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                            PARTICIPANT GUIDE
I.U.P.A.Bonita Springs, FL
The I.U.P.A. has been fighting tirelessly for over 30 years to ensure that
law enforcement officers maintain their rights and receive benefits that
are deserving of the job. At the Convention, we celebrate past victories
as well as look ahead to future challenges. You’ll have the opportunity
to attend sessions on topics surrounding the law enforcement arena as
well as walking through the Exhibit Hall offering a wide range of products
and services that will be of interest and value to you and your family. We
count on you for effective law enforcement and the I.U.P.A. is here to
help supply you with the tools you need to get the job done! We look
forward to hosting you and we’re eager to hear the insights you’ll bring
from your own perspectives as a law enforcement personnel!

Sam A. Cabral                      John E. O'Keefe
I.U.P.A. International President   I.U.P.A. International Secretary-Treasurer
      I.U.P.A. 2008-2012 Executive Officers:

               Sam A. Cabral                                        John E. O'Keefe
               I.U.P.A. International President                     I.U.P.A. International Secretary-Treasurer

      I.U.P.A. 2012 Board of Directors:

Dwayne Joseph               Tom Gallegos               Tony Ragsdale             Keith Williamson           Michael Crivello
Vice President Region 1     Vice President Region 2    Vice President Region 4   Vice President Region 5    Vice President Region 6

Dan Wagner                  Chris Nassif               Michael Pons              Marshall Thielen           Jeffrey Kayser
Vice President Region 7     Vice President Region 8    Vice President Region 9   Vice President Region 10   Vice President Region 11

Hugh Cameron                Jim Torsak                 Tim Schortgen
Vice President Region 12    Vice President Region 13   B & F Member-at-Large

                                                                                                             I.U.P.A. 2012, September 26-29
                                                                                                             Bonita Springs, Florida

                                               2012 SPEAKERS:
TUESDAy, September 25
                                               The 2012 I.U.P.A. Executive Officers and speakers’
12:00 P.M.—6:00 P.M.
                                               combined experience will provide insight on the I.U.P.A.,
       Delegate Registration
                                               labor, and policing today!
       Calusa Ballroom (Conference Foyer)

                                                                             charge of the Defiance         I.U.P.A. In 1990, he was
WEDNESDAy, September 26                                                      Detective’s Bureau.            elected as the International
7:00 A.M.—6:00 P.M.                                                             Sam’s law enforcement       Secretary-Treasurer; and
       Delegate Registration                                                 and labor background           he has served as Inter-
                                                                             began when his peers           national President of the
       Calusa Ballroom (Conference Foyer)                                    elected him as the Chief       I.U.P.A. since 1995.
8:30 A.M.—4:30 P.M.                                                          Union Steward at Camp-            President Cabral cur-
       Committee Meetings                                                    bell Soup. He maintained       rently serves on the Exec-
       Calusa Ballroom Area                                                  that post for 4 years be-      utive Board of the National
       (Check Marquees for Conference Rooms)              Sam A. Cabral      fore joining the force. Af-    Law Enforcement Officers
                                                                  I.U.P.A.   ter joining the force, he      Memorial Fund Associa-
                                                  International President    affiliated the Defiance Po-    tion and the American In-
                                                  Sam A. Cabral began        lice Officers with I.U.P.A.    come Life’s Labor Advisory
                                               his law enforcement career    and became President of        Board, as well as various
THUrSDAy, September 27                         in 1965 with the Defiance     Local 166 in 1978.             federal law enforcement
7:00 A.M.—3:00 P.M.                            Police Department and            In 1988, Sam was            task forces.
                                                                             elected as the Interna-
       Delegate Registration                   retired there in 1991 as
                                                                             tional Vice President of
                                               a Detective Sergeant in
       Calusa Ballroom (Conference Foyer)
7:00 A.M.—3:00 P.M.
       Exhibitor Area Opens                                                  as Senior Investigator         the New York State Police
       Calusa Ballroom (E, F, G & H)                                         attached to the Federal        Investigators Association,
                                                                             Organized Crime Drug           Local 4, for 4 terms.
8:00 A.M.                                                                    Enforcement Strike Force          He was appointed by
       Convention Doors Open                                                 as Group Supervisor. He        the Board of the I.U.P.A.
       Calusa Ballroom (A, B, C & D)                                         supervised fellow members      to serve as the Executive
                                                                             of the New York State Po-      Vice President, then he
9:00 A.M.—2:00 P.M.                                                          lice, as well as Detectives    was appointed by the
       Convention Opening                                                    from the New York Police       I.U.P.A. Executive Board
       Convention Session Day 1                         John E. O’Keefe      Department and agents          as the International Secre-
                                                    I.U.P.A. International   from the DEA, ICE, and IRS.    tary-Treasurer on February
2:00 P.M.—5:00 P.M.                                                             John was the first elect-   25, 2012 and is currently
       Attendee Networking                       John E. O’Keefe has         ed delegate for his Troop      serving in that capacity.
                                                                             and has served 6 terms
6:00 P.M.—8:30 P.M.                            over 37 years in law en-
                                                                             in that capacity. He was
                                               forcement with the State
       Americana Night Reception               of New York. He worked        also the Vice President for
       Poolside/Cypress Courtyard

