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					                     CENTER CHAPEL UMC
                                          “A Welcoming Congregation”
                                    Open Hearts ♥ Open Minds ♥ Open Doors

Rev. Angela Gafford Asmus, Pastor                                                               Joshua Brown, Editor
Church Phone: 961-5054                                                                       8120 Highway 92
Simpson Office Phone: 961-1610                                                             Indianola, IA 50125
Home Phone: 961-0384                                                            www.gbgm-umc.com/centerchapel

                                             Angela’s Angles
  The last few weeks at Center Chapel, the sanctuary has been rearranged for several wedding services. The
  new configuration of pews and pulpit have offered us a new perspective on a familiar space. The sanctuary
  will soon be back to normal. I have been thinking about what we were able to see differently simply
  because the pews faced the east. And I wonder, will everything simply go back to normal when the
  furniture is returned to its former location of rest? No, I don’t think it can. We will have noticed a new
  angle of the ceiling, considered a new insight, pondered a new question, all because we sat facing a
  different direction. And so it is in our spiritual journeys. As people of faith, we are different once we
  come to believe in the power, hope and love of Jesus Christ. We can never be the same again. And that is
  Good News for us all, particularly in a time of change and transition of pastoral leadership. As much as we
  might long for everything to go back to the way it was before, that is impossible. We have glimpsed a new
  perspective. And God will allow us to await a new vision for the church. We are wiser and thankful
  because of all that has come before. We are grateful for God’s steadfast love and presence in the midst of
  the change.
                                                                        JOIN THE MARCH!
  Pastor Angela
                                                                     AUGUST 2ND- 5TH
                                                                    AMES TO DES MOINES
                                                        THU AUG 2         AMES             HUXLEY
                                                        FRI AUG 3         HUXLEY           ALLEMAN
                                                        SAT AUG 4         ALLEMAN          SAYLORVILLE
                                                        SUN AUG 5         SAYLORVILLE      DES MOINES
                                                      MEET UP AT BIRDLAND PARK AT NOON ON AUGUST 5TH
                                                              TO WALK THE LAST LEG TOWARDS…

                                                      FINAL RALLY: 3 PM, AUGUST 5TH AT NOLLEN PLAZA
                                                         (3RD AND LOCUST DOWNTOWN DES MOINES)

                                            WALK WITH US FOR A FEW HOURS, A DAY, OR THE ENTIRE MARCH, AND ATTEND
                                                            DES MOINES ON AUGUST 5TH. BE A PART OF THIS HISTORIC
                                            THE FINAL RALLY IN
                                                                GATHERING ON CLIMATE CHANGE!

                                                 REGISTER TO MARCH OR VOLUNTEER

                                                                 QUESTIONS? reenergizeia@ssc.org
DATE            GREETERS & USHERS                 LITURGISTS            FELLOWSHIP HOSTS
                                                   Lana Lyddon
Aug. 5               Ed & Kay Foy                     Hatten        MaryNell Caldwell & Deb Belieu
Aug. 12      Deb Black & Mary June Adams           Sarah Vogel       Marie Adams & Jean Reynolds
Aug 19             Rick & Ellen Gripp             Kevin Hansen          Deb Black & Jen Black
Aug. 26     Susie Young & Brenda Thompson          June Wilson      Ann Kirikegaard & Ilo Eveland

