; How to get DreamSpark Keys
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How to get DreamSpark Keys


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									---------------------------------- HackForums.net ----------------------------------
---------------------------------- By The-One     ----------------------------------
Hello readers.

Today I will show you how to get a Dreamspark key.

Time needed: 5 min

What will we do?

We’ll be signing up as a Student at a site, with that account we can
order FREE(For official users its free to) Dreamspark key.

Note: Since the site is Dutch I’ll be using pictures
Site: http://www.slim.nl/

Recommend: Proxy (http://elite-proxies.blogspot.com/)

   -   Start by going to the website.
   -   Click ‘Nieuwe Klant?’.
   -   Click ‘Aanmelden’.
   -   Select a school from the list.
   -   Click the first of the two boxes you see click on: ‘Student’
   -   Click on the other box and click on: ‘Akoord’
- Get a 10minute mail http://10minutemail.com/
- A new window will popup

    NOTE: Date of birth must be something between 1990-1995
    Example: 12-08-91
-   Use random first name & family name
-   Click ‘Meld me nu aan!’
-   Go to your mail save the password.
-   Go back to the main page of the site.
-   Click login, login with your 10minute email en generated
    password. (To login click ‘Ga!’)
-   When logged in click ‘Winkel’ and then ‘Software’
-   Go to the 2nd page
-   There you will see: Microsoft Dreamspark (Gratis abo!) (SNEMS120)
-   Click (Adds it to your shoppingcart)
-   You will be redirected to the order page.
-   Click ‘Bestellen >>’
  NOTE: You must use this option, else you will get caught.
- So find a DUTCH/NETHERLANDS postalcode like:
- 3901KL number: 12
- Click ‘Check Adres’
-                                         Do that
- If it says the adres you gave click ‘Naar Stap 3’
- Click ‘Bestel’
- Go back to the main page, click ‘Mijn Gegevens’ then click
- Click the ‘Ordernr’

   - To logout:

   Click ‘Uitloggen’

---------------------------------- HackForums.net ----------------------------------
---------------------------------- By The-One     ----------------------------------

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