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									History, Concept and Objectives
     2005 Cohort Orientation
 October 15, 2005, Louisville, KY
 Kathleen Mary Huebner, PhD, Co-Director
  Diane P. Wormsley, PhD, Co-Director
      Missy Garber, PhD, Coordinator
                   Cooperative Agreement # H325U040001
Chronology of NCLVI
Before May 2003 – October 2004
                              NCLVI Timeline

Before May ‘03     June ‘03    July ‘03   Aug. ‘03   Sep. ‘03   Oct. ‘03

                 Before May 2003
       •Concerns about state of B/VI leadership training
       •Previous research from National Plan for Training
       Personnel to Serve Children with Blindness and
       Low Vision (Mason, Davidson, and McNerney, 2000)
       and summits indicate extreme need
                NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

  May ‘03   June ‘03   July ‘03   Aug. ‘03   Sep. ‘03   Oct. ‘03

May 2003
•OSEP Leadership Project Director’s Meeting
•Blue Ribbon Task Force on Leadership Training
Preliminary Report sets stage for new directions
               NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

  May ‘03   June ‘03   July ‘03   Aug. ‘03   Sep. ‘03   Oct. ‘03

May-June 2003
Discussion and problem solving at PCO
              NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

 May ‘03   June ‘03   July ‘03   Aug. ‘03   Sep. ‘03   Oct. ‘03

June-July 2003
Huebner, Smith and Wormsley develop
Consortium concept paper
              NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

 May ‘03   June ‘03   July ‘03   Aug. ‘03   Sep. ‘03   Oct. ‘03

July 2003
First presentation of Consortium concept
paper to OSEP personnel by Huebner and
               NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

  May ‘03   June ‘03   July ‘03   August ‘03 Sep. ‘03   Oct. ‘03

August 2003
Vanderbilt meeting, Corn and Koenig
              NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

 May ‘03   June ‘03   July ‘03   Aug. ‘03   Sep. ‘03   October ‘03

October 2003
•Further discussion and conference calls
•Division 17 of AER votes to support PCO
Consortium concept
                 NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

  Oct. ‘03   Nov. ‘03   Dec. ‘03   Jan. ‘04   Feb. ‘04   Mar. ‘04

November 2003
•Follow-up meeting at OSEP with Huebner,
Wormsley, Corn and OSEP officials
•Conference call with Division 17; vote to
submit proposal with PCO as lead
               NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

 Oct. ‘03   Nov. ‘03   Dec. ‘03   Jan. ‘04   Feb. ‘04   Mar. ‘04

November 2003-March 2004
•Unsolicited proposal preparation
•Lead authors PCO with UNCO, AFB, FSU,
TTU, and U of A
                 NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

  Oct. ‘03   Nov. ‘03   Dec. ‘03   Jan. ‘04   Feb. ‘04   March ‘04

March 22, 2004
Proposal submitted
                 NCLVI Timeline, Cont.

  Sep. ‘04   Oct. ‘04   Nov. ‘04   Dec. ‘04   Jan. ‘05   Feb. ‘05

October 15, 2004
•Collaborative Agreement funded as 1 + 4

October 20-22, 2004
•Initial meeting with OSEP, NCLVI Staff and 4
Consortium representatives
Objective 1:
Developing the
Collaborative Model
NCLVI Collaborating Components