          FOOD & MORE!
         Thursday Evening
                                                        relations matters for over twenty years.               collective bargaining negotiations for police

                                                                                                                                                                     Agenda / Speakers
                                                           Experienced in police labor law, Mr. Nisenson       unions in numerous contract negotiations,
                                                        has trained police union leaders, members, and         he successfully negotiated numerous initial
                                                        their attorneys on various aspects, including          contracts and has gained significant pay and
                                                        representing officers in internal affairs investiga-   benefit improvements in virtually all collective
                                                        tions and interrogations, the law and tactics          bargaining negotiations. Mr. Nisenson has
                                                        for negotiating collective bargaining agree-           also represented police labor unions and of-
                                                        ments, and the handling of grievances and              ficers in federal and state court litigation. He is
                                                        pay disputes. Mr. Nisenson’s aggressive and            licensed to practice in the District of Columbia,
                                 Aaron Nisenson         thorough approach to police and disciplinary           the State of Maryland and Florida, the Com-
                        I.U.P.A. General Counsel        hearings has resulted in significant success for       monwealth of Virginia, and before the United
      Aaron Nisenson has represented law en-            officers in over 200 hearings and disciplinary         States Supreme Court.
    forcement officers in employment and labor          appeals. Having served as chief negotiator in

                                          mander of the Traffic Division.                                                    over 6,000 sworn and non-sworn
                                            In 1980 and 1996, Joe was                                                        law enforcement professionals.
                                          named Police Officer of the Year.                                                  In 1998, Dennis was elected to
                                          In 1991, he was awarded the                                                        serve as the President of the
                                          Medal of Merit.                                                                    PPOA. He is a 32 year veteran of
                                            Joe assisted in organizing the                                                   the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
                                          Baton Rouge Union of Police,                                                       Department where he worked a
                                          I.U.P.A. Local 237, and was                                                        variety of assignments in patrol
                                          elected as the founding Vice                                                       and detective units, including time
                         Joe Bourgeois    President in August of 1984. In                            Dennis J. Slocumb       with the Special Investigators unit,
                                          1987, he was elected President                                                     and attained the rank of Detective
                      I.U.P.A. Regional                                                                          I.U.P.A.
                                          of Local 237 and President of                                                      Lieutenant.
             Vice President Emeritus                                                           Vice President Emeritus
                                          the Louisiana Union of Police As-                                                     In addition to his long and
       Joe Bourgeois retired from the                                                   Dennis Slocumb was elected
                                          sociations, a position that he held                                                dedicated service with the
    Baton Rouge Police Department                                                    to the position of Executive Vice
