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									                                    2012 PLANT GUIDE
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                                ROCKY MOUNTAIN FIR             GOLDEN THREADLEAF
                                Abies lasiocarpa ‘Compacta’
                                                               FALSE CYPRESS                         MINT JULEP JUNIPER
                                Zone: 5 Height: 2.5 m                                                Juniperus x media ‘Mint
EVERGREENS                      Spread: 1 m
                                                               Chamaecyparis pisfera
                                                               'Filifera Aurea'
                                Shape: Conical                                                       Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
                                                               Zone 5 Height 3 m
                                Foliage: Silvery blue                                                Spread: 1.5 m (SUN)
                                                               Spread 2 m
                                Fruit: Cone (SUN)                                                    Shape: Horizontal, spreading
                                                               Shape: Mounding
                                                                                                     Foliage: Brilliant mint green
                                                               Foliage: Golden-yellow
                                Unique specimen plant with
                                rich green, broadly upright,                                         Has a compact habit with
                                                               A slow growing mound
                                fan-shaped sprays.                                                   appealing arching branches.
                                                               orwquat pyramid with
FIR                                                            golden thread-like foliage all
                                DOUGLAS FIR                    year. (SUN, PS)
BALSAM FIR                      Pseudotsuga menziesii                                                BUFFALO JUNIPER
Abies balsamea                  Zone: 4 Height: 20 m                                                 Juniperus sabina 'Buffalo'
                                Spread: 5 m
                                                               MOPS CYPRESS                          Zone: 3 Height: 30 cm
Zone: 3 Height: 20 m                                           Chamaecyparis pisifera
Spread: 8 m                     Shape: Pyramidal                                                     Spread: 1.8 m
                                                               'Mops'                                Shape: Semi-prostrate
Shape: Pyramidal                Foliage: Green
                                                               Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m                 Foliage: Bright green (SUN)
Foliage: Bright green           Fruit: Cone (SUN)
                                                               Spread: 2 m
Fruit: Cone (SUN)                                              Shape: Globe
                                Not unlike the Colorado                                              Unusual wide spreading
                                Spruce, but with softer        Foliage: Yellow                       branches of soft feathery,
Slow growing, symmetrical                                      (SUN, PS)
evergreen with soft fragrant    foliage. Ideal tree for                                              bright green foliage. Lower
needles. A popular variety of   windbreaks and screening.                                            growing than Tamarix
                                                               A low mounding form with              Juniper.
Christmas tree.                                                brilliant gold, thread-like
                                WEEPING NOOKTA                 foliage. Needs full sun for
                                FALSE CYPRESS                  best colour.
                                Chamaecyparis nootkatensis                                           BLUE CHIP JUNIPER
Piccolo Balsam Fir              ‘Pendula’                                                            Juniperus horizontalis
Abies balsamea ‘Piccolo’        Zone: 5 Height: 6 m                                                  'Blue Chip'
Zone: 3 Height: 50 cm                                                                                Zone: 3 Height: 20 cm
Shape: Dwarf globe
                                Spread: 4 m
                                Shape: Pyramidal
                                                               JUNIPER                               Spread: 1.2 m
Foliage: Dark green                                                                                  Shape: Mounding
Fruit: Brown buds (SUN)
                                Foliage: Dark green
                                Fruit: Cone (SUN, PS)
                                                               (SPREADING)                           Foliage: Silvery-blue (SUN)
                                                                                                     Superb silvery-blue colour
Dark green needles that arch    Very unusual with its          ANGELICA BLUE                         with fine foliage; low
downwards on short, almost      pendulous branches and                                               mounding, its spreading
vertical branches. Ideal for
                                                               JUNIPER                               habit creates a superior
                                upright habit. An excellent    Juniperus chinensis 'Angelica
rock gardens, or small areas.   specimen tree. Slow to                                               ground cover.
                                medium growth                  Zone: 3 Height: 1.2 - 6 m
                                                               Spread: 1.2 - 6 m
                                                                                                     ICEE BLUE JUNIPER
                                DWARF HINOKI FALSE                                                   Juniperus horizontalis
FRASER FIR                                                     Shape: Fan shaped
Abies fraseri                   CYPRESS                                                              Zone: 3 Height: 10cm
Zone: 5 Height: 20 m            Chamaecyparis obtuse ‘Nana     Fast growing spreader with
                                                               fine bright blue foliage. An          Spread: 2m
Spread: 6m                      Gracilis’
                                                               excellent addition to the             Shape: low, compact
Shape: Pyramidal                Zone: 5 Height: 1 m
                                                               landscape.                            Foliage: Silvery-blue
Foliage: Dark green             Spread: 1 m
Fruit: Cone (SUN)               Shape: Irregular globe
                                Foliage: Dark velvety green
                                                                                                     Dense tightly compressed
A specimen evergreen with       (SUN, PS)
                                                                                                     foliage resembles a thick
glossy dark green foliage.      Unique specimen plant with
                                                                                                     carpet. Growth purple-
                                rich green, broadly upright,
                                fan-shaped sprays.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                           1                          PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                                                   BLUE STAR JUNIPER                    WICHITA BLUE JUNIPER
                                 A ground hugging spreader         Juniperus squamata ‘Blue             Juniperus scopulorum
GOLD LACE JUNIPER                with delightful cushion form
Juniperus chinensis                                                Star’                                ‘Wichita Blue’
                                 and beautiful bluish-green        Zone: 5 Height: 40 cm                Zone: 4 Height: 4 m
pfitzeriana aurea ‘Gold Lace'
                                 foliage.                          Spread: 1 m                          Spread: 1.2 m
Zone: 3 Height: 60 cm
Spread: 1 m                                                        Shape: Mounded (SUN)                 Shape: Pyramidal
Shape: Horizontal, spreading     SAVIN JUNIPER                     Foliage: Bright steel-blue           Foliage: Bright blue
Foliage: Green-yellow (SUN)      Juniperus Sabina                                                       (SUN)
                                 Zone: 2 Height: 1.2 m             This dwarf bush of dense
A hardy semi-dwarf               Spread: 1.5 m (SUN)               steel blue foliage is ideal for      An attractive pyramidal
evergreen with a low, wide       Shape: Semi-vase shaped           rock gardens.                        evergreen with a broad full
spreading graceful form.         Foliage: Dark green                                                    upright habit and blue foliage
Retains its striking golden                                        SIBERIAN CYPRESS                     that stays bright all year.
                                 A very hardy and most             Microbiota decussata
coloured foliage.
                                 satisfactory evergreen; bushy     Zone: 4 Height: 20 cm                BLUE ARROW JUNIPER
                                 semi-upright that succeeds in     Spread: 1.5 m                        Juniperus virginiana 'Blue
GOLD STAR JUNIPER                most soils.                       Shape: Mounded (SUN PS)              Arrow'
Juniperus chinensis
                                                                   Foliage: Green                       Zone: 4 Height: 4 m
pfitzeriana aurea ‘Gold Star’    CALGARY CARPET                                                         Spread: 80 cm
Zone: 3 Height: 80 cm                                              Cedar-like flat spreader.
Spread: 2 m
                                 JUNIPER                                                                Shape: Pyramidal
                                 Juniperus sabina ‘Calgary         Very hardy. Loves dry                Foliage: Bright blue (SUN)
Shape: Horizontal, spreading                                       conditions and tolerates
Foliage: Green, with yellow                                        shade well. Green foliage            A narrow columnar form
                                 Zone: 3 Height: 25 cm
tips (SUN)                                                         turns bronze in winter.              with tight compact branches.
                                 Spread: 1.2 m
                                 Shape: Low, spreading                                                  Requires little trimming.
Feathery foliage with striking
                                 Foliage: Green (SUN)
golden-yellow tips. A graceful                                                                          BLUE HAVEN JUNIPER
spreading evergreen.
                                 Displays a low spreading
                                                                   JUNIPER                              Juniperus scopulorum ‘Blue
                                 habit with overlapping
                                 branches. Attractive soft
                                                                   (UPRIGHT)                            Zone: 2 Height: 4 m
JUNIPER                          green foliage.                                                         Spread: 1.5 m
Juniperus horizontalis                                             MOUNTBATTEN                          Shape: Pyramidal
‘Plumosa Compacta’               NEW BLUE TAMARIX                  JUNIPER                              Foliage: Sky blue (SUN)
Zone: 2 Height: 50 cm                                              Juniperus chinensis
                                 JUNIPER                                                                Intense blue columnar
Spread: 1.5 m                                                      ‘Mountbatten’
                                 Juniperus sabina
Shape: Horizontal, spreading                                       Zone: 4 Height: 4 m                  evergreen has a symmetrical
                                 'Tamariscifolia New Blue'
Foliage: Light green                                               Spread: 2 m                          growth and an open
                                 Zone: 4 Height: 30 cm
Fall Colour: Purplish (SUN)                                        Shape: Pyramidal                     pyramidal form. Hardy.
                                 Spread: 2 m
                                                                   Fruit: Blue, berry                   Requires trimming.
                                 Shape: Low Spreading
Foliage is grayish-green                                           Foliage: Silvery-green
                                 Foliage: Blue-green
turning to a plum shade in
                                 Fruit: Blue-berry                 Fall Colour: Purplish                SKYROCKET JUNIPER
the fall. A lovely low growing                                     (SUN)                                Juniperus virginiana
accent shrub.                                                                                           ‘Skyrocket’
                                 A superior blueness to the
                                 foliage gives this plant some     A rapid growing, hardy,              Zone: 3 Height: 4.6 m
BLUE RUG JUNIPER                 distinction. Feathery foliage     compact-growing, columnar            Spread: 80 cm
Juniperus horizontalis           on low spreading horizontal       form.                                Shape: Narrow, pyramidal
‘Wiltonii’                       branches.                                                              Foliage: Blue-green (SUN)
Zone: 2 Height: 15 cm
Spread: 1 m
                                                                   MOFFET JUNIPER                       An extremely narrow, rocket-
                                 GREY OWL JUNIPER                  Juniperus scopulorum                 like, upright evergreen.
Shape: Horizontal, spreading
                                 Juniperus scopulorum              ‘Moffetii’                           Desirable near entrances and
Foliage: Silvery-blue (SUN)
                                 'Grey Owl'                        Zone: 4 Height: 4 m                  places where broader
                                 Zone: 3 Height: 1 m               Spread: 1.2 m                        evergreen are out of place.
Outstanding colour makes
                                 Spread: 2 m                       Shape: Pyramidal
this an ideal selection for
                                 Shape: Rounded                    Fruit: Blue, berry
ground cover or rock garden
                                 Fruit: Blue, berry                Foliage: Silvery-blue
                                 Foliage: Silver-gray              (SUN)
JAPANESE GARDEN                                                    A narrow, symmetrical
JUNIPER                          An outstanding strong             upright juniper of intense
Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’      growing spreading juniper.        blue colour.
Zone: 2 Height: 20 cm            The foliage is finely textured.
Spread: 1 m (SUN)
Shape: Creeping
Foliage: Bluish-green

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                               2                         PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                                                  Hardy, shapely tree, used as       Foliage: Blue (SUN)
LARCH                            SPRUCE                           specimen or windbreak.
                                                                                                     Semi-blue. Beautiful blue
EUROPEAN LARCH                   NORWAY SPRUCE                    WEEPING WHITE                      form of the Colorado Spruce.
Larix decidua                    Pices abies                      SPRUCE
Zone: 2 Height: 15 m             Zone: 2 Height: 25 m             Picea glauca 'Pendula’
Spread: 7 m                      Spread: 10 m                     Zone: 3                            NEON BLUE SPRUCE
Shape: Pyramidal                 Shape: Pyramidal                 Shape: Pendulous, weeping          Picea pungens 'Neon Blue'
Flower: Yellow-green             Flower: Yellow-red               Flower:                            Zone: 3 Height: 9 m
Fruit: Cones red to yellow       Foliage: Dark green (SUN)        Fruit: Cones                       Spread: 5 m
brown                                                             Foliage: Green (SUN)               Shape: Pyramidal
Foliage: Bright green            Tall, rapid growing tree, used                                      Fruit: Cones
Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)        for a windbreak. Large cones.                                       Foliage: Bright blue (SUN)
                                                                  SERBIAN SPRUCE
Rapid growing conifer.                                            Picea omorika
                                 LITTLE GEM SPRUCE                Zone: 5 Height: 21 m
                                                                                                     A slow growing, naturally
Useful for windscreens and       Pices abies 'Little Gem'                                            compact, with a very
solitary plantings. Sheds its                                     Spread: 4.5 m
                                 Zone: 3 Height: 50 cm                                               symmetrical shape. Never
needles in late fall.                                             Shape: Pyramidal
                                 Spread: 60 cm                                                       requires pruning
                                                                  Foliage: Green (SUN)
                                 Shape: Globose
WEEPING                          Foliage: Green (SUN PS)
                                                                  A hardy ornamental spruce          COLUMNAR BLUE
EUROPEAN LARCH                                                    which is very attractive with      SPRUCE
Larix decidua ‘Pendula’          A dwarf slow growing dense
                                                                  its green silvery leaves.          Picea pungens ‘fastigiate’
Zone: 4                          spruce. Excellent for rock
                                                                                                     Zone: 2 Height: 5 m
Shape: Weeping                   gardens.
                                                                  DWARF SERBIAN                      Spread: Narrow
Fruit: Cones                                                                                         Shape: Upright
Foliage: Green                   NEST SPRUCE                      SPRUCE
                                                                                                     Foliage: Blue        (SUN)
Fall Colour: Golden (SUN)        Picea abies ‘Nidiformis’         Picea omorika 'Nana'
                                 Zone: 3 Height: 80 cm            Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
Soft green weeping foliage       Spread: 1.5 m                    Spread: 1.5 m
                                                                  Shape: Broad, pyramidal            GLOBE BLUE SPRUCE
with golden colour in            Shape: Flat-topped,
                                                                  Foliage: Bluish-green              Picea pungens ‘Glauca
autumn; if staked will grow      mounded
                                                                  (SUN)                              Globosa’
to 5 meters in height.           Flower: Yellow-red
                                                                                                     Zone: 2 Height: 80 cm
Absolutely outstanding when      Fruit: Cones
                                                                  Dwarf plant with blue-white        Spread: 1.5 m
used with large rock and         Foliage: Light green
                                                                  bands on the underside of          Shape: Globe
water features.                  (SUN, PS)
                                                                  glossy, blue-green needles.        Fruit: Cones
                                                                  Ideal for rock garden or           Foliage: Silvery-blue (SUN)
AMERICAN LARCH                   Interesting, low, broad, nest-
                                 like plant, hardy.               foundation planting. In the
Larix laricina                                                                                       Dwarf form of the Blue
                                                                  ground it becomes a slow
Zone: 1 Height: 26 m                                                                                 Spruce. Silvery-blue in late
                                                                  growing mound.
Spread: 10 m                     WEEPING NORWAY                                                      spring, turning to green-blue
Shape: Pyramidal                 SPRUCE                                                              in the summer. Slow growing.
Foliage: Bluish-green            Picea abies ‘Pendula’            FAT ALBERT BLUE
Fruit: Cones                     Zone: 3                          SPRUCE                             THUME BLUE SPRUCE
Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)        Shape: Pendulous, weeping        Picea pungens ‘Fat Albert’         Picea pungens galuca ‘Thume’
                                 Flower: Yellow-red               Zone: 3 Height: 6 m                Zone: 2 Height: 1 m
Open and pyramidal with a        Fruit: Cones                     Spread: 2.5 m                      Spread: 1.5 m
slender trunk. Horizontal        Foliage: Light green (SUN)       Shape: Broad, conical              Shape: Globose
branches and drooping                                             Fruit: Cones                       Foliage: Bright blue (SUN, PS)
branchlets make for a            A distinctive specimen with      Foliage: Silvery-blue (SUN)
graceful effect. Grows best in   weeping branches. It will                                           Very blue, tight form of a
moist, well-drained soil.        remain prostrate along the       An outstanding small dwarf         compact spruce. Provides
                                 ground unless staked.            blue spruce with a naturally       excellent landscape contrast
                                                                  straight leader and well
                                 WHITE SPRUCE                     shaped form. Very slow

                                 Picea glauca                     COLORADO BLUE
                                 Zone: 2 Height: 25 m
                                 Spread; 4.5 m
                                                                  Picea pungens ‘Glauca’
                                 Shape: Pyramidal
                                                                  Zone: 2 Height: 20 m
                                 Fruit: Cones
                                                                  Spread: 5 m
                                 Foliage: Green (SUN)
                                                                  Shape: Pyramidal
                                                                  Fruit; Cones

