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Manager Disaster Recovery Services in Chicago IL Resume Bill Stasiuk


Bill Stasiuk

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Chicago, IL 60657 

IT professional experienced in client facing computer consulting and internal IT Operations. Adapt at
working in rapidly changing environments requiring the ability to analyze and solve poorly defined
problems. Recognized for leadership on complex projects and delivering solutions on time and on budget.

     Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing            Business Continuity Management
     Business Impact Analysis                        Data Center Migration
     Project Management                              Vendor Management
     Business Case Development                       Service \ Help Desk Management
     Change \ Incident Management                    Data Center Consolidation \ Virtualization


ACCENTURE – CHICAGO, IL                                                                         1996 to 2010
Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.
Manager, CIO Group Chicago, IL (2004 - 2010)
Internal IT Manager with multiple roles including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery manger,
production scheduling manager, and project manager.
     Planned and executed (multiple times) Disaster Recovery tests for the 2nd largest MS SAP instance in
     the world – Accenture’s global finance system. Tapeless recovery leveraging SQL log shipping and
     “shadow copy” instances of production to failover site resulting in <24 hour recovery time with data loss
     limited to less than one hour.
     Planned and executed instant failover of Accenture’s publicly facing corporate website,
     Achieved results using secondary site and Ackamai site failover service.
     Participated in SAS70 audits of hosting provider. Worked with internal audit to review vendors
     documentation and verify the results met SAS70 requirements.
     Designed and executed tape based recoveries at remote Sungard recovery site. Scope of effort was 100+
     servers spanning multiple business areas. Implemented VMware technology at DR site to recover
     original servers to dissimilar subscription based hardware.
     Created 1200+ line MS Project Plan for Sungard recovery effort. Created work schedules, contact lists,
     communication templates, technical documents (SAN, Server, Network, etc.), DR workbooks, VM
     Recovery Scripts, Technical Architecture Diagrams, - all pre-test, and post-test documents.
     Designed and implemented tapeless recovery (disk to disk) across two geographic regions (India \
     Philippines) leveraging FalconStor Continuous Data Protection (CDP). Highly efficient block level
     replication with File-interface De-duplication System (FDS) minimized expensive WAN bandwith.
     Designed and executed Business Impact Analysis (BIA) forms and processes for all Global, Tier 1
     Accenture applications. Analyzed results and presented findings and recommendations to executive
     Accenture lead on server\application Data Center Relocation project. Involved communicating with all
     affected application leads, determining optimal move dates, and documenting detailed server and
     application configuration. 800+ servers were moved from Northbrook DC to Chicago Technology
     Lead Accenture Change and Incident Management (ACIM) team developing new processes and
     procedures to improve response rates and results. Refined Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process to
     provide better clarity on issue cause and long term issue resolution.
     Lead Global Scheduling Services team using AutoSys scheduling product. Designed and implemented
     migration to Windows version of the product and incorporated instant failover between sites. Managed a
    large global team of scheduling experts who designed, tested, and implemented custom batch schedules
    for global clients.
    Participated as one of three Accenture employees in re-negotiating $100,000,000+ multi-year vendor
    contract renegotiation. Used in depth knowledge of the contract along with history and understanding of
    the vendor to achieve the best pricing \ service agreement possible.
    Lead server consolidation project using VMware to reduce server count by 100+ servers. Executed
    performance analysis to determine best candidates and migrated Physical Servers to Virtual Servers
    Worked with external auditors to ensure and provide documentation that risk and compliance issues
    related to Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Compliance, and Disaster Recovery for publically traded companies
    were in place and assessed to be effective controls.
    Developed Business Case for $1,500,000+ initiative to implement tapeless DR recovery strategy that
    clearly articulated scope, cost, benefits, and technology approach. Unanimously approved by the IT
    Steering Committee (ITSC).

Manager, Global Architecture and Core Technology Group Chicago, IL (1998 - 2004)
Client facing IT Manager working in multiple industries helping clients achieve business goals.

