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 (For HMDA Submissions due March 1, 2004)
 This edition of the Guide is not to be used for collecting or reporting 2004 data (data
 due March 1, 2005), as it does not reflect changes in the regulation that take effect
 January 1, 2004.


Getting It Right!

      Federal Financial Institutions
      Examination Council

   LOAN/APPLICATION REGISTER                                Page       of
   All columns (except Reasons for Denial) must be completed for each entry. See t

   Name of Reporting Institution                     Application or           City, State, ZIP
                                                    Loan Information

                                   Application or                              Received
                                   Loan Number                               (mm/dd/ccyy)

    Example of Loan Originated
    L B - 6 8 7 4 3 9                                                       01/15/1999
    Example of Application Denied
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0                               03/20/1999

Getting It Right!

   Edition Effective January 1, 2003
   (for HMDA submissions due March 1, 2004; not for use with
   HMDA submissions due March 1, 2005 or later)

   This edition of the Guide is the comprehensive edition for use with 2003
   calendar year data (due March 1, 2004). Appendices include the Federal
   Reserve Board’s Regulation C (Home Mortgage Disclosure); the Instructions
   for Completion of the HMDA Loan/Application Register (HMDA-LAR); the
   Staff Commentary to the regulation; state and county codes, together with
   the MSA numbers; and addresses and telephone numbers for the federal
   supervisory agencies.

May 2003
Contents   Foreword ___________________________________________________________         v

           Executive Summary: Management's Responsibilities
           Purpose of HMDA ___________________________________________________          1

           Who Must Report ____________________________________________________         1

           Who is Exempt ______________________________________________________         2

           Mergers, Acquisitions, and Recharters _________________________________      2

           Coverage Criteria for Depository Institutions ____________________________   4

           Coverage Criteria for Other Mortgage Lending Institutions ________________   5

           Reporting Requirements ______________________________________________        6

           Modified Loan/Application Register ____________________________________      6

           Disclosure Statements _______________________________________________        7

           Aggregate Tables ____________________________________________________        7

           Management's Responsibilities _______________________________________        8

           Getting Started: Assembling the Data and Tools
           What Loans Are Covered? ____________________________________________ 10

           What Types of Transactions Are Excluded? _____________________________ 10

           What Information Is Reported? ________________________________________ 11

           Sources of Geographic Information ____________________________________ 13

           Streamlining the Reporting Process ___________________________________ 17

     Completing the Form: Step-by-Step
     Reporting Form _____________________________________________________
     Information Needed for Your HMDA-LAR _______________________________
     About the Application or Loan ________________________________________
     About the Action Taken ______________________________________________
     About the Property Location __________________________________________
     About the Applicant __________________________________________________
     About Loans That You Sell ____________________________________________
     About the Reasons for Denial _________________________________________
     Officer's Certification and Contact Information __________________________
     Questions and Answers ______________________________________________
     Checklist for Person Completing HMDA-LAR ____________________________
     Checklist for Certifying Officer ________________________________________
     Glossary ___________________________________________________________

     A—Form and Instructions for Completion of HMDA

        Loan/Application Register _________________________________________
     B—Form and Instructions for Data Collection on Race or National Origin

        and Sex _________________________________________________________
     C—Regulation C _____________________________________________________
     D—Staff Commentary to Regulation C __________________________________
     E—State and County Codes for Counties in MSAs _______________________
     F—Federal Supervisory Agencies _____________________________________

Foreword	   A Guide to HMDA Reporting: Getting
            It Right! will assist you in complying
                                                         If you have questions that are not
                                                         answered by the Guide, refer first to
            with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act        the Board’s Regulation C, the Instruc­
            and Regulation C. It was written to          tions for Completion of the HMDA/LAR,
            address the needs of management and          and the Staff Commentary to the
            of the individuals who prepare the           regulation found as appendices to this
            HMDA report.                                 Guide. The Guide supplements these
                                                         materials, but is not itself a substitute.
            The Guide was developed by the               For further information, contact your
            member agencies of the Federal               federal supervisory agency (see
            Financial Institutions Examination           Appendix F to this Guide).
            Council (FFIEC)—the Office of the
            Comptroller of the Currency (OCC),
                                                         The FFIEC welcomes suggestions for
            the Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora­
                                                         changes or additions that might make
            tion (FDIC), the Office of Thrift Supervi­
                                                         this Guide more helpful. Write to FFIEC,
            sion (OTS), the Board of Governors of
                                                         3501 Fairfax Drive, Room 3086
            the Federal Reserve System (Board),
                                                         Arlington, VA 22226.
            and the National Credit Union Adminis­
            tration (NCUA)—and the Department of         E-mail:
            Housing and Urban Development

            Part one is an Executive Summary for
            the management officials responsible
            for an institution’s compliance with
            HMDA. It gives an overview of the law’s
            requirements, explains how to deter-
            mine whether an institution is covered
            by HMDA, and summarizes manage­
            ment’s responsibilities. Parts two and
            three of the Guide contain directions for
            assembling the necessary tools plus
            step-by-step instructions for completing
            the HMDA Loan/Application
            Register (the HMDA-LAR).

            The FFIEC uses information provided
            on the loan/application registers to
            produce HMDA disclosure statements
            for each reporting institution, as well as
            aggregate tables for all covered
            lenders in each metropolitan statistical
            area (MSA). These reports are made
            available at a central data depository
            in each MSA. Certain HMDA data also
            are available from the FFIEC by
            accessing the FFIEC Internet site,
  , by sending an
            e-mail to, or by
            calling the Board's HMDA Assistance
            Line, (202) 452-2016.                                                                     v
Executive          Purpose of HMDA
                   The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act,
                                                              Today, HMDA applies to lenders that
                                                              have assets above a certain level and
Summary:           enacted by Congress in 1975, is            have a home or branch office in a
Management’s       implemented by the Federal Reserve         metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or, in
Responsibilities   Board’s Regulation C (12 CFR Part 203).    the case of nondepository lenders, that
                   HMDA was made permanent in 1988,           have lending activity in an MSA.1
                   and was amended in 1989 to require
                   the reporting of data about applications   For data collection in 2003, depository
                   received and about applicant and           institutions with an office in an MSA are
                   borrower characteristics.                  covered if they had more than $32
                                                              million in assets as of December 31,
                   HMDA makes available to the public         2002. This threshold may change from
                   information that helps to show whether     year to year based on changes in the
                   financial institutions are serving the     Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage
                   housing credit needs of their neighbor-    Earners and Clerical Workers. Each
                   hoods and communities. HMDA data           year in December, the Federal Reserve
                   also help government officials make        Board will announce the new threshold
                   public sector investments and indicate     for the following year. Accordingly,
                   to private investors the neighborhoods     for data collection in 2004, the thresh-
                   where their efforts are needed. Finally,   old for coverage could change; the
                   HMDA data help identify possible           Board will announce any change in
                   discriminatory lending patterns and        December 2003.
                   assist regulatory agencies in enforcing
                   compliance with antidiscrimination         Nondepository lenders are covered if
                   statutes.                                  they have assets of more than $10
                                                              million and have an office or loan
                   HMDA does not prohibit any activity,       activity in an MSA. They are also
                   nor is it intended to encourage            covered, regardless of their asset size,
                   unsound lending practices or the           if they originate 100 or more home
                   allocation of credit.                      purchase loans (including refinancings)
                                                              during a calendar year.
                   Who Must Report                            There are some exceptions to these
                   When HMDA first became law, it
                                                              general rules; see the next page and
                   applied only to depository institutions
                                                              the flowcharts on pages 4 and 5 of this
                   and their subsidiaries. Over the years,
                   the Congress has expanded HMDA’s
                   coverage—first to savings and loan
                   service corporations, and to mortgage
                   banking subsidiaries of bank holding
                   companies and savings and loan
                   holding companies, and most recently
                   to independent mortgage lenders.

                                                                For more information on MSAs, see the glossary
                                                              at page 32.


Executive           Who is Exempt                               Mergers, Acquisitions, and
Summary:            A depository institution need not collect   Recharters
Management's        HMDA data—even though it meets the          When a merger or an acquisition takes
Responsibilities	   tests for asset size and location—if it     place or an institution is rechartered,
                    made no first-lien home purchase loans      questions often arise about how and
                    (including refinancings of home pur­        when to report HMDA data. The six
                    chase loans) on one-to-four-family          scenarios described below should
                    dwellings in the preceding calendar         answer many questions. You can refer
                    year.                                       others to your federal supervisory
                                                                agency for resolution.
                    A nondepository institution need not        ■	 Two institutions merge, producing a
                    collect HMDA data—even if it meets the         successor institution whose assets
                    tests for location and asset size or           exceed the asset threshold for
                    lending activity—if its home purchase          coverage. Both were previously
                    loan originations (including refinancings      exempt because of asset size. The
                    of home purchase loans) in the preced­         successor institution’s first HMDA
                    ing calendar year came to less than 10         report will be for the calendar year
                    percent of all its loan originations           following the year of the merger. No
                    (measured in dollars).                         data collection is required for the
                                                                   year of the merger.
                    Institutions located in a state that has
                    enacted a mortgage disclosure law may       ■ Two institutions merge, one covered
                                                                   and one exempt. The covered
                    be granted an exemption from HMDA if
                                                                   institution is the surviving institution.
                    they are subject to state law require­
                                                                   For the year of the merger, data
                    ments that are substantially similar to
                                                                   collection for loan applications,
                    federal requirements and there are
                                                                   originations, and purchases is
                    adequate provisions for enforcement.
                                                                   required for the covered institution's
                    These institutions will submit the
                                                                   transactions and is optional for
                    required information to their state
                                                                   transactions handled in offices of
                    supervisory agency instead of to their
                                                                   the previously exempt institution.
                    federal regulator. Institutions will be
                    informed by their state supervisory         ■ Two institutions merge, one covered
                    agency when such an exemption has              and one exempt. The exempt
                    been granted. At the present time, no          institution is the surviving institution,
                    state exemptions are in effect.                or a new institution is formed. Data
                                                                   collection for loan applications,
                                                                   originations, and purchases is
                                                                   required for transactions of the
                                                                   covered institution that take place
                                                                   prior to the merger. Data collection
                                                                   is optional for transactions taking
                                                                   place after the merger date.


■ Two covered institutions merge. The
■	                                           ■ A covered institution purchases
   surviving or resulting institution must      HMDA-related loans in bulk from
   report complete data for the year in         another entity (for example, from
   which they merged; it has the option         a failing institution). As neither a
   of filing a consolidated report or           merger nor the acquisition of an
   separate reports for that year.              institution is involved, the purchas­
                                                ing institution must report these
   If the institutions reported to differ­      loans as “purchased loans.”
   ent supervisory agencies prior to a       ■ A covered institution is rechartered.
   merger, the reports for the year in          The institution must report data for
   which they merged and all subse­             the year in which it was rechartered
   quent reports must be submitted to           and all subsequent years to its new
   the supervisory agency of the                supervisory agency.
   surviving or resulting institution.


Coverage                            Is the institution a bank,
Criteria                                                            NO
                                    credit union, or savings             See next page
for Depository                      association?
                                    On the preceding
                                    December 31, did the assets     NO
                                                                          It is exempt
                                    of the institution total more
                                    than $32 million?

                                    On the preceding
                                    December 31, did the            NO
                                                                          It is exempt
                                    institution have a home or
                                    branch office 2 in an MSA?


                                    In the preceding calendar
                                    year, did the institution
                                    originate at least one home
                                    purchase loan or refinancing          It is exempt
                                    of a home purchase loan
                                    secured by a first lien on a
                                    one-to-four-family dwelling?

  For depository institutions,      Is the institution federally
a branch office is an office
approved as a branch by a
                                    insured or regulated; was the
supervisory agency (except          mortgage loan insured,
that a branch office of a           guaranteed, or                        It is exempt
credit union is any office
where member accounts are
                                    supplemented by a federal
established or loans are            agency; or was the loan
made, whether or not the            intended for sale to Fannie
office has been approved as
a branch by a federal or state
                                    Mae or Freddie Mac?
agency). A branch office
does not include offices of
affiliates or other third parties                   YES
such as loan brokers, or other
offices where loan applica­         HMDA Applies to Loan
tions are merely taken; nor         Originations, Purchases,
does it include ATMs or other
electronic terminals.               and Applications in the
                                    Current Calendar Year


Coverage                            Is the lender a for-profit         NO
                                                                            It is exempt
Criteria                            institution?
for Other
Institutions                        In the preceding calendar
                                    year, did the institution's home
                                    purchase loan originations         NO
                                    (including refinancings of              It is exempt
                                    home purchase loans) equal
                                    or exceed 10 percent of its
                                    total loan originations, mea­
                                    sured in dollars?

                                    Did the institution either:
                                    (1) have a home or branch
                                    office3 in an MSA on the
                                    preceding December 31, or
                                    (2) receive applications for,      NO
                                                                            It is exempt
                                    originate, or purchase 5 or
                                    more home purchase or home
                                    improvement loans on prop­
                                    erty located in an MSA in the
                                    preceding calendar year?


                                    Did the institution either:
                                    (1) have assets (when com­
                                    bined with the assets of any
                                    parent corporation) exceeding
                                    $10 million on the preceding       NO
                                    December 31, or (2) originate           It is exempt
                                    100 or more home purchase
                                    loans (including refinancings
                                    of home purchase loans) in
                                    the preceding calendar year?

   For other mortgage lending                       YES
institutions, a branch office is
any office of the institution       HMDA Applies to Loan
that takes applications from
the public for home purchase
                                    Originations, Purchases,
or home improvement loans.          and Applications in the
It does not include offices of      Current Calendar Year
affiliates or other third parties
such as loan brokers.


Executive          Reporting Requirements                  Modified Loan/Application
Summary:           HMDA requires covered institutions      Register
Management's       to compile and disclose data about      Institutions must make their HMDA-LAR
Responsibilities   loan applications and about home        data—modified to protect privacy
                   purchase and home improvement           interests of applicants and borrowers—
                   loans they originate or purchase        available to the public upon request.
                   during each calendar year. In gen­      Three fields must be deleted: the
                   eral, institutions must report:         application or loan number, the date the
                   ■	 Data about each application or       application was received, and the date
                      loan (such as loan type and          the action was taken. Aside from
                      amount) and about the location of    making these three modifications,
                      the dwelling to which it relates.    institutions are not required to change
                                                           the format of the data from that used to
                   ■	 The race or national origin, sex,
                                                           collect and maintain the data. However,
                      and gross annual income of the
                                                           institutions are strongly encouraged to
                      applicant or borrower.
                                                           make the modified HMDA-LAR data
                                                           available in census tract order, if
                   An institution must maintain a loan/
                   application register on which it will
                   enter data about each application
                                                           A modified register must be available
                   received and each loan originated or
                                                           no later than March 31 for requests
                   purchased. The data must be pre­
                                                           made on or before March 1 following
                   sented in the format prescribed by
                                                           the year to which the data relate, and
                   the Federal Reserve Board in an
                                                           within 30 days for requests made after
                   appendix to Regulation C (see
                                                           March 1. The modified register must
                   Appendix A to this Guide). The
                                                           continue to be made available to the
                   institution must send the loan/
                                                           public for three years.
                   application register to its federal
                   supervisory agency by March 1
                   following the calendar year to which
                   the loan data relate.


Disclosure Statements                          Aggregate Tables
Using data from the loan/application           In addition to preparing individual
registers, the FFIEC will prepare and          disclosure statements, the FFIEC will
send to each reporting institution a           combine the HMDA data submitted by
series of tables that will comprise the        all reporting institutions and produce
disclosure statement for that institution.     aggregate tables for each MSA. The
                                               FFIEC will produce additional tables for
An institution must make the statement         each MSA showing the lending patterns
available to the public for inspection         according to demographic characteris­
and copying at its home office within          tics provided by the Bureau of the
three business days of receiving the           Census, such as age of housing stock.
disclosure statement from the FFIEC.
In addition, if an institution has branch      The FFIEC will send copies of the
offices in other MSAs, it must make            individual disclosure statements and
disclosures available using one of two         aggregate tables to a central data
options: it can make the statement             depository (such as a public library or a
available in at least one office in each of    planning commission office) in each
those MSAs, within ten business days of        MSA, where the information is made
receipt from the FFIEC; or it can send a       available to the public. A directory of
copy of the statement if someone makes         central data depositories may be
a written request, within fifteen calendar     obtained from the FFIEC.
days of receiving the request. If an
institution chooses the second option,
it must post the address for requesting
copies in each branch office in an MSA.

The institution may charge a reasonable
fee to cover costs incurred.

The disclosure statement must remain
available to the public for five years, and
an institution must post a notice about
availability in the lobby of its home office
and any branch offices located in an
MSA. See the suggested text for the
posters in Appendix A at page A-5.


Executive          Management’s                                 Administrative sanctions. Given the
Summary:           Responsibilities                             importance of accurate and timely sub-
Management's       If your institution is required to comply    mission of HMDA data, a violation is
Responsibilities   with HMDA, management must ensure            subject to administrative sanctions,
                   that:                                        including the imposition of civil money
                   ■	 Procedures are in place for collect­      penalties, where applicable.
                      ing and maintaining accurate data
                      regarding each loan application,          Automation. Institutions that report 25
                      loan origination, and purchase of         or fewer entries on their HMDA-LAR may
                      loans—for home purchase or home           report the data in paper form. All others
                      improvement and for refinancings of       must submit HMDA reports in an auto-
                      these two types of loans.                 mated, machine-readable form. To
                                                                facilitate automated reporting, all of the
                   ■	 The individuals assigned responsibil­
                                                                agencies provide FFIEC HMDA data
                      ity for preparing and maintaining the
                                                                entry software, which can be down-
                      data understand the regulatory re­
                                                                loaded free of charge from the FFIEC
                      quirements and are given the
                                                                web site (
                      resources and tools needed to
                                                                softinfo.htm). Before submission the
                      produce complete and accurate
                                                                data must be checked using edits
                                                                supplied by the FFIEC (included in the
                   ■	 Appropriate record entries are made       agency-supplied data entry software
                      on the HMDA-LAR within thirty calen­      and available at
                      dar days after the end of the calen­      edits.htm) or equivalent edits in software
                      dar quarter in which final action         purchased from vendors or developed
                      occurs (such as origination or pur­       in-house. Visit the HMDA web site
                      chase of a loan, or denial or with­       ( or call the HMDA
                      drawal of an application). For loans      assistance line at 202-452-2016 for
                      sold, the type of purchaser may be        more information about the data entry
                      added later.                              software or the edits.
                   ■	 An officer of the institution monitors
                      the collection of the loan/application    Internet e-mail is the encouraged method
                      data during the course of the year for    of transmission for respondents super-
                      compliance with the reporting             vised by the FRB, FDIC, NCUA, OCC, or
                      instructions, reviews the data, and       OTS. You must first install the Internet
                      certifies the accuracy of the data        Submission software that is included on
                      submitted to the institution’s supervi­   the free FFIEC HMDA data entry soft-
                      sory agency at year-end.                  ware provided by the agencies. When
                   ■	 The loan/application data are sub­        you are ready to export your data, select
                      mitted on time and the institution        the “Export to Regulatory Agency via
                      responds promptly to any questions        Internet E-mail” option in the data entry
                      that may arise during processing of       software and complete the steps as
                      the data submitted.                       directed. Then, complete the instruc­
                                                                tions to prepare your HMDA submission
                                                                for transmission over the internet (see
                                                                “Preparing the Submission for Internet
                                                                E-mail Transmission” found in the FFIEC
                                                                HMDA data entry software). The Internet
                                                                e-mail addresses can be found in the
                                                                Glossary of the data entry software.


(Use of any other export option or           Institutions must use only 2000 census
Internet Submission product will result in   tract numbers because the FFIEC uses
the creation of a submission that is NOT     the corresponding 2000 demographic
acceptable.) Detailed instructions for       data in preparing the aggregate tables
Internet e-mail submission and file          described on page 7.
encryption of the HMDA data are
included with the file formats on the web    Some institutions rely on appraisers to
(        identify the census tract numbers.
                                             Others arrange for data processors to
HUD accepts data submissions from            “geocode” the loans. Whatever method
institutions it supervises via the FHA       you choose to follow, the ultimate
Connection (see        responsibility for the accuracy of the
clas). If you need a user ID and pass-       data—and for ensuring that 2000
word to use this option, contact HUD at      census tract numbers are used—rests
202-755-7500 x7572 or          with your institution. An incorrect entry
                                             for a particular census tract number is
The other acceptable methods of              not a violation only if your institution
transmission are diskette, CD-ROM and        maintains reasonable procedures to
cartridge tape, pursuant to the appli­       avoid such errors—for example, by
cable technical specifications. The          conducting periodic checks of the
technical specifications for respondents     information obtained from your data
regulated by FDIC, NCUA, OCC, or OTS         processor.
can be found on the FFIEC web site
An FRB- or HUD-regulated institution
should contact its agency for the file

The tools your staff will need
■	 Information about the MSA bound­
   aries, to identify the MSAs in which
   you have home or branch offices.
   See Appendix E to this Guide. If your
   institution is subject to the special
   reporting requirements under the
   Community Reinvestment Act regula­
   tions, you will need to identify all
   MSAs in which you make loans, not
   only those in which you have offices;
   see page 12.
■	 Maps and materials from the Bureau
   of the Census for determining the
   2000 census tract numbers for
   properties in locations you must


Getting	          What Loans Are Covered?                     For more guidance about refinancings,
                                                              refer to the question-and-answer on
Started           The key to HMDA coverage is the
                  purpose of the loans. You need informa-     page 25, the instructions for completing
Assembling the    tion for loans originated or purchased,     the HMDA-LAR at page A-8, and the
Data and Tools	   as well as for loan applications that do    Staff Commentary at pages D-1 and
                  not result in an origination. This infor­   D-2 (in the appendices to this Guide).
                  mation is collected for two categories of
                  loans: home purchase loans and home         You do not have to group loans on your
                  improvement loans.                          register in any particular order. You
                                                              may prefer to keep separate registers
                  A home purchase loan is any loan            for the different categories of loans—or
                  secured by and made for the purpose         even separate registers at different
                  of purchasing a dwelling.                   branches. Keep in mind, however, that
                                                              the application or loan identifiers must
                  A home improvement loan is any loan to      be unique within your institution. For
                  be used, at least in part, for repairing,   example, if your report contains data
                  rehabilitating, remodeling, or improving    from several branch offices, and each
                  a dwelling (or the real property on         keeps its own register, assign codes or
                  which the dwelling is located) and that     series of numbers to each branch to
                  is carried on the institution’s books (or   avoid duplication. Send all the registers
                  has otherwise been classified or coded)     for your institution to your supervisory
                  as a home improvement loan. The term        agency in a consolidated report or
                  applies to both secured and unsecured       automated file.
                                                              What Types of Transactions
                  Home equity credit lines for home           Are Excluded?
                  purchase or improvement may be              The following transactions are excluded
                  reported at the institution’s option.       from reporting under HMDA:
                  Report only the amount that is intended     ■ Loans made or purchased in a
                  for home purchase or home improve­             fiduciary capacity.
                  ment purposes. An institution that
                                                              ■ Loans on unimproved land.
                  reports home equity credit line origina­
                  tions must also report any applications     ■ Construction loans and other
                  that do not result in an origination.          temporary financing (but
                                                                 construction-permanent loans
                  You need to collect the data for home          must be reported).
                  purchase and home improvement               ■ Purchase of an interest in a pool
                  loans, including refinancings, on both         of mortgages, such as a mortgage
                  one-to-four-family and multifamily (five       participation certificate, a real estate
                  or more) properties. The loan data for         mortgage investment conduit
                  each calendar year will be reported on         (REMIC), or a mortgage-backed
                  the HMDA-LAR (a copy of the HMDA­              security.
                  LAR and the instructions appear in          ■	 Purchases solely of servicing rights
                  Appendix A to this Guide).                     to loans.


■	 Loans that, although secured by          Reporting race, sex, and
   residential real estate, are made for    income
   purposes other than home purchase        HMDA requires institutions to collect
   or home improvement, or refinanc­        information about the race or national
   ing (for example, loans to finance       origin, sex, and gross annual income of
   tuition, a vacation, or goods for        applicants or borrowers for all loan
   business inventory).                     applications and loan originations. This
■	 The acquisition of only a partial        information is not required but may be
   interest in a home purchase or a         reported for loans purchased by your
   home improvement loan by your            institution.
   institution, even if you have partici­
   pated in the underwriting and            There is a standard form for obtaining
   origination of the loan (such as in      the data about the race or national
   certain consortium loans).               origin and sex of the applicant or
                                            borrower (see Appendix B to this
■	 Prequalification requests for mort­
                                            Guide). The form contained in the
   gage loans (see the Staff Commen­
                                            Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation B
   tary at page D-4 in this Guide).
                                            (Equal Credit Opportunity) that was
                                            effective as of January 1, 2003 (not the
                                            form that became effective as of April
What Information Is                         15, 2003) may be used to collect the
Reported?                                   data.
HMDA requires the collection of certain
basic information, such as loan type        Reporting MSA, state and
and amount, for any home purchase           county codes, and census
or home improvement loan that you           tract numbers
originate, or purchase, or for which        If a loan or application relates to property
you receive an application; and requires    located in an MSA where you have a
geographic data for loan properties         home or a branch office (or, for large
located in metropolitan areas where         institutions under CRA, for any property
you have a home or branch office. For       regardless of location), you must report
institutions subject to the special         the following geographic information
reporting requirements under the            about the property location:
Community Reinvestment Act regula­          ■	 The MSA number and the state and
tions, geographic data are required for          county codes specified by the U.S.
all properties regardless of location;           Department of Commerce in its
see page 12. In addition, information            Federal Information Processing
about the race, sex, and income                  Standards Publication (FIPS PUB
of the applicant or borrower is                  8-5), Metropolitan Statistical Areas.
generally required for applications              For 2003, this information is avail-
and originations.                                able in Appendix E to this Guide. A
                                                 new list of MSAs is expected in mid-
                                                 2003; this list should not, however,
                                                 be used for reporting 2003 data.
                                                 See Appendix A of this Guide at


Getting Started:   ■	 The 2000 census tract number               For other types of institutions (such as
Assembling the        (except as specified below).               mortgage companies) branch office
Data and Tools                                                   refers to any office that takes applica­
                   You must report these geographic data         tions from the public for home purchase
                   not just for loan applications and            or home improvement loans. These
                   originations, but also for loans your         entities also are considered to have a
                   institution purchases from another            branch office in any MSA where in the
                   (even if the loan originator did not          preceding year they received applica­
                   collect the geographic information).          tions for, originated, or purchased five
                   Although generally you must report the        or more loans for home purchase or
                   census tract number of the property to        home improvement—whether or not
                   which the loan or application relates,        they had a physical office there. As a
                   you may omit the census tract number          result, these lenders must keep com­
                   (and instead enter the code “NA” for          plete geographic records of lending in
                   “not applicable” in the census tract          the current calendar year in order to
                   column) for any application or loan on        report data accurately the following
                   property that is located in a county that     year. Therefore, they may find it easier
                   had a population of 30,000 or less in         to enter geographic data routinely for
                   the 2000 census, even if the population       any property located within any MSA.
                   later exceeds 30,000.
                   Note that even if you enter “NA” in the       Institutions subject to CRA reporting
                   census tract column, you must still           rules. Under the interagency Commu­
                   enter the MSA number, state code, and         nity Reinvestment Act (CRA) rules,
                   county code.                                  banks and savings associations with
                                                                 total assets of $250 million or more and
                   Branch office. The term branch office         banks and savings associations that
                   refers only to offices of your institution,   are subsidiaries of a holding company
                   not offices of affiliates or other parties    whose total banking and thrift assets
                   such as loan brokers.                         are $1 billion or more must report the
                                                                 property location in all cases, even for
                   For a bank or other depository institu­       properties located outside those MSAs
                   tion, branch office means an office           in which they have a physical home or
                   approved as a branch by a supervisory         branch office (or outside of any MSA).
                   agency (except that a branch office of a
                   credit union is any office where member       Example: A bank with assets of $3
                   accounts are established or loans are         billion receives an application for a loan
                   made, whether or not the office has           on property located in a rural, non-MSA
                   been approved as a branch by a                area. The bank must enter the property
                   federal or state supervisory agency).         location as follows: for MSA, NA; for
                   The term does not include other offices       state, the correct state code; for county,
                   where the institution merely takes loan       the correct county code; and for census
                   applications, nor does it include ATMs.       tract, the correct census tract number.


