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                                                                       Omagh Independent Advice Services has been
                                                                       established since June 1995. We offer a free,
                                                                       confidential and independent advice, information
                                                                       and representational service on a wide range of
                                                                       welfare rights issues, including social security,
                                                                       debt, consumer issues, housing, employment,
                                                                       legal and community care issues.

                                                                       In August 2005, as part of its contribution towards the
                                                                       national strategy for Financial Capability, the Financial
                                                                       Services Authority created an innovation fund and
                                                                       invited non-profit making voluntary organisations to put
                                                                       forward project ideas to be considered for funding.

                                                                       Omagh Independent Advice Services were successful
                                                                       in attaining funding to produce this support and
                                                                       information pack to help cancer patients and their
                                                                       families to deal with the financial impact sudden illness
                                                                       can have on a family.

                                                                       The aim of this pack is to provide general advice,
                                                                       information and guidance on financial aspects of every
                                                                       day living; for advice about your specific circumstances,
                                                                       you should consult our professional advisers. This pack
                                                                       will provide the user with information on organisations
                                                                       that are also there to help in these situations.

                                                                       This booklet can also be accessed through our website:
2nd Floor, Omagh Community House, 2 Drumragh Avenue, Omagh, BT78 1DP
Tel: (028) 8224 3252 Fax: (028) 8225 0665 E-mail:
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      Financial Difficulties   7

     Government Benefits       15

  Cancer Specific Charities    21

Other Useful Organisations    33

      Independent Money       41
           Advice Service

       Financial Statement    44

                              F I N A N C I A L D I F F I C U LT I E S

Financial Difficulties
Illness can strike at any time, the individual’s
world stands still, but unfortunately the financial
commitments will continue.

A change in circumstances, can for many reasons,
impact financially on a household. A cancer diagnosis
may not only affect the patient, but in many cases will
financially affect the partner due to time of work to
attend at hospital appointments, care for the individual,
child care, etc.

This booklet provides some basic information that will
help deal with financial difficulties.

Priority and Non-Priority Debts
When an individual finds themselves in financial
difficulty, it is important that they prioritise their financial
commitments. A loan secured on the home, rent, rates,
electric, food, heating, lighting are all what is known
as priority debts and need to be maintained as best
as possible, the remainder are what is known as non-
priority debts and can be dealt with by communicating
with the creditor. Priority and non-priority debts are
determined by the sanction the creditor has with certain
debts; for example, a mortgage is a priority debt because
non payment can lead to repossession. The needs of the
individual will also make a debt a priority or non-priority
debt. For example food is a priority because you cannot
survive without it. Rent is another priority debt as it could
lead to eviction if not maintained. A credit card debt is
not a priority as the debt is not secured and therefore
the creditor sanctions are not as severe.

F I N A N C I A L D I F F I C U LT I E S                                                       F I N A N C I A L D I F F I C U LT I E S

    Income Maximisation                                           Rent Arrears
    It is important that the individual looks at ways their       Rent monies, whether Northern Ireland Housing
    income may be increased.                                      Executive tenancy or private tenancy, must be treated
                                                                  as a priority debt. Advice should be taken immediately
    It would be useful to contact the local advice centre and     if rent arrears build up. The Northern Ireland Housing
    allow an adviser to look at the benefits systems to ensure     Executive has a standard recovery process for dealing
    all benefits entitlement is claimed.                           with rent arrears. By calling the Northern Ireland Housing
                                                                  Executive and explaining the situation may stop the
    At the back of this pack is an income and expenditure         recovery procedures and avoid a lot of extra worry.
    sheet, it is useful to write down an account of all income
    coming into the house and all expenditure going out. If       Utility Arrears
    expenditure exceeds the income, are there any items           Electricity, fuel, and gas are all necessities and therefore
    that can be cut back on or maybe cut out altogether until     need to be treated as priorities. The telephone can be
    finances improve.                                              treated as a priority if the client need proves this; for
                                                                  example someone living on their own or a single parent
    It would be beneficial to seek help from a trained             may need access to the phone in an emergency. Northern
    money officer. At the back of this booklet is a list of        Ireland Electricity no longer has a disconnection policy.
    independent advice centres that can give free, impartial      Instead if arrears continue to build up a meter may be
    and confidential information and advice.                       connected in the home allowing the individual to pay as
                                                                  they go for their supply.
    A mortgage loan is secured against your home.                 Hire Purchase Agreements
    This means that if you do not keep up the monthly             Hire Purchase Agreements are usually used to purchase
    repayments as agreed, the lender can take possession          motor vehicles. The finance company owns the goods
    of your home and sell it in order to get back the money       until the individual has made payment in full to them.
    you owe. It is therefore classed as a priority debt. If the   If the individual defaults on monthly payments the
    individual or their partner finds themselves struggling        finance company can repossess the goods but will need
    to maintain the mortgage payments, it is vital to make        a court order unless the individual gives permission
    contact with the lender in order to let them know the         or less that one third of the agreement has been paid.
    financial circumstances. There may be options such as          If the individual finds themselves unable to maintain
    paying interest only repayments for a time or adding the      payments, it is always best to communicate with the
    arrears into the mortgage.                                    finance company and explain the circumstances.

