth No.: C47
Address: Room 701-702, No.11,Yiying street Xingang middle Rd., Guangzhou city, Guangdong

province , P.R.China

Tel: 020-34050665 34050657

Fax: 020-84200697


Instrumentation & Meter News start publication by global star International information(H.K.)
Ltd 、Electronic Technology co., ltd and Guangdong Xingzhiqiu Economic Development Co., ltd
unitedly on Sep, 2000, which have successfully released 76 issues, and we have enlarged space of
a whole page from eight to twenty eight. People in newspaper industry think highly of us, now it
becomes the largest release scope and most influential newspaper in national instrumentation
Instrumentation and Meters news cooperate direct traditional newspaper with modern
hi-technology website, which professional website is Instrumentation and Meter news, and the
address is Because of rich content、   timely and accurate information, it becomes
the most important website of introducing instrumentation and meters information.

Tel: 021-66346472

Fax: 021-66359164


BusyTrade.Com Ltd.           Booth No.: C67
Tel: 86-21-51752165

Fax: 86-21-51752143


Established in HongKong in 1999, is the first online trading platform in the
greater China area and one of the pioneers in the world's B2B e-marketplace. In the seven years of
its developing, BusyTrade has always captured the direction of global e-business development
with an always updating concept and a foreseeing sight of the world market.           Booth No.: C41

Tel: 0769-22330488

Fax: 0769-22330448


Guangdong Institute of Electronics          Booth No.: C58

Address: On the 11th floor, The mansion of Guangdong Electron Information, No.188 YUEKEN


Tel: 020-87291183

Fax: 020-87293673



Guangdong Institute of Electronics has been established in 1956. The Institute is a technicality’s
community of the electronics information, and consists of multi-department and multi-industry. It
is a non-lucrative organization and registered in the law and a part of Guangdong Science
Technology Association. It is guided by the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and guides to the
different city Institute of Electronics for extending the work.
The Institute of Electronics include: audiovisuals, communication equipment, the industry of
computer, the component part of electronic, the electronic instrument, electronic toy and game,
electronic material and so on.
The Institute’s range of business: the science study, technology communication, update training,
consultative service, holding the exhibition of technology, research and recommend the electronics
information standard, appraise the outcome, intermediary service, publish publications, open
entity and so on. Through the confirmation of Chinese Science Institute, Chinese Institute of
Electronics organizes extend electronics information technician certificatory qualification.
Through the confirmation of National Science Technology Awardable Office, the Chinese Institute
of Electronics set up “the Electronics Information Technology Award of Chinese Institute of
Electronics”, and award the notable technology achievement. The Guangdong Institute of
Electronics preside at the business of our province.
Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association              Booth No.:

Address: Floor 11 of Guangdong Electronic Information Mansion, No.188 of Tianhegen Road,

Guangzhou City, Guangdong

Tel: 020-87293980 82162572 87293152

Fax: 020-87293152 82162493



Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association is authorized and registered by Civil
Administration Department of Guangdong Province, and is composed by units, groups and
individuals dealing with electronic productions in Guangdong province of their own motion. It is
an over-district, over-department and nonprofit corporation association with independent legal
The tenet of this association is: persist in reform and opening, implement relevant policies for the
development of electronic industry in China and Guangdong Province according to national
constitution and laws, and undertake the work according to the rule of socialist market economy.
To accelerate continual development for the production of electronic enterprises and the trade at
home and abroad, to strengthen member’s economic strength, to enlarge association’s social
influence, and to maintain member’s lawful rights and interests. Foster pretty market environment
for the production and management of electronic industry in Guangdong Province.
The target of this association is: taking the researching, fostering, building and developing
electronic market as center, to devote to build a united, opening, competitive and ordered
electronic market system step by step.
Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association applies itself to emphasize the information
communication between home and oversea electronic industries, assists the manufacturers to open
international and national markets, build distribution channel, and find cooperative friendship.
Help to contact between enterprise and government, enterprise and enterprise, enterprise and
market. Our association would like to cooperate with any enterprises in or out of province and
country to supply them thoughtful and passional service and to contribute own strength for the
flourishing electronic industry.

