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                          ABOUT NORTHLAND NETWORKS, INC.
                          Northland Networks, Inc. and its affiliates bring together developers
                          and municipalities with lenders and investors. Taxable and tax exempt
                          financing has been completed in twenty-eight states, providing
                          diverse lending and investing opportunities to community bankers.

  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT                                             LOAN PARTICIPATIONS
  PARTNERSHIPS                                                      • Northland loan participations allow lenders to
  • Through its affiliates, Northland is able to combine              diversify their portfolios and minimize credit risk
    expertise in municipal bond underwriting with a                   exposure by industry and region.
    specialization in commercial loan placement.                    • Lenders are able to serve their clients beyond the
  • Project feasibility can frequently be achieved                    normal lending limit, by working with Northland to
    through some combination of taxable and tax                       place over lines with other lenders.
    exempt financing.
  • Working with a specialist in tax exempt                         INVESTMENT SECURITIES
    underwriting and commercial loan placement                      • Bank qualified municipal bonds.
    offers the client maximum flexibility in                        • Government and agency securities.
    financing options.                                              • Mortgage backed securities.
                                                                    • Corporate bonds.

                                             LOAN PLACEMENTS

    $886,170                         $32,315,110                         $15,075,000                         $26,300,000
Senior Secured Loan –                 Senior Secured                  Secured Note – Line of                First Mortgage CCRC
      Fire Truck                    Refinancing Loan –                Credit – Slot Machines                   Chaparral Winds
PDS Special Purpose II                Slot Machines                  PDS Gaming Corporation                     Scottsdale, AZ
  & Mohegan Tribe                PDS Special Purpose II &                 Las Vegas, NV
   Uncasville, CT                Seminole Tribe of Florida
                                   Seminole Casinos– FL

  $4,166,000                          $2,585,000                          $5,000,000                          $3,000,000
   First Mortgage                 First Deed of Trust Note             Taxable Bridge Loan                 Private Placement Tax
   Construction &                        Refinancing                     Northern Idaho                         Exempt Note
   Mini-Perm Note                    Housing Authority                Rehabilitation Hospital                  Arizona Baptist
   Newton Lodge                      of Yamhill County                    Post Falls, ID                    Retirement Centers
    & Suites, LLC                        Yamhill, OR                                                            Phoeniz, AZ
     Newton, IA

  This is published as matter of record only. These transactions have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, or under
       any state laws, nor has the Securities and Exchange Commission passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this material.
                                                       THE MEMBER BANKS EXPECT
   LENDING PROJECTS                                    AND APPRECIATE THAT:
                                                       • Northland keeps abreast of the bank credit
   • Valuable Collateral                                 market and structures loan products to
   • Recession Resistant Industries                      fit market parameters
   • Positive Cash Flows
   • $685 Million in Financing                         • A selection of floating, variable and fixed-rate
   • 132 Projects                                        loans are offered to assist them in their asset-
   • 28 States                                           liability management
   • Loan Servicing Available
                                                       • The ‘Offering Book’ for each loan transaction
                                                         provides information, analysis, and support
                                                         documents necessary for the Member Banks to
                                                         complete their own independent review of the
                                                         loan transaction and to make an informed
The Northland ‘Loan Placement Network’ is designed       credit decision
to assist Community Banks to:
                                                       • Northland’s Investment Executives are
• Face the challenges of consolidation within the        knowledgeable in the area of offering
  banking industry                                       commercial loans to financial institutions
• Satisfy customers’ growing credit needs that           and take the time to understand the ‘Internal
  exceed lending limits, while maintaining the           Investment Guidelines’ of each Member Bank
• Increase efficiency by reducing loan origination     • Northland works with highly competent
  and administration costs                               and professional legal counsel, along with the
• Diversify and minimize credit risk and exposure        Lead Lender, to carefully document each loan
  by industry and region                                 transaction
• Maintain asset quality and enhance portfolio yield
• Increase access to a broader capital market          • For each loan, the Member Bank, as a
• Supplement periods of limited local loan demand        participant, receives its own complete loan/
                                                         credit file, including closing documents