8                                                                                                                                    9
F I N A N C I A L D I F F I C U LT I E S                                                               F I N A N C I A L D I F F I C U LT I E S

     Personal Loans                                                      Credit Card Accounts
     Personal loans may be secured or unsecured. Where                   A credit card is a type of revolving credit. If the individual
     a loan is secured on the home then extra care must be               finds themselves unable to work due to illness, then
     taken to ensure full payments are maintained as the                 they should check with the card provider if there is any
     lender has legal rights to pursue possession for non                payment protection insurance on the card. This would
     payment. A secured personal loan is a priority debt and             allow the insurance company to make the payments
     as such needs to be treated as one.                                 to the card company on the individual’s behalf. It is
                                                                         important to make a claim early so that the account
     If the loan is unsecured, and the individual finds                   does not go into arrears. Sometimes the insurance will
     themselves unable to maintain the contracted payments,              not pay out if the account is not up to date. If there is
     then communication with the lender is the best advice               no protection payment on the account it is important to
     with an aim to coming to repayment arrangements with                deal with the debt as quickly as possible by either direct
     them. These payments would normally be worked out                   contact with the creditor or through an advice centre.
     on a pro-rata basis, which means the amount of surplus
     income the individual has after paying out priority                 Store Card Accounts
     expenditure would be offered to the loan company. It                Store cards are similar to credit cards only they are
     is best to seek help from an independent advice centre              normally confined to use in one particular shop. It is
     who will calculate pro-rata payments for the individual             possible that payment protection exists on these cards
     and make the offer of repayment to the creditors.                   and the individual should contact the card provider for
                                                                         further information.
     Banks Accounts and Overdrafts
     If an individual becomes ill, it is highly likely to affect their   Payment Protection Policies
     income. For someone who has direct debit and standing               Payment protection policies are normally offered when
     orders paid from their bank account and the income                  an individual signs into a loan or a credit card agreement.
     has reduced or stopped, this will almost certainly have             The premium is payable every monthly with the loan
     an adverse effect on the bank account. It is advisable              or credit card payment. It is there to safeguard the
     to make contact with the bank as soon as possible and               individual against accident, sickness or unemployment.
     discuss options which the bank may be willing to offer              The individual should bear in mind that policies vary, but
     such as an overdraft facility to cover while the individual         most should cover sickness and therefore in the event
     is getting benefits sorted out. It is always better to               of the individual being unable to work a claim should
     communicate with the bank as early as possible, this will           be made.
     save money on charges and interest accruing.

10                                                                                                                                          11

     Mortgage Protection Policies
     These policies are similar to those above and are
     used in the event normally of accident, sickness or
     unemployment. Having a mortgage protection policy
     means that mortgage payments will be made should any
     of these events happen.

     Critical Illness Policies
     Critical Illness policies pay out a large lump sum if the
     individual is diagnosed with a life threatening condition.
     Tax is not payable on the payout. The individual can use
     the lump sum for whatever reason they choose.

     The policy may not pay out on all forms of cancer and the
     individual should therefore check their documentation
     or with the company for further assistance. A successful
     claim on a critical illness policy will almost certainly
     alleviate financial difficulties and it is therefore important
     to check eligibility under any such policy.

     Income Protection Policies
     Income protection insurance pays out a monthly income
     to replace part of the individual’s earnings if they are
     unable to work because of illness or disability. The
     income is tax free if the individual took out the policy
     themselves, if it has been arranged by an employer, the
     income is taxable.

                                GOVERNMENT BENEFITS

Government Benefits

Statutory Sick Pay
Statutory Sick Pay is paid to employees by their
employers for up to 28 weeks in any period of sickness
lasting 4 or more days. The benefit is not dependant on
national insurance contributions, but the individual must
earn at least £84 per week and is taxable.