Sources of Geographic                        A list of all valid census tract numbers in
Information                                  each MSA can be produced from the
To report geographic data accurately,        Census Data CD-ROM. The CD-ROM
your institution will need:                  (item #303) can be purchased via the
                                             FFIEC CRA/HMDA Data Order Form that
■	 Information about MSA boundaries
                                             is located on the web (
   (See Appendix E to this Guide for
                                             hmda/orderform.htm). The list will help
   MSA information for the 2003 calen­
                                             ensure that you are using only valid
   dar year. You can also obtain infor­
                                             census tract numbers; however, the list
   mation on current and historical MSA
                                             is not a tool for “geocoding” your HMDA
   boundaries at
   select Subjects A–Z, then M, then
   Metropolitan Areas, then Current and
                                             You may choose from various products
   historical lists of metropolitan areas—
                                             available from the U.S. Census Bureau
   Metropolitan Area Definitions.); and
                                             for determining the correct 2000 census
■	 Census Tract Street Address Lookup        tract number for a given property. The
   Resources or                              Census Bureau, however, is not able to
■	 Census Tract Outline Maps (Census         assist in preparing documents to meet
   2000) along with an up-to-date local      HMDA requirements or in determining
   reference map or                          the appropriate census tract numbers
■	 LandView® 5, which contains maps          for individual addresses.
   as well as a look-up application.
                                             Do not use sources with 1990 census
In some cases, your institution may need
                                             tract numbers. For a given area, the
both street address lookup resources
                                             Census 2000 tract number is not neces­
and maps.
                                             sarily the same as the 1990 Census tract
By looking up your service area in
Appendix E to this Guide, you can
determine if you have offices located
                                             Census     Tract Street Address
within an MSA and you can obtain the
                                             Lookup     Resources
                                             Several Internet-based products permit
corresponding codes. HMDA and
                                             you to look up a census tract number,
Regulation C use the term MSA—
                                             given a street address:
metropolitan statistical area—for both
                                             1.	 The Census Bureau’s American
MSAs and PMSAs (primary metropolitan
                                                 FactFinder (AFF) Internet application,
statistical areas). MSA, PMSA, and
CMSA are components of metropolitan
areas, or MAs. The Office of Manage­         2. The FFIEC’s application for HMDA
ment and Budget, which defines their             and CRA reporters, at http://
geographic boundaries, and the U.S.    
Census Bureau refer to the generic term          default.htm.
MA. The distinction between MSAs and
PMSAs is not relevant for HMDA pur­
poses, and you may treat them as
synonymous terms.


Getting Started:   3. The Census Bureau’s LandView 5          Census Tract Mapping
Assembling the        has a new feature that allows users     Resources
Data and Tools	       to map and geocode an address to a
                      census tract and block group num­       Census 2000 Tract Outline Maps. The
                      ber. Because LandView 5 is pro­         Census Tract Outline Map (Census
                      duced by the Census Bureau              2000) product provides maps in
                      Geography Division, it is an authori­   Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file format (see
                      tative resource for determining         Figure 1). Each map sheet is available
                      census tract numbers for a given        from the U.S. Census Bureau Map
                      address or a specific location on the   Products Internet page at the following
                      map.                                    URL:
                   Note: the U.S. Census Bureau has no
                   plans to produce a Census 2000 TIGER/
                   CTSI, though the Bureau is still produc­
                   ing other TIGER products.

                   Figure 1: Portion of Census Tract Outline Map—New York County, NY


These maps, which are highly detailed,       These maps show the boundaries and
are designed for a paper sheet size of       numbers of the census tracts as well as
33 inches by 36 inches. These map            the named features underlying the
images in PDF can be viewed on the           boundaries. They also show the bound­
computer screen where the user can pan       aries, names and codes for American
and zoom the image to locate the area of     Indian/Alaska Native/Hawaiian home
interest. Printing the entire map sheet on   land areas, counties, county subdivi­
a much smaller sheet of paper will not       sions, and places.
provide a usable image. A user has two
options for obtaining 33”x36” copies:        The outline maps do not show streets,
■	 Use a large format plotter capable of     street names, or address ranges within
   printing 33”x36” sheets. The plotter      a census tract. Consequently, you may
   should have a PostScript card to          wish to use these maps in combination
   ensure accurate reproduction of the       with up-to-date local street maps.
   colors and patterns of the original
   map. Plotter specifications for an HP
   1055cm are provided at the U.S.
   Census Bureau Map products URL
   shown above.
■	 Purchase a 33”x36” copy from the
   U.S. Census Bureau 301-763-INFO
   (4636). The price is $5.00 per map
   sheet, with a minimum order of 5 map


Getting Started:
Assembling the
Data and Tools

                   Figure 2: LandView 5 Map New York County, NY

                   LandView® 5. LandView 5 is a U.S.         LandView 5 shows a detailed network of
                   Census Bureau desktop mapping             roads (containing address information
                   software product. (It may be ordered on   where available), rivers, and railroads
                   a 2 DVD-ROM national set or on a          along with jurisdictional and statistical
                   custom CD-ROM for a state or group of     boundaries (including census tracts).
                   states that will fit on the CD-ROM.) It   The information is based upon the U.S.
                   runs on Windows®98, NT, Windows           Census Bureau’s Census 2000 TIGER/
                   2000, XP and Macintosh operating          Lines files that reflect the street network
                   systems.                                  and address ranges known to the U.S.
                                                             Census Bureau as of late 1999. Besides
                                                             producing custom map views that
                                                             display selected user specified map
                                                             information (see Figure 2 above),
                                                             LandView also provides the capability
                                                             of displaying the FIPS state and county
                                                             codes, census tract and block group
                                                             codes for any location that a user
                                                             points to on the map.


LandView 5 also has an address finder    To obtain the Census products
feature that allows a user to rapidly    described above contact:
locate a street intersection or street
address range on a map for a given ZIP      Customer Services Center
Code. Ordering information, a fully         U.S. Census Bureau
functional demonstration copy of the        Washington, DC 20233
software for Prince William County, VA      (301) 763-4636 (INFO)
and a tutorial are available for down-
load at the following URL: http://
                                         To obtain detailed information about
                                         geographic products:

  Note for appraisal report                 Geography Division
  users: Institutions that take the         Geographic Products
  census tract numbers from                   Management Branch
  property appraisal reports                U.S. Census Bureau
  should ensure that appraisers             Washington, DC 20233
  use copies of the Census 2000             (301) 763 -1128
  Tract Outline Maps for the
  counties where they will be
  appraising properties. The
  ultimate responsibility for the
  accuracy of the census tract
  data—and for ensuring that 2000        Streamlining the Reporting
  census tract numbers are               Process
  used—rests with the institution.       The following suggestions may help you
                                         streamline the reporting process.
                                         ■	 Regulation C requires you to record
                                             entries on the HMDA-LAR within thirty
                                             days after the end of the calendar
                                             quarter in which final action is taken
                                             (such as origination or purchase of a
                                             loan, or denial or withdrawal of an
                                             application). If you use an outside
                                             servicer to identify property loca­
                                             tions, make appropriate arrange­
                                             ments to have this geocoding
                                             completed on a timely basis. The
                                             type of purchaser for loans sold in a
                                             later quarter may be added after the
                                             sale occurs.


Getting Started:      Your regulator may require you to       All of the agencies provide FFIEC HMDA
Assembling the        update the data more frequently than    data entry software, which can be
Data and Tools        is required under Regulation C.         downloaded free of charge from the
                   ■	 In some cases you may be able to        FFIEC web site (
                      wait until the loan transaction is      softinfo.htm). Before submission the
                      complete to determine the census        data must be checked using edits
                      tract number (for example, from the     supplied by the FFIEC (included in the
                      appraisal report) and still meet the    agency-supplied data entry software
                      quarterly updating requirement. But     and available at
                      keep in mind that census tract          edits.htm) or equivalent edits in software
                      numbers are also required for loan      purchased from vendors or developed
                      applications that are denied or         in-house. Visit the HMDA web site
                      withdrawn.                              ( or call the HMDA
                                                              assistance line at 202-452-2016 for
                   ■	 If your institution handles a large
                                                              more information about the data entry
                      volume of loans and applications,
                                                              software or the edits.
                      you may want to keep separate
                      registers for home mortgage and
                                                              Internet e-mail is the encouraged method
                      home improvement loans. You
                                                              of transmission for respondents super-
                      must make sure, however, that each
                                                              vised by the FRB, FDIC, NCUA, OCC, or
                      application or loan number is unique.
                                                              OTS. See the instructions on pages 8–9
                                                              of the Guide. To submit data on dis­
                                                              kette, CD-ROM or cartridge tape, an
                                                              institution regulated by FDIC, NCUA,
                                                              OCC, or OTS can find the technical
                                                              specifications on the HMDA web site
                                                              An FRB- or HUD-regulated institution
                                                              should contact its agency for the file


Completing     Reporting Form                             Information Needed for Your
the Form:      The loan/application register known as
               the HMDA-LAR is used for reporting
                                                          You will have to collect and report
Step-by-Step   the HMDA data. The register format and     certain information for each loan
               detailed instructions appear in Appen­     transaction reportable under HMDA,
               dix A to this Guide. You must follow the   as described below. All column fields
               prescribed format of the HMDA-LAR,         must be completed except “reasons for
               but you do not have to use the form        denial,” which is optional under HMDA.
               itself so long as you use a layout that    For institutions regulated by the OTS
               conforms to that of the register.          or OCC, however, completion of the
                                                          “reasons for denial” is required under
               You must submit your report in an          these agencies' regulations.
               automated, machine-readable form,
               unless you have 25 or fewer entries
               to report. You must also check the data
               before submission, using edits included
               in the agency-supplied software (or
               equivalent edits in software available
               from vendors or developed in-house).

               Figure 3: Loan/Application Register

Completing the   . . . About the Application               ■ Date application received. Report
Form:            or Loan                                     either the date the application was
Step-by-Step                                                 received or the date shown on the
                 ■ Identification number. You may
                                                             application form. For purchased
                   enter any identifier (up to 25
                                                             loans, enter the code “NA” for “not
                   characters long) that can be used
                                                             applicable.” (See the Staff Commen­
                   later to retrieve the particular loan
                                                             tary in Appendix D to this Guide for
                   or application to which the entry
                                                             additional guidance concerning the
                   relates. It is recommended that
                                                             date to be used in other situations.)
                   institutions not use applicants'
                   names or social security numbers        ■ Type of loan. Enter the appropriate
                   on the HMDA-LAR in order to               code to indicate whether the loan
                   ensure privacy for the applicant or       granted, applied for, or purchased
                   borrower.                                 was conventional, government-
                   The identifier must be unique             guaranteed, or government-insured.
                   among all entries from your             ■ Purpose of loan. For a one-to-
                   institution. For example, if your         four-family dwelling, report whether
                   report contains data from several         the loan or application was for home
                   branches, and each branch keeps           purchase, home improvement, or
                   its own register, make sure that          refinancing. For loans or applica­
                   you assign a code (or a series of         tions on multifamily property there
                   numbers) to each branch to avoid          is just one code; use that code
                   duplication.                              whether a home purchase loan,
                                                             home improvement loan, or a
                                                             refinancing is involved.

                                       Application or
                                      Loan Information

                                                                 Date                       amount
                                                              Application             Owner    in
                     Application or                            Received          Pur­ Occu­  thou-
                     Loan Number                             (mm/dd/ccyy)   Type pose pancy sands


                 9                                         01/15/1999        2    1    1      65
                 ication Denied
                 8 9 - 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
                03/20/1999 1           1    1     125


■ Occupancy. For a one-to-four-family        . . . About the Action Taken
  dwelling, indicate whether the             ■ Type of action. Use the appropri­
  property to which the loan or appli­         ate code to categorize the entry as
  cation relates will be the borrower’s        a loan origination, as a purchased
  principal dwelling. For multifamily          loan, or as an application that did
  dwellings (housing five or more              not result in an origination. Do not
  families), and for any dwellings             report applications still pending at
  located in MSAs where you do not             year-end. You will report these
  have home or branch offices or               transactions in the calendar year
  located outside MSAs, you may                when final disposition is made.
  either enter the code for “not appli­
                                             ■ Date of action taken. Enter the
  cable” or the code for the actual
                                               settlement or closing date for
  occupancy status.
                                               originations. For applications that
■ Loan amount. Report the dollar               did not result in an origination,
  amount granted or requested in               enter the date when the action
  thousands. For example, if the               (loan denied, file closed for incom­
  dollar amount was $95,000, enter             pleteness, application approved
  95; if it was $1,500,000, enter 1500.        but not accepted) was taken or
  Round to the nearest thousand;               when the notice was sent to the
  round $500 up to the next thousand.          applicant. For an application that
  For example, if the loan was for             was expressly withdrawn by the
  $152,500, enter 153. But if the loan         applicant, you may enter either the
  was for $152,499, enter 152. Do not          date shown on the applicant’s letter
  report loans of less than $500.              or the date that you received the
   For submissions in automated form,          letter or notice. For loans that your
   your reporting program should add           institution purchased, enter the
   leading zeros to the loan amount to         date of the purchase. (See the Staff
   fill out the column (for example, for a     Commentary in Appendix D to this
   loan amount of $95,000, enter               Guide for additional guidance
   00095). Leading zeros are not               concerning the date to be entered
   required for submissions in paper           for other situations.)


Completing the   . . . About the Property                                ■		 Census tract number. Use only the
Form:            Location                                                    numbers assigned in the 2000
Step-by-Step                                                                 census. This is critical because the
                 ■		 MSA number, state code, and
                                                                             FFIEC will use 2000 demographic
                     county code. Report the four-digit
                                                                             data in preparing tables from the
                     MSA code, two-digit code for the
                                                                             data submitted by reporting
                     state, and three-digit code for the
                     county. Enter these codes for any
                     loan or loan application on property                    Record each census tract number
                     located in an MSA where you have a                      showing any decimal points pre­
                     home or branch office. If the property                  cisely as shown on Census Bureau
                     is located outside the MSAs where                       documents. Add leading and trailing
                     you have a home or branch office (or                    zeros to fill out the column, even
                     outside any MSA), you may enter the                     though the number is not shown with
                     applicable codes or you may enter                       leading or trailing zeros on the
                     “NA” in each of these columns. (See                     Census documents. For example,
                     page 31 for the definition of branch                    report census tract 8.02 as 0008.02,
                     office, pages 11–12 and Appendix E                      not 802, 0802, or 8; and report
                     for information about state and                         census tract 1012 as 1012.00.
                     county codes, and page 12 for                           You may enter “NA” for the census
                     information about property location                     tract number if the property is
                     reporting requirements for certain                      located in a county with a population
                     institutions subject to CRA.)                           of 30,000 or less. As of the 2000
                    In the case of a nondepository
                          census, every area of the country is
                    institution, these data are also
                        in a census tract. Accordingly, Block
                    required for properties in any MSAs in
                  Numbering Areas (BNAs) no longer
                    which you originated, purchased, or
                     exist. References to BNAs in the
                    received applications for five or more
                  commentary have been removed
                    home purchase or home improvement
                       effective January 1, 2004.
                    loans in the preceding

                    calendar year.

                                  Action Taken                      Property Location                A = Applicant

                                                                                                       Race or
                    Loan                                                                            National Origin
                  amount                            Four-   Two-       Three-
                     in                             Digit   Digit       Digit           Six-Digit
                   thou-               Date         MSA     State      County           Census        A      CA
                   sands   Type     (mm/dd/ccyy)   Number   Code       Code               Tract

                    65      1 02/22/1999 8840               51         059       4 2 1 9 - 8 5        3       8

                   125      3 04/30/1999 0450               01         015       0 0 2 1 - 0 0        5       4



. . . About the Applicant                                       institution relies on an applicant’s
■ Race or national origin and sex                               salary to compute a debt-to-income
  of the applicant. Use the appropri­                           ratio, but also relies on the
  ate codes for the categories shown                            applicant’s annual bonus to evaluate
  in the instructions to the HMDA                               creditworthiness, you should report
  loan/application register found in                            the salary and the bonus to the
  Appendix A to this Guide. Report                              extent relied upon. Report the
  this information both for loans that                          amount in thousands, rounded to the
  you originate and for loan appli­                             nearest thousand ($500 should be
  cations that do not result in an                              rounded up to the next thousand).
  origination. You may, but are not
                                                                Enter “NA” if your institution does
  required to, report these data for
                                                                not take the applicant’s income into
  loans that you purchase. Report the
                                                                account, or if the loan or application
  data for the applicant and for the co­
                                                                is for a multifamily dwelling, or if you
  applicant if there is one. If there is
                                                                choose not to collect this information
  no co-applicant, use the numerical
                                                                for a purchased loan.
  code for “not applicable” in the co­
  applicant column.                                             You may also enter “NA” for loans to
■ Income of the applicant. If an                                your institution’s employees to
  application relates to a one-to-four-                         protect their privacy, even though
  family dwelling, enter the total gross                        you may have relied on their income
  annual income your institution                                in making your credit determination.
  relied on in making the credit
  decision. For example, if your

                                        Applicant Information
                                 A = Applicant    CA = Co-Applicant

                                  Race or                          Gross
                               National Origin       Sex          Annual
   Three-                                                         Income   Type of    Reasons
    Digit       Six-Digit                                            in      Pur­       for
   County       Census           A      CA       A         CA      thou-   chaser      Denial
    Code          Tract                                            sands   of Loan   (Optional)

    059     4 2 1 9    . 8 5     3       8       1         4        24       7

    015     0 0 2 1    . 0 0     5       4       2         1        55       0        415


Completing     . . . About Loans That                      Officer’s Certification and
the Form:      You Sell                                    Contact Information
Step-by-Step   ■ Type of purchaser. If you sell a          An officer of your institution must
                 loan in the same calendar year in         review the completed HMDA-LAR and
                 which it was originated or pur­           attest to its accuracy before submitting
                 chased, you must identify the type        it to your supervisory agency. This
                 of purchaser to whom it was sold. If      certification is made on the transmittal
                 the loan is sold to more than one         sheet that will accompany the loan/
                 purchaser, use the code for the           application register. A checklist to
                 entity purchasing the greatest            assist the officer in making this review
                 interest. If you sell only a portion of   appears in this Guide.
                 the loan, retaining a majority inter­
                 est, do not report the sale. If you do    Verify that the transmittal sheet also
                 not sell the loan during the same         includes the name, telephone number,
                 calendar year, or if the application      and fax number of the person at your
                 did not result in a loan origination,     institution who can answer questions
                 enter the code “0” (zero).                about the report. Also, verify that the
                                                           transmittal sheet gives a record count
               . . . About the Reasons for                 of the total number of line entries
               Denial                                      on that particular submission. (For
               ■ You may provide as many as three          example, if your institution has to
                 reasons why a loan application was        resubmit data for any reason, the
                 not approved. If your institution uses    record count on the transmittal sheet
                 the model checklist provided by           must correspond to that submission.)
                 Regulation B in giving reasons for        This and the other information called for
                 credit denials, consult the HMDA­         by the transmittal sheet must be part of
                 LAR instructions in Appendix A to         your HMDA package whether you are
                 this Guide for guidance on which          required to submit the loan data in
                 reasons correspond to the various         automated format or are permitted to
                 codes used in Regulation C. This is       submit it in paper form.
                 an optional item under HMDA
                 (except that institutions supervised      Remember that if your institution keeps
                 by the OTS or OCC must list the           separate registers for different
                 reasons under these agencies'             branches or for the different categories
                 regulations). Leave this column blank     of loans and applications, all must be
                 if the “action taken” on the applica­     submitted to your supervisory agency in
                 tion is not a denial. For example, do     a single package with one transmittal
                 not complete this column if the           sheet.
                 application was withdrawn or the file
                 was closed for incompleteness.


Questions   What About . . .                              An inquiry about prequalifying for a

            Nondepository institutions that make          home purchase or home improvement
            only multifamily loans? The term              loan? Generally, Board interpretations
Answers     “dwelling” includes multifamily proper-
            ties, and accordingly institutions that
                                                          found in the Official Staff Commentary
                                                          to Regulation B are applicable to the
            make loans to purchase multifamily            definition of an application under Regu­
            properties (or that refinance such loans)     lation C. However, prequalification re-
            may be covered by HMDA.                       quests are not treated as applications
                                                          for the purposes of Regulation C, even
            An application still pending at year-         though they may be applications under
            end? Do not include it in that year’s         Regulation B. (See pages D-3 and D-4
            register. Report it in the calendar year      of the Staff Commentary found in this
            in which final disposition is made.           Guide for more information on
                                                          prequalification requests.)
            An application file that was closed
            because the applicant did not                 Refinancings? Enter the entire amount
            provide all the information needed            of the loan or application if the trans-
            for a credit decision? The answer             action qualifies as a refinancing as
            depends on the facts. If you sent the         that term is used in the Instructions
            notice of incompleteness called for by        for Completion of the HMDA Loan/
            Regulation B (Equal Credit Opportu­           Application Register and in the Staff
            nity) requesting further information and      Commentary (see Appendices A and D
            the applicant did not respond within          to this Guide).
            the allotted time, enter the code for “file
            closed for incompleteness.” On the            The criteria for determining whether a
            other hand, if you did not send the           transaction is a refinancing allow
            Regulation B notice but instead denied        considerable flexibility. For instance,
            the loan outright because of the              you may base your reporting on
            missing information, enter the code for       whether the loan being paid off was
            a loan denial. Do not categorize any          or was not a home purchase or home
            application as withdrawn unless the           improvement loan, by reference to
            applicant expressly withdrew the              available documents. Alternatively,
            application prior to the credit decision.     you may ask the borrower about the
                                                          purpose of the loan being paid off,
            Loans originated in one calendar              and rely on the borrower’s statement.
            year and sold the next? Information           Or, you may choose to report the
            concerning the purchaser of these             transaction only if the existing loan was
            loans is not reported by the selling          secured by a lien on a dwelling. Finally,
            institution. That is, you do not record       you may choose to report the transac­
            the loan sales on the register for the        tion only if the new loan will be secured
            year in which they are sold, nor do you       by a lien on a dwelling.
            go back and update the register for the
            year in which you reported the                Report refinancings that meet the
            originations.                                 criteria spelled out in the instructions
                                                          and the Staff Commentary whether the
                                                          original loan was made by your institu­
                                                          tion or by another lender.



Questions   Unsecured home improvement                    you must determine when you take
and         loans? Report loans or loan applications      an application whether the borrower
            whether or not the loan will be secured       plans to use a portion of the funds for
            by the property to which it relates.          home purchase or home improvement.
                                                          You may record that portion on your
            Refinancings of unsecured home im-            register as a home improvement or
            provement loans may also be                   home purchase loan. Report only the
            reported (as refinancings), if you            portion of the line that the borrower
            choose to base your reporting on              indicated was for home purchase or
            available documentation or the state-         home improvement.
            ment of the borrower about the purpose
            of the existing loan (see “Refinancings”,     Report the line only once—in the year
            above).                                       when the account was opened, and not
                                                          in succeeding years even if there is
            Loans for home improvement                    activity on the account. If you report
            secured by a first lien? You may              data for credit lines granted, you also
            report such loans as home purchase            must report data for applications that did
            loans if your institution ordinarily treats   not result in approvals.
            all first-lien loans as home purchase
            loans.                                        Assumptions? Report the outstanding
                                                          principal as an origination if your institu-
            Classifying home improvement loans?           tion enters into a written agreement
            You must report a loan or loan applica-       accepting the new party as the obligor
            tion as a “home improvement loan” when        on the loan. Do not report a loan when
            it is made for the purpose of improving       there is no written agreement between
            the dwelling (or the real property on         your institution and the new party. You
            which it is located) and the loan is          must also report data for requests that
            classified by your institution as a home      did not result in assumptions.
            improvement loan. “Classified” can
            mean that the loan is recorded on your        Mobile and manufactured home loans?
            books or otherwise identified or coded        Report any loans and applications for
            as a home improvement loan.                   the purchase or improvement of such
                                                          dwellings, whether or not the dwellings
            Multipurpose home improvement                 are considered real property under state
            loans? If a loan is classified by your        law. If information about the potential
            institution as a home improvement             site of the mobile home
            loan, you should report the transaction       is not available, enter “NA” in the
            as a “home improvement” loan in the           applicable columns under “property
            total loan amount, even if less than          location.”
            50 percent of the loan proceeds will be
            used for home improvement purposes.           Loans on multifamily dwellings?
            You also must report comparable data          Use the “multifamily dwelling” purpose
            for home improvement applications that        code for reporting loans and applica-
            did not result in originations.               tions relating to dwellings for five or more
                                                          families—home purchase loans, home
            Home equity lines of credit? The              improvement loans, and refinancings,
            reporting of home equity lines used for       including loans and applications
            home purchase or home improvement             handled by your commercial lending
            is optional. If you choose to report them,    area.