    Designed and built a dedicated test lab for a client’s application developers. The project required
    analyzing the developer’s needs, designing the lab environment, and building the lab. Developed new
    processes and procedures that improved the client’s development lifecycle. Improvements included
    operational procedures for the lab, defining development stages, and documenting entry and exit criteria
    for each development stage.
    The Customer Service Improvement project focused on improved the service provided to the client
    internal business customers through focused account management, improved service request process,
    heightened awareness of customer needs, the creation of service level agreements and the process by
    which they are administrated. Created detailed processes to ensure that end users, application
    developers, and the help desk would work together to ensure that requests for IS services are completed
    efficiently. Also developed a new role in the organization, the customer service manager, to support the
    Led a team that tested the clients order to cash business cycle which included everything from shipping
    product from Japan to receiving payment from customers. Managed all aspects of the project including
    data gathering, planning, documenting, and execution. Managed efforts with clients, project team
    members, and solution center personnel to insure the environment met the needs of the client and that
    technical issues were resolved quickly.
    Developed an end to end issue resolution process that enabled the client to progress to a more mature
    process oriented support organization. Newly defined severity levels were developed using objective
    criteria based on impacted user minutes. The process documented operational level agreements (OLA’s)
    between support organizations that detailed each service provider’s roles and responsibilities. The
    OLA’s established set times for each tier to either resolve an issue or escalate it to a higher tier. The
    process included detailed reporting, guidelines for hand-offs, and procedures to manage process
    Led a team to the successfully launch a new application help desk organization. Redesigned the existing
    help desk and created several key deliverables such as a staffing model, detailed job descriptions, and a
    new organization structure. The new organizational structure removed a layer of management and
    created a flatter, more responsive support structure. Detailed call statistics were analyzed and used to
    create a staffing model which redesigned shifts, allocated resources more efficiently, and improved
    coverage during peak call hours. Detailed job descriptions facilitated the redesign by aligning support
    efforts with the new organization.
Senior Consultant, Global Architecture and Core Technology Group Chicago, IL (1996 - 1998)
Client facing IT Consultant working in multiple industries helping clients achieve business goals.
    Researched, gathered, reported, and analyzed data required for the Business Impact Analysis. Assisted
    in preparing a detailed Business Impact Analysis to determine criticality and priority of the client’s
    applications supporting key business functions, such as service activation, customer care, telemarketing,
    and technical support. This analysis also identified key supporting resources and established a minimum
    timeline for recovery.
    Assisted in a disaster recovery review of a client’s headquarters. During the review risk areas and
    opportunities for improvement were documented. Conducted interviews with executive staff to
    determine business priorities. Interviewees included the CFO, SVP of Operations, and VP of Business
    Operations. The project provided several recommendations including recovery strategies and an action
    plan for immediate, short-term, and long-term improvements.
    Project member for a computer lab Design and build team. Assisted the client’s production support
    groups in designing and building an integrated testing and certification lab. Responsible for assisting in
    the writing of the detailed policies and procedures for the lab. Other responsibilities included; providing
    guidance to junior Accenture personnel, assisting with the determination of the appropriate hardware and
    software for the lab, assist the project manager as needed and act as project manager in his absence.
    Project lead for the development and implementation of a desktop Asset Management system. Led the
    effort to identify the requirements and effectively design processes around them. Managed a team
    responsible for defining the training requirements and methods required for maintaining the asset
    management process. The team integrated the Asset Management System into the existing processes
    used by the client’s production support groups, including their move, add, and change process.
    Developed a change and release management process for the clients financial and benefits system. Led a
    team that conducted interviews, gathered and documented requirements, and developed the change and
    release processes. The deliverables included flexible, repeatable processes that incorporated a change
    committee, documented procedures, and scheduled releases.

ENTERPRISE SYSEMS, INC. – Wheeling, IL                                                           1994-1996
A public healthcare information services company that develops, markets, and services an integrated suite of
application software products that assist healthcare providers in managing their operations.

Data Center Administrator, Wheeling, IL (1995 - 1996)
Administered Windows based servers in support of a person healthcare information services company.

    Responsible for server and laptop maintenance, network maintenance, and troubleshooting and resolving
    issues. Directly supported 350+ users including over 100 consultants in the field resolving problem
    ranging from remote access to hardware replacement.

Help Desk Support Associate, Wheeling, IL (1994 - 1995)
Assisted clients in resolving issues related to software usage, patches, and general troubleshooting.

    Supported and educated clients on Enterprise System’s suite of applications. Provided on-site
    consultation to clients on proper procedures and methods to maximize software usage.




Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)

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