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                               TEAR DROP PINE                   DWARF WHITE PINE                    EMERALD SPREADER
PINE                           Pinus nigra 'Teardrop'           Pinus strobus ‘nana’                (MONLOO) YEW
                               Zone: 4 Height: 3 m              Zone: 3 Height: 1m                  Taxus cuspidata 'Monloo'
BRISTLECONE PINE               Spread: 1 m                      Spread: 2 m                         Zone: 5 Height: 80 cm
Pinus aristata                 Shape: Pyramidal                 Shape: Pyramidal                    Spread: 3 m
Zone: 2 Height: 1 m            Foliage: Green                   Fruit: Cones                        Shape: Branching
Spread: 1 m                    Fruit: Cones (SUN)               Foliage: Dark green (SUN)           Foliage: Deep green
Shape: Upright, can be                                                                              Fruit: Red berries
pendulous                      A dwarf rich green columnar      An excellent plant for              (SUN, PS)
Fruit: Cones                   pine that needs no pruning.      foundation and entrance
Foliage: Green (SUN)           With its tight branches it can   settings. Slow growing,             A low maintenance spreader
                               be used as a hedge or            shrubby, and has a bushy            suitable for ground cover,
A dwarf pine native to the     landscape specimen.              irregular branched rounded          embankment plantings or
American Rockies. Ideal for    Adaptable to city conditions     habit.                              low hedges Slow growing
rock gardens and bonsai.       with a tolerance of different                                        and flat-topped form.
Dark green needles are         soils, heat and drought.         CONTORTED WHITE
scattered with white resin                                      PINE                                GLOBE SHEARED YEW
droplets that is often         AUSTRIAN PINE                    Pinus stobus 'Contorta'             Taxus cuspidata 'Globosa'
mistaken for scale. Slow       Pinus nigra                      Zone: 3 Height: 5 m                 Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
growing.                       Zone: 4 Height: 16 m             Spread: 2.5 m                       Spread: 1.5 m
                               Spread: 15 m                     Shape: Pyramidal                    Shape: Globe
CHALET SWISS PINE              Shape: Pyramidal                 Fruit: Cones                        Foliage: Deek green
Pinus cembra ‘chalet’          Fruit: Cones                     Foliage: Blue-green                 (SUN or SHADE)
Zone: 3 Height: 4m             Foliage: Dark green              (SUN)
Spread: 1.5 m                  (SUN, PS)                                                            Densely branching foliage
Shape: Conical                                                  A robust narrow pyramidal           trimmed into a perfect globe
Foliage: Blue-green            A stately vigorous tree with     pine with twisted trunk,            shape. An excellent garden
(SUN)                          long rich green needles.         branches and needles.               addition.
                               Withstands city smoke.           Interesting specimen.
Useful in places such as                                                                            DWARF YEW
corners, or near gates and     COMPACT AUSTRIAN                 SCOTS PINE                          Taxus cuspidata ‘Nana’
doors.                         PINE                             Pinus sylvestris                    Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
                               Pinus nigra 'Compacta'           Zone: 3 Height: 18 m                Spread: 1 m
MUGHO PINE                     Zone: 5 Height: 5 m              Spread: 15 m                        Shape: Spreading
Pinus mugo var. pumilio        Spread: 3 m                      Shape: Pyramidal                    Fruit: Red, berry
Zone: 1 Height: 1 m            Shape: Pyramidal                 Fruit: Cones                        Foliage: Dark green
Spread: 2 m                    Fruit: Cones                     Foliage: Blue-green (SUN)           (SUN or SHADE)
Shape: Rounded                 Foliage: Dark green
Fruit: Cones                    (SUN, PS)                       A very hardy rapid growing          Hardy dwarf slow growing.
Foliage: Dark green                                             pine that will adapt itself to      Responds well to pruning.
(SUN, PS)                      Smaller stature for small        almost any location or soil.        Shade tolerant.
                               spaces or city gardens.          To make them into a
A compact bush of dwarf        Retains its lush green           compact form snip off most          DENSE YEW
globular form much used in     colouring and dense foliage.     of the new growth in spring.
                                                                                                    Taxus x media ‘Densiformis’
foundation and rockery         Tolerant of dry conditions                                           Zone: 5 Height: 1.2 m
plantings.                     and alkaline soils.
                                                                YEW                                 Spread: 2 m
                                                                                                    Shape: Rounded
SLOWMOUND PINE                 EASTERN WHITE PINE                                                   Fruit: Red, berry
Pinus mugo 'Slowmound'                                          CLIPPED PYRAMIDAL                   Foliage: Dark green
Zone: 2 Height: 1 m                                             JAPANESE YEW                        (SUN or SHADE)
Spread: 2 m                    Pinus strobus                    Taxus cuspidata
Shape: Rounded                 Zone: 3 Height 18 m              Zone: 4 Height: 2.m                 A broad, compact, slow
Foliage: Dark green            Spread: 7 m                      Spread: 1.5 m                       growing variety. Shade
Fruit: Cones (SUN, PS)         Shape: Pyramidal                 Shape: Pyramidal                    tolerant.
                               Fruit: Cones                     Fruit: Red, berry
A true dwarf Mugo with a       Foliage: Dark green              Foliage: Dark green
dense mounded shape.           (SUN, PS)                        (SUN or SHADE)
Suitable for confined areas.
                               The native pine of eastern       Shiny green foliage, partial
                               Canada. Rapid growth forms       shade. Annual shearing after
                               an open conical shape. Soft      new growth has formed is
                               green needles.                   advisable to keep in a
                                                                compact form.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                            4                        PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                                                WOODWARDI GLOBE                      YELLOW RIBBON
                                A compact, narrow, and          CEDAR                                CEDAR
                                erect cedar with bright green
YEW                                                             Thuja occidentalis                   Thuja occidentalis ‘Yellow
                                foliage. Used as a
Taxus cuspidata 'Aurescens'                                     ‘Woodwardii'                         Ribbon’
                                foundation, accent, or hedge.
Zone: 4 Height: 150 cm                                          Zone: 3 Height: 1 m                  Zone: 3 Height: 3 m
Spread: 150 cm                                                  Spread: 1 m                          Spread: 1 m
                                GOLDEN GLOBE CEDAR              Shape: Globe                         Shape: Upright
Shape: Loose form
                                Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden      Foliage: Dark green                  Fruit: Cones
Foliage: Green yellow (SUN)
                                Globe’                          (SUN / PS)                           Foliage: Golden Yellow
                                Zone: 3 Height: 1 m
Green needles with bright
                                Spread: 1 m                     Dense rounded evergreen              Narrow upright cedar with
gold tips.
                                Shape: Globe                    with bright green foliage            golden yellow foliage that
                                Fruit: Cones                    requires little pruning. Use         holds its colour all year. Slow
HICKS YEW                       Foliage: Gold-yellow. (SUN)     as a border or foundation            growing.
Taxus media 'Hicksii'
Zone: 5 Height: 3 m             This cedar has bright golden
Spread: 1 m
Shape: Columnar
                                foliage. Needs full sun.
                                                                DEGROOTS SPIRE
Fruit: Red, berry
                                HOLMSTRUP CEDAR                 PYRAMIDAL CEDAR
Foliage: Dark green                                                                                  CANADIAN HEMLOCK
                                Thuja occidentalis              Thuja occidentalis ‘Degroot’s
(SUN, PS)                                                       Spire’
                                Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m           Zone: 3 Height: 3m-5m                Tsuga canadensis
A narrow columnar form                                          Spread: 60-100 cm                    Zone: 4 Height: 18 m
                                Spread: 1 m
with upright branches.                                          Shape: Narrow, upright               Spread: 5 m
                                Shape: Pyramidal
Great as a specimen or in                                       Foliage: dark green                  Shape: Pyramidal
                                Fruit: Cones (SUN, PS)
groupings.                                                                                           Fruit: Cones
                                Foliage: Apple green
                                                                An excellent variety for small       Foliage: Dark glossy green
HILL'S YEW                      A compact pyramid with          spaces. This slow growing,           (SUN or SHADE)
Taxus media 'Hillii'            bright green colour. Slow       narrow upright features dark
Zone: 5 Height: 3 m             growing.                        green, dense, fine textured          A native evergreen of
Spread: 1 m                                                     foliage.                             graceful habit, slow growing.
Shape: Broadly pyramidal                                                                             Excellent for partial shade.
                                LITTLE GIANT GLOBE
Fruit: Red berries                                              SHERWOOD MOSS
Foliage: Dark green             CEDAR                                                                JEDDELOH DWARF
                                Thuja occidentalis ‘Little      GLOBE CEDAR
(SUN, PS)                                                                                            HEMLOCK
                                Giant’                          Thuja occidentalis
                                Zone: 3 Height: 1 m             ‘Sherwood Moss'                      Tsuga canadensis ‘Jeddeloh’
A very compact upright
                                Spread: 1 m                     Zone: 2 Height: 80 cm                Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
selection. Superior uniform                                     Spread: 100 cm
                                Shape: Globe (SUN, PS)                                               Spread: 1.5 m
                                Foliage: Dark green             Shape: Globe                         Shape: Mounded
                                                                Fruit: Cones                         Fruit: Cones
CEDAR                           Vivid foliage characterizes
                                this compact and hardy
                                                                Foliage: Mossy-green
                                                                                                     Foliage: Bright green
                                                                                                     (SUN or SHADE)
EMERALD CEDAR                                                   This showy semi-dwarf globe          Very slow growing hemlock;
Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’                                    features lace-like foliage with      ideal for rock gardens or
                                MORI COMPACT GLOBE              feathery texture.
Zone: 4 Height: 4 m                                                                                  bonsai.
Spread: 1 m                     CEDAR
Shape: Narrow, pyramidal        Thuja occidentalis ‘Mor-
                                Select’                         WHIPCORD CEDAR                       DWARF WEEPING
Fruit: Cones
                                Zone: 3 Height: 1 m             Thuja plicata 'Whipcord'             HEMLOCK
Foliage: Emerald green
                                Spread: 1 m                     Zone: 5 Height: 1 m                  Tsuga Canadensis ‘Nana
(SUN, PS)                                                       Spread: 1 m
                                Shape: Globe (SUN, PS)                                               Gracilis’
                                Foliage: Dark green             Shape: Mounded                       Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
Introduction from Sweden.                                       Foliage: Green
This is a bright green, dense   (SUN / PS)                                                           Spread: 1 m
                                                                (SUN)                                Shape: Broadly pyramidal
                                Dense rounded evergreen                                              Fruit: cones
                                with dark green foliage         Multi-branched shrub with            Foliage: Green (SUN)
PYRAMIDAL CEDAR                                                 long tendrils of foliage giving
                                requires little pruning.
Thuja occidentalis                                              a very droopy, pendulous
                                Similar to 'Woodwardi'.                                              Dwarf variety with short
‘Pyramidalis’                                                   mop effect. A nice glossy
                                Use as a border or                                                   leaves, branches often
Zone: 3 Height: 3m-5m                                           green summer color and
                                foundation plant.                                                    drooping, graceful form.
Spread: 1.2 m                                                   typical Thuja bronze cast in
Shape: Pyramidal                                                the winter.
Fruit: Cones
Foliage: bright green (SUN)

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                            5                         PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                 GOLDEN TRIUMPH                   CAROL MACKIE                        GOLD SPLASH
                                 BOXWOOD                          DAPHNE                              Eunonymus fortunei
BROADLEAF                        'Buxus microphylla 'Golden       Daphne x burkwoodii ‘Carol          ‘Roermertwo’
                                                                                                      Zone: 5 Height: 1 m
EVERGREENS                       Triumph'
                                 Zone: 5 Height: 90 cm
                                                                  Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm               Spread: 1 m
                                 Spread: 50 cm                    Spread: 1 m                         Shape: Mounding
                                 Shape: Globular                  Shape: Mounded                      Foliage: variegated
BOG ROSEMARY                     Foliage: Green-yellow            Flower: Pink                        Flower: white
Andromeda polifolia              (SUN, PS)                        Fruit: Red, berry
'Blue Ice'                                                        Foliage: Variegated                 Vibrant, large round leaves
Zone: 3 Height: 30 cm                                             (SUN or SHADE)                      with a broad golden-yellow
                                 Shiny green foliage with light
Spread: 1 m                                                                                           margin.
                                 golden-yellow margins adorn
Shape: Mounding                                                   Variegated leaves and fragrant
                                 this hardy boxwood. New
Flower: Pink                                                      flowers distinguish this plant.     SARCOXIE EUONYMUS
                                 growth is light green. A very
Foliage: gray-green                                                                                   'Euonymus fortunei
                                 ornamental addition.
Fall Colour: Green with a                                         RUBY GLOW ROSE                      'Sarcoxie' '
tinge of purple (SUN, PS)                                                                             Zone: 5 Height: 1.2 m
                                 CORAL BEAUTY                     DAPHNE
                                                                                                      Spread: 1.2 m
Very low growing evergreen       COTONEASTER                      Daphne cneorum 'Ruby Glow'
                                                                                                      Shape: Rounded
shrub with gray-green            Cotoneaster dammeri ‘Coral       Zone: 5 Height: 30 cm
                                                                                                      Flower: White
foliage. Pink spring blooms.     Beauty’                          Spread: 75 cm
                                                                                                      Foliage: Dark green
                                 Zone: 4 Height: 50 cm            Shape: Low mounding
                                                                                                      (SUN, PS)
                                 Spread: 1.8 m                    Flower: Rosy pink
                                 Shape: Low, spreading            Foliage: Grey-green
VANCOUVER JADE                                                                                        An evergreen of excellent
                                 Flower: White                    (SUN)
                                                                                                      growth. Dark green in
BEARBERRY                        Fruit: Orange-red                                                    colour, withstands
Arctostaphylos uva ursi          Foliage: Dark green              Fragrant pink flowers in
                                                                                                      considerable shade and city
'Vancouver Jade'                 (SUN or SHADE)                   spring and again in fall cover
                                                                  plant and contrast against
Zone: 4 Height: 30 cm            A superb selection as ground     grey-green foliage. Does well
Spread: 1.25m                                                     in dry, sandy soils.                SHERIDAN GOLD
                                 cover or for holding banks.
Shape: Low spreading                                                                                  Euonymus fortunei ‘Sheridan
                                 Thrives well in sun or shade.
Flower: Pink                                                                                          Gold'
Fruit: Red, berry                                                                                     Zone: 5 Height: 1 m
Foliage: Dark green
                                 HESSE COTONEASTER                EUONYMUS                            Spread: 1 m
Fall Foliage: Dark Red           Cotoneaster "Hessei'                                                 Shape: Rounded
(SUN, PS)                        Zone: 3 Height: 60 cm                                                Foliage: Yellow - green
                                 Spread: 1.5 m
                                                                  BLONDY EUONYMUS
                                                                  Euonymus fortunei
Lush green foliage on red        Shape: Broad
stems on this evergreen          Flower: Pinkish-red                                                  New growth is bright yellow
                                                                  Zone: 4 Height: 49 cm
ground cover. Clusters of        Fruit: Red, large berry                                              in May turning a bright
                                                                  Spread: 60 cm
fragrant pink flowers in early   Foliage: Green                                                       green in July. A distinctive
                                                                  Shape: Mounded
spring. Ideal for sandy , well   Fall: Burgendy (SUN, PS)                                             addition to any landscape.
                                                                  Foliage: Green and yellow
drained soil.                    Deciduous horizontally-
                                 branched mounding shrub..        Large, clear yellow thumb           EMERALD N’ GOLD
                                 Very hardy. Excellent as a       prints in the centre of each        Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald
GREEN GEM                        border or ground cover.          leaf. Bright yellow stems. An       ‘n Gold’
                                                                  exciting accent or low hedge.       Zone: 5 Height: 50-60 cm
                                                                                                      Spread: 80-125 cm
Buxus mic.var.insularis          CRANBERRY                                                            Shape: mound of erect
‘Green Gem’ / 'Green Mound'      COTONEASTER                      EMERALD GAIETY
Zone: 5 Height: 75 cm            Cotoneaster apiculatus           Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald
                                                                                                      Foliage: green and yellow
Spread: 80 cm                    Zone: 4 Height: 70 cm            Gaiety’
Shape: Globular                  Spread: 1.2 m                    Zone: 5 Height: 1.2 m
                                                                                                      This broadleaf evergreen
Foliage: Dark green              Shape: Mounding                  Spread: 1 m
                                                                                                      makes a fine groundcover
(SUN or SHADE)                   Flower: Pink                     Shape: Erect, branching
                                                                                                      with a broad upright
                                 Fruit: Red, berry                Foliage: Variegated green
                                                                                                      spreading habit. Foliage is
A slow-growing globe with        Foliage: Dark green (SUN, PS)    and silver
                                                                                                      dark glossy green with vivid
dense dark green foliage.                                         Fall Colour: Bronze
                                                                                                      distinctive yellow margins.
                                 Graceful spreader with glossy    (SUN, PS, FULL SHADE)
                                 dark green leaves that turn
                                 red in the fall. Pink flowers    This hardy, low growing
                                 produce cranberry red fruit      variety makes an interesting
                                 that persist through winter.     contrast with its silvery
                                 Drought tolerant.                leaves.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                              6                        PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
OREGON GRAPE                                                        AZALEA LIGHTS SERIES                  LEE’S DARK PURPLE
Mahonia aquifolium
                                  YUCCA                             Zone: 4 Height: 1.2 m                 Rhododendron ‘Lee’s Dark
Zone: 5 Height: 1.2 m                                               Spread: 1 m                           Purple’
Spread: 1.2 m                     ADAM’S NEEDLE                     Foliage: Green                        Zone: 5 Height: 2 m
Shape: Irregular, erect           Yucca filamentosa                 (PART SHADE)                          Spread: 2 m
Flower: Yellow                    Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm                                                   Shape: Upright
Fruit: Bluish                     Spread: 60 cm                     ‘Golden Lights’                       Flower: dark purple
Foliage: Bronzy red to shiny      Shape: Upright                    Golden flowers in late May to         Foliage: Green
green                             Flower: White                     early June.
Fall Colour: Purplish-red         Foliage: Green (SUN)                                                    Hardy dark purple flowers
(PS, SHADE)                                                         ‘Mandarin Lights’                     contrast against the dark
                                  This sun loving plant has         Flowering in late May early           green wavy foliage.
Handsome shiny holly-like         broad pointed leaves with         June it bears ruffled bright red-
foliage that is almost            tall spikes of creamy-white       orange flowers. Lightly               P.J.M. ELITE
evergreen: flowers in April       bell-shaped flowers blooming      fragrant. Hardy to -                  Rhododendron P.J.M. 'Elite'
followed by edible berries.       in mid-summer. Evergreen                                                Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
Does well in dry sites.           foliage is salt tolerant and      ‘Northern Lights’                     Spread: 1 m
                                  can be used near roadways.        Flowers of medium size in             Shape: Compact
CREEPING MAHONIA                                                    beautiful shades of light to          Foliage: Green
Mahonia repens                                                      deep pink. Prefers light shade,       Flower: Pink
                                  MOR-BLUE                          but does well in full sun.
Zone: 5 Height: 15-30 cm          Yucca filamentosa ‘Hofer Blue’                                          (PS, SHADE)
Spread: 30-45 c m                                                   Flower buds surviving -40ºF.
                                  Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm
Shape: Irregular, erect           Spread: 60 cm                                                           Pinkish-lavender flowers
Flower: Yellow-gold                                                 ‘Orchid Lights’                       appear in abundance in spring
                                  Shape: Upright
Fruit: Bluish                                                       Dwarf and compact with fine           on this upright grower. Glossy
                                  Flower: White
Foliage: Dark green                                                 textured leaves and branches,         foliage turns mahogany in the
                                  Foliage: Bluish green (SUN)
Fall Colour: Purplish-red                                           makes it useful in the                fall. Cold hardy and heat
(PS, SHADE)                                                         landscape. Soft coloured              tolerant
                                  Unique selection with broad,
                                                                    flowers. Buds hardy to -
                                  bluish foliage. Waxy flowers
Low-growing, evergreen            produce orange berries on                                               HAAGA
shrub. Features holly-like,       long flower stalks.                                                     Rhododendron 'Haaga'
odd-pinnate, compound                                                                                     Zone: 4 Height: 1.75 m
leaves with oval, spiny-          GOLDEN SWORD
                                                                    RHODODENDRON                          Spread: 1.5 m
toothed, leathery, bluish-        Yucca filifera 'Golden Sword'                                           Shape: Upright
green leaflets.                   Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm             AGLO                                  Foliage: Green
                                  Spread: 60 cm                     Rhododendron ‘Aglo’                   Flower: Pink      (PS)
                                  Shape: Upright                    Zone: 3 Height: 1.5-2.5 m
JAPANESE SPURGE                                                                                           An upright grower with
                                  Flower: White                     Spread: 1.5-2.5 m
Pachysandra terminalis                                                                                    attractive, dark green coarse
                                  Foliage: Rich yellow with green   Shape: compact
Zone: 3 Height: 20 cm                                                                                     foliage. Dark pink flowers are
                                  margins. (SUN)                    Flower: light pink
Flower: Tiny, white                                                                                       cold hardy.
Foliage: Bright, glossy, green                                      Foliage: green (PS)
                                  A rosette of sword-shaped
                                  leaves. Tall spikes of flowers    A compact grower with                 HELSINKI UNIVERSITY
                                  in the summer.                    clusters of light pink flowers        Rhododendron 'Helsinki
A ground cover for all shady
locations; under all evergreen                                      in the spring.                        University'
and shrub plantings. Space 30                                                                             Zone: 4 Height: 1.75 m
cm apart. Needs rich acid soil.   SPANISH BAYONET                   COMPACT P.J.M.                        Spread: 1.5 m
                                  Yucca glauca                      Rhododendron ‘P.J.M.                  Shape: Upright
                                  Zone: 3 Height: 80 cm             Compacta’                             Foliage: Green      (PS)
PERIWINKLE                        Spread: 60 cm                                                           Flower: Pinkish orange
Vinca minor                                                         Zone: 5 Height: 1 m
                                  Shape: Upright                    Spread: 1 m
Zone: 4 Height: 15 cm             Flower: Creamy-white                                                    Flowers are pink with
Spread: 60 cm                                                       Shape: compact, upright
                                  Foliage: Silvery-gray             Foliage: glossy green                 reddish-orange tones.
Shape: Prostrate                  (SUN)                                                                   Reddish foliage matures to a
Flower: Blue                                                        Flower: Purple
                                                                    Fall foliage: Mahogany                deep glossy green.
Foliage: Dark green               Leaves are narrow and rigid,
(PS, SHADE)                       with loose flower clusters.       Small dark green glossy
                                  Young flower stalks can be        leaves. One of the hardest,
Beautiful blue flowers in         prepared like asparagus in
May. Great under the shade                                          sun, shade, and drought
                                  spring.                           tolerant.
of trees. Plant 30 cm apart.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                7                          PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
RAMAPO                                                           This plant features bold conical
Rhododendron 'Ramapo'           Very fine cut leaves on          lime-green blooms mid-             Long slender pendulous
Zone: 4 Height: 60 cm           branches that almost reach the   summer into the fall that will     branches hang straight down.
Spread: 1 m                     ground.                          eventually fade to white and
Foliage: Green                                                   brown in the fall. Blooms on       PURPLELEAF
Flowers: Lavender               EUONYMUS                         new wood.
(PS, SHADE)                     DWARF BURNING BUSH                                                  Prunus cistena
                                STANDARD                         TARDIVA                            Zone: 3 Height: 4 m
Desirable and very attractive                                    Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva'
                                EUONYMUS alatus                                                     Spread: 3 m
in your rock garden, in front                                    Zone: 4 Height: 3 m
                                'Compactus'                                                         Shape: Rounded head
of your shrub border, or as a                                    Spread: 3 m Shape: Standard
                                Zone: 4                                                             Flower: White-pink
solitary group on your lawn.                                     Flower: White tinged pink
                                Spread: 50 - 100 cm                                                 Foliage: Purple    (SUN)
Lavender flowers in June.                                        Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)
                                Shape: Rounded
                                Flower: White                                                       Likes full sun conditions.
NOVA ZEMBLA                     Foliage: Green                   Erect clusters of white cone-      Grown for its purple foliage.
RHODODENDRON                    Fall Colour: Red                 shaped flowers turn to mauve-
Rhododendron 'Nova Zembla'      (SUN, PS)                        pink. Slower growing than PG.      FLOWERING ALMOND
Zone: 5 Height: 1.2-1.5 m                                                                           Prunus triloba ‘Multiplex’
Spread: 1.2 m                   Excellent topgrafted, hardy      PINK DIAMOND                       Zone: 3 Height: 3 m
Flower: Red                     accent plant. Brillant scarlet   Hydrangea paniculata 'Pink         Spread: 2.5 m
Foliage: Glossy green           red fall colour. Corky winged    Diamond'                           Shape: Spreading
(PS or FS)                      bark.                            Zone: 4 Height: 2 m                Flowers: Double pink
Features large clusters of                                       Spread: 2 m Shape: Standard        Foliage: Green
dark red flowers and large      MARIKEN GLOBE                    Flower: Pink                       Fall Colour: Yellow to bronze
leaves. Buds hardy to -         GINKGO STANDARD                  Foliage: Green (SUN)               (SUN)
                                Ginkgo biloba ‘Mariken’
                                Zone: 5 Height: 2.5 m            Dark green foliage turns           Flowers in May, followed by
                                Spread: 1 m                      yellow in the fall. Buds are       the leaves thereafter.
ORNAMENTAL                      Shape: Globular                  slightly pink, opening white,
                                Foliage: Green                   then changing to pink. Free        DAPPLED WILLOW
 STANDARD                       Fall Colour: Golden-yellow       of pests and diseases. Can be
                                                                                                    Salix intergra ‘Thung 'Alba
                                (SUN)                            pruned to shape and will
   TREES                                                         tolerate moist soils.
                                                                                                    Zone: 5 Height: 1.m
                                A grafted ornamental with                                           Spread: 1 m
                                fanshaped leaves of              QUICK FIRE                         Shape: Standard
WEEPING CARAGANA                outstanding colour and a         HYDRANGEA                          Foliage: Tricolour
Caragana arborescens            rounded shape.                   Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bulk’        (SUN, PS)
                                                                 Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m
Zone: 2 Height: 1.8 m
Spread: 1.8 m                   HYDRANGEA                        Spread: 1.75 m
                                                                 Shape: Upright, arching
                                                                                                    Branchlets are thin, striking
                                                                                                    pink. Unfolding leaves are
Shape: Weeping
                                                                 Foliage: Dark green                translucent white, suffused
Flower: Bright yellow
                                PEEGEE                           Flower: White to Deep pink         with pale pink. Leaf blades
Fruit: Brown pod
                                Hydrangea paniculata             (SUN, PS)                          are strongly mottled with
Foliage: Bright green
                                ‘Grandiflora’                    Very hardy shrub on which          bright green variegation.
Fall Colour: Yellowish
                                Zone: 4                          large florets that form loose
                                Spread: 2 m Shape: Standard      cones appear in mid-               FRENCH HYBRID LILAC
                                Flower: Double white             summer. As the season              Syringa vulgaris
Top grafted tree with bright
                                Foliage: Dark green              progresses, white or light         Zone: 3 Height: 3 m
green foliage turning yellow-
                                (SUN, PS)                        pink blooms will quickly           Spread: 2 m
green in October and green-
                                                                 change to a vivid, dark            Shape: Upright
yellow bark. Yellow flowers
                                Standard tree with trusses of    pink as if having gone up in       Foliage: Blue green (SUN)
appear in May.
                                white cone-shaped flowers in     flames.                            Flower: Various, see below
                                August changing to deep pink.
CUTLEAF                         Flowers stay through winter.                                        This popular lilac blooms
                                                                 WEEPING MULBERRY
WEEPING CARAGANA                                                 Morus alba 'Pendula'               profusely in June.
Caragana arborescens ‘Walker’   LIMELIGHT                        Zone: 5 Height: 4 m
Zone: 2 Height: 1.25 m                                                                              ‘Belle de Nancy’-
                                Hydrangea paniculata             Spread: 5 m
Spread: 1 m                                                                                         Double, bright pink
                                llimelight’                      Shape: Weeping
Shape: Weeping                                                                                      ‘Primrose'
                                Zone: 4 Height: 2 m              Flower: Greenish-yellow
Flower: Yellow Fruit: Pod                                                                           Single, creamy-yellow, very
                                Spread: 2 m Shape: Standard      catkins
Foliage: Light green                                                                                fragrant.
                                Flower: Lime green to white      Fruit: White to violet purple
Fall Colour: Sometimes yellow                                                                       'Michel Buchner'
                                Foliage: Lime-Green (SUN, PS)    Foliage: Bright glossy green
(SUN, PS)                                                                                           Double lilac
                                                                 Fall Colour: Yellowish (SUN)

