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					Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                       

                      Unique gifts for pilots!! - Aviation inspired wrought iron signs. From: Damian Campayo, PMP

                                              Anthony E. Fierro                                                      3rd

                                              Finance Guru
                                              Greater Los Angeles Area    Financial Services

                                   Current    Member at Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions (CCRES), LLC
                                              Media Director (Volunteer Position) at The Burning Bush Church
                                      Past    Senior Mortgage Processor at Amerisave Mortgage Corporation
                                              Account Executive (Loan Origination) at Countrywide Home Loans
                                              Loan Officer at H&R Block Mortgage
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                                 Education    College of the Canyons
                     Recommendations          4 people have recommended Anthony E.
                               Connections    500+ connections
                                 Websites     Personal Website
                                    Twitter              AnthonyFierro

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                     Broad set of talents and skills sets, chief among which is an ability to communicate across diverse
                     groups, cultures, and interests, ability to quickly grasp concepts, and the wisdom and discernment
                     to work well with people of diverse backgrounds, financial position, and resource.

                     I am consistently on the leading edge of financial product knowledge, easily managing multi-million
                     dollar transactions, forming group concensus, and bridge building.

                     I have one driving force: faith. Faith that every Word in the Bible is fact. Faith that I am loved more
                     deeply than I can ever understand by a Creator and Sustainer that never sleeps nor slumbers. Faith
                     that when I first gave my life to Christ, EVERYTHING that Heaven holds became mine by God's
                     declarative word that I am His Son by adoption. Faith that my daily life here on Earth is now a
                     delicate balance between the working out of those gifts (as described in Ephesians 2:12), and
                     providing for a family in excellence.

                     Success and victory is ALWAYS about who you know, just as much if not more than, what you

                     I hope that I can serve you in that same Spirit of Love and Excellence.

                     Extensive experience in, and unmatched understanding of, residential financing. In seven years, I

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Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                         

             have experienced all aspects of lending, from auto/personal loans to subprime/Alt-A financing, and (more
             currently) FHA/Conventional financing.

             Given my position in Secondary Mortgage Market loan acquisition, I have a particularly keen understanding of
             agency guidelines, operations, and pricing strategy.

             I welcome all requests for consultancy in individual mortgage transactions.

             Christ Centered Real Estate Solutions (CCRES), LLC
             September 2011 – Present (3 months)
             Development and implementation of real estate negotiation and financing solutions which create considerable
             value in today's marketplace.

             Media Director (Volunteer Position)
             The Burning Bush Church
             April 2009 – Present (2 years 8 months)      Valencia, CA
             According to 1 Corinthians 6:20, "You were bought for a price. So bring glory to God in the way you use your
             body", I believe that my faith must be inexorably connected to some type of public, pragmatic, and
             value-added utility to my local church body. I have committed myself to the vision of The Burning Bush Church
             (see: to that end.

             As Media Director, supervised all aspects of the audio and visual presentation of our weekly services.
             Coordinated with both vocal and instrumental performers to meet ever-evolving sound needs and

             In the area of logistical support, ensured and participated in the timely delivery and set up of all church-related
             equipment including greeting tables, pulpit, and sound equipment. Post delivery, met the custodial and facilities
             management needs of the ministry. Post-service support (i.e., upload of weekly podcast, video presentation)
             also provided.

             During and after service (during non-service times/weekdays), provide various administrative and support
             services to Pastoral staff.
             Anthony E. has 2 recommendations (1 co-worker, 1 partner) including:
                 3rd   Jeff. H., National Flood Program Manager & Eastern Zone Affinity Sales Manager, Farmers Insurance

             Senior Mortgage Processor
             Amerisave Mortgage Corporation
             Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Financial Services industry
             April 2009 – April 2011 (2 years 1 month)     Atlanta, GA
             As a 'Senior Mortgage Processor', supported client inquiries about the functionality of the rate
             quote engine, application process, and general mortgage information. Collected income and asset
             documentation in support of the loan application process, and provided ongoing feedback to clients and
             operations staff.

             Generally was capable of 200-500 calls per day, rapidly identifying and/or rejecting the possibilities of whether
             or not a loan could work for a client.

             Gained further understanding of agency guidelines, as well as overlays put in place by our business partners
             (lenders) and Amerisave's own underwriting criteria as well.

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Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                           

             Anthony E. has 1 recommendation (1 client) including:
               Dawn B.

             Account Executive (Loan Origination)
             Countrywide Home Loans
             Public Company; 10,001+ employees; BAC; Banking industry
             February 2007 – August 2008 (1 year 7 months)
             Worked in the Full Spectrum Lending (subprime) Division of Countrywide Home Loans. Originated, on
             average, 5-7 new home loans per month, soliciting both new internet leads as well as current servicing
             portfolio clients.

             This position was critical in my professional growth as I saw the transition from subprime loan shop to a strictly
             A-paper origination platform. I learned a great deal about secondary market transition, and the consequences
             of a market disintegration.

             During my time at Countrywide FSL, I saw the migration away from subprime origination, and the deployment
             of Conventional/FHA loans as a core product offering.

             Loan Officer
             H&R Block Mortgage
             Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; Financial Services industry
             August 2006 – February 2007 (7 months)       Valencia, CA
             As my first true loan officer position (as defined by HRBMC/OptionOne's relationship to the Secondary
             Mortgage Market), this position was where I cut my teeth in the mortgage business.

