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									TAKS Warm-up
   Objective 9
     Part 2
The table below shows the yearly
unemployment rates of a city over a 5-year

                      Which conclusion can be
                      made from the table?
                      A The unemployment rate
                        continuously increased over
                        these 5 years.
                      B The unemployment rate for
                        the sixth year is 4.1%.
                      C Employers hired the most
                        people in the third year.
                      D The unemployment rate
                        averaged more than 4%
                        over these 5 years.
Richard budgets $1200 of his job earnings
on a monthly basis. The graph below shows
his monthly budget
Which conclusion can be drawn from the
information given?

A More than 30% of Richard’s budget is for
  credit card payments, insurance, and food
B Richard budgets $384 for utilities,
  insurance, and his car payment combined.
C Less than 50% of Richard’s budget is for
  rent, food, and utilities combined.
D Richard budgets $228 for savings,
  entertainment, and clothes combined.
Read all of the answer
choices before you do
any work.
Two of the choices
refer to percents, so
let’s work with them
    Choice A talks about combining
    credit card payments, insurance, and

            Less than 30% of the

    Choice C talks about combining
    rent, food, and utilities.

            More than 50% of the


    Choice B talks about combining
    utilities, insurance, and car payment.
    But choice B refers to an actual
    dollar amount and not a percent. We
    will need to do that calculation by
    multiplying the percent total to
    Richard’s total budget amount.

         This is the one!
An insurance company reimbursed members
 of the Alonzo family 80% of their medical
 expenses after the family paid the first
 $1000 of those expenses. If the family
 members received $160 from the insurance
 company, what were their total medical
 expenses? total medical expenses, then x – 1000
 If x = their
 = the expenses minus the first $1000.
  The insurance company pays 80% of those x –
  1000 expenses so .80(x – 1000) is paid.
  .80(x – 1000) = 160
  .80x – 800 = 160
  .80x = 960
    x = $1200
This year’s price for a certain car is 25%
higher than last year’s price of $8800.
What percent of this year’s price is last
year’s price?

 Now, to answer the question…
 100% of the cost keeps the cost the same—100%
 To1.00 whatand multiplying year’s price ischange
 is find or 1 percent of this by 1 doesn’t last
 the value of we number.
 year’s price, any need to divide last year’s price by
 this year’s price and convert the decimal into a
 Since this year’s price is 25% higher, we add 25%
 to 100%. The cost of the car this year is 125% of
 its cost last = .8
 8800/11000year. = 80%
 Last year’s price is 80% of this year’s price.
 8800(125%) = 8800(1.25) = 11000
 The cost of the car this year is $11,000.
Mr. Jenkins designed a true-false
science exam. The ratio of true answers
to false answers is 5:3. What is the
percentage of true answers on Mr.
Jenkin’s science exam?

True to false answers is 5:3.
True to all answers is 5:8.
5/8 = .625 = 62.5%
                                5 x
Or …                              
                                8 100
                                5 100  8 
Bruce went to a barbershop for a haircut.
The price for a haircut at this barbershop is
$15, tax included. If Bruce tipped the
barber 15% of the cost of the haircut and
the tax, how much change in dollars and
cents should he have received if he paid
with a $20 bill?
Record your answer and fill in the bubbles
on your answer document. Be sure to use
the correct place value.

 $15(.15) =$2.25 for a tip
 $15 + $2.25 = $17.25 all together
 $20 - $17.25 = $2.75 in change
$2.75 in change

                  2   7   5
A total of 550 students from the
Fairfield High School junior class voted
on their choice for their senior class gift
to the school. The table below shows
the results of the vote.
 Which graph best represents the results
 of the survey?

  88 x y
550 360
 550  550
220  360360 
 88 eliminate G& 
144  360  550 H
57.6                  X
An orange-drink label reads “20% real
fruit juice.” The other ingredients are
      water, sugar, and flavoring.

Which section of the circle graph best represents the
amount of real fruit juice in the orange drink?

                             20     x
                            100 360
                            20  360 100 
                            72 section X
Marcos has a spinner with 12 equal
sections colored either blue or red. If
the spinner lands on blue on 33 out of
50 spins, what is the most likely the
number of blue sections on the

              x 33
             12 50
             12  33  50 
Over a 50-day period, a statistics professor
recorded the data shown for the traffic lights
he encountered each day8while driving to
work.                      with 3green lights in a row
                                The experimental probability is

      What was the experimental probability of the professor
        encountering 3 or more green lights in a row on his way
        to work?
 The table below shows the results of
 rolling a fair number cube 50 times
 during a classroom activity.
    What is the difference between the
                                         Outcome   Frequency
theoretical probability of rolling a
number less than 3 and the                  1         8
experimental results recorded in the        2         7
table?                                      3         14
There were 15 rolls less than 3.            4         5
The experimental probability of 15          5         6
out of 50 rolls is 30%.
                                            6         10
There are 2 numbers out of 6 on
the die that are less than 3.
The theoretical probability of 2 out
of 6 rolls is 33.3%.
The difference, 33.3% - 30% is

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