Loans on individual condominium or           begun by telephone is continued in
cooperative units? Report in the             person, a lender should identify race,
appropriate category (home purchase,         national origin, or sex by visual observa­
home improvement, or refinancing) for        tion or surname if the applicant has
one-to-four-family dwellings even if the     declined to provide the information.
unit is located in a structure that houses
five or more families.                       Brokered or correspondent loans, or
                                             indirect paper where one entity takes
Loan documentation that does not             the application but a second institu­
indicate whether the borrower plans to       tion makes the credit decision? Data
occupy the residence? In the case of         on originations must be reported by the
loans on one-to-four-family dwellings        entity that makes the credit decision and
that your institution purchased, report      that—by prior agreement—acquires the
them as owner-occupied unless the loan       loan at or after closing. Data on loan
documents contain information to the         applications that do not result in an
contrary. For property that is a multifam­   origination also must be reported by the
ily dwelling, is not located in an MSA, or   entity that makes the credit decision.
is located in an MSA in which your
institution has neither a home nor a         For purposes of HUD-FHA mortgage
branch office, you may either enter the      insurance programs, an FHA “loan
code for “not applicable” or the code for    correspondent” is a mortgagee that has
actual occupancy status.                     as its principal activity the origination of
                                             HUD-insured mortgages for sale or
Reporting race or national origin, sex,      transfer to its “sponsor.” If the sponsor
or gross annual income for loans             does not review the application prior to
purchased? You may, but need not,            closing and the loan correspondent
report race or national origin, sex, and     makes the credit decision, the loan
gross annual income for loans pur­           correspondent reports the transaction
chased by your institution. If you choose    and the sponsor reports only the loans
not to provide this information, enter the   that it purchases; the sponsor does not
numerical codes for “not applicable” for     report loans it does not purchase. If the
race or national origin and sex and enter    sponsor reviews the application and
“NA” for income.                             makes the credit decision prior to
                                             closing, the sponsor—not the loan
Applications received by mail,               correspondent—reports the transaction.
Internet, or telephone? All loan applica­
tions, including applications taken by       See the Staff Commentary in Appendix
mail, Internet, or telephone, must use a     D to this Guide for further guidance on
collection form similar to that shown in     loans and applications through a broker
Appendix B regarding race or national        or correspondent.
origin and sex. If the applicant chooses
not to provide the information, enter the
code to indicate the application was by
“mail or telephone.” Unlike the case of a
face-to-face application, a lender should
not identify the race, national origin, or
sex of a caller who declines to provide
that information. But if an application


Questions   Reporting counteroffers? If you make
and         a counteroffer to grant a loan in an
            amount or on terms different from the
            applicant's request, and the counter-
            offer is accepted by the applicant,
            report it as an origination for the amount
            of the loan actually granted. If the
            applicant turns down your counteroffer
            or fails to respond, report it as a denial
            for the amount initially requested. Do
            not report it as an application that was

            Violations of reporting requirements?
            Due to the importance of accurate and
            timely submissions of HMDA data,
            a violation of HMDA is subject to
            administrative sanctions, including the
            imposition of civil money penalties,
            where applicable.


              Checklist for Person Completing HMDA-LAR
              Regulation C requires that an officer certify the accuracy of the HMDA-LAR data that are
              submitted. Before presenting the data to the certifying officer for review and signature,
              review the following checklist and make sure the answer is “yes” for each question. You
              should also review the checklist provided on the next page for the certifying officer.

                                                                                                                                                 YES   NO

              A. Transmittal Sheet
              1. Is a transmittal sheet included with the diskette or other automated submission
                 of your HMDA-LAR (or, if your institution has 25 or fewer HMDA-LAR entries
                 and reports data in paper form, is it attached to your loan register)? ............................
              2. Does the transmittal sheet indicate the name and address where you want
                 your institution’s disclosure statement to be sent? .....................................................
              3. Is the name, telephone number, and fax number of the contact person provided? ...
              4. Does the transmittal sheet provide your institution’s reporter and tax identification
                 numbers? ....................................................................................................................
              5. Does the transmittal sheet provide a record count of the total number of line entries
                 on that particular submission? (For example, if your institution has to resend data for
                 any reason, the record count on the transmittal sheet must correspond to that
                 submission.) ...............................................................................................................
              B. Loan/Application Register
              1. Did you use the HMDA-LAR format prescribed by the Federal Reserve Board? .......
              2. Does the register contain the loan data from the different divisions or
                 branches of your institution, all of which must be submitted in one package? ...........
              3. Has each column been properly completed (showing the data requested and
                 the codes as applicable) leaving no column blank (except for the “Reasons
                 for denial” column, which is optional for lenders other than those supervised
                 by the OCC and OTS)? ...............................................................................................
              4. Do the census tract numbers listed on the register include the zeros and decimal
                 points? (Example: report census tract 8.02 as 0008.02, not 802, 0802, or 8.) ............
              5. Have you verified that no duplicate application or loan numbers appear in
                 your institution’s register—including the entries of any divisions or branches?
                 (Adding a letter or digit in front of each identification number, for example, will help
                 differentiate among the lending activity for various offices or branches.) ..................
              6. Have the dollar amounts been reported in thousands and rounded to the nearest
                 thousand? (Example: $20,400 is 20; $1.5 million is 1500.) .........................................
              7. If you meet the criteria for nonautomated submissions and are choosing to submit
                 your register in paper form, has it been typewritten or computer printed and does it
                 show the total number of pages? ................................................................................


      Checklist for Certifying Officer

      Regulation C requires that an officer certify the accuracy of the HMDA report submitted by
      an institution to its supervisory agency. The following checklist will help you in this
      review. The answer should be “yes” to each of the questions.
                                                                                                                                             YES   NO

      1. If you report more than 25 entries, has your institution’s loan/application register
         been prepared in automated format, using the correct format for automated
         reports, and following the instructions from your supervisory agency? ....................
      2. Does your HMDA-LAR use the same column headings in the same order as on the
         HMDA-LAR provided in Appendix A to this Guide? (Column headings may
         be abbreviated, so long as the meaning remains clear.) ..........................................
      3. Does the register include loan data from all of your institution’s divisions or
         branches (including loans and applications handled by your commercial loan
         division, if applicable)? ...............................................................................................
      4. Does the register exclude loan data from any subsidiaries of your institution,
         which must report separately? ...................................................................................
      5. Does the register list the MSA number, state and county codes, and 2000 census
         tracts for all entries for properties located in MSAs where you have a home or a
         branch office? .............................................................................................................
      6. Does the register show census tract numbers only from the 2000 census tract
         series? .........................................................................................................................
      7. If your institution is required (under the Community Reinvestment Act regulations)
         to report property location outside MSAs where you have offices, have these data
         been entered? .............................................................................................................


Glossary•   Branch office. For banks and thrifts, a
            branch office is an office approved as a
                                                        Dwelling. Dwelling means any residen­
                                                        tial structure whether or not attached to
            branch by a supervisory agency. For         real property, including condominium
            credit unions, a branch office is any       and cooperative units and mobile or
            office where member accounts are            manufactured homes. It refers to both
            established or loans are made, whether      one-to-four-family and multifamily
            or not the office has been approved as      structures. (Recreational vehicles such
            a branch by a federal or state agency.      as boats or campers are not dwellings
            A branch office does not include offices    under HMDA.)
            of affiliates or loan brokers, offices of
            the institution where loan applications     HMDA-LAR. The term HMDA-LAR
            are merely taken, or ATMs and other         refers to the loan/application register
            electronic terminals.                       format that has been prescribed for
                                                        reporting HMDA data. If an institution
            For mortgage companies and other            meets the requirements for submission
            nondepository institutions, a branch        in paper form, it may produce com­
            office is an office where the institution   puter-generated reports, instead of
            takes applications from the public for      using the form itself, provided the report
            home purchase or home improvement           layout conforms to the format of the
            loans. These institutions also are          HMDA-LAR.
            considered to have a branch office in
            any MSA where, in the preceding year,       Home improvement loan. A home
            they received applications for, origi­      improvement loan is a loan that will be
            nated, or purchased five or more home       used for repairing, rehabilitating,
            purchase or home improvement loans          remodeling, or improving a dwelling (or
            (whether or not they had a physical         the real property on which it is located)
            office there).                              and that is classified by the reporting
                                                        institution as a home improvement loan;
            Census tract. A census tract is a small     the term covers both secured and
            geographic area. The 2000 census            unsecured loans, and includes refi­
            assigned census tract numbers to all        nancings of home improvement loans.
            areas of the U.S. and some U.S. territo­
            ries and possessions. Census tract
            numbers are unique within a county.
            Institutions are required to use census
            tract numbers from the 2000 census


      Home purchase loan. A home pur­             The underlying concept of an MSA is
      chase loan is any loan secured by and       that of a core area containing a large
      made for the purpose of purchasing a        population nucleus, together with
      dwelling, including refinancings of         adjacent communities having a high
      home purchase loans.                        degree of economic and social integra­
                                                  tion with that core. MSAs are composed
      MSA. MSA stands for metropolitan            of entire counties, except in New
      statistical area, and is the term used in   England, where the component entities
      the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and        are cities and towns. By the OMB's
      Regulation C. The Office of Manage­         current MA standards, each MSA must
      ment and Budget (OMB), which defines        include either a city with at least 50,000
      MSA boundaries, and the Bureau of the       people, or a Census Bureau-defined
      Census has used the term “metropolitan      urbanized area and a total population
      area” or MA as a generic term to            of at least 100,000 (75,000 in New
      describe metropolitan statistical areas,    England).
      primary metropolitan statistical areas
      (PMSAs), and consolidated metro­            In this Guide, the term MSA refers to
      politan statistical areas (CMSAs). OMB      both MSAs and PMSAs. The technical
      has changed its terminology, but that       differences are not relevant.
      change does not affect reporting of
      2003 data.                                  Refinancing. Refinancing means a
                                                  loan transaction in which the existing
                                                  obligation, involving either a home
                                                  purchase or a home improvement loan,
                                                  is satisfied and replaced by a new
                                                  obligation by the same borrower.


Appendix A              Paperwork Reduction Act
                                                                      a. Had assets of more than
                                                                         the asset threshold for
Form and Instructions                                                    coverage as published by
                        This report is required by law (12 USC
for Completion of                                                        the Board each year in
                        2801-2810 and 12 CFR 203). An
HMDA Loan/                                                               December, and
                        agency may not conduct or sponsor,
Application Register,
                        and an organization is not required to
as amended, effective                                                 b. Had a home or a branch
                        respond to, a collection of information
January 1, 2003                                                          office in a “metropolitan
                        unless it displays a currently valid OMB
                        control number. The OMB control                  statistical area” or a “pri­
                        numbers for this information collection          mary metropolitan statisti­
                        are 1557-0159, 3064-0046, 1550-0021,             cal area” (both are referred
                        and 7100-0247 for institutions reporting         to in these instructions by
                        data to the Office of the Comptroller of         the term “MSA”).
                        the Currency, the Federal Deposit
                        Insurance Corporation, the Office of        2. The asset threshold was
                        Thrift Supervision, and the Federal            adjusted from $10 million to
                        Reserve System, respectively; numbers          $28 million as of December
                        for the National Credit Union Adminis­         31, 1996. Any adjustment to
                        tration and the Department of Housing          the asset threshold for deposi­
                        and Urban Development are pending.             tory institutions will be pub­
                        Send comments regarding this burden            lished by the Board in
                        estimate or any other aspect of this           December in the staff com­
                        collection of information, including           mentary.
                        suggestions for reducing the burden, to
                        the respective agencies and to the          3. Example: If on December 31
                        Office of Information and Regulatory           you had a home or branch
                        Affairs, Office of Management and              office in an MSA and your
                        Budget, Washington, D.C. 20503.                assets exceeded the asset
                                                                       threshold, you must complete
                         I. WHO MUST FILE A REPORT                     a register that lists the home
                                                                       purchase and home improve­
                            A. Depository Institutions.                ment loans that you originate
 The OMB control                                                       or purchase (and also lists
 number for the               1. Subject to the exception              applications that did not result
 Department                      discussed below, banks,               in an origination) beginning
 of Housing                      savings associations, and             January 1.
 and Urban                       credit unions must complete a
 Development                     register listing data about loan
 is 2502-0539.                   applications received, loans
                                 originated, and loans pur­
                                 chased if on the preceding
                                 December 31 an institution:


Appendix A   B. Depository Institutions—            D. Other Lending Institutions—
                Exception. You need not com­           Exception. You need not com­
                plete a register—even if you meet      plete a register—even if you meet
                the tests for asset size and           the tests for location and asset
                location—if your institution is a      size or number of home purchase
                bank, savings association, or          loans—if your institution is a for-
                credit union that made no first-       profit mortgage lender (other than
                lien home purchase loans (includ­      a bank, savings association, or
                ing refinancings) on one-to-four-      credit union) and the home
                family dwellings in the preceding      purchase loans that you origi­
                calendar year. This exception          nated in the preceding calendar
                does not apply in the case of          year (including refinancings)
                nondepository institutions.            came to less than 10 percent of
                                                       your total loan origination volume,
             C. Other Lending Institutions.            measured in dollars.
                Subject to the exception dis­
                cussed below, for-profit mortgage   E. If you are the subsidiary of a
                lending institutions (other than       bank or savings association you
                banks, savings associations, and       must complete a separate
                credit unions) must complete a         register for your institution. You
                register listing data about loan       will submit the register, directly or
                applications received, loans           through your parent, to the
                originated, and loans purchased        agency that supervises your
                if the institution had a home or       parent. (See paragraph VI.)
                branch office in an MSA on the         [Paragraph VI. has been omitted
                preceding December 31, and             from Appendix A; instead, see
                                                       Appendix F to the Guide.]
               1. Had assets of more than
                  $10 million (based on the         F. Institutions that are specifically
                  combined assets of the institu­      exempted by the Federal Reserve
                  tion and any parent corpora­         Board from complying with the
                  tion) on the preceding               federal Home Mortgage Disclo­
                  December 31, or                      sure Act because they are
                                                       covered by a similar state law on
               2. Originated 100 or more home          mortgage loan disclosures must
                  purchase loans (including            use the disclosure form required
                  refinancings of such loans)          by their state law and submit the
                  during the preceding calendar        data to their state supervisory
                  year, regardless of asset size.      agency.


II. REQUIRED FORMAT AND                        for example, whether to begin
    REPORTING PROCEDURES                       entering the required data when
                                               an application is received, or to
  A. Institutions must submit data to          wait until final action is taken
     their supervisory agencies in an          (such as when a loan goes to
     automated, machine-readable               closing or an application is
     form. The format must conform             denied). Keep in mind that an
     exactly to that of form FR HMDA­          application is to be reported in
     LAR, including the order of               the calendar year when final
     columns, column headings, etc.            action is taken. Report loan
     Contact your federal supervisory          originations in the year they go to
     agency for information regarding          closing; if an application has
     procedures and technical speci­           been approved but has not yet
     fications for automated data              gone to closing at year-end,
     submission; in some cases,                report it the following year.
     agencies also make software for
     automated data submission               C. Your institution may collect the
     available to institutions. The data        data on separate registers at
     must be edited before submis­              different branches, or on sepa­
     sion, using the edits included in          rate registers for different loan
     the agency-supplied software or            types (such as for home pur­
     equivalent edits in software               chase or home improvement
     available from vendors or devel­           loans, or for loans on multifamily
     oped in-house. (Institutions that          dwellings). But make sure the
     report 25 or fewer entries on their        application or loan numbers
     HMDA-LAR may collect and                   (discussed under paragraph
     report the data in paper form. An          V.A.1., below) are unique.
     institution that submits its register
     in nonautomated form must send          D. Entries need not be grouped on
     two copies that are typed or               your register by MSA, or chrono­
     computer printed, and must use             logically, or by census tract
     the format of form FR HMDA-LAR             numbers, or in any other particu­
     (but need not use the form itself).        lar order.
     Each page must be numbered,
     and the total number of pages           E. Applications and loans must be
     must be given (for example,                recorded on your register within
     “Page 1 of 3”).)                           thirty calendar days after the end
                                                of the calendar quarter in which
  B. The required data are to be                final action (such as origination
     entered in the register for each           or purchase of a loan, or denial
     loan origination, each application         or withdrawal of an application)
     acted on, and each loan pur­               is taken. The type of purchaser
     chased during the calendar year.           for loans sold need not be
     Your institution should decide on          included in these quarterly
     the procedure it wants to follow—          updates.


Appendix A   III. SUBMISSION OF HMDA-LAR                 D. Availability of disclosure
                  AND PUBLIC RELEASE OF                     statement.
                                                           1. The Federal Financial Institu­
               A. You must submit the data for                tions Examination Council
                  your institution to the office              (FFIEC) will prepare a disclo­
                  specified by your supervisory               sure statement from the data
                  agency no later than March 1                you submit. Your disclosure
                  following the calendar year for             statement will be returned to
                  which the data are compiled. A              the name and address indi­
                  list of the agencies appears at             cated on the transmittal sheet.
                  the end of these instructions.              Within three business days of
                  [See Appendix F to this Guide.]             receiving the disclosure
                                                              statement, you must make a
               B. You must submit all required                copy available at your home
                  data to your supervisory agency             office for inspection by the
                  in one complete package, with               public. For these purposes a
                  the prescribed transmittal sheet.           business day is any calendar
                  An officer of your institution must         day other than a Saturday,
                  certify to the accuracy of the              Sunday, or legal public
                  data. Any additional data sub-              holiday. You also must either:
                  missions that become necessary
                  (for example, because you                   a. Make your disclosure
                  discover that data were omitted                statement available to the
                  from the initial submission, or                public, within ten business
                  because revisions are called for)              days of receiving it from the
                  also must be accompanied by a                  FFIEC, in at least one
                  transmittal sheet.                             branch office in each
                                                                 additional MSA where you
               C. The transmittal sheet must state               have offices (the disclosure
                  the total number of line entries               statement need only con­
                  contained in the accompanying                  tain data relating to proper-
                  data submission. If the data                   ties in the MSA where the
                  submission involves revisions or               branch office is located); or
                  deletions of previously submitted
                  data, state the total of all line           b. Post in the lobby of each
                  entries contained in that sub-                 branch office in an MSA the
                  mission, including both those                  address where a written
                  representing revisions or dele­                request for the disclosure
                  tions of previously submitted                  statement may be sent, and
                  entries, and those that are being              mail or deliver a copy of the
                  resubmitted unchanged or are                   statement to any person
                  being submitted for the first time.            requesting it, within fifteen
                  If you are a depository institution,           calendar days of receiving
                  you also are asked to provide a                a written request. The
                  list of the MSAs where you have                disclosure statement need
                  a home or branch office.                       only contain data relating to
                                                                 the MSA for which the
                                                                 request is made.

  2. You may make the disclosure             to the MSA for which the
     statement available in paper            request is made.
     form, or if the person request­
     ing the data agrees, in auto-      F. Posters.
     mated form (such as by PC
     diskette or computer tape).          1. Suggested language. Some
                                             of the agencies provide HMDA
E. Availability of modified loan             posters that you can use to
   application register.                     inform the public of the
                                             availability of your HMDA
  1. To protect the privacy of               data, or you may create your
     applicants and borrowers, an            own posters. If you print your
     institution must modify its loan        own, the following language is
     application register by remov­          suggested but is not required:
     ing the following information
     before releasing it to the pub­         HOME MORTGAGE
     lic: the application or loan            DISCLOSURE ACT NOTICE
     number, date application                The HMDA data about our
     received, and date of action            residential mortgage lending
     taken.                                  are available for review. The
                                             data show geographic distri-
  2. You may make the modified               bution of loans and applica-
     register available in paper or          tions; race, gender, and
     automated form (such as by              income of applicants and
     PC diskette or computer tape).          borrowers; and information
     Although you are not required           about loan approvals and
     to make the modified loan               denials. Inquire at this office
     application register available          regarding the locations
     in census-tract order, you are          where HMDA data may be
     strongly encouraged to do so            inspected.
     in order to enhance its utility
     to users.                            2. Additional language for
                                             institutions making the
  3. You must make your modified             disclosure statement avail-
     register available following the        able upon request. For an
     calendar year for which the             institution that makes its dis­
     data are compiled, by March             closure statement available
     31 for a request received on            upon request instead of at
     or before March 1, and within           branch offices must post a
     30 days for a request received          notice informing the public of
     after March 1. You are not              the address to which a
     required to prepare a modified          request should be sent.
     loan application register in            For example, the institution
     advance of receiving a                  could include the following
     request from the public for this        sentence in its general notice:
     information, but must be able           “To receive a copy of these
     to respond to a request within          data send a written request to
     30 days. A modified register            [address].”
     need only reflect data relating


Appendix A   IV. TYPES OF LOANS AND                         would have closed in your
                 APPLICATIONS COVERED AND                   institution’s name). For all of
                 EXCLUDED BY HMDA                           these loans and applications,
                                                            report the race or national
               A. Types of loans and applications           origin, sex, and income
                  to be reported.                           information unless your institu­
                                                            tion is a bank, savings asso­
                 1. Report the data on home pur­            ciation, or credit union with
                    chase and home improvement              assets of $30 million or less on
                    loans that you originated (that         the preceding December 31.
                    is, loans that were closed in
                    your name) and loans that you        4. Originations are to be reported
                    purchased during the calendar           only once. If you are the loan
                    year covered by the report.             broker or correspondent, do
                    Report these data even if the           not report as originations
                    loans were subsequently sold            loans that you forwarded to
                    by your institution. Include            another lender for approval
                    refinancings of home purchase           prior to closing, and that were
                    and home improvement loans.             approved and subsequently
                                                            acquired by that lender
                 2. Report the data for applications        (whether or not they closed in
                    for home purchase and home              your name).
                    improvement loans that did not
                    result in originations—for           5. Report applications that were
                    example, applications that your         received in the previous
                    institution denied or that the          calendar year but were acted
                    applicant withdrew during the           upon during the calendar
                    calendar year covered by the            year covered by the current
                    report.                                 register.

                 3. In the case of brokered loan       B. Data to be excluded.
                    applications or applications          Do not report loans or applica­
                    forwarded to you through a            tions for loans of the following
                    correspondent, report as              types:
                    originations loans that you
                    approved and subsequently            1. Loans that, although secured
                    acquired according to a pre-            by real estate, are made for
                    closing arrangement (whether            purposes other than home
                    or not they closed in your              purchase, home improvement,
                    institution’s name). Addition-          or refinancing (for example, do
                    ally, report the data for all           not report a loan secured by
                    applications that did not result        residential real property for
                    in originations—for example,            purposes of financing college
                    applications that your institu­         tuition, a vacation, or goods for
                    tion denied or that the appli­          business inventory).
                    cant withdrew during the
                    calendar year covered by             2. Loans made in a fiduciary
                    the report (whether or not they         capacity (for example, by
                                                            your trust department).

    3. Loans on unimproved land.            2. Date application received.
                                               For paper submissions only,
    4. Construction or bridge loans            enter the date the loan appli­
       and other temporary financing.          cation was received by your
                                               institution by month, day, and
    5. The purchase of an interest             year, using numerals in the
       in a pool of loans (such as             form MM/DD/CCYY (for
       mortgage-participation                  example, 01/15/1999).For
       certificates).                          institutions submitting data in
                                               electronic form, the proper
    6. The purchase solely of the right        format is CCYYMMDD. If your
       to service loans.                       institution normally records the
                                               date shown on the application
V. INSTRUCTIONS FOR                            form, you may use that date
   COMPLETION OF                               instead. Enter “NA” for loans
   LOAN/APPLICATION                            purchased by your institution.
                                            3. Type. Indicate the type of loan
  A. Application or loan information.          or application by entering the
                                               applicable code from the
    1. Application or loan number.             following:
       Enter an identifying number             1—Conventional (any loan
       that can be used later to                    other than FHA, VA, FSA or
       retrieve the loan or application             RHS loans)
       file. It can be any number of           2—FHA-insured (Federal
       your choosing (not exceeding                 Housing Administration)
       25 characters). You may use             3—VA-guaranteed (Veterans
       letters, numerals, or a combina­             Administration)
       tion of both.                           4—FSA/RHS-guaranteed
                                                    (Farm Service Agency or
       Make sure that all numbers are               Rural Housing Service)
       unique within your institution. If
       your register contains data for
       branch offices, for example,
       you could use a letter or a
       numerical code to identify the
       loans or applications of differ­
       ent branches, or could assign a
       certain series of numbers to
       particular branches to avoid
       duplicate numbers. You are
       strongly encouraged not to use
       the applicant’s or borrower’s
       name or social security num­
       ber, for privacy reasons.


Appendix A   4. Purpose. Indicate the pur­           remodeling, or improving
                pose of the loan or application      a one-to-four-family resi­
                by entering the applicable           dential dwelling, or the real
                code from the following:             property upon which it is
                1—Home purchase (one-to-             located, and (2) the loan
                   four family)                      is classified as a home
                2—Home improvement (one-             improvement loan.
                   to-four family)
                3—Refinancing (home pur­          b. Report both secured and
                   chase or home improve­            unsecured loans.
                   ment, one-to-four family)
                4—Multifamily dwelling (home      c. At your option, you may
                   purchase, home improve­           report data about home-
                   ment, and refinancings)           equity lines of credit—even
                                                     if the credit line is not clas­
             5. Explanation of purpose               sified as a home improve­
                codes.                               ment loan. If you choose to
                                                     do so, you may report a
               Code 1: Home purchase.                home-equity line of credit
                                                     as a home improvement
               a. This code applies to loans         loan if some portion of the
                  and applications made for          proceeds will be used for
                  the purpose of purchasing          home improvement.
                  a residential dwelling for         (See Paragraph 8. “Loan
                  one to four families, if the       amount.”) If you report
                  loan is to be secured by the       originations of home-equity
                  dwelling being purchased           lines of credit, you must
                  or by another dwelling.            also report applications for
                                                     such loans that did not
               b. At your option, you may use        result in originations.
                  code 1 for loans that are
                  made for home improve­          Code 3: Refinancings.
                  ment purposes but are
                  secured by a first lien, if     a. Use this code for refinanc­
                  you normally classify such         ings (and applications for
                  first-lien loans as home           refinancings) of loans
                  purchase loans.                    secured by one-to-four-
                                                     family residential dwellings.
               Code 2: Home improvement.             A refinancing involves the
                                                     satisfaction of an existing
               a. Code 2 applies to loans            obligation that is replaced
                  and applications for loans         by a new obligation under-
                  if (1) a portion of the            taken by the same bor­
                  proceeds is to be used for         rower. But do not report a
                  repairing, rehabilitating,         refinancing if, under the
                                                     loan agreement, you are
                                                     unconditionally obligated
                                                     to refinance the obligation,

  or you are obligated to         6. Owner occupancy. Indicate
  refinance the obligation           whether the property to which
  subject to conditions within       the loan or loan application
  the borrower’s control.            relates is to be owner-
                                     occupied as a principal
b. Use this code whether or          dwelling by entering the
   not you were the original         applicable code from the
   creditor on the loan being        following:
   refinanced, and whether or        1—Owner-occupied as a
   not the refinancing involves           principal dwelling
   an increase in the outstand­      2—Not owner-occupied
   ing principal.                    3—Not applicable

c. You may report all refi­       7. Explanation of codes.
   nancings of loans secured
   by one-to-four-family resi­      a. Use code 2 for second
   dential dwellings, regard-          homes or vacation homes,
   less of the purpose of or           as well as rental properties.
   amount outstanding on the
   original loan, and regard-       b. Use code 2 only for non-
   less of the amount of new           occupant loans, or applica­
   money (if any) that is for          tions for nonoccupant
   home purchase or home               loans, related to one-to-
   improvement purposes.               four-family dwellings
                                       (including individual
Code 4: Multifamily dwelling.          condominium or coopera­
                                       tive units).
a. Use this code for loans and
   loan applications on             c. Use code 3 if the property
   dwellings for five or more          to which the loan relates is
   families, including home            a multifamily dwelling; is
   purchase loans, refinanc­           not located in an MSA; or is
   ings, and loans for repair­         located in an MSA in which
   ing, rehabilitation, and            your institution has neither
   remodeling purposes.                a home nor a branch office.

b. Do not use this code for         d. For purchased loans, you
   loans on individual condo­          may assume that the
   minium or cooperative               property will be owner-
   units; use codes 1, 2, or 3         occupied as a principal
   for such loans, as                  dwelling (code 1) unless
   applicable.                         the loan documents or
                                       application contain informa­
                                       tion to the contrary.


