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                                                           PARENTS ASSOCIATION
Just complete this simple form to be a part of the UCSC Parents Association Corp of Volunteers:

         Be a Parent Volunteer at such Events as the Day by Bay, the College Family Weekend, & Move-in Weekend

         Help out in Parents Council Fund-raising Programs

         Take the steps to become even more involved as a member of the Parents Council

         And, receive the UCSC Monthly Newsletter by E-mail

As we take our students through the important next step in their transitions to adulthood represented by their college
life, we look for a convenient and non-obtrusive means of continuing involvement in their development. The UCSC
Parents Association makes it easy to do that!

Your Student ________________________________                    College: ________________________Year: ______

Parent Association Member 1: ___________________                 Parent Association Member 2: __________________

Home Street: ________________________________                     Home Street: _______________________________

         City, State, Zip: _______________________               City, State, Zip: _______________________

         Phone: ______________                                            Phone: _____________

Business Name: _______________________________                   Business Name: _____________________________

         Street: _______________________________                          Street: ______________________________

         City, State, Zip:_________________________                       City, State, Zip:_______________________

         Phone: ____________________                                      Phone: _____________________

Cell Phone: _________________                                     Cell Phone: _______________

E-mail: ____________________                                      E-mail: ___________________

Preferred Mailing Address: __Home __Business                     Preferred Mailing Address: __Home __Business

Yes, make me a member of UCSC Parents Association!               Yes, make me a member of UCSC Parents Association!

Parent 1_______________________ Date ________                    Parent 2_____________________ Date __________

Return application to: Frankie Melvin, Associate Director of Development, Colleges and Parent Programs,
University Relations, University of California Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, 831.459.1770 office,
831.459.3412 fax, or e-mail to

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