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How To Increase Blog/Website Traffic Through SEO Copywriting

VIEWS: 8 PAGES: 2 Increase your blog or website traffic with SEO Copywriting techniques; Writania Guest Contributor and Marketing Expert Heather Georgoudiou, explains how.

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									How To Increase Blog/Website Traffic Through SEO
An SEO Copywriting Story

Imagine this scenario. Jane’s blog “Escape from Governing” has just reached 1,000 subscribers.
Inspired, Jane writes her first e-book entitled “How to Marry a Rich Man, Get Rid of His Crazy
Wife in The Attic and Live Happily Ever After.”

So, maybe she needs to work on the title a little, but either way she’s ready to send her self-help
e-book into the world. From her blog subscribers she already has a pre-selected group of
potential buyers.

Yet, Jane has bigger ideas for her e-book.

She starts thinking about how she can expand her audience. Jane thinks about her target market
(frustrated governesses, single women, Lowood school drop-outs, non-conformists,) and comes
up with a list of words that people might type in the search box to discover her e-book.

Her keywords or search phrases could include – successful governess employee relationships,
dealing with a tormented man (how), older man younger woman relationship advice, how to
catch a rich, hot, cutie with a large estate, overcoming gender stereotypes, and so on.

She wants to find people who are interested in the subject and ready to learn how Jane went from
the governess/servant role to the rich, happy, wife role.

Jane, in her prowess, also looks into the latest content marketing techniques. She notices that if
she can establish herself as an authority in her field by guest blogging and writing articles, she
can increase her blog subscriber list.

Jane has undoubtedly heard that content is king, but wants to discover how her inspiring story
can get found online.

Jane needs to learn about SEO copywriting.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Online marketer and Certified SEO Copywriter, Pam
Foster, describes SEO copywriting as, “the art of using keywords to write web content that helps
(web) pages achieve top rankings.”

Wikipedia defines SEO in these terms, “The Foremost goal of SEO copywriting is to produce
succinct, effectively persuasive text for a well-written web page.”

The immense growth in online activity worldwide has created a huge opportunity for freelance
writers and entrepreneurs like our beloved Jane. Every business, whether a solo entrepreneurship
or a large corporation needs good content to describe their products, services and build authority
in their industry.

You can finish reading this article on our website about SEO Copywriting.

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