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					     Private Car Insurance
     Policy Document

NI                           April, 2007
                                                                          private car insurance CONTENTS

                          Introduction                                                 2
                          Making Yourself Heard                                        3
                          Definitions                                                  5
                          Section A - Loss of or Damage to your vehicle                6
                               Part 1-Damage to your vehicle                           6
                               Part 2-Damage to the Windscreen/Glass                   7
                               Part 3-Fire and Theft                                   7
                               Special Notes to Section A                              8
                               Exceptions to Section A                                11

                          Section B - Liability to Third Parties                      12
                               Exceptions to Section B                                13

In the event of a claim   Section C - Extra Benefits
                               Personal Accident
                               Medical Expenses

please call your Broker        Clothing & Personal Effects

                          Section D - No Claims Discount


    or our 24 hour        Section E - General Provisions
                               Car Sharing
                               Customs Duty                                           18
  Claims Helpline on:     Section F - General Conditions
                               Fraudulent Claims
                               Looking after your vehicle                             19
                               Change in risk                                         19
                               Driving other cars                                     20

0845 399 0400                  Claims procedure
                               Other insurance
                               Cancelling your policy

                          Section G - General Exceptions                              22
                          Guidance Notes                                              23
                               What to do after an accident                           23
                               Getting your car repaired                              23
                               Excess                                                 23
                               Police prosecutions                                    24
                               Claims made against you                                24
                               Stolen cars                                            24
                               Broken glass?                                          24
                               Moving home?                                           25
                               Change of car?                                         25
                               Car modification?                                      25
                               Going abroad and Green Card requirements               26

                          Data Protection                                             27

                                                                                                                                                                                       private car insurance

       Private Car Insurance                                                                             Making yourself heard
       Policy Document

                                                                                                         AXA is committed to providing you with an excellent level of service and
                                                                                                         customer care. We realise that things can go wrong and there may be occasions
                                                                                                         when you feel that we have not provided the service you have expected.

    Introduction                                                                                         To assist you we outline our Customer Complaint Procedure below. Our focus is always on
                                                                                                         solving your problems first, and doing this swiftly. We then take steps to make sure the
                                                     In return for having received and                   problem does not happen again.
    Welcome to your policy. This document
    and any endorsements that are included           accepted your first premium and any
                                                     further premium we may require, AXA                 And while we are dealing with your issue we promise to keep you informed of what
    in it sets out the rights and responsibilities
                                                     Insurance Limited (called “The Company”)            is happening.
    of both you, and us.
                                                     will provide insurance as described in the
    The insurer with which your contract will        following pages for, injury, loss or damage
    be concluded is AXA Insurance Limited            happening during the period of insurance            All you need to do is contact
    which is established in Ireland. Both you        or any subsequent period which may be
                                                     agreed anywhere in Northern Ireland,                1. Your Insurance Intermediary or AXA Insurance at 02890 333 222 if your complaint is in
    and we can choose the law applicable to
                                                     Republic of Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle           connection with your policy and your policy with AXA is through an intermediary or
    the contract. We propose that the law of
    Northern Ireland apply.                          of Man or the Channel Islands or in transit
                                                                                                         2. The AXA Claims Action Line at 0845 3990400 if your complaint is in connection with
                                                     by sea between any ports therein.
                                                                                                            a claim.
    The cover you have bought has many
    benefits to provide you with peace of            On behalf of AXA Insurance Limited                  3. You can also refer your complaint to a Team Leader or Manager.
    mind. However, as with all insurance
    contracts, there will be circumstances                                                               4. If your complaint cannot be resolved at this stage, you can contact our
    where cover will not apply. These are                                                                   Customer Care Department at AXA Insurance Freepost BEL 2531, Belfast BTI 1BR
    detailed in this document.                                                                              (Telephone 0800 039 1970) or e-mail to
                                                     John O’Neill
    Please read your policy carefully and keep       Chief Executive                                     Your complaint will be logged and acknowledged. Your complaint will be fully investigated
    it in a safe place.                              AXA Insurance Limited                               and a response will be issued to you within 7 days.

    Your Policy is in four parts:                    Reg. No. 136155
    • The proposal form and declaration              Reg. Office: Wolfe Tone House, Wolfe Tone Street,   Our promise to you
                                                     Dublin 1.
    • The policy wording in this booklet
    • The schedule which has details of                                                                  •   Acknowledge complaints promptly
       you, the car, the cover and the                                                                   •   Investigate quickly and thoroughly
       period of insurance                                                                               •   Keep you informed of progress
    • The current Certificate of Motor                                                                   •   Do everything possible to resolve your complaint
       Insurance which gives details of who                                                              •   Use information from our customers to continuously improve our service
       may drive and the purpose for which
       the car may be used.

