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					     Guide to making money online

           Thank you for purchasing my guide “Guide to making money
online”! Before we start I would like to say a few things. First off, you
will not be disappointed! I will show you many different and very
effective ways to making money successfully on the internet and a
very good pace. You will easily be able to make your money back the
very first day of using my eBook.

                    Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting prepared
  3. Getting started
  4. Places to successfully sell
  5. Making your 1st dollars
  6. Selling strategies
  7. Thank you paragraph + Copyright

                   Getting Prepared
1st off before we start making our money we will need to get prepared
and get everything we will need on our money making adventure. You
will need the following.

  1. A PayPal account – This is so you can receive your money

  Note: Make sure to link your bank account or add your credit card
  to your PayPal so you can send/withdraw your money from your
  PayPal account. It’s ok if you don’t, but you will not be able to buy
  anything or send your money to people once you get money.

  2. Read the whole eBook!

  Note: Make sure to read the whole eBook before you start trying to
  sell or you may become unsuccessful and you will not pull in as
  much money as you possibly can!

  3. Be dedicated!

  Note: Be dedicated to the eBook! Things may be slow at 1st but
  make sure to give things some time! I will be honest with you. You
  can’t make $500 on the 1st day using this eBook but you will need to
  take some time and try different ways to maximize your profits!

  4. Help your customers!

  Note: If selling things then make sure to help out your customers! Are you going
  to be selling items to people? Then make sure to answer any questions that they
  may have so you look like a professional and they will want to buy more!

                        Getting started!
  Here is where you will get started and decide what different
ways you will want to use to make all your money from the eBook.
There are many different things you can choose from so I will list off
different ways you can make money and I will show you how to use
those methods effectively in making your money.

1. Pay-Per-Download

  Pay-Per-Download is where you will register and upload a virtual
item you are selling to a site and it will give you a download link.
With this download link you will distribute it and people will follow
the download link and when they try to download it, it will ask them
to fill out a survey and when they are done with the survey it will
allow them to download your virtual item.

  Each download that you get from the website you upload your
item to will give you a different amount of money. This is not always
the fastest way but it is fairly effective and you don’t need to put
much effort into it. I recommend finding different forums that you
think people will appreciate your virtual item and want to download
it. Then post your download link that you got from the Pay-Per-
Download site and a description and/or pictures of your item and
what it does to make it look like your item is amazing and many
people will want to download it. A good site for Pay-Per-Download
that I would recommend is

2. Pay-Per-Click

  Pay-Per-Click is another way to increase the amount of money
you make. Each time the link is clicked it will take you to site and
then redirect you to the site of your choice.
  For example:

  I could register on a Pay-Per-Click site and make it so it gives me a
  link that redirects to

     This will usually give $0.01 - $0.03 per click. Obviously this will
not make you a lot of money but imagine this.

     You could register to a PPC site and put in your link so this will happen.

     100 people in 1-7 days want to download your virtual item.

     100 people AT LEAST CLICK THE LINK! This will give you $1.00
or so just from people clicking that. Now the people who want to
download your item will be redirected to your sharecash link to do a
survey and download your item. Now let’s say half of those people do a
survey and download your virtual item. Let’s also say that the site pays
around $0.20 per download. So we will now do the math and see how
much we can make in a week at minimum with minimal effort.

100 people click the link = $1.00

50 people download the item = $25.00

$25.00 + $1.00 = $26.00 in a week just by posting your virtual item on a
website. Now let’s say you post your item on 5 websites all with
around the same amount of traffic. That is 500 people clicking the link
and around 250 people downloading the item.

500 link clicks = $5.00 or so
250 downloads = $100.00

Combined is around $105.00!!! This is a lot of money that you could get
with very minimal effort!

           Places to successfully sell
     There are many different forums and websites you can sell your
item on if you don’t want to you the sharecash method. All you need to
do is find a website that has two things.

  1. A marketplace section
  2. Traffic with a demand for your item

           So with that being said you will need to find some websites
     with those things. Sometimes this can even be or All you need
     to do is find demand for your item and you are set on the fast
     track to making quick online money! And if you want to do both
     methods but with the same or close to the same item you can
     upload a limited version of your item so people can have a test
     version of your item and when they see how great it is they will
     want to buy your complete version of your item and get the
     better experience. This way you will make loads of money. Now
     let’s see how much you will make with the combination.

           As we discussed earlier you can make around $105.00 just
     buy uploading the limited version of the item to sharecash. So
     let’s say you find a website that has a marketplace and a good
     demand for your item. You will want to show your full item and
     all of the great features it has and then give them the sharecash
     link to download the limited version. Once they download the
     limited version you will get around $0.50 or so and they will see
     how great your product is and they will want the better version.

           So let’s say you get 5 sales on your 1st say of selling. And
     let’s say your item is $10.00. So on top of your $105.00 that you
     will already be getting from the limited version you will also get
     $50.00 from your item that you are selling. Together you can
     make around $155.00 a day just by doing these simple things!
                        Making your 1st dollars

              So to make your 1st dollars you can do a few things. You
     can either do the sharecash download method and make around
     $100.00 and just keep doing that until you want to move on, or
     you can just do that alone and make a steady amount of money
     with little to no work.

              Or you can just sell a full version of your item to a
     marketplace with a high demand and make around $50.00 + a
     day, depending on how much your item is and how high the
     quality is of the item and selling strategies which we will get to

                            Selling strategies
     There are many good ways to market your item and get
maximum traffic to your product and make loads of money that you
won’t even know what to do with and I will explain to you what the
best ways to do this are!

     Some good ways to market your item is when you make the title
for your thread that you will be advertising your item on is to make the
title in BOLD! This will catch the reader’s eye and they will want to
take a look at your item and there already you will have potential

     Inside your thread where you will be selling your item it will be a
good idea to use color and make your text look attractive. Along with
making the text look colorful and attractive you should try to layout
your text so it will have the “more attractive” text on the top of the
page so your reader will keep reading all the way through and have the
price at the bottom of the thread. If you have the price at the top of
the thread it will make you look desperate to sell your product and it
will lure your potential customers away from the thread. Along with all
these great tips, make sure to include pictures of the product! Pictures
will also keep the reader to look more into buying your product and
also make it so you’re more trustworthy to buy from! The last selling
strategy I will tell you is to make sure to do one of two things. Either
give a review copy of your product to a well trusted member or
administrator of the site OR give out the limited version with
sharecash so people know it is a real program and you mean business!
Along with this, make sure to ask the buyers that buy your product to
leave a vouch on your page so more potential buyers see that you are
trusted and you will get even more buyers which mean more profit!
         Thank you! + Copyright page

     I would like to be the 1st to congratulate you on buying my eBook
and on all your new money you will be making! A few things I would
like to say is that if you leek my eBook out to anybody that did not
directly buy my eBook from me then you will be in legal trouble and I
will file a scam report on the site you bought my eBook from! (I do
keep records of who buys my eBook and what forum they are from,
along with their username, contact information, and PayPal email)

       © Gavin Sadowski’s “Guide to making money online” eBook

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