Guangdong Power Supply Association Profile                  Booth No.: C61
Tel: 020-87293980 82162572 87293152

Fax: 020-87293152 82162493


Guangdong Power Supply Association is composed of such leading units in power supply trade as
China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Guangdong Power Supply Society, China
Power Supply Website (, ZTE Corporation and Shenzhen Hunt-key Chiyuan
Science and Technology Co, Ltd. Our Association is as well the first-class aggregate corporation
in Guangdong province that was approved and registered in Guangdong Department of Civil
Affairs. Not only experts from the national academic circles and a large number of scientific
personnel are association members, but also a lot of famous enterprises in power supply trade have
become members of the association. The vision of Guangdong Power Supply Association is to
unite the academic circles with the industrial circles, promote their exchange and cooperation in
scientific development and production, and accelerate the transformation of technology into
productive force, which together constitute a comprehensive service chain ranging from
technology, product to market.
The main functions of Guangdong Power Supply Association:
1. Protect the common interests of the whole trade and the legal profits of member enterprises,
exercise its function as a bridge across government, enterprises and users.
2.Publicize domestic and international technical laws and regulations, the latest news of standards,
and help enterprises to recognize and cope with the new situation.
3.Carry out all kinds of selections and recommendations in respect of enterprises and products.
4.Make researches, discussions, and exchanges and provide services in the fields of technology,
quality, standards, testing, certification, market and information and etc.
5.Provide member enterprises with the latest news of new products and technology, product
standards and quality, and the latest market information at home and abroad.
6.Organize member enterprises to attend domestic and international surveys, investigations and
researches, exhibitions and fairs and etc.
We warmly welcome institutions, science and research institutes, universities, and testing
institutions to join us-Guangdong Power Supply Association.

Guangdong Power Supply Association Profile                       Booth No.: C62

Dominant Information Technology Media Company Limited                      Booth No.: C48
Tel: 020-87370466 87364516-26
Fax: 020-87393567
As one of professional media in electrical & electronics industry, DITM is engaged in providing
multiple communication channels and ways. With its unique communication resources,
quality-centered service and wide media coverage in electrical & electronics, it creates new trade
platform for enterprises to catch business opportunities.

Zhongfa network           Booth No.: C44

Address: Address in Shenzhen: Room 416 of Beifang Mansion, Shennan Middle Road, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-83278917



Zhongfa Network ( is the first trademark in Northern entity electronic market--a full
investor enterprise subordinated to Zhongfa Group was founded in 2003. Relying on 15 years’
industry experience and resource accumulation by Zhongfa Group, in these 4 years, it has
absorbed 50000 high-quality customers. And moreover more and more high-quality enterprises
and businessmen were absorbed into joining in network with quick speed every day. There are
more than 100,000,000 stock records in this website, and more than 15000 times to log into this
website every day in average, 30% of which are purchasers and distributors. The page layout is
read over 90000 pages/time every day.
From the analysis and research of the business habits and demand character for 2000 special
buyers and high-quality traders, Zhongfa Group will collect large amount of capital to push out
new online and off-line productions in 2007 and to supply pertinent service for large number
suppliers, purchasers and special personnel in electronic industry.
Zhongfa Network devotes its mind to network trade in electronic industry; by right of these three
edge tools such as network popularization, exposition marketing and media propaganda and these
five propagandizing medias such as network, news, video, exposition and CD, it can help
customers to extend commerce opportunity and to promulgate trademark; relying on the payment
based on bank credit and safe and fast materials circulation cooperation, it can supply convenient
service after business for users. And moreover, it can also supply authoritative trade information
for special personnel inside of industry.          Booth No.: C33

Tel: 0769-86017766

Fax: 0769-86017798


China is becoming such an exciting place that you can virtually get all the electronic products. As
the major products in the marketplace, electronic products are being traded in China in great scale. is just such a platform for the growing global business community in this area. is the professional electronics industry vertical gateway website, is the integrated
information network platform that covering domestic and foreign markets of electronic
transactions, electronic technology exchange, personnel trainings and the advanced management
technology guiding, is the online distributors of products, technology, talent of the electronic
manufacturing industry chain, also a bridge between suppliers and distributors of electronic, a
communication between domestic and overseas electronic market, a garden of electronic
Relying on the background of China's electronics industry, based on the Chinese electronics
industry services , is trying to improve the function of personalized service to meets
the customer’s diversity, individuality and composite need, provides specialized information
services and e-commerce services to the production of electronic manufacturers, vendors, the
majority of electronic products consumers, electric fans and the manufacturing sector of the
network , help customers network application successful, promote the development of China's
electronic industry together with you.