             I learned about the subprime mortgage business (pricing, processing, and quoting mortgage rates), as well as
             gaining an understanding of the benefits and costs of a (primarily) tax company venturing into the mortgage
             Anthony E. has 1 recommendation (1 co-worker) including:
                 3rd   Budd M., AVP District Manager, H&R Block Mortgage

             FR (Financial Representative)
             American General Finance
             Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; AIG; Financial Services industry
             April 2004 – August 2006 (2 years 5 months)     Canyon Country, CA / Palmdale, CA
             As a member of a 5-7 person office, worked as a front line retail representative for a firm that offered multiple
             financial products.

             Personal Loans: Solicited for the application for, underwrote, and closed secured and non-secured personal
             loans with interest rates from 12-25%, depending on credit.

             Auto/Other Vehicle Loans: Using customary (NADA) valuation models, determine safest loan to value ratio for
             vehicle loans on collateral such as cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and tractor-trailer trucks.

             Real Estate (Closed End First and HELOC) Mortgages: Soliciting, supporting the application for, underwriting
             and closing of, real estate loans. In one quarter, took branch receivables from $9M to $18M based solely on
             my real estate production.

             Collections/Loss Recovery: Made field visits to client homes and places of business to collect payments; Made
             telephone collections calls; Arranged for the recovery of collateral using skip tracing techniques (evaluating
             credit reports for new addresses, etc).

             Intelligence Specialist
             US Navy
             Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry

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Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                       

             August 1995 – August 1998 (3 years 1 month)                                                                           LinkedIn Corp
             · Fusing multi-source data (satellite imagery, national agency i.e., NSA, NRO, and DIA messaging and theater
             asset data) into timely and actionable intelligence for local and theater commanders
             · Utilizing then cutting edge technology, conducted internet-based research on foreign military platforms,
             becoming a SME (Subject Matter Expert) on North Korea and Indian military capabilities
             · Authored Russian Naval Air Order of Battle PowerPoint briefing which became the subsequent `go to' source
             for Pacific-deployed aircraft carrier battle groups (CVBGs).


                Credit Analysis    AUS Output Interpretation        CONV/FHA/VA Financing

             College of the Canyons
             Associates of Sciences, Business Management
             2004 – 2006

            Recommendations For Anthony E.
             Media Director (Volunteer Position)
             The Burning Bush Church

               “I first came to know Anthony when he was a young man at our church in Arleta , CA . He served in our
               church then during our praise and worship time. I did not know it then, but we would become lifelong

               Anthony Fierro has supported me in every facet upon which he has been called. He is a faithful, loyal
               servant and friend, and he employs his giftings to consistently serve others in a Spirit of Love and
               Excellence. If I could afford his time and talents, I would hire him at my business in a heart beat.

               He is one of the few people I know who is a living, breathing epistle. If he continues on his current path, I
               know he will one day hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”!” August 4, 2011
                 worked with Anthony E. at The Burning Bush Church

               “Anthony is an energetic, hard-working, dedicated, creative, trustworthy and loyal team member. I count it
               a priviledge to work with Anthony on Church and community projects.” May 17, 2011
                   3rd Jeff. H., National Flood Program Manager & Eastern Zone Affinity Sales Manager, Farmers
                 was with another company when working with Anthony E. at Burning Bush Church

             Senior Mortgage Processor
             Amerisave Mortgage Corporation

               “Anthony is a resourceful, creative and tenacious mortgage financing professional. He is ever expanding
               his industry knowledge, as well as his mortgage product line, in an effort to bring financing solutions to
               nearly any client need. Anthony can be counted on to find ways to get things done. I recommend him to
               other real estate professionals for their mortgage financing needs.” May 9, 2011
               Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

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Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                    

                 Dawn B.,
                 hired Anthony E. as a Financial Advisor in 2010

             Loan Officer
             H&R Block Mortgage

               “Anthony worked with me in our mortgage center at H&R Block. He is diligent and methodical in his
               approach to business. We've stayed in touch through the years as I continue to network with him. I respect
               his work ethic and commitment to success.” April 19, 2011
                  3rd Budd M., AVP District Manager, H&R Block Mortgage
                 managed Anthony E. indirectly at H&R Block Mortgage

            Additional Information
             Websites:                 Personal Website

             Twitter:                               AnthonyFierro

             Groups and

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Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                  

                                           America's Mortgage Underwriters Group

                                           Ask a Mortgage Professional

                                           Auto Finance Industry - Lenders, Dealers & Vendors

                                           Auto Finance Professionals

                                           BANKS CONNECTS

                                           BCUN - Banking and Credit Union Network

                                           BULK REO RAINMAKERS

                                           Bank of America (BoA) current and former employees

                               CAMP        CAMP North Los Angeles Chapter
                               North Los     Join

                                           CPA & Business Professional Group

                                           Consumer Collections & Recovery Professionals

                                           Consumer Credit and Debt Management Resources

                                           Credit and Collections Professionals

                                           FHA Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans

                                           Finance Industry Professionals Worldwide

                                           Global Capital Sources for Conventional & Alternative REAL ESTATE Funding

                                           Hard Money Network

                                           Job & Career Network

                                           Law Student Career Network

                                           Lending Source

                                           Loan Officer Recruiting Network
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                                           Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)

                                           Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia
Anthony E. Fierro | LinkedIn                                   

             Honors and Awards:      • Associates of Science, Business Management - College of the Canyons, Valencia,
                                     CA (GPA 3.5) (2004)
                                     • Integrated Database Analyst Certification - NTCS-A (National Tactical Command
                                     • State of California Department of Insurance Certified Health, Accident and Life
                                     Insurance Agent, License # 0E93456
                                     • United States Navy – Top Secret classification – Grade: SCI (Sensitive
                                     Compartmented Information)
                                     • American Legion Community Service Award – Reserve Officer Training Corp
                                     • Countrywide Home Loans – Outstanding Loan Production Performance 2007

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