Appendix A   8. Loan amount. Enter the                     in the same manner. Report
                amount of the loan or applica­             only in the year the line is
                tion. Do not report loans below            established.
                $500. Show the amount in
                thousands rounding to the                d. For refinancings of
                nearest thousand ($500                      dwelling-secured loans,
                should be rounded up to the                 indicate the total amount of
                next $1,000). For example, a                the refinancing, including
                loan for $167,300 should be                 the amount outstanding on
                entered as 167 and one for                  the original loan and the
                $15,500 as 16.                              amount of new money (if
               a. For home purchase loans
                  that you originate, enter the          e. For a loan application that
                  principal amount of the loan              was denied or withdrawn,
                  as the loan amount. For                   enter the amount applied
                  home purchase loans that                  for.
                  you purchase, enter the
                  unpaid principal balance of            f.	 If you make a counteroffer
                  the loan at the time of                    for an amount different from
                  purchase as the loan                       the amount initially applied
                  amount.                                    for, and the counteroffer is
                                                             accepted by the applicant,
               b. For home improvement                       report it as an origination
                  loans (both originations                   for the amount of the loan
                  and purchases), you may                    actually granted. If the
                  include unpaid finance                     applicant turns down the
                  charges in the loan amount                 counteroffer or fails to
                  if that is how you record                  respond, report it as a
                  such loans on your books.                  denial for the amount
                  For a multiple purpose loan                initially requested.
                  classified by you as a home
                  improvement loan because          B. Action taken.
                  it involves a home improve­
                  ment purpose, enter the full        1. Type of action. Indicate the
                  amount of the loan, not just           type of action taken on the
                  the amount specified for               application or loan by using
                  home improvement.                      one of the following codes.
                                                         Do not report any loan appli­
               c. For home-equity lines of               cation still pending at the end
                  credit (if you have chosen             of the calendar year; you will
                  to report them), enter as the          report that application on your
                  loan amount only that                  register for the year in which
                  portion of the line that is for        final action is taken.
                  home improvement pur­                  1—Loan originated
                  poses. Report the loan                 2—Application approved but
                  amount for applications that               not accepted
                  did not result in originations         3—Application denied
                                                         4—Application withdrawn

  5—File closed for                      e. Use code 5 if you sent a
    incompleteness                          written notice of incomplete­
  6—Loan purchased by your                  ness under section
    institution                             202.9(c)(2) of Regulation B
                                            (Equal Credit Opportunity)
2. Explanation of codes.                    and the applicant failed to
                                            respond to your request for
  a. Use code 1 for a loan that             additional information within
     is originated, including one           the period of time specified
     resulting from a counter-              in your notice.
     offer (your offer to the
     applicant to make the loan        3. Date of action. For paper
     on different terms or in a           submissions only, enter the
     different amount than                date by month, day, and year,
     initially applied for) that the      using numerals in the form MM/
     applicant accepts.                   DD/CCYY (for example, 02/22/
                                          1999). For institutions submit­
  b. Use code 2 when an                   ting data in electronic form, the
     application is approved but          proper format is CCYYMMDD.
     the applicant (or a loan
     broker or correspondent)            a. For loans originated, enter
     fails to respond to your               the settlement or closing
     notification of approval or            date. For loans purchased,
     your commitment letter                 enter the date of purchase
     within the specified time.             by your institution.

  c. Use code 3 when an                  b. For applications denied,
     application is denied. This            applications approved but
     includes the situation when            not accepted by the appli­
     an applicant turns down                cant, and files closed for
     or fails to respond to your            incompleteness, enter the
     counteroffer. Do not report            date that the action was
     as a withdrawn application             taken by your institution or
     or as an application that              the date the notice was sent
     was approved but not                   to the applicant.

  d. Use code 4 only when an
     application is expressly
     withdrawn by the applicant
     before a credit decision
     was made.


Appendix A                   c. For applications withdrawn,        2. State and county. You must use
                                enter the date you received           the Federal Information Process­
                                the applicant’s express               ing Standard (FIPS) two-digit
                                withdrawal; or you may enter          numerical code for the state and
 In paragraph
                                the date shown on the                 the three-digit numerical code for
 C.3.a., the refer­
                                notification from the appli­          the county. These codes are
 ence to areas not
                                cant, in the case of a written        available from your regional
 divided into
                                withdrawal.                           supervisory agency or the FFIEC.
 census tracts is
                                                                      [See Appendix E to the Guide for
 no longer correct,
                        C. Property location. In these                these codes.] Do not use the
 as all areas have
                           columns enter the applicable               letter abbreviations used by the
 been divided into
                           codes for the MSA, state, county,          U.S. Postal Service.
 census tracts in
                           and census tract for the property
 the 2000 Census.
                           to which a loan relates. For home         3. Census tract. Indicate the
 See page 22 of
                           purchase loans secured by one                census tract where the prop­
 this Guide.
                           dwelling, but made for the pur­              erty is located.
                           pose of purchasing another
 Paragraph C.3.b.
                           dwelling, report the property                a. Enter the code “NA” if the
 refers to the
                           location for the property in which              property is located in an
 Census Bureau’s
                           the security interest is to be taken.           area not divided into census
 2000 CPH-2
                           If the home purchase loan is                    tracts on the U.S. Census
 population series.
                           secured by more than one prop­                  Bureau’s census-tract
 No series by that
                           erty, report the location                       outline maps (see para-
 name exists. You
                           data for the property being                     graph 4 below).
 can use Table 1 of
                           purchased. (See paragraphs 5.,
 PHC-1 Summary
                           6., and 7. of paragraph V.C. of this         b. If the property is located in
 Population and
                           appendix for treatment of loans on              a county with a population
 Housing Charac­
                           property outside the MSAs in                    of 30,000 or less in the 2000
 teristics (available
                           which you have offices.)                        census (as determined by
 at http://
                                                                           the Census Bureau’s 2000
                        1. MSA. For each loan or loan                      CPH-2 population series),
 or another Census
                           application, indicate the location              enter “NA” (even if the
 product contain­
                           of the property by the MSA                      population has increased
 ing county popu­
                           number. Enter only the MSA                      above 30,000 since 2000),
 lation data.
                           number, not the MSA name. MSA                   or you may enter the census
                           boundaries are defined by the                   tract number.
                           U.S. Office of Management and
                           Budget; use the boundaries that
                           were in effect on January 1 of the
                           calendar year for which you are
                           reporting. A listing of MSAs is
                           available from your regional
                           supervisory agency or the FFIEC.
                           (In these instructions, the term
                           MSA refers to both metropolitan
                           statistical area and primary
                           metropolitan statistical area.)


                     4. Census tract number. For the           for home purchase or home
                        census tract number, consult           improvement adding up to a
                        the U. S. Census Bureau’s              total of five or more for a given
Paragraph C.4.          Census Tract/Street Index for          MSA, you are deemed to have
refers to the           2000, and for addresses not            a branch office in that MSA,
Census Bureau’s         listed in the index, consult the       whether or not you have a
Census Tract/           Census Bureau’s census tract           physical office there. As a
Street Index for        outline maps. You must use             result, you will have to enter
2000 and outline        the maps from the Census               the MSA, state, county, and
maps in the             Bureau’s 2000 CPH-3 series,            census tract numbers for any
Census Bureau’s         or equivalent 2000 census data         transactions in that MSA.
2000 CPH-3              from the Census Bureau (such           Because you must keep
series. These           as the Census TIGER/Line®              accurate records about
products do not         file) or from a private publisher.     lending within MSAs in the
exist. You can use                                             current calendar year in order
the American         5. Outside-MSA. For loans on              to report data accurately the
FactFinder street       property located outside the           following year, to comply with
address lookup          MSAs in which you have a               this rule you may find it easier
resource referred       home or branch office (or              to enter the geographic
to on page 13 of        outside any MSA), you have             information routinely for any
this Guide. See         two options. Under option 1,           property located within any
pages 14–15 of          you may enter the MSA, state,          MSA.
this Guide for a        and county codes and the
description of          census tract number. You may         7. 	 Data reporting under CRA
tract outline maps      enter “NA” in the MSA or                for banks and savings
available from the      census tract column if no code          associations with total
Census Bureau.          or number exists for the prop­          assets of $250 million or
                        erty. (Codes exist for all states       more and banks and savings
                        and counties.) If you choose            associations that are subsid­
                        option 1, the codes and tract           iaries of a holding company
                        number must accurately                  whose total banking and
                        identify the location for the           thrift assets are $1 billion or
                        property in question. Under             more. If you are a bank or
                        option 2, you may enter “NA” in         savings association with total
                        all four columns, whether or not        assets of $250 million or more
Paragraph C.5.          the codes or number exist for           as of December 31 for each of
refers to areas         the property.                           the immediately preceding two
without census                                                  years, you must also enter the
tract numbers.       6. Nondepository lenders. If you           location of property located
As of the 2000          are a for-profit mortgage               outside the MSAs in which you
census, every           lending institution (other than         have a home or branch office,
area of the coun­       a bank, savings association,
try is in a census      or credit union), and in the
tract. See page 22      preceding calendar year you
of this Guide.          received applications for, or
                        originated or purchased, loans


Appendix A        or outside any MSA. You must             paragraphs 3., 4., and 5.
                  also enter this information if           below for “not applicable.”
                  you are a bank or savings
                  association that is a subsid­         c. If the borrower or applicant
                  iary of a holding company with           is not a natural person (a
                  total banking and thrift assets          corporation or partnership,
                  of $1 billion or more as of              for example), use the codes
                  December 31 for each of the              specified in paragraphs 3.,
                  immediately preceding two                4., and 5. below for “not
                  years.                                   applicable.”

             D. Applicant information—race            2. Mail, Internet, or telephone
                or national origin, sex, and             applications. All loan applica­
                income. Appendix B of Regula­            tions, including applications
                tion C contains instructions for         taken by mail, Internet, or
                the collection of data on race or        telephone, must use a collec­
                national origin and sex, and also        tion form similar to that shown
                contains a sample form for data          in Appendix B regarding race
                collection. The form is substan­         or national origin and sex. For
                tially similar to the form pre-          applications taken by tele­
                scribed by section 202.13 of             phone, the information in the
                Regulation B (Equal Credit               collection form must be stated
                Opportunity) and contained in            orally by the lender, except for
                Appendix B to that regulation.           information that pertains
                You may use either form.                 uniquely to applications taken
                                                         in writing. If the applicant does
               1. Applicability. You must report         not provide these data in an
                  this applicant information for         application taken by mail,
                  loans that you originate as            Internet, or telephone, enter
                  well as for applications that do       the code for “information not
                  not result in an origination.          provided by applicant in mail
                                                         or telephone application”
                  a. You need not collect or             specified in paragraphs 3 and
                     report this information for         4 below. (See Appendix B for
                     loans purchased. If you             complete information on the
                     choose not to, enter the            collection of these data in
                     codes specified in para-            mail, Internet, or telephone
                     graphs 3., 4., and 5. below         applications.)
                     for “not applicable.”
                                                      3. Race or national origin of
                  b. If your institution is a bank,      borrower or applicant. Use
                     savings association, or             the following codes to indicate
                     credit union that had assets        the race or national origin of
                     of $30 million or less on the       the applicant or borrower
                     preceding December 31,              under column “A” and of any
                     you may—but need not—               co-applicant or co-borrower
                     collect and report these            under column “CA.” If there is
                     data. If you choose not to,         more than one co-applicant,
                     enter the codes specified in

  provide this information only              of thousands. For example,
  for the first co-applicant listed          $35,500 should be reported
  on the application form. If                as 36.
  there are no co-applicants or
  co-borrowers, enter code 8              b. For loans on multifamily
  for “not applicable” in the                dwellings, enter “NA.”
  co-applicant column.
  1—American Indian or                    c. If no income information is
      Alaskan Native                         asked for or relied on in the
  2—Asian or Pacific Islander                credit decision, enter “NA.”
  4—Hispanic                          E. Type of purchaser.
  6—Other                               1. Enter the applicable code to
  7—Information not provided by            indicate whether a loan that
      applicant in mail or tele­           your institution originated or
      phone application                    purchased was then sold to a
  8—Not applicable                         secondary market entity within
                                           the same calendar year:
4. Sex of borrower or applicant.           0—Loan was not originated or
   Use the following codes to                  was not sold in calendar
   indicate the sex of the appli­              year covered by register
   cant or borrower under column           1—FNMA (Federal National
   “A” and of any co-applicant                 Mortgage Association)
   or co-borrower under column             2—GNMA (Government
   “CA.” If there is more than one             National Mortgage
   co-applicant, provide this                  Association)
   information only for the first          3—FHLMC (Federal Home
   co-applicant listed on the                  Loan Mortgage
   application form. If there                  Corporation)
   are no co-applicants or                 4—FAMC (Federal Agricultural
   co-borrowers, enter code 4 for              Mortgage Corporation)
   “not applicable.”                       5—Commercial bank
   1—Male                                  6—Savings bank or savings
   2—Female                                    association
   3—Information not provided by           7—Life insurance company
       applicant in mail or tele­          8—Affiliate institution
       phone application                   9—Other type of purchaser
   4—Not applicable

5. Income. Enter the gross annual
   income that your institution
   relied upon in making the credit

  a. Round all dollar amounts
     to the nearest thousand
     (round $500 up to the next
     $1,000), and show in terms


Appendix A     2. Explanation of codes.                 1—Debt-to-income ratio
                                                        2—Employment history
                  a. Enter the code 0 for appli­        3—Credit history
                     cations that were denied,          4—Collateral
                     withdrawn, or approved but         5—Insufficient cash (down-
                     not accepted by the appli­           payment, closing costs)
                     cant; and for files closed for     6—Unverifiable information
                     incompleteness.                    7—Credit application
                  b. If you originated or pur­          8—Mortgage insurance
                     chased a loan and did not            denied
                     sell it during that same           9—Other
                     calendar year, enter the
                     code 0. If you sell the loan     2. Leave this column blank if the
                     in a succeeding year, you           “action taken” on the applica­
                     need not report the sale.           tion is not a denial. For
                                                         example, do not complete this
                  c. If you conditionally assign         column if the application was
                     a loan to GNMA in connec­           withdrawn or the file was
                     tion with a mortgage-backed         closed for incompleteness.
                     security transaction, use
                     code 2.                          3. If your institution uses the
                                                         model form for adverse action
                  d. Loans “swapped” for mort­           contained in the appendix to
                     gage-backed securities are          Regulation B (Form C-1 in
                     to be treated as sales; enter       Appendix C, Sample Notifica­
                     the type of entity receiving        tion Form, which offers some
                     the loans that are swapped          20 reasons for denial), the
                     as the purchaser.                   following list shows which
                                                         codes to enter.
                  e. Use code 8 for loans sold to
                     an institution affiliated with     a. Code 1 corresponds to:
                     you, such as your subsidiary          Income insufficient for
                     or a subsidiary of your               amount of credit requested,
                     parent corporation.                   and Excessive obligations
                                                           in relation to income.
             F. Reasons for denial.
                                                        b. Code 2 corresponds to:
               1. You are not required to enter            Temporary or irregular
                  the reasons for the denial of an         employment, and Length
                  application. But if you choose           of employment.
                  to do so, you may indicate up
                  to three reasons by using the
                  following codes:


c. Code 3 corresponds to:                  f.	 Code 7 corresponds to:
   Insufficient number of credit               Credit application
   references provided;                        incomplete.
   Unacceptable type of credit
   references provided; No                 g. Code 9 corresponds to:
   credit file; Limited credit                Length of residence,
   experience; Poor credit                    Temporary residence, and
   performance with us;                       Other reasons specified on
   Delinquent past or present                 notice.
   credit obligations with
   others; Garnishment,            VI. FEDERAL SUPERVISORY
   attachment, foreclosure,            AGENCIES
   repossession, collection
   action, or judgment; and                   *   *   *   *   *

d. Code 4 corresponds to:           FEDERAL SUPERVISORY
   Value or type of collateral      AGENCIES
   not sufficient.                  Paragraph VI, Federal
                                    Supervisory Agencies, listing
e. Code 6 corresponds to:           the federal supervisory
   Unable to verify credit          agencies, has been omitted
   references, Unable to verify     from this section of the
   employment, Unable to            Guide; for a listing of agency
   verify income, and Unable        offices and addresses, see
   to verify residence.             Appendix F.


Appendix A


Appendix A


Appendix B               I. Instructions on collection of
                            data on race or national
                                                                                               2. If the applicant chooses not
                                                                                                  to provide the information for
Form and Instructions       origin and sex.                                                       an application taken in per-
for Data Collection on                                                                            son, note this fact on the form
Race or National           A. Format.                                                             and note the data, to the
Origin and Sex                                                                                    extent possible, on the basis
                              You may list questions regarding                                    of visual observation or
                              the race or national origin and                                     surname.
                              sex of the applicant on your loan
                              application form, or on a sepa­                                  3. Inform the applicant that
                              rate form that refers to the                                        the Federal government is
                              application. (See the sample                                        requesting this information in
                              form below for recommended                                          order to monitor compliance
                              language.)                                                          with Federal statutes that
                                                                                                  prohibit lenders from discrimi­
                           B. Procedures.                                                         nating against applicants on
                                                                                                  these bases. Inform the
                              1. You must ask for this informa­                                   applicant that if the informa­
                                 tion, but cannot require the                                     tion is not provided where the
                                 applicant to provide it.                                         application is taken in person,
                                                                                                  you are required to note the
                                                                                                  data on the basis of visual
                                                                                                  observation or surname.

                         SAMPLE DATA-COLLECTION FORM
                         The following information is requested by the federal government for certain types of loans related to
                         a dwelling in order to monitor the lender’s compliance with equal credit opportunity, fair housing, and
                         home mortgage disclosure laws. You are not required to furnish this information, but are encouraged
                         to do so. The law provides that a lender may not discriminate on the basis of this information, or on
                         whether you choose to furnish it. However, if you choose not to furnish the information and you have
                         made this application in person, under federal regulations the lender is required to note race or national
                         origin and sex on the basis of visual observation or surname. If you do not wish to furnish
                         the information, please check below.
                         APPLICANT:                                            CO-APPLICANT:
                           I do not wish to furnish this information.            I do not wish to furnish this information.
                         Race or National Origin:                              Race or National Origin:
                            American Indian, Alaskan Native                       American Indian, Alaskan Native
                            Asian, Pacific Islander                               Asian, Pacific Islander
                            Black                                                 Black
                            Hispanic                                              Hispanic
                            White                                                 White
                            Other (specify)                                       Other (specify)
                         Sex:                                                  Sex:
                            Female                                                Female
                            Male                                                  Male


Appendix B   4. You must ask the applicant for     5. The “other” block is available
                this information (but you can-        only to the applicant who
                not require the applicant to          chooses to indicate some other
                provide it) whether the appli­        appropriate category for race
                cation is taken in person, by         or national origin. If completing
                mail or telephone, or on the          the form based on visual
                Internet. For applications            observation, do not use this
                taken by telephone, the               category; use one of the other
                information in the collection         five categories.
                form must be stated orally by
                the lender, except for that
                information which pertains
                uniquely to applications taken
                in writing. You need not
                provide the data when you
                take an application by mail or
                telephone or on the Internet, if
                the applicant fails to answer.
                You should indicate whether
                an application was received
                by mail, telephone, or the
                Internet, if it is not otherwise
                evident on the face of the

Appendix C           PART 203—HOME MORTGAGE
                      DISCLOSURE 12 CFR 203
                                                                   (i) To help determine whether
                                                                   financial institutions are serving the
Regulation C                                                       housing needs of their communities;
(Home Mortgage       Sec.

Disclosure), as      203.1 Authority, purpose, and scope.
         (ii) To assist public officials in
amended, effective   203.2 Definitions.
                           distributing public-sector invest­
January 1, 2003      203.3 Exempt institutions.
                   ments so as to attract private invest­
                     203.4 Compilation of loan data.
              ment to areas where it is needed;
                     203.5 Disclosure and reporting.
                     203.6 Enforcement.

                     Appendix A to Part 203—Form and
              (iii) To assist in identifying possible
                       Instructions for Completion of Loan/        discriminatory lending patterns and
                       Application Register                        enforcing antidiscrimination statutes.
                     Appendix B to Part 203—Form and
                                                                     (2) Neither the act nor this regulation
                       Instructions for Data Collection on
                                                                 is intended to encourage unsound
                       Race or National Origin and Sex
                                                                 lending practices or the allocation of
                     Authority: 12 U.S.C. 2801–2810.
                                                                    (c) Scope. This regulation applies to
                     Section 203.1 Authority,                    certain financial institutions, including
                      purpose, and scope.                        banks, saving associations, credit
                                                                 unions, and other mortgage lending
                        (a) Authority. This regulation is        institutions, as defined in section
                     issued by the Board of Governors of the     203.2(e). It requires an institution to
                     Federal Reserve System (“Board”)            report data to its supervisory agency
                     pursuant to the Home Mortgage Dis­          about home purchase and home
                     closure Act (12 U.S.C. 2801 et seq.),       improvement loans it originates or
                     as amended. The information-collection      purchases, or for which it receives
                     requirements have been approved             applications; and to disclose certain
                     by the U.S. Office of Management and        data to the public.
                     Budget under 44 USC 3501 et seq.
                     and have been assigned OMB Numbers             (d) Loan aggregation and central
                     1557-0159, 3064-0046, 1550-0021, and        data depositories. Using the loan data
                     7100-0247 for institutions reporting data   made available by financial institutions,
                     to the Office of the Comptroller of the     the Federal Financial Institutions
                     Currency, the Federal Deposit Insur­        Examination Council will prepare
                     ance Corporation, the Office of Thrift      disclosure statements and will produce
                     Supervision, and the Federal Reserve        various reports for individual institutions
                     System, respectively; numbers for the       for each metropolitan statistical area
                     National Credit Union Administration        (MSA), showing lending patterns by
                     and the Department of Housing and           location, age of housing stock, income
 The OMB control     Urban Development are pending.              level, sex, and racial characteristics.
 number for the
                                                                 The disclosure statements and reports
 Department             (b) Purpose. (1) This regulation         will be available to the public at central
 of Housing          implements the Home Mortgage Disclo­        data depositories located in each MSA.
 and Urban           sure Act, which is intended to provide      A listing of central data depositories
 Development         the public with loan data that can be       can be obtained from the Federal
 is 2502-0539.       used:                                       Financial Institutions Examination
                                                                 Council, Washington, DC 20006.


Appendix C   Section 203.2 Definitions.                  or credit union that originated in the
                                                         preceding calendar year a home
             In this regulation:                         purchase loan (other than temporary
                                                         financing such as a construction loan),
                (a) Act means the Home Mortgage          including a refinancing of a home
             Disclosure Act (12 U.S.C. 2801 et seq.),    purchase loan, secured by a first lien
             as amended.                                 on a one-to-four-family dwelling if:

                (b) Application means an oral or           (i) The institution is federally insured
             written request for a home purchase or        or regulated; or
             home improvement loan that is made in
             accordance with procedures estab­             (ii) The loan is insured, guaranteed,
             lished by a financial institution for the     or supplemented by any federal
             type of credit requested.                     agency; or

                 (c) Branch office means: (1) Any          (iii) The institution intended to sell
             office of a bank, savings association,        the loan to the Federal National
             or credit union that is approved as a         Mortgage Association or the Federal
             branch by a federal or state supervisory      Home Loan Mortgage Corporation;
             agency, but excludes free-standing
             electronic terminals such as automated         (2) A for-profit mortgage lending
             teller machines;                            institution (other than a bank, savings
                                                         association, or credit union) whose
                 (2) Any office of a mortgage lending    home purchase loan originations
             institution (other than a bank, savings     (including refinancings of home pur­
             association, or credit union) that takes    chase loans) equaled or exceeded
             applications from the public for home       ten percent of its loan origination
             purchase or home improvement loans.         volume, measured in dollars, in the
             A mortgage lending institution is also      preceding calendar year.
             deemed to have a branch office in an
             MSA if, in the preceding calendar year,         (f) Home improvement loan means
             it received applications for, originated,   any loan that: (1) Is for the purpose,
             or purchased five or more home pur­         in whole or in part, of repairing, rehabili­
             chase or home improvement loans on          tating, remodeling, or improving a
             property located in that MSA.               dwelling or the real property on which
                                                         it is located; and
                (d) Dwelling means a residential
             structure (whether or not it is attached       (2) Is classified by the financial
             to real property) located in a state        institution as a home improvement loan.
             of the United States of America, the
             District of Columbia, or the Common-           (g) Home purchase loan means any
             wealth of Puerto Rico. The term             loan secured by and made for the
             includes an individual condominium          purpose of purchasing a dwelling.
             unit, cooperative unit, or mobile or
             manufactured home.                             (h) Metropolitan statistical area or
                                                         MSA means a metropolitan statistical
                (e) Financial institution means:         area or a primary metropolitan statisti­
             (1) A bank, savings association,            cal area, as defined by the U.S. Office
                                                         of Management and Budget.

Section 203.3 Exempt                         (ii) The institution’s total assets
 institutions.                               combined with those of any parent
                                             corporation were $10 million or less
   (a) Exemption based on location,          on the preceding December 31, and
asset size, or number of home pur­           the institution originated fewer than
chase loans. (1) A bank, savings             100 home purchase loans (including
association, or credit union is exempt       refinancings of home purchase
from the requirements of this regulation     loans) in the preceding calendar
for a given calendar year if on the          year.
preceding December 31:
                                              (b) Exemption based on state law.
  (i) The institution had neither a home   (1) A state-chartered or state-licensed
  office nor a branch office in an MSA;    financial institution is exempt from the
  or                                       requirements of this regulation if the
                                           Board determines that the institution is
  (ii) The institution's total asssets     subject to a state disclosure law that
  were at or below the asset threshold     contains requirements substantially
  established by the Board. The asset      similar to those imposed by this regula­
  was adjusted from $10 million to $28     tion and contains adequate provisions
  million as of December 31, 1996. For     for enforcement.
  subsequent years, the Board will
  adjust the threshold based on the           (2) Any state, state-chartered or
  year-to-year change in the average       state-licensed financial institution, or
  of the Consumer Price Index for          association of such institutions may
  Urban Wage Earners and Clerical          apply to the Board for an exemption
  Workers, not seasonally adjusted, for    under this paragraph.
  each twelve-month period ending in
  November, with rounding to the              (3) An institution that is exempt
  nearest million. The Board will          under this paragraph shall submit the
  publish any adjustment to the asset      data required by the state disclosure
  figure in December in the staff          law to its state supervisory agency for
  commentary.                              purposes of aggregation.

(2) A for-profit mortgage lending             (c) Loss of exemption. (1) An
institution (other than a bank, savings    institution losing an exemption that was
association, or credit union) is exempt    based on the criteria set forth in para-
from the requirements of this regulation   graph (a) of this section shall comply
for a given calendar year if:              with this regulation beginning with the
                                           calendar year following the year in
  (i) The institution had neither a home   which it lost its exemption.
  office nor a branch office in an MSA
  on the preceding December 31; or            (2) An institution losing an exemp­
                                           tion that was based on state law under
                                           paragraph (b) of this section shall
                                           comply with this regulation beginning
                                           with the calendar year following the
                                           year for which it last reported loan data
                                           under the state disclosure law.

