Addition of whole number is commutative by 5GVKxk1


									                                ST. ANDREWS SCOTS SR. SEC. SCHOOL
                                 I.P. EXTENTION, PATPARGANJ. DELHI-92

                                                     CLASS VI

Dear Children,
      Vacations are round the corner and its time for you to do something creative. The following
      Activity based projects will help you flaunt your creative side and enhance your skills. So,
      give wings to your imagination and come out with flying colors.


       1. Use loose sheets (ruled / drawing sheet) for all the subjects in a Spiral/Activity file.
       2. Bind up the loose sheets subject wise using chart paper or handmade paper.
       3. Make the coverage attractive and write your name, class, sec and subject on the same.
       4. Use prescribed colours for the cover pages of subjects given below:-
               Subjects       Colours        Subjects         Colours
               English        Blue           S.St             Orange
               Hindi          Pink           Comp.            Silver
               Maths          Red            Sankt.           Purple
               Science        Green          Art              Yellow
       5. Submit your homework according to the dates given.
                                          VI                     VII                   VIII          IX
               English & Maths          04-07-12              05-07-12               06-07-12      06-07-12

              S.St. & Science          06-07-12            09-07-12               10-07-12       10-07-12

              Sankt. & Hindi           10-07-12            11-07-12               12-07-12       12-07-12

              Comp & Art               11-07-12            12-07-12               16-07-12       16-07-12
                                           Class VI

      1. Read and cut out one article (editorial/ sports) page from newspaper. Paste it in the holidays
         homework notebook. (two articles a week)
      2. Make a pocket dictionary of your own including all the difficult words you encounter from A to Z.
      3. Write the character sketch of your favourite character from the novel
         ‘Adventure of Tom Sawyer’ – Mark Twin (in about 80 words)
      4. Do all the grammar topics covered in class in ‘Devjyoti Literary companion’(Practice Book)
      5. Write a poem on either of the topics ‘ My School’ or ‘My Friend’.(10 lines)
      6. Revise whole FA1 syllabus


New Mathematics
           Chapter-1 Page No. :- 13, Ex-1(a) Q. 7(a),(b).       Q. 10.
                       Page No. :- 15, Ex-1(b) Q. 4(a),(b), (c). Q. 5.
                       Page No. :- 20, Ex-1(d) Q. 1(d),(e). Q. 2.(c), (d)
           Chapter-2 Page No. :- 25, Write down the properties of whole numbers
                       Page No. :- 26, Ex-2(a) Q. 1(b), Q.2(a), Q. 8.
                       Page No. :- 29, Ex -2(b) Q. 1 (d),(e), Q.3.(b), Q.4. (e),(f), Q.5(a),
                       Page No. :- 32, Ex-2(c) Q.3(a)(b)
                       Page No. :- 34, Activity-1 Addition of whole number is commutative.
                       Page No. :- 40, Ex-3(a) Q.1.(a)(b)(c), Q.3,Q.8, Q.9
                       Page No. :- 42, Ex-3(b) Q.1,Q.6.
           Activities in Mathematics
                Do these activities in your activity book.
                Activity-1. Concept commutative law on whole numbers
                Activity-2. Concept of Prime and composite numbers.
1. Mark a scrap book and paste some food items obtained from: Animals & Plants.
2. Paste some pictures of:- Root Vegetable, Stem Vegetable ,Fruit Vegetable.
3.Paste some different kind of fabrics for summer wear:- Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Silk.
4. Answer the following questions:
        a)Which of the Plants and Animals gives us more variety of food?
        b) Write down some type of minerals, their sources and functions?
        c)Name different type of diseases caused due to deficiency of Vitamins?
        d) Write the method for cultivation and the processing of Cotton?
5. Learn Chapter no. 1,2 & 3.

Social Science

 Q-1)Learn the following:

     History-   ch-1 and ch-2
     Geography- ch-1
     Civics-    ch-1 and ch-2

Q-2)Prepare any one presentation from options: (use scrap book for this)
   Make a presentation on any one river valley civilizations. Include it in
   it a map showing the locations of the civilizations, and pictures of
  the art architecture, the script and other unique features of the

   Make a presentation on ‘The Solar System’.Include in it pictures of the sun,
   planets,and others celestial objects.

  Make a presentation comparing four states of India-one each from the north,south,east and west.
  First locate them on a map of India and then compare their physical features,styles of dress worn
  by the peoples,food,economy,language,religions,compositions and culture.


Chapter-1 Introduction to computer system
          Learn Computer Terminology
         Revise Chapter-1 (Question & Answers)
Chapter-2 Dealing with computer virus
          Read chapter-2 virus
1.) Collect and paste the picture of new technology of input and output device on a chart
    paper from the internet.
2.) Find out different kinds of viruses and write their names. Write some lines on antivirus.

Make a calendar on A3 size drawing sheet by collage work.

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