2                                                                                                                                                                                                              3
    private car insurance                                                                                                                                                 private car insurance DEFINITIONS

            Financial Ombudsman Service                                                                   Definitions
            If we have given you our final response and you are still dissatisfied you may be able to
            refer your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).                                     The following words shall have the same meaning wherever they appear in
                                                                                                          this policy
            Insurance Division, Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall,
            London E14 9SR. Telephone: (0845) 080 1800. Fax: (020) 7964 1001
            The FOS is an independent body that arbitrates on complaints about general insurance
            products and other financial services.                                                           means the person named as the policyholder in the schedule
            It will only consider your complaint if:
            • we have provided you with written confirmation that our internal complaints procedures
              have been exhausted.                                                                           means any motor car constructed for road use and designed to carry no more than
                                                                                                             eight people including the driver, or
            • Your business has a turnover of less than £1,000,000.
                                                                                                             any goods carrying vehicle with an unladen weight up to 3.5 tonnes
            Please note, you have six months from the date of our final response in which to refer your      which is described in the schedule.
            complaint to the FOS. Referral to the FOS will not affect your rights to take legal action.

                                                                                                          The Continent of Europe is defined for the purposes of this policy to include any country
                                                                                                          outside Europe whose Green Card Bureau or equivalent is a member of the Council of
                                                                                                          Bureaux in London.

                                                                                                          What Cover do you have?

                                                                                                          Your policy schedule shows you what cover you have bought.

                                                                                                          If your cover is
                                                                                                          - you have the benefit of the whole of this policy.

                                                                                                          THIRD PARTY, FIRE and THEFT
                                                                                                          - Part 1 and 2 of Section A -Loss of or Damage to your vehicle (on pages 6 and 7) and
                                                                                                            Section C -Extra Benefits (on pages 14 and 15) do not apply.

4                                                                                                                                                                                                             5
    private car insurance SECTION A                                                                                                                                          private car insurance SECTION A

           Section A - Loss of or Damage to your vehicle                                                PART 2 - DAMAGE TO THE WINDSCREEN/GLASS

                                                                                                        Damage to the Windscreen/Glass only applies if your schedule indicates cover is
           PART 1 - DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE                                                              Comprehensive.

           Damage to your vehicle only applies if your schedule indicates cover is                      AXA Insurance will pay for broken glass in the windscreens, windows and roof of your
           Comprehensive.                                                                               vehicle. If a claim is made only for glass breakage you will be responsible for the first £60 of
                                                                                                        replacement costs. This Excess will not be payable by you if the glass is repaired and not
           Except for loss or damage more specifically covered under Part 2 - Damage to the             replaced. AXA Insurance will also pay for any scratching to the bodywork of your vehicle
           Windscreen/Glass or Part 3 - Fire & Theft, AXA Insurance will pay for loss of or damage to   resulting solely and directly from the broken glass.
           your vehicle, and its accessories and spare parts while they are in it or on it or in your
           private garage.
                                                                                                        Limit of Cover

           Voluntary Excess                                                                             You are free to select any windscreen repairer but unless the replacement is handled by
                                                                                                        Autoglass, the maximum AXA Insurance will pay is £150 from which the £60 windscreen
           If an Excess amount is shown in the schedule, you have agreed to pay that amount (which      Excess is deductible.
           otherwise AXA Insurance would have paid) for each incident of loss or damage. The            Even policyholders with Third Party Fire and Theft (which does not include windscreen
           amount is in addition to any compulsory Excess.                                              cover) can qualify for a preferential discount with Autoglass although they will need
                                                                                                        to settle the complete bill themselves direct.

           Compulsory Excess

           If your vehicle is being driven by a young or inexperienced driver you will be responsible   PART 3 - FIRE AND THEFT
           for the first part of any loss or damage as follows:
                                                                                                        AXA Insurance will pay for loss of or damage to your vehicle, and its accessories and spare
                   a driver under 21 years old                           £350                           parts while they are in it or on it or in your private garage, caused by fire or theft or
                   a driver of 21 or over but under 25                   £250                           attempted fire or theft.
                   a driver of 25 or over who
                   -holds a provisional licence to drive the vehicle, or                                Your vehicle must be missing for 14 days after AXA Insurance has been notified before we
                   -has held for less than a year, a full licence to                                    will consider it having been permanently lost by theft.
                   drive the vehicle                                     £250

           AXA Insurance will not pay an Excess even if you were not at fault. Nor will we seek on      Limit of Cover
           your behalf to recover an Excess from another person.
                                                                                                        In respect of loss or damage to a vehicle audio system or car telephone and its fittings, the
                                                                                                        maximum AXA Insurance will pay is £500 for any one incident unless the equipment was
                                                                                                        fitted by the Manufacturer or authorised dealer as original equipment, in accordance with
                                                                                                        their standard specification for the vehicle.

