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Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft - Ultimate 7 Tips For Avoiding ID

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We all hate the idea of losing our identity. We all hate it even more if
it turns out that it was stolen and is being used by someone else. So
what can we do to prevent it? These 7 tips make a good starting point!

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The first thing you have to keep in mind to prevent identity theft is the
power your personal information gives the thief.

A thief can use your social security number, credit card number,
password, PIN, etc. to make transactions under your name, which can cost
you both hard-earned money and a lot of time trying to fix the damage.
So, don’t give them that power.

1. Keep Important Documents Safe and Secure. Never allow anybody to fix
your wallet, purse, or bag where you have IDs, bank statements, credit
cards, and other important documents to prevent identity theft. You
shouldn’t be complacent, even with those close to you. Studies show that
in around 26% of identity theft cases, victims knew the perpetrators.

2. Properly Dispose Important Documents. Shred or tear up receipts,
personal applications, bank or credit card statements and scatter them
among different waste bins to prevent identity theft. Better yet, burn
them before throwing them away. Do not leave transaction receipts behind
after making a purchase to prevent identity theft. Never leave your
receipt at the ATM machine.

3. Do Not Giving Out Personal Info Over the Phone. Never give your
account details and other similar information to someone who calls you
asking for it. To prevent identity theft, ask to ring them back, or
bother to see them personally at their office before giving out any
details. Better yet, to prevent identity theft, give out details only if
you initiated contact.

4. Bringing Only IDs You Need. It’s easier to keep track of your IDs on a
daily basis if your wallet only has current ones or those that you
actually use for transactions during the week. To prevent identity theft,
leave IDs you don’t particularly need at home, locked up in a safe place.

5. Fill Out Only the Last Four Digits at the Bank. Did you know that
writing only the last four digits of your bank account number when
filling up deposit or withdrawal forms will suffice? The teller can take
care of the rest. Also, to prevent identity theft, tear up any
transaction slips you want to discard, and toss them in the bin. Do not
leave them on the counter.

6. Be Constantly Aware of Your Surroundings. During a purchase, make sure
your credit or debit card is handed right back to you after a
transaction. Cup your free hand over the hand that is punching in your
PIN, especially at an ATM machine.

7. Stay Informed! Take time to research the latest modus operandi of
identity thieves. You should be especially concerned if you use the
Internet to make financial transactions. To prevent identity theft, you
will have to be on your guard against web spoofing (using a replica of a
trusted site to manipulate your transaction) and bogus e-mail.

Heed these tips and you can easily prevent identity theft from occurring.

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