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Learning Guide

                 7 September 2006
 The BEAM Learning Guide
• The BEAM Materials Development
  component creates Learning Guides
  – comprehensive teacher-resource
  and student-activity materials – that
  can be easily modified by teachers to
  suit their own special needs.
      Introduction to BEAM
Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM):
• Is a 6.5 year project, jointly funded by the
  Governments of the Philippines and Australia
• Aims to improve the quality of, and access to,
  basic education in the Southern Philippines
• Works with all levels of DepED
              Our Objectives
• To develop materials:
  –   with high quality content
  –   with a high quality, consistent presentation
  –   that are based on the BEC competencies
  –   That can be easily used and modified by teachers
• To implement a methodology that:
  – is sustainable
  – is scalable
          Content Quality
• Materials must be:
  – Congruent with the stated competencies and
    defined objectives
  – Obviously sequential, consistently structured
  – Accurate
  – Contain activities and strategies that are
    easily understood and achievable
  – Grammatically correct, and
  – Relevant to the user
      Presentation Quality
• Materials must:
  – Be consistently branded
  – Have a consistent look and feel across all
    Learning Guides
  – Use attractive graphics
• Our methodology needs to:
  – Be used by BEAM materials writers
  – Be easily extended to other users e.g.
    teachers in schools
  – Reduce the reliance on the Materials
    Development Centers
  – Enforce content and presentation standards
         Our Solution —
   The Learning Guide System
• The Learning Guide System is a software tool to:
  – assist the BEAM Subject Specialists develop teacher-
    resource and student-learning materials in a
    controlled authoring, editing and publishing
  – allow teachers in schools to create and submit
    Learning Guides for publication, to be accessed and
    used by others.
  – Present a database of materials that are searchable
    and can be downloaded and printed locally
  The Learning Guide System

• LeGS is an Internet-based system using
  the WebDAV protocol
• Writers are registered and provided a
  Username and Password, which allows
  them to log on to LeGS
    The Learning Guide System

• The writer is presented with (virtual)
  folders and files that are unique to his/her
• The files are template documents that
  provide the structural and formatting
  standards for the learning Guides

• We use the FreeMind application to create
  a Mind Map of the Learning Guide, that:
  – Helps the writers in the planning process
  – Provides users a bird’s eye view of the
    content of the Learning guide
             Online Editor

• When the writer has finished the first draft
  of the Learning Guide, it is assigned to the
  LeGS editor.
     Administrator’s console
• The System Administrator has access to a
  console through which (s)he can:
  – Add new users
  – Delete existing users
  – Maintain passwords
  – Change user roles
            Online Help

• The LeGS is supported by comprehensive
  Online Help, providing information and
  advice for the writers
                            The BEAM Learning Guide Composition

                                                                          Graphics work
The Competencies Web Page            The Metadata Web Page        (materials Development Artist)
     (Modules per Unit)

                                                                  The complete Learning Guide
                                                                   (Converted to Adobe PDF)

      The Unit MindMap

                                        Separate modules
                                    (One OpenOffice Document
                                          per module)
 The Learning Guide System
• A true content management system:
  – All documents stored in one location
  – Documents are not lost
  – Only one version of any document exists
  – Documents are routed according to workflow
  – Fully integrated with the BEAM Quality
    Management System (QMS)
  – Supported by comprehensive online help
 The LeGS into Schools Program

• LeGS is an Internet-Based software
   –Login is independent of location
• We are expanding our writing team to
  include teachers in schools
• Completed pilot programs in the three
  BEAM target Regions
          LeGS Stage 2
Currently under development:
 Further enforce workflow process
 Build database of materials (digital
  library of all assets)
 Accommodate other document types
 Automate the production output

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