PRMA 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
                                  SATURDAY AM, JULY 30, 2010


                        NAME (26)         AREA                OFFICE
                Alexander, Rita             6      Staunton VA
                Boggess, Richard           TSC     Pittsburgh PA
                Creasy, Arlene                     Associate retired member
                Davis, Nancy                3      Culpeper VA
                Dirago, Joe              NCSSMA    Newburgh NY
                Emmons, Rachel                     Greystone Group (NCSSMA)
                Enslen, Andrea              5      Uniontown PA
                Ferguson, Matthew           5      Ambridge PA
                Groom, Melinda              5      Beckley WV
                Jones, Donna                2      Columbia MD
                Kain, Barbara               1      West Chester PA
                Kellam, Carol               2      Salisbury MD
                Lis, Russell                4      Reading PA
                Madison, Sandra             6      Virginia Beach VA
                Martin, Ericka              6      Roanoke VA
                Martin-Davis, Kitra        TSC     Manassas
                Martyn, Keith               4      York PA
                Mitchell, Debbie            6      Virginia Beach VA
                Morales, Charlene           6      Richmond East VA
                Perian, Barbara             5      Pittsburgh DNTN PA
                Ramey, Jodi                 6      Bristol VA
                Russell, Jill               5      Monroeville PA
                Sulat, Gerald               1      Norristown PA
                Walker, Arnold                     Associate retired member
                Whitt, Dendra               6      Bristol VA
                Woodske, Kathy              5      New Castle PA

Opening Remarks:

     Rita Alexander, President, welcomed members and NCSSMA guests to the PRMA meeting.
     Russell Lis, Treasurer, explained the travel reimbursement process.

Sponsor Presentation: Tom Beddington, Long Term Care Representative, provided an overview
of the programs.

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Recognition of Banquet Award Presentations:

      Clyde A. Archileti Award - Russell Lis, PRMA Treasurer & ADM, Reading, PA

      PRMA Community Service Award – Glen Jean Tee, OS, Welch, WV

NCSSMA Presentation:

      Joe Dirago, President, and Rachel Emmons, Greystone Group Representative, presented
       a powerpoint overview of the structure and activities of the organization. Detailed information
       is available on the website at
      Rachel provided an overview of the $12.528 billion FY2011 SSA budget.
      Joe recommended PRMA to mirror NCSSMA’s committee structure to get members involved
       and influence regional decisions.

Treasurer’s Audit Committee Report:

      Keith Martyn, chairman of the Audit Committee, along with members Melinda Groom
       and Nancy Davis, reported that no discrepancies were found upon their review. Their only
       suggestion to members was to ensure that all receipts for purchases be clear and concise
       when sent to the treasurer in order to ensure proper documentation.

Election of Officers:

      Keith Martyn, chairman of the Election Committee, along with members Jerry Sulat &
       Ericka Martin, directed the election of officers. The slate of nominees included:
       o President – Jill Russell, Area 5, DM Monroeville PA
       o 1st Vice-President – Rita Alexander, Area 6, DM Staunton VA
       o 2nd Vice-President – Charlene Morales, Area 6, DM Richmond East VA
       o Treasurer – Russell Lis, Area 4, ADM Reading PA
       o Secretary – Kathy (Kitty) Woodske, Area 5, ADM New Castle PA
       o TSC Delegate – Deb Cosby, Supervisor Manassas VA TSC, & Kitra Martin-Davis ,
          Manager Manassas VA TSC
       o TSC Alternate Delegate - Rick Boggess, TSC Manager Pittsburgh PA;
      Arnold Walker made a motion to accept the slate & Charlene Morales seconded the motion.
      After the nominees presented their platforms, Jerry Sulat read Section 4 Article 8 of the by-
       laws reminding members of election procedures.

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      12 ballots were cast. All unopposed nominees were elected. The TSC delegate elected was
       Kitra Martin-Davis.

Closing Remarks:

      Arlene Creasy and Arnold Walker, retired associate members, provided some background
       and suggestions for a successful organization based on their years of experience.
      Russell Lis explained his procedures for contacting prospective retirees to continue as
       associate members. He will update and distribute our current emailing list to members.
      Kitty Woodske will request additional PRMA home email addresses from the NCSSMA list.
      Rita Alexander & Charlene Morales, as chairpersons of the 2011 PRMA Annual Meeting,
       requested suggestions for Area 3 locations. The Washington, DC area will be researched.

Adjournment: Rita Alexander

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Kathy (Kitty) Woodske, Secretary

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