Unemployed and self employed people are not covered
by statutory sick pay. If the individual is unable to get
statutory sick pay they may be able to claim incapacity
benefit instead.

Incapacity Benefit
Incapacity benefit is a benefit paid to people who are
unable to work because of illness or disability.

Usually you must have paid enough national insurance
contributions to qualify. Incapacity benefit is not
affected by savings or most kinds of income other than
occupational and personal pensions.

An individual should claim if they are unable to get statutory
sick pay e.g. they are not employed or are self employed
or their entitlement to statutory sick pay has ended.

Income Support / Pension Credit
Income Support/Pension Credit are means tested or
income related benefits intended to provide for basic
living expenses for the individual and the partner if
there is one.

Income Support is for people who are not required to
sign on for work e.g. those incapable of work through

GOVERNMENT BENEFITS                                                                            GOVERNMENT BENEFITS

     ill health or disability, carers or lone parents. Pension   There is no lower age limit for DLA care component,
     Credit is for people over 60 years.                         but a successful claim needs to be made before the
                                                                 individual’s 65th birthday.
     Savings of £6000 or more, normally affect how much
     Income Support/Pension Credit entitlement there is.         Special rules for terminally ill – special rules cover
                                                                 people who suffer from a progressive disease that is so
     Those in receipt of Income Support/Pension Credit may       severe that they are not expected to live longer than 6
     also be entitled to other types of benefit e.g. mortgage     months. It is important that the individual or carer sends
     interest payments, housing benefit, free prescriptions       a doctors DS1500 Report with the claim. DLA under
     and dental treatment, housing grants, social fund, free     special rules means the individual gets the highest rate
     school meals, and help with hospital fares.                 each week for help with personal care and claims are
                                                                 dealt with more quickly.
     There is also a savings element for Pension Credit for
     people aged 65 or over, which is intended to provide        Attendance Allowance
     extra money for people who have modest savings.             Attendance allowance is the benefit available to those
                                                                 over 65 and in need of care or supervision.
     Disability Living Allowance
     Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit for adults    Attendance allowance is non means tested and is
     and children with disabilities. It is for people who need   tax free.
     help looking after themselves and those who find it
     difficult to walk or get around.                             Carer’s Allowance
                                                                 Carer’s allowance is payable to carer’s looking after a
     DLA is tax free, not means tested and there is no need      sick or disabled individual.
     to have paid any national insurance contributions. It is
     paid on top of any other benefits the individual may be      To qualify for carer’s allowance the carer must be looking
     in receipt off and a qualifying period (minimum 3           after someone who is in receipt of either Attendance
     months) applies.                                            Allowance or the middle or higher care component
                                                                 of Disability Living Allowance. They must care for the
     There are two components of DLA. The individual may         individual for at least 35 hours per week and not earn
     qualify for either or both:                                 more than £84 a week from paid work.
     Care component – for help with personal care needs
     paid at three different levels.                             Carer’s allowance cannot be paid as well as Retirement
     Mobility component – for help with walking difficulties      Pension or other earnings replacement benefits including
     paid at two levels.                                         contributory Job Seekers Allowance or Incapacity Benefit.

16                                                                                                                            17
GOVERNMENT BENEFITS                                                                             GOVERNMENT BENEFITS

     Social Fund                                                 Housing Benefit
     Community Care Grant is a non-repayable grant               Housing Benefit is a means tested benefit. It can be
     awarded for the purpose of meeting a need for               claimed by people who have a low income and either
     community care. Grants can be awarded to help ease          rent their homes or pay rates as owner occupiers.
     exceptional pressures on families. The grant is only
     available to people in receipt of Income Support, Income    Housing Benefit can be paid whether or not the
     based Job Seekers allowance or Pension Credit.              individual is in full time work.

