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                   Lazy Traffic
                   Blueprints 2

                                        By: Fabian Tan

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    Blueprint #1: Twitter Traffic Tactics To Get Floods Of Fast, Free & Targeted
    Traffic! ....................................................................................................................... 4

    Blueprint #2: How To Get Hyper-Targeted Buyer Traffic From Amazon! ............ 7

    Blueprint #3: Forum Marketing – Using "Mini-Articles" To Get A Ton Of Traffic
    The Quick And Painless Way! ................................................................................. 9

    Blueprint #4: Pull In Tons Of Hassle-Free Traffic And Profits From Classified
    Ads! ......................................................................................................................... 11

    Blueprint #5: Submitting Press Releases For Massive Publicity & Red-Hot
    Traffic! ..................................................................................................................... 14

    Blueprint #6: How To Use Facebook Advertising To Get A Stampede Of
    Visitors To Your Website!...................................................................................... 16

    Blueprint #7: Pay-Per-View Advertising – How To Get Mass Traffic For As Little
    As $0.02 Per View!.................................................................................................. 22

    Conclusion.............................................................................................................. 28

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    Blueprint #1: Twitter Traffic Tactics To Get
    Floods Of Fast, Free & Targeted Traffic!

    Twitter, believe it or not, is a goldmine for getting traffic. Unfortunately, many people
    look at Twitter in a very one-dimensional way. They either think it should only be
    used to 'build relationships' or post whatever you are doing now. In fact, Twitter is a
    multi-faceted online world that is still growing as we speak, and can be used in a
    myriad of ways to grow your online business steadily.

    Here are some Twitter traffic tactics that can let you maximize the micro-blogging

    1. Getting Followers Quickly And Easily

    This is more of a recap from the section in the first Lazy Traffic Blueprints report. But
    it is important enough that I felt that it should be included in here too.

    There are two ways to get lots of followers quickly and easily:

    1. Going to a popular expert's Twitter page in your niche market and following their
    followers. Many will follow you back.

    2. Use the Twitter Search function at to search for keywords
    and find people who are talking about products, events and interests that are related
    to your business. Then follow them!

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    Once you reach 2,000 followers, it will be harder to add more followers. The next
    step you will have to take here is to start deleting those people you are following who
    are not following you back. Here is the best site currently to do this:

    Enter your Twitter ID and password to sign in to the system and see who is not
    following you. Once you are inside you can choose to follow those who are not
    following back or even unfollow these people in one click.

    Don't go overboard and start following thousands of people straight away though.
    That might be seen as 'follower spam'. Follow a few hundred people per day
    gradually to consistently grow your list of followers. Remember to enter a URL in
    your Twitter description that goes to your main site or 'money page'. Then watch the
    traffic to your site increase!

    2. Attracting Re-Tweets

    One way to get viral traffic from Twitter is by getting your followers to re-tweet your
    content. The more people who re-tweet your posts, the more your profile link will be
    seen, and the more people will follow you. You can encourage people to re-tweet
    your posts by posting a simple phrase like 'Please ReTweet' or 'Plz RT' at the end
    of your posts that have content or links.

    3. Syndicating Content

    Twitter can also be used to encourage people to syndicate your content so that you
    can earn more 'brownie points' on sites like Digg. Once you have posted a link on
    Digg, you can ask your followers if they like it, and if they do, to hit the Digg button.

    This will increase the popularity (and hence, placing) or your post on Digg.

    4. Generating Backlinks

    It is also another well-known fact that Twitter is a good resource for building
    backlinks to increase your rankings in the search engines. If you are launching a new
    site, you can give it a slight link boost by posting a few links on Twitter on a weekly
    basis for the first few months.

    5. Market Research

    Believe it or not, Twitter is also a great market research resource! Just one look at
    the Trending Topics of the day should get any opportunist's glands going. You can
    also do a simple search on to see what people are talking
    about on almost any topic you can possibly think of.

    6. Sponsored Tweets

    Sponsored tweets are the next big thing on Twitter. You already see that Twitter are
    allowing companies to purchased 'Promoted Tweets' on the site. These tweets

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    appear at the top of their search results. They are currently testing and refining this
    model and in the future, more companies and marketers will be allowed to pay for
    advertising on Twitter.

    For now though, sponsored tweets can work a treat. This involves buying a tweet
    from a popular personality in your market. The popular person with a lot of real
    followers will then send the tweet out.