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                             8                       PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
DWORF KOREAN LILAC                  COLUMNAR MAPLE                     CRIMSON KING (ROYAL                 LEGACY SUGAR MAPLE
Syringa meyeri 'Palabin'            Acer platanoides’Columnare’        RED) MAPLE                          Acer saccharum 'Legacy'
Zone: 3 Height: 1.2 m               Zone: 5 Height: 12 m               Acer platanoides ‘Crimson           Zone: 4 Height: 17 m
Spread: 1.5 m                       Spread: 4 m                        King’, Royal Red                    Spread: 12 m
Foliage: Dark green                 Shape: Compact upright form        Zone: 4 Height: 12 m                Shape: Pyramidal
Flower: Reddish-purple to           Fruit: Winged                      Spread: 11 m                        Foliage: Dark green
whitish-pink        (SUN)           Flower: Yellowish-green            Shape: Oval to rounded              Flower: Greenish-yellow
                                    Fall Colour: yellow                Flower: Yellow                      Fruit: Winged       (SUN)
Fragrant flowers bloom              Foliage: Dark green (SUN)          Fruit: Winged                       Fall Colour: Reddish-orange
profusely at an early age on                                           Foliage: Deep purple
this unusual dwarf variety.         This compact upright form is       Fall Colour: Maroon to              A rapid growing tree with a
Excellent uniform habit.            excellent for small lots.          reddish bronze      (SUN)           very symmetrical shape. Thick
                                                                                                           glossy leaves are resistant to
                                                                       Carries rich purplish foliage       summer heat and leaf tatter.
CAREFREE WONDER                     HARLEQUIN MAPLE                    from spring until the leaves
ROSE TREE                           Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’      drop in the fall.                   AUTUMN BLAZE RED
                                    Zone: 4 Height: 11 m                                                   MAPLE
AC NAVY LADY ROSE                   Spread: 8 m                                                            Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’
TREE                                Shape: Broadly oval                GREEN MOUNTAIN                      Zone: 3 Height: 16 m
                                    Foliage: Variegated light green    SUGAR MAPLE                         Spread: 13 m
                                    with white margin                                                      Shape: Upright, broadly oval
                                                                       Acer saccharum 'Green
GLOBE BLUE SPRUCE                   Fall Colour: Yellowish
                                                                                                           Foliage: Medium Green
                                    (SUN)                                                                  Fall Colour: Brilliant orange-
                                                                       Zone: 3 Height: 22 m
'Picea pungens 'Glauca                                                                                     red       (SUN)
                                                                       Spread: 17 m
Globosa'                            An unusual variety, with
                                                                       Shape: Broadly oval
Zone: 2 Height: 80cmSpread:         variegated foliage providing a                                         A cross between Acer rubrum
                                                                       Foliage: Green
1.5 m Height: Standard globe        contrast in the landscape.                                             and Acer saccharinum. A
                                                                       Flower: Yellow
Fruit: Cones Foliage: Silvery-                                                                             distinct upright habit and
                                                                       Fruit: Winged       (SUN)
blue                                                                                                       drought tolerant.
                                                                       Fall Colour: Reddish-orange
Tree form of Blue Spruce.
                                    GLOBE MAPLE
                                    Acer platanoides ‘Globosum’        An exceptionally vigorous
Silvery-blue in late spring
turns to green-blue in              Zone: 4 Height: 4 m                Sugar Maple. Foliage is thick
summer. Slow growing.
                                    Spread: 5 m                        with a waxy coating that            OHIO BUCKEYE
                                    Shape: Dense, round                protects it from scorch.            'Aesculus glabra'
                                    Flower: Yellow                     Withstands summer heat, dry         Zone:4 Height: 12 m
                                    Fruit: Winged                      winds and drought.                  Spread: 12 m
                                    Foliage: Green                                                         Shape: Rounded
                                    Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)                                              Foliage: Bright Green
 SHADE &                                                               SUGAR MAPLE                         Fall Colour: Pumpkin-orange.
                                    This tree is suitable for formal                                       (SUN) Low sweeping branches
FLOWERING                           and small gardens. Forms an                                            and dense foliage can create
                                    attractive ball-shaped head.       Acer saccharum                      deep shade. Fall colour can
   TREES                                                               Zone: 3 Height: 20 m                range from yellow to warm
                                                                       Spread: 15 m                        pumpkin-orange.
                                                                       Shape: Oval
                                    PRINCETON GOLD
                                                                       Flower: Greenish-yellow
MAPLE                               MAPLE                              Fruit: Winged
                                                                                                           COMMON HORSE
                                    Acer platanoides ‘Princeton                                            CHESTNUT
                                                                       Foliage: Green      (SUN)
FLAME MAPLE (AMUR)                  Gold’                                                                  Aesculus hippocastanum
                                                                       Fall Colour: Orangey red
                                    Zone: 4 Height: 11 m                                                   Zone:5 Height: 18 m
Acer ginnala ‘Flame’
                                    Spread: 10 m                                                           Spread: 8 m
Zone: 2 Height: 7 m                                                    An excellent native tree, slow
                                    Shape: Oval                                                            Shape: Upright, rounded
Spread: 7 m                                                            growing, recommended for
                                    Fall Colour: Yellow                                                    Fruit: Nuts
Shape: Rounded                                                         spacious areas. Well-known
                                    Foliage: Bright Yellow (SUN)                                           Foliage: Green
Foliage: Medium green                                                  for the Maple syrup it yields in
                                                                                                           Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)
Fall colour: Brilliant orange-red                                      the spring.
to deep red (SUN)                   A selection of Norway maple
                                    with bright golden yellow                                              Dense foliage leafs out very
                                    foliage that maintains its                                             early, making it an excellent
Extremely hardy small tree or
                                    colour from a young leaf to                                            specimen for a shade tree. An
shrub well known for its fall
                                    maturity. Good accent plant.                                           abundance of chestnuts in the