6                                                                                                                                                                                                              7
    private car insurance SECTION A                                                                                                                                            private car insurance SECTION A

           Compulsory Excess
                                                                                                           AXA Insurance will not pay more for a claim than the market value of your vehicle
           You will be responsible for the first £100 of any loss or damage to your vehicle and its        immediately prior to the loss or damage.
           accessories and spare parts caused by theft or attempted theft.
                                                                                                           AXA Insurance will not pay more than the Manufacturer’s current list price (plus the
           The amount of Excess which is in addition to any other Excess that applies under Part 3 -       reasonable cost of fitting) for any part or accessory.
           Fire and Theft and will also be deducted from any policy limit that applies:
                                                                                                           If AXA Insurance settles a claim as a total loss, we reserve the right to own the salvage.
                     (1) is reduced by £100 if you are able to provide
                     AXA Insurance with documentary evidence that                                          N.B. The above provisions do not apply if the New Car for Old Option is
                     the vehicle was fitted with an alarm conforming to                                    exercised. (See below).
                     British Standard BS6803 at the time of the loss or
                     damage or a VECTA Anti-theft control system or a
                     device tested by the Motor Insurance Repair Research                                  New Car for Old
                     Centre at Thatcham and judged to comply under
                     Categories 1 or 2.                                                                    Where you have owned the vehicle from its first registration as new and within one year of
                                                                                                           its first registration as new your vehicle
                     (2) will not apply if the vehicle and its accessories and
                     spare parts were in your locked private garage at the                                           is stolen and not recovered within 14 days of AXA
                     time of the loss or damage.                                                                     Insurance being notified, or

                                                                                                                     suffers damage covered by the policy and estimated by
                                                                                                                     AXA Insurance at more than half of the current
           Special notes to Section A                                                                                list price (including taxes) at the time of the damage

                                                                                                           AXA Insurance will, if you wish and any other known interested parties agree, replace it
           What vehicle is covered?                                                                        with a new vehicle of standard specification of the same manufacture and model. In that
                                                                                                           case, the old vehicle will belong to AXA Insurance.
           The cover on Pages 6 to 9 applies only to the vehicle notified to and accepted by AXA
           Insurance. It does not apply to any other vehicle, whether you own it or are simply driving     If such a vehicle is not available, AXA Insurance will replace it with the nearest model from
           it, unless it has been notified to and accepted by AXA Insurance.                               the same manufacturer in specification and value.

                                                                                                           New Car for Old cover is only applicable where the replacement vehicle is available in the
           What does AXA Insurance pay?                                                                    U.K.

           The word ‘pay’ means that AXA Insurance may, at its option, make a payment in cash of the       If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to have a replacement vehicle, your claim will be
           amount of loss or damage, or may repair, reinstate or replace.                                  dealt with in accordance with the provisions mentioned under the heading “What does
                                                                                                           AXA Insurance Pay?”
           If AXA Insurance knows that your vehicle is the subject of a hire purchase or other financial
           agreement, any cash payment will be made to the owner named in that agreement
           (whose receipt will be a full and final discharge).

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                9
     private car insurance SECTION A                                                                                                                                         private car insurance SECTION A

            Repairs, Collection and Delivery                                                                    Exceptions to Section A
            Please contact either your Insurance Broker or AXA Insurance Limited if your vehicle sustains
            damage covered by this policy. You will be provided with the name of the nearest                    AXA Insurance will not pay for
            AXA Insurance Approved Repairer, who can undertake the work. If you choose not to
            use a AXA Insurance Approved Repairer, you must provide a written estimate of repair                •   losses you sustain through not being able to use your vehicle (including the
            to AXA Insurance and await authorisation for repairs to proceed.                                        cost of hiring another vehicle)

            If your vehicle is disabled, AXA Insurance will pay the reasonable cost of protection and           •   depreciation
            removal to the nearest AXA Insurance Approved Repairer.                                             •   wear and tear

            After it has been repaired, AXA Insurance will pay for the reasonable cost of delivery of your      •   repairs or replacements which improve your vehicle beyond its condition
            vehicle to your address in Northern Ireland.                                                            before the loss or damage

                                                                                                                •   mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdowns, failures or breakages.
            These costs will only be paid in connection with a valid claim for loss or damage.
                                                                                                                •   damage to tyres caused by applying the brakes, road punctures, cuts
            If you have to pay an Excess, the repairer will require you to pay it to them before they               or bursts
            return your vehicle.                                                                                •   loss or damage resulting from the use of your vehicle in a rally,
                                                                                                                    competition or trial

            Courtesy Cars – Approved Repairer Network                                                           •   any reduction in the market value of your vehicle following its repair
            (available only in the UK)                                                                          •   loss where property is obtained or attempted to be obtained by any person
                                                                                                                    using any form of payment which proves to be counterfeit, false, fraudulent,
            If your car suffers damage and you have comprehensive cover you will be provided with a                 invalid, uncollectable, irrecoverable or irredeemable for any reason
            free courtesy car while repairs to your vehicle are being carried out by the AXA Insurance
            Approved Repairer.                                                                                  •   loss of or damage to the vehicle where possession is obtained by fraud,
            A courtesy car will not be available if your car is declared a total loss or is the subject of an       trick or false pretences
            unrecovered theft loss.                                                                             •   loss resulting from repossession of the vehicle or restitution to its
                                                                                                                    rightful owner