Appendix C   Section 203.4 Compilation of                   (8) The type of entity purchasing
               loan data.                                a loan that the institution originates
                                                         or purchases and then sells within the
                (a) Data format and itemization. A       same calendar year.
             financial institution shall collect data
             regarding applications for, and origina­       (b) Collection of data on race or
             tions and purchases of, home purchase       national origin, sex, and income.
             and home improvement loans (including       (1) A financial institution shall collect
             refinancings of both) for each calendar     data about the race or national origin
             year. These transactions shall be           and sex of the applicant or borrower
             recorded, within thirty calendar days       as prescribed in Appendix B. If the
             after the end of each calendar quarter      applicant or borrower chooses not to
             in which final action is taken (such as     provide the information, the lender shall
             origination or purchase of a loan, or       note the data on the basis of visual
             denial or withdrawal of an application),    observation or surname, to the extent
             on a register in the format prescribed in   possible.
             Appendix A of this part and shall
             include the following items:                   (2) Race or national origin, sex, and
                                                         income data may but need not be
                (1) A number for the loan or loan        collected for:
             application, and the date the applica­
             tion was received.                            (i) Loans purchased by the financial
                                                           institution; or
                (2) The type and purpose of the
             loan.                                         (ii) Applications received or loans
                                                           originated by a bank, savings
                (3) The owner-occupancy status of          association, or credit union with
             the property to which the loan relates.       assets on the preceding Decem­
                                                           ber 31 of $30 million or less.
               (4) The amount of the loan or appli­
             cation.                                        (c) Optional data. A financial
                                                         institution may report the reasons it
               (5) The type of action taken, and the     denied a loan application.
                                                            (d) Excluded data . A financial
                (6) The location of the property to      institution shall not report:
             which the loan relates, by MSA, state,
             county, and census tract, if the institu­      (1) Loans originated or purchased
             tion has a home or a branch office in       by the financial institution acting in a
             that MSA.                                   fiduciary capacity (such as trustee);

                (7) The race or national origin and        (2) Loans on unimproved land;
             sex of the applicant or borrower, and
             the gross annual income relied upon            (3) Temporary financing (such as
             in processing the application.              bridge or construction loans);

                                                            (4) The purchase of an interest in
                                                         a pool of loans (such as mortgage-
                                                         participation certificates); or

(5) The purchase solely of the right to        (2) In addition, a financial institution
service loans.                               shall either:

   (e) Data reporting under CRA for             (i) Make its disclosure statement
banks and savings associations with          available to the public (within ten
total assets of $250 million or more         business days of receiving it) in at least
and banks and savings associations           one branch office in each additional
that are subsidiaries of a holding           MSA where the institution has offices
company whose total banking and              (the disclosure statement need only
thrift assets are $1 billion or more. As     contain data relating to the MSA where
required by agency regulations that          the branch is located); or
implement the Community Reinvestment
Act, banks and savings associations              (ii) Post the address for sending
that had total assets of $250 million or     written requests for the disclosure
more (or are subsidiaries of a holding       statement in the lobby of each branch
company with total banking and thrift        office in an MSA where the institution
assets of $1 billion or more) as of          has offices, and mail or deliver a copy
December 31 for each of the immedi­          of the disclosure statement, within
ately preceding two years, shall also        fifteen calendar days of receiving a
collect the location of property located     written request (the disclosure state­
outside the MSAs in which the institu­       ment need only contain data relating to
tion has a home or branch office, or         the MSA for which the request is made).
outside any MSAs.                            Including the address in the general
                                             notice required under paragraph (e) of
Section 203.5 Disclosure and                 this section satisfies this requirement.
                                                (c) Public disclosure of loan
   (a) Reporting to agency. By March         application register. A financial
1 following the calendar year for which      institution shall make its loan applica­
the loan data are compiled, a financial      tion register available to the public after
institution shall send its complete loan     modifying it in accordance with appen­
application register to the agency office    dix A. An institution shall make its
specified in Appendix A of this regula­      modified register available following the
tion, and shall retain a copy for its        calendar year for which the data are
records for a period of not less than        compiled, by March 31 for a request
three years.                                 received on or before March 1, and
                                             within 30 days for a request received
   (b) Public disclosure of statement.       after March 1. The modified register
(1) A financial institution shall make its   need only contain data relating to the
mortgage loan disclosure statement (to       MSA for which the request is made.
be prepared by the Federal Financial
Institutions Examination Council)
available to the public at its home office
no later than three business days after
receiving it from the Examination


Appendix C      (d) Availability of data. A financial      Section 203.6 Enforcement.
             institution shall make its modified
             register available to the public for a           (a) Administrative enforcement . A
             period of three years and its disclosure      violation of the act or this regulation is
             statement available for a period of five      subject to administrative sanctions as
             years. An institution shall make the data     provided in section 305 of the act,
             available for inspection and copying          including the imposition of civil money
             during the hours the office is normally       penalties, where applicable. Compli­
             open to the public for business. It may       ance is enforced by the agencies listed
             impose a reasonable fee for any cost          in Appendix A of this regulation.
             incurred in providing or reproducing the
             data.                                              (b) Bona fide errors. An error in
                                                           compiling or recording loan data is not
                 (e) Notice of availability. A financial   a violation of the act or this regulation
             institution shall post a general notice       if it was unintentional and occurred
             about the availability of its HMDA data       despite the maintenance of procedures
             in the lobby of its home office and of        reasonably adapted to avoid such
             each branch office located in an MSA.         errors.
             It shall promptly upon request provide
             the location of the institution’s offices
             where the statement is available for
                                                             Note: Appendices A and B
             inspection and copying, or it may
                                                             to Regulation C appear as
             include the location in the notice.
                                                             Appendices A and B of the


Appendix D           Introduction                                  3. Refinancing—coverage. The regula­
                                                                      tion bases coverage, in part, on
Staff Commentary      1. Status and citations. The commentary         whether an institution originates
to Regulation C          in this supplement is the vehicle by         home purchase loans. For determin­
(Home Mortgage           which the Division of Consumer and           ing whether an institution is subject
Disclosure), as          Community Affairs of the Federal             to Regulation C or is exempt from
amended, effective       Reserve Board issues formal staff            coverage, an origination of a home-
January 1, 2003          interpretations of Regulation C              purchase loan includes the refinanc­
                         (12 CFR part 203). The parenthetical         ing of a home-purchase loan. An
                         citations given are references to            institution may always determine the
                         Appendix A to Regulation C, Instruc­         actual purpose of the existing obli­
                         tions for Completion of the HMDA             gation (for example, by reference to
                         Loan/Application Register.                   available documents). (Appendix A
                                                                      of this part, Paragraphs I.B., I.C., and
                     Section 203.1—Authority,                         I.D.) Alternatively, an institution may:
                      Purpose, and Scope
                                                                     i.	 Rely on the statement of the
                     1(c) Scope.                                         applicant that the existing obliga­
                                                                         tion was (or was not) a home-
                      1. General. The comments in this                   purchase loan; or
                         section address issues affecting
                         coverage of institutions, exemptions        ii. Assume that the new obligation
                         from coverage, and data collection              is not a refinancing of a home-
                         requirements. (Appendix A of this               purchase loan if either the exist­
                         part, I., IV., and V.)                          ing obligation or the new obliga­
                                                                         tion is not secured by a first lien
                      2. Meaning of refinancing. A refinanc­             on the dwelling.
                         ing of a loan is the satisfaction and
                         replacement of an existing obligation     4. Refinancing—data collection. The
                         by a new obligation by the same              regulation requires collection and
                         borrower. The term “refinancing”             reporting of data on refinancings
                         refers to the new obligation. If the         of home-purchase and home-
                         existing obligation is not satisfied         improvement loans. An institution
                         and replaced, but is only renewed,           may always determine the actual
                         modified, extended, or consolidated          purpose of the existing obligation (for
                         (as in certain modification, extension,      example, by reference to available
                         and consolidation agreements), the           documents). (Appendix A of this part,
                         transaction is not a refinancing for         Paragraph V.A.5. Code 3.) Alterna­
                         purposes of HMDA. (Appendix A of             tively, an institution may:
                         this part, Paragraph V.A.5. Code 3.)
                                                                     i.	 Rely on the statement of the
                                                                         applicant that the existing obliga­
                                                                         tion was (or was not) a home-
                                                                         purchase or home-improvement
                                                                         loan; or


Appendix D   ii. Assume that the new obligation              purchases; it does not report the
                 is a refinancing of a home-                 loans it does not purchase. Thus,
                 purchase or home-improvement                an institution that makes a credit
                 loan only if the existing obligation        decision on an application prior
                 was secured by a lien on a                  to closing reports that decision
                 dwelling; or                                regardless of whose name the
                                                             loan closes in. (Appendix A of
             iii. Assume that the new obligation             this part, Paragraphs IV.A. and
                  is a refinancing of a home-                V.B)
                  purchase or home-improvement
                  loan only if the new obligation       6. Illustrations of the broker rule.
                  will be secured by a lien on a           Assume that, prior to closing, four
                  dwelling.                                investors receive the same applica­
                                                           tion from a broker; two deny it, one
              5. The broker rule and the mean­             approves it, and one approves it
                 ing of “broker” and “investor.”           and acquires the loan. In these
                 For the purposes of the guidance          circumstances, the first two report
                 given in this commentary, an              denials, the third reports the
                 institution that takes and pro­           transaction as approved but not
                 cesses a loan application and             accepted, and the fourth reports an
                 arranges for another institution to       origination (whether the loan closes
                 acquire the loan at or after              in the name of the broker or the
                 closing is acting as a “broker,”          investor). Alternatively, assume that
                 and an institution that acquires a        the broker denies a loan before
                 loan from a broker at or after            sending it to an investor; in this
                 closing is acting as an “investor”        situation, the broker reports a
                 (The terms used in this commen­           denial. (Appendix A of this part,
                 tary may have different meanings          Paragraphs IV.A. and V.B.)
                 in certain parts of the mortgage
                 lending industry and other terms       7. Broker’s use of investor’s
                 may be used in place of these             underwriting criteria. If a broker
                 terms, for example in the Federal         makes a credit decision based on
                 Housing Administration mortgage           underwriting criteria set by an
                 insurance programs.) Depending            investor, but without the investor’s
                 on the facts, a broker may or may         review prior to closing, the broker
                 not make a credit decision on an          has made the credit decision. The
                 application (and thus it may or           broker reports as an origination a
                 may not have reporting responsi­          loan that it approves and closes,
                 bilities). If the broker makes a          and reports as a denial an applica­
                 credit decision, it reports that          tion that it turns down (either
                 decision; if it does not make a           because the application does not
                 credit decision, it does not              meet the investor’s underwriting
                 report. If an investor reviews an         guidelines or for some other rea­
                 application and makes a credit            son). The investor reports as pur­
                 decision prior to closing, the            chases only those loans it
                 investor reports that decision. If        purchases. (Appendix A of this part,
                 the investor does not review the          Paragraphs IV.A. and V.B.)
                 application prior to closing, it
                 reports only the loans that it

 8. Insurance and other criteria. If an       11. Participation loan. An institution
    institution evaluates an application          that originates a loan and then sells
    based on the criteria or actions of a         partial interests to other institutions
    third party other than an investor            reports the loan as an origination.
    (such as a government or private              An institution that acquires only a
    insurer or guarantor), the institution        partial interest in such a loan does
    must report the action taken on the           not report the transaction even if it
    application (loan originated,                 has participated in the underwriting
    approved but not accepted, or                 and origination of the loan. (Appen­
    denied, for example). (Appendix A             dix A of this part, Paragraphs I., II.,
    of this part, Paragraphs IV.A. and            IV., and V.)
                                              12. Assumptions. An assumption
 9. Credit decision of agent is                   occurs when an institution enters
    decision of principal. If an institu­         into a written agreement accepting
    tion approves loans through the               a new borrower as the obligor on
    actions of an agent, the institution          an existing obligation. An institution
    must report the action taken on the           reports as a home-purchase loan
    application (loan originated,                 an assumption (or an application for
    approved but not accepted, or                 an assumption) in the amount of the
    denied, for example). State law               outstanding principal. If a trans-
    determines whether one party is the           action does not involve a written
    agent of another. (Appendix A of              agreement between a new borrower
    this part, Paragraphs IV.A. and V.B.)         and the institution, it is not an
                                                  assumption for HMDA purposes and
10. Affiliate bank underwriting                   is not reported. (Appendix A of this
    (250.250 review). If an institution           part, Paragraphs IV.A. and V.B.)
    makes an independent evaluation
    of the creditworthiness of an appli­      Section 203.2—Definitions
    cant (for example, as part of a pre-
    closing review by an affiliate bank       2(b) Application.
    under 12 CFR 250.250, which
    interprets section 23A of the Federal      1. Consistency with Regulation B.
    Reserve Act), the institution is              Board interpretations that appear
    making a credit decision. If the              in the official staff commentary to
    institution then acquires the loan,           Regulation B (Equal Credit Oppor­
    it reports the loan as an origination         tunity, 12 CFR Part 202, Supple­
    whether the loan closes in the name           ment I) are generally applicable
    of the institution or its affiliate. An       to the definition of an application
    institution that does not acquire the         under Regulation C. However, under
    loan but takes another action                 Regulation C the definition of an
    reports that action. (Appendix A of           application does not include pre-
    this part, Paragraphs IV.A. and V.B.)         qualification requests. (Appendix A
                                                  of this part, Paragraph IV.A.)


Appendix D    2. Prequalification. A prequalification        3. Nondepository institution. A
                 request is a request by a prospec­             branch of a nondepository institution
                 tive loan applicant for a preliminary          does not include the office of an
                 determination on whether the                   affiliate or other third party such as
                 prospective applicant would likely             a loan broker. (Appendix A of this
                 qualify for credit under an insti­             part, Paragraphs I., V.A.7., and
                 tution’s standards, or on the amount           V.C.) (But see Appendix A of this
                 of credit for which the prospective            part, Paragraph V.C.6., which
                 applicant would likely qualify. Some           requires certain nondepository
                 institutions evaluate prequalification         institutions to report property
                 requests through a procedure that is           location even in MSAs where they
                 separate from the institution’s                do not have a physical location.)
                 normal loan application process;
                 others use the same process. In            2(d) Dwelling.
                 either case, Regulation C does not
                 require an institution to report pre-       1. Scope. The definition of “dwelling”
                 qualification requests on the HMDA­            is not limited to the principal or
                 LAR, even though these requests                other residence of the applicant or
                 may constitute applications under              borrower, and thus includes vaca­
                 Regulation B. (Appendix A of this              tion or second homes and rental
                 part, Paragraphs I. and IV.A.)                 properties. A dwelling also includes
                                                                a mobile or manufactured home,
             2(c) Branch office.                                a multifamily structure (such as
                                                                an apartment building), and a
              1. Credit union. For purposes of                  condominium or a cooperative unit.
                 Regulation C, a “branch” of a credit           Recreational vehicles such as boats
                 union is any office where member               or campers are not dwellings for
                 accounts are established or loans              purposes of HMDA. (Appendix A
                 are made, whether or not the office            of this part, Paragraphs I.B., IV., and
                 has been approved as a branch by               V.A.5.)
                 a federal or state agency. (See
                 12 U.S.C. 1752.) (Appendix A of            2(e) Financial institution.
                 this part, Paragraphs I., V.A.7.,
                 and V.C.)                                   1. Branches of foreign banks—
                                                                treated as a bank. A federal branch
              2. Depository institution. A branch of            or a state-licensed insured branch
                 a depository institution does not              of a foreign bank is a “bank” under
                 include a loan production office, the          section 3(a)(1) of the Federal
                 office of an affiliate, or the office of       Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C.
                 a third party such as a loan broker.           1813(a)), and is covered by HMDA
                 (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs           if it meets the tests for a depository
                 I., V.A.7., and V.C.) (But see                 institution found in §§ 203.2(e)(1)
                 Appendix A of this part, Paragraph             and 203.3(a)(1) of Regulation C.
                 V.C.7., which requires certain                 (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs
                 depository institutions to report              I.A. and I.B.)
                 property location even for properties
                 located outside those MSAs in
                 which the institution has a home or
                 branch office.)

2. Branches and offices of foreign              lines reports the disposition of all
   banks—treated as a for-profit                applications, not just originations.
   mortgage lending institution.                (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs
   Federal agencies, state-licensed             IV. and V.A.5.
   agencies, state-licensed uninsured           Code 2.c.)
   branches of foreign banks, commer­
   cial lending companies owned or            4. Classification requirement . An
   controlled by foreign banks, and              institution has “classified” a loan as a
   entities operating under section 25           home-improvement loan if it has
   or 25(a) of the Federal Reserve Act,          entered the loan on its books as a
   12 U.S.C. §§ 601 and 611 (Edge Act            home-improvement loan, or has
   and Agreement corporations) are not           otherwise coded or identified the
   “banks” under the Federal Deposit             loan as a home-improvement loan.
   Insurance Act. These entities are             For example, an institution that has
   nonetheless covered by HMDA if                booked a loan or reported it on a
   they meet the tests for a                     “call report” as a home-improvement
   nondepository mortgage lending                loan has classified it as a home-
   institution found in §§ 203.2(e)(2)           improvement loan. An institution may
   and 203.3(a)(2) of Regulation C.              also classify loans as home-improve­
   (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs          ment loans in other ways (for
   I.C. and I.D.)                                example, by color-coding loan files).
                                                 (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs
2(f) Home-improvement loan.                      IV. and V.A.5. Code 2.)

1. Definition. A home-improvement             5. Improvements to real property.
   loan is a loan that is made for the           Home improvements include
   purpose of home improvement and               improvements both to a dwelling and
   that is classified by the institution as      to the real property on which the
   a home-improvement loan. (Appen­              dwelling is located (for example,
   dix A of this part, Paragraphs IV. and        installation of a swimming pool,
   V.A.5. Code 2.)                               construction of a garage, or land­
                                                 scaping). (Appendix A of this part,
2. Statement of the applicant. An                Paragraphs IV. and V.A.5. Code 2.)
   institution may rely on the oral or
   written statement of an applicant          6. Commercial and other loans. A loan
   regarding the proposed use of loan            for improvement purposes originated
   proceeds. (Appendix A of this part,           outside an institution’s consumer
   Paragraphs IV. and V.A.5. Code                lending division (such as a loan to
   2.c.)                                         improve an apartment building made
                                                 through the commercial loan depart­
3. Home-equity lines. An institution             ment) is reported if the institution
   that has chosen to report home-               classifies it as a home-improvement
   equity lines of credit reports as a           loan. (Appendix A of this part,
   home-improvement loan only the                Paragraphs IV. and V.A.5. Code 1.)
   part of a home-equity line that is
   intended for home improvement. An
   institution that reports home-equity


Appendix D   7. Multiple-purpose loan. A loan for          2. Mixed-use property. A loan to
                home improvement and for other                purchase property used primarily for
                purposes is treated as a home-                residential purposes (for example,
                improvement loan even if less than            an apartment building containing a
                50 percent of the total loan proceeds         convenience store) is a home-
                are to be used for improvement,               purchase loan. An institution may
                provided the institution classifies the       use any reasonable standard to
                loan as a home-improvement loan.              determine the primary use of the
                (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs          property, such as by square footage
                IV. and V.A.5. Code 2.) (But see              or by the income generated. An
                comment (2)(f)-3 of this supplement           institution may select the standard
                on home-equity lines of credit.)              to apply on a case-by-case basis.
                                                              (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs
             8. Mixed-use property. A loan to                 IV.A., IV.B.1., and V.A.5. Code 1.)
                improve property used for residential
                and commercial purposes (for               3. Farm loan. A loan to purchase
                example, a building containing                property used primarily for agricul­
                apartment units and retail space)             tural purposes is not a home-pur­
                satisfies the purpose requirement             chase loan even if the property
                if the loan proceeds are primarily            includes a dwelling. An institution
                to improve the residential portion            may use any reasonable standard to
                of the property. If the loan proceeds         determine the primary use of the
                are to improve the entire property (for       property, such as by reference to the
                example, to replace the heating               exemption from Regulation X (Real
                system), the loan satisfies the               Estate Settlement Procedures, 24
                purpose requirement if the pro­               CFR 3500.5(b)(1)) for a loan on
                perty itself is primarily residential.        property of 25 acres or more. An
                An institution may use any reason-            institution may select the standard to
                able standard to determine the                apply on a case-by-case basis.
                primary use of the property, such             (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs
                as by square footage or by the                IV.B.1. and V.A.5. Code 1.)
                income generated. An institution may
                select the standard to apply on a          4. Commercial and other loans.
                case-by-case basis. To report the             A home-purchase loan includes
                loan as a home-improvement loan,              a loan originated outside an
                the institution must also classify it as      institution’s residential mortgage
                such. (Appendix A of this part,               lending division (such as a loan for
                Paragraphs IV. and V.A.5. Code 2.)            the purchase of an apartment
                                                              building made through the commer­
             2(g) Home-purchase loan.                         cial loan department). For home-
                                                              purchase loans, there is no classifi­
             1. Multiple properties. A home-                  cation test. (Appendix A of this part,
                purchase loan includes a loan                 Paragraphs IV. and V.A.5. Code 1.)
                secured by one dwelling and used to
                purchase another dwelling. (Appen­
                dix A of this part, Paragraphs IV. and
                V.A.5. Code 1.)


 5. Construction and permanent                 2. Adjustment of exemption threshold
    financing. A home-purchase loan               for depository institutions. For data
    includes both a combined construc­            collection in 2003, the asset-size
    tion/permanent loan and the perma­            exemption threshold is $32 million.
    nent financing that replaces a                Depository institutions with assets at
    construction-only loan. It does not           or below $32 million are exempt from
    include a construction-only loan,             collecting data for 2003.
    which is considered “temporary
    financing” under Regulation C and          3. Coverage after a merger. Several
    is not reported. (Appendix A of this          scenarios of data collection respon­
    part, Paragraphs IV.A. and B.2, and           sibilities for the calendar year of a
    V.A.5. Code 1.)                               merger are described below. Under
                                                  all the scenarios, if the merger
 6. Home-equity line. An institution that         results in a covered institution, that
    has chosen to report home-equity              institution must begin data collection
    lines of credit reports as a home-            January 1 of the following calendar
    purchase loan only the part that is           year. (Appendix A of this part,
    intended for home purchase. An                Paragraph I.)
    institution may rely on the applicant’s
    oral or written statement about the          i. Two institutions are exempt from
    proposed use of the funds. An                   Regulation C because of asset
    institution that reports home-equity            size. The institutions merge. No
    lines reports the disposition of all            data collection is required for the
    applications, not just the originations.        year of the merger (even if the
    (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs            merger results in a covered
    IV. and V.A.5. Code 1.)                         institution).

Section 203.3—Exempt                             ii.	 A covered institution and an
 Institutions                                         exempt institution merge. The
                                                      covered institution is the surviving
3(a) Exemption based on location,                     institution. For the year of the
asset size, or number of home-pur­                    merger, data collection is
chase loans.                                          required for the covered insti­
                                                      tution’s transactions. Data collec­
 1. General. An institution that ceases to            tion is optional for transactions
    meet the tests for HMDA coverage                  handled in offices of the previ­
    (such as the 10 percent test for                  ously exempt institution.
    nondepository institutions) or
    becomes exempt may stop collecting           iii. A covered institution and an
    HMDA data beginning with the                      exempt institution merge. The
    next calendar year. For example,                  exempt institution is the surviving
    a bank whose assets are at or                     institution, or a new institution is
    below the threshold on December                   formed. Data collection is
    31 of a given year reports data                   required for transactions of
    for that full calendar year, in which             the covered institution that
    it was covered, but does not report               take place prior to the merger.
    data for the succeeding calendar
    year. (Appendix A of this part,
    Paragraph I.)


Appendix D         Data collection is optional for          2. Updating—agency requirements.
                   transactions taking place after the         Certain state or federal regulations,
                   merger date.                                such as the Federal Deposit Insur­
                                                               ance Corporation’s regulations, may
                iv. Two covered institutions merge.            require an institution to update its
                    Data collection is required for the        data more frequently than is
                    entire year. The surviving or              required under Regulation C.
                    resulting institution files either a       (Appendix A of this part, Para-
                    consolidated submission or                 graph II.E.)
                    separate submissions for that
                    year.                                   3. Form of updating. An institution
                                                               may maintain the quarterly updates
              4. Mergers versus purchases in bulk.             of the HMDA-LAR in electronic or
                 If a covered institution acquires             any other format, provided the
                 loans in bulk from another institution        institution can make the information
                 (for example, from the receiver for           available to its regulatory agency
                 a failed institution) but no merger           in a timely manner upon request.
                 or acquisition of an institution is           (Appendix A of this part, Para-
                 involved, the institution reports the         graph II.E.)
                 loans as purchased loans. (Appen­
                 dix A of this part, Paragraph V.B.)       Paragraph 4(a)(1) Application date.

             Section 203.4—Compilation of                   1. Application date—consistency.
              Loan Data                                        In reporting the date of application,
                                                               an institution reports the date the
             4(a) Data format and itemization.                 application was received or the date
                                                               shown on the application. Although
              1. Quarterly updating. An institution            an institution need not choose the
                 must make a good-faith effort to              same approach for its entire HMDA
                 record all data concerning covered            submission, it should be generally
                 transactions—loan originations                consistent (such as by routinely
                 (including refinancings), loan pur­           using one approach within a particu­
                 chases, and the disposition of                lar division of the institution or for a
                 applications that did not result in           category of loans). (Appendix A of
                 originations—fully and accurately             this part, Paragraph V.A.2.)
                 within 30 days after the end of each
                 calendar quarter. If some data are         2. Application date—application
                 inaccurate or incomplete despite this         forwarded by a broker. For an
                 good-faith effort, the error or omis­         application forwarded by a broker,
                 sion is not a violation of Regulation C       an institution reports the date the
                 provided that the institution corrects        application was received by the
                 and completes the information prior           broker, the date the application was
                 to reporting the HMDA-LAR to its              received by the institution, or the
                 regulatory agency. (Appendix A of             date shown on the application.
                 this part, Paragraph II.E.)


