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									                Sutton Grammar School Parent Teacher Association (SGSPTA)
                            c/o Sutton Grammar School for Boys
                                        Manor Lane
                                  Sutton, Surrey SM1 4AS
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                                 Mock Entrance Tests 2012
SGSPTA will be holding a “mock 11+” style entrance test again this year for children who will
be moving on to Year 7 in September 2013. (NB. The test is not suitable for younger
The test will be taken anonymously, using only a candidate number and no administrative
records will be kept after the event. It will consist of Maths and English - covering VR, NVR,
vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. The tests are the same at each sitting. All proceeds
go to the PTA.

The tests are open to both boys and girls and mock test places are offered on a first come first
served basis at a cost of £25 per candidate per session. If you would like your child to take the
mock test, please return the slip and a Stamped Addressed Envelope and your payment.
Your test details will be posted back to you in this envelope

Results for all candidates for the tests will be posted online to the Mocktest link page at the
end of July. Please be advised that passing this test will have no influence on whether your child
achieves a place at this or any other selective school.

Applications can take two weeks to process. Please email if you have not had a reply after two

Please note that there is no connection between this “mock” and Sutton Grammar
School for Boys itself. Please DO NOT RING the school in connection with any aspect of
this test. Please email with any queries or read the ‘Notes’ and
FAQ on the mocktest webpage. The school is simply providing facilities on the test days
to allow SGSPTA to carry out the tests.

Please indicate your child’s availability for all the test sessions that they can attend by crossing
out any that you cannot attend. Once a place is allocated it will not be altered unless there
are exceptional circumstances. Places are very limited – please be as flexible as possible.

Sat 12/05/12     FULL          FULL          Sun 13/05/12      FULL         FULL
Sat 19/05/12     FULL          FULL
Sat 26/05/12     9.30-11.30    2.00-4.00     Sun 27/05/12      9.30-11.30   2.00-4.00
Wed 06/06/12     9.30-11.30    2.00-4.00
Sat 16/06/12     9.30-11.30    2.00-4.00     Sun 17/06/12      9.30-11.30   2.00-4.00

Child’s Name ______________________Date of Birth_______ Male/Female?* (*please circle)
Contact number Landline:______________________Mobile:_____________________
E-mail address:_________________________________________________
I have enclosed:
 Cheque/PO made payable to SGSPTA Ltd. for £25 per candidate per session.
 A Stamped addressed envelope for test details to be sent back to you. (16x23cm - ensure
    correct postage is on envelope – a first class stamp is sufficient for this size envelope. A
    larger envelope will need a ‘large’ stamp)
Please return the form and enclosures to “SGSPTA Mocks” c/o the school address above.

For SGSPTA use only
Rec’d       Cash Cheque                       Sent           Session         Cand. No

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