     A Budgeting Loan can be made to help meet                   Housing Benefit for tenants is paid by the Northern
     intermittent expenses which the individual may have         Ireland Housing Executive. Owner occupiers receiving
     difficulty meeting. These loans are for people who are in    rates rebates by way of Housing Benefit are paid by the
     receipt of Income Support; Income based Job Seekers         Rates Collection Agency.
     allowance or Pension Credit.
                                                                 Tax Credits
     A Crisis Loan may be available to anyone, whether or        The tax credits system was introduced in April 2003 and
     not they are in receipt of benefit and who needs to          includes two elements, the Child Tax Credit and The
     meet expenses in an emergency or as a consequence           Working Tax Credit.
     of a disaster.
                                                                 Child Tax Credit is a means tested credit payable to
     Funeral payments exist to help with the essential costs     families with children under sixteen or under nineteen
     of a respectful funeral which the individual or their       and still in relevant education. Child Tax Credit is payable
     partner is responsible for arranging. An individual         to people regardless of whether in employment or not.
     may receive a Funeral Payment if they are in receipt of     Working Tax Credit is a means tested credit for families
     Income Support, Income based Job Seekers allowance,         or people with a disability who work 16 hours or more
     Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit where a disability       per week. The credit is also available to single people
     or severe disability element is included in the award,      and childless couples aged over 25 and working more
     Child Tax Credit at a rate higher that the family element   than 30 hours per week.
     or Housing Benefit.
                                                                 The information given for these government
     The payment covers various aspects of the funeral,          benefits are for guidance purposes only. It is
     but is recoverable from any money available from the        advisable to seek help from an independent
     deceased’s estate.                                          advice centre and have your entitlement to benefit
                                                                 assessed by a competent adviser. Log onto Advice
                                                                 NI website to find out where you local centre is

18                                                                                                                              19
                                                                        CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES

                                                 Care For Cancer
                                                 Care for Cancer is a locally based charity which provides
                                                 information, advice and practical support to individuals
                                                 and families who have been touched by cancer in mid
                                                 and west Tyrone.

                                                 The charity offers several services of which include:
                                                  ¢¶An information library and advice in their resource

                                                    centre at 10 Prospect Court, Omagh
                                                  ¢ The provision of transport to patients for

                                                    hospital appointments, where regular transport
                                                    is unavailable
                                                  ¢ A ‘be-friending’ and/or ‘sitting service’ to individuals

                                                    and families
                                                  ¢ Grant aid to assist with nursing and support packages

                                                    to enable patients to maintain a quality of life in their
                                                    own home (in certain circumstances)
                                                  ¢ Free provision of recliner chairs

                                                  ¢ A support group to those living with cancer

                                                  ¢ Reflexology therapy for those living with cancer and

                                                    their carers
                                                  ¢ Professional counselling for patients, family

                                                    and friends.

                                                 If you would like further information from the Care for
                                                 Cancer office you can phone or call into the office at:

                                                 10 Prospect Court, Omagh BT78 1AR
                                                 Tel: 028 8224 6599
There are numerous cancer charities which
are available to give help and support to
individuals and their families when someone
is diagnosed with cancer. We have listed a few
who have helped us publish this booklet.
CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES                                                                  CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES

     Ulster Cancer Foundation                                            Also a wide range of turbans and hats are
     The Ulster Cancer Foundation exists to help patients and            available for women experiencing hair loss due
     their families cope with cancer, research new and better            to chemotherapy
     treatments for cancer and prevent cancer in Northern            ¢   Support Programmes for Cancer Patients – a
     Ireland. The charity offers the following services to               variety of support activities are regularly available
     anyone suffering with cancer or their families:                     and include art therapy, beauty workshops and a
                                                                         number of events organized for information and
      ¢   Cancer Confidential Telephone helpline – a free                 social activities.
          phone number giving accurate and easily understood
          information available on all aspects of cancer. The       If you would like to avail of any of these services or
          service is provided by specially trained nurses with      would like to obtain further information you can contact
          experience in cancer care. It is confidential. The         the Foundation at:
          telephone number is 0800 783 3339
      ¢   Experienced Cancer Counselling – Professional             Ulster Cancer Foundation Headquarters,
          Counselling available at a number of venues               40/44 Eglantine Avenue,
          including Belfast City Hospital, Belvoir Park Hospital,   Belfast, BT9 6DX
          Altnagelvin Area Hospital, Antrim Area Hospital and       Tel: 028 9066 3281
          Craigavon Area Hospital                                   Web:
      ¢   Patient Support Groups – The Ulster Cancer
          Foundation has various support groups that meet
          all over Northern Ireland. Each of these groups
          meet regularly and is facilitated by Ulster Cancer
          Foundation Nurses
      ¢   Patient to Patient Home and Hospital Visits – People
          who have experienced cancer themselves and
          been successfully treated, can offer a unique
          understanding and practical support to those people
          who are facing similar situations
      ¢   Specialist Fitting Service – A professional fitting is
          available for women who have had breast surgery.
          Women have the opportunity to view and purchase
          from a wide range of specialist’s bras and swim
          suits, suitable for their requirements. The service
          is provided on an individual and confidential basis.