   Although an institution need not           Paragraph 4(a)(3) Occupancy.
   choose the same approach for its
   entire HMDA submission, it should          1. Occupancy—actual occupancy
   be generally consistent (such as by           status. If a loan relates to multifamily
   routinely using one approach within           property, located outside an MSA, or
   a particular division of the institution      property in an MSA where the
   or for a category of loans). (Appen­          institution has no home or branch
   dix A of this part, Paragraph V.A.2.)         office, the institution may either
                                                 report the actual occupancy status
 3. Application date—reinstated                  or report using the code for “not
    application. If, within the same             applicable.” (A nondepository
    calendar year, an applicant asks             institution may be deemed to have a
    an institution to reinstate a counter-       home or branch office in an MSA
    offer that the applicant previously          under § 203.2(c)(2) of Regulation C.)
    did not accept (or asks the institu­         (Appendix A of this part, Paragraph
    tion to reconsider an application            V.A.7.)
    that was denied, withdrawn, or
    closed for incompleteness), the           2. Occupancy—multiple properties. If
    institution may treat that request           a loan relates to multiple properties,
    as the continuation of the earlier           the institution reports the owner-
    transaction or as a new transaction.         occupancy status of the property
    If the institution treats the request        for which property location is being
    for reinstatement or reconsideration         reported. (See the comments to
    as a new transaction, it reports the         paragraphs 4(a)(6) Property loca­
    date of the request as the applica­          tion.) (Appendix A of this part,
    tion date. (Appendix A of this part,         Paragraphs V.A.6. and 7.)
    Paragraph V.A.2.)
                                              Paragraph 4(a)(4) Loan amount.
Paragraph 4(a)(2) Type and purpose.
                                              1. Loan amount—counteroffer. If an
 1. Purpose—multiple-purpose loan.               applicant accepts a counteroffer for
    If a loan is for home improvement            an amount different from the amount
    and another covered purpose, an              initially requested, the institution
    institution reports the loan as a            reports the loan amount granted.
    home-improvement loan if the                 If an applicant does not accept a
    institution classifies it as a home-         counteroffer or fails to respond, the
    improvement loan. Otherwise the              institution reports the loan amount
    institution reports the loan as a            initially requested. (Appendix A of
    home-purchase loan or a refinanc­            this part, Paragraph V.A.8.f.)
    ing, as appropriate. An institution
    may determine how to report such          2. Loan amount—multiple-purpose
    loans on a case-by-case basis.               loan. Except in the case of a home-
    (Appendix A of this part, Paragraphs         equity line of credit, an institution
    V.A.4. and 5.)                               reports the entire amount of the loan,
                                                 even if only a part of the proceeds is
                                                 intended for home purchase or home
                                                 improvement. (Appendix A of this
                                                 part, Paragraph V.A.8.)


Appendix D    3. Loan amount—home-equity line.             3. Action taken—purchased loans.
                 An institution that reports home-            An institution reports the loans that it
                 equity lines of credit reports only the      purchased during the calendar year,
                 part that is intended for home-              and does not report the loans that it
                 improvement or home-purchase                 declined to purchase. (Appendix A
                 purposes. An institution may rely            of this part, Paragraph V.B.)
                 on the applicant’s oral or written
                 statement about the proposed use          4. Action taken—conditional
                 of the loan proceeds. (Appendix A            approvals. If an institution issues
                 of this part, Paragraph V.A.8.c.)            a loan approval subject to the
                                                              applicant’s meeting underwriting
              4. Loan amount—assumption. An                   conditions (other than customary
                 institution that enters into a written       loan commitment or loan closing
                 agreement accepting a new party as           conditions, such as a “clear title”
                 the obligor on a loan reports the            requirement or an acceptable
                 amount of the outstanding principal          property survey) and the applicant
                 on the assumption as the loan                does not meet them, the institution
                 amount. (Appendix A of this part,            reports the action taken as a denial.
                 Paragraphs V.A.8.)                           (Appendix A of this part, Para-
                                                              graph V.B.)
             Paragraph 4(a)(5) Type of action
             taken and date.                               5. Action taken date—approved but
                                                              not accepted. For a loan approved
              1. Action taken—counteroffers. If               by an institution but not accepted by
                 an institution makes a counteroffer          the applicant, the institution reports
                 to lend on terms different from the          using any reasonable date, such as
                 applicant’s initial request (for             the approval date, the deadline for
                 example, for a shorter loan maturity)        accepting the offer, or the date the
                 and the applicant does not accept            file was closed. Although an institu­
                 the counteroffer or fails to respond,        tion need not choose the same
                 the institution reports the action           approach for its entire HMDA sub-
                 taken as a denial. (Appendix A of            mission, it should be generally
                 this part, Paragraph V.B.)                   consistent (such as by routinely
                                                              using one approach within a particu­
              2. Action taken—rescinded trans-                lar division of the institution or for a
                 actions. If a borrower rescinds              category of loans). (Appendix A of
                 a transaction after closing, the             this part, Paragraph V.B.3.b.)
                 institution, on a case-by-case basis,
                 may report the transaction either         6. Action taken date—originations.
                 as an origination or as an applica­          For loan originations, an institution
                 tion that was approved but not               generally reports the settlement or
                 accepted. (Appendix A of this part,          closing date. For loan originations
                 Paragraph V.B.)                              that an institution acquires through a
                                                              broker, the institution reports either
                                                              the settlement or closing date, or the
                                                              date the institution acquired the loan
                                                              from the broker. If the disbursement
                                                              of funds takes place on a date later
                                                              than the settlement or closing date,

                      the institution may use the date of           (with unique identifiers) and allocat­
                      disbursement. For a construction/             ing the loan amount among the
                      permanent loan, the institution               properties. (Appendix A of this part,
                      reports either the settlement or              Paragraph V.C.)
                      closing date, or the date the loan
                      converts to the permanent financing.        3. Property location—loans
                      Although an institution need not               purchased from another
                      choose the same approach for its               institution. The requirement to
                      entire HMDA submission, it should              report the property location by
                      be generally consistent (such as by            census tract in an MSA where the
                      routinely using one approach within a          institution has a home or branch
                      particular division of the institution or      office applies not only to loan
                      for a category of loans). (Appendix A          applications and originations but
                      of this part, Paragraph V.B.3.)                also to loans purchased from
                                                                     another institution. This includes
                   Paragraph 4(a)(6) Property location.              loans purchased from an institution
                                                                     that did not have a home or branch
                    1. Property location—multiple proper-            office in that MSA and did not collect
                       ties (home improvement/refinance              the property location information.
                       of home improvement). For a home-             (Appendix A of this part, Paragraph
                       improvement loan, an institution              V.C.)
                       reports the property being improved.
                       If more than one property is being         4. Property location—mobile or
                       improved, the institution reports the         manufactured home. If information
                       location of one of the properties or          about the potential site of a mobile
                       reports the loan using multiple               or manufactured home is not avail-
                       entries on its HMDA-LAR (with                 able, an institution reports using the
                       unique identifiers) and allocating the        code for “not applicable.” (Appen­
                       loan amount among the properties.             dix A of this part, Paragraph V.C.)
                       (Appendix A of this part, Paragraph
                       V.C.)                                      5. Property location—use of BNA. At
                                                                     its option, an institution may report
                    2. Property location—multiple                    property location by using a block
Note: BNAs are         properties (home purchase/refi­               numbering area (BNA). The U.S.
no longer used.        nance of home purchase). For                  Census Bureau, in conjunction with
This change is         a home-purchase loan, an institution          state agencies, has established
reflected in the       reports the property taken as secu­           BNAs as statistical subdivisions of
regulation and         rity. If an institution takes more than       counties in which census tracts have
commentary that        one property as security, the institu­        not been established. BNAs are
take effect            tion reports the location of the              generally identified in census data
January 1, 2004.       property being purchased if there is          by numbers in the range 9501 to
                       just one. If the loan is to purchase          9989.99. (Appendix A of this part,
                       multiple properties and is secured by         Paragraph V.C.4.)
                       multiple properties, the institution
                       reports the location of one of the
                       properties or reports the loan using
                       multiple entries on its HMDA-LAR


Appendix D   Paragraph 4(a)(7) Applicant and             5. Applicant data—video and other
             income data.                                   electronic application processes.
                                                            An institution that accepts applica-
              1. Applicant data—completion by               tions through electronic media with
                 applicant. An institution reports the      a video component treats the
                 monitoring information as provided         applications as taken in person and
                 by the applicant. For example, if an       collects the information about the
                 applicant checks the “other” box the       race or national origin and sex of
                 institution reports using the “other”      applicants. An institution that
                 code. (Appendix A of this part,            accepts applications through
                 Paragraph V.D.)                            electronic media without a video
                                                            component (for example, the
              2. Applicant data—completion by               Internet or facsimile) treats the
                 lender. If an applicant fails to           applications as accepted by mail.
                 provide the requested information for      (Appendix A of this part, Paragraph
                 an application taken in person, the        V.D.) (See Appendix B of this part
                 institution reports the data on the        for procedures to be used for data
                 basis of visual observation or sur-        collection.)
                 name. As stated in paragraph I.B.5
                 to Appendix B of this part, the         6. Income data—income relied upon.
                 institution does not use the “other”       An institution reports the gross
                 code, but selects from the catego-         annual income relied on in evaluat-
                 ries listed on the form. (Appendix A       ing the creditworthiness of appli-
                 of this part, Paragraph V.D.)              cants. For example, if an institution
                                                            relies on an applicant’s salary to
              3. Applicant data—application com-            compute a debt-to-income ratio, but
                 pleted in person. When an applicant        also relies on the applicant’s annual
                 meets in person with a lender to           bonus to evaluate creditworthiness,
                 complete an application that was           the institution reports the salary and
                 begun by mail or telephone, the            the bonus to the extent relied upon.
                 institution must request the monitor-      Similarly, if an institution relies on
                 ing information. If the meeting            the income of a cosigner to evaluate
                 occurs after the application process       creditworthiness, the institution
                 is complete, for example,                  includes this income to the extent
                 at closing, the institution is not         relied upon. But an institution does
                 required to obtain monitoring infor-       not include the income of a guaran-
                 mation. (Appendix A of this part,          tor who is only secondarily liable.
                 Paragraph V.D.)                            (Appendix A of this part, Para-
                                                            graph V.D.5.)
              4. Applicant data—joint applicant.
                 A joint applicant may enter the         7. Income data—co-applicant. If two
                 government monitoring information          persons jointly apply for a loan and
                 on behalf of an absent joint appli-        both list income on the application,
                 cant. If the information is not pro-       but the institution relies only on the
                 vided, the institution reports using       income of one applicant in comput-
                 the code for “information not pro-         ing ratios and in evaluating credit-
                 vided by applicant in mail or tele-        worthiness, the institution reports
                 phone application.” (Appen-                only the income relied on. (Appen-
                 dix A of this part, Paragraph V.D.)        dix A of this part, Paragraph V.D.5.)

 8. Income data—loan to employee. An              Section 203.5—Disclosure and
    institution may report “NA” in the             Reporting
    income field for loans to employees
    to protect their privacy, even though         5(a) Reporting to agency.
    the institution relied on their income
    in making its credit decisions.                1. Change in supervisory agency. If
    (Appendix A of this part, Para-                   the supervisory agency for a cov­
    graph V.D.5.)                                     ered institution changes (as a
                                                      consequence of a merger or a
Paragraph 4(a)(8) Purchaser.                          change in the institution’s charter,
                                                      for example), the institution reports
 1. Type of purchaser—loan participa­                 data to its new supervisory agency
    tion interests sold to more than                  for the year of the change and
    one entity. An institution that origi­            subsequent years. (Appendix A of
    nates a loan, and then sells it                   this part, Paragraphs I., III. and VI.)
    to more than one entity, reports the
    “type of purchaser” based on the               2. Subsidiaries. An institution is a
    entity purchasing the greatest                    subsidiary of a bank or savings
    interest, if any. If an institution retains       association (for purposes of report­
    a majority interest it does                       ing HMDA data to the parent’s
    not report the sale. (Appendix A                  supervisory agency) if the bank or
    of this part, Paragraph V.E.)                     savings association holds or con­
                                                      trols an ownership interest that is
4(c) Optional data.                                   greater than 50 percent of the
                                                      institution. (Appendix A of this part,
 1. Agency requirements. Certain state                Paragraph I.E. and VI.)
    or federal entities, such as the Office
    of Thrift Supervision, require institu­       5(e) Notice of availability.
    tions to report the reasons for denial
    even though this is optional reporting         1.	 Poster—suggested text. The
    under HMDA and Regulation C.                      suggested wording of the poster
    (Appendix A of this part, Paragraph               text provided in Appendix A of this
    V.F.)                                             part is optional. An institution may
                                                      use other text that meets the re­
4(d) Excluded data.                                   quirements of the regulation.
                                                      (Appendix A of this part, Paragraph
 1. Loan pool. The purchase of an                     III.F.)
    interest in a loan pool (such as a
    mortgage-participation certificate,
    a mortgage-backed security, or a
    real estate mortgage investment
    conduit or “REMIC”) is a purchase of
    an interest in a security under HMDA
    and is not reported on the HMDA­
    LAR. (Appendix A of this part,
    Paragraph IV.B.5.)


Appendix D   Section 203.6—Enforcement

             6(b) Bona fide errors.

              1. Bona fide error—information from
                 third parties. An institution that
                 obtains the property location informa­
                 tion for applications and loans from
                 third parties (such as appraisers or
                 vendors of “geocoding” services) is
                 responsible for ensuring that the
                 information reported on its HMDA­
                 LAR is correct. An incorrect entry for
                 a census tract number is a bona fide
                 error, and is not a violation of the act
                 or regulation, provided that the
                 institution maintains reasonable
                 procedures to avoid such errors (for
                 example, by conducting periodic
                 checks of the information obtained
                 from these third parties). (Appendix
                 A of this part, Paragraph V.C.)


Appendix E             The following are lists of the counties in
                       each state that are located in metropoli­
                                                                     Counties with Populations
                                                                     Greater than 30,000
State and County       tan areas as of January 1, 2003. The
Codes for Counties     state codes appear in parentheses after       Alabama (01)(01)

in Metropolitan        the state names, and the county codes         Auburn-Opelika (081) – MSA 0580

Statistical Areas,     appear in parentheses after the county        Autauga (001) - MSA 5240

Together with MSA      names, followed in turn by the MSA or         Baldwin (003) - MSA 5160

Numbers                PMSA numbers. (For purposes of                Blount (009) - MSA 1000

                       HMDA, MSA and PMSA numbers are                Calhoun (015) - MSA 0450

For use in 2003 data   treated the same.)                            Colbert (033) - MSA 2650

collection                                                           Dale (045) - MSA 2180

                                                                     Elmore (051) - MSA 5240

                       Shown first is the list of counties that      Etowah (055) - MSA 2880

                       had populations in the 2000 census that       Houston (069) - MSA 2180

                       were greater than 30,000 (for which           Jefferson (073) - MSA 1000

                       lenders must provide census tract             Lauderdale (077) - MSA 2650

                       numbers on their HMDA-LAR). Counties          Limestone (083) - MSA 3440

                       with populations that were 30,000 or          Madison (089) - MSA 3440

                       less (for which census tract numbers          Mobile (097) - MSA 5160

                       are not required) appear on the list that     Montgomery (101) - MSA 5240

                       begins at page E-16.                          Morgan (103) - MSA 2030

                                                                     Russell (113) - MSA 1800

                                                                     St. Clair (115) - MSA 1000

                       For states in New England, MSAs are
                                                                     Shelby (117) - MSA 1000

                       defined in terms of towns and cities          Tuscaloosa (125) - MSA 8600

                       instead of counties. Thus, for these
                       states the list first identifies the county   Alaska (02)
                       and then shows the towns and cities           Anchorage (020) - MSA 0380
                       that are in the MSA.
                                                                     Arizona (04)
                                                                     Coconino (005) - MSA 2620

                                                                     Maricopa (013) - MSA 6200

                                                                     Pima (019) - MSA 8520

                                                                     Pinal (021) - MSA 6200

                                                                     Yuma (027) - MSA 9360

                                                                     Arkansas (05)
                                                                     Benton (007) - MSA 2580

                                                                     Craighead (031) - MSA 3700

                                                                     Crawford (033) - MSA 2720

                                                                     Crittenden (035) - MSA 4920

                                                                     Faulkner (045) - MSA 4400

                                                                     Jefferson (069) - MSA 6240

                                                                     Lonoke (085) - MSA 4400

                                                                     Miller (091) - MSA 8360

                                                                     Pulaski (119) - MSA 4400

                                                                     Saline (125) - MSA 4400

                                                                     Sebastian (131) - MSA 2720

                                                                     Washington (143) - MSA 2580


Appendix E   California (06)                       Bridgeport - PMSA 1160
             Alameda (001) - PMSA 5775
            Brookfield - PMSA 1930
             Butte (007) - MSA 1620
               Danbury - PMSA 1930
             Contra Costa (013) - PMSA 5775
       Darien - PMSA 8040
             El Dorado (017) - PMSA 6920
          Easton - PMSA 1160
             Fresno (019) - MSA 2840
              Fairfield - PMSA 1160
             Kern (029) - MSA 0680
                Greenwich - PMSA 8040
             Los Angeles (037) - PMSA 4480
        Monroe - PMSA 1160
             Madera (039) - MSA 2840
              New Canaan - PMSA 8040
             Marin (041) - PMSA 7360
              New Fairfield - PMSA 1930
             Merced (047) - MSA 4940
              Newtown - PMSA 1930
             Monterey (053) - MSA 7120
            Norwalk - PMSA 8040
             Napa (055) - PMSA 8720
               Redding - PMSA 1930
             Orange (059) - PMSA 5945
             Ridgefield - PMSA 1930
             Placer (061) - PMSA 6920
             Shelton - PMSA 1160
             Riverside (065) - PMSA 6780
          Sherman - PMSA 1930
             Sacramento (067) - PMSA 6920
         Stamford - PMSA 8040
             San Bernardino (071) - PMSA 6780
     Stratford - PMSA 1160
             San Diego (073) - MSA 7320
           Trumbull - PMSA 1160
             San Francisco (075) - PMSA 7360
      Weston - PMSA 8040
             San Joaquin (077) - MSA 8120
         Westport - PMSA 8040
             San Luis Obispo (079) - MSA 7460
     Wilton - PMSA 8040
             San Mateo (081) - PMSA 7360

             Santa Barbara (083) - MSA 7480
     Hartford (003)(part)
             Santa Clara (085) - PMSA 7400
        Avon - MSA 3280
             Santa Cruz (087) - PMSA 7485
         Berlin - MSA 3280
             Shasta (089) - MSA 6690
              Bloomfield - MSA 3280
             Solano (095) - PMSA 8720
             Bristol - MSA 3280
             Sonoma (097) - PMSA 7500
             Burlington - MSA 3280
             Stanislaus (099) - MSA 5170
          Canton - MSA 3280
             Sutter (101) - MSA 9340
              East Granby - MSA 3280
             Tulare (107) - MSA 8780
              East Hartford - MSA 3280
             Ventura (111) - PMSA 8735
            East Windsor - MSA 3280
             Yolo (113) - PMSA 9270
               Enfield - MSA 3280
             Yuba (115) - MSA 9340
                Farmington - MSA 3280
                                                   Glastonbury - MSA 3280
             Colorado (08)                         Granby - MSA 3280
             Adams (001) - PMSA 2080               Hartford - MSA 3280
             Arapahoe (005) - PMSA 2080            Manchester - MSA 3280
             Boulder (013) - PMSA 1125             Marlborough - MSA 3280
             Denver (031) - PMSA 2080              New Britain - MSA 3280
             Douglas (035) - PMSA 2080             Newington - MSA 3280
             El Paso (041) - MSA 1720              Plainville - MSA 3280
             Jefferson (059) - PMSA 2080           Rocky Hill - MSA 3280
             Larimer (069) - MSA 2670              Simsbury - MSA 3280
             Mesa (077) - MSA 2995                 Southington - MSA 3280
             Pueblo (101) - MSA 6560               South Windsor - MSA 3280
             Weld (123) - PMSA 3060                Suffield - MSA 3280
                                                   West Hartford - MSA 3280
                                                   Wethersfield - MSA 3280
             Connecticut (09)                      Windsor - MSA 3280
             Fairfield (001)                       Windsor Locks - MSA 3280
                Bethel - PMSA 1930


Litchfield (005)(part)           Southbury - PMSA 8880
   Barkhamsted - MSA 3280        Wallingford - PMSA 5480
   Bethlehem - PMSA 8880         Waterbury - PMSA 8880
   Bridgewater - PMSA 1930       West Haven - PMSA 5480
   Harwinton - MSA 3280          Wolcott - PMSA 8880
   New Hartford - MSA 3280       Woodbridge - PMSA 5480
   New Milford - PMSA 1930
   Plymouth - MSA 3280         New London (011)(part)
   Roxbury - PMSA 1930           Bozrah - MSA 5520
   Thomaston - PMSA 8880         Colchester - MSA 3280
   Washington - PMSA 1930        East Lyme - MSA 5520
   Watertown - PMSA 8880         Franklin - MSA 5520
   Winchester - MSA 3280         Griswold - MSA 5520
   Woodbury - PMSA 8880          Groton - MSA 5520
                                 Lebanon - MSA 3280
Middlesex (007)(part)            Ledyard - MSA 5520
  Clinton - PMSA 5480            Lisbon - MSA 5520
  Cromwell - MSA 3280            Montville - MSA 5520
  Durham - MSA 3280              New London - MSA 5520
  East Haddam - MSA 3280         North Stonington - MSA 5520
  East Hampton - MSA 3280        Norwich - MSA 5520
  Haddam - MSA 3280              Old Lyme - MSA 5520
  Killingworth - PMSA 5480       Preston - MSA 5520
  Middlefield - MSA 3280         Salem - MSA 5520
  Middletown - MSA 3280          Sprague - MSA 5520
  Old Saybrook - MSA 5520        Stonington - MSA 5520
  Portland - MSA 3280            Waterford - MSA 5520

New Haven (009)                Tolland (013)(part)
  Ansonia - PMSA 1160             Andover - MSA 3280
  Beacon Falls - PMSA 1160        Bolton - MSA 3280
  Bethany - PMSA 5480             Columbia - MSA 3280
  Branford - PMSA 5480            Coventry - MSA 3280
  Cheshire - PMSA 5480            Ellington - MSA 3280
  Derby - PMSA 1160               Hebron - MSA 3280
  East Haven - PMSA 5480          Mansfield - MSA 3280
  Guilford - PMSA 5480            Somers - MSA 3280
  Hamden - PMSA 5480              Stafford - MSA 3280
  Madison - PMSA 5480             Tolland - MSA 3280
  Meriden - PMSA 5480             Vernon - MSA 3280
  Middlebury - PMSA 8880          Willington - MSA 3280
  Milford - PMSA 1160
  Naugatuck - PMSA 8880        Windham (015)(part)
  New Haven - PMSA 5480          Ashford - MSA 3280
  North Branford - PMSA 5480     Canterbury - MSA 5520
  North Haven - PMSA 5480        Chaplin - MSA 3280
  Orange - PMSA 5480             Plainfield - MSA 5520
  Oxford - PMSA 1160             Thompson - PMSA 9240
  Prospect - PMSA 8880           Windham - MSA 3280
  Seymour - PMSA 1160


Appendix E	   Delaware (10)                            Cobb (067) - MSA 0520
              Kent (001) - MSA 2190                    Columbia (073) - MSA 0600
              New Castle (003) - PMSA 9160             Coweta (077) - MSA 0520
                                                       De Kalb (089) - MSA 0520
              District of Columbia (11)                Dougherty (095) - MSA 0120
              District of Columbia (001) - PMSA 8840   Douglas (097) - MSA 0520
                                                       Fayette (113) - MSA 0520
              Florida (12)                             Forsyth (117) - MSA 0520
              Alachua (001) - MSA 2900
                Fulton (121) - MSA 0520
              Bay (005) - MSA 6015
                    Gwinnett (135) - MSA 0520
              Brevard (009) - MSA 4900
                Henry (151) - MSA 0520
              Broward (011) - PMSA 2680
               Houston (153) - MSA 4680
              Charlotte (015) - MSA 6580
              Muscogee (215) - MSA 1800
              Clay (019) - MSA 3600
                   Newton (217) - MSA 0520
              Collier (021) - MSA 5345
                Paulding (223) - MSA 0520
              Dade (086) - PMSA 5000
                  Richmond (245) - MSA 0600
              Duval (031) - MSA 3600
                  Rockdale (247) - MSA 0520
              Escambia (033) - MSA 6080
               Spalding (255) - MSA 0520
              Gadsden (039) - MSA 8240
                Walker (295) - MSA 1560
              Hernando (053) - MSA 8280
               Walton (297) - MSA 0520
              Hillsborough (057) - MSA 8280

              Lake (069) - MSA 5960
                   Hawaii (15)
              Lee (071) - MSA 2700
                    Honolulu (003) - MSA 3320
              Leon (073) - MSA 8240

              Manatee (081) - MSA 7510
                Idaho (16)
              Marion (083) - MSA 5790
                 Ada (001) - MSA 1080
              Martin (085) - MSA 2710
                 Bannock (005) - MSA 6340
              Nassau (089) - MSA 3600
                 Canyon (027) - MSA 1080
              Okaloosa (091) - MSA 2750

              Orange (095) - MSA 5960
                 Illinois (17)
              Osceola (097) - MSA 5960
                Boone (007) - MSA 6880
              Palm Beach (099) - MSA 8960
             Champaign (019) - MSA 1400
              Pasco (101) - MSA 8280
                  Clinton (027) - MSA 7040
              Pinellas (103) - MSA 8280
               Cook (031) - PMSA 1600
              Polk (105) - MSA 3980
                   DeKalb (037) - PMSA 1600
              St. Johns (109) - MSA 3600
              Du Page (043) - PMSA 1600
              St. Lucie (111) - MSA 2710
              Grundy (063) - PMSA 1600
              Santa Rosa (113) - MSA 6080
             Henry (073) - MSA 1960
              Sarasota (115) - MSA 7510
               Kane (089) - PMSA 1600
              Seminole (117) - MSA 5960
               Kankakee (091) - PMSA 3740
              Volusia (127) - MSA 2020
                Kendall (093) - PMSA 1600
                                                       Lake (097) - PMSA 1600
              Georgia (13)                             McHenry (111) - PMSA 1600
              Bibb (021) - MSA 4680                    McLean (113) - MSA 1040
              Catoosa (047) - MSA 1560                 Macon (115) - MSA 2040
              Chatham (051) - MSA 7520                 Madison (119) - MSA 7040
              Cherokee (057) - MSA 0520                Peoria (143) - MSA 6120
              Clarke (059) - MSA 0500                  Rock Island (161) - MSA 1960
              Clayton (063) - MSA 0520                 St. Clair (163) - MSA 7040


Sangamon (167) - MSA 7880         Johnson (091) - MSA 3760
Tazewell (179) - MSA 6120         Leavenworth (103) - MSA 3760
Will (197) - PMSA 1600            Sedgwick (173) - MSA 9040
Winnebago (201) - MSA 6880        Shawnee (177) - MSA 8440
Woodford (203) - MSA 6120         Wyandotte (209) - MSA 3760

Indiana (18)                      Kentucky (21)
Adams (001) - MSA 2760
           Boone (015) - PMSA 1640
Adams (001) - MSA 2760
           Boyd (019) - MSA 3400
Allen (003) - MSA 2760
           Bullitt (029) - MSA 4520
Boone (011) - MSA 3480
           Campbell (037) - PMSA 1640
Clark (019) - MSA 4520
           Christian (047) - MSA 1660
Dearborn (029) - PMSA 1640
       Daviess (059) - MSA 5990
De Kalb (033) - MSA 2760
         Fayette (067) - MSA 4280
Delaware (035) - MSA 5280
        Greenup (089) - MSA 3400
Elkhart (039) - MSA 2330
         Henderson (101) - MSA 2440
Floyd (043) - MSA 4520
           Jefferson (111) - MSA 4520
Hamilton (057) - MSA 3480
        Jessamine (113) - MSA 4280
Hancock (059) - MSA 3480
         Kenton (117) - PMSA 1640
Hendricks (063) - MSA 3480
       Madison (151) - MSA 4280
Howard (067) - MSA 3850
          Oldham (185) - MSA 4520
Johnson (081) - MSA 3480

Lake (089) - PMSA 2960
           Louisiana (22)
Madison (095) - MSA 3480
         Ascension (005) - MSA 0760