                                          until 1990.                                                                        Sheriff’s Department, Dennis
    on March 31, 2009 with 32 years                                                  President in July 2000 and re-
                                            In 1990, Joe was elected as                                                      also served for four years in the
    of service. At retirement, Joe held                                              elected in 2008. In 2012, Dennis
                                          Regional Vice President (I.U.P.A.                                                  United States Navy, including a
    the rank of Major and was the                                                    retired from his role as Executive
                                          Region 8) and was appointed to                                                     tour aboard the USS Kearsarge
    Commander of the Traffic Division.                                               Vice President and the I.U.P.A.
                                          the Budget & Finance Commit-                                                       (CVS-33) as an Aviation Anti-
       During Joe’s career, he was                                                   granted him the title Vice Presi-
                                          tee. Joe held this position until                                                  Submarine Warfare Technician.
    assigned to the Uniform Patrol                                                   dent Emeritus. In his current ca-
                                          his retirement in 2009, when he                                                    He holds degrees from the Uni-
    Division for approximately 7 years,                                              pacity as Vice President Emeritus,
                                          was awarded the title Regional                                                     versity of California at Redlands
    working out of three of the four                                                 he serves as the principal I.U.P.A.
                                          Vice President Emeritus. Joe is                                                    and Compton Junior College.
    Precincts in Baton Rouge. Joe                                                    legislative liaison to the United
                                          currently an Ex-Officio Board                                                         Dennis is married to the former
    was assigned to the DWI Task                                                     States Congress on federal leg-
                                          member of the Louisiana Union                                                      Nancy Pierce, and they have
    force for approximately 20 years                                                 islation affecting law enforcement.
                                          of Police Associations.                                                            one son.
    and served as Commander for                                                         Dennis came to the Internation-
                                            In November of 2000, Joe was
    eight years.                                                                     al from the Los Angeles County
                                          elected as Trustee to the Louisi-
       Joe was assigned to the Forth                                                 Professional Peace Officers Asso-
                                          ana Municipal Police Employees
    District Precinct as Assistant                                                   ciation (PPOA), which represents
                                          Retirement System and served
    Commander for approximately
                                          until 2005. He served as Vice
    6 months when he was assigned
                                          Chairman from January 2002 to
    as Commander of the Second
                                          December 2003.
    District Precinct. One year later,
    Joe was re-assigned as Com-

  Wond              e:
       ers of Natur
                                                      by Matt E.                         Thursday Afternoon
 It is a wildlife show based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Not only does the
show come to you, but it combines amazing free flight behaviours from beautiful
raptors and parrots, with humor, conservation and audience participation.
                                                                                                                              I.U.P.A. 2012, September 26-29
                                                                                                                              Bonita Springs, Florida