22                                                                                                                               23
CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES                                                                CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES

     Marie Curie                                                   planned around the individual needs and the centre will
     Every year Marie Curie Cancer Care provides care to           attempt to meet the individual’s requirements.
     around 937 cancer patients and their families – entirely
     free of charge (Northern Ireland).                            Therapies on offer include:
                                                                    ¢ Complementary therapies including aromatherapy,
     In the community, high-quality Marie Curie Nursing               massage, relaxation, reiki and reflexology
     gives terminally ill people the choice of dying at home,       ¢ Social Support/counselling service to help couples,
     supported by their families.                                     family groups to talk about their worries and
                                                                      expectations with trained counselors
     At the Marie Curie Hospice, they actively promote              ¢ Physiotherapy, a physiotherapist will try to help
     quality of life for patients and again provide much              you stay active and retain as much independence
     needed support for their carers.                                 as possible
                                                                    ¢ Occupational      therapy will help maintain
     The Charity also investigates the causes of cancer and           independence in all aspects of the individual’s daily
     better ways to treat the disease at the Marie Curie              life at home, work and leisure within the limitations
     Research Institute.                                              of your illness
                                                                    ¢ Art/Music therapy, working on creative projects
     Marie Curie Cancer Care employs both Registered
                                                                      with an art/music therapist can help the individual
     Nurses and Healthcare Assistants to care for cancer
                                                                      express thoughts, feelings or experiences that may
     patients in their own home.
                                                                      be difficult to put into words
                                                                    ¢ Chaplaincy offers pastoral counselling and spiritual
     The District Nurse, who organizes the patient’s care
                                                                      support to individuals and their family members
     at home, assesses whether a Registered Nurse or
                                                                      whatever their religious beliefs.
     Healthcare Assistant is appropriate, depending on the
     patient’s nursing needs, the availability of other services
                                                                   If you would like to avail of any of these services or
     and the needs of the family/carer.
                                                                   would like to obtain further information you can contact
                                                                   the Marie Curie Belfast Hospice at:
     Marie Curie Hospice, Belfast
     The Marie Curie Hospice in Belfast aims to help               Marie Curie Belfast Hospice,
     the individual maintain the best possible quality of          Kensington Road,
     life throughout their illness in a relaxed, warm and          Belfast, BT5 6NF
     friendly environment.                                         Tel: 028 9088 2050
     The individual will be able to take advantage of the          Web:
     range of therapies and services on offer. Day therapy is

24                                                                                                                            25
CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES                                                               CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES

     Action Cancer                                               Cancer Research
     Action Cancer is a Northern Ireland charity, established    CancerHelp UK is a free information service about
     in 1973 by Dr. George Edelstyn. The founder’s vision        cancer and cancer care for people with cancer and their
     for the future was that people in Northern Ireland would    families. Cancer Research believes that information
     be free from the risk of cancer. Action Cancer carries      about cancer should be freely available to all and written
     on the fight for freedom from cancer and maintains a         in a way that people can easily understand.
     pioneering role in the development of cancer services.
                                                                 For further information on the advice and support
     Action Cancer works right across Northern Ireland           offered contact:
                                                                 Cancer Research Northern Region,
      ¢   Early detection services for the Northern Ireland      PO Box 123
          community                                              Lincoln’s Inn Fields,
      ¢   Counselling and support services for cancer patients   London, WG2A 3PX
          and their families                                     Tel: 020 7269 3142
      ¢   Research at local universities                         Freephone: 0800 22 6237
      ¢   Cancer prevention                                      Email:
      ¢   Health promotion

     For further information and contact details of your
     nearest Action Cancer support groups contact:

     Action Cancer,
     1 Marlborough Park,
     Belfast, BT8 6XS
     Tel: 028 9080 3344

26                                                                                                                            27
CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES                                                                CANCER SPECIFIC CHARITIES