                                                                                                                •   loss or damage arising from theft or attempted theft while the ignition keys
                                                                                                                    are left in or on your vehicle

                                                                                                                •   any loss of or damage to any computer equipment whatsoever and/or
                                                                                                                    software and/or microchip controlled appliance, installed in or fitted to the
                                                                                                                    vehicle, or any resultant loss of data, directly or indirectly caused by or
                                                                                                                    contributed to by or arising from the failure of that equipment, at any time,
                                                                                                                    to treat any calendar date as the correct date and/or to manipulate correctly
                                                                                                                    other information or process other commands using any such date.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                             11
     private car insurance SECTION B                                                                                                                                                 private car insurance SECTION B

            Section B - Liability to Third Parties                                                            Costs

                                                                                                              1.   Costs and expenses recoverable by any claimant
            Third Party Bodily Injury
                                                                                                              2.   All other costs and expenses
            The company will insure the people insured against legal liability (and the associated costs      3.   Solicitor’s fees for representation at the Coroner’s inquest or fatal inquiry or Court of
            below) for damages in respect of death of or bodily injury to any person.                              Summary Jurisdiction

                                                                                                              4.   The cost of defence against a charge of manslaughter or causing death by
            Third Party Property Damage                                                                            reckless/dangerous driving 2, 3 and 4 must be incurred with the written agreement of
                                                                                                                   AXA Insurance in respect of matters prior to the date of such payment.
            The company will insure the people insured against legal liability (and the associated costs
            below) for damages in respect of damage to property, subject to the following limitations.

            i.     The maximum amount we will be liable for is £20,000,000, including the associated          Exceptions to Section B
                   costs below.

            ii.    If this policy covers more than one person, this maximum amount is the aggregate
                   amount to be paid and you will have priority over any other people insured.                AXA Insurance does not cover
            iii.   In dealing with a claim or series of claims arising from one event, the company may        •    damage to property belonging to, or held in trust by, or in the custody or
                   choose to pay you the full amount of this limit less any amounts already paid or any            control of, the person claiming cover under this Section
                   less amount for which such claim or claims can be settled. The company will then take
                   no further part in the handling or settlement of a claim, except to pay legal costs and    •    damage to any vehicle being driven or used by a person claiming cover
                   expenses incurred in respect of matters prior to the date of such payment.                      under this Section

                                                                                                              •    any person in (c), (d) or (e) if to that person’s knowledge the driver of the
                                                                                                                   vehicle does not hold a licence to drive it.
            People Insured
                                                                                                                   This exception does not apply if the driver has held such a licence and is not
            (a) you                                                                                                disqualified from holding or obtaining one.

            (b) any person entitled to drive by the Certificate                                               •    liability for death of or bodily injury to any person arising out of and in the
                                                                                                                   course of that person’s employment by the person claiming under this
            (c) any person using (but not driving) your vehicle with your permission for social,
                                                                                                                   Section if that liability is provided under an Employers Liability Insurance
                domestic and pleasure purposes
                                                                                                                   issued to comply with Employers Liability legislation.
            (d) any person (other than the driver) in your vehicle, or getting into or out of it
                                                                                                              •    any person other than you who has insurance under another motor policy
            (e) your or your spouse’s employer or business partner in respect of a vehicle which does              If the person insured does not comply with the claims procedure on Page 20,
                not belong and is not hired to him/her                                                             AXA Insurance reserves the right not to pay a claim.
            (f)    any person using your vehicle, in respect of liability under the Road Traffic Act to pay
                   for emergency treatment                                                                    If the law requires AXA Insurance to pay a claim which would otherwise not be
                                                                                                              covered, we reserve the right to recover the amount from you or the person
            (g) the personal representative of any person in (a) to (f) following that person’s death (but
                                                                                                              claiming cover under this Section.
                only in respect of the deceased’s liability)

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                     13
     private car insurance SECTION C                                                                                                                                         private car insurance SECTION C

            Section C - Extra Benefits                                                                 Medical Expenses

            Section C applies only if your schedule indicates cover is Comprehensive.                  If you, or any driver of, or anyone in, your vehicle suffers accidental bodily injury in direct
                                                                                                       connection with it, AXA Insurance will pay you up to £200 for each person for medical
            Personal Accident

            If                                                                                         Clothing & Personal Effects
                         you suffer accidental bodily injury in direct connection
                         with your vehicle, or while getting into or out of or                         AXA Insurance will pay you (or, if you wish, the owner of the property) for loss of or
                         travelling in any other vehicle (see definition on Page 5)                    damage to clothing and personal effects caused while they are in or on your vehicle.