                                            2012 INVITED SPEAKERS:
FRIDAy, September 28
7:00 A.M.—3:00 P.M.                         The I.U.P.A. is proud to feature some of the nation’s
       Delegate Registration                leading labor and law enforcement experts.
       Calusa Ballroom (Conference Foyer)
7:00 A.M.—3:00 P.M.                                                      in 1974. He worked on           the youngest Secretary-
       Exhibitor Area Opens                                              the legal staff of the Unit-    Treasurer in AFL-CIO his-
       Calusa Ballroom (E, F, G & H)                                     ed Mine Workers for four        tory. Then, on September
                                                                         years before returning to       16, 2009, following 15
8:00 A.M.                                                                mine work in 1979, doing        years as the AFL-CIO’s
       Convention Doors Open                                             pro bono legal work for         Secretary-Treasurer, Rich-
       Calusa Ballroom (A, B, C & D)                                     local families in the Nema-     ard L. Trumka was elected
                                                                         colin area during his hours     President of the AFL-CIO
9:00 A.M.—2:00 P.M.
                                                                         away from the mine.             by acclamation at the Fed-
       Convention Session Day 2             Rich Trumka                     At 33, he was elected        eration’s 26th Convention
                                            AFL-CIO President            the UMWA’s youngest             in Pittsburgh, PA. A mem-
2:00 P.M.—5:00 P.M.                            Rich Trumka was born      President and was sworn         ber of the AFL-CIO Execu-
                                            July 24, 1949, and worked    into office by his father.      tive Council since 1989,
       Attendee Networking                  alongside his father and        As President of the          he urged creation of, and
6:00 P.M.—8:30 P.M.                         grandfather in the mines     UMWA he led one of the          chairs, the AFL-CIO Indus-
                                            for more than seven years.   most successful strikes in      trial Union Council. Trumka
       Casino Royale/Monte Carlo Night
                                            He worked his way through    recent American history         also chairs the AFL-CIO’s
       Poolside/Cypress Courtyard
                                            Penn State University,       against the Pittston Coal       Strategic Approaches
                                            where he graduated in        Company, which tried            Committee, the AFL-CIO
                                            1971 with a Bachelor         to avoid paying into an         Finance Committee, and
                                            of Science degree, and       industry-wide health and        the AFL-CIO Capital Stew-
                                            earned a law degree          pension fund. At the 1995       ardship Committee.
SATUrDAy, September 29                      from Villanova University    Convention, Rich became
8:00 A.M.—12:00 P.M.
       Delegate Registration
       Calusa Ballroom (Conference Foyer)                                 who was then President of      of Transportation Trades.
8:00 A.M.—12:00 P.M.                                                      the International Conference   James Kennedy was hon-
                                                                          of Police Associations, Mr.    ored by the I.U.P.A. Execu-
       Exhibitor Area Opens                                               Kennedy helped re-structure    tive Board with the title of
       Calusa Ballroom (E, F, G & H)                                      the fledgling union and se-    General Counsel Emeritus
8:00 A.M.                                                                 cure AFL-CIO affiliation,      at the 2008 I.U.P.A. Inter-
                                                                          creating the I.U.P.A., and     national Convention in
       Convention Doors Open                                              served as the Union’s first    Orlando, Florida.
       Calusa Ballroom (A, B, C & D)                                      General Counsel. His long
9:00 A.M.—12:00 P.M.                        James J. Kennedy, Jr.         career has included service
                                            I.U.P.A.                      as General Counsel to a
       Convention Session Day 3             General Counsel Emeritus number of unions as well
       Swearing in Ceremony                 In the 1970’s, in cooperation as Founding Director of
12:00 P.M.—12:30 P.M.                       with his friend Eddie Kiernan the AFL-CIO Department
       I.U.P.A. Executive Board Meeting
       Rokery Bay A & B
1:45 P.M.
       Golf Participants
12:00 P.M.—5:00 P.M.
       Attendee Networking
                                            Carlo Night
                              CASINO ROYALE                                                      Friday Evening
                                       ing back to the first documented                                                 years old at the time of his death.