     CLIC Sargent                                                   ¢   A Family Support Service
     The Sargent Youth Programme in Northern Ireland                ¢   A Youth Programme
     provides educational, recreational and vocational              ¢   Psycho-social support from Social Workers
     activity to support young people diagnosed with a                  and Psychologists
     cancer related illness.                                        ¢   Home from home accommodation at The Royal
                                                                        Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
      ¢   Young people can access advice and information            ¢   Financial Support
          about cancer, benefits, grants, education and              ¢   Holidays for families
          employment through the youth development                  ¢   A unique educational, vocational and recreational
          worker                                                        facility for young people with cancer, brothers and
      ¢   Young people between the ages of 12 and 21                    sisters, friends and family.
          who have been diagnosed with cancer are given
          the opportunity to have hands on experience of           If you wish to obtain more information on the CLIC
          computer technology. They can link up with other         Sargent Charity please use the following contacts:
          young people in a similar situation to themselves,
          contact their friends and access the internet            Tel: 028 9072 5780
      ¢   Youth Support Groups offer localized support             Email:
          groups in many parts of Northern Ireland for young       Web:
          people diagnosed with cancer
      ¢   Peer Support Programme organizes a number of
          young people who have had a cancer related illness
          to visit other young people newly diagnosed to
          provide information and support
      ¢   The Activity Programme offers young people the
          opportunity to meet and overcome challenges,
          pursue particular interests and get involved with
          activities geared to all abilities on an individual or
          group basis.

     CLIC Sargent in Northern Ireland offers children, young
     people and their families support at home and in hospital
     by providing:

28                                                                                                                            29

     (Cancer And Palliative Care Online Resource Network)
     Sperrin Lakeland Palliative and Supportive Care Team
     was established to provide a service for patients with
     cancer, or progressive advanced. The team is hospital
     based with a remit to the community allowing support in
     any care setting throughout Sperrin Lakeland Trust.

     The aim of the Team is to enhance the quality of life of
     patients and their families, in conjunction with other
     health care professionals by:

      ¢   Providing specialist advice on how to manage
          troublesome symptoms from diagnosis onwards
      ¢   Advice on treatment options
      ¢   Patient grants
      ¢   Emotional support to patients and their families
      ¢   Link between hospital and home
      ¢   Education resource to other health care professionals.

     For further information please contact:

     Tel: 028 8283 3117

                   O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S

Advice NI
Advice NI (formerly the Association of Independent
Advice Centres, AIAC) is an umbrella organisation for
the independent advice sector in Northern Ireland.
Its members (about 75 organisations) are made up of
specialist and generalist advice providers that work
within their local communities or “communities of
interest” to provide information, advice, advocacy
and representation.

The independent advice centres provide free, impartial
and confidential information and advice on a range
of issues including benefits, housing, employment,
tax and debt. They can help fill out benefit forms and
represent you at a tribunal if you get turned down for
benefits. Advisers can provide you with the advice over
the telephone, make an appointment for you to come
into their centre or call out to your home if you are not
able to make it to the centre. All of the staff are trained
and have access to up to date information resources to
help them.

If you would like further information on the independent
advice sector please contact:

Advice NI,
1 Rushfield Avenue,
Belfast, BT7 3FP
Tel: 028 9064 5919
Fax: 028 9049 2313

O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S                                       O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S

     St. Vincent de Paul                                          Civil Service Benevolent Fund
     St. Vincent de Paul offer a home visitation on a person to   The Civil Service Benevolent Fund aims to help
     person basis and carry out around 3000 home, hospital        individuals meet the challenges that may face them or
     and prison visits weekly.                                    their families at different times in their lives.
                                                                  It exists entirely to help:
     2000 volunteers work within all communities visiting
     the elderly, families and individuals offering spiritual,     ¢   All serving Civil Servants, and their dependants
     financial and material help for things such as food,           ¢   All retired and former Civil Servants and
     clothing, furniture, electrical items, fuel and holidays.         their dependants.
     In addition to the visitation programme, the Society is
     involved in a wide range of other activities including:      The fund helps around 10,000 people every year and
                                                                  provides £4m in direct financial help.
      ¢   Playgroups and Crèches
      ¢   Clothing, Furniture and Electrical Shops                For further information please contact The Civil Service
      ¢   Home Management Courses                                 Benevolent Fund:
      ¢   Family Hostel and Holiday Home
      ¢   Worktrack and New Deal Opportunities                    Freephone number: 0800 056 2424
      ¢   Breakfast and After school Clubs                        Email:
      ¢   Drop in Centres and Deaf Centre
      ¢   Furniture Collections and Removals.
                                                                  The Civil Service Benevolent Fund is only one fund
                                                                  which is available to help individuals; there are many
     If you would like further information of the services
                                                                  funds which are available to help and also Unions that
     offered in your area please contact;
                                                                  the individual may be subscribing to. A useful website to
                                                                  check for benevolent funds or union support is:
     Society of St. Vincent de Paul,
     Northern Regional Office,
     196-200 Antrim Road,
     Belfast, BT15 2AJ
     Tel: 028 9035 1561

34                                                                                                                              35
O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S                                 O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S

     Warm Homes Scheme                                           (can apply to children over the age of 16 and in full
     The Warm Homes scheme began in July 2001. It is             time education)
     funded by the Department for Social Development and     ¢   Expectant mothers in receipt of a Maternity
     managed by Eaga Partnership.                                certificate (MAT B1) and one of the above benefits.