    One site to buy promotional tweets from is simply called Sponsored Tweets.

    You can re-direct traffic to an opt-in page to build your list that way. It's definitely one
    of the more measurable ways for using Twitter, where you can measure in hard
    dollars and cents how much each click and lead is worth to you.

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7                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

    Blueprint #2: How To Get Hyper Targeted Buyer
    Traffic From Amazon!

    OK, we all know Amazon is an amazingly convenient source to buy books, movies
    and other gear. You can also make money by promoting products through your
    Amazing affiliate link. But did you know you can also get traffic from it?

    Yes, Amazon is an excellent traffic source when used strategically. You can include
    a link in your Amazon profile and that's one way you can get traffic, but you can also
    include your domain name in your User Name, like this:

    Your Name (

    Now all you need to do is to post excellent reviews on popular products and your
    username (with the domain name) will appear on all your posts.

    Amazon gets close to 70 million unique visitors per month, so you can imagine
    how much potential there is.

    One problem is that you can only include one domain name link in your profile. And
    you don't want to flood your username with domain URLs. One way to go around it is
    to use a generic URL on your own server so you can change it to redirect to any
    offer you require. Or you can use a URL shortener like BudURL or

    Once you have done these steps (included your domain URL in your username
    or/and in your user profile), it is time to get some traffic!

    Step 1: First, go to the Amazon homepage and click on "Shop All Departments".

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8                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

    This will bring you to page where you have an overview of all the categories on

    Step 2: Next, choose a product you want to write a review on. In this example, I
               sen                               ray/DVD                    Copy
    have chosen the Iron Man 2 Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy. Then
    click on the 'Create your own review button to start writing your review. Note: You
    don't need to have purchased the product from Amazon to write a review. If you
                             roduct           can
    haven't purchased the product at all, you c hire a freelancer who has the product
    to write the review.

    You can do this for multiple products that are relevant to your niche. If your niche is
    home business, you can just write a review on the most popular home business,
    entrepreneur and marketing books on Amazon. You can even write reviews for
    popular business movies like Wall Street, Enron and Boiler Room to get targeted
    traffic. How about magazines? Entrepreneur magazine and Home Business
    magazine are just some of the most popular magazines you can write reviews on.
    The possibilities are unlimited!

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    Blueprint #3: Forum Marketing – Using "Mini-
    Articles" To Get A Ton Of Traffic The Quick And
    Painless Way!

    Forum marketing is kind of old-school, but it still is one of the most fool-proof ways to
    get quality traffic around! Forums have stood the test of time even in the face of
    social networking sites, YouTube and Skype. They remain the best places for
    thoughtful discussion and information gathering (provided it is information from the
    'right source'. But even then, what is the 'right source'? Alas, that is a discussion for
    another day).

    What many courses teach about forum marketing is to browse the forums for posts
    you can reply to, and then take five to ten minutes to post a long, detailed reply to
    each one. While this tactic is certainly doable if you have lots of time on hand, it does
    take up a lot of mental energy. You certainly don't want to spend hours every day
    replying to posts or creating threads instead of building your business.

    I'm not saying this tactic is bad or anything, just that it takes time! And if you enjoy
    taking your time to post on forums, then please don't stop!

    A short-cut to the suggested tactic above is to use the articles you already
    have and turn them into mini-articles that you can post as replies on forums or
    even as thread starters.

    If you’re interested in this method, read the terms of service of the forum first and
    spend some time lurking to find out if this is allowed.

    Some forums have a place right on the forum where you can post articles. Others
    allow you to post articles for discussion. But others frown on members posting
    articles and will delete your post since articles can easily look “spammy” on a
    discussion forum if you don't do it right.

    Here's how the steps are done:

    Step 1: Seek forums in your niche. One of the easiest ways to find forums in your
    niche is to use Google or your favorite search engine. Simply enter your niche’s
    keywords alongside the word “forum” or “discussion” or “message board.”

    A great resource for finding forums is the It is a forum
    directory that has a large database of forums.

     © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide                           Page | 9
10                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     Step 2: Next, of course, you need sign up for a forum and create your signature file
     that includes a link back to your website. You'll want to create a really 'stand out'
     signature file so it gets more click throughs (Provide a really compelling benefit in
     your signature, then have a call-to-action, for example Click Here To Get Your Free
     Report! Or Click Here To Discover The Secrets Right Now!)

