THE EDINBURGH GAZETTE, JANUARY 5, 1926.                                         29
       • •                            Bate of                     Foreign Office,
                                     Interest.                             ' October 1, 1925.
                                     Per cent.      The KING has been graciously pleased to
  Income Tax) and to Companies                    appoint:—
  complying with the conditions of
  sub-section 5 (a) of section 90 of              Kenneth James Macarthur White, Esquire, to
  the Housing Act, 1925, or sub-                    be His Majesty's Consul at Punta Arenas,
  section 5 (a) of section 73 of the                and to be also His Majesty's Consul for the
  Housing (Scotland) Act, 1925.                     Argentine portion of Tierra del Fuego and
        Not exceeding 30 years ...    5             the Territory of Santa Cruz south of the
            ,,          40 ,,
                        try       ... 5^
                                      t/ 4
                                                    Biver Coyle;
     (4) To Companies and Private                 George Evelyn Arthur Cheyne Monck-Mason,
. Persons not so limiting their                     Esquire, to be His Majesty's Vice-Consul at
  profits to 6 per cent, (subject to                Mazagan, and
  Income Tax).                                    Balph Henry Tottenham Smith, Esquire, to be
        Not exceeding 30 years ...    5£            His Majesty's Vice-Consul at Cettinje.
                        40 „      ...  5|
     (5) To Authorised Associations
  as defined by sub-section 5 of
  section 16 of the Town Planning                                          Foreign Office,
  Act, 1925, and sub-section 4 of                                              October 15, 1925.
   section 15 of the Town Planning                The KING, has been graciously pleased to
   (Scotland) Act, 1925.                             appoint: —
        Not exceeding 30 years ... • 5            Harold Patteson, Esquire, to be His Majesty's
                         50 ,,    ...  51            Consul for the Bepublic of Nicaragua, to
                                                     reside at Managua, and
             II.—OTHEB LOANS.                     Thomas Ifor Bees, Esquire, to be His Majesty's
                                                     Consul for the • Provinces of Guipuzcoa,
  (1) Loans to Local Authorities for any pur-        "Vizcaya, Alava, Navarra. Burgos, Logrono,
poses of the Small Holdings Acts and the              Santander, and Palencia,, to reside at Bilbao.
Allotments Acts, 1908 to 1922.
                                         Bate of
                                        Per cent.            Whitehall, January 1, 1926.
        Any period                         5         The .KING has been pleased, by Warrant
  (2) Other Loans secured on Local Bates : — under His Majesty's. Boyal Sign Manual, bear-
                                         Bate of  ing .date the 1st instant, to appoint Captain
                                        Interest. Charles William Bawson Boyds, C.M.G.,
                                        Per cent. B.N., A.D.C., to be an Assistant Commis-
        Not exceeding 30 years ... . 5            sioner of Police of the Metropolis in the room
                        50 „       ...     5J     of Sir James William Olive K.B.E., who has
  (3) Loans not secured on Local Bates: —
     (a) Loans under the Harbour
  and Passing Tolls Act, 1861: —
                                         Bate of                  Downing Street,
                                        Interest.                          29t/i December 1925.
                                        Per cent,    The KING has been pleased to appoint
     (i) With collateral security—                Bichard Henry Kortright Dyett, Esq. (Magis-
         Not exceeding 30 years ...        5      trate of District " A " Antigua), to be an
                        50- „      ...     61     Official Member of the Executive Council of
                                                  the Presidency of Antigua.
    (ii) Without collateral security—
         Not exceeding 30 years ...        5£
                        50 „       ...     5f
     (6) Loans to private individuals                             Downing Street,
  and approved Associations under                                           31st December 1925.
  the Agricultural Credits Act,                       The KING has been pleased to appoint
   1923, and to Approved Societies                 Peter Grain, Esq., Assistant Judge of the
  under the Allotments Act, 1925:                  Supreme Court for China, to be also the Judge
         Any period                        5      of His Majesty's High Court of Weihaiwei.
      (c) Other Loans not secured
  on Local Bates (except loans to
  Territorial Associations, which,
   under section 6 oif the Public                                  Board of Trade,
  Works Loans Act, 1908, bear                                         Great George Street,
  interest at the rate prescribed for                                    London, S.W.I,
  loans on the security of Local                                           31st December 1925.
  Bates): —
                                                      Notice is hereby given that the following
         Not exceeding 30 years ...        5£      appointment has been made by the Board of
                        50 „        ...    5f      Trade, viz. : —
  Treasury Chambers,                                  Mr. John Broughton Knight to be Controller
         31st December 1925.                       of the Clearing Office with Germany established

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