Chapter 23 Review sheet by TBd92btU


									                               AMERICAN HISTORY
                         Unit VI – Looking Toward the Future
                              CHAPTER 23 Test Review-
        Put a + if you know it, ? if you might and Circle the item if you do not know it at all.
Vocabulary          Names                         Dates and Events
Section 1- The      Section 1- The                Section 1- The Clinton Years
                                                  Deficit reduction
 Clinton Years       Clinton Years                Health Care Reform
                                                  Contract with America
                    Bill Clinton                  Welfare reform
Administration      Hillary Clinton               Reno v. ACLU- Internet
Deficit             Al Gore                       Bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City- McVeigh and
 reduction          Ross Perot                    Oslo Accords
                    Newt Gingrich                 Somalia
Terrorism           NAFTA                         Haiti
                    Kenneth Starr                 Former Yugoslavia- Dayton Accords
                                                  World Trade Organization- WTO
Section 2 –         Paula Jones
                                                  White Water real estate scandal
                    Monica Lewinsky
 George W.                                        Scandal and Impeachment

 Bush’s             Section 2 – George
 Presidency          W. Bush’s                    Section 2 – George W. Bush’s Presidency
                     Presidency                   Election of 2000- Candidates and outcome
Budget surplus                                    Florida Recounts
                                                  Supreme Court- Bush v. Gore decision- Dec. 12, 2001
Dot-coms            Al Gore                       Internet Dot-Com- and stock scandals.
                    George W. Bush                Tax cuts
Dividends           Dick Cheney                   No Child Left Behind- NCLB
                                                  Faith Based Initiatives
                    Ralph Nader                   Social Security Reform- privatization plan
                    Colin Powell                  Cancelled the 1972 ABM Treaty
                                                  Middle East Road Map to Peace.
                    Condoleezza Rice
Section 3- How      Donald Rumsfeld
 Sept. 11, 2001                                   Section 3- How Sept. 11, 2001 Changed
 Changed            Section 3- How                 America
                                                  September 11, 2001
 America             Sept. 11, 2001               Al Qaeda in the 1990’s
                                                  War in Afghanistan
Rational             Changed America              Department of Homeland Security
                    Rudolf Giuliani               USA Patriot Act.
                    Osama bin Laden               War in Iraq- Operation Iraqi Freedom
Section 4-          Al Qaeda                      Weapons of mass destruction
 Looking            Taliban
                    Northern Alliance             Section 4- Looking Ahead
 Ahead                                            Tomorrow’ population- minorities
                    Saddam Hussein
Diverse                                           Regional changes- warmer climate areas,
                                                  Graying population- baby boomers.
Infrastructure      Section 4- Looking            Internet and infrastructure
                                                  Agriculture and genetic engineering
Genetic              Ahead                        Space Exploration
                                                  Health and health care- age and costs
engineering                                       Energy and the environment
                                                  Hurricane Katrina

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