中国电子制造网                  Booth No.: C51






Main products:



Http://              Booth No.: C40
Tel: 029-88153921 88153918 88153803

Fax: 029-88153919


Website: Http://

“China-Power Net” (Http://, established in September, 1998, is one of the
earliest network information platforms in China Power Industry. It has gone along with Journal of
“Power Technology Application” and the development of China Power Industry for 9 years and
gotten great love from more science and technology workers and users. “China-Power Net”
includes many specific subjects such as power enterprise, production supply and demand,
technology literature, news information, books exhibition, employ and jobs, power forum, power
blog, vip member, on-line exhibition, download of new sources and information, “power
technology application” and so on.
Now, the number of the registered members has reached more than 38000, and that of the supply
& demand information has reached more than 390000, and that of the technology papers has
reached more than 3000. In 2006, the click number for on-line exhibition was more than 790000
in total, the daily click rate for the network station reached 50000 and more it increased with
steady steps. We believe that under the support of more enterprises, users and authors,
China-Power Net ( will become the best platform for technology
communication, production exhibition and market information share in power industry.

《CHINA POWER SUPPLY SURVEY》                      Booth No.: C94

Address: Room 606-2, No. 22 of Baizhifang West Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing

Tel: (010)63531554         63574972

Fax: (010)83557648
Website: Http://

“CHINA POWER SUPPLY SURVEY”, started publication in 1998, is one of the earliest special
journals in the power supply industry. As an accepted journal in China digital books exhibition
model engineering of nation 863 plan, an appointed journal for social propaganda and
demonstration of faith enterprises in China power supply industry, its directed units are
Department of Economic Structure Reform and Economic Operation in Ministry of Information
Industry. Sponsored together by Power Supply Specialty Committee of China Electronic Trade
Association and Beijing Power Supply Industry Association, “CHINA POWER SUPPLY
SURVEY” persists in the tenet of “Service for power supply industry and accelerate the
flourishing development for power supply industry”, wins the great attention and support from
more readers and users of power supply productions in power supply industry and its relevant
industries and moreover becomes the special journal with quite influence in industry media.
Main contents: industry news, industry overview, expert forum, technology research and
application, enterprise introduction, experience meander, viewpoint topic, today power supply and
market information.             Booth No.: C53/C55

Tel: 010-58781500

Fax: 010-58781515



China Suppliers ( of the State Council Information Office propaganda network for
market operations Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, State Development and Reform
Commission for the International Cooperation Center under the guidance of the common, by the
China Internet Information Center operated by the authority, credibility at the national level,
Business Network-trading platform.
China Suppliers ( to actively implement the 16th Party Congress "to promote
industrialization of information" and "the Office of the State Council on Accelerating the
development of electronic commerce in a number of views", and give full play to its advantages in
resources countries, the application of innovation and technology network, integration of the
Internet network marketing services, and establish national enterprise credit system, the global
brand marketing excellence and quality Chinese goods, help millions of international buyers
looking for high-quality Chinese Suppliers, in the field of economic development plays an
important role.
Chinese Suppliers, as a project launched immediately to the attention of the national media and the
business community wide support for the end of February 2007, China registered suppliers
enterprises have exceeded 4 million, a few business information has more than 50 million.          Booth No.: C52

Tel: 0769-86637133

Fax: 0769-86336930


The "ZhongJiaoHui" ( is "Chinese goods online transactions," the acronym, "the
exhibition Network" (; Are the "China Trade Promotion Committee" and "China
International Chamber of Commerce" hosting. "ZhongJiaoHui" services to Chinese enterprises
and the global procurement of goods exhibition fairs to the Internet and value-added business
information services platform; China is the largest online exhibition services network, currently
owned enterprises registered nearly 200 million members, and visited the same site visibility in a
leading position. "Exhibition Website" is the global exhibition industry information portal for the
exhibition industry to provide full synchronization network solution. Dongguan Realization
NetWork Co., Ltd. is a website specializing in the construction, site promotion and marketing of
the Internet content network operators. Undertake "ZhongJiaoHui" and "China exhibition
Network" operating in Guangdong Province, wholeheartedly committed to the establishment of
the station and enterprises applying e-commerce and promotion of corporate purpose.
E-commerce, enterprise trade everywhere