Marion (097) - MSA 3480
          Bossier (015) - MSA 7680

Monroe (105) - MSA 1020
          Caddo (017) - MSA 7680

Morgan (109) - MSA 3480
          Calcasieu (019) - MSA 3960

Porter (127) - PMSA 2960
         East Baton Rouge (033) - MSA 0760

St. Joseph (141) - MSA 7800
      Jefferson (051) - MSA 5560

Shelby (145) - MSA 3480
          Lafayette (055) - MSA 3880

Tippecanoe (157) - MSA 3920
      Lafourche (057) - MSA 3350

Vanderburgh (163) - MSA 2440
     Livingston (063) - MSA 0760

Vigo (167) - MSA 8320
            Orleans (071) - MSA 5560

Warrick (173) - MSA 2440
         Ouachita (073) - MSA 5200

                                  Rapides (079) - MSA 0220

Iowa (19)                         St. Bernard (087) - MSA 5560

Black Hawk (013) - MSA 8920
      St. Charles (089) - MSA 5560

Dubuque (061) - MSA 2200
         St. John the Baptist (095) - PMSA 5560

Johnson (103) - MSA 3500
         St. Martin (099) - MSA 3880

Linn (113) - MSA 1360
            St. Tammany (103) - MSA 5560

Polk (153) - MSA 2120
            Terrebonne (109) - MSA 3350

Pottawattamie (155) - MSA 5920
   Webster (119) - MSA 7680

Scott (163) - MSA 1960

Warren (181) - MSA 2120
          Maine (23)
Woodbury (193) - MSA 7720
        Androscoggin (001)(part)
                                    Auburn - MSA 4240
Kansas (20)                         Greene - MSA 4240
Butler (015) - MSA 9040             Lewiston - MSA 4240
Douglas (045) - MSA 4150            Lisbon - MSA 4240
Harvey (079) - MSA 9040             Mechanic Falls - MSA 4240


Appendix E     Poland - MSA 4240                      Hollis - MSA 6400

               Sabattus - MSA 4240                    Kittery - PMSA 6450

               Turner - MSA 4240                      Limington - MSA 6400

               Wales - MSA 4240                       Old Orchard Beach - MSA 6400

                                                      South Berwick - PMSA 6450

             Cumberland (005)(part)                   York - PMSA 6450

               Cape Elizabeth - MSA 6400
               Casco - MSA 6400                                (24)

                                                    Maryland (24)
               Cumberland - MSA 6400                Allegany (001) - MSA 1900

               Falmouth - MSA 6400                  Anne Arundel (003) - PMSA 0720

               Freeport - MSA 6400                  Baltimore (005) - PMSA 0720

               Gorham - MSA 6400                    Baltimore (city) (510) - PMSA 0720

               Gray - MSA 6400                      Calvert (009) - PMSA 8840

               Long Island - MSA 6400               Carroll (013) - PMSA 0720

               North Yarmouth - MSA 6400            Cecil (015) - PMSA 9160

               Portland - MSA 6400                  Charles (017) - PMSA 8840

               Raymond - MSA 6400                   Frederick (021) - PMSA 8840

               Scarborough - MSA 6400               Harford (025) - PMSA 0720

               South Portland - MSA 6400            Howard (027) - PMSA 0720

               Standish - MSA 6400                  Montgomery (031) - PMSA 8840

               Westbrook - MSA 6400                 Prince George’s (033) - PMSA 8840

               Windham - MSA 6400                   Queen Anne’s (035) - PMSA 0720

               Yarmouth - MSA 6400                  Washington (043) - PMSA 3180

             Penobscot (019)(part)                  Massachusetts (25)

               Bangor - MSA 0730                    Barnstable (001)(part)
               Brewer - MSA 0730                      Barnstable - MSA 0740
               Eddington - MSA 0730                   Brewster - MSA 0740
               Glenburn - MSA 0730                    Chatham - MSA 0740
               Hampden - MSA 0730                     Dennis - MSA 0740
               Hermon - MSA 0730                      Eastham - MSA 0740
               Holden - MSA 0730                      Harwich - MSA 0740
               Kenduskeag - MSA 0730                  Mashpee - MSA 0740
               Milford - MSA 0730                     Orleans - MSA 0740
               Old Town city - MSA 0730               Sandwich - MSA 0740
               Orono - MSA 0730                       Yarmouth - MSA 0740
               Orrington - MSA 0730
              Penobscot Indian Island               Berkshire (003)(part)
                  (Indian Reservation) - MSA 0730     Adams - MSA 6320
              Veazie - MSA 0730                       Cheshire - MSA 6320
                                                      Dalton - MSA 6320
             Waldo (027)(part)                        Hinsdale - MSA 6320
               Winterport - MSA 0730                  Lanesborough - MSA 6320
                                                      Lee - MSA 6320
             York (031)(part)                         Lenox - MSA 6320
               Berwick - PMSA 6450                    Pittsfield - MSA 6320
               Buxton - MSA 6400                      Richmond - MSA 6320
               Eliot - PMSA 6450                      Stockbridge - MSA 6320


Bristol (005)                        Rowley - PMSA 1120

   Acushnet - PMSA 5400              Salem - PMSA 1120

   Attleboro - MSA 6480              Salisbury - PMSA 1120

   Berkley - PMSA 1120               Saugus - PMSA 1120

   Dartmouth - PMSA 5400             Swampscott - PMSA 1120

   Dighton - PMSA 1120               Topsfield - PMSA 1120

   Easton - PMSA 1200                Wenham - PMSA 1120

   Fairhaven - PMSA 5400             West Newbury - PMSA 4160

   Fall River - MSA 6480
   Freetown - PMSA 5400            Franklin (011)(part)
   Mansfield - PMSA 1120              Sunderland - MSA 8000
   New Bedford - PMSA 5400
   North Attleborough - MSA 6480   Hampden (013)(part)
   Norton - PMSA 1120                Agawam - MSA 8000
   Raynham - PMSA 1200               Chicopee - MSA 8000
   Rehoboth - MSA 6480               East Longmeadow - MSA 8000
   Seekonk - MSA 6480                Hampden - MSA 8000
   Somerset - MSA 6480               Holland - PMSA 9240
   Swansea - MSA 6480                Holyoke - MSA 8000
   Taunton - PMSA 1120               Longmeadow - MSA 8000
   Westport - MSA 6480               Ludlow - MSA 8000
                                     Monson - MSA 8000
Essex (009)                          Montgomery - MSA 8000
  Amesbury - PMSA 1120               Palmer - MSA 8000
  Andover - PMSA 4160                Russell - MSA 8000
  Beverly - PMSA 1120                Southwick - MSA 8000
  Boxford - PMSA 4160                Springfield - MSA 8000
  Danvers - PMSA 1120                Westfield - MSA 8000
  Essex - PMSA 1120                  West Springfield - MSA 8000
  Georgetown - PMSA 4160             Wilbraham - MSA 8000
  Gloucester - PMSA 1120
  Groveland - PMSA 4160            Hampshire (015)(part)
  Hamilton - PMSA 1120               Amherst - MSA 8000
  Haverhill - PMSA 4160              Belchertown - MSA 8000
  Ipswich - PMSA 1120                Easthampton - MSA 8000
  Lawrence - PMSA 4160               Granby - MSA 8000
  Lynn - PMSA 1120                   Hadley - MSA 8000
  Lynnfield - PMSA 1120              Hatfield - MSA 8000
  Manchester - PMSA 1120             Huntington - MSA 8000
  Marblehead - PMSA 1120             Northampton - MSA 8000
  Merrimac - PMSA 4160               Southampton - MSA 8000
  Methuen - PMSA 4160                South Hadley - MSA 8000
  Middleton - PMSA 1120              Ware - MSA 8000
  Nahant - PMSA 1120                 Williamsburg - MSA 8000
  Newbury - PMSA 1120
  Newburyport - PMSA 1120          Middlesex (017)
  North Andover - PMSA 4160          Acton - PMSA 1120
  Peabody - PMSA 1120                Arlington - PMSA 1120
  Rockport - PMSA 1120               Ashby - PMSA 2600


Appendix E   Ashland - PMSA 1120           Winchester - PMSA 1120
             Ayer - PMSA 1120              Woburn - PMSA 1120
             Bedford - PMSA 1120
             Belmont - PMSA 1120         Norfolk (021)
             Billerica - PMSA 4560         Avon - PMSA 1200
             Boxborough - PMSA 1120        Bellingham - PMSA 1120
             Burlington - PMSA 1120        Braintree - PMSA 1120
             Cambridge - PMSA 1120         Brookline - PMSA 1120
             Carlisle - PMSA 1120          Canton - PMSA 1120
             Chelmsford - PMSA 4560        Cohasset - PMSA 1120
             Concord - PMSA 1120           Dedham - PMSA 1120
             Dracut - PMSA 4560            Dover - PMSA 1120
             Dunstable - PMSA 4560         Foxborough - PMSA 1120
             Everett - PMSA 1120           Franklin - PMSA 1120
             Framingham - PMSA 1120        Holbrook - PMSA 1120
             Groton - PMSA 4560            Medfield - PMSA 1120
             Holliston - PMSA 1120         Medway - PMSA 1120
             Hopkinton - PMSA 1120         Millis - PMSA 1120
             Hudson - PMSA 1120            Milton - PMSA 1120
             Lexington - PMSA 1120         Needham - PMSA 1120
             Lincoln - PMSA 1120           Norfolk - PMSA 1120
             Littleton - PMSA 1120         Norwood - PMSA 1120
             Lowell - PMSA 4560            Plainville - PMSA 1120
             Malden - PMSA 1120            Quincy - PMSA 1120
             Marlborough - PMSA 1120       Randolph - PMSA 1120
             Maynard - PMSA 1120           Sharon - PMSA 1120
             Medford - PMSA 1120           Stoughton - PMSA 1120
             Melrose - PMSA 1120           Walpole - PMSA 1120
             Natick - PMSA 1120            Wellesley - PMSA 1120
             Newton - PMSA 1120            Westwood - PMSA 1120
             North Reading - PMSA 1120     Weymouth - PMSA 1120
             Pepperell - PMSA 4560         Wrentham - PMSA 1120
             Reading - PMSA 1120
             Sherborn - PMSA 1120        Plymouth (023)
             Shirley - PMSA 1120            Abington - PMSA 1200
             Somerville - PMSA 1120         Bridgewater - PMSA 1200
             Stoneham - PMSA 1120           Brockton - PMSA 1200
             Stow - PMSA 1120               Carver - PMSA 1120
             Sudbury - PMSA 1120            Duxbury - PMSA 1120
             Tewksbury - PMSA 4560          East Bridgewater - PMSA 1200
             Townsend - PMSA 1120           Halifax - PMSA 1200
             Tyngsborough - PMSA 4560       Hanover - PMSA 1120
             Wakefield - PMSA 1120          Hanson - PMSA 1200
             Waltham - PMSA 1120            Hingham - PMSA 1120
             Watertown - PMSA 1120          Hull - PMSA 1120
             Wayland - PMSA 1120            Kingston - PMSA 1120
             Westford - PMSA 4560           Lakeville - PMSA 1200
             Weston - PMSA 1120             Marion - PMSA 5400
             Wilmington - PMSA 1120         Marshfield - PMSA 1120


  Mattapoisett - PMSA 5400         Oakham - PMSA 9240
  Middleborough - PMSA 1200        Oxford - PMSA 9240
  Norwell - PMSA 1120              Paxton - PMSA 9240
  Pembroke - PMSA 1120             Princeton - PMSA 9240
  Plymouth - PMSA 1120             Rutland - PMSA 9240
  Plympton - PMSA 1200             Shrewsbury - PMSA 9240
  Rochester - PMSA 5400            Southborough - PMSA 1120
  Rockland - PMSA 1120             Southbridge - PMSA 9240
  Scituate - PMSA 1120             Spencer - PMSA 9240
  Wareham - PMSA 1120              Sterling - PMSA 9240
  West Bridgewater - PMSA 1200     Sturbridge - PMSA 9240
  Whitman - PMSA 1200              Sutton - PMSA 9240
                                   Templeton - PMSA 2600
Suffolk (025)                      Upton - PMSA 1120
   Boston - PMSA 1120              Uxbridge - PMSA 9240
   Chelsea - PMSA 1120             Webster - PMSA 9240
   Revere - PMSA 1120              Westborough - PMSA 9240
   Winthrop - PMSA 1120            West Boylston - PMSA 9240
                                   West Brookfield - PMSA 9240
Worcester (027)(part)              Westminster - PMSA 2600
 Ashburnham - PMSA 2600            Winchendon - PMSA 2600
 Auburn - PMSA 9240                Worcester - PMSA 9240
 Barre - PMSA 9240
 Berlin - PMSA 1120              Michigan (26)
 Blackstone - PMSA 1120          Allegan (005) - MSA 3000

 Bolton - PMSA 1120              Bay (017) - MSA 6960

 Boylston - PMSA 9240            Berrien (021) - MSA 0870

 Brookfield - PMSA 9240          Calhoun (025) - MSA 3720

 Charlton - PMSA 9240            Clinton (037) - MSA 4040

 Clinton - PMSA 9240             Eaton (045) - MSA 4040

 Douglas - PMSA 9240             Genesee (049) - PMSA 2640

 Dudley - PMSA 9240              Ingham (065) - MSA 4040

 East Brookfield - PMSA 9240     Jackson (075) - MSA 3520

 Fitchburg - PMSA 2600           Kalamazoo (077) - MSA 3720

 Gardner - PMSA 2600             Kent (081) - MSA 3000

 Grafton - PMSA 9240             Lapeer (087) - PMSA 2160

 Harvard - PMSA 1120             Lenawee (091) - PMSA 0440

 Holden - PMSA 9240              Livingston (093) - PMSA 0440

 Hopedale - PMSA 1120            Macomb (099) - PMSA 2160

 Lancaster - PMSA 1120           Midland (111) - MSA 6960

 Leicester - PMSA 9240           Monroe (115) - PMSA 2160

 Leominster - PMSA 2600          Muskegon (121) - MSA 3000

 Lunenburg - PMSA 2600           Oakland (125) - PMSA 2160

 Mendon - PMSA 1120              Ottawa (139) - MSA 3000

 Milford - PMSA 1120             Saginaw (145) - MSA 6960

 Millbury - PMSA 9240            St. Clair (147) - PMSA 2160

 Millville - PMSA 1120           Van Buren (159) - MSA 3720

 Northborough - PMSA 9240        Washtenaw (161) - PMSA 0440

 Northbridge - PMSA 9240         Wayne (163) - PMSA 2160

 North Brookfield - PMSA 9240


Appendix E   Minnesota (27)                       Nebraska (31)
             Anoka (003) - MSA 5120               Douglas (055) - MSA 5920
             Benton (009) - MSA 6980              Lancaster (109) - MSA 4360
             Carver (019) - MSA 5120              Sarpy (153) - MSA 5920
             Chisago (025) - MSA 5120
             Clay (027) - MSA 2520                Nevada (32)
             Dakota (037) - MSA 5120              Clark (003) - MSA 4120
             Hennepin (053) - MSA 5120            Washoe (031) - MSA 6720
             Olmsted (109) - MSA 6820
             Polk (119) - MSA 2985                New Hampshire (33)
             Ramsey (123) - MSA 5120              Hillsborough (011)(part)
             St. Louis (137) - MSA 2240             Amherst - PMSA 5350
             Scott (139) - MSA 5120                 Bedford - PMSA 4760
             Sherburne (141) - MSA 5120             Brookline - PMSA 5350
             Stearns (145) - MSA 6980               Goffstown - PMSA 4760
             Washington (163) - MSA 5120            Greenville - PMSA 5350
             Wright (171) - MSA 5120                Hollis - PMSA 5350
                                                    Hudson - PMSA 5350
             Mississippi (28)                       Litchfield - PMSA 5350
             De Soto (033) - MSA 4920               Manchester - PMSA 4760
             Forrest (035) - MSA 3285               Mason - PMSA 5350
             Hancock (045) - MSA 0920               Merrimack - PMSA 5350
             Harrison (047) - MSA 0920              Milford - PMSA 5350
             Hinds (049) - MSA 3560                 Mont Vernon - PMSA 5350
             Jackson (059) - MSA 0920               Nashua - PMSA 5350
             Lamar (073) - MSA 3285                 New Ipswich - PMSA 5350
             Madison (089) - MSA 3560               Pelham - PMSA 4560
             Rankin (121) - MSA 3560                Weare - PMSA 4760
                                                    Wilton - PMSA 5350
             Missouri (29)
             Boone (019) - MSA 1740
              Merrimack (013)(part)
             Buchanan (021) - MSA 7000
            Allenstown - PMSA 4760
             Cass (037) - MSA 3760
                Hooksett - PMSA 4760
             Christian (043) - MSA 7920

             Clay (047) - MSA 3760
               Rockingham (015)(part)
             Franklin (071) - MSA 7040
            Atkinson - PMSA 4160
             Greene (077) - MSA 7920
              Auburn - PMSA 4760
             Jackson (095) - MSA 3760
             Brentwood - PMSA 6450
             Jasper (097) - MSA 3710
              Candia - PMSA 4760
             Jefferson (099) - MSA 7040
           Chester - PMSA 4160
             Lafayette (107) - MSA 3760
           Danville - PMSA 4160
             Newton (145) - MSA 3710
              Derry - PMSA 4160
             Platte (165) - MSA 3760
              East Kingston - PMSA 6450
             St. Charles (183) - MSA 7040
         Epping - PMSA 6450
             St. Louis (189) - MSA 7040
           Exeter - PMSA 6450
             St. Louis (city) (510) - MSA 7040
    Fremont - PMSA 4160
                                                   Greenland - PMSA 6450
             Montana (30)                          Hampstead - PMSA 4160
             Cascade (013) - MSA 3040              Hampton - PMSA 6450
             Missoula (063)- MSA 5140              Hampton Falls - PMSA 6450
             Yellowstone (111) - MSA 0880          Kensington - PMSA 6450


 Kingston - PMSA 4160
         Somerset (035) - PMSA 5015
 Londonderry - PMSA 4760
      Sussex (037) - PMSA 5640
 New Castle - PMSA 6450
       Union (039) - PMSA 5640
 Newfields - PMSA 6450
        Warren (041) - PMSA 5640
 Newington - PMSA 6450

 Newmarket - PMSA 6450
        New Mexico (35)
 Newton - PMSA 4160
           Bernalillo (001) - MSA 0200
 North Hampton - PMSA 6450
    Dona Ana (013) - MSA 4100
 Plaistow - PMSA 4160
         Sandoval (043) - MSA 0200
 Portsmouth - PMSA 6450
       Santa Fe (049) - MSA 7490
 Raymond - PMSA 4160

 Rye - PMSA 6450
              New York (36)
 Salem - PMSA 4160
            Albany (001) - MSA 0160
 Sandown - PMSA 4160
          Bronx (005) - PMSA 5600
 Seabrook - PMSA 1120
         Broome (007) - MSA 0960
 South Hampton - PMSA 1120
    Cayuga (011) - MSA 8160
 Stratham - PMSA 6450
         Chautauqua (013) - MSA 3610
 Windham - PMSA 4160
          Chemung (015) - MSA 2335
                               Dutchess (027) - PMSA 2281
Strafford (017)(part)
         Erie (029) - MSA 1280
  Barrington - PMSA 6450
      Herkimer (043) - MSA 8680
  Dover - PMSA 6450
           Kings (047) - PMSA 5600
  Durham - PMSA 6450
          Livingston (051) - MSA 6840
  Farmington - PMSA 6450
      Madison (053) - MSA 8160
  Lee - PMSA 6450
             Monroe (055) - MSA 6840
  Madbury - PMSA 6450
         Montgomery (057) - MSA 0160
  Milton - PMSA 6450
          Nassau (059) - PMSA 5380
  Rochester - PMSA 6450
       New York (061) - PMSA 5600
  Rollinsford - PMSA 6450
     Niagara (063) - MSA 1280
  Somersworth - PMSA 6450
     Oneida (065) - MSA 8680
                               Onondaga (067) - MSA 8160
New Jersey (34)                Ontario (069) - MSA 6840
Atlantic (001) - PMSA 0560     Orange (071) - PMSA 5660
Bergen (003) - PMSA 0875       Orleans (073) - MSA 6840
Burlington (005) - PMSA 6160   Oswego (075) - MSA 8160
Camden (007) - PMSA 6160       Putnam (079) - PMSA 5600
Cape May (009) - PMSA 0560     Queens (081) - PMSA 5600
Cumberland (011) - PMSA 8760   Rensselaer (083) - MSA 0160
Essex (013) - PMSA 5640        Richmond (085) - PMSA 5600
Gloucester (015) - PMSA 6160   Rockland (087) - PMSA 5600
Hudson (017) - PMSA 3640       Saratoga (091) - MSA 0160
Hunterdon (019) - PMSA 5015    Schenectady (093) - MSA 0160
Mercer (021) - PMSA 8480       Suffolk (103) - PMSA 5380
Middlesex (023) - PMSA 5015    Tioga (107) - MSA 0960
Monmouth (025) - PMSA 5190     Warren (113) - MSA 2975
Morris (027) - PMSA 5640       Washington (115) - MSA 2975
Ocean (029) - PMSA 5190        Wayne (117) - MSA 6840
Passaic (031) - PMSA 0875      Westchester (119) - PMSA 5600
Salem (033) - PMSA 6160


Appendix E   North Carolina (37)             Fulton (051) - MSA 8400
             Alamance (001) - MSA 3120
      Geauga (055) - PMSA 1680
             Brunswick (019) - MSA 9200
     Greene (057) - MSA 2000
             Buncombe (021) - MSA 0480
      Hamilton (061) - PMSA 1640
             Burke (023) - MSA 3290
         Jefferson (081) - MSA 8080
             Cabarrus (025) - MSA 1520
      Lake (085) - PMSA 1680
             Caldwell (027) - MSA 3290
      Lawrence (087) - MSA 3400
             Catawba (035) - MSA 3290
       Licking (089) - MSA 1840
             Chatham (037) - MSA 6640
       Lorain (093) - PMSA 1680
             Cumberland (051) - MSA 2560
    Lucas (095) - MSA 8400
             Davidson (057) - MSA 3120
      Madison (097) - MSA 1840
             Durham (063) - MSA 6640
        Mahoning (099) - MSA 9320
             Edgecombe (065) - MSA 6895
     Medina (103) - PMSA 1680
             Forsyth (067) - MSA 3120
       Miami (109) - MSA 2000
             Franklin (069) - MSA 6640
      Montgomery (113) - MSA 2000
             Gaston (071) - MSA 1520
        Pickaway (129) - MSA 1840
             Guilford (081) - MSA 3120
      Portage (133) - PMSA 0080
             Johnston (101) - MSA 6640
      Richland (139) - MSA 4800
             Lincoln (109) - MSA 1520
       Stark (151) - MSA 1320
             Mecklenburg (119) - MSA 1520
   Summit (153) - PMSA 0080
             Nash (127) - MSA 6895
          Trumbull (155) - MSA 9320
             New Hanover (129) - MSA 9200
   Warren (165) - PMSA 1640
             Onslow (133) - MSA 3605
        Washington (167) - MSA 6020
             Orange (135) - MSA 6640
        Wood (173) - MSA 8400
             Pitt (147) - MSA 3150

             Randolph (151) - MSA 3120
      Oklahoma (40)
             Rowan (159) - MSA 1520
         Canadian (017) - MSA 5880
             Stokes (169) - MSA 3120
        Cleveland (027) - MSA 5880
             Union (179) - MSA 1520
         Comanche (031) - MSA 4200
             Wake (183) - MSA 6640
          Creek (037) - MSA 8560
             Wayne (191) - MSA 2980
         Garfield (047) - MSA 2340
             Yadkin (197) - MSA 3120
        Oklahoma (109) - MSA 5880
                                             Osage (113) - MSA 8560
             North Dakota (38)               Pottawatomie (125) - MSA 5880
             Burleigh (015) - MSA 1010
      Rogers (131) - MSA 8560
             Cass (017) - MSA 2520
          Sequoyah (135) - MSA 2720
             Grand Forks (035) - MSA 2985
   Tulsa (143) - MSA 8560
                                             Wagoner (145) - MSA 8560
             Ohio (39)
             Allen (003) - MSA 4320          Oregon (41)
             Ashtabula (007) - PMSA 1680     Clackamas (005) - PMSA 6440

             Auglaize (011) - MSA 4320       Corvallis (003) - MSA 1890

             Belmont (013) - MSA 9000        Jackson (029) - MSA 4890

             Butler (017) - PMSA 3200        Lane (039) - MSA 2400

             Clark (023) - MSA 2000          Marion (047) - PMSA 7080

             Clermont (025) - PMSA 1640      Multnomah (051) - PMSA 6440

             Cuyahoga (035) - PMSA 1680      Polk (053) - PMSA 7080

             Delaware (041) - MSA 1840       Washington (067) - PMSA 6440

             Fairfield (045) - MSA 1840      Yamhill (071) - PMSA 6440

             Franklin (049) - MSA 1840


Pennsylvania (42)                 Providence (007)
Allegheny (003) - MSA 6280
          Burrillville - MSA 6480
Beaver (007) - MSA 6280
             Central Falls - MSA 6480
Berks (011) - MSA 6680
              Cranston - MSA 6480
Blair (013) - MSA 0280
              Cumberland - MSA 6480
Bucks (017) - PMSA 6160
             East Providence - MSA 6480
Butler (019) - MSA 6280
             Foster - MSA 6480
Cambria (021) - MSA 3680
            Glocester - MSA 6480
Carbon (025) - MSA 0240
             Johnston - MSA 6480
Centre (027) - MSA 8050
             Lincoln - MSA 6480
Chester (029) - PMSA 6160
           North Providence - MSA 6480
Columbia (037) - MSA 7560
           North Smithfield - MSA 6480
Cumberland (041) - MSA 3240
         Pawtucket - MSA 6480
Dauphin (043) - MSA 3240
            Providence - MSA 6480
Delaware (045) - PMSA 6160
          Scituate - MSA 6480
Erie (049) - MSA 2360
               Smithfield - MSA 6480
Fayette (051) - MSA 6280
            Woonsocket - MSA 6480
Lackawanna (069) - MSA 7560

Lancaster (071) - MSA 4000
       Washington (009)(part)
Lebanon (075) - MSA 3240
           Charlestown - MSA 6480
Lehigh (077) - MSA 0240
            Exeter - MSA 6480
Luzerne (079) - MSA 7560
           Hopkinton - MSA 5520
Lycoming (081) - MSA 9140
          Narragansett - MSA 6480
Mercer (085) - MSA 7610
            North Kingstown - MSA 6480
Montgomery (091) - PMSA 6160
       Richmond - MSA 6480
Northampton (095) - MSA 0240
       South Kingstown - MSA 6480
Perry (099) - MSA 3240
             Westerly - MSA 5520
Philadelphia (101) - PMSA 6160