                         any other person suffers accidental bodily injury while                       The maximum payable for any one incident is £100.
                         getting into or out of, or travelling in, your vehicle

            and the injury results directly and independently of any other cause within                AXA Insurance will not pay for:
            3 months in the following, AXA Insurance will pay the relevant benefit:
                                                                                                       •    money, stamps, tickets, documents or securities

                                                                                                       •    goods or supplies carried in connection with any trade or business
                                                  You and members of
                                                  your family normally          Others                 •    damage caused by wear and tear, deterioration, moths or insects
                                                     living with you

                 Death                                   £5,000                 £5,000

                 Total and irrecoverable                 £5,000                       –
                 loss of sight in an eye

                 Loss by severance of an                 £5,000                       –
                 entire hand or foot

            AXA Insurance will pay benefit only for persons between their 16th and 75th birthdays at
            the time of injury.

            The maximum payment for any person is £5,000.

            Payment for death will be made to the deceased’s personal representative.

14                                                                                                                                                                                                             15
     private car insurance SECTION D                                                                                                                                         private car insurance SECTION D

            Section D - No Claims Discount (NCD)                                                           No Claims Discount Protection

                                                                                                           If NCD Protection is shown on the schedule, the standard NCD does not apply. Instead your
            If you have consecutive periods of insurance with AXA Insurance without an incident giving
                                                                                                           premium will be reduced by 66.2% at each renewal. You will no longer qualify for NCD
            rise to a claim, your premium at the following renewal will be reduced as follows:
                                                                                                           Protection if more than two incidents giving rise to a claim which could affect NCD happen
                                                                                                           during a three-year period and the NCD at the next renewal will be reduced as follows:
                      One period                       35%
                      Two periods                      45%
                      Three periods                    55%                                                       Last             On the third
                      Four periods                     65%                                                     Renewal             fault claim
                      Five periods or more             70%
            For NCD purposes, a period of insurance is one year between the beginning of the policy            Protection          55% NCD
            and renewal date, or between renewal dates.

                                                                                                           If AXA Insurance makes a payment which cannot be recovered from another person (for
            If during a period of insurance incidents happen giving rise to claims under the policy, the
                                                                                                           example, in a ‘hit and run’ incident), a claim will count against your NCD even if you were
            NCD at the next renewal will be reduced as follows:
                                                                                                           not at fault. We do not have to pursue a recovery.

                                                                                                           Although you can protect your No Claims Discount your premium may increase if you make
                       Last             Next renewal          Next renewal
                     Renewal            One incident      More than one incident                           claims or receive motoring convictions

                   35% or 45%                 Nil                    Nil
                                                                                                           The following claims do not affect your No Claims Discount:
                       55%                   35%                     Nil
                                                                                                           •    Payment under Damage to the Windscreen/Glass on Page 7
                       65%                   45%                     Nil
                                                                                                           •    Payments for people in (f) on Page 12 (Emergency Treatment)
                                                             45% (two incidents)
                       70%                   65%             Nil (more than two
                                                                                                           •    Payments where you can prove that, but for an agreement between Insurers,
                                                                                                                you would have been able to recover all your losses from someone else
            AXA Insurance may change these scales at any renewal date.
                                                                                                           •    Payments made by AXA Insurance, together with associated expenses, which
                                                                                                                AXA Insurance subsequently recovers in full

16                                                                                                                                                                                                             17
     private car insurance SECTION E                                                                                                                                               private car insurance SECTION F

            Section E – General Provisions                                                                   then and in addition to any other rights or remedies which the company may have under
                                                                                                             this Policy or otherwise the company:
            Car sharing                                                                                      •     will not pay a claim
                                                                                                             •     will not pay any other claim which has been or will be made under the policy
            If you receive contributions for the carriage of passengers as part of a car sharing             •     may at the company’s option declare the policy void
            arrangement for social or other similar purposes, AXA Insurance will not regard it as the        •     will be entitled to recover from the Insured the amount of any claim already paid
            carriage of passengers for hire or reward (or use of the vehicle for hiring) provided that the         under the policy
            total contributions you receive for the journey do not involve a profit for you.                 •     will not make any return of premium
                                                                                                             •     may inform the appropriate law enforcement authority of the circumstances

            Customs duty
                                                                                                             Looking after your vehicle
            If, while your vehicle is temporarily on the Continent of Europe, you become liable to pay
            Customs Duty on it as a direct result of loss or damage covered under the policy, AXA            You must take all reasonable precautions to
            Insurance will meet the liability.                                                                      (a) prevent injury, loss or damage - this requirement also extends to any person
                                                                                                                          permitted to drive or use your vehicle
                                                                                                                    (b) maintain your vehicle in efficient condition

            Section F – General Conditions                                                                   In addition, you must ensure that you have a valid MOT Certificate where appropriate.

