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The Scientific Method
 7 Steps of the Scientific Method
1.   State the Problem
2.   Research/ prior knowledge
3.   Hypothesis
4.   Experiment/ collect data
5.   Analyze the Data
6.   Conclusion
7.   Retest
        1. State the Problem
• A question/           EXAMPLE:
  problem that you
  want to solve      Do plants need light
                          to grow?
              2. Research
• Collect information     EXAMPLE:
  on your question
• Prior knowledge       Prior Knowledge-
                           Plants in your
                          house, gardens,
                           green houses,
                         farms, meadows,
             3. Hypothesis
• educated guess            EXAMPLE:
• Answer to your        If I give the plants
  problem                   light then they
• Based on prior           will grow. With
  knowledge and            out light, plants
  research                 will wither and
• “If/Then statement”             die.
              4. Experiment
• Test the hypothesis        EXAMPLE:
• Collect the data      • Set up different
• Must be measurable      groups of plants and
                          expose them to
                          different amounts of
                        • Measure the plants
                          to see which ones
                          grow the tallest
            5. Analyze the Data
• Organize the data into:        EXAMPLE:
   – A chart/ table         • Graph showing that
   – A graph                  the plant that
   – picture                  received the most
                              light grew the
              6. Conclusion
• Describe your results        EXAMPLE:
• Accept or reject your
  hypothesis                    I accept my
• State why you accepted    hypothesis because
  or rejected                  the plants that
                             received the light
                           grew the tallest while
                               my plants that
                           received no light died
           7. Retest & Share
• Do several trials of your experiment:
• Share your results with other scientists
                Medical Science
Scientific Method   High Cholesterol
State the Problem   Patient has high cholesterol
Research/ Prior     Research information about cholesterol
Hypothesis          Certain chemicals may dissolve
                    cholesterol deposits
Experiment          Give 100 patients these chemicals and
                    100 patients a placebo
Analyze             Same number of patients lowered their
                    cholesterol as did the placebo patients
Conclusion          These chemicals did not reduce
Retest/ Share       Modify hypothesis/ retest/ publish results
            Everyday Science
Scientific Method   Car repair
State the Problem   Engine won’t turn over
Research/ Prior     Find reasons why engine won’t
Knowledge           turn over
Hypothesis          Predict that the battery is dead
Experiment          Replace battery
Analyze             Engine now turns on
Conclusion          Cars won’t work without a fully
                    loaded battery
Retest/ Share       Tell other people
            Everyday Science
Scientific Method   Heart rate
State the Problem   Heart beats at different speeds
Research/ Prior     Find reasons why your heart rate
Knowledge           would change
Hypothesis          If I _______ then _______
Experiment          Take resting heart rates, and heart
                    rates after running.
Retest/ Share

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