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									                                   Los Alamitos High School

                                  SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL
                                     January 23, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by Chair Jill Sterling-Erman. Members, alternates,
and guests present: Phil Bowen, Kathryn Currie, Gillian Flagg, Kathy Foss, Lori Franzen, Sarah
Fuller, Kelly Godfrey, Katie Greenthal, Jeff Heeren, Deborah Hiltzik, Shari Kaulig, Robyn
Juhasz, Janine King, Lorraine Navarro, Heidi Olshan, Tracy Phillips, Deya Slade, Jill Sterling-
Erman, Dr. Gregg Stone, and secretary Maureen Motsinger.

Minutes of the November 28, 2007 meeting were approved as written.

Dr. Gregg Stone, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, reviewed the following items:

1) There will be a change in English options for seniors. Thanatology and Western Theology
will continue to be offered but as elective courses. Students will receive elective credit, not
English credit, for these courses. Mythology will still be offered as an English option for 2008-
09 but beginning in the 2009-10 school year will be offered for elective credit only. Discussions
with English Department teachers are also being held examining the current survey courses of
American Literature, British Literature, Modern Literature, and World Literature to be sure they
also meet the framework and content standards.

2) The Chinese I new course proposal was approved by the LAUSD Board of Education and
will be part of the 2008-09 curriculum providing enrollment is met.

3) Dr. Stone met with Robert Craven, Education Technology Coordinator for the Orange County
Department of Education to discuss the possibility of offering online Los Alamitos High School
courses. OCDE utilizes the Angel Learning Management System to provide districts with the
technology to run online classes and would provide training for our teachers. Districts provide
their own curriculum. Online classes would be the same range as in the regular classroom (35 in
class) and would also be considered one section in the teacher’s regular class load. Online
classes would start on a small scale with course offerings still to be determined. A member
questioned the possibility of students taking an online class as a seventh period. Dr. Stone
replied that this would most likely not be an option as it would require funding for additional
sections not available at this time. Concerns of members present included losing the
teacher/student face to face interaction and the problem of students leaving the campus at odd
times. Dr. Stone stated students would have a sticker on their ID card and the online course
would be offered either as a 0 period or after lunch. A member present who currently teaches
online classes at a community college stated usually the students taking online classes are highly
motivated and it prepares students for online college classes. It was decided to pursue this
possibility by seeing if there would be an interest from students and the community.

4) Dr. Stone reported that at the request of Cypress College he had met with them to discuss the
possibility of offering Cypress College courses on the LAHS campus. The following details the
criteria for this proposal: any course in the Cypress College catalog could be offered on our
campus; any high school student could enroll in the course with no minimum age requirement;
the cost is $25.00 plus materials. Community members could not be excluded for enrollment but
must come at either 0 period or in the evening. Discussion ensued and it was also decided to
pursue this additional possibility by seeing if there would be an interest from students and the

Principal Godfrey announced the LAHS 40th anniversary possibilities for fall of 2008 including
the following: Wednesday - Hall of Fame Banquet honoring approximately ten past graduates
with entertainment also provided by alumni; Thursday - golf tournament during the day and
homecoming at night with individual tents in the parking lot for graduating classes; Friday –
school would be dismissed early and alumni would visit campus; Saturday – Taste of Los Al
would be held at a bigger venue. A directory of all graduates for the last forty years is being
developed. These activities will be fundraising events for LAHS and will be advertised as such.

Phil Bowen, Assistant Principal of Student Services, reported on the Substance Abuse Task
Force. The Task Force was formed by Superintendent Dr. Greg Franklin as a result of the
concern over the use of drugs and alcohol by students in our schools and community. The Los
Alamitos High School WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) report also
addressed this concern as well as a LAUSD Board of Education district priority goal.

The Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force is comprised of teachers, students, parents,
administrators (site and district level), LAUSD Board of Education members, community
agencies, youth services and law enforcement. The Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force is
comprised of three committees: Parent/Community Education, Intervention, and Deterrents. The
Deterrent Committee is investigating the possibility of voluntary drug testing and a drug
deterrent canine to come on campus once a month for the 2008-09 school year. The Intervention
Committee is looking at an alternative for the current five day suspension policy in effect for
students who are found under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. A possibility would be to
offer a two day suspension if the student would participate in an extra support intervention
program held at the Orange County Sheriff Training Center. They are also proposing a K-12
curriculum program which would not only include drug prevention but conflict management as
well. The Parent/Community Committee is preparing a brochure including the forty
developmental aspects to distribute to businesses for customer availability. All of these
recommendations will be presented to the LAUSD Board of Education on February 26, 2008.
Once approved, policies will be written for implementation. These programs will need funding
and members were asked to contact Mr. Bowen if they have fundraising suggestions. The
district is also looking into the possibility of a grant. Mr. Bowen also reported that the
Breathalyzer Policy was implemented at the Winter Formal with none of the students who were
randomly tested showing positive for alcohol.

The next meeting will be held on March 19 at 5:30 p.m. in room 500. The meeting adjourned at
7:00 p.m.

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