                       LECTIONARY                                          August Birthdays
                   August 5, 2007 [Green]                         Tasha Knickerbocker           8/2
                Tenth Sunday After Pentecost                      Jay Franzen                   8/5
                       Hosea 11:1-11                              Kevin Lequatte                8/6
                      Psalm 107:1-9, 43                           Dan Smith                     8/6
                      Colossians 3:1-11                           Darrell Labertew              8/7
                       Luke 12:13-21                              Ellen Gripp                   8/7
                                                                  Bonnie Johnson                8/8
                                                                  Carol Huffer                  8/8
                   August 12, 2007 [Green]                        Raetta Kopaske                8/10
               Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost                    Mary Nell Caldwell            8/11
                       Isaiah 1:1, 10-20                          Lucy Vogel                    8/12
                     Psalm 50:1-8, 22-23                          Denise Amos                   8/13
                     Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16                         Kina Gaskins                  8/14
                        Luke 12:32-40                             John Betts                    8/16
                                                                  Asa Lyddon Hatten             8/17
                                                                  Angie Schumacher              8/17
                  August 19, 2007 [Green]                         Evelyn Hill                   8/19
               Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost                     Dean Rodgers                  8/26
                         Isaiah 5:1-7                             Linda Brand                   8/26
                     Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19                           Camille Telleen               8/27
                     Hebrews 11:29–12:2
                        Luke 12:49-56
                                                                         August Anniversaries
                   August 26, 2007 [Green]                        George and Maxine Burns       8/3
              Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost                   Harold Dean & Mildred Amos    8/7
                       Jeremiah 1:4-10                            John & Betty Betts            8/11
                         Psalm 71:1-6                             Marv & Shirley Beakler        8/17
                      Hebrews 12:18-29                            Ted & Lana Lyddon Hatten      8/20
                        Luke 13:10-17                             Brian & Colleen Whitson       8/20

Veronica Knickerbocker had surgery on July 3rd, and Jean Reynolds is recuperating from knee surgery
done July 5th.
                                                        In June we served Dale Wagner’s sale and took in
Many, many thanks to Cathy Huffer, the members          almost $300. There was quite a bit of meat left which
of PPR and all those who helped pull off the            we used at the ice-cream supper in July and it was
ultimate barn dance, hoedown, celebration/send-         estimated the crowd there was the biggest we have had
off. Words continue to fall short in their ability to   for such a fund-raiser.      The free-will offering
express my gratitude. I remained touched by the         amounted to over $1260. After expenses, we should
effort and energy given by so many. I will treasure     clear around $1300 from both fund-raisers. A big
the memories of the evening as I treasure the rich      THANK YOU to all who helped with donations of
time we spent together. Thank you. Again, I say         food and money and to those who worked at both
thank you.                                              events.
Ted                                                     Another ice-cream supper has been scheduled for
                                                        Saturday, September 8th. Please put this date on your
                                                        calendar and plan to help with food, donations, etc. as
                                                        well volunteering your help at the supper. Our new
          THANK YOU FROM LANA                           minister is scheduled to begin on September 1st, so this
                                                        may be an initiation for him/her!
Dearest Center Chapel family,
                                                        Noodle sales at Farmers Market are going well. A
I was touched beyond measure by the delicious,          dozen “volunteers” met at the church on July 16th and
creative, incredibly well attended, and very fun        had 50 trays of noodles laid out to dry when they
party you through for all of us in celebration of       finished. The 25 pound bag of flour donated by
the time Ted has been your pastor. I hope others        Shirley Beakler was all used. Thanks, Shirley!!!
were able to enjoy themselves as much as I did. I       Also, thanks to those donating eggs.
know it was not a miracle to pull off so quickly,
but a miracle that took a lot work on many              And Farmers Market continues each Saturday morning
people’s parts. Such kind words were spoken. I          from 8 a.m. – noon. There are still lots of dates
am warmed each time I recall them. We will              available to “man” the tables. The sign-up sheet is
treasure the memories through words and                 waiting at the church for your signature.
pictures in both the scrapbook and the video.
Since, unlike Ted, I have no change to look
toward, I choose not to imagine what it would be                      JUNE FINANCIAL REPORT
like without the love and joy and holding me
upright support the boys and I get from you.            Total Offerings . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,188.64

With fondness and appreciation,                         Average per Sunday . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . .        1,547.16

Lana                                                    Donations to Building Fund . . . . . . . . . . .              425.00

                                                        Peace with Justice Offering . . . . . . . . . . .              28.00

                                                        Vacation Bible School donation . . . . . . . . .               50.00
              Mark Your Calendar

Charge Conference will take place on Thursday,          Wagner Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    287.45
October 4th at 6:00pm.
                                                        Donations for Ted’s party . . . . . .. . . . . . . .          25.00

                                                        Farmers Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     525.40
Several new books have been given to the library recently. “What These Girls Knew” tells how women of the
Bible were used by God in both large and small ways. Another book, “The Red Tent”, is a novel about Dinah,
the only daughter of Jacob, and the traditions and turmoil the ancient women endured.

Jerry Middleswart has given us a copy of “dsm”, a magazine about Des Moines. See page 102 for an article
about Rev. Ted and his mixture of love for religion and ceramics.