                                                                                                                                                               Agenda / Speakers
                                       fatality in 1791.                                                                   Since that tragedy, Jennifer
                                          Most recently, Mr. Floyd and his                                              and her family have benefited
                                       organization were successful in                                                  greatly from the programs of-
                                       obtaining Congressional approval                                                 fered through Concerns of Po-
                                       of a public law to authorize the                                                 lice Survivors (C.O.P.S.), inspiring
                                       establishment of a National Law                                                  Jennifer to work to start the KY
                                       Enforcement Museum on federal
                                                                                                                        C.O.P.S. chapter in 2001. She
                                       land adjacent to the Memorial. On
                                                                                                                        has served as chapter president,
                    Craig W. Floyd     October 14, 2010, ground was                                 Jennifer Thacker    vice president, secretary and ben-
      NLEOMF Chairman & CEO            broken for the Museum, which will              Director of National Outreach     efit’s coordinator. She served
   Craig W. Floyd is Chairman and      be the largest and most compre-               Jennifer Thacker became a law
Chief Executive Officer of the Na-     hensive institution of its kind in the                                           on the C.O.P.S. National Board
                                                                                  enforcement survivor at the age of    as Southern Seaboard Trustee
tional Law Enforcement Officers        world. The Museum is expected
                                                                                  26, when her husband, Kentucky        from 2004-2008 and National
Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), a non-         to open in 2013.
                                                                                  Alcohol Beverage Control Agent        President from 2008-2010. Jen-
profit organization established in        As NLEOMF Chairman, Mr. Floyd
                                                                                  Brandon Thacker, was shot and         nifer was named the Director of
1984 to honor the service and          has also spearheaded a number of
                                                                                  killed in the line of duty on April   National Outreach for C.O.P.S. in
sacrifice of America’s law enforce-    other important projects to honor
ment officers.                         our nation’s law enforcement of-           16, 1998. Jennifer and Brandon’s      September of 2010. She lives in
   Over the past 25 years, he has      ficers. They include enactment of a        daughter, Katherine, was 1&1/2        Louisville, KY.
been one of law enforcement’s          federal law authorizing all American
leading advocates--delivering          flags to be flown at half-staff on
                                                                                                                        working people, and served as
speeches, hosting radio shows,         “Peace Officers Memorial Day”
                                                                                                                        the liaison for Union Privilege
publishing books, writing articles     (May 15); publication of the book,
                                                                                                                        products and services - includ-
and conducting media interviews.       To Serve and Protect: A Tribute to
                                                                                                                        ing the Household credit card
His work as a Congressional aide,      American Law Enforcement; and
                                                                                                                        portfolio, as well as auto, phone,
journalist and nonprofit leader has    enactment of a federal law autho-
                                                                                                                        financial services, mortgage and
been widely credited with chang-       rizing 500,000 commemorative
                                                                                                                        insurance products.
ing America’s attitude toward the      silver dollars to be issued by the
                                                                                                                           For 5 years prior to coming
law enforcement profession and         U.S. Mint honoring the service and
                                                                                                                        to the AFL-CIO in 1998, Tolf
saving officers’ lives.                sacrifice of America’s law enforce-
                                                                                                          Leslie Tolf   provided marketing consulting
   Mr. Floyd helped form the Me-       ment officers and their families.
                                                                                               Union Plus President     to nonprofit organizations and
morial Fund and has served from        Prior to his work with the Memo-
                                                                                    Leslie A. Tolf was elected          foundations, including direct mail
the outset as the organization’s       rial Fund, Mr. Floyd served for 10
                                                                                  President of Union Privilege, the     fundraising for HBO/Comic Relief.
Chief Executive Officer. Under         years (1978-1988) as Legislative
                                                                                  organization that provides con-          Tolf, who holds a M.B.A. in
his leadership, the National Law       Assistant for U.S. Representative
                                                                                  sumer benefit programs to over        Finance and Marketing from
Enforcement Officers Memorial          Mario Biaggi (Ret.) of New York, a
                                                                                  13 million members of the AFL-        Columbia University, spent 11
was built and dedicated in Octo-       New York City police legend, and
                                                                                  CIO, in August 2000. Tolf was         years in marketing for Citicorp
ber 1991. Today, that monument         the founder of the National Law
                                                                                  formerly assistant to the presi-      and American Express, where
stands proudly in our Nation’s         Enforcement Officers Memorial
                                                                                  dent of the AFL-CIO for member        she managed corporate card
Capital as a richly deserved tribute   Fund. Mr. Floyd holds a bachelor’s
                                                                                  benefits. At the AFL-CIO, Tolf        marketing. She also volunteers
to America’s peace officers. More      degree from The George Washing-
                                                                                  launched,         as an elementary school tutor in
than 19,000 fallen law enforce-        ton University in Washington, DC.
                                                                                  the first Internet community for      Washington, D.C.
ment officers have their names         He resides in Alexandria, VA, with
inscribed on that Memorial, dat-       his wife, Veronica.