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                   9                        PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                   A vigorous grower with soft       GRAY DOGWOOD                         A small tree with profuse,
SERVICEBERRY                       flowers in the Spring,                                                 fragrant, double white flowers
                                   followed by an abundance of                                            that change through shades of
                                   edible fruit. Leaves are          Cornus racemosa                      pink as they mature.
                                   disease resistant and retain      Zone: 4 Height: 3 m                  Interesting twisted trunk.
OHIO BUCKEYE                       their colour throughout the       Spread: 2.5m
Aesculus glabra                    season, changing uniformly        Shape: Spreading, upright
                                                                                                          RUSSIAN OLIVE
Zone: 3 Height: 12 m               in the Fall. Somewhat             Flower: Creamy white
                                                                                                          Elaeagnus angustifolia
Spread: 12 m                       drought tolerant.                 Fruit: White berry on red
                                                                                                          Zone: 2 Height: 6 m
Shape: Rounded                                                       pedicels
                                                                                                          Spread: 5 m
Flower: White                                                        Foliage: Gray green
Fruit: light brown capsules
                                   RIVER BIRCH                                                            Shape: Rounded
                                                                     Fall Colour: Purplish-red
                                   Betula nigra                                                           Flower: Creamy-yellow
Foliage: Bright green                                                (SUN or SHADE)
                                   Zone: 4 Height: 13 m                                                   Fruit: Golden-yellow
Fall Colour: Brilliant range of
                                   Spread: 10 m                                                           Foliage: Silvery-gray (SUN)
yellows, oranges and red                                             A vigorous, dense native shrub
                                   Shape: Oval
(SUN)                                                                or tree useful for screening in
                                   Flower: Catkin                                                         A beautiful, very hardy plant
                                                                     sun or shade. Has gray bark.
                                   Foliage: Dark green                                                    with silver foliage all season.
A hardy small ornamental tree
                                   Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)                                              Grows in all sorts of soil.
with light yellow fragrant
flowers and compound leaves.
                                   Available in single stem or
                                   clump form. Tall ornamental
                                                                     HAWTHORN                             GINKGO BILOBA
                                   specimen trees for estates,
COMMON HORSE                       parks, golf courses and other     CRIMSON CLOUD
                                                                     Crataegus laevigata ‘Crimson         GINGKO MAIDENHAIR
CHESTNUT                           large areas. Ideal for areas
Aesculus Hippocastanum             which are wet a portion of the    Cloud’                               TREE
                                   year yet may be quite dry in      Zone: 4 Height: 8 m                  Gingko biloba
Zone: 5 Height: 18 m
                                   the summer and fall. Noted        Spread: 4m                           Zone: 4 Height: 17 m
Spread: 16 m
                                   for bark character.               Shape: Oval                          Spread: 11 m
Shape: Rounded, oval
                                                                     Flower: Red                          Shape: Irregular, pyramidal-
Flower: White
                                                                     Fruit: Red pedicels                  spreading with age
Fruit: Nuts                        NORTHERN CATALPA                                                       Foliage: Bright green
                                                                     Foliage: Green (SUN)
Foliage: Gray                      Catalpa speciosa
                                                                                                          Fall Colour: Yellow
Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)          Zone: 4 Height: 12-18 m
                                                                     An attractive tree with large,       (SUN, PS)
                                   Spread: 6-9 m
                                                                     single red flowers. The glossy
                                   Shape: Oval
                                                                     fruits persist into the winter.      An ancient tree known for its
                                   Flower: White
DOWNY/SHADBLOW                     Foliage: Green
                                                                     Vigorous, hardy and resistant        exceptional resistance to
Amelanchier canadensis                                               to leaf blight.                      disease. Leaves are a beautiful
                                   Fall Colour: Yellow-green
Zone: 4 Height: 8 m                                                                                       yellow in autumn.
                                   (SUN, PS)
Spread: 3 m                                                          PAUL'S SCARLET
Shape: Oval, upright                                                 Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's          AUTUMN GOLD
Flower: White                      Perfect bell-shaped white
                                   flowers are borne in long         Scarlet'                             MAIDENHAIR TREE
Fruit: Blue-black                                                    Zone: 4 Height: 6 m
                                   panicles on this tree in June.                                         Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'
Foliage: Gray-green                                                  Spread: 6 m
                                   Large heart-shaped leaves turn                                         Zone: 4 Height: 10 m
Fall Colour: Brilliant red                                           Shape: Oval to rounded
                                   yellow-green in the fall. Long                                         Spread: 10 m
(SUN or SHADE)                                                       Foliage: Green      Fruit: Red
                                   bean-like capsules add interest                                        Shape: Upright, broad
                                   to this tree.                     Flower: Scarlet     (SUN)            Foliage: Deep green (SUN)
It is covered with white flowers                                     Fall Colour: Golden-yellow           Fall Colour: Bright yellow
in early spring. edible fruit in
June that attracts birds.          COMMON HACKBERRY
                                                                     Double flowers are very showy        A male selection of the
                                                                     on this dense tree. Fruit is         Ginkgo with a very
                                   Celtis occidentalis               sparse. Tolerant of urban            symmetrical habit. Slow
AUTUMN BRILLIANCE                  Zone: 2 Height: 20 m              conditions.                          growing.
Amelanchier x grandiflora          Spread: 18 m
'Autumn Brilliance'                Shape: Rounded                    TOBA                                 PRINCETON SENTRY
Zone: 3 Height: 8 m                Foliage: Bright green             Crataegus x mordenensis
                                   Fruit: Orange-red
                                                                                                          MAIDENHAIR TREE
Spread: 5 m                                                          'Toba'
                                   Fall Colour: Soft yellow                                               Gingko biloba 'Princeton
Shape: Oval, upright                                                 Zone: 3 Height: 8 m
                                   (SUN, PS)                                                              Sentry'
Foliage: Green                                                       Spread: 4 m
                                                                                                          Zone: 4 Height: 13 m
Flower: White                                                        Shape: Upright, rounded
                                   A city tree suitable for                                               Spread: 5 m
Fruit: Bluish-black                                                  Foliage: Glossy green
                                   difficult growing conditions                                           Shape: Narrow, pyramidal
Fall Colour: Reddish-orange                                          Flower: White to pale pink
                                   like dry alkaline soils. Corky                                         Foliage: Green       (SUN, PS)
(SUN or PS)                                                          Fruit: Red (SUN)
                                   bark and a moderate to rapid                                           Fall Colour: Bright Yellow
                                   growth rate.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                 10                         PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
This male variety will not bear    Foliage: Bright yellow to green   In spring deep pink buds open          creamy-white, waxy flowers in
fruit. Valuable accent plant       Fall Colour: Yellow               to pink blooms with a white            cloud-like profusion appear
where space for top                                                  centre. Strap-like petals are          before the leaves in early
development is limited.            The foliage keeps its beautiful   similar to Star Magnolia. Buds         spring.
                                   appearance all summer.            appear to be exceptionally
MARIKEN GLOBE                                                        frost resistant. Has an upright        RUSTICA RUBRA
GINKGO STANDARD                    RUBY LACE                         large shrub habit.
                                                                                                            Magnolia soulangiana ‘rustica
Ginkgo biloba ‘Mariken’            Gleditsia triacanthos 'Ruby                                              rubra’
Zone: 5 Height: 2.5 m              Lace'                             DR. MERRIL STAR                        Zone: 5 Height: 6 m
Spread: 1 m                        Zone: 4 Height:11 m               Magnolia x loebneri 'Merrill'          Spread: 3 m
Shape: Globular                    Spread: 7 m                       Zone: 4 Height: 13 m                   Shape: Upright vase
Foliage: Green                     Shape: Pyramidal                  Spread: 10 m                           Flower: Purple-red
Fall Colour: Golden-yellow         Foliage: Red to burgundy          Flower: White                          Foliage: Green
(SUN)                              (SUN, PS)                         Foliage: Deep green                    Fall Colour: Yellow
                                                                     Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)              (SUN, PS)
A grafted ornamental with          New foliage is rich, ruby red.
fanshaped leaves of                In the summer turns to an         A magnificent bush of rapid            Large red saucer-shaped
outstanding colour and a           attractive dark, bronzed green.   growth and spreading habit.            blooms before leaves emerge
rounded shape.                     The tree is spreading with        It is covered with star-like           in spring. Small multi-branched
                                   arching branches and makes a      blossoms in early spring.              tree with medium growth
                                   good feature tree.                                                       habits.
HONEYLOCUST                                                          Magnilia x ‘susan’                     ROYAL STAR
                                                                     Zone: 5 Height: 12 m                   Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'
Gleditsia triancanthos var.
                                   MAGNOLIA                          Spread: 6 m
                                                                     Foliage: Green
                                                                                                            Zone: 5 Height: 5 m
                                                                                                            Spread: 3 m
inermis 'Shademaster'                                                Shape: Upright                         Shape: Rounded
Zone: 4 Height: 17 m               ANN                               Flower: Reddish-purple                 Flower: Pure white
Spread: 10 m                       Magnolia x ann                    (SUN)                                  Foliage: Dark green
Shape: Symmetrical                 Zone: 5 Height: 3 m
                                                                                                            Fall Colour: Bronze
Foliage: Dark green                Spread: 3 m                       It blooms late in the season           (SUN, PS)
Fall Colour: Yellowish-green       Flower: Red                       with a profusion of large,
(SUN, PS)                          Shape: Rounded                    reddish-purple flowers.                Double large fragrant flowers
                                   Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)          Bright green foliage on a              in April. Very hardy.
Fast growing tree. Its leaves                                        strong upright branch.
are small and it doesn't cast      Compact, multi-branched
                                   rounded shrub. Profuse red                                               DAYBREAK
heavy shade on lawns. An                                             SUSAN
                                   flowers.                                                                 Magnolia x 'Daybreak'
upright thornless variety with                                       Magnolia x Susan                       Zone: 5 Height: 6m
dark green leaves that hold till                                     Zone: 4 Height: 2.5 m                  Spread: 6m
late fall when leaves turn         BUTTERFLY                         Spread: 2.5 m                          Shape: Rounded
yellow. Rounded shape.             Magnolia x butterflies            Foliage: Green                         Flower: Yellow.
                                   Zone: 5 Height: 3 m               Fall Colour: Bronze                    Foliage: Green
SKYLINE                            Spread: 3 m                       Shape: Upright, spreading              (SUN, PS)
Gleditsia triacanthos var.         Flower: Yellow                    Flower: Reddish-purple
inermis 'Skycole'                  Shape: Pyramidal                  (SUN)                                  Large pink flowers. Late
Zone: 4 Height: 15 m               Foliage: Green                                                           flowering and very fragrant.
Spread: 13 m                        (SUN, PS)                        Red-purple buds open to                Columnar form.
Shape: Pyramidal                                                     large flowers on this compact
Foliage: Bright green              A hybrid magnolia. Known for      upright growing cultivar.              YELLOW BIRD
Fall Colour: Golden-yellow         its non-fading yellow flowers.
                                                                                                            Magnolia x 'Yellow Bird'
(SUN, PS)                          Late vegetative growth.           SAUCER                                 Zone: 5 Height: 9 m
                                   Hardiness to both heat and        Magnolia x soulangiana                 Spread: 5 m
Stately and unusual with           cold.                             Zone: 4 Height: 6 m                    Shape: Pyramidal
distinctly pyramidal form,                                           Spread: 3 m                            Flower: Yellow
sturdy trunk and shapely           LEONARD MESSEL                    Shape: Rounded                         Foliage: Green
crown.                             Magnolia x 'Leonard Messel'       Flower: Pinkish-purple outside,        (SUN, PS)
                                   Zone: 5 Height: 5 m               creamy-white inside
SUNBURST                           Spread: 7 m                       Foliage: Deep green                    Canary yellow upright tulip
Gleditsia triacanthos var.         Flower: Pink to purple            Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)              shaped long lasting flowers.
inermis ‘Sunburst’                 Shape: Upright, rounded                                                  Flowers emerge at same time
Zone: 5 Height: 15 m               Foliage: Deep green               Large, multi-trunked shrub or          as leaves.
Spread: 13 m                       Fall colour: Bronze               small tree. Abundant and
Shape: Pyramidal                   (SUN, PS)                         immense saucer-shaped,

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                 11                           PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
SUN BURST                        MAKAMIK                            ROYALTY                                RED JADE (WEEPING)
Magnolia x 'Sunburst'            Malus ‘Makamik’                    Malus ‘Royalty’                        Malus ‘Red Jade’
Zone: 5 Height: 10 m             Zone: 2 Height: 10 m               Zone: 4 Height: 5 m                    Zone: 3 Height: 5 m
Spread: 6 m                      Spread: 4 m                        Spread: 5 m                            Spread: 5 m
Shape: Upright                   Shape: Loose, spreading            Shape: Upright, rounded                Shape: Weeping, graceful
Flower: Yellow                   Flower: Semi-double pink           Flower: Single purple to               Flower: Deep pink buds to
Foliage: Green                   Fruit: Red                         crimson                                white flowers
(SUN, PS)                        Foliage: Bronze                    Fruit: Dark red                        Fruit: Glossy red
                                 Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)          Foliage: Purple, glossy                Foliage: Green
Fast growing upright form.                                          Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)              Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)
Narrow bright yellow pedals      An improved variety. Flowers
resemble candles on tree.        are large. Resistant to many       Lovely purplish leaves and             This pendulous variety bears
                                 pests and diseases.                red flowers. Excellent for             a profusion of flowers.
                                                                    foliage contrast.

CRABAPPLE                        PROFUSION
                                 Malus ‘Profusion’                  SARGENT TINA
                                                                                                           ROYAL BEAUTY
                                 Zone: 4 Height: 7 m                STANDARD                               Malus ‘Royal Beauty’
DOLGO                            Spread: 5 m                        Malus sargentii ‘tina’                 Zone: 3 Height: 4.5 m
Malus ‘Dolgo’                    Shape: Upright, spreading          Zone: 4 Height: 1.8 m                  Spread: 2 m
Zone: 3 Height: 10 m             Flower: Red                        Spread: 3.5 m                          Shape: Weeping
Spread: 8 m                      Fruit: Maroon                      Shape: Rounded                         Flower: Red
Shape: Upright, spreading,       Foliage: Purple to bronze          Foliage: Green                         Fruit: Red
open                             Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)          Flower: White                          Foliage: Reddish
Flower: White                                                       Fruit: Red (SUN)                       Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)
Fruit: Red                       Very floriferous with flowers of
Foliage: Green                   the brightest red; bronze          Pink to red buds that open to          A weeping selection with
Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)        foliage.                           white flowers, followed by tiny        reddish foliage and red
                                                                    red crabapples. It is disease          flowers.
Flowers are followed by 5 cm                                        resistant and is a highly
edible fruit, which makes        RINKIE
                                                                    ornamental small tree for
excellent jelly.                 Malus ‘Rinki’                                                             PURPLE GEM
                                                                    limited spaces.
                                 Zone: 3                                                                   Malus ‘purple gem’
                                 Flower: Pink                                                              Zone: 4 Height: 6 m
KLEHM’S IMPROVED                 Shape: Narrow, upright             SUGAR TYME                             Spread: 4 m
Malus ioensis ‘Klehm’s’          (SUN)                              Malus ‘Sutyzam’                        Shape: Open, spreading
Zone: 4 Height: 7 m                                                 Zone: 4 Height: 6 m                    Flower: Red
Spread: 7 m                      A narrow upright, well             Spread: 5 m                            Fruit: Red
Shape: Rounded                   branched crab apple with           Shape: Oval                            Foliage: Purple
Flower: Pink                     pinkish blossoms. Disease          Foliage: Green                         Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)
Fruit: Green                     resistant.                         Flower: White
Foliage: Soft green                                                 Fruit: Red (SUN)                       Disease resistant.
Fall Colour: Orange (SUN)
                                 ROBINSON                           This tree is absolutely
An improved Bechtel Crab         Malus 'Robinson'
                                                                    covered in flowers, that open
with double blooms. A late       Zone: 4 Height: 8 m
                                                                    pink and mature white,                 NEWPORT FLOWERING
season bloomer and a strong      Spread: 8 m                                                               PLUM
                                                                    followed by bright fruit that
grower. Spring foliage is        Shape: Upright, spreading                                                 Prunus cerasifera 'Newport'
                                                                    lasts into the winter.
bronze.                          Flower: Pink                                                              Zone: 4 Height: 5 m
                                 Fruit: Red                                                                Spread: 4 m
                                 Foliage: Bronze-green              THUNDERCHILD                           Shape: Upright oval
HARVEST GOLD                     (SUN)                              Malus ‘Thunderchild”
Malus’ Hargozam’                                                                                           Flower: Light pink
                                                                    Zone: 3 Height: 5 m
Zone: 4 Height: 6 m                                                                                        Fruit: Deep purple
                                 Deep pink, single flowers          Spread: 5 m
Spread: 5 m                                                                                                Foliage: Dark purple
                                 contrast well against the red      Shape: Upright spreading
Shape: Upright                                                                                             Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)
                                 veined, dark green leaves.         Fruit: Dark red
Foliage: Dark green              Has an upright habit               Flower: Single, delicate pink
Flower: White                                                                                              Reddish-purple foliage with
                                 spreading with age. Highly         Foliage: Deep purple
Fruit: Golden (SUN)                                                                                        bright red tips. The foliage
                                 disease resistant.                 Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)
                                                                                                           of this hardy and attractive
A cultivar with pink buds that                                                                             cultivar is retained
                                                                    An introduction from
open to pure white, single                                                                                 throughout the growing
                                                                    Saskatchewan. A compact
blooms. Fruit appears in fall                                                                              season.
                                                                    upright spreading tree.
and persists into winter.                                           Flowers are single. Very
                                                                    resistant to fire blight.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                12                           PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
SCHUBERT                         One of the hardiest, it is a     A pyramidal tree. Some foliage
CHOKECHERRY                      large, impressive oak which      remains during the winter.                  Spectacular red berries in
                                 has unusual branching            Relatively fast-growing.                    dense clusters set this tree
Prunus virginiana ‘Shubert’
                                 characteristics and corky                                                    apart from the orange of the
Zone: 2 Height: 5.5 m
                                 twigs. It grows well in a wide   REGAL PRINCE                                species. Vigorous grower with.
Spread: 5 m
                                 range of soils and tolerates     Quercus robur ‘regal prince’                Foliage is silvery on the
Shape: Oval
                                 air pollution. The dark green    Zone: 5 Height: 15 m                        underside.
Flower: White
                                 foliage is covered with soft,    Spread: 7 m
Fruit: Red to dark purple
                                 grayish-green hairs on the       Shape: Upright, oval                        RUSSIAN
Foliage: Maroon-red
                                 underside.                       Flower: Yellowish-green                     Sorbus aucuparia 'Rossica'
Fall Colour: Scarlet-red (SUN)
                                                                  catkins                                     Zone: 3 Height: 10 m
New leaves on this hardy plum    PIN OAK                          Fruit: Acorn                                Spread: 6 m
variety are green but turn                                        Foliage: Bright green                       Shape: Upright, oval
quickly to purple. Very useful                                    Fall Colour: Yellow                         Flower: White
                                 Quercus palustris                (SUN)                                       Fruit: Bright red
as a dwarf accent tree.
                                 Zone: 4 Height: 25 m             Dark glossy leaves have silver              Foliage: Dark green
                                 Spread: 13 m                     undersides. Will thrive in both             Fall Colour: Rusty orange
CANADA RED                       Shape: Pyramidal                 wet and dry soils.                          (SUN)
CHOKECHERRY                      Flower: Yellowish-green
Prunus virginiana ‘canada red’   catkins                                                                      This tree is of broad, dense
Zone: 2 Height: 6-8 m
                                                                  RED OAK
                                 Fruit: Acorns                                                                growth and pyramidal habit.
Spread: 6 m                      Foliage: Dark glossy green                                                   It produces a heavy stem with
Shape: Pyramidal, rounded        Fall Colour: Rusty orange to     Quercus rubra                               interesting gray bark and has
Flower: White                    red                  (SUN)       Zone: 4 Height: 16 m                        large fruit.
Fruit: Dark purple                                                Spread: 15 m
Foliage: Maroon                  A lovely shade tree,             Shape: Rounded
 (SUN,PS)                        pyramidal head with its          Flower: Yellowish-green
                                                                                                              Sorbus aucuparia ‘fastifiata’
A small tree with pyramidal      horizontal branches, foliage     catkins
                                                                                                              Zone: 4 Height: 11 m
rounded form. New foliage        turning bright red in autumn.    Fruit: Acorn
                                                                                                              Spread: 2 m
turns green to dark maroon as                                     Foliage: Dark green
                                                                                                              Shape: Upright
leaves mature. White flowers     GREEN PILLAR                     Fall Colour: Red    (SUN)
                                                                                                              Flower: White
in late April-May. Dark purple
                                 (PYRAMIDAL PIN) OAK                                                          Fruit: Orange-red
edible fruit.                                                     Its beautiful autumn colour
                                 Quercus palustris 'Pringreen'                                                Foliage: Dark green (SUN)
                                                                  gives this tree a very attractive
                                 Zone: 4 Height: 16 m
                                 Spread: 13 m                                                                 Slow growing, narrow upright
OAK                              Shape: Narrow, upright
                                 Foliage: Green      (SUN)
                                                                  --------------------------------------      Mountain Ash. Dark green
                                                                                                              leaves and large clusters of
                                 Fall Colour: Red                 GOLDEN WEEPING
CRIMSON SPIRE                                                                                                 dark red berries.
OAK                              A lacy tree that is pyramidal    Salix alba ‘Tristis’
Quercus alba x 'Robur'
                                 when young and matures to        Zone: 4 Height: 20 m
                                                                                                              Sorbus thuringiaca
Zone: 5 Height: 14 m             a more ovalesque form.           Spread: 20 m
Spread: 4.5 m                    Unique branching pattern:        Shape: Wide, spreading
                                                                                                              Zone: 5 Height: 7.5 m
Shape: Columnar                  the lower branches are           Flower: Catkins Fruit: Capsule
                                                                                                              Spread: 3 m
Foliage: Dark green              slightly pendulous; the          Foliage: Bright green
                                                                                                              Shape: Pyramidal
Fall Colour: Rusty-red           middle branches stretch          Fall Colour: Yellow (SUN)
                                                                                                              Flower: White
Fruit: Acorn (SUN)               horizontally; the top-most
                                                                                                              Fruit: Orange-red
                                 branches arch upwards. A         A fast growing, hardy willow
                                                                                                              Foliage: Silvery-green
A tight, fastigiated cross       real focal point of the          with gracefully long,
                                                                                                              Fall colour: Rusty orange
variety with mildew resistant    landscape.                       pendulous branches. Golden
foliage.                                                          barked Suitable for expansive
                                 PYRAMID ENGLISH OAK              areas and near water.
                                                                                                              Upright, pyramidal tree with
                                 Quercus robur ‘Fastigiata’
BURR OAK                                                                                                      grayish-green leaves the
Quercus macrocarpa
                                 Zone: 5 Height: 15 m
                                 Spread: 5 m
                                                                  MOUNTAIN ASH                                resemble that of an oak tree.
                                                                                                              Berries appear in the fall.
Zone: 3 Height: 18 m
                                 Shape: Narrow, fastigiate                                                    Compact habit and slow-
Spread: 13 m
                                 Flower: Yellowish-green          CARDINAL ROYAL                              growing.
Shape: Upright, spreading
                                 catkins                          Sorbus aucuparia 'Michred'
Flower: Yellowish-green
                                 Fruit: Acorn                     Zone: 2 Height: 16 m
                                 Foliage: Dark green              Spread: 5 m
Fruit: Acorn
                                 Fall Colour: Yellow brown        Shape: Symmetrical, upright
Foliage: Dark green
                                 (SUN)                            Flower: White       Fruit: Red
Fall Colour: Red
                                                                  Foliage: Dark green (SUN)
                                                                  Fall Colour: Rusty-orange

