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how increase revenue


let read how to increase revenue

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									bellow here i wil give u some tips how to increase revenue:

1.Ask for salary increase
Ask for salary increases are common, but just remembered the last time we negotiate a raise?
2.Changed jobs
Sometimes we have to find a new job that better appreciate the power and capabilities. The reason is, when it
worked long enough in one place, it is often considered mediocre.
3.Develop qualifications
has become commonplace in the world of work, people who have high-performance work with specific
qualifications or skills will be appreciated more. Join a professional association, or that try to consider the
possibility of taking additional courses on campus for self-development.
4.Moving the city
if the owner of the company or the company where the work has many branches, consider whether or not we
move the town. Joining a new team to bring new changes to the level of risk is smaller.
5.Spread responsibility
By expanding the scope of work, we have good reason to ask for a raise. Remember, it first needs to prove that
we can actually handle the additional responsibilities before going any further.
6Associate salary with performance-owned
Try to take over some of the burden of risk is carried boss, or the leadership by prioritizing the need for balance
between the salary received by the level of performance. Dared to do this?
7.Rent out empty rooms
Put away all the goods and try to rent out rooms not in use. Hire a room like this allow many young people leave
home and begin to learn to live independently.
8.Make home a place of filming
we do not have to live in a castle, or palace to make money by using home as a location for film shooting.
Agencies that deal
9.Provide your own power source
This will increasingly become important in the later period. Solar power, wind, biotermal, and micro hydro can be
used as a source of electric power alone.
10.Press the spending
If there is nothing interesting or relevant to do from the tips described above, we may need to look at how we
reduce costs.

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