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					Unique Event
Spaces in London

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    The London Eye (EDF Energy)
                                                                                                    Minster Court,
                                                                      One of the city’s most           London
                                                                      iconic landmarks, the            SE1 7JB
                                                                       London Eye is a truly
                                                                   remarkable place to host an
                                                                     event. Guests can enjoy
                                                                                                       For more
                                                                    panoramic views over the        information or
                                                                     Capital while celebrating        to make a
                                                                    the occasion with friends,     booking enquiry,
                                                                      family or co-workers.           click here.

   Lord’s Cricket Ground
                                                                          Grand, historic and        Saint John's
                                                                       quintessentially English,     Wood Road,
                                                                      this famous cricket ground       London
                                                                                                      NW8 8QN
                                                                       never ceases to impress.
                                                                        It’s ideal for corporate
                                                                       events, birthday parties,
                                                                         anniversaries, charity        For more
                                                                                                    information or
                                                                          fundraisers or even         to make a
                                                                          wedding receptions.      booking enquiry,
                                                                                                      click here.
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      The Garden Museum                                                                     Tate Modern

                                                                                      Conveniently located near several
      One of London’s lesser known but                                              Southwark hotels London, this iconic
        more beautiful museums, this                                                   museum doubles as an equally
      unique event space offers guests a                                             impressive event venue. There are
       tranquil setting, surrounded by                                              several event spaces throughout the
       delicately sculptured gardens- a                                               museum, suiting everything from
                   true gem!                                                          small intimate gatherings to large
                                                                                            parties of up to 1,500.

                                                     For more                                                   For more
       Lambeth Palace                             information or                                             information or
                                                                                      Bankside, London
         Rd, London                                 to make a                                                  to make a
                                                                                          SE1 9TG
          SE1 7LB                                booking enquiry,                                           booking enquiry,
                                                    click here.                                                click here.
       The London Dungeon                                                                                28-34 Tooley
                                                                              Get to know the city’s    Street, London
                                                                              spooky side by hosting        SE1 2SZ
                                                                                 your event in the
                                                                                 infamous London
                                                                             Dungeon. Of course, this
                                                                              event space is perfect        For more
                                                                                                         information or
                                                                              for a Halloween Party-       to make a
                                                                             fancy dress encouraged!    booking enquiry,
                                                                                                           click here.

                   HMS Belfast                                                                          Morgan's Lane,
                                                                           A former Royal Navy ship      Tooley Street,
                                                                            launched in 1939, this      City of London,
                                                                           beastly sea vessel is also       SE1 2JH
                                                                              a grand and elegant
                                                                            event space, allowing
                                                                            guests to step back in          For more
                                                                              time and learn a bit       information or
                                                                                                           to make a
                                                                                more about their        booking enquiry,
                                                                                country’s history.         click here.
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