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                              13                                PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                  WEEPING ELM                         Extremely hardy small tree or           Fall Colour: Yellow to red
LILAC                             Ulmus glabra f. cornata             shrub well known for its fall           (SUN or SHADE)
                                  ‘Pendula’                           colour.
JAPANESE TREE LILAC               Zone: 4 Height: 6 m                                                         Erect shrub covered with
(multistem)                       Spread: 4 m                         BLOODGOOD JAPANESE                      flowers in early Spring.
                                  Shape: Weeping                      MAPLE                                   Excellent fall colour. Shade
Syringa reticulata
                                  Foliage: Green                                                              tolerant.
Zone: 3 Height: 10 m                                                  Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’
Spread: 5 m                       Fall Colour: Bronze (SUN)           Zone: 5 Height: 2 m
Shape: Upright, vase-shaped                                           Spread: 5 m                             RED CHOKEBERRY
Flower: Creamy, white             Most distinct with branches         Shape: Rounded, upright                 Aronia arbutifolia
Foliage: Dark green (SUN)         that extend downwards               Fruit: Winged                           ‘brilliantissima’
                                  creating an umbrella effect.        Foliage: Deep red                       Zone: 5 Height: 2 m
Recommended for the large         Picturesque.                        (SUN, PS)                               Spread: 1.5 m
garden. Very attractive in                                                                                    Shape: Upright, rounded
midsummer. Spreading white                                            The best purplish-red                   Foliage: Dark Green
flowers in large panicles in
June and July.
                                  ORNAMENTAL                          Japanese Maple, holding its
                                                                      deep colour well throughout
                                                                                                              Flower: White
                                                                                                              Fruit: Red
                                   FLOWERING                          the summer. Requires wind
                                                                      and winter protection as it is
                                                                                                              Fall Colour: Superior red
                                                                                                              (SUN, PS)
(single stem)                        SHRUBS                           barely hardy in Ottawa.
                                                                                                              Fragrant white flowers in May
Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’                                                                               produce glossy red berries that
Zone: 2 Height: 7.5 m
                                                                      CRIMSON QUEEN
                                  FIVELEAF ARALIA                     JAPANESE MAPLE                          are retained for a long period
Spread: 5 m                                                                                                   of time. Attracts birds.
                                  Acanthopanax sieboldianus           Acer palmatum 'Dissectum
Shape: Compact, oval
                                  Zone: 4 Height: 2.5 m               Crimson Queen'
Flower: Creamy, white
Foliage: Dark green (SUN)
                                  Spread: 2.5 m                       Zone: 5 Height: 6 m                     AUTUMN MAGIC
                                  Shape: Erect, oval                  Spread: 5 m                             CHOKEBERRY
                                  Flower: Greenish-white              Shape: Rounded, upright                 Aronia melanocarpa ‘Autumn
Large, fragrant, flower
                                  Foliage: Bright-green               Foliage: Deep red                       Magic’
clusters appear in June on this
                                  (SUN or SHADE)                      (SUN, PS)                               Zone: 4 Height: 2 m
compact oval tree. Blue-green
foliage is disease resistant.                                                                                 Spread: 1 m
                                  One of the best shrubs for          A purplish-red Japanese maple           Shape: Upright
                                  heavily shaded areas. Foliage       holding its deep colour well            Foliage: Dark Green
GLENLEVEN                         glossy, deeply cut and covered      throughout summer. Leaves               Flower: White
LINDEN                            with prickles on the underside.     somewhat larger than purple             Fruit: Purple-black
Tilia x flavescens ‘Glenleven’    Makes an ideal privacy hedge        form.                                   Fall Colour: Red-purple
Zone: 3 Height: 16 m              and barrier.                                                                (SUN, PS)
Spread: 12 m
Shape: Pyramidal                  AMUR MAPLE                          SASKATOON BERRY
                                                                                                              Profuse bloomer in the
                                                                      Amelanchier alnifolia 'Regent'
Flower: Creamy yellow             Acer ginnala                                                                spring. Spectacular late
                                                                      Zone: 2 Height: 1.75 m
Foliage: Dark glossy green        Zone: 2 Height: 5 m                                                         season colour.
                                                                      Spread: 2 m
Fall Colour: Yellow               Spread: 5 m
                                                                      Shape: Upright
(SUN, PS)                         Shape: Rounded
                                  Foliage: Dark green
                                                                      Flower: White                           BLACK CHOKEBERRY
                                                                      Fruit: Black-purple                     'Aronia melanocarpa'
The growth of this species is     Fall Colour: Scarlet
                                                                      Foliage: Green                          Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
somewhat faster and is noted      (SUN)
                                                                      Fall Colour: Yellow to orange-          Shape: Upright
for the straight stem it forms.
                                                                      red (SUN, PS)                           Foliage: Green
                                  Hardy dwarf maple , compact
                                                                                                              Flower: White
GREENSPIRE LINDEN                 form. Slender branches and
                                                                      Slightly fragrant flowers form          Fruit: Black
                                  glossy green leaves through
Tilia cordata 'Greenspire'                                            on this dwarf mounded bush.             Fall Colour: Brilliant red
                                  summer turning brillant scarlet
Zone: 3 Height: 16 m                                                  Sweet black-purpose fruit that
                                  in fall. Adaptable to many soil
Spread: 12 m                                                          is good for eating and making           An upright shrub when young,
Shape: Oval                                                           jelly.                                  more arching in maturity.
Flower: Creamy yellow                                                                                         Clusters of small white flowers
Foliage: Glossy, dark green       AMUR 'FLAME' MAPLE                                                          and persistent purple-black
                                  Acer ginnala ‘Flame’
Fall Colour: Yellow                                                                                           fruit. Good fall colour of wine
(SUN, PS)                         Zone: 2 Height: 7 m                                                         red. Suckers freely for
                                  Spread: 7 m                         Amelanchier canadensis                  naturalistic plantings.
This rapid growing tree has a     Shape: Rounded                      Zone: 4 Height: 6 m                     Adaptable to wet or dry sandy
very dense, narrow head. The      Foliage: Medium green               Spread: 3 m                             soils.
leaves are small and heart-       Fall Colour: Brilliant orange-red   Shape: Upright
shaped. Flowers have a            to deep red          (SUN)          Flower: Snowy white
delicately spicy fragrance.                                           Fruit: Edible red-purple
                                                                      Foliage: Grayish-green

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                  14                            PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
                                  Foliage: Crimson-purple with       GOLDEN NUGGET                               FRINGETREE
BARBERRY                          a tinge of green                   Berberis thunbergii                         Chionanthus virginicus
                                  Fall Colour: Purplish-red          ‘Monlers'                                   Zone: 4 Height: 4 m
RUBY CAROUSEL                     (SUN)                              Zone: 4                                     Spread: 4 m
Berberis thunbergii 'Bailone'                                        Height 50 cm                                Shape: Open spreading
                                  Compact and thorny                 Spread: 80 - 100 cm                         Flower: White
Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
                                  branches                           Foliage Golden (SUN)                        Fruit: Dark blue
Spread: 1 m
                                  make an excellent low hedge,                                                   Foliage: Dark green
Shape: Low, rounded
                                  barrier or single shrub            Golden foliage with an orange               Fall Colour: Yellow
Foliage: Reddish-purple
                                  accent. Slow growing.              glow on the leaf tips that lasts            (SUN, PS)
Fall Colour: Reddish-purple
                                  Requires full sun for best         throughout season. Tolerates
                                  colour.                            most soil conditions.                       Masses of outstanding
This plan has a uniform habit                                        Moderately drought tolerant                 fragrant flowers in July
that can be used as an accent,    SUNSATION                          once established. Prefers full              makes this a beautiful
hedge or barrier plant due to     Berberis thunbergii 'Monry'        sun for best colour. Rust                   specimen shrub.
its thorns. Red berries appear    Zone: 5 Height: 1.25 m             resistant foliage.
through the winter. Prefers       Spread: 1.25 m                                                                 HUMMINGBIRD
moist, well-drained soil.         Shape: Mounded (SUN)               --------------------------------------      SUMMERSWEET
                                  Foliage: Golden-yellow                                                         Clethra alnifolia ‘Hummingbird’
JADE CAROUSEL                                                        SIBERIAN PEASHRUB                           Zone: 3 Height: 80 cm
Berberis thunbergii ‘baligreen’   A slow growing, compacted          Caragana arborescens                        Spread: 1 m
Zone: 4 Height: 1 m               variety with bright golden         Zone: 2 Height: 3 m                         Shape: Mounded
Spread: 1.5 m                     foliage, cast with shades of       Spread: 2.5 m                               Flower: White
Shape: Compact, rounded           orange. Excellent colour           Shape: Upright                              Foliage: Green
Foliage: Green                    contrast with green or red -       Flower: Yellow                              Fall Colour: Pale yellow to
Fall Colour: Scarlet-orange       foliaged plants. Outstanding       Fruit: Yellow-green pod                     golden brown (SUN, PS)
(SUN)                             fall colour.                       Foliage: Bright green
A green barberry with a very                                         (SUN, PS)                                   A dwarf rounded shrub with
uniform and compact habit.        ROSE GLOW                                                                      10cm long, fragrant flower
Red berries over winter.          Berberis thunbergii                A large, coarse, hardy shrub                spikes that cover the plant for
                                  ‘Rose Glow’                        able to withstand drought.                  many weeks.
CONCORDE                          Zone: 4 Height: 1 m                Yellow sweet pea-like flowers
                                  Spread: 80 cm                      in June.                                    VANILLA SPICE
Berberis thunbergii ‘concord’
                                  Fall Colour: Red                                                               SUMMERSWEET
Zone: 4 Height: 50 cm
                                  Shape: Rounded, compact            TEXAS SCARLET QUINCE
Shape: Upright                                                                                                   Clethra alnifolia ‘caleb’
                                  Foliage: Rose red to deep
Foliage: Deep purple                                                 Chaenomeles x supberba                      Zone: 5 Height: 1m
                                  maroon              (SUN)
Flowers: Yellow                                                      'Texas Scarlet'                             Spread: 1 m
Fruit: Red                                                           Zone: 4 Height: 60 cm                       Shape: Mounded
                                  An ornamental shrub with a
 (SUN)                                                               Spread: 1 m                                 Flower: White
                                  compact vase shape. New
Dwarf upright form with deep                                         Shape: Rounded                              Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)
                                  growth is bright pink that turns
purple, velvety foliage. A rust                                      Flower: Scarlet
                                  to a mottled silver pink to rose
free variety. Yellow flowers                                         Fruit: Greenish-yellow                      The individual flowers are
                                  and eventually deep maroon.
and bright red fruit.                                                Foliage: Green      (SUN)                   roughly the size of a dime,
                                  Notable autumn colour of red.
                                                                                                                 about twice the size of a
                                  Has a yellow flower.
ROYAL BURGUNDY                                                       Flowers are tomato red on this              typical clethra. The large spikes
Berberis thunbergii 'Gentry'                                         low growing shrub.                          are loaded with fragrant, pure
Zone: 4 Height: 60 cm
                                  DWARF GOLDEN                                                                   white flowers in late summer.
                                  Berberis thunbergii
Foliage: Burgundy                                                    COMPACT LEMOINE
                                  ‘Aurea Nana'                                                                   RUBY SPICE SUMMER
Fall Colour: Deep red                                                DEUTZIA
                                  Zone: 4
(SUN)                                                                                                            SWEET
                                  Spread: 80 - 100 cm                Deulzia x lemoinei 'Compacta'
                                  Shape: Rounded, compact            Zone: 5 Height: 1 m                         'Clethra ainifolia 'Ruby Spice'
A very compact, slow growing                                                                                     Zone: 3 Height: 1 - 2.5 m
                                  Foliage Yellow                     Spread: 80 cm
variety with gorgeous, velvety                                                                                   Spread: 1.2 - 2m
                                  Fall Colour: Red    (SUN, PT)      Shape: Compact, erect
burgundy-purple foliage that                                                                                     Shape: Broad, rounded
                                                                     Flower: White
turns shades of reddish black                                                                                    Flowers: Deep-pink
                                  Bright yellow foliage of this      Foliage: Green      (SUN)
in the fall.                                                                                                     Foliage: Green
                                  compact dwarf plant is a
                                  wonderful contrast colour in       A compact shrub which flowers               Fall: Yellow
CHERRY BOMB                       the landscape. It continues to     in early June. Reliably hardy in
Berberis thunbergii               draw attention in fall with        Ottawa.                                     Non-fading panicles of deep
‘Monomb’                          vibrant red foliage.                                                           pink flowers create a fluffy
Zone: 4 Height: 1 .25 m                                                                                          pink appearance. Wonderful
Spread: 1.25 m                                                                                                   fragrance, yellow coloured fall
Shape: Rounded                                                                                                   foliage.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                 15                                PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
PEKING COTONEASTER                     REDBARK                           YELLOWTWIG                            YOUNG LADY
Cotoneaster acutifolius                Cornus alba ‘sibirica’            Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’           SMOKEBUSH
Zone: 2 Height: 2.7 m                  Zone: 2 Height: 2 m               Zone: 2 Height: 2 m                   Cotinus coggygria
Spread: 1.5 m                          Spread: 1.5 m                     Spread: 2.5 m                         'Young Lady'
Shape: Broadly, spreading              Foliage: Dark green               Shape: Broad, rounded                 Zone: 4 Height: 2.5 m
Flower: Whitish-pink                   Flower: Yellowish-white           Flower: White                         Spread: 2.5 m
Fruit: Black                           Fruit: Blue                       Fruit: White, berry                   Shape: Open spreading
Foliage: Dark green                    (SUN, PS)                         Foliage: Green     (SUN, PS)          Foliage: Green
Fall: Orange-red                                                                                               Fall Colour: Orange-red
                                       Excellent for winter contrast     Unusual and attractive yellow         (SUN)
Erect, slightly spreading,             with its red bark. Small white    bark, a noteworthy trait of this
beautiful dark shiny green             flower clusters appear in late    plant. Makes an excellent             Lots of bloom even when it
foliage that turns orange-red in       May followed by berries. Red      contrast in the winter with           is a young plant. Looks
fall. Thrives in dry, poor soil.       fall foliage. Rapid grower.       Redbark Dogwood.                      something like a poodle in a
Very hardy, splendid hedge                                                                                     pot. Orange-red fall colour.
plant or landscape specimen.           PAGODA                            CORKSCREW HAZEL
                                                                         Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’           PEKING COTONEASTER
DOGWOOD                                Cornus alternifolia
                                                                         Zone: 5 Height: 2.5 m
                                                                         Spread: 2.5 m
                                                                                                               Cotoneaster acutifolius
                                                                                                               Zone: 2 Height: 2.7 m
                                       Zone: 4 Height: 5 m
                                                                         Shape: Rounded                        Spread: 1.5 m
                                       Spread: 8 m
MOR GOLD SIBERIAN                                                        Flower: Catkins Fruit: Nut            Shape: Broadly spreading
                                       Shape: Rounded, upright with
DOGWOOD                                                                  Foliage: Green                        Flower: Reddish
                                       horizontal branchlets
                                                                         Fall Colour: Yellow                   Fruit: Black
Cornus alba 'Aurea'                    Fruit: Blue-black, berry
                                                                         (SUN, PS)                             Foliage: Glossy dark green
Zone: 2 Height: 3 m                    Foliage: Dark green
Shape: Round                           Fall Colour: Red                                                        Fall Colour: Orange-red
                                                                         An unusual shrub with distinct        (SUN)
Spread: 2 m                            (SUN or SHADE)
                                                                         erect branches noted for their
Flower: White
                                                                         twisted and gnarled shapes.           Erect, slightly spreading,
Foliage: Yellow                        A native dogwood that makes
Fall: Yellow (SUN, PS)                 an interesting, small shrubby                                           beautiful dark shiny foliage.
                                       tree with horizontal              GOLDEN SPIRIT SMOKE                   Very hardy, splendid for hedge.
Chosen for its excellent               branchlets.                       BUSH
contrast, soft yellow leaves                                             'Cotinus coggygria 'Ancot'            TOM THUMB
and bright red stems. Birch                                              Zone: 4b Height: 2.5 m                COTTONEASTER
                                       ARCTIC SUN
yellow fall colour. Does best in                                         Spread: 1.75 m                        Cotoneaster apiculatus 'Tom
                                       Cornus sanguinea 'Cata'
full sun to maintain colour.                                             Shape: Upright Flower: Pink           Thumb'
                                       Zone: 4 Height: 1.2 m
                                                                         Foliage: Golden-yellow                Zone: 4 Height: 30 cm
                                       Spread: 1.2 m
IVORY HALO                                                               Fall Colour: Orange-red               Shape: Mounding
                                       Shape: Round (SUN, PS)
Cornus alba 'Bailho'                                                                                           Flower: White tipped pink
Zone: 3 Height: 1.75 m                                                   Golden foliage through the            Fruit: Dark red
                                       A brightly coloured dogwood
Spread: 1.75 m                                                           season turning to vivid hues of       Foliage: Green
                                       with rich yellow stems tipped
Foliage: Green and white                                                 orange-red and coral in fall.         Fall Colour: Amber-burgundy
                                       with blood-red colouration.
Fruit: Blue-white berry                                                  Light pink airy flowers on long       (SUN)
(SUN, PS)                                                                plums and a broadly upright
                                       RED OSIER                         habit. Prefers well drained           A low mounding variety with
                                       Cornus sericea                    soil. If soil is kept moist in hot
A compact form with more                                                                                       pink flowers followed by red
                                       Zone 2 Height 2.5 m               weather, no burning occurs.
delicately textured foliage than                                                                               bead-like berries that decorate
                                       Spread: 3 m
other species. Dark red winter twigs                                                                           the plant through winter.
                                       Shape: Irregular, rounded
and blue-white berries. Useful for                                       ROYAL PURPLE                          Amber and burgundy fall
                                       Flower: White
small planting areas.                                                    SMOKEBUSH                             foliage. Slow to moderate
                                       Foliage: Dark green
                                       Fall: Purple-red                  Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal
SILVERLEAF                                                               Purple’
Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’            Native-shrub with dark green      Zone: 5 Height: 2.5 m                 RUSSIAN OLIVE
Zone: 2 Height: 1.5 m                  leaves that turn purple-red in    Spread: 2.5 m                         Elaeagnus angustifolia
Spread: 1.2 m                          fall. Clusters of white flowers   Foliage: Velvety dark purple          Zone: 2 Height: 6 m
Shape: Erect, rounded                  produce white berries that        Shape: Upright, spreading             Spread: 5 m
Flower: Yellowish-white                contrast against red twigs.       Fall Colour: Dark purple              Shape: Rounded
Fruit: Blue-white, berry               Useful for stabilization and      Flower: Pinkish-purple (SUN)          Flower: Creamy-yellow
Foliage: Variegated cream              naturalization.                                                         Fruit: Golden-yellow
and green                                                                A multi-stemmed form that             Foliage: Silvery-gray (SUN)
                                                                         produces flowers in summer            A beautiful, very hardy plant
A very decorative variety with                                           on large, long lasting airy           with silver foliage all season.
its variegated foliage and                                               clusters that ‘smoke’ on the          Grows in all sorts of soil.
purplish-red branches.                                                   tree.