ShenZhen NiRiFa Advertisement Co.,Ltd              Booth No.: C72

Tel: 0755-82500633       82500688 82500855


Element Express is one strong-power medium that ShenZhenNIRiFa Advertisement Co,.Ltd has
exerted herself to the utmost to establishing and making. It is the first pure electronic business and
information newspaper in the Chinese electronic industry ,is also the weekly newspaper that
possesses market influence ,owns the mass customers as well as the image of brand . Per issue :
Flolio 28Papers
(1) Serving for the customers . Directly facing the overall varieties of products of the electronic
industry: Communication components ,Computer components , Domestic appliances, Electronic
comsumption components, Instruments and metres, Electronic facilities,Electronic tools ,Optical
components ,Manufacturing package and so on and so are also the renowned electronic
enterprises ,large-scale electronic exhibitions ,electronic dealing market,as well as the introduced
important target and so on.
Our selling spots and lighting spots:
Guaranntee by way of actual strength:
Issued and distributed throughout the country ,and radiated towards the whole southeast Asia. Sent
towards the oriented spots of the electroinc centers throughout China. Annually attend 70-90
exhibitions relevent to eletronic products. Per week posted towards the pointed sites of the
important enterprises of electronic products all over China.
(A) Throughout China there are a great deal of the customers related to electronics who usually
search and scan it . There are over 20 branch offices and about over 300 business salesmen who
offer services for our customers face to face on the spot , thereby can guarantee to obtain the
first-hand documents which embodys the current and up-dated marketing information,and are also
the most prestigeous newspapers in ShenZhen ,even China.
(B) Have achieved the under-mentioned fames during 8 years.
1) Credited as the most excellent ShenZhen high-tech core periods during over 20 years of
reforming and opening policy towards outside .
2) Successively obtained “honorary certificate” issued by “Three departments,one institution, one
city” (Three departments are “China information industry department, “Science technique
department”, “Business department”. One instition is “China science institution “, One city is
“ShenZhen city”.)
3) Our newspaper office has been also put down into “High-tech complete works fo China
ShenZhen”, and also confered with the exemplary unit of China and as well as the exemplary unit
of upholding rights.
Element Express will unceasingly catepult exhilarating Chinese electronic industry to an higher
task , take making best electronic business and information newspaper as the target , adhering to
the honesty-focused ,and credit-focused operation philosophy , sincerely provide the more overall
electronic data and informotion service for the overall varieties of all customers in Chinese
electronic industry.            Booth No.: C65

Tel: 0769-22050521

Fax: 0769-22028800



Electron Purchase            Booth No.: C45


Tel: 0755-82048191

Fax: 0755-82048179


Description:            Booth No.: C70
Tel: 0311-83864638

Fax: 0311-83809204




Address: No.60 xianyang Road,Tianjin,China

Tel: 022-27686307

Fax: 022-27687886




“Power Supply Information” is the comprehensiveness information publication is sponsored by

China Power Supply Society (CPSS). It is the most authoritative publication in the Chinese power

sources industry.

“Power Supply Information” is providing China’s power supply enterprises with the business and

technical information they need to remain competitive.

“Power Supply Information” have CPSS’s resource database of branch of industry and the yellow

page about the consumer. It issues in a large amount in China. Given it free in the exhibitions and

activities. Issue it include membership, the power produces and sell enterprises, Communication,

Finance, Postal service, electric power, manufacturing, traffic, energy, education, government,

R&D institution, family and anything else.

Now, CPSS carry the editorial board of “Power Supply Information” welcome any reader read it

free of charge, contribute article and release some information wholeheartedly.
YST Information Group            Booth No.: C71

Address: Block F,16F, Fuqiao Building, Fuhua Rd., Futian District,Shenzhen,518033 P.R. China

Tel: 0755-83690062

Fax: 0755-83690453




YST Information Group is a professional information service organization focusing on media,

exhibitions, networks and training, etc. It was established by YST Information (Hong Kong) Co.,

Ltd and its scheme and promotion is under the directorship of Shenzhen YST Advertising Co.,


YST Information Group runs six professional monthly magazines: International Optoelectronics

And Display, International Cables And Connections, International Intelligent Building Systems,

International Intelligent Traffic Systems, International Clothing Materials and International

Logistics. YST Information Group has a broad business network throughout the world, and has set

up offices in USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,

Changzhou, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan and Bao An of Shenzhen, etc.