The ‘Network’ is a unique partnership between
Northland and Community Banks. Member Banks
receive regular notification, and detailed informa-       For more information call 800-851-2920
tion upon request, on available commercial loans.
After sufficient due diligence and independent cred-
it qualification, Member Banks select the loans and
                                                                    Seth N. Kahn
participation amounts that match their needs.                       612-851-5956
The loans offered are underwritten and struc-
tured by seasoned professionals who understand                 David Barnes 612-851-5980
bank credit analysis and risk assessment. Each
loan is presented to the Northland ‘Credit Review
Committee’ before it can be offered to the Member
                             SETH N. KAHN                                                              DAVID H. BARNES
                             Executive Vice President, Commercial                                      Vice President, Commercial Finance
                             Finance                                                                   (612) 851-5980
                             (612) 851-5956                                                  
                                                                                                        David has been in the Investment Business
                              Seth brings over twenty-five years of industry                            for eleven years. For the last nine years,
                              experience to his banking clients throughout                              his expertise has been Institutional Sales in
                              the United States. His particular expertise is                            the Commercial Real Estate area. He holds
                              in commercial lending and securities portfolio                            a Series 7 & 63 Securities License. David
                              investments. He has done graduate work           attended the University of Minnesota where he was a three-year
      at the University of St. Thomas and received a Bachelor of Science       varsity letter winner in tennis. His interests include golf, cross
      Degree in Accounting and Finance at Northern State University in         country skiing, swimming, reading and classical music. He has
      Aberdeen, South Dakota. While at Northern State University, he           three adult children, two grandchildren, and resides in Excelsior,
      played Center Linebacker for the Northern State Wolves. He makes         Minnesota.
      his home in Medina, Minnesota, with his wife, Jan, and their
      two children.
                                                                                                       TERESA DAVILA
                                                                                                       Registered Sales Assistant
                             ANDREW K. MERRY                                                           (612) 851-4916
                             Senior Vice President, Loan Originations                        
                             (612) 851-4921
                                                                                                      Teresa has 6 years of experience in loan
                                                                                                      syndications. Her organizational skills and
                              Andrew is a career investment banker with                               ability to handle multiple tasks make her a
                              more than thirty years of municipal and                                 valuable member of the firm. Teresa also
                              corporate finance experience. At Northland,                             holds her Series 7 & 63 Securities Licenses.
                              Andy’s focus is on the origination and           When business travel takes team members away from the office,
                              underwriting of commercial and real estate       Teresa provides important continuity of service for loan clients and
      loan products for distribution to the firm’s institutional clients.      administrative support for investment clients.
      Prior to joining Northland, he specialized in a variety of complex
      transactions in the areas of commercial real estate, health care,
      industry and energy. He is a graduate of Hamline University with a
      Bachelor of Arts in English.
                                                                                               ABOUT NORTHLAND
                                                                                 • Northland Capital Holdings, Inc, the parent company,
                                                                                   has three subsidiaries — Northland Networks, Inc.,
                    Northland Securities was the                                   Northland Trust Services, Inc., and Northland
                                                                                   Securities, Inc. (Member FINRA and SIPC)
                   top underwriter of Minnesota
                                                                                 • Headquartered in Minneapolis, and with offices in 5
                      bank qualified bonds in                                      states Northland has approximately 160 employees,
                                                                                   39 of whom are shareholders of the company.
                    2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
                                                                                 • In October of 2004, Mr. Glen Taylor, well known
                               *Source Thomson                                     Minnesota business leader and owner of the Minnesota
                                                                                   Timberwolves, became an investor in Northland
                                                                                   Capital Holdings, Inc. and a member of the Board of

                                                                                 • Northland has over 6,000 individual client accounts,
                                                                                   and does business with over 300 community banks.

                                                                                 • The firm has underwritten approximately $9 billion of
               800-851-4355 • 612-851-5900                                         investment securities and loans.
        45 South 7th Street, Suite 2000, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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