    PCO                             Public


          Fellows                OSEP
NCLVI Staff at PCO
 •   Kathleen M. Huebner, Co-Director
 •   Diane P. Wormsley, Co-Director
 •   Missy Garber, Coordinator
 •   Technology Manager (was filled temporarily;
 •   ---------------, Technology Manager
     search reopened)
 • Sharon Jackson, Access Consultant
 • Tina Fitzpatrick, Administrative Assistant
NCLVI University Consortium
 • California State           • University of Arizona
   University                 • University of Louisville
 • Florida State University
                              • University of Northern
 • Northern Illinois            Colorado
 • Ohio State University      • University of Pittsburgh
 • San Francisco State        • University of Utah
   University                 • Western Michigan
 • Teachers College,            University
   Columbia University        • Vanderbilt University
 • Texas Tech University
   at Lubbock
NCLVI Public Advisory Council
 •   American Council of the Blind      •   Gallaudet University
 •   American Foundation for the        •   Higher Education Consortium in
     Blind                                  Special Education
 •   American Printing House for the    •   National Association for Parents
                                            of Children with VI
                                        •   National Association of State
 •   Association for the Education          Directors of Special Education
     and Rehabilitation of the B/VI     •   National Center on Low-
 •   Association of State Education         Incidence Disabilities
     Consultants for the VI             •   National Council of Private
 •   Council of Schools for the Blind       Agencies for the B/VI
 •   Early Intervention Training        •   National Federation of the Blind
     Center for Infants and Toddlers    •   National Organization of
     with VI                                Parents of Blind Children
Objective 2:
Facilitating the Preparation
of Leadership Personnel
       Facilitating the Preparation
       of Leadership Personnel
•Recruitment of Fellows and Dissemination of
Information about NCLVI
•Fellowship Application Process
•Selection of Fellows
•Development of NCLVI/University Contracts
Fellowship Application Process
 • 86 inquiries
 • Application Form Committee
      -Application Evaluation Form
 • 21 completed applications by May 1st
Application Review Process

 •   Identifying information obscured
 •   Application Review Committee selection
 •   Paneling and ranking
 •   Top 15 offered fellowships
Development of NCLVI/University
  • Critical elements to include in legal contracts generated during
    initial consortium
  • NCLVI and PCO Administration draft contracts
  • Draft contracts approved by PCO attorneys
  • Draft contracts sent to Universities with NCLVI Fellows for 2005
  • Individual contracts returned to PCO with revisions required by
    each Consortium University
  • Revisions and approval processes continue among Universities
    and legal representatives
  • Funds released for NCLVI Fellows’ scholarships and stipends.
Objective 3:
Enriching the Preparation
of Leadership Personnel
Enrichment Activities
 • Competencies generated during Consortium and
   PAC Meetings
 • Annual emphasis areas identified during initial
   consortium meeting: Public Policy, Research, Higher
   Education, Collaboration and Issues
 • Enrichment plans including strategies, outcome
   measures and suggested contributors generated
   during joint Consortium and PAC meeting post
   Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute, Boston,
   March, 2005
 • Public Policy Enrichment Committee Established
Objective 4:
Increasing the Capacity of
HECSE Members
• Original plan to add HECSE members
  who would offer Doctorates in Special
  Education with Vision Emphasis
• Initial Consortium determined to
  postpone for one year
• 1+4 Reviewer recommendation to
  eliminate this objective from the project
Objective 5:
Evaluating NCLVI
Formative Evaluation
• Evaluation of project objectives and
  accomplishments including the
  evaluation itself.
• Focus is on process – What is/isn’t
  working? Can we make it work better?
  Process Questions
• Have we set a direction that is
  understood by all?
• Are the right people on board?
• Do we have the capacities to carry out
  what we want?
• How is the collaborative operating?
• Are we meeting our objectives?
Summative Evaluation
• Evaluation of project outcomes
  including the evaluation outcomes.
• Focus is on outcomes – Did we do what
  we said we were going to do?
  Outcome Questions
• What has happened or changed as a
  result of the collaborative?
• What difference is there? For whom?
• Are there any unintended or negative
  Evaluation of Collaboration
Collaboration as a model of meeting a
 specific need for purposes of replication
  •   Outcomes
  •   Measures
  •   Evaluation Questions
  •   Indicators
  •   Sources of Information
  •   Data collection methods/Timing
Objective 6:
Disseminating Information
about the NCLVI Model
Disseminating Information about
the NCLVI Model:
 • Website
 • Presentations
 •   Articles
 •   Flyers
 •   Listserv discussions
 •   Word of Mouth
 •   Announcements and updates to legislators
 •   Additional articles (journals and newsletters)
 •   Reports and monographs
Information Dissemination and
            Product        Estimated Distribution
    Announcements and                      50,362
    Flyers (Hard Copy)

    Presentations                             481

    Word-of-Mouth                           375 +

    Websites, Electronic                16,074 ++
    Articles and

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