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                                         the blue-green leaves. Striking     ORIGINAL ENDLESS                       LITTLE LAMB
BURNING BUSH                             fall colour. Suitable for           SUMMER                                 Hydrangea paniculata ‘little
                                         foundation plantings, borders                                              lamb’
                                                                             Hydrangea macrophylla
BURNING BUSH                             or in masses. Prefers acid,                                                Zone: 3 Height: 1.75 m
                                         peaty, well drained soil.                                                  Spread: 2 m
Euonymus alatus                                                              Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
                                         Performs best with some                                                    Shape: Mounded
Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m                                                        Spread: 1 m
                                         shade.                                                                     Foliage: Green
Spread: 2 m                                                                  Flower: Pink, white, blue
Shape: Rounded                                                               Foliage: Deep green (SUN)              Flower: White (SUN)
Flower: Yellow-green                     VIRGINIAN WITCH HAZEL
Fruit: Orange-red capsule                                                    Blooms on new wood, with               It has the smallest flower
Foliage: Green                                                               large 10 – 15 cm blooms.               petals of any hydrangea.
                                         Hamamelis virginiana
Fall Colour: Scarlet (SUN)                                                   Good cut flowers. Flower               Blooms mid to late summer.
                                         Zone: 5 Height: 5 m
                                         Spread: 5 m                         colour depends on the acidity
An outstanding shrub with                Shape: Open branched,               of the soil.                           MAGICAL FIRE
corky ridged bark and red                rounded form                                                               Hydrangea paniculata ‘magic
berries. It is unrivalled for the        Flower: Golden yellow               BLUSHING BRIDE                         fire’
brilliance in autumn of its              Fruit: Capsule                      ENDLESS SUMMER                         Zone: 3 Height: 2-2.5 m
foliage.                                 Foliage: Green                                                             Spread: 2-2.5 m
                                                                             Hydrangea Macrophylla
                                         Fall Colour: Yellow-orange          'Blushing Bride'                       Shape: Mounded
DWARF BURNING BUSH                       (SUN or SHADE)                      Zone: 4 Height: 1.25 m                 Foliage: Green
Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’                                                  Spread: 1.25 m                         Flower: White flowers that
Zone: 3 Height: 1.2 m                    Fragrant flowers in late            Shape: Mounded                         turn to red in August-
Spread: 1.2 m                            September. A sturdy plant,          Foliage: Deep green                    September (SUN)
Shape: Rounded                           good for naturalistic or mass       Flower: White blushed with
Flower: Yellow-green                     plantings. Will do well in sun or   pink      (SUN, PS)                    Beautiful blooming
Fruit: Orange-red capsule                shade.                                                                     hydrangea with large white
Foliage: Green                                                               Large mophead blooms                   flowers that turn red
Fall Colour: Scarlet (SUN)               COMMON SEA                          appear throughout the                  between August and
                                                                             Summer on this profusely               September.
A dwarf compact variety,                 Hippophae rhamnoides                flowering plant. Flowers
similar to above.                        Zone: 32 Height: 2.5 m              open clear white, and                  COMPACT
                                         Spread: 2.5 m                       acquire a light pink blush as          Hydrangea macrophylla
--------------------------------------   Shape: Upright                      they mature. Nicely                    'Compacta'
NORTHERN GOLD                            Flower: Yellowish-white             contrasted by glossy, deep             Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
FORSYTHIA                                Fruit: Bright orange (female        green foliage. Remove spent            Spread: 1 m
                                         only)                               blooms to encourage new                Shape: Mounded
Forsythia ovata ‘Northern
                                         Foliage: Silvery-green              ones.                                  Foliage: Green
                                         Fall colour: Grayish-green                                                 Flower: Blue      (SUN)
Zone: 3 Height: 2 m
Spread: 1.5 m                            (SUN,PS)                            BELLA ANNA
                                         An ornamental shrub with            Hydrangea arborenscens                 Blue flower colour will
Shape: Upright
                                         narrow leaves and bright            Zone: 4 Height: 1.7 m                  intensify in acidic soils.
Flower: Golden-yellow
Foliage: Dark green (SUN)                berries in the fall. Best used in   Spread: 1.7 m
                                         mass plantings where plants of      Shape: Rounded                         TWIST AND SHOUT
An upright growing shrub with            both sexes will assure berries.     Foliage: Dark green                    ENDLESS SUMMER
gray-yellow branches. A very                                                 Flower: Pink (SUN, PS)                 HYDRANGEA
hardy strain. Large, golden-
yellow flowers and dark green            HYDRANGEA                           Large magenta-pink blooms
                                                                                                                    Hydrangea macrophylla
foliage create a nicely                                                      from summer to fall.
                                                                                                                    Zone: 5 Height: 1.5 m
contrasted look.                         ANNABELLE                                                                  Spread: 1.5 m
                                         Hydrangea arborescens               INVINCIBELLE SPIRIT                    Shape: Mounded
FOTHERGILLA                              ‘Annabelle’                         Hydrangea arborenscens                 Foliage: Dark green
Fothergilla gardenii                     Zone: 2 Height: 1.2 m               Zone: 3 Height: 1.2 m                  Flower: Pink or periwinkle
Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm                    Spread: 1.2 m                       Spread: 1.5                            Fall Colour: Burgundy
Spread: 60 cm                            Shape: Low growing, rounded         Shape: Mounted                         (SUN, PS)
Shape: Rounded, upright                  Flower: White                       Foliage: Green
Flower: Creamy-white                     Foliage: Dark green                 Flower: Pink     (SUN, PS)             Lacy deep pink centers are
Foliage: Blue- green                     (SUN or SHADE)                                                             surrounded by gorgeous
Fall Colour: Yellow-orange to                                                Rich pink flowers bloom from           blossoms of pink or
scarlet (SUN)                            Large, solid globular flowers       early summer to frost. Hot             periwinkle blue, depending
                                         are produced on new wood            pink flowers turn to soft pink         on soil acidity. Single florets
                                         and last until frost. Prune each    as they mature, finally                are larger than the other
A small refined shrub with
                                         spring within eight inches of       changing to green . Excellent          Endless Summer varieties.
fragrant, white bottle brush-
                                         ground.                             Native plant.
like flowers appearing prior to

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                         17                           PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
QUICK FIRE                         CITYLINE RIO                     LIMELIGHT                                   SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN
HYDRANGEA                          Hydrangea macrophylla            Hydrangea paniculata                        WINTERBERRY
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bulk’        'Cityline Rio'                   'Limelight'                                 Ilex verticillata 'Southern
Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m              Zone: 5 Height: 1 m              Zone: 4 Height: 2.5 m                       Gentleman'
Spread: 1.75 m                     Spread: 1 m                      Spread: 3 m                                 Zone: 4 Height: 2 m
Shape: Upright, arching            Shape: Compact, upright          Shape: Upright                              Spread: 2 m
Foliage: Dark green                Flower: Blue                     Flower: Lime green                          Shape: Rounded
Flower: White to Deep pink         Foliage: Glossy Green            Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)                    Flower: White
(SUN, PS)                          (SUN, PS)                                                                    Foliage: Dark green
                                                                    Extraordinary bright lime-                  Fall Colour: Yellow-green to
Very hardy shrub on which          Large blue coloured with green   green flowers add much                      purplish bronze.
large florets that form loose      eye when opening.                needed colour to late summer                (SUN, PS)
cones appear in mid-                                                gardens. Vigorous and
summer. As the season              VANILLA FRAISE                   floriferous. Adapts well to                 Male selection used to
progresses, white or light         Hydrangea paniculata ‘vanilla    clay soils.                                 pollinate 'Winter Red'.
pink blooms will quickly           fraise’
change to a vivid, dark            Zone: 3 Height: 1-2 m            LITTLE LIME                                 WINTER RED
pink as if having gone up in       Spread; 2-3 m                    Hydrangea paniculata 'Little                WINTERBERRY
flames.                            Shape: Mounded                   Lime'
                                                                                                                Ilex verticillata 'Winter Red'
                                   Flower: White, turning pink      Zone: 4 Height: 1.2 m
                                                                                                                Zone: 4 Height: 2 m
CITYLINE 'VENICE'                  later in the season.             Spread: 1 - 1.5 m
                                                                                                                Spread: 2.5 m
                                   Foliage: Green                   Shape: Mounded
Hydrangea macrophylla                                                                                           Shape: Upright
                                   (SUN, PS)                        Flower: Lime Green
‘Venice Raven'                                                                                                  Fruit: Bright red
                                                                    Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)
Zone: 5 Height: 1 m                                                                                             Flower: Creamy-white
                                   Blooms emerge pure whie
Spread: 1 m                                                                                                     Foliage: Dark green
                                   then turn throughout the         Dwarf hydrangea produces
Shape: Compact upright                                                                                          Fall Colour: Bronze
                                   season to a raspberry pink       green summer flowers that
Flower: Fucshia                                                                                                 (SUN or SHADE)
                                   colour.                          turn pink in fall. Similar to
Foliage: Glossy green
                                                                    'Limelight'. Hardy variety.
(SUN, PS)                                                                                                       Dark foliage and abundant
                                   PEEGEE                                                                       large bright fruit persisting
Large fushia flowers on tight      Hydrangea paniculata                                                         into winter are characteristic
compact plant. Mildew              ‘Grandiflora’                    TARDIVA                                     of this plant. Will thrive and
resistant, glossy dark green       Zone: 4 Height: 2 m              Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva'              fruit in shade. Male needed
serrated leaves. Long lasting      Spread; 2.5 m                    Zone: 3 Height: 2 - 3 m                     for pollination. Excellent for
flowers age to green. Acid soils   Shape: Upright, mounded          Spread: 1 .5 - 2 m                          birds.
will turn flowers blue. Prefers    Flower: Double white             Shape: Upright
partial shade.                     Foliage: Dark green              Flower: White
                                                                    Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)                    KERRYBUSH
                                   (SUN, PS)
                                                                                                                (JAPANESE ROSE)
CITYLINE MARS                                                                                                   Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'
                                   Produces huge cone-shaped        Large flowering cultivar with
Hydrangea macrophylla
                                   white flowers changing to pink   loosely-packed, sharply                     Zone: 5 Height: 1.2 m
'Cityline Mars'
                                   and bronze early fall.           pointed white flower heads                  Spread: 2 m
Zone: 5 Height: 1 m
                                                                    that turn purplish-pink with                Shape: Broad, rounded
Spread: 1 m
                                                                    age.                                        Flower: Yellow, double
Shape: Compact upright
                                                                                                                Foliage: Bright green
Flower: Bi-colour                  PINKY WINKY                                                                  (SUN or SHADE)
Foliage: Glossy green              HYDRANGEA
(SUN, PS)                          Hydrangea paniculata ‘Pinky
                                                                    SHRUBBY ST. JOHN’S                          A handsome shrub with
                                   Winky’                                                                       graceful drooping branches
Large bi-colour flowers            Zone: 4 Height: 1.75 m           WORT
                                                                                                                and a profusion of flowers in
changing to green with age.        Spread: 1.75 m                   Hypericum calycinum
                                                                                                                June which continue to some
                                   Shape: Upright                   Zone: 6 Height: 60 cm
                                                                                                                extent all Summer. Bright
CITYLINE PARIS                     Foliage: Dark green              Flower: Bright yellow
                                                                                                                green bark provides visual
Hydrangea macrophylla              Flower: White to fuchsia         Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)
                                                                                                                interest during the Winter
'Cityline Paris'                   (SUN, PS)                                                                    months.
Zone: 5 Height 1 m                                                  Evergreen groundcover, good
Spread: 1 m                        Massive, loose, conical          for erosion control. Spreads
Shape: Compact, upright            flowers transition in colour,    vigorously by underground
Flower: Green, Red to Pink         forming a tricolour effect.      stems. Rounded green foliage
Foliage: Glossy green              Bloom tips are white,            with bright green stems.
(SUN, PS)                          darkening along the
                                   flowerhead to become deep
Flowers emerge green and red       pink at the bottom.
maturing to dark pink.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                18                                PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
BEAUTYBUSH                          SOUTHERN BUSH                        A popular shrub in the               Clusters of fragrant, double
‘DREAMCATCHER’                      Diervilla sessilifolia 'Butterfly'   landscape for its contrasting        white flowers with quill-like
                                    Zone: 3 Height: 1 .25 m              colour. It has fragrant flowers      petals appear in June. Semi-
Kolkwitzia amabilis ‘Maradco’
                                    Spread: 1 m                          and retains its golden colour        dwarf.
Zone: 5 Height: 2.5 m
                                    Shape: Mounded                       better if in slight shade.
Spread: 2 m
Shape: Upright, arching             Flower: Yellow
Flower: Pink
Foliage: Golden-green
                                    Foliage: Dark Green (SUN, PS)
Fall colour: Golden-orange          A low growing shrub.                 Philadelphus x virginalis
(SUN, PS)                           Flowers are sulphur-yellow           Zone: 3 Height: 2 m                  COPPERTINA
                                    blooming June-July into              Spread: 1.5 m                        Physocarpus opulifolius ‘mindia
Golden-yellow foliage and           August. Very hardy. Suitable         Shape: Broad, branching              Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m
golden-orange fall colours are      for rough cuts and banks.            Foliage: Green                       Spread: 1m
unique to this Beautybush.          Foliage is insect and disease        Flower: White (SUN, PS)              Shape: Upright
Does best in partial shade.         resistant. Will withstand                                                 Flower: Pink-white
                                    shade but best in full sun.          This superb shrub is                 Fruit: Red
AMUR PRIVET                                                              deservedly popular for its           Foliage: Coppery-orange
Ligustrum amurense                  COOL SPLASH                          large, very fragrant, semi-          (SUN)
Zone: 5 Height: 2 m                 Diervilla sessilifolia "Cool         double flowers. A medium
Spread: 2 m                         Splash                               sized shrub with a fountain-         Fast growing plant. Pink-white
Shape: Upright, columnar            Zone: 3 Height: 1.25                 like form. Tolerant of adverse       flowers emerge in the summer.
Flower; Creamy-white                Spread: 1 m                          conditions.                          Unusual coppery-oragnge
Fruit: Black, berry                 Shape: Mounded                                                            leaves emerge in spring and
Foliage: Dark olive green           Flower: Yellow                                                            develop red hues in late
(SUN, PS)                           Foliage: Varigated (SUN , PS))       MINIATURE SNOWFLAKE                  summer.
                                                                         Philadelphus virginalis
Lustrous green foliage. Good        White variegated leaves and
                                                                         ‘Minnesota Snowflake’
for hedging.                        yellow trumpet flowers on a
                                                                         Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m                DART’S GOLD
                                    compact shrub. Best foliage
                                                                         Spread: 1.5 m                        Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Dart’s
ARNOLD RED                          variegation occurs in full sun,
                                                                         Shape: Arching vase shaped           Gold’
                                    A nice garden accent.
HONEYSUCKLE                                                              Flower: Double white                 Zone: 2 Height: 1.2 m
Lonicera tatarica ‘Zabelii’                                              Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)             Spread: 1.2 m
Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m
                                    BAYBERRY                                                                  Shape: Rounded
Spread: 2 m                                                              An outstanding Mock Orange           Flower: White
Shape: Upright, rounded             Myrica pensylvancia                  that is one of the best              Fruit: Red
Flower: Dark Red                    Zone: 4 Height: 2 m                  introductions in recent years.       Foliage: Yellow
Fruit: Red, berry                   Spread: 2 m                          Flowers are double and               (SUN)
Foliage: Bluish-green               Shape: Upright, mounded              fragrant. A tall, graceful
Fall Colour: Bluish-green           Fruit: Silvery-gray berries,         shrub.                               A hardy attractive plant with
(SUN)                               female only                                                               excellent colour for foundation
                                    Foliage: Green (SUN, PS)             SNOWBELLE                            or border planting.
This particular variety is a                                             Philadelphus x virginalis
profuse bloomer and bearer of       Plant several together so that       ‘snowbelle’
showy fruit. Easily grown in        the conspicuous gray fruit,          Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m                DIABOLO
well-drained soil.                  covered with wax, will be            Spread: 1.2 m                        Physocarpus opulifolius
                                    produced. Used in making             Shape: Upright, rounded              ‘Diabolo’
CLAVEY’S DWARF                      Bayberry candles.                    Foliage: Green                       Zone: 5 Height: 2m
HONEYSUCKLE                                                              Flower: White (SUN)                  Spread: 1.2 m
Lonicera xylosteoides x                                                                                       Shape: Broad, upright
‘Clavey’s Dwarf’                                                         Small dense green leaves.            Flower: White
Zone: 3 Height: 1.5 m
Spread: 1.5 m
                                    MOCK ORANGE                          Flowers are fragrant, semi-
                                                                         double white blooms. Semi-
                                                                                                              Foliage: Dark purple
                                                                                                              (SUN, PS)
Shape: Rounded                                                           dwarf variety.
Flower: Yellow                      GOLDEN                                                                    Dark purple foliage provides an
Fruit: Red, berry                   Philadelphus coronarius              BUCKLEY’S QUILL                      excellent contrast in the shrub
Foliage: Gray-green (SUN)           ‘Aureus’                             Philadelphus X 'Buckleys             border. White flowers are
                                    Zone: 4 Height: 1 m                  Quil’l                               produced in early summer.
A low growing, compact shrub        Spread: 1.2 m                        Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m                Spring prune to 45 cm.
useful for the front of a border.   Shape: Compact                       Spread: 1 m
                                    Flower: White                        Shape: Erect, branching
                                    Foliage: Golden                      Foliage: Deep green
                                    (SUN, PS)                            Flower: White (SUN, PS)

