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									                            Institute for Healthcare Improvement
                                       Position Summary

                Manager, New Product, Program, and Service Development

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (www.ihi.org) is an independent not-for-profit
organization that works with health care providers and leaders throughout the world to achieve
safe and effective health care. IHI focuses on motivating and building the will for change,
identifying and testing new models of care in partnership with both patients and health care
professionals, and ensuring the broadest possible adoption of best practices and effective
innovations. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, IHI mobilizes teams, organizations, and
increasingly nations, through its staff of more than 100 people and partnerships with hundreds of
faculty around the world.

Department Summary:
Within IHI, the Business Team is responsible for:
    Understanding and anticipating IHI customers’ and market need;
    Translating clinical and improvement knowledge into new products and programs;
    Designing, testing and bringing new products to market;
    Gaining commitment from customers and funding organizations to participate in or fund
       new programs;
    Writing concept documents, proposals and contracts;
    Developing business models and budgets;
    Transitioning new projects to the teams that will deliver them;
    Tracking all activities related to new business ventures; and
    Helping meet annual strategic goals and revenue targets;

The team reports to the Senior Vice President and has relationships with Marketing, Finance and

Position Responsibilities:
The Business Manager will be responsible for the following:

      Understanding IHI customers’ and market need;
      Guiding the design and development of new programs and products;
      Developing compelling concept papers and proposals that meet the needs of customers
       and funding organizations;
      Seeking input from content experts, marketing department, and operations team on
       program and proposal development;
      Developing business models and detailed project budgets;
      Preparing project information for review, vetting, and final “green-lighting” from the IHI
       Management Team;
      Closing on new business opportunities and finalizing agreements:
      Ensuring that new projects are appropriately resourced;
      Effecting a smooth transition to the teams that will execute new programs or projects;
      Developing and managing timelines for multiple projects;
      Building longer term relationships with key customers;
      Maintaining and growing relationships with key areas of the organization including
       marketing, portfolios, human resources and finance; and
      Identifying and fostering process improvements in standard work.

Position Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    Optimistic, self-directed and self-confident performer
    Entrepreneurial spirit
    Skilled in project and relationship management
    Experience with program and product development
    Educational design experience
    Analytical and detail orientation
    Superb writing skills
    Strong verbal communication skills
    Knowledge of marketing, financial analysis and budgeting
    High energy, organizationally agile, and the ability to transform concepts into action
    Able to, and enjoy, work within a team
    Able to work in a small, fast moving, and at times, intense environment
    Willingness to embrace and actively support the unique culture and values of the Institute
       for Healthcare Improvement.

Position Qualifications:
    Minimum of seven years experience with proposal development and new program and
       product design
    Bachelors degree required
    Masters degree in communication, marketing or business preferred
    Healthcare experience preferred

Please submit your resume and cover letter to:
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Attn: VP, Human Resources
20 University Road, 7th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

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