     Step 3: Next, look for topics to reply to. Once you have found a topic that you want
     to reply to, look through your rolodex of articles and pick an article that is suitable as
     a reply. You may want to add your own words to make the reply more conversational
     or to add any details that may be missing from your original article that will be
     relevant to the thread topic.

     Step 4: Do this for 5-10 threads per day but don't post 10 replies in 10 minutes or
     something like that. It will certainly look suspicious. The key is to give content but not
     make it look like you just copied and pasted blindly. Edit your articles so that they are
     relevant to the thread topic as stated in Step 2.

     This is a faster method for forum marketing than just writing from scratch every time
     you post on forums. And it will get you lots of targeted visitors who are actively
     looking for information!

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11                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     Blueprint #4: Pull In Tons Of Hassle-Free Traffic
     And Profits From Classified Ads!

     Now it's time to visit and start using one of the biggest, busiest sites on the Internet: (which gets a whopping 10 BILLION page views per month).

     There are two ways you can use CraigsList to drive visitors to your affiliate link:

     1. Start posting (free) classified ads on the site. is incorporated as a for-profit site (despite it’s .org name). However,
     many users of the site are very anti-commercial. They prefer to see one person
     selling one product to another person and they report any posts that look more
     commercialized than that.

          Example: If you post an ad to sell your car, that’s great. If a dealer posts an ad
          to sell a car, some of the long-time CraigsList users will cry spam and “flag” the
          ad for abuse.

     Does that mean commercial posts will get removed?

     Not necessarily. But because some people are a little too eager to click the “flag this
     ad” button, you might get reported (and your ad might possibly be removed) if it
     looks too commercial.

     To avoid this, be sensible.

     That means you should only post a few ads in a couple regions each day. Before
     posting anything, find the most appropriate category, look at what else is being
     posted (especially those ads that are at least 24-48 hours old), and follow suit.

     In other words, model your ads after the types of ads that seem to be working on the

     You would also want to cloak your affiliate links so they are not blatantly obvious.
     This is done by using a meta refresh redirect or a php redirect. The second option is
     better as roving eyes won't be able to check out the source code and see if it is an
     affiliate link.

     To create a php redirect, simply create a plain .php file on your server and insert this
     html text into it:


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12                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     Don't worry if all this is a bit confusing. You can always use the other traffic
     generation methods or classified ad sites other than Craigslist.

     Here's how to write profit-pulling classified ads:

     1. Have a compelling headline. This is the first thing targeted visitors will see. It will
     decide whether your advertisements get seen or not. So spend a lot of time writing a
     quality headline. Use benefit-driven words in your headline such as "secrets",
     "discount", "limited time only". These words are proven to get the click throughs.

     2. Provide quality photographs and pictures in your copy. If you sign up for US Free
     Ad's premium service, you are allowed to add pictures to your ad. Good pictures
     make your ad more appealing and attractive.

     3. Use bullet points in your ads. Internet surfers tend to skim over content on
     websites, so bullet points help the reader to read your copy easily. If you post long
     paragraphs on your ad, people won't bother to read it and will click away.

     4. Use a "call-to-action". This tells a visitor to take an action that you want him to
     take, such as to click through to your website, to buy your product, or to sign up for
     your newsletter.

     Writing a classified ad is really easy once you get a grasp of it. Once you have a
     profitable copy, you only need to spend a few minutes each day reposting it to the
     classified ads sites.

     2. Network with other CraigsList users by joining the discussion forums.

     CraigsList has a huge network of discussion forums across topics ranging from
     adoption to yoga and everything in between – including adult-oriented forums.

     Treat the CraigsList forums as you would any other niche forum or social network
     site. Specifically, don’t spam the forums with your offers. Instead, post thoughtfully to
     build your good reputation and establish yourself as an expert in the niche. After
     you’ve spent some time doing that, you can begin to use your signature link.

     For more tips on how to use the CraigsList forums, refer back to the Forum
     Marketing section earlier.

     Here is my my personal list of classified ads sites:

     A new classified ads site is the new Ebay Classifieds site, also known as Kijiji.

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13                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     While it doesn't receive as much traffic as Craigslist, it also receives lesser spam
     postings and it is easier to get your listings up for a longer period of time. Plus, it is a
     trusted brand name as well (eBay) and it is inclined to attract targeted buyers.

      © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide                            Page | 13
14                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     Blueprint #5: Submitting Press Releases For
     Massive Publicity & Red-Hot Traffic!
     Press releases have long been known to be an effective online marketing tactic.
     They are basically announcements to the media about a new company, new event or
     a new product. People in the media and editors grab press releases as content for
     newspapers, websites or magazines. They can act as informational articles and also
     as a useful marketing weapon. Many marketers espouse the effectiveness of press
     releases to drive in targeted traffic and generate leads.

     They are also great for ranking in the search engines. Press releases that are well-
     optimized have been known to appear on the 'News Results' section on the
     Google Search Engine Results Pages. Not to mention that you can also get some
     strong backlink juice as well!

     The way to write a proper press release is not to sound too promotional. In other
     words, don't come across as trying to hard sell your products or services. Instead,
     focus on proving information and educating your audience. In some ways, an
     effective press release is also an effective pre-selling article. Meaning, you pre-sell
     the audience to what you have to offer. Also, bear in mind that press release editors
     are not fond of squeeze pages or sales pages, so send the traffic to your main home

     When writing your press release, try to figure out the problems of your niche market,
     and how your products and services solve them. This makes your press release
     informational and will entice prospects to know more about your business.

     The best method to write a press release is to offer factual viewpoints. Write in a
     journalistic style. Perhaps you can spend some time reading your morning
     newspaper before crafting your first press release. This helps you understand the
     language of journalistic writing.

     It is also advisable to write simply. Don't use complex words which your readers
     might not understand. After all, it is a press release, not a literature work. Keep your
     sentences short and concise, so your reader will understand exactly what the article
     is saying.

     5 Elements Of Wildly Successful Press Releases:

     1. Be professional. Press releases act like news articles, so use the right fonts and
     colors. Read newspapers to get a feel of what entails a press release. Use how,
     what, why, where, when and who.

     2. Tell a story. Press releases that tell a story of rags to riches, fat to thin, sick to
     healthy, all strike a chord with readers and media editors will like that. Try to fit in a
     story into your press release whenever possible.

      © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide                            Page | 14
15                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     3. Don't be promotional. Your press release should not act like salesletter or other
     promotional material. Think of your press release as an informational article about
     your company. Write your press release as if you were an outsider.

     4. Don't be overly dry. Although you should be professional, you must strike a
     balance between being too boring and being too casual. A press release that
     manages to achieve this balance is a good press release. Use emotional words that
     incite feelings, but don't overuse them or your press release will seem too

     5. Call to action. You must call your reader to action, whether you want to generate
     leads for your business, make direct sales or send them to a free demo page. This is
     maybe the most important part of your press release. You can say something like,
     'for more information, visit' or 'for more information, please call this
     number'. Your press release has a purpose, which is generate more business for
     you, so you have to tell your readers to act or they will procrastinate, which more
     than likely means they will not act on your offer at all.

     Where To Submit Your Press Releases?

     Now to the all-important question: where do you submit your press releases?

     Here are the two best paid options which will give you the most exposure:

     And here are some of the best free places to submit your press releases:

     You may not want to stop there too. Use offline marketing to promote your press
     releases. Send them to newspaper editors and magazine editors and who knows
     where your content will be published!

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16                                          Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     Blueprint #6: How To Use Facebook Advertising
     To Get A Stampede Of Visitors To Your Website!
     As someone who uses the Internet pretty often, the chances are quite good that you
     have your own Facebook account. Even if you don't have a Facebook account yet,
     you've surely heard that companies from all over the world are having success from
     marketing through Facebook, either from building fan pages or using their
     advertising platform.

     If you haven't started using Facebook Ads for your business yet, you're missing out
     on an excellent (and highly targeted) opportunity.

     I mean, just take a look at these stats:

     •     There are more than 400 million active Facebook users

     •     50% of all users log into the service each day

     •     The average number of friends each user has is 130

     •     The cumulative total of minutes users spend on Facebook each month is 500

     •     There are 160 million pages, groups, and events on Facebook

     •     The average user is somehow connected to 60 pages, groups, and events

     •     The average user creates 70 pieces of content each month

     •     There are more than 25 billion web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo
           albums, and so on shared each month

     •     There are one million developers and entrepreneurs taking advantage of

     •     More than 100 million Facebook users engage with Facebook on other websites
           each month

     •     There are more than 100 million active users accessing Facebook through a
           mobile device

     How To Get Started With Facebook Ads Now!

