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OxCORT user group 13aug08 by RgXmR4kd


									Business Services and Projects

OxCORT User Briefing
13 August 2008

Sara Passmore                    – Project Manager
Sarah Holmes                     – Trainer
Linda Covill                     – Business Analyst

   Objectives and benefits
   Overview of new features for each role
   Timetable for implementation
   Communications and Training plan

Usability improvements (OxCORT v4)
   Features
   Timetable.

                                             Page 2
   Objectives of OxCORT Version 3 (v3)

• Calculate payments for Tutorial teaching
  according to the Senior Tutors’ Register of
  Payments and provide required outputs
• Capture Tutor’s College stint obligations and
  record teaching against stint
• Provide a facility for “Pay my department”
• Provide a facility to record Subject.

                                            Page 3
                  Out of scope
• Payments for:
   Invigilation of Collections
   Admissions activities
   College Retainer payments / uplift

• Departmental stint
• Splitting payments across departments and
  between tutors
• Loading file of payments into local Payroll /
  Finance systems.
                                             Page 4

• Reduction of inter-College queries relating to
  Payments, as all using single system
• Reports on Tutor stint balance
• Ability to analyse costs & teaching by Subject
• Elimination of discrepancies between Tutorial
  Reports and Payment/Stint data
• Cutting down on duplication and reconciliation
  of local systems.

                                           Page 5

Page 6
              Overview of new features
                      All Roles
   Additional report state of Paid
    - to indicate that money and stint has been
   Record of Tutor’s subject on reports
    - to allow subject based reporting and subject
      based accounting
   Improvements to the functionality to export
    report data from the Search & Select screen
    - can now include year of study, payment
      details and flags in the download.

                                              Page 7
             Overview of new features
                    OMC Role
   Enter and maintain the Register of Payments
   Control which departments can use the new
    “Pay my department” feature.

                                            Page 8
               Overview of new features
Facility to:    Course Director Role
   Enter/edit department payment details e.g. bank account
   View a list of payments due from Colleges
   View payment information on reports as follows:

                                                      Page 9
             Overview of new features
      Tutorial Office – Enhanced screens
   Search and Select
    - search for reports by payment method
   Manage Tutor Payment Data
    - export now includes payment amounts,
      gender and subject
    - new export to show totals by Tutor
   List Payments Due from Other Colleges
    - includes payment amounts.

                                             Page 10
              Overview of new features
       Tutorial Office – New functionality
   Enter College specific weighting information

   Enter/ edit College payment details e.g. bank
    account number
   Validate teaching before processing for payment
   Enter core stint hours and adjustments
   Calculate payments and teaching hours and enter
    non-standard payment amounts
   Produce payment and stint reports and print
                                              Page 11
           Overview of new features
 Record their subject
 Ability to record joint joint appointments
 Record their gender
 Ability to select “Pay my department” where

                                           Page 12
OxCORT V3 Progress Update   Development is ongoing and there will be a
                            phased implementation in MT08:
                                               Phase 1

                                              Phase 2

                                                                    Page 13
PHASE 1   GO LIVE - WEEK 1: OCT 13                                 USERS
NEW       Register of Payments                                     OMC
NEW       Authorise department to receive payment                  OMC
NEW       College weighting tables                                 TO
NEW       College bank details                                     TO
NEW       Tutor stint data                                         TO
AMENDED   Tutor data (subject, gender, joint joint appointments)   TUTORS/ALL
AMENDED   Report view and edit                                     TUTORS/ALL

PHASE 2   GO LIVE - WEEK 6: NOV 17                                 USERS
NEW       Validate teaching data                                   TO
NEW       Calculate payments and stint                             TO
AMENDED   Manage Tutor payment data                                TO
AMENDED   Inter-College data export (payments due from other       TO
NEW       Payment operational reports                              TO
NEW       Stint operational reports                                TO
NEW       Dept bank details                                        CD
NEW       Payments due from Colleges                               CD
AMENDED   Export report data                                       ALL

                                                                         Page 14
                 Training Phase 1

Training will be delivered in line with the phased
   Quick Guides for each role detailing ‘what’s
   Training presentation for Tutorial Office
   Presentation and workshop during lunchtime
    session at OUCS for Tutors in Week 4.

                                                Page 15
                Training Phase 2

   Full manuals and detailed quick guides for all
   Classroom training on payments for Tutorial
    Office users (Week 6)
   Quick guides for students in Week 7.

                                             Page 16
              OxCORT v4: Usability

   Aim: to tidy up OxCORT screens and increase
   Comments and suggestions relating to usability
    were grouped into a shortlist of 13 items

   Tutorial Office and other key users were asked
    to select their favourite three

   The results of the survey…

                                             Page 17
                 OxCORT v4: Favourite Usability Improvements

                  Standard capitalisation

               Standard ‘Cancel’ process

           Standard confirmation screens

       Standardisation of error messages

             Standard button positioning

Report Search: common section headings

     Report Search: split search / display

     Report Search: group action buttons

   View Tutorial Arrangements: add filters

Report creation: remove default term/year

         Main Menu: revise menu options

         Main Menu: report count buttons

          Search for programme of study

                                             0   2   4   6   8   10   12      14     16

                                                                           Page 18
             OxCORT v4: Usability
   The OxCORT technical team provided time
    estimates for each of these
   Development priority established –
    1. Search for Programme of Study
    2. Report creation: checks on term/year
    3. View Tutorial Arrangements: add filters
    4. Presentation of report count buttons

   Implementation: Hilary 2009.

                                            Page 19

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