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Maqui Berry - The Superfruit Of 2012


									Maqui Berry - The Superfruit Of 2012

Maqui Berry is a New-Found superfruit that was discovered just recently and being
recognized as the world's strongest new antioxidant berry that is up to 3x stronger than Acai

Maqui Berries are native to the Valdivian temperate rainforests of Chile and adjacent regions
of southern Argentina and hence why they were not discovered for common use by modern
day society up until recently, however, these berries were consumed by native tribes were
eating the Maqui Berries since 1800's, it was documented in 1844 that natives used maqui to
prepare chicha as may have been referenced in "Physical Atlas of History and Politics of

Benefits of Maqui Berries For Human Body

These berries are very high in antioxidant content and can be used to make Jam or Juice,
because of their delicious taste, making these easy to consume for the benefits of the
antioxidants and other health benefits.

The limited research that was conducted to further understand the antioxidant content in
Maqui Berry concluded that the average antioxidant rating of these berries was around 820,
compared to Acai Berries rated at 160-300, closely followed by blueberries at 61.

The first few pieces of research on Benefits of Maqui Berry are in!

The first clinical research conducted to explore the benefits of these berries concluded that
these berries can help type 2 diabetes sufferers.

North Carolina State and Rutgers University recently conducted a study, where they
researched the potential benefits of Maqui berries for type 2 diabetes. They conducted
research on obese mice with type 2 diabetes, and put them on a high-fat diet, and
supplemented it with Maqui berry extract. The results were astonishing.

Researchers discovered, after 7 weeks of this diet and using Maqui berries, both glucose
tolerance AND fasting blood glucose levels were greatly improved. Not only that, but they
also looked into various anthocyanins, and D3S5G, or delphinidin 3-sambobioside-5-
glucoside, and discovered yet another benefit.

These berries were even recently discussed by the popular Medicine Hunter show on Fox
News, he explained the origin of maqui berries and why we should start incorporating extract
of these berries in to our every day nutrition and diets to improve our antioxidant levels and
help regulate and improve glucose tolerance.

The verdict is out, maqui berry is indeed the superfruit of 2012 and he popularity of this new
antioxidant berry is sweeping the world by storm.

I highly recommend you to try incorporating a maqui berry supplement in to your diet to
ensure that your body is getting the optimum antioxidants available to help you live a
healthier life and help stave off potential diseases and illnesses easier

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