     The Warm Home Scheme is aimed at private sector        Householders under the age of sixty (the applicant
     housing only, i.e. those who are owner occupiers or    or their spouse) who are in receipt of one or more
     who rent their homes from private landlords.           of the following disability related benefits:
                                                             ¢ Disability Living Allowance
     The insulation measures that are available under the    ¢ Housing Benefit (with Disability Premium)
     scheme include:                                         ¢ Rate Rebate (with Disability Premium
       ¢ Cavity Wall Insulation
                                                             ¢ Income Support (with Disability Premium)
       ¢ Reflective Radiator Panels (solid walls only)
                                                             ¢ Working Tax Credit (with Disability Premium) &
       ¢ Loft insulation
                                                                NHS Tax Exemption Certificate
       ¢ Draught proofing to windows and doors                ¢ War Disablement Pension (with Mobility supplement
       ¢ Hot Water Tank Jackets                                 or Constant Attendance Allowance)
       ¢ Compact Fluorescent Lamps                           ¢ Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (with
       ¢ Energy Advice.                                         Constant Attendance Allowance).

     A grant of £750 is available for the installation of   Householders who are 60 years and over and are in
     these measures.                                        receipt of one or more of the following benefits:
                                                             ¢ Rate Rebate
     There are three main groups of householders who are     ¢ Housing Benefit
     eligible for the insulation measures. These include:    ¢ Pension Credit

                                                             ¢ Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
     Householders of any age (the applicant or their         ¢ Attendance Allowance
     spouse) who have a child under the age of 16
                                                             ¢ Disability Living Allowance
     and who are in receipt of one or more of the
                                                             ¢ Working Tax Credit (with Disability Premium) &
     following benefits:
                                                               NHS Tax Exemption Certificate
      ¢ Housing Benefit
                                                             ¢ Industrial Injuries Disablement Pension (with
      ¢ Rate Rebate
                                                               Constant Attendance Allowance)
      ¢ Income Support
                                                             ¢ War Disablement Pension (with Mobility Supplement
      ¢ Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
                                                               or Constant Attendance Allowance).
      ¢ Child Tax Credit & NHS Tax Exemption Certificate

36                                                                                                                        37
O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S                                      O T H E R U S E F U L O R G A N I S AT I O N S

     Warm Homes Plus                                              Samaritans
     As well as the insulation measures, the last group of        Samaritans is available 24 hours a day to provide
     householders i.e. those 60 and over and who are in           confidential emotional support for people who are
     receipt of one of the specified benefits above are also        experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including
     eligible for the following heating measures:                 those which may lead to suicide.

      ¢   Conversion of an existing bottle gas, solid fuel        Samaritans’ vision is for a society in which:
          central heating system or Economy 7 to oil or            ¢ Fewer people die by suicide

          natural gas                                              ¢ People are able to explore their feelings

      ¢   Installation of a new fully controllable, energy         ¢ People are able to acknowledge and respect the

          efficient oil or gas central heating system                 feelings of others.
      ¢   Repair/upgrade of an existing oil/natural gas central
          heating system.                                         Samaritans’ values are based on these beliefs:
                                                                   ¢ The importance of having the opportunity to explore

     *The total grant available in this instance for both            difficult feelings
     insulation and heating measures is £3,700.                    ¢ That being listened to, in confidence and accepted

                                                                     without prejudice, can alleviate despair and
     For more information or to register on the Warm Homes           suicidal feelings
     Scheme, please contact:                                       ¢ That everyone has the right to make fundamental

                                                                     decisions about their own life.
     EAGA Partnership
     Freephone 0800 181 667                                       Callers can contact the Samaritans by telephone,
                                                                  letter, email and Mincom. The commitment to making
     *If a property requires more than the maximum grant,         these means of access available 24 hours a day will be
     this is taken from the Energy Efficiency Programme            maintained by all branches.
     administered by Northern Ireland Electricity so
     householders do not have to make any financial                Callers can visit a branch for face-to-face support. Each
     contribution.                                                branch will advertise when they are available for face to
                                                                  face support.