                                                      litigation and administrative/labor law where        him as the Legal Administrator.
                                                      he represented a variety of peace officers in           Mr. Fishman has had numerous achieve-
                                                      matters relating to their employment. With this      ments in his career; one of his most notable
                                                      experience, he became a panel attorney for the       accomplishments was for the defense of an
                                                      PORAC Legal Defense Fund. As such, he has            officer who was alleged to be one of the mem-
                                                      acquired an even larger array of experience and      bers of the “Oakland Riders.”
                                                      knowledge in representing officers and their            Edward Fishman was born and raised in
                                                      associations in matters relating to administrative   Brooklyn, NY. After receiving his Bachelor’s
                                                      discipline, civil proceedings, criminal prosecu-     Degree in 1982 from the State University of
                       Edward Marc Fishman            tions, labor negotiations and a variety of other     New York at Albany, he moved to California and
  PORAC Legal Defense Fund Administrator              related matters. His personal insight into the       continued his education, earning a Doctorate
  Edward Fishman began his career with a              laws and policies of peace officers and their        of Jurisprudence from Hastings College of
solo practice in Petaluma, CA, emphasizing            associations has and will continue to assist         the Law in 1991.

D AY                             G O L F
                                S a t u r d ay                                  a t     1 : 4 5 P M
                                                                                                                        I.U.P.A. 2012, September 26-29
                                                                                                                        Bonita Springs, Florida
 A tropical paradise situated in the
 upscale community of Florida’s
 Bonita Springs with stunning
 views of the Gulf Coast, Hyatt
 Regency Coconut Point Resort                       5001 Coconut Road,
 and Spa offers casual elegance                     Bonita Springs, Florida,
 and Southern-style hospitality.
                                                    USA 34134
 The resort boasts 545 guest-
 rooms, including 220 kings, 200                    Tel: +1 239 444 1234
 double/doubles, three Presidential                 Fax: +1 239 390 4344                   AMENITIES INCLUDE:
 suites, one Regency suite, nice                 WWW.COCONUTPOINT.HYATT.COM                Room Service
 Island suites, and 15 Bay suites.                                                         Fitness Center/Health Club
 There are more than 70,000                                                                Business Center
 square feet of function space,                                                            Internet Access
                                                                                           Beach nearby
 including 31,000 square feet of                                                           Cable TV
 indoor space and 42,000 square                                                            Car rental
 feet of outdoor space.                                                                    Child Care Services
                                                                                           Children’s Activities
 HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS:                                                                  Concierge
 Online: WWW.IUPA2012.ORG                                                                  Gift Shop
                                                                  Rate Code: G-IUPA        Golf
 Call Central Reservations: 1-800-633-7313.                                                Golf nearby
                                                                                           Hair dryer
          Single Occupancy:                              $119                              In-room movies
                                                                                           Iron/ironing boards
          Double Occupancy:                              $119
                                                                                           Meeting rooms
          One Bedroom Bay Suite:                         $239                              Outdoor pool
          One Bedroom Island Suite:                      $339                              Parking
                                                                                           Pets allowed
 *Current Room Rates are quoted (subject to change).                                       Salon
 *Applicable state and local taxes (which are currently 11%).                              Spa
  Cut-Off Date: The “cut-off date” is 9/12/2012.                                           Valet
                                                                                           Water sports
  Reservations are based on group availability.                                            Balcony Opening windows
             Space is limited! Reservations accepted on a first come, first serve basis.   In-room safe

Big Hickory Island Beach
Hotel boat shuttle departs from the marina.
The ride takes approximately 15 minutes.
Raptor Bay Golf Club & Coconut Point Marina
The hotel trolley or van is available to transport you to these
locations. Please contact the Concierge for any assistance.
All on-property transportation is included in resort fee.
Coconut Point Mall
On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the shuttle departs the hotel at 10:30a.m.
and 1:30p.m., and departs from Dillards at Coconut Mall at 1:40p.m. and 3:40p.m.

