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      First of all on Pratipada of Navratri get up in dawn
(before day break) you may choose some other auspicious
day also. After bathing go to your chapel (worship room) or
in any peaceful room, sit on a white cotton sheet facing
east. Then take water in the left hand and cover it by the
right hand and recite the following Mantra.
  Om Apaveetrah Pavitro va Sarvavastham Gotopi va|
  Yah smaret Pundarikakshan. Sr Brahmabhyantarar
      After reciting this Mantra taking water the two middle
fingers (between little and index fingers) touch ears, throat
and eyes respectively and the sprinkle the remaining water
on your body. This water will purify your body.
      Then take a wooden seat (cot) spread a while cloth
over it, pile some rice on the centre and install a
Pranapratishthayukta        Abhimantrit      Dasmahavidhya
Kamakhya Yantra on the rice pile. Then place a
Pranapratishthayukta Abhimantrit Dasmahavidyayukta
Kamakhya Mala on it. Then place on left and right each
side a copper water pot full of water and place the leaves of
Ashok Tree in water. Take coconuts wrap them in a red
cloth and keep it on the each pot white filling the pot with
water put some flowers and Kumkum in the water and
recite the following Mantra.
   “Gange Cha Yamune Chaiva Godavari Saraswati |
  Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhini Kuru||”
      Then burn three lamps in mustard oil to the left of the
seat and do the same to the right too and but Abhimantrit
Raktagunja. Then in front of seat (in fornt of Yantra) keep
three mustard oil lamps and pour some lemon juice and
then remember the beauty of Mother Durga like this. “O
mother! You are inherent in the whole universe as Shakti
(power) and destroy all evil powers, you destroy inertia and
ignorance and elim powers, inator of enemices. Pay my
obeisance to you.
      “O Mother! Bless me and all my family enjoy
prosperity and pleasures throughout life and my ceremony
will be peacefully accomplished”.
      After this meditation take water in your right hand
drop it on the earth five times. Firstly of all drop water for
yourself, then for your husband, thirdly for your son.
Fourthly for your daughter and lastly for your other
Kinsmen or friends. White dropping water remember you
desires to be fulfilled. Then worship the water pot on the
seat with saffrom-Kumkum and flowers. Then observe
digbanth (restricting different directions). So that your
enemies may be undone and all hurdles come to an end.
Take some yellow mustard seads in your left palm and
cover it by the right one chart the following Mantra and
throw the mustard seeds in all directions.
          “Om Apsarpantu Ye Bhoota ye Bhoota
  Ye Bhoota Vighnakartaraste Nashyantu Shivajyaya ||
    Apkramantu Bhootani Pishacha Sarvato Disham|
    Sarveshamavirodhena Poojakarma Samarabhe||”
      You have to chart this Mantra (Verse) once then you
have to throw the mustard seeds to ten directions. If there is
an evil power affecting you, everything will come to a stop.
Then take some Akshat (unbroken rice) and throw it in all
the ten directions and chart the Mantra.
         “Om Raksha Raksha Hyum fat swaha”

      After this smear water with Kumkum and make a
(triangle) on the right conrner and put rice and some
flowers and recite the following Mantra.
     “Om Pawitra Vraja Bhommi Hyun fat Swaha|”
      Then stamp on the earth thrice by your left foot so that
an unkown enemy may flee flee there. Then take a well-
washed dish and make a *Jh* sign with Kesar-Kumkum
and Ashtagardha. Instal Dasmaha Vidyashakti Yantra dna
Kawach on it.
      The wash the Kawach and Yantra by pure water and
milk. Then again by water and place on the wooden seat as
before and then establish with Durga Maan’s Pratima (idol)
or picture. Whichever is easily available at the back of the
Yantra offer Kammakarak (fulfilling of all desires)
vermilion on the Yantra, offer Akshat, burn holy
incencse/sticks, offer flowers and offer clove-cardamon on
a fetal rue, then offer auspicious things retated to married
      Then repeat the following Mantra 1.25 lakh, 51
thousand or 21000 times. The recitation can be completed
even within 6 months but the repetition of Mantra is
essential or you must complete one repetition of the rosary
during Navratri. It will include the poi ness of all the ten
Maha Vidyas Mantra.
     “Sarvaswarupe Sarveshe Sarveshaktisamanvite|
      Bhayebhyastrahi No Kamakhya Namoshtute||”
      Wash this yantra by milk the very first day, on 2nd
with curd, on the third by ghee, fourth by honey, fifth by
sugar, sixth by Panchamrut, seventh by perfume, 8th by
flowers, ninth by Akshat (unbroken rice) and on 10th call
Brahmins and perform Hawan.
     Then you have to do the following Arati by Kapoor
(camphor) you have to burn five tablets in a dish and
perform Arati of Dasmahavidya. This will give you profit
of the sun and moon also. The sun will give you genius and
the moon will give you mental       peace. Take three rounds
and recite the following Mantra.
       “Manaste Devi Deveshi Namaste Ipsitprade|
    Namaste Jagtandhatri Namaste Bhaktavatsate||”
     The tenth day meditate to the Mother Bhagwati and
pray her. You must get expected results of the Mantras.
After begging establish the yantra in factory, shop or office
of chapel and burn holy incense/sticks around.
     By doing so you will come successfully with all your
problems and pleasure, happiness and prosperity will be
every where you life will be happy and peaceful by God’s

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