                                                                  Samaritans aim to ensure that telephone and Mincom
                                                                  callers are not kept waiting for a response and that as
                                                                  many as possible get through first time.

                                                                  Tel: 08457 909090

38                                                                                                                             39

 Independent Money Advice
 Service Organisations
 The list below gives information and contact
 details of dedicated independent Money Advice
 Agencies all over Northern Ireland.

 These agencies offer advice, information and guidance
 on all aspects of money advice including income
 maximization. Please feel free to contact your local
 agency for help.

 Omagh Independent Advice Services,
 Community House,
 2 Drumragh Avenue,
 Omagh, BT78 1DP
 Tel: 028 8224 3252

 Springfield Charitable Association,
 Montague Centre Broadway,
 2 Falls Water Street,
 Belfast , BT12 6B2
 Tel: 028 9032 9085

 Neighbourhood Assist,
 Dove House Community Trust,
 32 Meenan Square,
 Derry, BT48 9EX
 Tel: 028 7126 9327


     Age Concern NI,
     3 Lower Crescent,
     Belfast, BT7 1NR
     Tel: 028 9024 5729

     Housing Rights Service,
     Middleton Buildings, 4th Floor,
     10-12 High Street,
     Belfast, BT1 2BA
     Tel: 028 9024 5640

     The Presbyterian Orphans and Children’s Society,
     Church House, Fisherwick Place,
     Belfast, BT1 6DW
     Tel: 028 9032 3737

     University of Ulster Students Union,
     Jordanstown Campus,
     Newtownabbey, BT37 0QB
     Tel: 028 9036 6050

     East Belfast Independent Advice Centre,
     85 Castlereagh Road,
     Belfast, BT5 4NF
     Tel: 028 9096 3003

     LCDI Advice Centre,
     24d Benevagh Drive,
     Limavady, BT5 4NF
     Tel: 028 7776 5438

                                                                                                 F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T

                                                                                              WAGE / SALARY £

                                                                                                   PARTNER £
                                                                                                   BENEFITS £
                                                                                                      OTHER £
                                                                                               TOTAL INCOME £

                                                                                           RENT / MORTGAGE £

                                                                               2ND MORTGAGE / SECURED LOAN £
                                                                                                       RATES £
                                                                                               GROUND RENT £
     Financial Statement                                                                    SERVICE CHARGES £
     As mentioned earlier in the booklet, it is useful to write                                     REPAIRS £
     down a list of income coming into the household and all                                 WATER CHARGES £
     expenditure going out. This will give an idea of much                        HOUSE CONTENTS INSURANCE £
     surplus or minus income the household has and how                                   BUILDING INSURANCE £
     budgeting control may be helpful.
                                                                                      MORTGAGE ENDOWMENT £
                                                                                              LIFE INSURANCE £
     In the expenditure columns realistic figures are a must
                                                                                                         GAS £
     and all household expenditure should be included.
                                                                                                 ELECTRICITY £
     Remember the individual may now have extra travel
     expenditure to attend hospital appointments or                                                     COAL £
     prescription costs for medication.                                                                   OIL £
                                                                                                 TELEPHONE £
     It may be necessary to cut back or cut out certain                                       HOUSEKEEPING £
     expenditure for the time being, particularly if a minus                           CLOTHING / FOOTWEAR £
     figure is showing.                                                                           CHILDCARE £
                                                                                              PET FOOD / VET £
     It would be beneficial to seek help from a dedicated
                                                                                    SCHOOL MEALS / EXPENSES £
     Money Adviser. Remember all Money Advisers work
                                                                                                  TV / VIDEO £
     on a confidential basis and can help maximise income
                                                                                               HEALTH COSTS £
     and give advice on budgeting.
                                                                                                  CAR COSTS £
                                                                                                      OTHER £
                                                                                                       TOTAL £

                                                                                                     INCOME £
                                                                                                EXPENDITURE £
                                                                               AVAILABLE FOR OTHER CREDITORS £

44                                                                                                                             45
OIAS would like to take this opportunity to thank all the different
organisations who contributed to this booklet and our website.
Development of this pack was funded by the FSA’s Innovation Fund: it was one of 12
successful applicants to the fund from over 350 in 2006/7. Omagh Advice Services is not
an affiliate of the FSA and the FSA does not endorse the contents of its information packs.


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