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SUMMERWINE                       PINK BEAUTY                              MANCHU CHERRY                          TIGER EYES CUTLEAF
Physocarpus opulifolius          Potentilla fruticosa ‘Pink               Prunus tomentosa                       Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger'
'Seward'                         Beauty’ &’Pink Princess’                 Zone: 2 Height: 2 m                    Zone: 4 Height: 2 m
Zone: 3 Height: 2 m              Zone: 2 Height: 1 m                      Spread: 2.5 m                          Spread: 2 m
Spread: 2 m                      Shape: Rounded                           Shape: Broad, spreading                Foliage: Golden
Shape: Upright, short            Foliage: Bright green                    Flower: White                          Fall Colour: Yellow, orange
Flower: White                    Flower: Clear pink                       Fruit: Red, edible cherries            and scarlet
Foliage: Purple    (SUN)         (SUN, PS)                                Foliage: Dark green (SUN)              (SUN)

A dark leafed Ninebark with      Medium-pink, semi-double                 Hardiest of the flowering              New growth is chartreuse
neat compact branching and       flowers. Performs best in                cherries. Suitable for hedging.        turning to yellow. Both
fine deeply cut dark crimson-    moderate to full sun.                    Light pink flowers in early            colours contrast nicely with
red foliage. Pinkish-white                                                spring lighten to white before         fuzzy, rosy pink leaf stems.
button-like flowers in                                                    falling.                               The branches angle up and
midsummer.                       YELLOW GEM                                                                      the deeply cut leaflets droop
                                                                          FLOWERING ALMOND                       downwards, giving it an
                                 Potentilla fruticosa ‘Yellow
                                                                                                                 oriental look.
POTENTILLA                       Gem’
                                 Zone: 2 Height: 50 cm
                                                                          Prunus triloba var. multiplex
                                                                          Zone: 2 Height: 2 m
                                 Spread: 80 cm                            Spread: 2.5 m                          ---------------------------------
McKAYS WHITE                     Shape: Low, spreading                    Shape: Spreading                       GOLDEN CURRANT
Potentilla fruticosa 'McKay's    Flower: Bright yellow                    Flower: Double pink                    Ribes aureum
White'                           Foliage: Gray-green (SUN)                Foliage: Green                         Zone: 2 Height: 2 m
Zone: 3 Height: 80 cm                                                     Fall Colour: Yellow-bronze
Spread: 90 cm                    Bright ruffled petals and                (SUN)                                  Shape: Rounded
Shape: Rounded                   graylobed hairy leaves                                                          Flower: Yellow
Flower: White                    contrast with its young twigs            Delightful double bright               Foliage: Green
Foliage: Dark green (SUN)        of red. Blooms appear in May             flowers on every branch and            Fall colour: Scarlet
                                 and last until a hard frost.             twig make a most handsome              Fruit: Black, berry
Creamy white flowers are very                                             display in May before the              (SUN or SHADE)
heat tolerant, and are                                                    leaves come out.
displayed on a nice compact                                                                                      Fragrant yellow flowers in
shrub. Continuous flowers.       GOLD FINGER
                                                                                                                 spring will attract
                                 Potentilla fruitcosa
                                                                          SUMAC                                  hummingbirds. Foliage will
                                                                                                                 turn red in thee fall. Drought
                                 Zone: 2 Height: 1 m
ORANGEADE                                                                 FRAGRANT                               tolerant.
                                 Spread: 1 m
Potentilla fruticosa             Shape: Rounded                           Rhus aromatica
'Orangeade'                      Flower: Golden-yellow                    Zone: 3 Height: 1.5 m                  ALPINE CURRANT
Zone: 3 Height: 30-60 cm         Foliage: Dark green (SUN)                Spread: 2 m                            Ribes alpinum
Spread: 60 cm                                                             Shape: Low, spreading                  Zone: 2 Height: 1.5 m
Shape: Low mounded               Very large numerous golden-              Flower: Yellow                         Spread: 1.5 m
Flower: Deep orange              yellow flowers.                          Fruit: Red, berry                      Shape: Rounded
Foliage: Green       (SUN)                                                Foliage: Green, aromatic               Flower: Greenish
                                 --------------------------------------   Fall Colour: Brilliant scarlet to      Foliage: Glossy green
Deep orange blooms in July                                                orange .        (SUN, PS)              Fruit: Scarlet, berry
contrast vividly against green   PURPLELEAF                                                                      (SUN or SHADE)
foliage. Plant exhibits a                                                 A low growing shrub that
horizontal growth habit.         SANDCHERRY                                                                      An excellent shrub for shade or
                                                                          spreads by suckers. Ideal for
                                 Prunus x cistena                                                                sun, or for low to medium
                                                                          banks and slopes.
                                 Zone: 3 Height: 2 m                                                             height hedges.
                                 Spread: 1.5 m
MANGO TANGO                      Shape: Upright, oval                     STAGHORN
Potentilla fruticosa 'Uman'      Flower: Pink
Zone: 2 Height: 60 cm            Fruit: Blackish-purple
                                                                          Rhus typina
Spread: 60 cm                    Foliage: Reddish-purple (SUN)                                                   **Inquire in-store for
                                                                          Zone: 3 Height: 2.5 m
Shape: Low mounded                                                                                               listings of hardy, tender
                                                                          Spread: 3 m
Flower: Orange-red               A very hardy shrub with rich                                                    and carpet varieties**
                                                                          Shape: Wide, spreading
Foliage: Green         (SUN)     coloured foliage and fragrant            Flower: Greenish-yellow
                                 bloom; retains its colour all            Fruit: Crimson-red, hairy
Bicolour flowers with orange-    summer.                                  Foliage: Bright green
red centres blending outward
                                                                          Fall Colour: Orange to red
into deep yellow. Flowers are
                                                                          (SUN, PS)
deeper red in cooler weather.
tidy compact form, very hardy.
                                                                          Excellent fall colour. Will
                                                                          tolerate dry or moist soils.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                      20                           PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
FLOWERING RASPBERRY                                                  SEM FALSE SPIREA
                                   ELDERBERRY                        Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'              This dwarf shrub comes out in
                                                                     Zone: 2 Height: 1 m                    spring with its showy golden
Rubus odoratus                                                                                              growth. Later it becomes green
                                   ELDERBERRY                        Spread: 1 m
Zone: 4 Height: 2.5 m                                                                                       and produces red flowers in
                                   Sambucus canadensis               Shape: Upright
Spread: 2.5 m                                                                                               July.
                                   'Maxima'                          Foliage: Light green
Shape: Upright
                                   Zone: 2 Height: 2.5 m             Flower: Creamy white (PS)
Flower: Purplish-rose
                                   Spread: 2 m
Foliage: Deep green
                                   Shape: Upright                    Has a more compact habit               GREFSHEIM
Fruit: Red berry
                                   Flower: White                     and stands lower to the                Spirea x cinera ‘Grefsheim’
                                   Foliage: Green                    ground than the standard               Zone: 4 Height: 1 m
                                   Fruit: Dark purple (SUN)          False Spirea. Attractive               Spread: 1 m
Large, maple-like leaves,
                                                                     orange foliage changes to              Shape: Mounded
suckering roots and large,
                                   A selection with large flowers.   light green as it matures later        Flower: White
fragrant flowers characterize
                                   Edible fruit can be used for      in the season. Flowers in              Foliage: Bluish-green
this shrub. Good for screening.
                                   wines and desserts.               July-August and is suitable            Fall Colour: Golden
                                                                     for small spaces.                      (SUN, PS)
                                   GOLDEN VARIEGATED
                                   Sambucus nigra
                                                                     SPIREA                                 Early spring-blooming shrub
                                                                                                            with arching branches draped
PUSSY WILLOW                                                                                                in pure white flowers.
Salix discolor                                                       DART’S RED
                                   Zone: 4 Height: 2-2.5 m
Zone: 4 Height: 6 m                                                  Spirea x bumalda ‘Dart’s Red’
                                   Spread: 2-2.5 m
Spread: 1.5 m                                                        Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm
                                   Shape: Broad, rounded                                                    SHIROBANA
Shape: Upright                                                       Spread: 80 cm
                                   Flower: White
Flower: Silvery-pink catkins                                         Shape: Upright, rounded                Spiraea japonica ‘Shirobana’
                                   Fruit: Black
Foliage: Gray-green (SUN)                                            Flower: Carmine-red                    Zone: 4 Height: 60 cm
                                   Foliage: Yellow-green
                                                                     Foliage: Bluish-green                  Spread: 80 cm
                                   (SUN, PS)
Shrub or small tree with                                             Fall Colour: Reddish-purple            Shape: Mounded
catkins appearing before                                             (SUN)                                  Flower: White, pink and deep
                                   Attractive vivid variegated
leaves in early spring.                                                                                     rose
                                   leaves in yellow and green .
Tolerates wet conditions.                                            Deep carmine flowers that              Foliage: Green      (SUN)
                                   Richly aromatic creamy-white
                                   flowers are followed by shiny     fade to rosy-pink with age.
                                                                                                            Low upright summer
HAKURO NISHIKI                     black berries - delicious wine    Bluish-green foliage turns to
                                                                     reddish-purple in the fall.            flowering Spirea with flat
DAPPLED WILLOW                     or cordials.
                                                                                                            flower heads.
Salix ‘Hakuro Nishiki’
Zone: 5 Height: 1.5 m
Spread: 1.5 m                      BLACK LACE                        GOLD MOUND
Shape: Arching, rounded                                              Spiraea x ‘Gold Mound’                 MAGIC CARPET
                                   Sambucus nigra 'Eva'
Foliage: Tricolour, green, white                                     Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm                  Spiraea japonica 'Walbuma'
                                   Zone: 4 Height: 2 m
and pink             (SUN, PS)                                       Spread: 1 m                            Zone: 3 Height: 80 cm
                                   Spread: 2 m
                                                                     Shape: Low, mounded                    Spread: 80 cm
                                   Foliage: Purplish-black
Branchlets are thin, shining                                         Flower: Crimson                        Shape: Mounded
                                   Flower: Soft pink (SUN, PS)
bright pink. Unfolding leaves                                        Foliage: Yellow                        Flower: Pinkish-purple
are white, suffused with pale                                        Fall Colour: Copper-orange             Foliage: Yellow tinged with
                                   Intensely coloured foliage is
pink, then become mottled                                            (SUN)                                  green         (SUN, PS)
                                   finely cut, creating a look
with bright green variegation.                                                                              Fall Colour: Red
                                   similar to Japanese Maples.
A striking ornamental. Prune                                         This bushy plant has
each spring to maintain                                              outstanding colourful foliage.         A dwarf Spirea with vibrant
variegation.                       -------------------------------   Excellent for contrast or accent       red leaf tips against a
                                                                     planting in a foundation or            background of bright golden
                                   FALSE SPIREA                                                             foliage that is tinged with
BLUE ARCTIC WILLOW                                                   shrub border.
                                                                                                            green. Vibrant flowers
Salix purpurpea ‘Nana’             Sorbaria sorbifolia
                                                                                                            appear in Summer. Can be
(Gracilis)                         Zone: 2 Height: 2 m               GOLDFLAME                              used as a groundcover or
Zone: 4 Height: 1.2 m              Spread: 1.5 m                     Spiraea japonica ‘Goldflame’
                                                                                                            bedding plant. Tolerant of
Spread: 1.5 m                      Shape: Erect                      Zone: 2 Height: 1 m
                                                                                                            most soil types.
Shape: Upright, rounded            Flower: Creamy-white              Spread: 1.25 m
Flower: Catkins                    Foliage: Deep green               Shape: Low, mounded
Foliage: Bluish   (SUN)            (SUN or SHADE)                    Flower: Crimson
                                                                     Foliage: Bright golden changing
Attractive low growing willow      Vigorous spreading shrub, ash-    to green
that's suitable for low hedges.    leaved foliage, and 10 cm         Fall Colour: Copper-orange
                                   flower clusters in July.          (SUN)

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                 21                           PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
SNOWMOUND                           LITTLE PRINCESS                                                         ‘James McFarlane’
Spirea nipponica ‘Snowmound’        Spiraea japonica 'Little
                                                                      LILAC                                  – Single dark pink
Zone: 4 Height: 1.2 m               Princess'                                                               'Minuet'
Spread: 1 m                         Zone: 4 Height 60 cm              DWARF KOREAN                          – Light purple
Shape: Rounded                      Spread: 80 cm                     (PALIBAN) LILAC                       'Nocturne'
Flower: White                       Shape: Low, mounded, dense                                              – Deep purple to lilac pink
                                                                      Syringa meyei ‘Palibin’
Foliage: Dark green                 Flower: Pink                                                            'Red Wine’
                                                                      Zone: 3 Height: 1.2 m
Fall Colour: Yellow-orange          Foliage: Green                                                          - Magenta
                                                                      Spread: 1.5 m
(SUN)                               Fall Colour: Dark red             Shape: Compact, low
Small dense rounded shrub           Mounding habit and masses of      Flower: Reddish-purple to             JAPANESE TREE LILAC
with graceful branches and          rose blooms in the summer.        whitish-pink                          Syringa reticulata
small dark green foliage.           Slender branches have mint-       Foliage: Dark green (SUN)             Zone: 3 Height: 10 m
Clusters of small white flowers     green foliage. Suitable for a                                           Spread: 5 m
in spring. Prune after blooms       groundcover or a dwarf            Fragrant flowers bloom                Shape: Upright, vase-shaped
are done.                           specimen.                         profusely at an early age on          Foliage: Dark green
                                                                      this unusual dwarf variety.           Flower: Creamy-white (SUN)
VANHOUTTEI                          FRITSCHIANA                       Excellent uniform habit.
Spiraea x vanhouttei                Spiraea 'fritschiana'                                                   Similar to the Ivory Silk, but is
Zone: 4 Height; 2 m                 Zone: 3 Height 80 cm              MISS KIM                              multi-stemmed from the
Spread: 3 m                         Spread: 1.2 m                     Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’             ground up instead of a single
Shape: Vase-shaped, arching         Shape: Mounded                    Zone: 3 Height: 1.5 m                 trunk. Very attractive in mid-
branches                            Flower: White                     Spread: 1.2 m                         summer, bearing large
Flower: White                       Foliage: Dark Green               Shape: Rounded                        panicles of flowers every
Foliage: Blue-green (SUN)           Fall Colour: Orange to purple     Flower: Blue, single                  second year (unless it is
                                                                      Foliage: Green                        pruned back after the
The graceful pendulous              -------------------------------   Fall Colour: Burgundy, red            flowers have finished).
branches are a mass of flowers                                        (SUN)                                 Excellent in the large
in June.                            WHITE SNOWBERRY                                                         garden.
                                                                      A hardy fragrant lilac.
FLAMING MOUND                                                         Blooms when others have
Spiraea x bumalda 'Flaming          Symphoricarpos albus              finished with pale coloured
Mound'                              Zone: 3 Height: 1.5 m             flowers.                              COMMON LILAC
Zone: 2 Height 80 cm                Spread: 1.2 m                                                           Syringa vulgaris
Spread: 1 m                         Shape: Broad, rounded                                                   Zone: 3 Height: 4 m
                                                                      BLOOMERANG                            Spread: 2 m
Shape: Low, mounding                Flower: Pinkish
                                                                      Syringa x pendra
Flower: Crimson                     Fruit: White, berry                                                     Shape: Upright, vase-shaped
                                                                      Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
Foliage: Bright golden              Foliage: Bluish-green                                                   Flower: Light lilac, or white
                                                                      Spread: 2 m
Fall Colour: Copper-orange          (SUN or SHADE)                                                          Foliage: Blue green (SUN)
                                                                      Shape: Compact
                                                                      Flower: Lilac
Foliage is flaming red in early     White waxy berries,                                                     The popular lilac blooming in
                                                                      Foliage: Green (SUN)
spring and late fall.               valuable in shade and dry or                                            June; fine for hedges and
Abundance of dark pink -red         moist places.                                                           screens. One of the most
                                                                      Very fragrant, lavender flowers
flowers on this medium                                                                                      fragrant lilacs.
                                                                      in late spring. Bloomerang
compact bush.                       AMETHYST                          continues to rebloom from mid
                                    CORALBERRY                        summer until frost.
NEON FLASH                          Symphoricarpos x                                                        FRENCH HYBRID
Spiraea japonica 'Neon Flash'       doorenbosii 'Kordes'                                                    Zone: 2 Height: 2.5 m
                                                                      PRESTON LILAC                         Spread: 2 m
Zone: 4 Height 1 m                  Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
                                                                      Syringa x prestoniae
Spread: 1 m                         Spread: 1.2 m                                                           Shape: Upright
                                                                      Zone: 2 Height: 2.5 m
Shape: Rounded                      Shape: Upright                                                          Flower: Various, see below
                                                                      Spread: 1.5 m
Flower: Red                         Flower: White                                                           Foliage: Green     (SUN)
                                                                      Shape: Upright, dense
Foliage: Green                      Fruit: Purplish-pink berry
                                                                      Flower: Various, see below
Fall Colour: Burgundy               Foliage: Green                                                          These most popular Lilacs
                                                                      Foliage: Dark green (SUN)
                                    (SUN or SHADE)                                                          produce magnificent fragrant
Bright red flower clusters that                                                                             trusses of bloom. Very hardy.
                                                                      Hardy hybrids, that are easy to
look like a flash of neon against   Beautifully vivid fruit adorn
                                                                      grow, and flower two weeks
a dark green sky. Blooms            the branches of this new                                                'Beauty of Moscow'
                                                                      after common lilacs.
throughout season. New              introduction.                                                           -Double, creamy white
growth has a tinge of purple                                                                                'Edward Gardner'
                                                                      ‘Donald Wyman’
changing to green. Tolerant of                                                                              -Double, medium pink
                                                                       - Red-purple
most soils and light shade.                                                                                 'Ludwig Spaeth'
                                                                                                            - Single, deep purple
                                                                      - Pink

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                  22                          PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
‘Michael Buchner’                        BLUE MUFFIN                         Fine twigged with white              A true dwarf version of 'Wine
-Double, Purple—lilac                    Viburnum dentatum 'Christom'        pinwheel-like flowers in late        and Roses'. Flowers bloom in
‘Paul Thurion’                           Zone: 3 Height: 2 m                 May. Berries last into winter.       mid to late spring. Dense,
-Double, .bright, pinkish-red            Flower: White Fruit: Blue           Needs medium moist soil.             spreading habit.
‘Primrose’                               Foliage: Green   (SUN, PS)
-Single, creamy-yellow, very                                                 HIGHBUSH CRANBERRY                   MINUET WEIGELA
fragrant                                 This shrub is covered with an       Viburnum trilobum                    Weigela florida ‘Minuet’
'Sensation'                              abundance of white flowers in       'Wentworth'                          Zone: 4 Height: 60 cm
- Single, purple with white              the spring, and boasts an           Zone: 2 Height: 3 m                  Spread: 60 cm
border                                   impressive display of rich, blue,   Spread: 3 m                          Shape: Compact, rounded
                                         berries. Suitable for a low         Shape: Upright, rounded              Flower: Lilac/pink
--------------------------------------   hedge or as a foundation plant.     Flower: White                        Foliage: Green with purple tint
                                                                             Fruit: Red                           (SUN)
PINK CASCADE                                                                 Foliage: Dark Green
Tamarix ramosissima ‘Pnk                                                     Fall Colour: Deep Red (SUN)          Blooms appear in early
                                         MOHICAN WAYFARING
Casade’                                                                                                           summer, are ruby-red on the
Zone: 3 Height: 4.5 m                    TREE                                Hardy, free flowering shrub          exterior, lilac-purple lobes
Spread: 4 m                              Viburnum lantana 'Mohican'          that produces edible fruit.          with a yellow throat and
Shape: Open, upright                     Zone: 3 Height: 1.75 m                                                   slightly fragrant. Flowers
                                         Spread: 2.5 m
Flower: Pink
Foliage: Blue-green                      Shape: Compact                      WEIGELA                              freely.