            You must comply with the following Conditions to have the full protection of your policy. If     If you do not do so, AXA Insurance reserves the right not to pay a claim.
            you do not comply with them, we may at our option cancel the policy or refuse to deal
            with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment.
                                                                                                             Changing your vehicle
            Fraud                                                                                            You must always notify AXA Insurance immediately if you change your vehicle as the cover
                                                                                                             provided by your policy is applicable only to the vehicle bearing the Registration Mark
            You must not act in a fraudulent manner. If you or anyone acting for you:                        shown on the schedule and Certificate of Motor Insurance. You must advise AXA Insurance
            •   Fails to disclose or conceals a fact likely to influence the assessment or acceptance of a   (or your Insurance Adviser) in advance so that a replacement Certificate or temporary Cover
                proposal, a renewal, or any adjustment to the policy or                                      Note may be issued. If you fail to advise us, not only will you be left without the protection
            •   Fails to disclose or conceals a fact likely to influence the provision of indemnity or the   of this policy, you will fail to satisfy the requirement of the relevant law governing the use of
                extent of indemnity provided by the company or                                               a motor vehicle on the road.
            •   Makes a statement to the company or anyone acting on the company’s behalf
                knowing the statement to be false in any respect or
            •   Submits a document to the company or anyone acting on the company’s behalf                   Additional/Return premiums under £12
                knowing the document to be forged or false in any respect or
            •   Makes a claim under the policy knowing the claim to be false or fraudulently                 Please note that
                exaggerated in any respect or                                                                - if a change results in an additional premium of less than £12 then no charge will
            •   Makes a claim in respect of any loss or damage caused by your wilful act or with your          be made.
                connivance                                                                                   - if a change results in a refund of less than £12 then no refund will be given.

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                   19
     private car insurance SECTION F                                                                                                                                             private car insurance SECTION F

             Other changes                                                                                   and to pursue any claim for its own benefit in the name of any person insured. But AXA
                                                                                                             Insurance does not have to do so.
             You must always advise AXA Insurance of any change in the following material information
             which may affect your policy:                                                                   Other insurance
             •   you change your address, occupation or business (including any part-time work)
             •   a different person is the main driver of your vehicle                                       If any loss or damage or liability is covered by any other insurance, AXA Insurance will not
             •   your vehicle is used for a different purpose                                                pay more than its rateable proportion.
             •   you or any other permitted driver has had a motoring conviction
             •   to your knowledge any driver suffers from diabetes, epilepsy, heart condition or any
                 other disease or infirmity which might impair ability to drive
             •   you intend to use your vehicle outside the UK for more than three months in the year
                                                                                                             AXA Insurance will continue to provide insurance (but to you only) while your vehicle is in
             •   your vehicle has been modified either mechanically or bodily (other than in
                                                                                                             the custody or control of a member of the motor trade and used only for its own overhaul,
                 accordance with the manufacturer’s specification)
                                                                                                             upkeep or repair.
             •   any person who will, or may, drive your vehicle

             If you fail to notify AXA Insurance of any of the above changes in circumstances (including     Cooling-off period
             change of vehicle) which could affect the amount of premium you pay, your insurance
                                                                                                             If you are unhappy with your new policy, you can cancel within 14 days by giving notice in
             cover may not protect you in the event of a claim.
                                                                                                             writing and returning the certificate of insurance to us. No charge will be made and you
                                                                                                             will receive a full refund of the premium you paid provided no claims have occurred under
             Driving other cars                                                                              the policy.

             The only cover applying to a vehicle not owned by you or hired to you under a hire              Cancelling your policy
             purchase or other financial agreement is Section B - Liabilities to Third Parties.
                                                                                                             You may cancel the policy at any time by sending 7 days notice and returning the Certificate
             This extension applies to you or other persons named under the appropriate section of the       (if appropriate). If there has been no claim during the current period or no claim pending
             Certificate of Insurance.                                                                       AXA Insurance will calculate the premium for the period you have been insured and refund
                                                                                                             any balance. If the premium is paid under any AXA Insurance monthly instalment scheme,
             Claims procedure                                                                                and a claim has been settled during the current period, you must continue with the
                                                                                                             instalment payments or alternatively, AXA Insurance will deduct outstanding instalments from
             In connection with any injury, loss or damage which may give rise to a claim under the policy   any claim payment that may be due to you. No refund of premium will be made under any
             •    you must as soon as reasonably possible contact AXA Insurance                              AXA Insurance monthly instalment scheme.
             •    you must send to AXA Insurance immediately any legal documents, and as soon as
                                                                                                             AXA Insurance reserves the right to cancel this policy forthwith in the event of non-payment
                  possible any letter, claim or other document
                                                                                                             of the premium or default by you under any AXA Insurance monthly instalment scheme.
             •    you must notify AXA Insurance immediately of any impending prosecution, inquest or
                                                                                                             No refund will be made to you of any instalment paid.
                  fatal inquiry
             •    you must not admit liability for or negotiate the settlement of any claim without AXA      AXA Insurance may also cancel the policy by sending 7 days notice by recorded delivery to
                  Insurance’s written agreement                                                              you at your last known address (and, in the case of Northern Ireland, to the Department of
             •    you must give AXA Insurance all information and assistance required                        the Environment for Northern Ireland). Provided that there has been no claim made during
             If you do not do so, AXA Insurance reserves the right not to pay a claim.                       the current period or no claim pending, AXA Insurance will calculate the premium for the
                                                                                                             period you have been insured (based on AXA Insurance short period rates) and refund
             AXA Insurance is entitled to take over and conduct the defence or settlement of any claim,      any balance.
20                                                                                                                                                                                                                 21
     private car insurance SECTION G                                                                                                                                                    private car insurance