Somerset (111) - MSA 3680
        South Carolina (45)
Washington (125) - MSA 6280
      Aiken (003) - MSA 0600
Westmoreland (129) - MSA 6280
    Anderson (007) - MSA 3160
York (133) - MSA 9280
            Berkeley (015) - MSA 1440
                                  Charleston (019) - MSA 1440
Rhode Island (44)                 Dorchester (035) - MSA 1440
Bristol (001)                     Florence (041) - MSA 2655
   Barrington - MSA 6480          Greenville (045) - MSA 3160
   Bristol - MSA 6480             Horry (051) - MSA 5330
   Warren - MSA 6480              Lexington (063) - MSA 1760
                                  Pickens (077) - MSA 3160
Kent (003)                        Richland (079) - MSA 1760
  Coventry - MSA 6480             Spartanburg (083) - MSA 3160
  East Greenwich - MSA 6480       Sumter (085) - MSA 8140
  Warwick - MSA 6480              York (091) - MSA 1520
  West Greenwich - MSA 6480
  West Warwick - MSA 6480         South Dakota (46)
                                  Minnehaha (099) - MSA 7760
Newport (005)(part)               Pennington (103) - MSA 6660
  Jamestown - MSA 6480
  Little Compton - MSA 6480       Tennessee (47)
  Tiverton - MSA 6480             Anderson (001) - MSA 3840


Appendix E   Blount (009) - MSA 3840        Lubbock (303) - MSA 4600

             Carter (019) - MSA 3660        McLennan (309) - MSA 8800

             Davidson (037) - MSA 5360      Midland (329) - MSA 5800

             Dickson (043) - MSA 5360       Montgomery (339) - PMSA 3360

             Hamilton (065) - MSA 1560      Nueces (355) - MSA 1880

             Hawkins (073) - MSA 3660       Orange (361) - MSA 0840

             Knox (093) - MSA 3840          Parker (367) - PMSA 2800

             Loudon (105) - MSA 3840        Potter (375) - MSA 0320

             Madison (113) - MSA 3580       Randall (381) - MSA 0320

             Montgomery (125) - MSA 1660    San Patricio (409) - MSA 1880

             Robertson (147) - MSA 5360     Smith (423) - MSA 8640

             Rutherford (149) - MSA 5360    Tarrant (439) - PMSA 2800

             Sevier (155) - MSA 3840        Taylor (441) - MSA 0040

             Shelby (157) - MSA 4920        Tom Green (451) - MSA 7200

             Sullivan (163) - MSA 3660      Travis (453) - MSA 0640

             Sumner (165) - MSA 5360        Victoria (469) - MSA 8750

             Tipton (167) - MSA 4920        Webb (479) - MSA 4080

             Washington (179) - MSA 3660    Wichita (485) - MSA 9080

             Williamson (187) - MSA 5360    Williamson (491) - MSA 0640

             Wilson (189) - MSA 5360

             Texas (48)                     Utah (49)
             Bell (027) - MSA 3810
         Davis (011) - MSA 7160
             Bexar (029) - MSA 7240
        Salt Lake (035) - MSA 7160
             Bowie (037) - MSA 8360
        Utah (049) - MSA 6520
             Brazoria (039) - PMSA 1145
    Weber (057) - MSA 7160
             Brazos (041) - MSA 1260

             Cameron (061) - MSA 1240
      Vermont (50)
             Collin (085) - PMSA 1920
      Chittenden (007)(part)
             Comal (091) - MSA 7240
          Burlington - MSA 1305
             Coryell (099) - MSA 3810
        Charlotte - MSA 1305
             Dallas (113) - PMSA 1920
        Colchester - MSA 1305
             Denton (121) - PMSA 1920
        Essex - MSA 1305
             Ector (135) - MSA 5800
          Hinesburg - MSA 1305
             Ellis (139) - PMSA 1920
         Jericho - MSA 1305
             El Paso (141) - MSA 2320
        Milton - MSA 1305
             Fort Bend (157) - PMSA 3360
     Richmond - MSA 1305
             Galveston (167) - PMSA 2920
     St. George - MSA 1305
             Grayson (181) - MSA 7640
        Shelburne - MSA 1305
             Gregg (183) - MSA 4420
          South Burlington - MSA 1305
             Guadalupe (187) - MSA 7240
      Williston - MSA 1305
             Hardin (199) - MSA 0840
         Winooski - MSA 1305
             Harris (201) - PMSA 3360

             Harrison (203) - MSA 4420
     Franklin (011)(part)
             Hays (209) - MSA 0640
            Fairfax - MSA 1305
             Hidalgo (215) - MSA 4880
         Georgia - MSA 1305
             Jefferson (245) - MSA 0840
       St. Albans - MSA 1305
             Johnson (251) - PMSA 2800
        St. Albans (city) - MSA 1305
             Kaufman (257) - PMSA 1920
        Swanton - MSA 1305
             Liberty (291) - PMSA 3360


Virginia (51)                        Hancock (029) - MSA 8080
Albemarle (003) - MSA 1540           Kanawha (039) - MSA 1480
Arlington (013) - PMSA 8840          Marshall (051) - MSA 9000
Bedford (019) - MSA 4640             Ohio (069) - MSA 9000
Campbell (031) - MSA 4640            Putnam (079) - MSA 1480
Chesterfield (041) - MSA 6760        Wayne (099) - MSA 3400
Fairfax (059) - PMSA 8840            Wood (107) - MSA 6020
Gloucester (073) - MSA 5720
Hanover (085) - MSA 6760             Wisconsin (55)
Henrico (087) - MSA 6760             Brown (009) - MSA 3080

James City (095) - MSA 5720          Calumet (015) - MSA 0460

Loudoun (107) - PMSA 8840            Chippewa (017) - MSA 2290

Pittsylvania (143) - MSA 1950        Dane (025) - MSA 4720

Prince William (153) - PMSA 8840     Douglas (031) - MSA 2240

Roanoke (161) - MSA 6800             Eau Claire (035) - MSA 2290

Spotsylvania (177) - PMSA 8840       Kenosha (059) - PMSA 3800

Stafford (179) - PMSA 8840           La Crosse (063) - MSA 3870

Washington (191) - MSA 3660          Marathon (073) - MSA 8940

York (199) - MSA 5720                Milwaukee (079) - PMSA 5080

Independent cities:                  Outagamie (087) - MSA 0460

  Alexandria (510) - PMSA 8840       Ozaukee (089) - PMSA 5080

  Charlottesville (540) - MSA 1540   Racine (101) - PMSA 6600

  Chesapeake (550) - MSA 5720        Rock (105) - MSA 3620

  Danville (590) - MSA 1950          St. Croix (109) - MSA 5120

  Hampton (650) - MSA 5720           Sheboygan (117) - MSA 7620

  Lynchburg (680) - MSA 4640         Washington (131) - PMSA 5080

  Newport News (700) - MSA 5720      Waukesha (133) - PMSA 5080

  Norfolk (710) - MSA 5720           Winnebago (139) - MSA 0460

  Petersburg (730) - MSA 6760
  Portsmouth (740) - MSA 5720        Wyoming (56)
  Richmond (760) - MSA 6760          Laramie (021) - MSA 1580
  Roanoke (770) - MSA 6800           Natrona (025) - MSA 1350
  Suffolk (800) - MSA 5720
  Virginia Beach (810) - MSA 5720    Puerto Rico (72)
                                     Aguada (003) - MSA 0060
Washington (53)                      Aguadilla (005) - MSA 0060
Benton (005) - MSA 6740              Arecibo (013) - PMSA 0470
Clark (011) - PMSA 6440              Bayamón (021) - PMSA 7440
Franklin (021) - MSA 6740            Cabo Rojo (023) - MSA 4840
King (033) - PMSA 7600               Caguas (025) - PMSA 1310
Kitsap (035) - PMSA 1150             Canóvanas (029) - PMSA 7440
Pierce (053) - PMSA 8200             Carolina (031) - PMSA 7440
Snohomish (061) - PMSA 7600          Cataño (033) - PMSA 7440
Spokane (063) - MSA 7840             Cayey (035) - PMSA 1310
Thurston (067) - PMSA 5910           Cidra (041) - PMSA 1310
Whatcom (073) - MSA 0860             Corozal (047) - PMSA 7440
Yakima (077) - MSA 9260              Dorado (051) - PMSA 7440
                                     Fajardo (053) - PMSA 7440
West Virginia (54)                   Guaynabo (061) - PMSA 7440
Cabell (011) - MSA 3400              Hatillo (065) - PMSA 0470


Appendix E             ´
             Humacaó (069) - PMSA 7440                        Illinois (17)
             Juana Díaz (075) - MSA 6360
                     Jersey (083) - MSA 7040
             Juncos (077) - PMSA 7440
                        Menard (129) - MSA 7880
             Manatí (091) - PMSA 7440
                        Monroe (133) - MSA 7040
             Mayaguèz (097) - MSA 4840
                       Ogle* (141) - MSA 6880
             Moca (099) - MSA 0060

             Ponce (113) - MSA 6360
                          Indiana (18)
             Río Grande (119) - PMSA 7440
                    Clay (021) - MSA 8320
             San German (125) - MSA 4840
                     Clinton* (023) - MSA 3920
             San Juan (127) - PMSA 7440
                      Harrison (061) - MSA 4520
             San Lorenzo (129) - PMSA 1310
                   Huntington* (069) - MSA 2760
             Toa Alta (135) - PMSA 7440
                      Ohio (115) - PMSA 1640
             Toa Baja (137) - PMSA 7440
                      Posey (129) - MSA 2440
             Trujillo Alto (139) - PMSA 7440
                 Scott (143) - MSA 4520
             Vega Alta (143) - PMSA 7440
                     Tipton (159) - MSA 3850
             Vega Baja (145) - PMSA 7440
                     Vermillion (165) - MSA 8320
             Yauco (153) - MSA 6360
                          Wells (179) - MSA 2760
                                                              Whitley (183) - MSA 2760
             Counties with Populations
             of 30,000 or Less*                               Iowa (19)
                                                              Dallas (049) - MSA 2120
             Alabama (01)
             Lawrence* (079) - MSA 2030                       Kansas (20)
                                                              Miami (121) - MSA 3760
             Arizona (04)
             Mohave* (015) - MSA 4120                         Kentucky (21)
                                                              Bourbon (017) - MSA 4280
             Florida (12)                                     Carter (043) - MSA 3400
             Flagler (035) - MSA 2020                         Clark (049) - MSA 4280
                                                              Gallatin (077) - PMSA 1640
             Georgia (13)                                     Grant (081) - PMSA 1640
             Barrow (013) - MSA 0520
                         Pendleton (191) - PMSA 1640
             Bartow* (015) - MSA 0520
                        Scott (209) - MSA 4280
             Bryan (029) - MSA 7520
                          Woodford (239) - MSA 4280
             Carroll* (045) - MSA 0520

             Chattahoochee (053) - MSA 1800
                  Louisiana (22)
             Dade (083) - MSA 1560
                           Acadia* (001) - MSA 3880

             Effingham (103) - MSA 7520
                      Plaquemines (075) - MSA 5560

             Harris (145) - MSA 1800
                         St. James (093) - MSA 5560

             Jones (169) - MSA 4680
                          St. Landry* (097) - MSA 3880

             Lee (177) - MSA 0120
                            West Baton Rouge (121) - MSA 0760

             McDuffie (189) - MSA 0600

             Madison (195) - MSA 0500
                        Minnesota (27)
             Oconee (219) - MSA 0500
                         Houston (055) - MSA 3870
             Peach (225) - MSA 4680
                          Isanti (059) - MSA 5120
             Pickens (227) - MSA 0520

             Twiggs (289) - MSA 4680
                         Missouri (29)
                                                              Andrew (003) - MSA 7000
                                                              Clinton (049) - MSA 3760
             *Counties marked with an asterisk have popula­
             tions over 30,000 but do not have census tract   Crawford (055) - Sullivan
             numbers.                                          city only - MSA 7040


Lincoln (113) - MSA 7040       South Dakota (46)
Ray (177) - MSA 3760           Lincoln (083) - MSA 7760
Warren (219) - MSA 7040
Webster (225) - MSA 7920       Tennessee (47)
                               Cheatham (021) - MSA 5360

Nebraska (31)                  Chester (023) - MSA 3580

Cass (025) - MSA 5920          Fayette (047) - MSA 4920

Dakota (043) - MSA 7720        Marion (115) - MSA 1560

Washington (177) - MSA 5920    Unicoi (171) - MSA 3660

                               Union (173) - MSA 3840

Nevada (32)
Nye (023) - MSA 4120                  (48)

                               Texas (48)
                               Archer (009) - MSA 9080

New Mexico (35)                Bastrop* (021) - MSA 0640

Los Alamos (028) - MSA 7490    Caldwell (055) - MSA 0640

Valencia* (061) - MSA 0200     Chambers (071) - PMSA 3360

                               Henderson* (213) - PMSA 1920

New York (36)                  Hood (221) - PMSA 2800

Genesee* (037) - MSA 6840      Hunt* (231) - PMSA 1920

Schoharie* (095) - MSA 0160    Rockwall (397) - PMSA 1920

                               Upshur* (459) - MSA 4420

North Carolina (37)            Waller (473) - PMSA 3360

Alexander (003) - MSA 3290     Wilson (493) - MSA 7240

Currituck (053) - MSA 5720
Davie (059) - MSA 3120         Utah (49)
Madison (115) - MSA 0480       Kane (025) - MSA 2620

North Dakota (38)              Vermont (50)
Morton (059) - MSA 1010        Grand Isle (013) (part) - MSA 1305

Ohio (39)                      Virginia (51)
Brown* (015) - PMSA 1640       Amherst (009) - MSA 4640

Carroll (019) - MSA 1320       Botetourt (023) - MSA 6800

Columbiana* (029) - MSA 9320   Charles City (036) - MSA 6760

Crawford* (033) - MSA 4800     Clarke (043) - PMSA 8840

                               Culpeper (047) - PMSA 8840

Oklahoma (40)                  Dinwiddie (053) - MSA 6760

Logan (083) - MSA 5880         Fauquier* (061) - PMSA 8840

McClain (087) - MSA 5880       Fluvanna (065) - MSA 1540

                               Goochland (075) - MSA 6760

Oregon (41)                    Greene (079) - MSA 1540

Columbia* (009) - PMSA 6440    Isle of Wight (093) - MSA 5720

                               King George (099) - PMSA 8840

Pennsylvania (42)              New Kent (127) - MSA 6760

Pike (103) - MSA 5660          Matthews (115) - MSA 5720

Wyoming (131) - MSA 7560       Powhatan (145) - MSA 6760

                               Prince George (149) - MSA 6760

South Carolina (45)            Scott (169) - MSA 3660

Cherokee* (021) - MSA 3160     Warren (187) - PMSA 8840

Edgefield (037) - MSA 0600


Appendix E   Independent Cities:
                Bedford (515) - MSA 4640            A list of state and county
                Bristol (520) - MSA 3660            codes for counties not in an
                Colonial Heights (570) - MSA 6760   MSA is available free of charge
                Fairfax (city) (600) - PMSA 8840    from the Federal Reserve
                Falls Church (610) - PMSA 8840      Board's HMDA Assistance Line
                Fredericksburg (630) - PMSA 8840
                                                    at (202) 452-2016, for use
                Hopewell (670) - MSA 6760
                                                    by those institutions required
                Manassas (683) - PMSA 8840
                Manassas Park (685) - PMSA 8840
                                                    under CRA rules to report
                Poquoson (735) - MSA 5720           geographic locations outside
                Salem (775) - MSA 6800              MSAs.
                Williamsburg (830) - MSA 5720
                                                    For sources of census tract
             Washington (53)                                                  17
                                                    information, see pages 13– of
             Island* (029) - PMSA 7600              this Guide.

             West Virginia (54)
             Berkeley* (003) - PMSA 8840
             Brooke (009) - MSA 8080
             Jefferson* (037) - PMSA 8840
             Mineral (057) - MSA 1900

             Wisconsin (55)
             Pierce* (093) - MSA 5120

             Puerto Rico (72)
             Aguas Buenas (007) - PMSA 7440

             Añasco (011) - MSA 4840

             Barceloneta (017) - PMSA 7440

             Camuy (027) - PMSA 0470

             Ceiba (037) - PMSA 7440

             Comerio (045) - PMSA 7440

             Florida (054) - PMSA 7440

             Guayanilla (059) - MSA 6360

             Gurabo (063) - PMSA 1310

             Hormigueros (067) - MSA 4840

             Las Piedras (085) - PMSA 7440

             Loíza (087) - PMSA 7440

             Luquillo (089) - PMSA 7440

             Morovis (101) - PMSA 7440

             Naguabo (103) - PMSA 7440

             Naranjito (105) - PMSA 7440

             Penuelas (111) - MSA 6360

             Sabana Grande (121) - MSA 4840

             Villalba (149) - MSA 6360

             Yabucoa* (151) - PMSA 7440


Appendix F    A. You are strongly encouraged to submit
                 your loan/application register via
                                                             Office of the Comptroller of
                                                             the Currency
Federal          internet e-mail. If you elect to use this
Supervisory      method of transmission and your             For national banks and their subsidiaries
Agencies         institution is regulated by the Office of   and federal branches and federal
                 the Comptroller of the Currency, the        agencies of foreign banks
                 Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora­
                                                             Send HMDA-LAR data on diskette,
                 tion, the National Credit Union Admin­
                                                             tape, or (if reporting 25 or fewer
                 istration, or the Office of Thrift
                                                             transactions) paper, to:
                 Supervision, then you should submit
                 your institution’s files to the internet
                                                             Federal Reserve Board

                 e-mail address dedicated to that
                                                             Attention: OCC HMDA Processing

                 purpose by the Federal Reserve
                                                             20th & Constitution Ave, NW
                 Board, which can be found on the web
                                                             MS N502

                 site of the FFIEC. If your institution is
                                                             Washington, DC 20551-0001 

                 regulated by one of the foregoing
                                                             (202) 452-2016

                 agencies and you elect to submit your
                 data by regular mail, then use the          HMDA-LAR data may also be submitted

                 following address:                          by Internet e-mail; see page 8 of this


                Federal Reserve Board                        Direct HMDA questions to the
                Attention: HMDA Processing,                  OCC District Office serving your
                (insert name of your institution’s           district:
                   regulatory agency)
                20th & Constitution Ave, NW                  Central District
                MS N502                                      One Financial Place, Suite 2700

                Washington, DC 20551-0001                    440 South LaSalle Street

                                                             Chicago, IL 60605-1073

                B. If your institution is regulated by       (312) 360-8800

                the Federal Reserve System, you              FAX (312) 435-0951

                should use the internet e-mail or
                                                             Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,
                regular mail address of your district
                                                             Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North
                bank indicated on the web site of the
                                                             Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia,
                FFIEC. If your institution is regulated
                                                             West Virginia, Wisconsin
                by the Department of Housing and
                Urban Development, then you should
                                                             Northeastern District
                use the internet e-mail or regular mail
                                                             1114 Avenue of the Americas

                address indicated on the web site of
                                                             Suite 3900

                the FFIEC.
                                                             New York, NY 10036-7780

                                                             (212) 819-9860

              The following pages specify the agency
                                                             FAX (212) 790-4098

              offices where institutions must send their
              HMDA-LAR data, and indicate the office         Connecticut, Delaware, District of
              to contact for information about compli­       Columbia, Maine, Maryland,
              ance with the requirements of HMDA             Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New
              and Regulation C.                              Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,
                                                             Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont,
                                                             Virgin Islands

Appendix F   Southern District
             1600 Lincoln Plaza
             500 North Akard Street
             Dallas, TX 75201-3394
             (214) 720-0656
             FAX (214) 720-7000
             Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
             Louisiana, Mississippi, North
             Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina,
             Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West

             Western District
             1225 17th Street
             Denver, CO 80202
             (720) 475-7600
             FAX (720) 475-7690
             Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,
             Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,
             Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New
             Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington,

Federal Reserve System                          Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
                                                230 South LaSalle Street
For state member banks of the Federal
                                                Chicago, IL 60604
Reserve System, their subsidiaries,
                                                (312) 322-5322
subsidiaries of bank holding companies,
branches and agencies of foreign banks          Illinois*, Indiana*, Iowa, Michigan*,
(other than federal branches, federal           Wisconsin*
agencies, and insured state branches
of foreign banks), commercial lending           Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
companies owned or controlled by                1455 East Sixth Street
foreign banks, and organizations operat­        Cleveland, OH 44114
ing under section 25 or 25A of the              (216) 579-2000
Federal Reserve Act                             Kentucky*, Ohio, Pennsylvania*,
                                                West Virginia*
Send HMDA-LAR data on diskette,
tape, or (if reporting 25 or fewer              Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
transactions) paper, and direct                 2200 North Pearl Street
HMDA questions, to the Reserve                  Dallas, TX 75201-2272
Bank serving your district as                   (214) 922-6000
listed below.
                                                Louisiana*, New Mexico*, Texas
HMDA-LAR data may also be submitted
                                                Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
by Internet e-mail; see page 8 of this
                                                925 Grand Blvd
                                                Kansas City, MO 64198
                                                (816) 881-2000
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
1000 Peachtree Street, N.E.                     Colorado, Kansas, Missouri*, Nebraska,
Atlanta, GA 30309-4470                          New Mexico*, Oklahoma, Wyoming
(404) 498-8500
                                                Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana*,
                                                90 Hennepin Avenue
Mississippi*, Tennessee*
                                                Minneapolis, MN 55401-1804
                                                (612) 204-5000
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
600 Atlantic Avenue                             Michigan*, Minnesota, Montana, North
Boston, MA 02106                                Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin*
(617) 973-3000
                                                Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Connecticut*, Maine, Massachusetts,
                                                33 Liberty Street
New Hampshire, Rhode Island,
                                                New York, NY 10045
                                                (212) 720-5000
                                                Connecticut*, New Jersey*, New York,
                                                Puerto Rico

*Some states are split between two districts.


Appendix F	   Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia         Federal Reserve Bank of
              Ten Independence Mall                        San Francisco
              Philadelphia, PA 19106                       101 Market Street
              (215) 574-6000                               San Francisco, CA 94105
              Delaware, New Jersey*, Pennsylvania*         (415) 974-2000
                                                           Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii,
              Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond             Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah,
              701 East Byrd Street                         Washington
              Richmond, VA 23219
              (804) 697-8000
              District of Columbia, Maryland,�
              North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia,�
              West Virginia*�

              Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

              411 Locust Street
              St. Louis, MO 63102
              (314) 444-8444
              Arkansas, Indiana*, Kentucky*, Illinois*,
              Mississippi*, Missouri*, Tennessee*

Federal Deposit Insurance                 Dallas Regional Office
Corporation                               1910 Pacific Avenue, Suite 2000

                                          Dallas, TX 75201

For nonmember insured banks (except       (972) 761-8051

for federal savings banks) and their      FAX (972) 761-8019

subsidiaries, insured state branches
of foreign banks that are supervised      Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana,
by the FDIC, and other depository         Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
institutions                              Tennessee, Texas

Send HMDA-LAR data on diskette,           Kansas City Regional Office
tape, or (if reporting 25 or fewer        2345 Grand Avenue, Suite 1500

transactions) paper, to:                  Kansas City, MO 64108

                                          (816) 234-8000

Federal Reserve Board
                    FAX (816) 234-8088

Attention: FDIC HMDA Processing
          Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri,
20th & Constitution Ave, NW
              Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
MS N502
Washington, DC 20551-0001
                New York Regional Office
(202) 452-2016
                           20 Exchange Place, 6th Floor

                                          New York, NY 10005

HMDA-LAR data may also be submitted
      (917) 320-2570

by Internet e-mail; see page 8 of this
   FAX (917) 320-2913

                                   Connecticut, Delaware, District of
                                          Columbia, Maine, Maryland,
Direct HMDA questions to the              Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
FDIC Regional Office serving your         New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,
region:                                   Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont,
                                          Virgin Islands
Atlanta Regional Office
10 Tenth Street, N.E.
                    San Francisco Regional Office
Suite 800
                                25 Ecker Street, Suite 1700

Atlanta, GA 30309-3906
                   San Francisco, CA 94105

(678) 916-2250
                           (415) 546-0160

FAX (678) 916-2451
                       FAX (415) 808-7945

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North          Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam,
Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia,       Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada,
West Virginia                             Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Chicago Regional Office
500 West Monroe Street, Suite 3300

Chicago, IL 60661

(312) 382-6926

FAX (312) 382-6935

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan,
Ohio, Wisconsin


Appendix F   National Credit Union                     Region III
             Administration                            7000 Central Parkway, Suite 1600

                                                       Atlanta, Georgia 30328

             For credit unions                         (678) 443-3000

                                                       FAX (703) 518-6675

             Send HMDA-LAR data on diskette,
             tape, or (if reporting 25 or fewer        Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana,
             transactions) paper, to:                  Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina
                                                       Ohio, Puerto Rico, South Carolina,
             Federal Reserve Board
                    Tennessee, Virgin Islands
             Attention: NCUA HMDA Processing

             20th & Constitution Ave, NW 
             Region IV
             MS N502                                   4807 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 5200
             Washington, DC 20551-0001
                Austin, Texas 78759

             (202) 452-2016
                           (512) 342-5600

                                                       FAX (703) 518-6677

             HMDA-LAR data may also be submitted
      Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas,
             by Internet e-mail; see page 8 of this
   Lousiana, Minnesota, Missouri,
                                   Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma,
                                                       South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin
             Direct HMDA questions to the
             NCUA Regional Office serving              Region V
             your region:                              1230 W. Washington,
                                                       Suite 301
             Region I                                  Tempe, AZ 85281
             9 Washington Square
                      (602) 302-6000
             Washington Avenue Extension
              FAX (602) 302-6024

             Albany, New York 12205

                                                       Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,
             (518) 862-7400

                                                       Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana,
             FAX (703) 518-6673

                                                       Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah
             Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,        Washington, Wyoming
             Michigan, New Hampshire, New York,
             Rhode Island,Vermont

             Region II
             1775 Duke Street, Suite 4206

             Alexandria, VA 22314-3437

             (703) 519-4600

             FAX (703) 518-6674

             Delaware, District of Columbia,
             Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
             Virginia, West Virginia


Office of Thrift Supervision             Other Contacts
For savings institutions insured under   All institutions (except those that send
the Savings Association Insurance        HMDA-LAR data to OTS or HUD) may
Fund of the FDIC, federally-chartered    direct technical questions about
savings banks insured under the Bank     automated submissions to:
Insurance Fund of the FDIC (but not
state-chartered savings banks insured    Federal Reserve Board

under the Bank Insurance Fund), their    CRA/HMDA Development and Support

subsidiaries, and subsidiaries of sav­   Unit

ings institution holding companies       Fifth Floor

                                         1709 New York Avenue, NW

Send HMDA-LAR data on diskette,          Washington, DC 20006

tape, or (if reporting 25 or fewer       (202) 452-2016

transactions) paper, and direct          FAX (202) 452-6497

HMDA questions to:

Federal Reserve Board
OTS HMDA Processing                       Send suggestions for
20th & Constitution Avenue, NW            changes or additions to this
MS N502                                   Guide to:
Washington, DC 20551-0001                 Federal Financial Institutions
(202) 452-2016                            Examination Council
                                          3501 Fairfax Drive
Department of Housing and                 Room 3086
Urban Development                         Arlington, VA 22226

For other mortgage lending

Send HMDA-LAR data on diskette,
tape or CD ROM, and direct HMDA
questions to:

United States Department of Housing
and Urban Development
Attention: HMDA Processing
HUD Building
451 7th Street, SW
2nd Floor, Room 2251
Washington, DC 20410
(202) 755-7500 x7572


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