Are you familiar with the Mitford series of books by Jan Karon? The final novel of this series, “Light from
Heaven” is now in our library. If you read it, you may want to find copies of the previous novel (available at the
Indianola Public Library).

“What Preteens Want Their Parents to Know” is fund to read but also has excellent advice.

These books are all on the card table along the FAMILY NEWSnarthex.
                                                north wall of the
Sara Lenze and Caleb Adams-Brown were united in marriage at 3pm on Saturday, July 21 at Center Chapel
with Ted officiating. It was a beautiful day!

Sara Brown begins her teaching career on July 23 at Oak Park in Des Moines, where she will be teaching K-
3rd grade special education students.

Caleb Adams-Brown works for Wright Tree Service in Waukee.

A honeymoon may be taken at a later date, when their dog "Lizzie" won't have to miss them for too many

                                      My vision for the future of Center Chapel
                                          United Methodist Church includes…

 The Stewardship Committee invites each member of the CCUMC community to reflect and share your thoughts on this prompt.
 You may respond on a pink card, which is available at church. You may also mail, email centerchapelumc@gmail.com, or post a
 blog entry on the CCUMC website, http://centerchapel.blogspot.com/.

 Over the next several months, there will be several more invitations to ponder. Anyone who wishes to share your responses during
 worship is warmly encouraged to do so. Let a member of the Stewardship Committee know of your willingness. The members are
 Rosie Babcock, Ellen Gripp, Brenda Thompson, Bob Burns, and Lana Lyddon Hatten.

 Please continue to prayerfully consider your responses to the previous yellow, blue and green cards too. Complete multiple cards!
 Watch the display of cards grow as we collectively consider what is important to us as individuals and as a community.
 Articulating what we value and making it public is an important step toward making dreams grow and develop toward reality.

 I felt God’s presence in this church when…

 I have experienced Center Chapel UMC as a community of love and forgiveness through…

 I have experienced spiritual growth/refuge at Center Chapel UMC through…
                                 Hot Air Ballyhoo
                              Center Chapel Children Soar to New Heights
                                       at Vacation Bible School

By Scoop

Approximately 35 young “Sky Scouts” (ages 3 to 11) and 15 “Sky Scout Helpers” (ages 12 to 18)
recently experienced high adventure and developed a stronger faith as they soared to new heights with
God at Center Chapel Vacation Bible School.

Vacation Bible School Director, Brenda Vinton, said, “We had a very exciting week, which included
Bible lessons, crafts, recreation, music, meals, and science demonstrations. Our theme for the week was
hot air ballooning, and on the first night we were treated to a real hot air balloon inflated on the Center
Chapel church grounds. Our thanks to Jamie Bishop and his crew for providing a colorful start to our

Each night a Bible story was re-enacted by the Center Chapel Acting Troupe illustrating a Flight Plan
related to a key word for the day: follow, trust, listen, repent, and serve. Children learned about
Abraham and his wife Sarah, Joseph and his eleven brothers, sisters Mary and Martha, the tax collector
Zacchaeus, and Peter, the fisherman Jesus called to serve. Children also learned a daily Power Prayer
from Psalms.

Skylar the Sky Squirrel and Scoop, the writer of this story, opened each session with fun facts about hot
air ballooning before the children were dismissed to Bible stories, meals and activities. “It was really fun
to be a part of this year’s Vacation Bible School adventure,” said reporter and VBS enthusiast Scoop. “I
know I learned just as much as my young Sky Scout friends.”

One of the major components of this year’s VBS was the mission project. During each opening
assembly, the children deposited school supplies into the mission basket. Those items were delivered to
Helping Hand in Indianola. Brenda Vinton said they were thrilled because there are so many families
that can use the supplies, and they were touched that the children had collected so much.

At the end of the week, the Sky Scouts presented a program for their relatives and friends and shared the
songs they had learned. VBS Director, Brenda Vinton, thanked all of the children, volunteers, and the
entire church for supporting this year’s VBS. “Everyone is so enthusiastic about helping with this
important part of our Children’s Ministry.”

Photos taken by Scoop of the VBS activities are on display in the children’s Sunday School area in the
basement of Center Chapel.

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