             Section G – General Exceptions                                                          Guidance Notes
                                                                                                     These pages are for your assistance and do not form part of the policy
             This policy does not cover
             1.   Any injury, loss or damage occurring while your vehicle is being                   What to do after an accident
                  (a) driven by any person or used for any purpose not allowed by the
                      Certificate                                                                    Note the registration number of the vehicles involved. Ask for the names and addresses of
                  (b) driven by you, unless you hold a licence to drive it                           other people involved and any witnesses.
                  (c) driven with your general consent by any person who to your
                      knowledge does not hold a licence to drive it                                  Make a sketch plan of the scene of the accident. Do not admit responsibility or sign any
                  Exceptions (b) and (c) do not apply if the person has held and is not              statement to this effect.
                  disqualified from holding or obtaining such a licence                              If the accident results in damage to another vehicle, an animal (which are defined by the
                                                                                                     Road Traffic Acts as Horse, Cattle, Ass, Mule, Sheep, Pig, Goat and Dog) or other property,
             2.   Liability accepted under an agreement, unless the liability would have
                                                                                                     to comply with the law you must stop, and give your name, address and registration
                  existed anyway
                                                                                                     particulars of the vehicle (along with the owner’s name and address) to anybody reasonably
             3.   Injury, loss or damage arising from                                                requiring the information.
                  (a) ionising radiations, or contamination by radioactivity, from any
                       irradiated nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion         If anyone other than yourself is injured you must show your Certificate to the police or to
                       of nuclear fuel                                                               any other person reasonably asking. If you cannot do this at the time of the accident,
                  (b) the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any         report the accident to the police as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours.
                       explosive nuclear assembly or of its nuclear component
                                                                                                     You must also show your Certificate to any person reasonably asking, if you have caused
             4.   Any consequence of hostilities (whether war has been declared or not), civil       damage to another vehicle or property.
                  war, revolution or military or usurped power, except so far as is necessary to
                  meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts
                                                                                                     Getting your car repaired
             5.   Any injury, loss or damage (except under Section B - Liability to Third Parties)
                  caused by                                                                          If the damage is covered by your policy
                  (a) earthquake
                  (b) riot or civil commotion occurring in the United Kingdom or the                 Where the vehicle can be safely driven, take it to an AXA Insurance Approved Repairer
                      Republic of Ireland, or on the Continent of Europe                             (if the vehicle cannot be driven, they will be able to arrange for it to be collected and
                                                                                                     returned to you after repair).
             6.   Any accident, injury, loss, damage, or any liability of whatsoever nature
                  while your vehicle is in or on the part of an aerodrome, airport, or airfield      If you choose not to use an Approved Repairer, you must submit a repair estimate to
                  provided for                                                                       AXA Insurance and await authorisation for repairs to proceed.
                  (a) the take-off and landing of aircraft and for the movement of aircraft on
                      the surface
                  (b) aircraft parking aprons including the associated service roads and
                      ground equipment parking areas, those parts of passenger terminals
                                                                                                     Where a damage claim is subject to an Excess, it is our practice to instruct the repairer to
                      of an international airport which come within the Customs
                                                                                                     collect the Excess from you direct, when the repair is complete.
                      examination area

22                                                                                                                                                                                                              23
     private car insurance                                                                                                                                                                     private car insurance

             Police prosecutions                                                                              Please note: Unless the replacement is handled by one of the windscreen companies
                                                                                                              mentioned previously, the maximum AXA Insurance will pay is £150 from which the £60
             You must let us know at once if you receive notice of any intended prosecution as a result       windscreen Excess is deductible.
             of the accident. It would also help us as your insurers to know if other parties involved in
             the accident are to be prosecuted.                                                               Remember to carry your Certificate with you as you will need to show this to the
                                                                                                              windscreen company before work commences.

             Claims made against you by other persons                                                         Even policyholders with Third Party Fire & Theft (which does not include windscreen cover)
                                                                                                              can qualify for a preferential discount with one of these companies although they will need
             Send all letters and other correspondence to us as quickly as possible so that we can deal       to settle the complete bill themselves direct.
             with them on your behalf.

             Do not admit liability for the accident or make any offer of payment.                            Moving home?

             In your own interest, you should contact us if you are asked to give a statement to anyone       Please bear in mind that we need to have your current address. This will make sure that
             other than the Police.                                                                           your renewal invitation will reach you in good time and avoid confusion when making a
                                                                                                              claim. See Section F – General Conditions.

             Stolen Cars
                                                                                                              Change of car?
             Please notify the Police as soon as the loss is discovered.
                                                                                                              When you change your car, you will need a new Certificate or Cover Note. See Section F –
             If the vehicle is not recovered we will negotiate settlement of your claim on the basis of the   General Conditions.
             market value (unless it is less than 1 year old - see New Car for Old on Page 9).