(SUN)                                    Flower: White
                                         Fruit: Orange-red to black
                                                                                                                  VARIEGATED WEIGELA
                                                                             CAPPUCINO                            Weigela florida ‘Nana
Light blue-greenfoliage which            Foliage: Green                      Weigela florida ‘Cappuccino’         Variegata’
turns a bronze colour in the             Fall Colour: Purple-bronze           Zone: 4 Height: 1 m                 Zone: 5 Height: 1.2 m
fall.                                    (SUN)                               Spread: 1 m                          Spread: 1.5 m
                                                                             Shape: Dense, mounded                Shape: Rounded, compact
                                         Creamy-white, flat-topped           Flower: Purple-pink
RED SUMMERGLOW                                                                                                    Flower: Deep rose
                                         flowers that cover the plant in     Foliage: Green and cream
Tamarix ramosissima                                                                                               Foliage: Green and cream
                                         late April or early May. Berries    Fall Colour: Green to bronzy-
‘Summerglow’                                                                                                      Fall Colour: Green and cream
                                         appear in early July and turn       yellow            (SUN)
Zone: 3 Height: 3 m                                                                                               (SUN)
                                         black in the fall. Suitable for
Spread: 3 m                              hedging.                            New leaves turn an attractive        Cream and green foliage,
Shape: Open, upright
                                                                             bronze-green later in the            accented by light pink flowers
Flower: Rose
                                                                             summer. Clusters of showy            that appear in May and June,
Foliage: Silver-blue
(SUN)                                    NANNYBERRY                          pink flowers appear in early         make for an overall, lovely
                                                                             summer contrast nicely with          shrub.
                                                                             the darker foliage.
Arching branches of blue-green           Viburnum lentago
foliage.                                 Zone: 2 Height: 5 m                                                      JAVA RED
                                         Spread: 2 m
                                                                             WINE AND ROSES                       Weigela florida ‘Java Red’
                                         Shape: Upright, vase shaped         Weigela florida 'Alexandra'          Zone: 4 Height: 1.25 m
VIBURNUM                                 Flower: White                       Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m
                                                                             Spread: 1.5 m
                                                                                                                  Spread: 1.5 m
                                         Fruit: Blue-black                                                        Shape: Compact, mounded
                                         Foliage: Green                      Foliage: Burgundy-purple             Flower: Pink
KOREAN SPICE                                                                 Flowers: Pink
                                         Fall Colour: Purplish-red                                                Foliage: Green leaves overcast
Viburnum carlesii                                                            Shape: Rounded, upright
                                         (SUN or SHADE)                                                           with purple-red hues
Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m                                                        (SUN)                                 (SUN)
Spread: 1.5 m
Shape: Rounded                           Small tree or large shrub of
                                         good form, flattish flower          Dark burgundy-purple leaves          Red buds opening to dark pink
Flower: White                                                                and hot pink-rose coloured
                                         clusters in June followed by                                             in May and June. Beautiful
Fruit: Red and black                                                         flowers. Leaf colour intensifies
                                         fruit that birds love.                                                   green foliage is flushed with
Foliage: Green                                                               as autumn approaches.                red all season long.
Fall colour: Burgundy                                                        Disease resistant.
(SUN)                                    DWARF AMERICAN
Spicy sweet fragrance fills the          Viburnum trilobum
                                                                             MIDNIGHT WINE
air in early spring when the             'Compactum’                         Weigela florida 'Elvera'
pink buds expand to white                Zone: 2 Height: 1.5 m               Zone: 5 Height: 30 cm
snowball flowers. Grayish-               Spread: 1.5 m                       Spread: 60 cm
green leaves and red black               Shape: Rounded                      Shape: Low, mounding
fruit.                                   Flower: White                       Foliage: Burgundy-purple
                                         Fruit: Bright scarlet-red           (SUN)
                                         Foliage: Dark green
                                         Fall Colour: Red (SUN, PS)

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                         23                         PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
RED PRINCE WEIGELA               MAGICAL RAINBOW                                                            SCARLET HONEYSUCKLE
Weigela florida 'Red Prince'     Weigela florida ‘Magical                                                   Lonicera x brownii ‘Dropmore
Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m            Rainbow'                                                                   Scarlet’
Spread: 1.2 m                    Zone: 4 Height: 60cm              CLEMATIS                                 Zone: 3 Height: 5 m
Shape: Upright, branches         Spread: 60m                       Zone: 4 - 5          (SUN)               Flower: Orange-scarlet tubular
arching                          Shape: Rounded                                                             Fruit: Red, berry
Flower: Pink                     Flower: Pink                      Large flowering, these are the           Foliage: Bluish-green
Foliage: Purple      (SUN)       Foliage: Yellow-green             most showy of all the vines.             (SUN or SHADE)
                                  (SUN)                            Plant them in rich, well drained
A good contrast plant with its                                     soil with some lime in it. Cover         Long tubed flowers of bright
unique foliage and clusters of   A compact growing shrub,          the crown with 8 cm of soil,             scarlet colour, continuous
trumpet shaped flowers.          featuring yellow green            stake and tie. The roots like to         bloomer. Long-lasting berries
                                 variegated leaves with a red      be kept cool. Many varieties             follow the blooms.
                                 edge.                             and colours available. Please
                                                                   inquire in-store for list.
Weigela florida 'Verweig'                                                                                   MAJOR WHEELER
                                                                   EVISON CLEMATIS
Zone: 4 Height: 1.25 m
Spread: 1.25 m
                                       VINES                       VARIETIES
                                                                                                            Lonicera sempervirens 'Major
Shape: Compact, mounded                                                                                     Wheeler'
Flower: Pink                                                       GOLDEN CLEMATIS                          Zone:     Height:
Foliage: Green edged with        HARDY KIWI                        Clematis tangutica                       Flower:
pinkish-white       (SUN)        Actinidia kolomikta               Zone: 5 Height: 6 m                      Fruit:
                                 Zone: 5 Height: 6 m               Flower: Bright yellow                    Foliage:
Variegated leaves green          Flower: White                     Foliage: Bright green                    Fall Colour:
irregularly edged with white     Fruit: Greenish-yellow            (SUN)                                    (SUN)
and pink. Rich pink flowers in   (SUN)                             Bright yellow bell-shaped
spring. Compact, mounded                                           flowers in the fall followed by
plant is an ideal specimen for   Leaves are oval up to 10 cm,
                                                                   decorative seed heads.
containers, edging and           pale green, bronze, pink and
massing.                         white toward slender tip.
                                 White fragrant flowers            CLIMBING HYDRANGEA                       Beautiful red flowers that are
                                 followed by sweet edible,         Hydrangea petiolaris                     showy with the dark green
                                 greenish-yellow fruit that        Zone: 5 Height: 6 m                      foliage. Its foliage stands
FRENCH LACE                      ripens September-October.         Spread: 4 m                              strong even in the drought of
Weigela florida ‘Brigela'        Likes well drained soil.          Flower: White                            summer and is very mildew
Zone: 4 Height: 1.25 m           Available in both male and        Foliage: Dark green
Spread: 1.25 m                   female plants.                    (SUN or SHADE)
Shape: Round
Flower: Dark red                                                   A handsome climbging vine,
Foliage: Green and yellow                                          clinging firmly to walls, and
                                                                                                            ENGELMAN’S IVY
                                 DUTCHMAN’S PIPE                                                            Parthenocissus quinquefolia
                                 Aristolochia durior               covered in early summer
                                 Zone: 4 Height: 8 m               with large white flower
A variegated selection with                                        clusters. Slow growing. Likes            Zone: 3 Height: 5 m
                                 Spread: 5 m                                                                Flower: White
dark red flowers and bright                                        moist, loamy soil.
                                 Flower: Yellow-green                                                       Fruit: Blue-black
yellow leaf margins.
                                 Fruit: Capsule                                                             Foliage: Green
                                 Foliage: Dark green               HARLEQUIN                                Fall Colour: Crimson
                                 Fall Colour: Dark red             HONEYSUCKLE                              (SUN)
GHOST                            (SUN or SHADE)                    Lonicera periclymenum                    A dense fast growing, very
Weigela florida ‘Carleto'                                                                                   hardy self-climbing variety.
Zone: 4 Height: 1.5 m            Large heart-shaped leaves of                                               Turns crimson in autumn. Blue
                                                                   Zone: 5 Height: 4 m
Spread: 1.5 m                    deep green give a semi-tropical                                            fruits are attractive to birds.
                                                                   Spread: 4 m
Shape: Rounded                   effect, heightened by unusual     Flower: Rose-purple
Flower: Dark red                 brown, pipe-like flowers.         Foliage: Cream, pink and dark            BOSTON IVY
Foliage: Light green (SUN)       Vigorous.                         green variegated                         Parthenocissus tricuspidata
                                                                   (SUN)                                    ‘Veitchii’
Dark red flowers in spring and
remarkable foliage that                                                                                     Zone: 5 Height: 5 m
                                 AMERICAN REVOLUTION               Rose-purple flowers tope                 Flower: Greenish-white
magically starts green then
                                                                   cream, pink, and dark green
turns to a ghostly, iridescent   BITTERSWEET                       variegated leaves. Use as a
                                                                                                            Fruit: Blue, berry
butter yellow as the summer      Celastrus scandens                                                         Foliage: Green
                                                                   low spreading shrub, or                  Fall Colour: Scarlet (SUN)
progresses. Repeat bloomer.      Zone:
                                                                   trained on a trellis as a vine.
                                                                                                            Clings to the smoothest
                                 (SUN, PS)                         DROPMORE                                 surfaces with great tenacity.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                               24                             PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
Olive green foliage turning to                                       Will produce red, green and            Semi-erect. Fruit good for jams
brilliant colours in autumn.         FRUIT                           yellow apples.                         and jellies. Late July.

SILVERLACE VINE                     TREES &                          ASPARAGUS                              Ben Conan- Black
                                                                                                            Zone: 2 Height: 1 m
Polygonum aubertii                                                   Mary Washington
Zone: 5 Height: 8 m                 BUSHES                           Zone: 3
                                                                                                            Spread: 1 m
                                                                                                            Flower: White
Flower: Silvery-white                                                Hardy, long lived and easy to
                                                                                                            Fruit: Black
Foliage: Bright green                                                grow. Strong two-year old
                                 APPLE TREE                                                                 High yields of black fruit.
(SUN or SHADE)                                                       roots.
                                                                                                            Resistant to disease.
A fast growing vine with light   Cortland
                                 Zone: 4
                                                                     HIGHBUSH                               GOOSEBERRY
green leaves and sprays of
fleecy-white flowers in          Beautiful red apple, larger than    BLUEBERRY                              Hinnomacki Red
                                 McIntosh. Popular for eating        Northblue                              Zone: 3 Height: 1 m
profusion in August-
                                 and cooking. October.               Zone: 4 Height: 80 cm                  Spread: 1 m
September. Splendid on
                                                                     Self fruitful. Fruit is dark blue,     Fruit: Red
boundary fences or pergolas.
                                 Honey Crisp                         large and attractive with a            Sweet flavour, self-fertile.
Prune heavily in the spring.
                                 Zone: 4                             good blueberry flavour. Glossy         Mildew resistant.
                                 A red apple with a sweet and        dark green leaves turn deep
BLUE MOON WISTERIA               juicy flavor.                       bright red in the fall.                Pixwell
Wisteria macrostachya ‘Blue                                                                                 Zone: 3 Height: 1.5 m
Moon’                            Imperial Gala                       LOWBUSH                                Fruit: Red to pink
Zone: 4 Height: 8 m              Zone:5                                                                     Dark red fruit, mid to late July.
Flower: Lilac-blue
                                 Fruit is yellow fleshed, medium     Vaccinium angustifolium
Foliage: Coppery-bronze to       sized and a pale yellow to
                                                                     Zone 2 Height 60 cm                    GRAPE VINE
                                 golden yellow heavily striped       Ornamental ground cover that
Fall colour: Yellow              red. Sweet and aromatic.            produced medium sized light            Concord
(SUN)                            August to early September.          blue fruit with 'wild' blueberry       Large blue berry, juicy and
Flowering in June to
                                                                     flavour. Profuse bloomer.              sweet. Early October.
September with fragrant          Liberty
lilac-blue flowers.              Zone: 4                                                                    Lucy Kuhlmann
                                 Crisp and juicy, medium-sized       SOUR CHERRY TREE                       Zone: 3
YELLOW HOP                       fruit with yellowish flesh.
Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’                                                                                    A very hardy red fruit that is
                                 Resistant to scab and rust.
                                                                     Montmorency                            used primarily in wines.
Zone: 3
                                                                     A popular productive large red         Ripens in late August.
Foliage: Yellow (SUN, PS)        Lodi
                                                                     sour cherry. Self pollinating. Early
A fast growing vine that                                             August.                                Niagara
                                 Fruit is large and pale yellow in
needs support. Fruiting                                                                                     White, large and very sweet,
                                 colour. Great variety for
structures are used for                                              Northstar                              prolific. Late September.
                                 cooking or eating fresh.
brewing beer. Prune hard                                             Large fruit with thin, light red
every spring.                                                        skin, red flesh, red juice with        Borealis Haskap
                                                                     small freestone. Crack                 Zone:
                                 Zone: 4
BLUE CROWN PASSION                                                   resistant. A natural dwarf
                                 Red, flesh white tender and
                                                                     tree 2-3 m tall. Self-fruitful.
FLOWER                           refreshing. Very hardy. Late
                                                                     Heavy crops.
Passiflora caerulea 'Blue        September.                                                                 Cinderella Haskap
Crown'                                                                                                      Zone:
Zone: 4 Height: 9 m              Sweet 16                            SWEET CHERRY TREE
Flower: Multcoloured             Zone                                Stella
Fruit: Orange                                                        Zone: 5
                                 Harrison                            A large, firm, black self-             HARDY KIWI VINE
Fragrant blue and white                                              pollinating cherry tree.               Actinidia kolomikta
blooms. Leaves are very          Portland                                                                   Zone: 5 Height: 6 m
tropical looking. Small                                              Van                                    Flower: White
orange fruit. Very fast          Dwarf Goodland                      Zone: 4                                Fruit: Greenish-yellow
growth vine requires                                                 A large, rich firm fleshed black       (SUN)
support. Prune heavy each        Wolf River                          cherry tree.
                                                                                                            Leaves are oval up to 10 cm,
                                                                                                            pale green, bronze, pink and
                                 Espalier                            CURRANTS                               white toward slender tip.
                                                                                                            White fragrant flowers
                                 4 in 1 Apple Tree                   Red Lake- Red
                                                                                                            followed by sweet edible,
                                 Zone: 5                             Zone: 5 Height: 1.5 m
                                                                                                            greenish-yellow fruit that
                                 4 most popular varieties            Clusters of large, bright red
                                                                                                            ripens September-October.
                                 grafted onto one apple tree.        fruit berries borne on wood.
                                                                                                            Likes well drained soil.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                 25                           PETER KNIPPEL NURSERY INC.
Available in both male and          Killarney
female plants.                      Fruit medium red, medium
                                    firm. Very hardy. Ripens mid
PEACH TREE                          season
Peaches are self-fruitful so only
one tree is required to produce     RHUBARB
fruit.                              German Wine
                                    Large plum stalks are dark red
Reliance                            and very sweet.
Zone 5 Hardy, medium sized
soft and juicy. Freestone fruit     STRAWBERRY
that is suitable for fresh eating
or canning.                         Annapolis
                                    Medium-red, glossy berries
PEAR TREE                           that appear early in the
                                    season. Very good, medium-
Two or more varieties should
                                    sized fruit production. Winter
be planted to ensure
                                    Medium-firm, sweet, bright
Zone 5. Large rich flavour,
                                    red fruit that is moderately
superb quality; for eating and
                                    resistant to powdery mildew
canning. Early September.
                                    and leaf scorch. Wintery hardy.
                                    Moderate producer.
Flemish Beauty
Zone 4. Productive, ripens late


A fine processing plum when
properly mature. Self-fruitful,
prolific tree. A bluish-purple,
small fruit.

Italian Prune
This extremely popular
variety of medium-sized Blue
plum is outstanding for
canning or storage. The fruit
ripens in late September.

Mount Royal
This juicy Blue plum
originated near Montreal and
is very hardy. The fruit are
medium sized with rich
Yellow flesh. Fruit can be
picked in late August.

Green Gage

Red, medium acid with
aromatic flavour. Suitable for
canning, freezing and dessert.
Early, mid July


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