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									                         Virata Gamany and CHILD Come Together

Date: June 22, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, MY – Of the many charitable organisations with which Virata Gamany works,
CHILD is a stand-out. The work this organisation is dedicated to fulfilling directly impacts a
significant portion of the community’s children, children that are to become significant
contributors to the community’s future and therefore must be fostered and mentored as such.
This is a feat Gamany takes quite personally.

CHILD is a charitable organisation that was founded on the belief that “The Child is the Father
of the Man.” Its founders and supporters believe that it’s the ages between 5 and 15 that are of
utmost importance to the development of a young person and will determine the success of his or
her future. Yet, there are many children that are without proper influence due to personal
circumstances. It is these children, those who are less fortunate, that CHILD was created to
protect and grow.

CHILD has a number of projects and programmes that are designed to accomplish this goal in
each of the children that come through its doors. From preschool, to reading and writing courses,
to home rehabilitation programmes, CHILD is empowering children in the community. And,
involved citizens like Gamany are helping to ensure it continues to thrive and succeed at meeting
this goal by donating both time and money to the cause.

“The work CHILD does in the community is admirable,” says Gamany. “Providing education
and encouraging development in children who might otherwise not have such exposure is
definitely worth every sacrifice I can put forth.”

For more information about CHILD and to learn how you can help make a difference in the life
of a child, visit

About Virata Gamany
Virata Gamany is a real estate financial specialist and philanthropist with a deep appreciation for
entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. Gamany has worked around the globe and studied an
array of cultures and people. Having graduated from the University of Toronto and the
University of London School of Law, Gamany considers himself a serial entrepreneur who will
never truly retire.

For read more about Virata Gamany, visit


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