     For a brief overview of the Facebook advertising platform, go over to

     This is Facebook's own introduction to their advertising platform -- they will give you
     the facts as to why you should use Facebook, how many active users they have, and

         © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide                     Page | 16
17                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     why they are the leaders on targeting your market. They will also give you a pretty
     solid plan of how you can go about creating and optimizing your ads.

     It can be really helpful to take a minute to browse through the page Facebook has
     set up, because it really does give a good overview.

     Facebook's Advertising Guidelines

     If you've been investigating Facebook ads around Internet marketing and home
     business forums, then you might have heard that getting your ad accepted by
     Facebook is no easy feat. That's because very few people take the time to fully
     understand what is and is not acceptable in your ads. If you follow the rules, you can
     be a very successful marketer on Facebook and leave those who didn’t take the time
     to read the rules in the dust!

     You can find the full advertising guidelines at

     What You Need To Know About Advertising on Facebook

     Before you decide to take the plunge and advertise on Facebook, there are a few
     things you need to take note of.

     Firstly, you're going to need to identify your goal of your advertising campaign before
     you begin, or you’re just going to flounder! That means you need to figure out exactly
     who you are going to target, and why.

     After you’ve determined your targeting strategy, you need to be sure everything will
     run smoothly -- from the ad itself, to the targeting perimeters you implement, to the
     landing page you send people to. If you've been running successful ads for a
     company, product, or service already, then you might already have your target in
     mind. It's also important to consider what your advertising goals are.

     Outlining your goals ahead of time is an important facet of advertising successfully.
     Are you looking to get leads? Sell more of your products? Advertise your brand? Or,
     do you have another goal in mind? Knowing what exactly you want to get from your
     Facebook advertising campaign is a key part of the process, even if you think that
     goal is obvious. It really helps to solidify it.

     Targeting is a big piece of the puzzle as well. You need to figure out who, out of all
     the users on Facebook, would be most interested in what you are promoting. There
     are a myriad of ways you can target your ad. For example, you can restrict your ads
     so they only display in certain locations. This is great for those who have local
     businesses. It doesn't make sense to try to target the entire US if your company only
     provides products or services for people in Utah!

     You can also target by keywords. This helps to ensure that your ads are shown to
     people who are actually interested in what you are advertising. Doing this improves
     your chances of success by far. Think about it. It certainly doesn't make sense to
     target men if you're advertising a product for pregnancy!

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18                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     To sum up, you need to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re
     going to do it with your Facebook campaigns. Make sure that your ad speaks to your
     audience, demonstrates the benefits that they need or want, uses an image that is
     sure to pull in the eyeballs, and has a great call to action that will increase your click
     through rate, and hence your traffic to your site.

     How To Place Your Ad On Facebook – A Walkthrough

     It is really easy to start placing ads on Facebook. Here's an overview so you’ll know
     exactly what you can expect.

     Obviously, the first thing you'll need to do is set up a Facebook account if you do not
     already have one. After that, click the link at the bottom at the bottom of the page to
     get started advertising with Facebook.

     After you click this link, you'll get to the page where you can sign up to get started
     placing ads on Facebook!

     Go ahead and click the green “Create an Ad” button to proceed.

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19                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     You'll then be asked to input the URL of when you want to advertise.

     Once you've done that, it will be time to create your actual ad. You'll need to write
     the headline for your ad and the copy within the ad, by filling in the title and body

     You can even upload a photo, following the specifications. You also have the ability
     to add "social actions", which can make your ad more effective, depending on what
     product or service you are promoting.

     In the very next page, you will get to determine what kind of prospect you would like
     to target. What are some of the ways you can target? Well, you can target based on
     location, sex, age, keywords, and even their favorite fan pages on Facebook.

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20                                      Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

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21                                       Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2

     After that, Facebook will tell you how many people your ad is likely to reach!

     The next step is to price your ad. You will need to name your campaign, decide on
     your daily budget, set your maximum bid, and schedule when to start showing your
     ad on Facebook.

     Finally, you will get to review your ad. It will show you everything you have entered
     so far so you can determine whether you've done everything the way you wanted to.