                                                                                                              Car Modification?
             Broken glass?
                                                                                                              If the car currently insured by your policy or replacement car has been modified either
             AXA Insurance has a service with Autoglass. Please phone them at 0800 363636. You are            mechanically or bodily (other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard
             free to use another windscreen repairer if you wish but please see page 7 regarding the          specification), please inform AXA Insurance immediately.
             limit of cover. Replacement company -                                                            See Section F – General Conditions.

                        Autoglass                       0800 363636

             If you have windscreen cover and need to have glass repaired or replaced call Autoglass on
             the above number. No excess applies where the glass is being repaired and an excess of
             £60 applies if the glass is being replaced.

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                     25
     private car insurance SECTION H                                                                                                                     private car insurance DATA PROTECTION NOTICE

            Going abroad and Green Card requirements                                                      Data Protection Notice
            Your full policy cover operates for up to 3 months in any one year at no extra charge (in     AXA considers that protecting personal information is very important and we recognise that
            addition to automatically providing the minimum cover required by law in the countries        you have an interest in how we collect, use and share such information. We invite you to
            listed below).                                                                                review this Data Protection Notice, which outlines how we use and protect that
            It is not necessary to have a Green Card when travelling to the following countries           information.
            (although in the absence of a Green Card, your Certificate of Motor Insurance should be
            carried instead):                                                                             Use of Information

                       Andorra Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany              1 This notice will explain how AXA will use information provided by you. References to
                       Gibraltar Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg              "AXA" means AXA Insurance Limited and other companies in the AXA Group within the
                       Monaco Netherlands Norway Portugal San Marino Slovakia Spain Sweden                  European Economic Area.
                                                                                                             The information that you provide to AXA will be held on a computer, computer
            There are other countries party to the Green Card arrangements where you will need to            database, e-mail, imaged documents, files, and letter and/or in any other way. AXA
            have a Green Card or purchase insurance at the border. These are:                                will use this information to (i) administer and process any products /services you have
                                                                                                             purchased from us, (ii) administer any future agreements we may have with you,
                       Albania Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Estonia Former Yugoslav Republic                      (iii) manage any claim notified by you or by a third party and (iv) for client services,
                       of Macedonia Iran Israel Malta Morocco Poland Romania Slovenia Tunisia Turkey         research and statistical analyses.
                       Please let us know at least 3 weeks before you leave if you require a Green Card
                       which will be supplied free of charge.                                             2. When considering a proposal or administering your insurance contract(s),handling claims,
                                                                                                             or making decisions regarding deferred payment arrangements, including whether to
            Please supply the following information:                                                         continue or to extend an existing deferred payment arrangement, AXA may carry out
            1. The period for which cover is required i.e. the date you leave and the date you arrive        searches (for the purpose of verifying your identity and driving experience) and/or a
                 back in the U.K.                                                                            credit search with one or more licensed credit reference agencies. AXA may use credit
            2. Your policy number                                                                            scoring and other automated decision making systems.
            3. The registration number and make and model of your vehicle
            4. Trailer or caravan details                                                                 Rights of Customers
            5. Countries to be visited
                                                                                                          3. You have the right of access to the personal data held about you by AXA by sending
                                                                                                             a written request to the Data Protection Unit, AXA Insurance Limited, Wolfe Tone House,
                                                                                                             Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1, and on payment of a fee of £5.00. You also have the right
                                                                                                             to require AXA to correct any inaccuracies in the information we hold about you.

                                                                                                          Sharing of Information
                                                                                                          4. We shall not disclose personal information without the consent of the individual
                                                                                                             to which it relates except in limited circumstances as permitted or required by law.
                                                                                                             We may share personal information with agents or service providers in connection
                                                                                                             with providing, administering and servicing the products you have purchased from
                                                                                                             us or in the course of handling third party claims.

26                                                                                                                                                                                                      27
     private car insurance DATA PROTECTION NOTICE

               Where we choose to have certain services provided by third parties, we do so in
               accordance with the applicable law and take reasonable precautions regarding the
               practices employed by the service provider to protect personal information.

            Other Products and Services
            5. In the future we, AXA, would like to use your personal data for the purpose of offering
               you other products and services, including those available from companies in the AXA
               Ireland Group and carefully selected third parties, which AXA thinks may be of interest to
               you. In this connection, and occasionally for market research and statistical purposes, the
               services of a reputable external agency may be used.
               If you decide to proceed with this proposal or have any other communication with AXA
               through or in relation to its products and services you accept the use by AXA of your
               personal data as indicated.

                                                                                         0116 03/07 AD

28                                                                                                           Bk1
                                         Issued by

          AXA Insurance Limited, Windsor House, 9-15 Bedford Street, Belfast BT2 7FT.
                       Telephone 02890 333 222. Fax 02890 242 864.
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