On Sunday, the shuttle departs the hotel at 11:30a.m., and departs from Dillards
at Coconut Point Mall at 1:15p.m. and 4:15p.m.

There is a $5 fee for Coconut Plantation guests.

                                                                                                                                      Acommodations / Transportation

Our official airline partner of the 2012 Convention is American Airlines.
I.U.P.A. encourages you to make your reservations online at:
You may also make reservations by calling 1-800 433-1790 from
anywhere in the United States or Canada.
Reservations can be made up to 330 days in advance of the event.
Attendees will receive a 5% discount off the lowest applicable published air fare.
Refer to Promotion Code: 5492AZ .

         Southwest Florida International Airport, FORT MYERS (RSW) ............................... 15 Miles
         Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, SARASOTA (SRQ) ................................ 104 Miles
         Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, FORT LAURELDALE (FLL) ......... 127 Miles
         Miami International Airport, MIAMI (MIA) ................................................................ 138 Miles
         Tampa International Airport, TAMPA (TPA) ............................................................. 152 Miles

   AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION:                                     CAR RENTAL:

                                                               CALL THRIFTY:
                                                               (800) 331-3550 & mention the I.U.P.A. Corporate Ac-
                                                               count Number: (CD) 0010229000.
   From/ To: Fort Myers Airport (RSW).
   To/ From: Hyatt Regency Coconut Point.
   One Way Rates:
                                                               CALL DOLLAR:
   Shuttle Service: $20.00 (per person).
                                                               (800) 800-4000 & mention the I.U.P.A. Corporate Ac-
   Sedan: $48.00 (3 passengers Max.)
                                                               count Number: (CD)TB0797.
   Van: $75.00 (8 passengers Max.)
   Phone: (239) 948-8002
   Fax: (239) 454-4409

                                                                                                     I.U.P.A. 2012, September 26-29
                                                                                                     Bonita Springs, Florida


   Raptor Bay Golf Club, located on 22 acres of lakes and 200 acres of native
   vegetation, is a 27-hole course offering unique challenges to recreational
   and accomplished players alike. Golf legend Raymond Floyd has created an
   exhilarating course focusing on the areas native wetlands. Because of his
   attention to the natural surroundings, Raptor Bay has become the first resort
   course in the United States to receive Audubon International’s Gold Signature
   Certification and is home to many endangered species such as the bald
   eagle and gopher tortoise. Come see why this course was ranked in the top
   10 favorites by Gary van Sickle, senior writer for Sports Illustrated.