     Once you are done, you can then place your order. You will need a credit card
     entered in so that they can verify the information to charge you. Once you have
     completed this step, your ads will be sent to Facebook so their editors can approve
     it. Most of the time, it will only take a couple of hours before your ad is live!

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     Blueprint #7: Pay-Per-View Advertising – How To
     Get Mass Traffic For As Little As $0.02 Per View!
     This is a method I would only recommend using after you have mastered the other
     traffic generation tactics and are pulling in a decent income from Internet marketing.

     Pay Per View Advertising (also known as Cost Per View Advertising) is an advanced
     method of online marketing that allows you to advertise to adware users. Adware?
     Sounds like spyware, doesn't it? But it's a completely different kind of software.

     Adware is software that users voluntarily download to their computer in
     exchange for downloading a game, wallpaper etc. Spyware is software that is
     installed without the user's knowledge and is meant to cause harm to the computer.

     When you advertise on a PPV network, your ads will appear regularly as ads on
     computers that have the adware program installed.

     The great thing about PPV advertising is that you don't have to write any ad copy or
     worry about optimizing your page for Google or the search engines. You just place
     bids on your keywords and you are good to go! The amount of competition is much
     lesser too for this method as not many people are using it yet. This means the cost-
     per-view can be as little $0.02!

     With the definition of adware in mind, it is important to take note of the target market.
     People who download adware are usually young adults who have downloaded
     games, videos, toolbars and wallpapers. This means that offers like a free game
     download or a chance to win a free laptop are much more likely to convert on the
     Pay Per View networks.

     It is also wise to stick with promoting only Pay Per Lead (or Cost Per Action)
     offers that only require users to fill up a form, or a squeeze page to build your
     list. This is because the traffic from PPV is less targeted and comes from pop-ups
     and pop-unders, which are not as conducive for making product sales upfront.

     So what are some PPV networks that are worth having a go with?

     Media Traffic is a good source to start with as their interface is user friendly and they
     are easy to get started with.

     Go to the Media Traffic registration form to sign up:

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     If you don't have a company name, your Full Name should suffice.

     A Media Traffic representative will then email you or call you a day or two later to
     confirm your identity and activate your account.

     To advertise on PPV networks, you need keywords or URLs to target for your
     campaigns. When users type in to search for a keyword on a search engine or enter
     a URL that is listed in your campaign, your ad will pop up.

     The easiest way to start grabbing keywords is to use the keyword research tools:

     You can also simply do searches on Google for relevant keywords in your market
     and just grab the URLs that you find! You can grab the URLs from the free organic
     listings or the paid pay per click ads on the side or at the top of the page as
     illustrated in this screenshot:

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     Simply copy and paste all the URLs in green into a Notepad file and then paste them
     into your PPV campaign and you're good to go!

     And you can search for more keywords on Google to find even more URLs!

     You could even hire a freelancer to do all this work for you.

     Another method for grabbing relevant URLs for your market is to use Quantcast.

     Quantcast lets us search for domains and then comes up with relevant stats for that

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     Let's plug in one of the sites from our previous Google search and see what we
     come up with.

     On the bottom right-hand side of the page, there is a section called 'Audience Also
     Likes'. These are sites that the visitors to also frequently visit. You
     can add all these sites into your PPV campaign as well if you are targeting this niche

     Another excellent resource for picking up relevant URLs is Alexa.

     When you search for a site's info, you will find a link called 'Related Links' on its
     page. Click on that link.

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     You will then arrive at a page that shows you more URLs you can target for your
     PPV campaign.

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     There you go, 3 resources for grabbing URLs: Google, Quantcast and Alexa. Add
     the keyword tools into the mix and you will have a very large and relevant keyword
     list to get traffic from the Pay Per View networks!

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     Traffic generation seems like an never-ending chase for more visitors – yet, it must
     be done. Without traffic, you can't make any sales or generate any leads. Once you
     have your systems working for you, you won't need to do any 'chasing'. Your
     systems will be doing that for you.

     Start out by concentrating on ONE traffic generation strategy for one week, or
     one month if necessary. Get that strategy working for you first before you move on
     to the next one. You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going!

     After that, it's all about scaling your traffic. Always ask yourself – how can you
     improve your systems? How can your systems work harder for you?

     To YOUR Online Success!

     Fabian Tan

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