With the spirit of “professional service, industry leadership”, we provide the industry and

corporations with all-round information services through a solid service platform to enhance the

communications and developments of the industry and its information technology.              Booth No.: C42
All Products Online Corporation ( is a leading B2B eCommerce company serving
the international trading community. Aiming to empower the traders in the fast-growing global
economy, establishes venues where global buyers and sellers can easily connect
to new market territories.

Global Trade Promotions Ltd.

Address: Room B & C, 7/F., Hamilton Comm. Bldg.560 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2782 1331

Fax: (852) 2782 1211

Global Trade Promotions Ltd. has over 10 years' experience in trade promotions. We promote
our magazines like “New Electronics”, “New Electronics Components” to worldwide buyers
through different channels, including free copies, subscription, participating in international trade
shows, direct mailing, Internet promotion and overseas advertisement, etc. Various kinds of
products are available from “New Electronics”, “New Electronics Components” and such as audio/visual, consumer electronics, telecommunications &
accessories, household appliances, components, etc.

National Software Human Resources Public Service Network

Address: National Software Human Resources Public Service Network

Tel: 86-532-85938038

Fax: 86-532-85931900


Description: is one of the most important network platform established by the National
Science and Technology Ministry to manage and serve the entire software industry. It is
committed to providing the broadest and most effective human resources service network to
12,000 Software enterprises and more than 100,000 Software relevant enterprises having
requirement on recruitment, 710,000 IT talents, relevant eduational and training organizations etc
located in 34 Software Parks and around. By sharing informations in and among 34 Software
Parks, the platform will effectively resolve the HR "bottleneck" status at present, and accelerate
the development of China's software industry by leaps and bounds.


Tel: 0769-85998450
Fax: 0769-85998941
Trans-Island Limousine Service Limited is the subordinate company of Kwoon Chung Bus
Holdings Limited, holding two famous brands as Gogobus and Trans-Island Chinalink. Gogobus
was established in November 1998, which provides passenger transportation between HKIA and
Guangdong Area. Also it provides many kinds of services, like subscribing international and
domestic flight ticket, bus ticket, hotel, travel and business charter car, and so on.
Trans-Island Limousine Service Limited (Gogobus) has established three ticket counters including
A09, B08 and C02 at HKIA, and also set up passenger service centers at Huanggang Port and
Shenzhen Bay Port, which can provide a comfortable waiting room for our customers. Insisting on
our service principle that "Customers first, Service foremost", we will constantly make progress to
provide high-quality and highly effective service. Therefore, our company has become one of
well-known corporations in this field.
We will make efforts to provide the best service to reward our customers’ support and assistance in

Business Sourcing Consulting Limited                   Booth No.: C50

Tel: +86-755-8217 2284

Fax: +86-755-8217 2694


Website: Http://
Global PCB Marketplace is the ONLY B2B media dedicated entirely to printed circuit board
sourcing with BPA-audited international circulation. It helps PCB suppliers expand in growing
global market, also, offer prompt purchasing solutions for PCB Buyers. The great majority of our
advertisers have been pleased with more business opportunities we take.

Media Federal Co., Ltd.,      Booth No.: C66
Tel: 0755-83359603

Fax: 0755-83359803

Media Federal Co., Ltd., was founded in 1989. Along with near seventeen years experience of
trading service, we realize deeply that international trading media should seek for multinational
alignment to reinforce the effective access and assist manufacturers to create trade opportunities.
Based on the service tenet of assisting buyers and suppliers manage to transaction as soon as
possible, we always try our best to make buyers’ sourcing request clear as possible, and exposure
supplier members products and details information, in order to procure the opportunity of deal
between buyers and suppliers..
Main services: involve trade publication, B2B exchange, ( ) set up
business exclusive website, R&D of internet technology, online E-marketplace promotion, assist
international buyers seeking suppliers etc.
Relate to the following industries: consumer merchandise, Arts and Crafts, Houseware, stationery
and office products, computers and related products, communications and telecommunications,
Cosmetics and Beauty care, Medical and Health, Hardware, Industrial Products etc.

Global Information      Booth No.: C64

Tel: 0755-29979552

Fax: 0755-29979842



HX Information :Electronic Production Equipment            Booth No.: C34

Address: Room 303 No. 6 Lane 2170, Caoyang Road

Tel: 021-52755681 52755692

Fax: 021-52755681    52755692


Website: Http://

Dongguan City Association of Enterprises With Foreign Investment          Booth No.:


Tel: (0769)22421168 22881826 22881832

Fax: (0769)22421623

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