   A quarter mile boardwalk from the resort’s Lagoon Pool leads to an enjoyable                                  Playful, poolside fun is made to order at Corkscrew.
   15 minute boat ride – often giving riders views of dolphins and manatees                                      Offering a full service bar and grill, fill up on
                                                                                                                 mouth watering fare including burgers, salads
   – to Big Hickory Island Beach, a secluded beach on the Gulf of Mexico.                                        and wraps, or simply cool down by the pool with
   Shorebirds, Loggerhead Sea turtles, and indigenous vegetation call this                                       a frozen drink under the giant mist machines.
   protected conservation home. Chairs and umbrellas are available at the                                        HOURS:
   beach. Check with the Concierge for shuttle schedules.                                                        Corkscrew serves daily lunch and beverages
                                                                                                                 from: 11:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Although you’ll easily be taken in by Braxton’s gleaming
mahogany floors, brilliant skylight and magnificent palm
leaf chandelier, the main attraction of our golf course      TANGLEWOOD
restaurant is the outdoor terrace providing panoramic        International cuisine takes center stage, as our
views overlooking the 18th green. Whether you are            Executive Chef consistently delivers “comfortable
coming in from the links or just meeting with friends                                                                        SHOPPING
                                                             food with an exciting twist”— including a red
for a casual lunch, you’ll appreciate our array of freshly   snapper with citrus salsa and pork tenderloin                   POOL
prepared salads and sandwiches, and full bar featuring       with an apple thyme au jus. Just as tantalizing as
premium liquors.                                             the food is Tanglewood’s setting, with wrought                  SPA
HOURS:                                                       iron railings and verdant gardens overlooking our
Braxton’s serves lunch daily from: 11:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.     grand water feature. Tanglewood offers both                     KAYAK TOURS
The bar is open daily from: 11:00a.m. to 6:30p.m.,           indoor seating and patio dining where you can
with happy hour from: 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.                   relax in the warm Florida sunshine.
                                                                                                                             GOLF LESSONS
Dress Code: Florida Casual.                                  HOURS:                                                          TENNIS
                                                             Tanglewood is open daily for breakfast from:
                                                             6:30a.m. to 11:00a.m.; serves lunch from:                       CORPORATE GOLF
                                                             11:30a.m. to 3:00p.m. & dinner from:
Enjoy exceptional views of Estero Bay from our                                                                               WALL CLIMBING
                                                             5:30p.m. to 10:00p.m.
casual Bonita Springs Florida restaurant. Jutting out
                                                             Dress Code: Florida Casual.
over the water, Tarpon Bay has a beach cottage vibe,                                                                         WATER ACTIVITIES
with colorful lanterns swaying softly over each table.
The festiveness of the atmosphere finds its way into         KOFE NUT                                                        GAMES
the food, as our chef infuses the freshest seafood           Find all your daily essentials — snacks, sundries
with innovative combinations of herbs and spices for         and Starbucks — at our eclectic coffee shop. Buy                BICYCLE RENTAL
a truly memorable meal. For an extra special evening,        your favorite Starbucks brew, bug spray and
join us on Friday and Saturday night, when we feature        beer; Kofe Nut offers a variety of items to
live music.                                                  meet your needs throughout the day. Grab                        BELVEDERE ROOM
HOURS:                                                       breakfast to go before your morning tee time
Open daily for dinner from: 5:30p.m. to 10:00p.m.            or cool down after a day at the beach with a                    CABANA RENTALS
Live music is featured on Friday and Saturday from:          creamy milkshake or fresh homemade Royal
7:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.                                        Scoop ice cream.                                                INTERPRETIVE CENTER
Reservations are recommended; call: 239-390-4295.            HOURS:
Dress Code: Florida Casual.                                  Kofe Nut is open daily from:
                                                             6:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.
                                                                                    Dining / Entertainment


   Explore all that lies just beyond the Florida Gulf Coast Hyatt Regency
   Coconut Point Resort & Spa. The resort is conveniently located min-
   utes away from some of the area’s best attractions, including parks,
   beaches, museums, zoos and shopping.

   Take some time to explore the area around Bonita Springs, Florida
   and plan an outing for the whole family. Whether by land or by sea,
   there are endless opportunities to enjoy the tropical paradise that sur-
   rounds the hotel.

   Take an unforgettable boat tour to one of Bonita Springs’ beautiful
   white sand beaches or tour Lover's Key State Park.

                  • Boat Tours
                  • The brand-new shops at Coconut Point
                  • Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
                  • Koreshan State Historic Site
                  • Shell Factory
                  • Naples/Fort Myers Greyhound Track
                  • Casino gambling
                  • Everglades Calusa Nature Centerand Planetarium
                  • Eden Vineyards Winery
                  • Children’s Science Center
                  • The Winter Estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford
                  • Philharmonic Center for the Arts
                  • Fifth Avenue/Third Street shopping at nearby Naples

    For more information please visit the Bonita Springs Travel &
    visitor guide:

                                                   I.U.P.A. 2012, September 26-29
                                                   Bonita Springs, Florida

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                                                                           I.U.P.A. 2012, September 26-29
                                                                           Bonita Springs, Florida
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