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					U.S. Bank Consumer Finance Division Wholesale Now Offers CEMA Refinance Loans!
Pertinent Information about the program:
•    Please indicate the CEMA request on the initial application
•    CEMA refinance is allowed on both current U.S. Bank and
     non-U.S. Bank first mortgages.
•    CEMA refinance is not allowed on purchase money, second
     lien loans, or HELOCs.
•    All title work and loan closings must be facilitated through
     the Critelli Law Firm.
•    The Critelli Law Firm will determine if CEMA provides a
     benefit to the borrower.
•    If determined that no benefit exists, CEMA will not be
     approved and the loan will need to follow a standard loan
•    The CEMA Title Request Form will be sent as a separate attachment along with the Decision Notification.
•    Please use the CEMA Title Request Form and submit the request directly to the Critelli Law Office.
•    Work directly through the Critelli Law Office to obtain any prior mortgage documentation needed for
•    All third party fees are Paid Outside of Closing.
•    Per the Critelli Law Office, the service expectation will be approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

                                                    Critelli Law Office Contact Information:
                                                    Law Office of Christopher W. Critelli, P.C.
                                                          310 Old Country Rd., Ste. 103
                                                          Garden City, New York 11530
                                                              (516) 742-7608 (phone)
                                                                (516) 742-6356 (fax)

For complete product guidelines/restrictions/current rates please refer to
or to learn more email your Account Executive now.

                                                                 user id: wholesale
                                                                 password: quality

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