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                           REDISCOVER YOUR NATURAL SKIN TONE
                            Helpful Tips for Women with Pigmented Skin

NEW YORK, NY – Did you know that skin discoloration is a major concern among Hispanic women?
According to a recent survey conducted by NIVEA, uneven skin tone is the most distressing beauty
concern for nearly 30 percent of Hispanic women. Surpassed only by dry or rough skin, uneven skin tone
can negatively impact the confidence level many Hispanic women might have in the way their skin looks.

According to Dr. Flor Mayoral, a leader in dermatology and cutaneous surgery and member of the clinical
faculty at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology and
Cutaneous Surgery, Hispanic women can once again feel confident in that their skin has a beautiful, even
tone that begs to be touched by following three simple rules.

“Hispanic women should minimize sun exposure, use products with SPF that are specially formulated to
gradually even out skin tone and prevent future discolorations such as NIVEA Natural Tone and seek
professionals experienced in pigmented skin when undergoing any skin beauty treatments,” says Dr.

Hispanic women should also keep in mind how melanin affects the pigmentation in their skin. Hispanic
skin has more pigmentation than other skin types. And because levels of melanin depend on race, amount
of sunlight exposure and hormonal changes, Hispanic women’s skin tends to develop hyper pigmentation
or dark spots, in the form of freckles/sun spots or splotches, when they suffer any kind of trauma on the

Here are some additional helpful tips from Dr. Mayoral that can help women rediscover their natural skin

      Keep affected areas away from direct sunlight to prevent dark spots on common places like face
       and hands.

      Apply twice daily a gentle tone-evening product with SFP that is specialized for pigmented skin
       like NIVEA Natural Tone to keep skin soft, even-toned, moisturized and protected from
       UVA/UVB rays.

      Keep acne in control by washing and moisturizing affected areas gently to avoid irritation. Also,
       avoid picking at acne lesions because it can make the problem worse and leave marks on the skin.

      Seek a professional experienced in pigmented skin for hair removal, chemical peels and laser skin
       procedures as they will use the best method suited for your skin type.

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