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									                Tissue Banks
                and Pathology
                Tools and DSIC

                DSIC Face to Face
                Ian Fore D.Phil.
                May 15, 2007

December 2006
TBPT agenda for caBIG year 4

•   Implementation of caTissue Core 1.2
     • Deployment at adopter centers
     • Sharing data
     • Putting consent tracking into practice
•   Prostate SPORE deployment
     • Address IRB issues
•   Development of caTissue Suite 1.0
•   Public vs private datastore model
Is authentication enough?

•   caBIG model based on protection of data by authentication and roles
     • Authentication - usually username and password
     • Roles authorize which data you see
     • Control access to PHI
•   Public-Private datastore model
     • PHI only in database behind firewall
     • Deidentified data only in copy of database used for external access
     • Disadvantages
         • Significant issue to keep database copies in sync
         • No caBIG infrastructure support
The Gap

•   Are we being realistic in comparison to standards used elsewhere?
•   I can access much personal information about myself with no more than a
    username and password
      • Address, Phone, email etc
      • Bank Accounts
      • Paycheck
      • Health Insurance
         • Claim history
     • Car insurance
         • Accidents
         • Speeding tickets etc
     • Utility accounts
How can DSIC support the needs of the TBPT

•   Lead IRBs though the issues
•   Share information between IRBs
•   Educate domain workspaces
     • Understand the real issues - dispel myths
•   Data sharing
     • Establish models for incentives for sharing
     • Engage in debate in key scientific forums
•   Do the cost-benefit analysis
•   Research best practices from other industries
     • Banking
     • Insurance
How will the respective WS work plans be

•   Insertion of DSIC into TBPT workspace activities
     • Review practical solutions
         • E.g. caTissue Consent Tracking
     • Participate in calls where data sharing is discussed
•   Engage cross-cutting workspaces
     • Ensure architectural solutions are suitable

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