Minutes / Action Pan for Trauma Network Steering Meeting

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					                                  Notes and actions from
                              Trauma Network Steering Meeting
                            proposed East London and Essex Trauma Network

                          15.30-17.00 Room 5, Pathology and Pharmacy Building
                                         Royal London Hospital

Matthew Hopkins (MH) – Chair / Chief Operating Officer, RLH
Elfine Hartley (EH) – Project Manager, RLH
Tim Bell (TB) – Consultant Emergency, BHRT
Amajit Toot (AT) – General Manager, BHRT
Jane Oliver (JO) – A & E consultant, Newham Hospital
Felicity Bull (FB) - Head of External Communications
Marie Healey (MH) – ICU consultant, RLH
Mike Walsh (MW) – Trauma Lead
Clarence Liu (CL) – Neurology Consultant, RLH
Mark Danby (MD) – Project Manager, BHRT
Rhonaliza Atkins (RA) – Medical secretary to Mike Walsh (taking notes)

Graham Simpson (GS)
Trevor Beedham (TB)
Jeremy Burden (JB)
Peter Dziewulski (PD)
Mike Machesney (MM)
Alistair Marshall (AM)
Neill Moloney (NM)
Peter Shirley (PS)
Ben Teasdale (BT)

1. Welcome and introductions (GS)

Barts and the London NHS Trust has expressed interest in being Trauma centre under the Healthcare for London
trauma project; a full response to the designation criteria needs to be submitted by noon 2nd October 2008. The
deadline for the draft submission of middle of next week was discussed and this would give the network time to
adjust the bids to their maximum potential. This was approved by those present with as many had already
submitted, EH and RA will chase both the internal links, and external trusts for their submissions.

2. Notes and action points from previous meeting of 28th august 2008

3. Proposed terms of reference and membership / external representation.

Terms of reference - agreed with the addition of the reporting line being agreed as through the group’s chairman
to the Trust Management Executive (TME) at Barts & The London (BLT). Also to the equivalent to the TME at
the other organisations on the group, through their representatives on the group.

Membership – a few changes were agreed:
    Mark Danby replaces Amarjit Toot at BHRT.
    UCLH – no longer part of the group as a formal decision has now been made for them to be part of the
      Royal Free’s proposed trauma network.
    RNOH – same as for UCLH.
    Princess Alexandra Hospital (Harlow) - to remain on the membership for the timebeing.
      Representatives from Harlow had attended the conference of 12 th September, but the organisation had
      not confirmed formally whether it was in or out of the proposed East London & Essex Trauma
      Network. A letter had been sent from BLT Chief Executive Julian Nettel, to Harlow’s Chief Executive
      seeking confirmation of this by 23rd September.
    Colchester – as for Princess Alexandra Hospital.

4. Feedback from east London and Essex Trauma Network Conference 12.09.08

MW reported that the conference was a good forum for exchange of ideas. Worries and concerns were
expressed and there was good progress on the policies. There was an acceptance of the principle of better care
for trauma patients and there was a feeling of inclusion and direction (TB / MH). Issues that were raised
         Rehab - it was noted that Barbara Howe should be involved at an early stage with respect to her
         specialist commissioning role (EH to pick up with GS on his return from leave). MW explained the
         data available indicates that there is a 60% over triage and that the network needs to function at a 20%
         (MW to circulate data to the group).
         Policy decisions - there was good discussion and the submission will need to incorporate this. It was
         agreed to form small working groups for each policy issue to take forward the discussion: the leads
         from the conference will lead the working groups, for example CL to lead on rehabilitation and social
         care. (MW to approach individuals re forming these groups).
         Commitment from other trusts - There needs to be a commitment from the trusts planning to be
         involved in this bid. The network may change e.g. the opening of the Brighton centre may affect the
         London networks. Trust Board letters of formal endorsement for the proposal need to be with BLT by
         29th October for submission to HfL by the end of October. A brief SWOT analysis had been circulated
         to all the Conference circulation in response to a request for assistance in terms of discussing the
         proposal with management colleagues. It was intended that this would be built on throughout the
         process (EH).
         Deadline for end of 26th September 2008 for the submission of draft paperwork to BLT, with the final
         deadline being noon on 2nd October 2008.

5. Stakeholders engagement
a) BLT – supported
b) Provider trusts – see item 3.
c) PCTs: NE London, Essex, Kent / Sussex – EH reported that discussions had taken place with the Guy’s,
     King’s & St Thomas’ team, and it had been confirmed that they would be approaching the Kent/Sussex
     trusts; as such BLT would not pursue these at this stage.
d) Ambulance Services: LAS, East of England – LAS are fully committed to the proposal and participated in the
     12th September Conference. It was confirmed that the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) had
     been made aware of the proposals in August and were support, although had stressed that commissioners
     needed to be involved. It was noted that the EEAS covers a large area and is based in Bury St Edmund’s.
e) Social Services – it was confirmed that some representatives from the boroughs covered by the bids had
     attended the 12th September Conference and were interested in the proposals. It was noted that it would be
     helpful if John Drew (Social Services Director for Redbridge and working closely with Beth Worrall on the
     HfL rehab/social care project) would continue to take a lead in communicating with social services around
     this proposal; EH agreed to ask him.

6. Designation criteria and process

The draft submission deadline was agreed as 23rd September, with the final submission being due from BLT on
behalf of the whole network by noon on 2nd October 2008 (EH / RA to chase contributors). KB to review
documents over the weekend 19.09.08.

The site visit of 20th October 2008 was discussed and page 7 from the HfL Designation Document 5.” Guidance
on stage one of designation process” was handed out to outline what happens during a site visit. It was agreed
that ideally all provider trusts would be represented for the presentation portion of the visit, if at all possible. It
was also agreed that various members from across the proposed network would present; FB agreed to identify a
standard format for the presentations.

It was agreed that after the site visit, the steering group meetings would rotate around the member trusts;
BHRT volunteered to be the first host.

7. Any other business
a) Communications issues
     BLT intranet site is being tested at moment (RA)
     Internet presence will be investigated: RA meeting Sarah Dickinson (BLT Communications) 2.10.08 to
     Google Documents – designation and clarification documents have been loaded but the system keeps
      crashing. RA will be inviting members to log on and view within the next few days (RA).

b) Dates of next meetings
The meetings need to be planned in advance with more notice for consultants and management. At the next
meeting, a plan of at least the next 6 months of meetings with different days and locations to be announced.

It was agreed:
      The next meeting would take place early in the week beginning 13 th October, the agenda being to go
       through the site visit presentations. RA to confirm/circulate details asap.
         Meetings would then take place monthly from November, rotating site starting with BHRT. RA to
         confirm/circulate details asap.

  8. Next meeting: To be announced.

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